Best Cooking Grate for Fire Pit 32 Inch Square

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1. Weber 7436 Hinged Cooking Grate

Weber 7436 Hinged Cooking Grate

If you have any problems with the process of receiving or using the product, please let them know. Within 24 hours, they will reply to you. Adding briquettes can be done easily with flip-up sides. The dimensions are out of a carton. The hand grips are curved. The Weber Bar-B-Kettle Performer is compatible with the One-Touch Master-Touch.

Brand: Weber

👤The replacement for the original grate is attractive and inexpensive. There are dangers that are emphasized on the packaging because it is plated steel. This is not a food grade safe product, as you are cooking your family's food on this grate. The product can degrade and become toxic if it is exposed to high heat. Many users report that they only get a few uses before it begins to rust. I returned mine unused and will look for a safer grate.

👤I only got to grill a few times before having to cover the grill for the winter. I was excited to have some warm spring weather in the 70's and I got the grill out to celebrate Easter only to raise one of the sides and have it come off in my hand. It only lasted through 2 cookouts. I don't know if I had a good one or a bad one. I pulled the other side and it wouldn't come off. I didn't get to grill. I can't recommend this product to anyone with good conscience. I will get one somewhere else.

👤The Weber 7436 was the first item to arrive with all of the original Weber packaging and no mention of a warranty. Please change your description, shame on you!

👤This is not the same as the one it says. The heavy duty plated steel will rust in no time. There is no five year warranty on it.

👤This rusted after 6 months, maybe it is just the humidity in Tennessee. It is a Weber part. It rusted in no time. I place a cover over the grill and brush the grate after use. This is the problem with cast iron? I wish I didn't have to buy a new one every few years.

👤The rates allow me to have a way to access the coals for extended smoking using my Kettle Grill, I can't stand the factory grate that is unhinged on my Weber kettle Grill. This allows me to have a single grill for many purposes. I have a Weber Jumbo Joe premium that is exclusive to Walmart and a Weber standard kettle that is 20 years old and works perfectly on both of them. I've heard these fit the Member's Mark unit from Sam's Club. There is a The grate is made with a lot of stock. The Finish is your normal chrome plated item, it will oxidize in the first time you use it. I don't see a reason why one of these can't last 20 years.

👤After the first couple uses, the center section where the coals were hottest effected the metal so that it rusted into the rods. Can't be brushed off. It must be made of very poor grade steel, like some companies do. Weber is expected to give more. It's not worth filing a claim for a potential $20 refund. Looking for something better.

👤When I first saw this product, it was described as "stainless". I decided to keep my old Weber Performer Platinum cooking grate because it had only been used a few years and it had started to rust. I'm not returning this because it was my fault for not noticing that the seller changed the product and description to plated, but based on years of previous experience plated has serious issues. I ordered an aftermarket grate. It's not clear why the makers of such a grill wouldn't use materials for the grate.

2. Sunnydaze Northern Outdoor Burning Firepit

Sunnydaze Northern Outdoor Burning Firepit

The Weber Bar-B-Kettle Performer is compatible with the One-Touch Master-Touch. The large size for extra warmth and ambiance is 32 inches square x 26 inches tall and has a steel fire bowl that is 25 inches square x 9 inches deep. The deep firepit is made from heavy-duty thick steel that is more durable than other iron or metal fire pits and finished with a bronze-colored high-temperature paint for heat and rust resistance. A multi-functional grill and fire pit set includes a folding square cooking grill grate, a spark screen, a poker tool, and a built-in wood grate. The 3-star pattern and steel mesh screening on the walls and the mesh spark screen allow for fire to be viewed from multiple angles. A 1-year manufacturer's warranty is what Sunnydaze Decor provides for its products.

Brand: Sunnydaze

👤The bar is outside. It helps keep the kids away from the pit, as well as providing a nice place to rest hot dog roasting sticks while making hot dogs or s'mores. This is a sturdy unit. The fact that you can see the entire fire burning through the grate is one of the more enjoyable things about this unit. After our sister in law had hers for a couple of years, we got ours. I believe putting fire bricks in the bottom of the fire pit helps keep the bottom from burning through. We bought a cover to keep it dry during storms. If there is a big storm coming up, we can pick up the whole thing and store it in the garage. Ours is set on large patio bricks to make it sit level on the ground and prevent sparks from hitting the grass. We are very happy with our purchase.

👤The very small fire poker they include, never needs to be used. It should be three times longer. If you touch the wrong piece of wood while stirring it up, your hand and a couple inches past your wrist are going to burn. It hurts, but I just singed the hairs on my arm. There is a It's a nice design, but not sure how it will warm up during the cooler months. There is a I recommend getting a can or two of rust-oleum high heat to get more life out of it. It's a good idea to spray every piece of it. It would be great if it included a specific cover. I've used it a few times. I like it for the price. It needs a little more money to be safer and last longer.

👤On the first use, the paint was curled off the top. The paint is gone. We received this a few weeks ago and used it for the first time tonight. Since it was put together, it has not been exposed to the elements.

👤Everyone thinks it's too cute and this is a lot bigger than I expected. I like that it sits low so the fire can warm your feet and hold leaves. I put sand in the bottom to make it last longer. All of them were very happy with my purchase.

👤The material was cheaper than the pictures showed. The supports are made of metal. The cover that was in one of the pictures was not included. The correct fire proof stones are an expense, we had to buy them for the bottom. We used paving bricks, half the price, and they seem to work. It is not looking like it will be sturdy and outdoor. We like the idea of being able to cook with the children while we burn our down-wood. It was too expensive for what it was. It should have been more than that.

👤Good quality for the price. I have used it a few times and it works well, only change I made was to put in 2 pieces of angle iron on the bottom to raise the logs for better ventilation.

3. BALI OUTDOORS 32in Fire Grill

BALI OUTDOORS 32in Fire Grill

Not compatible with a smoker. The grill can be swung left or right. The grill is fixed by screws. Remove the grill and you have a fire pit. Humanized and Sturdy Steel Construction. Children are far away from the fire and drinks and roasting supplies are not hot, which is why the black round fire pit is designed with an outer ledge around the central fire area. The steel construction of the outdoor fire pit is long- lasting. There is plenty of space for a raging fire in the Unique Log Rack. The log rack and Poker are included. This fire bbq grill has a large cooking grill area that complies with FDA food grade. It is easy to assemble and measure 24inch by 32inch.

Brand: Bali Outdoors

👤This pit checked all the boxes after a lot of research. Well made with good materials. It is very easy to assemble. Well packed for the shipment. Design for strong fires. Excellent air flow. There is a foot rail for tootsies. The ring is around the edge of the drink. There is a A very sturdy cooking rack. Side to side easily removed. Fire cooked food tastes better. There is a wire rack on the pit that holds burning wood. The less direct hot fire against metal will last longer. The bed of ash works well. Quality materials. I am still looking long term. There is a The weather in coastal northern CA is never too hot or too cold. It is possible to use year round. There is a Keep covered. Don't allow rain or snow to accumulate in the bottom. Adding their coverage is important when buying a pit. The cover is made from good materials. There is a It is pretty. Not heavy enough to be moved. There is a Their phone and email support is excellent. Since building fires, friends, neighbors and I are having conversations such as humans have done. There is a This is where 2020 was acknowledged. Many weenies are going to roast. There is a Thanks. Some photos are odd. There is an update... March. Still happy. It's amazing how much people enjoy sitting and having conversations. There are two rules in my garden. No politics or religion. Both unresolvable. Will not divide. It works. The world is open to everything else. See? I told you that the pit is fire's magic. There is a Thanks.

👤I was excited to set it up. The setup is very easy. This is not built to last. This isn't even built to be built. The legs of the fire pit were poorly manufactured and the iron didn't stick, so I haven't used it. I plan on coming back. I'll change this with the results.

👤It's still March and it's on the deck, so it will be moved when the snow is gone. Even though I have 4 small screws left, I have nothing bad to say about it. I hope to have visitors and this will be great to have in the front yard. I'm considering putting a fire, cook stakes, or hot dogs down at the river, as it would be nice to go down there and have a fire, cook stakes, or hot dogs.

👤I would drill a hole in the bottom of the fire pit to make sure it doesn't hold water.

👤I would buy it again. It's a very well made fire pit, that's all I have to say.

👤I am very disappointed that this product is not the same as the one I saw in the picture, it looks like it is made of thin metal, but the picture looks real nice and thick, my friend has the same type and it is real thick.

👤Have not used it yet. I like the size. I did not follow directions correctly. When putting on a bottom ring, do not tighten screws until you line up all the holes. A piece of cake.

4. Votenli Stainless Cooking Replacement Charbroil

Votenli Stainless Cooking Replacement Charbroil

A 1-year manufacturer's warranty for worry-free purchasing is offered by Sunnydaze Decor. The Master Chef models are 85-3100-2 and 85-3101-0. The master chef part numbers are G432-4300-01. It's for the Kenmore Sears models. The part numbers for Kenmore are 80008076. The model of backyard grill that is compatible with it is BY14-101-001-02. The models that are compatible are: 463420509, 463420510, 463420511, 463433016, and 463436213. The Char Broil part numbers are 80008076, 80018559, and G432-1800-W1. It's the same thing as Charbroil 4362436214,463420507,463420509,463420510,463411,463411,463411,463411,463411,463411,463431. Master Chef 199-476-9, 85-3025-5, 85-3025-6, 85-3100-2 and 85-3101-0 are all compatible. For Sears models, the dimensions are 16 7/8" x 9 5/16" Each, 16 7/8" x 27/15" Total.

Brand: Votenli

👤The Members Mark grill has been great for about 3 years, but recently the thick grate started to break down. The metal was leaving a dangerous mark on the steel rod's core. There is a The original grates were an inch wider than the one the manufacturer made, but this was almost $100 cheaper. There was a small gap between each side and each grate. These are just as heavy duty as the originals and are a lot cheaper than buying a new grill. I was very pleased with the product.

👤I got these for a Char-Broil grill that only requires two of the three panels, and requires those two to be trimmed a bit. No matter. The Char Broil cast-iron is the only Factory option for my grill. These are cheaper and made of sturdy steel. If this can be made to fit your grill, buy them.

👤Why grill companies stick with cast crap is a mystery to me. I think people think that if they expose it to open flames, it will stay all shiny. I bought these for the corrosive resistance, one did warp slightly, barely and 1/6 of an inch overall, but it doesn't matter. I'll buy them again when they're needed.

👤The grates are heavy duty and should last a long time. My son was able to use a grinder to remove the ends from the wrong ones that I ordered for my grill.

👤I bought these because I didn't want to buy a new Char-Broil grate. All I can say is awesome. Awesome! ... These things are monsters in terms of size, weight and durability. 2 seconds to clean... nothing sticks. Couldn't be happier. Do yourself a favor. Even if they don't need it, swap your grates out. That's right. Happy BBQ'ing.

👤They don't fit my Char Broil 463242716 as well as the stock cast iron grate, and there are small gaps between them because of the size difference. I have only had these on the grill for a couple of weeks but they are a night and day improvement over the stock cast iron grate. You should upgrade to these grates. They are very easy to clean. I replaced the cast iron grate on my grill twice in the past two years because of the rust and flaking issue, so I'm looking forward to having these STAINLESS steel grates for a long time.

👤I've been using them all summer. I don't have a complaint with them. I was happy to find these at a lower price than at the big box store.

👤These are heavy duty and well made. They fit my bbq perfectly. I used 2 packs of 3 and my unit used 4. I have 2 spare parts. Sears had a replacement grate for $150. The deal was about $100 for 2 packs. Thank you very much.

5. Sunnydaze Northland Outdoor Fire Pit

Sunnydaze Northland Outdoor Fire Pit

This large fire pit is ideal for friends and family gatherings. The dimensions are 36 inches long, 27 inches wide, and 25 inches tall. The fire pit is 30 pounds. The grate dimensions are long and wide. It's perfect for bbq cooking. This fire pit is great for barbecuing on the lawn. It has a door on the mesh screen that can be opened to access burning logs, the grilling grate, or firewood. The brazier is portable because of the tubular metal rail. The fire pit with cooking grill is made from thick steel and has a black high-temperature paint finish that is resistant to heat and rust. It is compatible with any outdoor decor theme so you can enjoy the outdoors. The full grill set includes a fire pit with a cooking grate, a spark screen, a poker tool, and a weather resistant cover. A 1-year manufacturer's warranty is what Sunnydaze Decor backs its products with.

Brand: Sunnydaze

👤I bought this and it arrived two days early. I would give it a 5 star rating. If I have to improve the product, it can't be 5 star. First, buy 2 cans of Rustoleum fire treated paint and it will change the look of the fire pit. I want to thank the person who wrote a review before I bought paint. The cooking grate are for a Weber grill that is 19.5" x12" and cost$15 for 2 of them. I called the company and they were very helpful and quick with their answers. I just wanted more cooking space and the grate is fine. I am using a grate to keep the wood out of the pit. It's worth the extra$15. The rail that wraps around the lower section is very easy to install. The pit became less sturdy and the rail sections weren't holding together all the way after the paint wore off, so it was not attractive. I drilled a hole in one of the sections and put a small bolt through it, it seemed to work, but the counter pin wouldn't work, but it worked out fine now. I did this when the pit was assembled, but it was hard to start the hole since it was a round rail. I would install the bolt before you put the pit together, and then use a punch to start the hole, and then file and paint the fitting. There is a The product is good for money. I wanted to share a few things that are easy to do and still be affordable. It's worth it if you want a great pit go, but you have to spend a lot but it's worth it.

👤The family has a small fire pit. This is the best deal you can find. I sprayed two cans of 2,500 degree flat black paint on it because I knew the paint was not the best. To help with rust issues later on. The grill is great but should be kept in a dry area. It's larger than my daughter's pit. If you want to save a rust problem, re paint it prior to use.

👤I wrote this review because I have experience with the product, so you can decide if you want to purchase it. I wanted to burn yard waste and entertain my kids. As soon as I opened the package, I realized it was cheap. The fire pit is not what I expected. It is easy to assemble, I used a screwdriver and a pair of pliers. It has a spark screen that makes it safe to use in the yard. Don't leave the kids unattended because they will be playing with fire. We try to keep the roasting of marshmallows to a minimum because they enjoy it, but with the amount of sugar on them, we try to keep that type of activity to a minimum. After just a few hours of use, the pit and spark screen show signs of rust. The railing outside the pit is so flimsy I am afraid it will break. There are cracks around the bottom of the pit where the railing is attached with bolts. I wanted a pit that I could use to burn waste yard. I checked all over its description, but I thought it could handle it. I wouldn't have purchased it if I'd known it couldn't be used for that purpose. I am sure it will work for that purpose, though I haven't used it for grilling. The grease that collects at the bottom of the pit will eventually cause a hot spot on the thin metal burning a hole through it. I wish I had spent a little more money for a better fire pit. It may last two or three more marshmallows roasting with the kids. The product will be unsafe to use if the heat from the burning wood causes a hole at the bottom of the pit.

6. Dracarys Charcoal Classic Replacement Parts 10 5

Dracarys Charcoal Classic Replacement Parts 10 5

There are product details. The fire pit has a safety screen. The dimensions of the Fire Bowl are 28.6” (diameter), 9.4” (depth). The steel frame is resistant to Rusting. The cutout is made of steel cross weave. There is a safety log poker, spark screen, protective cover, and assembly hardware. The more air flow, the hotter the fire. Doesn't cause problems with ash and charcoal. If the hole is too large, it will cause a problem with smaller chunks of wood and charcoal. The cast iron ash grate is the fastest and easiest way to reach and maintain high or low grill temperature. It's for the same dimensions as the big green egg, kamado joe, primo grill, vision grills, char grillers, king-griller, broil king, grill dome, pit boss, louisiana grills,coyote grills, etc. Including the fire grate. Please check the diameter of your fire grate. Big green egg replacement parts are the easiest way to maintain a high or low grill temperature. The cast iron fire grate will make your coals breathe better. In the fire box. If you like being able to grill small meals without using a lot of fuel it is worth it. Cleaning need is the fastest and easiest way to reach and maintain high or low grill temperature. Their smoker grate is easy to use and holds the coals in place. The edge of the grate has a slight bevel as it drops into place, which is worth mentioning. Ash and charcoal should be cleaned regularly. In case. Perfect replacement part for the hole. The cast iron contruction grate is long lasting. It was a perfect fit. The new upgrade is thicker and flatter than the original parts. It will last for a long time. If there are any issues with this item, please contact them.

Brand: Dracarys

👤I needed a new grate for my joe. This is the exact size and resolves a major problem with WSJs using lump charcoal. The vent hole on the bottom of the grill body is blocked when small pieces of lump charcoal fall through the grate. There is a The coals are kept out of the vent. If you like grilling small meals without using a lot of fuel it is worth the $20 price. Two original weber wsj coal grate can be used to make a cross-hatched pattern to prevent small coals from falling.

👤The charcoal plate was in good condition. It is being used as a flame diffuser for my propane gas outdoor stove. I need to distribute the flame better to prevent hot spots in the pressure canner. This item works perfectly and I am very pleased with it. Thank you!

👤It works well but is a lot more expensive than my Smokey Joe. It is better than the stock grate that comes with the grill. The design of the grate is great for air flow and I don't have to worry about my coals falling through it.

👤I used this product in a cooker. The Dracarys cast iron grate is perfect. The temperatures last longer. The ash can be passed through the grate at the correct rate. The last coal is burnt in the cooker.

👤The grill and ash were replaced with cast iron. Highly recommended.

👤The cast iron grill plate worked well.

👤The pocket lighter is not attached to the new grate because it has a different hole size.

7. Fire Pit Set Wood Burning

Fire Pit Set Wood Burning

It was made to fit on 9 in. There are catch basins, risers, and low-profile adapters. The outdoor fire pit is an ideal blend of modern design and natural elements with beautiful cross weave accents. Enjoy a fire with family and friends. Enjoy roasting s'mores with kids or an adult. The fire pit is a great focal point for your patio or deck. DURABLE DESIGN Enjoy your fire pit without worry. The fire pit is made from powder coated steel to resist rust. The decorative sturdy design and steel leg construction would make a charming addition to your yard or patio. Easy set up and low maintenance. The Pure Garden Fire Pit is easy to set up and maintain. Wood burning can be used for heating. Clean the outside with a damp cloth. Chemicals or cleaning product are not required. There are product details. The fire pit has a safety screen. The dimensions of the Fire Bowl are 28.6” (diameter), 9.4” (depth). The steel frame is resistant to Rusting. The cutout is made of steel cross weave. There is a safety log poker, spark screen, protective cover, and assembly hardware.

Brand: Pure Garden

👤When I received it, I thought it wasn't that big of a deal because it was cheap. It was lightly used and only had a fire in it for a month, but the cover was used three times and the third time it rained, which I think caused the rust.

👤I got a cheap product. The brackets are lined up perfectly with all the screws tight. The ring is still flimsy. It is light but not very durable. The pit bends and warps when I have my first fire in it. It only has 3 legs. It is larger than my previous fire pits and I like the size. I don't think it will last very long.

👤It was cheap. It will not last more than a couple seasons, and I will have to repaint it. It was ok for the price. I would be okay with spending twice as much for something better next time. They all look bad so why not just go cheap?

👤The fire pit was assembled quickly. I didn't have high expectations, but it was great. The cover will allow us to use it more.

👤My daughter and family like it. The cover protects the sreen from the rain. The fire and warmth were great. Highly recommend it.

👤The product was damaged inside and the spark screen is not compatible with the fire pit. It is too small to sit against the rim on the pit and it goes all the way down.

👤The pit was damaged. Don't know why it's damaged, it was well packed. It must have been damaged when packed.

👤The photo and written instructions for the pit were not clear. The holes for the screws were poorly drilled and one can cut themselves on the backside of the hole.

8. Onlyfire X Marks Cooking Outdoor Campfire

Onlyfire X Marks Cooking Outdoor Campfire

A 1-year manufacturer's warranty is what Sunnydaze Decor provides for its products. It is the center of family gatherings because of the large cooking space which allows you to grill all at once. Sturdy, nice handles do not get hot, so it's easy to move the grate over a bit to add some coals or wood. It is easy to clean and durable. This cooking grate is great for grilling. Steel construction for resistance. Grill marks make the BBQ more fun.

Brand: Only Fire

👤The steel mesh of this grate warped in less than 5 minutes, which is disappointing. I built the fire, put the grate on the fire pit, and walked away. The mesh was warped out of shape when I came back. I don't believe it's up to full heat yet because I lit the fire 10 minutes before I put the grate on the fire. I don't understand why this warped so quickly. I will be looking for a grate that is strong enough to hold my fire pit.

👤I was reading other people's reviews of good and bad, and I am glad I did, because I was pondering whether I should buy that or not. My husband knows how it works and he loves it. Other people said that it was useless. I don't agree with that one, but I don't put that on that fire pit to prevent it from doing that. My husband raised it using leftover pavers from the fire pit to prevent it from overheating. Hope this will help you.

👤There is an update. I expected this to last but so far it is holding up. It has been left out on the fire pit for a couple winters. Our two dogs are standing on it all the time and we are holding up fine. There is a We ordered this for an event. It was supposed to arrive two days later. It hasn't left the shipping facility two days later. The second one I ordered arrived the next day. Two weeks later, the first one hasn't arrived. Requesting a money back. There is a Now for quality. It is very light. We did not cook anything on it like we planned for our event as I am sure it won't last, but we wanted it to cover our pit, so I will keep it.

👤We threw out the food because it had a black film on it. It was the first time it had heating up. The food was ruined the second time. The black came off when I cleaned it. It is rusted over useless junk.

👤We cooked outside for the first time last night, using the grate that fits perfectly on our Landmann 36" firepit. It was fun to camp out in the backyard. We love this item and plan to use it throughout the year, but I don't know how it will hold up over time.

👤I like this grill and it's a great price. This fits perfectly on our fire pit, which is a kind of camp fire with a round masonry wall. There is a There are pros and cons. The handles do not get hot, so can be removed to add wood, and the warps in the heat, which is easily bent back into shape, are not a problem. If the warping gets worse, you will be able to make an extra bar or two across. Will buy another one if the grill burns out. It's worth buying a replacement at this price. Really pleased.

9. NDS 980G 9 Inch Square Grate

NDS 980G 9 Inch Square Grate

For Sears models, the dimensions are 16 7/8" x 9 5/16" Each, 16 7/8" x 27/15" Total. Protect your drainage system by blocking leaves and debris from entering and allowing excess surface water to flow through. Use with the 9 in. The square catch basin, riser, or low-profile adapter is used to drain excess storm water from lawns, landscaped areas, under downspouts, and walkways. It fits 9 in. The catch basin drain is 9 in. There is a Riser and 9 in. The low-profile adapter is used. The flow rate was 121 gallons per minute. 39.5 square feet. In. There is an open surface area. It's recommended for medium-duty pneumatic tire traffic, autos, and light trucks at speeds less than 20 mph if the load is properly installed. The drain grate can be secured with screws and is easy to install. 9 in. There are a variety of colors and materials for catch basin drain grates. It was made to fit on 9 in. There are catch basins, risers, and low-profile adapters. It was made to fit on 9 in. There are catch basins, risers, and low-profile adapters.

Brand: Nds

👤The house we bought was missing a grate. I replaced the missing grate after the kids fell into the hole. The product is amazing.

👤I was relieved that the grate fit perfectly onto the existing catch basin, it was probably a standard fit but not being in the drainage business.

👤I was looking for something to cover the drain that runs under my driveway. No more leaves stopping it!

👤A grate on a drain was replaced.

👤Our resident frog ordered one and a further two, it was a black color and always water to go through.

👤The drain covers in the back yard had started to break after many years in the sun and I bought several of these to replace them. These fit perfectly and were what I was looking for. Good quality, thickness, and fit would be back again.

👤There is no way to hold the grate into place.

👤The original had broken after 4 years and was probably due to lawn equipment running over it. The vanes on the grill can be dangerous for small dogs. To remove the hazard.

👤This is a very sturdy plastic drain cover that is hard to find in the U.K. It is easy to cut a hole for a waste pipe.

10. Walden Diameter Premium Catcher Outdoor

Walden Diameter Premium Catcher Outdoor

The cast iron contruction grate is long lasting. It was a perfect fit. The new upgrade is thicker and flatter than the original parts. It will last for a long time. If there are any issues with this item, please contact them. The ember catcher keeps your fire hot for hours. Heavy duty. The fire pit grate is 45% stronger than common steel. It fits in a large fire pit with its 29.5” diameter and 12 inch steel. It's great for 30 inch fire pits. The fire pit grate keeps wood off the ground which allows for better air flow from underneath the fire. This creates a less smoky fire. The fire grate is built to last with strict focus on quality. You won't have to shop for fire grates anymore. High-temperature powder coating ensures that the steel fire grate holds up against high temperatures and prevents rust from developing. The above ground fire grate design keeps the fire cleaner by keeping the wood dry and off the ground so you can start fires in any condition. It makes for a quicker and easier clean up.

Brand: Walden Backyards

👤One word. Wow! Only used since November. It seemed like it would last for 5 months, but it wasn't. I don't know if Walden knows this is dragging their name in the soot. Maybe they'll read this and help me out. In a spooky Bela Lugosi voice, you should beware, the Munster's 'lab' is under the stairs. That was a funny show.

👤I wanted something to keep the wood and hot coals off of the ground, so I purchased this for a stone fire pit that we recently had installed on top of a stone patio. I researched all the different types of round and square grates, but I am very happy that this is the one I ended up getting. It fits inside my fire pit. The diameter of my pit is just over 30". The quality is what I love about this. You can tell the welds are top-notch because of the thick and sturdy round-bar that is used. The black finish on the bars and welds will stand up to heat. There is a cheaper way to get this. I would spend the money and get this one, because the ember catcher is much stronger than I thought, and it is welded on really well. I was going to go to the home depot and get some chicken wire fencing to help catch the fire, but I was going to cheap out and not get it. It is not a cheap or thin wire mesh. I am very happy I spent the extra money on it. I pay for a rain cover for my fire pit, and I don't expect to leave it open often, because I am good about protecting what I pay for. I would expect this to last a lifetime. If you leave it out to get wet, I would expect to see some rust eventually, but I still think it will last an incredibly long time since it is so well made. It would look great if you sprayed it from time to time with a high-heat BBQ primer paint.

👤The grate is exactly as described. I put a row of fire pit bricks into the rgound and a concrete bottom for the grate to sit on. I was worried that the fit between the grate, stone and steel fire ring was too tight. It all went well. The grate is sturdy, well built, coated nicely and I will check it out in a year. I only put it in this season, so it will be seen. So far, a great chase. pardon the pun, I know

👤I have a 30" fire pit that I need to get the wood off the ground to burn properly, and this fit the bill perfectly. It should last for a long time. The fire pit is not that deep so I didn't want it to create too much of a gap under the firewood. It works well for my pit, because there is only about two or three inches of lift. The steel mesh in the center helps keep the fire going and the ambers from falling down, which helps keep the fire burning longer. Excellent design, very happy with the purchase.

11. Onlyfire Round Outdoor Campfire Cooking

Onlyfire Round Outdoor Campfire Cooking

Grill marks make the BBQ more fun. It's ideal for most built in fire pits. Air can circulate when the Sit is 3 inches from the ground. Put under wood for better air flow. The legs raise firewood off the ground. The steel construction has almost half inch thick bars to avoid damage. It is not recommended to place food directly on grate.

Brand: Only Fire

👤After only three uses in my new fire pit, it sagged from the heat. Two feet at the critical point would probably prevent this. Maybe one in the middle. What is the point of having this?

👤It seems sturdy at first glance. I'll update this review in a week after a few other reviews said it started sagging after 3 fires. I have a fire pit. I will put this to the test this week. I usually have an outside fire at least once a week. The middle is starting to weaken. I usually do a log fire cabin, but it's not just from weight. The bar in the center would be strengthened by another bar.

👤I have a fire pit that does not have a grate. We used an extra Weber grill, which was not able to handle the fires that we were enjoying. When it arrived, it exceeded my expectations. The grate's strength and weight tells me that I will have it for a long time. I know where to get another one. There is a My friend has a firepit and I recommended it to her. She ordered one for herself. You will not regret ordering this grate. This makes it a lot easier when we are forced to stay home. A nice fire, music, rum and coke and I enjoy it.

👤The grate is perfect for my fire pit. There is a A large pot. A family heirloom. Over 200 years old. A lot of meals were cooked back then. I wanted to convert it to a fireplace without ruining the pot. There is a The grate on its feet is the perfect solution to allow air flow. There is a It is holding up well.

👤The product is good, but not great. This stove was bought to put together top of a solo stove. The lip is kept of by the feet. The coating melted and burned on the first use, exposing the metal. I hope the metal doesn't get damaged in the future. Will update review if I see the metal getting old.

👤If you add a lot of weight on top of the fire pit it will get a little bit more sturdy. I probably had 25 pounds of wood on it. I bought a second one and would recommend it to a friend.

👤Piece is a very heavy bar stock grate that will fit a lot of different situations and uses. The one with the legs is perfect for my fire pit. Next time I go on an outdoor picnic with friends, it will become my outdoor campfire cooking platform because it will get a set of long legs. It's perfect for multiple uses because the legs are not attached.

👤I made a tripod and a wok stand. I needed a grate when using flat pans, and this huge steel bar cooking grate worked perfectly. I used it with both propane and wood fires. I lightly sanded the grate and painted it with high temperature paint after the coating burned off where the fire was most intense. The bars did not bend.


What is the best product for cooking grate for fire pit 32 inch square?

Cooking grate for fire pit 32 inch square products from Weber. In this article about cooking grate for fire pit 32 inch square you can see why people choose the product. Sunnydaze and Bali Outdoors are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking grate for fire pit 32 inch square.

What are the best brands for cooking grate for fire pit 32 inch square?

Weber, Sunnydaze and Bali Outdoors are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking grate for fire pit 32 inch square. Find the detail in this article. Votenli, Dracarys and Pure Garden are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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