Best Cooking Grate 14 Inch

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1. Dracarys Cooking Accessories Classic Char Griller

Dracarys Cooking Accessories Classic Char Griller

You should measure 8.25-inches wide. The Cast Iron cooking grate is made of high density cast iron, it can endure higher temperatures than normal grate, and gives off a more even heat and holds it longer than steel. You can get grill marks on your steaks with this cast iron grid, like the famous chef did, your family and friends will think you're a grilling genius. This is an excellent barbecue accessory, it is easy to clean the grate. The heat retention and the grate's longevity are what any "yard chef" would want. This 15" round grill grate is an excellent big green egg accessories, fit for medium big green egg Medium Big Green Egg,Char-Griller Barbecue Ceramic Grill and Smoker, 15 inch Diameter, and any same size grill,fire pit. It is a perfect replacement for your primary cooking surface. How can I avoid temptation? When the grill is not in use, cover it with a paper towel and a dash of oil to keep it seasoned. 2. When all of the food is gone, place it on a clean, hot stove or grill and wipe it dry. 3. The grill notices should be left open NationMaster so that condensation doesn't collect. 4. After each use, make sure you clean your grate. 5. If you have to store your grill for a long time, make sure to coat it with cooking oil.

Brand: Dracarys

👤The cast iron grill broke when I heard a loud pop. It was convenient that it broke outside of my return period and that I spent over $50 on a junk grill. I was very excited to find a cast iron grill. I'm extremely disappointed.

👤The dimensions are perfect for a Smoke King Smoker. The Smoke King's chrome plated grills that I ordered to replace were the first. There is a The heat retention and the grate's longevity are what any "yard chef" would want. I was very happy with this product and the upgrade it gave me.

👤It can be used in my Green Egg. It works very well once seasoned. So far, very pleased.

👤The first one was broken. I know what kind of shipping abuse can break cast iron. Returned it, received another one, and it was great. They recommend peanut oil for seasoning on their website. Awesome!

👤This grate is very easy to clean. The grate bars come to a point at the top. There is a It cleans up easily. Can't go wrong with cast iron if you care for it.

👤The new grate was perfect. It cleaned up the grill marks on the steaks.

👤My broke in the first few uses.

2. Weber 7439 Replacement Charcoal Grate

Weber 7439 Replacement Charcoal Grate

The above ground fire grate design keeps the fire cleaner by keeping the wood dry and off the ground so you can start fires in any condition. It makes for a quicker and easier clean up. Weber 14-Inch smokey joe gold/silver and tuck-n-carry charcoal grills are compatible. Heavy duty plated steel is forged for longevity. It is resistant to weather extremes. Your grill's life span can be extended. The dimensions are out of the carton. It can be used with Tuck-N-Carry.

Brand: Weber

👤I am having fun with a little smoker project based around a Weber 14” smokey mountain cooker, which is a portable rig, mounted on a modified Harbor Freight cart, so I can easily move my smoker and all its related paraphernalia off my lanai and out of my house. I wanted to do the criss-crossed grate for retention, but I was worried that it wouldn't fit my smoker, so I sought out the fifth image. There is a I took a chance since returns are easy. There is a It works! See the video. Project Smoker continues as grills are wired together and on to the gasket install.

👤The grille began to rust within a couple of weeks. The grill is forged with heavy duty plated steel and is resistant to weather extremes and can be tough on metal. I'm not sure how long it will last as the rust gets worse. It shouldn't be that bad that fast, based on the description. There is a Disappointing.

👤The upper and lower grate are still original and my Smoky Joe Jr is just over 10 years old and gets used at least 3 times a month. I ordered this because the charcoal grate was rusted through in a few spots and was ready to fall down. It's the same size as what it's replacing and only time will tell how long it will last. I have a Weber 18" kettle grill that I got a couple of years back, for times when Jr isn't big enough. I don't feel like using the gas grill is the same as using the Jr grill. This is very different from when Weber used cheap quality parts for their gas grills. There is a If it lasts half as long as the original it will cost less to replace. I'm happy with that.

👤It's perfect for the Weber grill. I threw ours away and needed a replacement. There is a This is a good deal and the exact replacement. This is the one that your charcoal sits on, not the one you cook on, so please be aware.

👤I use this as a second grate. The mountain is called Weber smokey. I tied them together with wire. The modification works well. I conserve a lot of charcoal running the smoker now that less charcoal falls through the grate. Very happy.

👤I had to buy a replacement grill grate after using it for years. This is not the grill top, but the charcoal grate that sits at the bottom of the Weber. It's just right for the small Smokey Joe grill. The product was in excellent condition when it arrived. It fits and does the job. Not much else to say. It's clear that the grates have a limited lifespan. If the grill is not cleaned out regularly, it will rust and corrode quickly, especially if it is stored inside during the winter. There is a The Weber Smokey Joe fits perfectly, and it's Measures 10.5" in diameter and 888-270-6611

3. Porcelain Cooking Replacement Char Griller Barbecue

Porcelain Cooking Replacement Char Griller Barbecue

How can I avoid temptation? When the grill is not in use, cover it with a paper towel and a dash of oil to keep it seasoned. 2. When all of the food is gone, place it on a clean, hot stove or grill and wipe it dry. 3. The grill notices should be left open NationMaster so that condensation doesn't collect. 4. After each use, make sure you clean your grate. 5. If you have to store your grill for a long time, make sure to coat it with cooking oil. Cast iron with porcelain coated has good resistance to health and safety. It is more convenient to use these cooking grate, but be careful not to throw it hard or scratch it. Small and Minimax Big Green Egg,Kamado Joe Classic,Char-Griller, little Smokey Joe,14-inch Smokey Joe, Silver and Gold and Tuck-n-Carry Grills,Magma grill,small Weber Grill, outdoor. There is a duty of stewardship and stewardship gout rate. The grill grate is made of heavy duty food grade porcelain coated steel. The porcelain coated steel is thick and long lasting. PerfECT REPLACEMENT COOKING. The grill grate is the perfect replacement for your primary cooking surface. Food no longer sticks to the rough,rusted surface of the grill and comes off much more easily if you buy this cooking grate. It's important that food is evenly heated, no need to eat half-boiled meat or charred meat. It's easy to clean. It doesn't have a lot of grooves or hard to reach spots, so washing it in hot water for 5 minutes will make cleaning it easier. It is much easier to clean cooking oil that is spare on the rack.

Brand: Kamaster

👤The Big Green Egg was a perfect replacement for this product. The first one was used for 13 years. This one will last me as well. The diameter and gauge are the same.

👤This is for a solo stove. It's great to be fit.

👤Not 13 inches. There is a date of 12/12/ It's a marginal product because it's barely fit.

👤The Smoke 'N Pit was illustrated by me. It's been over 40 years since it was last used and the pans and grate began to wear out. I improvised so I could use them because the company that made them no longer makes them. I found this grate to be a possible match for mine that was falling apart. I ordered a replacement that matches the grill's color and finish. Thanks for making this product available.

👤I only used 2x on my acorn. It's much easier to clean than it is to worry about rust. If you are getting for acaorn jr, be advised. It doesn't fit in brackets like the original grate, but it does fit on the bucket.

👤Fit the Big Green Egg well.

👤This fit is very nice and perfect for my grill.

👤It met my needs perfectly. Excellent product.

4. Weber 7432 Cooking Grate

Weber 7432 Cooking Grate

3-pack cast iron grill grate and 3-pack premium stainless-steel Emitter plate are included. The grill is for 18 charcoal grills. The Bar-B-Kettle and the Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker have the same parts. It is easy to use and replace. nickel plated steel grate It's not for lower charcoal grate usage.

Brand: Weber

👤Purchase went well and the new grate was received in time for our trip. The grate is disappointing. My Jumbo Joe is at least 20 years old and has a long service history. Things seem to be smaller today than they were in the day. The tension was rolled around the wall of the kettle. The replacement is at least 1/2 inch smaller. We had to wrap several places in foil to make sure the grate stayed in place. It worked, but was disappointing. Sometimes that's good, but in this case it's not, and nothing is made like it used to be.

👤I am a BBQ/smoked meat enthusiast. The grate looks perfect! It was awesome at a great price. When I have some flat stuff, I put it over another grill to increase the grill space. I checked it out and it almost fit in the lower space of my smoker. It hangs up on the bolts and brackets. The water pan is about 2 inches above the rim. You can check it out before you buy because it's the same diameter as the original top grate. It fits perfectly up side down at the bottom grate. The handles on the bottom grate hold it at 0 and 180 and the handles on the top grate hold it at 90 and 270. It fits up side down on the top grate. The lid is not interfered with at the circumference. If I double up the top rack with flat meats, that's also an option. There is a I looked at how the rib rack I have fits with this one. The handles of the rib rack touch the lid to lift it. If the ribs aren't over the handle height, the double bottom rib rack won't work as well as it could. The spare ribs flopped over the rib rack handles, making my last session difficult. Maybe the butt could go on the 2nd layer. I have a 12 hour day. I load different shifts of meat. Another grate adds more potential. I'm going to drop that 13 bucks and get a 4rth rack for my smoker just to have the option of loading whatever I need at the same time.

👤I was having trouble finding a replacement cooking grate for my kettle grill at the big box stores in Nashville. I decided to go for it and check Amazon, but then I would have to pay half of the original price for the grill. The size of Amazon was what mattered. The grate fit on the grill after it arrived. Cookout time this weekend!

👤This is smaller than I anticipated, but it seems to be of good quality. We have grilled on it a few times and no issues so far, but we just set it on top of the existing grate and it works well.

👤I wanted to make a homemade smoker. I made a smoker from a water tank and they were the right size to fit it. The diameter is 17. They are constructed well enough and are doing fine, even though they are not thick and sturdy like some more expensive grates. I would recommend these for the price and good quality.

5. OLIGAI Cooking Grates Minimax Replacement

OLIGAI Cooking Grates Minimax Replacement

The cooking surface can be expanded up to 250%. The cast iron can make a better grill, it can resist higher temperatures than ordinary grate. Will not break due to high temperature. The cast iron cooking grill is easy to use. The cast iron grate is 13 inches in diameter and is suitable for small and minimax Big Green Egg. A great replacement for Big Green Egg. The heavy-duty cast iron cooking grate has good uniform heating and certain heat preservation function, which can give prominent sear marks to meat/ veg. The cast iron grill can give prominent sear marks to your food, and it has a smoky flavor. The cast iron grate is double-sided and can be grilled with narrow or wide burn marks. The wide side is ideal for delicate foods. Tips to Avoid Rust1 remove your grate after each use, Season them by brushing with oil, and leave the damper open so that condensation doesn't collect in the grill.

Brand: Oligai

👤Exactly what I wanted. The flimsy grate that came with the ceramic grill was replaced with a heavy cast iron grate. I can see this grate lasting a long time.

👤The idea is bold. It doesn't fit the grate. I have to angle it to pick up the hot grate off the ground.

👤I bought this to cook my steaks and burgers on my MiniMax.

👤It is not 13 because it is 15 inches so it will not fit my use.

👤This works great and is very sturdy, I've been looking for something like this for a while.

6. Music City Metals 92301 Replacement

Music City Metals 92301 Replacement

It's easy to clean. It doesn't have a lot of grooves or hard to reach spots, so washing it in hot water for 5 minutes will make cleaning it easier. It is much easier to clean cooking oil that is spare on the rack. Measure your original part to make sure the 14 x 25 inch replacement will fit. The steel wire heat dispersal media grate is rectangular. It's a part of the Charbroil G26800-1A, G26800A, GG1800, GG2400, GG2400A, GG2400A, GG2400DMT, GG 2410AMT, GG 2411, GG 2417, GG 2418, GG It's compatible with Charbroil GG2645, GG2663, GG2688, GG2688-C, GG2688-C6, GG9900, GG9901, GG9902, GG9903 and GG9905C. The patio kitchen is part of the package.

Brand: Music City Metals

👤The grate is not suitable for any grill. After the first use, it rusted completely. I grilled steaks on it, brushed all the food off of it and burned it off, but it was almost completely rusted when I came back to grill it. The spaces in between the grate are an inch and a half apart, so you better be careful if you want your food to fall through. Not worth the money.

👤The space between the greats is about an inch, if you flip a Burger the wrong way it will fall through hot dogs.

👤The bars on the rock grate are so different that I had to put a piece of expanded steel on top to keep the ceramic briquettes from falling through. All the smaller rocks would fall through. Yes, but not out of the box.

👤It was exactly as it was described. I was converting my old Weber Genesis Silver to use ceramic bricks and needed a support framework. The construction made it easy to cut it down, but the long dimensions made it difficult. I replaced the cast iron cooking grate with a new set of grids. I now have a hotter and more even cooking surface, and I expect another 25 years of service from the Weber. I may have to replace the burners eventually.

👤This is a replacement for a gas grill. There is a I was grilling kabobs because the bars were too far apart. There is a After the first use, the grill rusted. Don't waste your money.

👤The spacing on the bar is too big and the lava rocks fall between them, so I used this to hold the rocks on my grill.

👤My units required curved or flexible venturies whereas the H-burner had straight, rigid venturies. I replaced the straight, rigid venturies with a universal burner from Char Broil which had flexible and extendable venturies.

👤It was necessary to cut corners to fit in the BBQ.

7. Stainless Steel Charcoal Cooking Replacement

Stainless Steel Charcoal Cooking Replacement

A STAINLESS STEEL HINGED GRATE is the replacement for your 14INCH GRATE. When it's time to replace your barbecue grate, you should upgrade to a long- lasting, durable one. When you grill on a high quality charcoal grate, you will instantly improve your grill experience. Product features Save time with less scrubbing. It's a fact of life that no one likes cleaning up. It is easier to clean and maintain nickel plated steel. You spend more time chilling and grilling than scrubbing the grill grate. Who wants to cook on a rusty surface? That is the reality with most grates. You can guarantee a clean cooking experience when you grill on a STAINLESS STEEL GRATE. No more fretting about rust sticking to your food. Do you ever notice the grids on your nickel plated grate get thinner over time? The grids eventually wear down as the grate rusts. Their grids will not wear down over time because of the rust resistant nature of the steel. Not SATISFIED? Don't. WORRY! If you're unhappy with your premium grill grate, contact them on Amazon for a replacement or refund.

Brand: Grillvana

👤I've gotten tired of seasoning the cast iron grate in my Akorn Jr. This is perfect for me because I like to cook steaks at 600-700 degrees and make pizza on the grill. Grate is heavy duty and has not warped.

👤I put it in a storage building to keep it out of the weather. I bought this for a backup. I have never used the product after taking a look at it last week. I think the quality of the steel is poor.

👤Not what was advertised! This is chrome- plated. Don't waste your money!

👤The original grill was replaced by a Weber Smokey Joe grill. I expected more from the description. It appears to be lighter than the original. I hope it lasts.

👤I've grilled on it 3 times and it's easy to clean, even after grilling chicken with sweet bbq sauce. The welds look clean and well done, they are heavier and more solid than the original grill grate. A bit more than an original top. It seems that it's of better quality. If you're looking for a replacement grill top, I would recommend this.

👤The item was described with great shipping. I am glad I bought a replacement grate. It was hard to clean my old one. I used the new grate when I got it. It worked out great! I clean it every time I use it. A wonderful item for a replacement grate.

👤The grate is solid. I have purchased other 14 inch tops and found them to be flimsy, but this brand seems quite robust. The top and bottom surface of the grate are easy to clean, but going between the wires can be time consuming. I've used this unit over a campfire roughly 20 times and it holds true. There is a I think you are safe trying this product.

👤It was a perfect replacement for our 14” It arrived in 2 days. The origin grill was thin to begin with, and broke apart in a year, so it should last forever. This grill should last a long time.

👤The crate is thick and can be flipped up to put more coal in.

👤It's easier to keep the grate clean than it is to repair it.

8. Music City Metals 40901 Replacement

Music City Metals 40901 Replacement

The end of the rods have a round design that doesn't hurt your hands. Provide more evenly heat and retain superbly, help to produce professional sear marks on the food. Your food should be more appealing. There is a listing for a single grid. The cooking grid is chrome steel. Fiesta 510 D is compatible with El Patio Fiesta 510 with 4 inch venture. The package has a dimensions of 59.69 L x 0.762H x35.052W.

Brand: Music City Metals

👤If you want to keep your grill running and not spend a lot of money on a new one, this replacement grill grate is perfect. A lot of the parts I found are obsolete. There is a The grill has to be inserted in the correct way or it won't fit. It's a little bit wider on the back. There is a I don't know if the original grill was chrome or not, and the wire is a bit smaller.

👤It was modified to fit my grill. When I ran the bristle brush over it, I noticed some chrome was missing. My brush is not a wire brush. Will brush it off when it cools down.

👤The grill is built to last. The bright chrome finish gleamed in the sunlight and brought me back to the days when grilling in the backyard was a pleasant weekend chore and the smell of grilling meat was very sweet. You should buy one to relive those wonderful days.

👤I went looking for another grill cooking grid because my old one was worn out. I am very pleased that they are not expensive. The price was comparable to others and it was very high quality. I think it will last for a long time.

👤It works great for a grill that is not mentioned. I used a sawsall with a metal blade and 15 seconds to cut off two bits from the grid, it was a perfect fit and it was down to 24" wide.

👤I bought it for the grill. I was satisfied with the purchase. The time will tell if the plating holds up.

👤The chrome finish on this grille started to chip off the first time I used it. I cooked food on this grille for friends and they brought it back to show me the chrome in it. I ordered a pizza to get through the night after taking all of my friends food. A nice meal was ruined.

👤It was well made. It doesn't get any better than this. I would deal with them again.

9. Stanbroil Cooking Genesis Control Replacement

Stanbroil Cooking Genesis Control Replacement

2 PCS grill grates are included in the package. The material is durable and sturdy. The dimensions are 15 x 12 and 25 x 2 PCS cooking grates. Before you place an order, make sure you measure the size and check the shape of your original parts. The material is made of cast iron to last a long time. You don't need to replace your cooking grid grate again and again. It's ideal for your grill. 15” x 11 1/2” for each grate and 15” x 22 1/2” for the total. The cooking grate is cast iron. Before you place your order, please compare the size and model of your original parts. Weber Genesis Silver A, Spirit 500 is compatible. The Weber Spirit 200 Series has a Side-Mounted Control Panel. Before you cook on them, take some high temperature oil such as Peanut or Grape Seed, soak a paper towel, and rub oil on the grills, and let the oil burn off first. The food doesn't stick to the grills. It's easy to clean, just add soap and water. They should always be kept dry to prolong the service life. The end of the rods have a round design that doesn't hurt your hands. Provide more evenly heat and retain superbly, help to produce professional sear marks on the food. Your food should be more appealing.

Brand: Stanbroil

👤I was glad I went for iron. I think the cooking performance is superior to the porcelain covered steel grate I have used and replaced many times, despite the fact that the iron grate requires pre-heating and more maintenance care. I like the clean edges of the iron grate. They seem to be of good quality. I seasoned these for an hour and used them immediately. I guess it will survive!

👤I replaced my old grate with a new one. The grill marks and taste of the steel were not great. Very happy with them.

👤I bought these for my father-in-law, who had a grill that was rusty, bent, and had a cheese coating. The rest of the grill is working. He has a good grill with the new grate. They fit. They take a little time to heat up, but once hot, they grill nicely.

👤Even though my grill is over 20 years old, I feel like I have a new grill. I think Weber is the best grill.

👤Convenient cast iron. Sturdy and functional. Great purchase. A very happy customer.

👤The grill grate works better than the original ones.

👤They seem to be of good quality. They seem to be as good as the weber grate they are replacing. I think they will hold up, but time will tell.

👤It is very heavy and hot. The casting is not easy. I think it will improve with use. It was better than the thin enameled grate.

10. Onlyfire Stainless Steel Cooking Kamado

Onlyfire Stainless Steel Cooking Kamado

The patio kitchen is part of the package. Better cooking with chicken, fish, and other food can be accomplished with balance spacing. Add flavor to any dish with beautiful marks to meat and vegetables. The construction has an extra reinforcement rib in the middle. It is easy to install, prevents sticking and provides an easy clean up experience.

Brand: Onlyfire

👤This fit in my Fornetto Basso basket. The slats were turned to create a grid. In the Goldilocks Zone for ember retention, produced ash can fall through by gravity. I used a piece of wire to hold everything together for an easy modification if I choose to use hardwood lump charcoal or hardwood charcoal briquettes along with flavor wood chunks in this smoker. Being made of steel. I'm pretty sure it will be good as long as the rest of the smoker are still smoking.

👤I started making pizza in my gas grill with a cast iron skillet. This configuration is perfect for fresh dough pizza. In a hurry, I found that I can use pita as a pizza crust. It burns on the bottom because it is already baked. Adding a grill to the bottom of my skillet makes for a perfectly crisped crust.

👤There is a medium duty. The grate will be used to cut the top portion of the expired propane tank. Using a grate to hold a flame in a tank.

👤The product is built to last. . Heavy gauge steel rod is spot welded. The diameter is not 13 inches. The product is 12 inches in diameter. It lands on the bottom of my smoker build.

👤I was looking for something similar and this fit that need. I put a drum into a BBQ. I was looking for a grill of this size and it fit perfectly. The grill is very nice. This is the best quality grill available.

👤The grid for the egg is nice.

👤It works on a small Big Green Egg. Well made.

👤beaucoup pour la qualité

11. GGC Replacement 9453 54 Broil Mate Sterling

GGC Replacement 9453 54 Broil Mate Sterling

It is easy to install, prevents sticking and provides an easy clean up experience. The Broil King models are 9453-54, 9453-57, 9453-64, 9453-64C, 9453-67C, and 9455-84. The Broil King models are 988, 9877, 9877-87, 988, The Broil-Mate models are 1155-54, 1155-57, 115554, 115557, 115784, 115787, 115994, 115997, 1161-54, 1161-57, 1165-54, 1165-57, 1551-54, 1551-64, 1551 It's compatible with the following models: 1155-54, 1155-57, 4155-54, 4155-57, 4155-64, 4151-54, 4451-54R, 4451-64, 4451-74, and 445164. It fits Silver Chef Models: 4552-54R, 4552-54S, 4552-57R, 4552-57S, 4552-64R, 4552-67R, 4552-67S, 4552-74R, 4552-77R. 2 PCS grill grates are included in the package. The material is durable and sturdy. The dimensions are 15 x 12 and 25 x 2 PCS cooking grates. Before you place an order, make sure you measure the size and check the shape of your original parts.

Brand: Ggc

👤It's a perfect fit. It does move a bit. The grates are not bent. It's probably because it isn't perfect on my grill. The metal bars are smaller than the ones that came with my grill. They are still very heavy. I think it's ok that these are half the price of the original ones. There is a My grates began to rust quickly. After every grill, I've decided to clean and season the new grates. It seems to be holding up well. I noticed a small piece of food left on it before I cooked it. It seems like there are some rust down there after scrubbing it off. It could be rust transferring from my brush to the grate. I hope they last a couple of years.

👤The product was much lighter than the original grill grate for my Broil King Signet 70 (320). One grate was broken in half and the other was broken at the bottom and cracked at the top, which must be quite brittle. My original grate was subject to rusting and peeling for almost four years.

👤Broil-Mste is made in USA and Canada. It's still cast aluminum. There is a The grill was porcelain and rusted out. There is a I ordered a new grill, cast iron, and it fit like a glove. Hopefully this one will last more than 10 years because I will use a cooking spray to keep the rust off.

👤There is an update. I contacted the seller even though I was outside. They sent a new set of grates to fix the broken ones. They fit my grill well. I'm increasing their rating to 4 stars for fixing the problem quickly outside the return window. They came apart. I opened the box outside the window. $50 goes down the drain.

👤The fit was perfect and the cost was less than replacing the grill.

👤These fit perfectly. It should last years.

👤The grills fit on my grill. They are a bit thinner than the original grill pieces, but they seem like a good fit. I hope to use them soon.


What is the best product for cooking grate 14 inch?

Cooking grate 14 inch products from Dracarys. In this article about cooking grate 14 inch you can see why people choose the product. Weber and Kamaster are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking grate 14 inch.

What are the best brands for cooking grate 14 inch?

Dracarys, Weber and Kamaster are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking grate 14 inch. Find the detail in this article. Oligai, Music City Metals and Grillvana are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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