Best Cooking Gloves for Cutting

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1. EVRIDWEAR Resistant Kitchen Children Protection

EVRIDWEAR Resistant Kitchen Children Protection

There is a package that includes a glove with a wire mesh. You will get a piece of cotton glove for free when you order now. It makes you more comfortable and can prevent you from being harmed by small objects. Kids-sized gloves are designed to protect small hands. Keep your kids safe in the kitchen. There are pink, green and gray options. The material is knitted together tightly to prevent the knife from cutting through. It is lightweight and comfortable. 100% food safe, the highest level 5 ANSI cutting class. Provides additional protection to prevent injuries. Multi-use tools are ideal for preparing food or working on projects. They recommend to let the gloves dry. The microfiber tech that is instilled in each glove may be damaged if they are thrown into a dryer. They recommend to let the gloves dry. The microfiber tech that is instilled in each glove may be damaged if they are thrown into a dryer.

Brand: Evridwear

👤The product quality is good and it seems like it's everything it says it is, but the size is off. My daughter is 7 years old. I got her a size M for her birthday. They barely touched her hand. If you order this product, you might want to order two sizes up.

👤I bought a pair of kids gloves for my granddaughter and a pair for myself. I wanted to teach her knife skills. They are not cut resistant. We were using scissors, her with her nose training scissors, and the scissors cut through the glove. Do not give your money to these.

👤I love these gloves. My kids are in the kitchen with me. I put these gloves on them and give them a real knife to cut and dice. I don't have to worry because they love it and it protects their fingers. It's a must for small kids that like to cook. I recommend them to friends all the time.

👤My grandson is a budding chef. He loves to help in the kitchen. These allow him to cut and chop safely. We need to encourage our little ones to help out in the kitchen. My daughter is a surgeon and works very long hours. He is learning the ropes in the kitchen and is so proud when he helps his mom cook dinner. It is worth the few dollars. The product is great. I have ordered an adult set for myself.

👤My little girl was interested in learning how to carve wood with a pocket knife. I ordered a pair of these for her, and they fit well, work well, and she can still have fun while being safe. It's a small investment for a lot of safety. I would buy these gloves again.

👤Kids can help cut up stuff without having to be in the way. If you have a knife touch glove you failed. I don't want them to be lulled into a false sense of security. I want them to think that their hands are in danger. Fit well and work well. So far there has been no blood.

👤My son has only used them once, for a lot of yard work and weed pulling, and they worked well and lasted a few hours on and off over the weekend. We live in NC and they did not melt. The other work gloves in kid sizes didn't work well for protecting my son's hands against poking bushes and scratches, so the purchase was a good one.

👤My grandson lives in an apartment. His mom and sister were not with him. He loves to have a job when he comes to my house and we always have yard work to do. I bought the gloves for him because we had a big digging job to do, but I didn't want to give them to him. He kept them on for an hour while we worked. He loves them!

👤It's difficult to get anything to fit her hands. We can shop for gloves for a while. She likes to cook and butcher meat and fish. I have bought her many sets of knives. She is prone to accidents and I worry that she will cut herself. The extra finger insurance in these gloves is good.

2. Schwer Resistant Stainless Rustproof Reliable

Schwer Resistant Stainless Rustproof Reliable

These gloves are versatile and ideal for parts handling, cold storage, gardening, inspection, warehouse work and more. LEVEL 9 CUT RESISTANT ISEA- The A9 judgement by the US professional agency means that the new glove has the highest cut resistant rating. The cutting gloves are 16 times stronger than general gloves. It will be safer for you to clean it with a brush. Strong cut resistant materials allow gloves to come in direct contact with food items. It can be used for a lot of things. The denser tissue in your work gloves makes them more resistant to tear than before, it means that you can use them longer. You can get a free nylon cotton glove if you order a single piece of the wire mesh glove. It is easy to clean with water and soap. You can get a free nylon cotton glove if you order a single piece of the wire mesh glove. It is easy to clean with water and soap.

Brand: Schwer

👤This is not true. It is not a metal glove. There is some metal in it, but it isn't anything that would protect you from being stabbed with an oyster knife. I fell for it because I ordered it on a rush.

👤I bought this to use with our kitchen utensil. The kids love slicing their fruit and veggies with the mandolin. The thing that comes with the mandolin to hold things doesn't hold things well at all. These gloves are very good. I drew it harder against my hand and then my fingers. The knife had a small nick in it's blade and there was no tears, rips or tears. My kids are required to use this whenever they use a sharp knife. I use it as well.

👤I got these to use with my new mandolin. It works like a charm. I tried to push a shoestring cut through my finger. Not a single nick! It fits great, ordered a small based on mesurements. I would have expected more.

👤I am learning the process of knife sharpening on the wicked edge pro 3. I had a cut on my fingers for the first two weeks. One day, I took the tip of my finger off. It was foolish to go any further without protection. I have been satisfied with the gloves I ordered. It has saved me some pain for a small amount of money. They are very uncomfortable when you first put them on. After about an hour and a half to two hours of wearing, they conform to your hands. I would recommend these if you use sharp instruments blades. They have worked well for me and I am sold on them.

👤The chart on these gloves is not accurate. I ignored the size chart and ordered the large size which is what I would wear in a men's glove. I couldn't get my hand in the large "chainmail" glove because of the white glove on my hand. I was able to get my hand in the "chainmail" glove, but it was tight and I couldn't close my fingers. There is a These gloves are not real chainmail. They look like a combination of fabric and aluminum fibers. The protection that real chainmail provides will not be offered by these. I ordered a large and a small. I ordered more expensive gloves after returning both.

👤This is a great glove. Our son needed a safety net for cleaning fish. I read a lot about this glove. This one has good reviews and is fairly priced. Our gift was an A+ so far. It is comfortable with the cotton liner. It is very comfortable and confident. Durability is not yet tested, but it is likely to be 5 stars.

👤I have proof that these gloves work. Everyone in the kitchen will be able to use one when we get the family together. One member of the family complained that the knife would cut through the item they were working on. They were trying to cut through the tip of the glove because they were wearing a larger size than they needed. The glove and finger were not damaged. Apparently they work well.



We recommend to let the gloves dry. The microfiber tech that is instilled in each glove may be damaged if they are thrown into a dryer. A must have for every kitchen is the premium food gloves. It is designed for the home cook or restaurant chef. Ultra-thin cut gloves are comfortable while providing maximum control when fishing, diving, filleting fish and preparing meals, and are perfect for every hand. The lightweight fabric construction is strong enough to meet the strict standard for level 5 cut resistance which is 4 times stronger than leather gloves. It's time to invest in your safety, because the gloves are snug fitting and give your hands total dexterity when chopping, sewing, and wood carving. Keeping your gloves clean is easy.

Brand: Kibaron

👤I read reviews before buying gloves. The reviews on performance seemed to be good and I found the videos helpful in choosing this glove over others. The size was something that worried me the most. There were many comments on the size of the gloves. There is a The palm of my hand is about 7 1/2 inches. I bought 2 medium gloves for my family members because I didn't know the sizes of their hands. Ron asked if I was satisfied with the purchase. He told me that he would send out the right sizes if they didn't fit, after I told him about my concern about the size. He has been very responsive and I appreciate his quick response and willingness to make sure I am satisfied with my purchase. There is a I advise you to ignore the comments on size and use the guidelines provided. The gloves should fit. You don't want them to get loose when cutting or using a mandoline. This is for snugness and not loose, and the ribbing comes up onto your palm a bit. There is a Thanks to Ron for his product and customer service.

👤I like these gloves. They are small so beware. We bought a small size for the female with small hands and a medium for the male with long, slender fingers. The smalls are perfect for me because of my small hands. The medium is too small for the intended person, so we will order a large size for him. There is a I put a green onion in one of the fingers of a glove and sawed it with a sharp knife. The onion was not cut despite having a small dent in it. I don't think gloves will prevent finger accidents, because I can't imagine a situation in which I would be sawing on my own fingers. I didn't end up with any cuts on myself because I used one glove and it felt secure. I didn't try to cut the glove on the blade, so I haven't given the glove as robust a test as I could have. I was safe and confident. We've had time to try out the gloves, so I will update this review in a few weeks.

👤The gloves arrived 2 days after I bought them. I have several different knife sharpening systems and I use them tosharpen many knives from my own collection and others. I have been doing this for a long time and have been nicked and sliced many times. The gloves have stopped that. I would probably wear an X-LG. I like to go down one size so the fit is tighter. These fit well and do the job. I tried them on, assessed the fit, and then removed them. I cut my finger while checking the knife I was given. I wish I'd left the gloves on. Thanks to the new gloves, I haven't cut myself since then.

👤This review is not a joke. I really like this product. I bought a musical instrument. This is a "wired" instrument. The index finger on my left hand was injured frequently. Thanks to this gloves, it is no longer a problem. I use it on my left hand, and the problem is gone. This item is perfect for my goals. It can be useful in case of guitar, although I have not tried it yet.

4. Resistant Anti Slip Silicone Protective Carpentry

Resistant Anti Slip Silicone Protective Carpentry

If you care for your safety, you should buy cut resistant gloves from EvridWear. Birthday, Christmas, and Thanksgiving are all appropriate for saying thank you to anyone. 100% cut resistant. The cut resistant Gloves are made from 100% cut resistant fiber and are designed to protect against cut level 5 while working on any type of cutting. The cut resistant Gloves are coated with a technology that protects them from heat. Cut standards ensure protection of your hands from cuts and heat. The Cut resistant Butchers' Gloves set does not harm food grade, your food is absolutely safe while gloves come in contact with food items. Oyster shucking and cutting for kitchen users, pumpkin/wood carving, carpentry, as well as dealing with broken glass are all unlimited uses. Oyster shucking and cutting for kitchen users, pumpkin/wood carving, carpentry, as well as dealing with broken glass are all unlimited uses.

Brand: G & F Products

👤I cut my finger while wearing these. One slip of the knife cut through the glove and my finger. I don't know if the material will break down, but be careful.

👤I use these gloves in our kitchen. I noticed that the tags had been cut in half when I unwrapped them. The old glove tag is yellow and the new glove is gray. The weight and feel of my old pair were different from what I noticed. When I put them on, they always felt cool. These did not. The old gloves and new gloves were weighed. The new gloves weighed less than the old ones. I decided to try these against a knife slice. They cut like tongs. See the picture. I'm returning my old gloves because I don't have a better pair to protect my hands.

👤Fast delivery! I am a woman with long fingers and slender hands, and these size medium gloves fit me very well. My husband tried them on his hands and they fit him as well. The palm has a tacky coating and green ridges. The back of the box has a picture of the safety rating. The "4.3.4.X" stand for "abrasion.cut.tear.puncture". These are not a level 5 for cuts, but have moderate level 3 protection combined with the good grip that will go a long way toward preventing cuts from slipping, one of my main concerns. I haven't cleaned them yet.

👤I'm trying to get a size Small for my large hands, and I'm back to buy my third pair of these. We've been buying M, but inevitably a hole is cut in one of the fingers or thumb as I use my mandoline. No cuts to me when using these. The gloves only last a year with my clumsiness. If the gloves fit better, they'd be less likely to catch the blade. The thumb and ring fingers are too long in size M.

👤I've been playing Beat Saber for two months. This is the best gloves that I have tried. It has 3 main advantages over others, one of which is that it has sweaty hands and a glove that stays cool. No more callus and no more painful hands. After a few weeks of use, the one I bought from Big5 did not show any signs of wear, unlike the one I bought from another place. The Vive controllers are kept in place. Only had them for a few weeks. Will update after a while. It's been used on a daily basis for between 1/2 to 2 hours. There is a The gloves are still going strong.

👤I received a pair of gloves for free to give an honest review. My wife accidentally cut her finger on a cheese grater a couple of years ago and since then, I've been grating blocks of cheese. I ordered their largest size and it was a bit tight for me. I won't be the one to use them so it's not a big deal. There is a The bag contained the gloves. They're made with a tough material that looks like steel wool, but they don't irritate your skin. I didn't feel any pain after I took a knife to my hand. I was not trying to cut my hand off. I wanted to see if I could cut my own gloves. I took the gloves off because I was going to try to puncture them with a knife. The tip of the knife wouldn't go through the gloves even though I was putting a lot of pressure on it. The gloves wouldn't shield you from pain, but they would keep the blade out of your skin. I'm happy to see that the gloves are machine washed. It would be better if they were dishwasher safe. It's a big deal to put them in with laundry since people don't usually do a lot of laundry. I would recommend using them with foods that won't get the gloves too "saturated", if you will, since they are being used and not specifically stated as being safe to wash in the dishwasher. The gloves keep you from getting the pepper juice on your fingers when cutting very spicy peppers, which inevitably makes its way to eyes.

5. Disposable Polyethylene Industrial Glovesfor Cleaning

Disposable Polyethylene Industrial Glovesfor Cleaning

The measurement is:11.2 inches. Most people have hands. No water leak, strong seal, and anti-skid. It can be used in many places. The gloves are produced in a dust-free workshop. 100PCS

Brand: Brandon-super

👤The package was very thin. I counted only 90 of the gloves in the pouch because they were so thin. They were counted 3 times and the same time. If these are supposed to be used for food prep, you have to touch them all. I probably wouldn't buy these again.

👤Order different gloves and save money. I use gloves for everything. These gloves are not good. They are slippery and you have to be extra careful because you can easily drop dishware and they were sticky. They stuck to the glove while trying to roll meatballs. I knew they would be cheap, but I didn't think they would be as bad. I was hoping for gloves that were affordable. I was wrong about these.

👤Personal protection when handling items outside of my home.

👤Do not buy them. They are not sanitary. They are not gloves. I have no use for them, they are just thin pieces of plastic cut in the shape of a hand. Throw them in the trash. I apologize that I can not post a photo. Like I said. I threw them away. Imagine cutting a piece of plastic in the shape of a hand. There is no place to put your hand. Smh! It was ripped off for sure. I would not give a star to this person. I needed these for my daughter's birthday. I have to find some in time. Smh!

👤These aren't as durable as latex or vinyl gloves. They cost a fraction of the price and have many uses. I use them to trim chicken and clean the toilet. If you move your hands too much, you can get small tears. It depends on how big your hands are. If they are a tight fit, move with your hands. A small leak in the glove is not a big deal if you get a tear. I'm going to use these instead of the more expensive gloves because of the price.

👤The description says these are good for cleaning and sanitizing. This is incorrect. My hands got wet with minimum cleaning. Not a good buy at $8.00.

👤We needed gloves to pump gas. The order was delivered 3 days later. There is a The gloves were described.

👤These are cheap but you get what you pay for. You put them on and they break. I think they have a brief task purpose.

6. NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves Performance

NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves Performance

Non elastic gloves. They are available in many different sizes. The product description has a sizing chart. The box has 100 disposable gloves. It's 4x stronger than leather. Their gloves are highly resistant to cut resistance. They are made of the highest level of cut resistant material you can find on the market. Use your gloves when cutting up meat, dicing vegetables, and shucking oysters, because they are 100% food safe. Give your hands some extra protection and feel like a master chef. A pair of gloves that fit both hands is akin to a glove. Fab for men, women, kids and everyone responsible to handle a knife to slice some vegetables or fish. Your gloves won't slip, fall off or irritate your skin because of the grip. Done using the onion slicer, chopping up steak meat, dicing the vegetables, grating the carrots or using the mandoline? It's easy to take care of your gloves. Throw them in the washing machine and let them dry. These gloves are great for any job that requires precision, like woodworking, carving or carpentry. You can find multi-purpose work gloves if you want to use them when handling sharp tools. These gloves are great for any job that requires precision, like woodworking, carving or carpentry. You can find multi-purpose work gloves if you want to use them when handling sharp tools.

Brand: Nocry

👤I initially ordered a small as I have arthritis. I found they were too big and long when they arrived. I received an email from the seller stating that they were going to send me another pair in size small, free of charge, after I posted a review on this effect. They told me that I don't need to return the original pair. They can sell it to someone else. The new pair arrived a few days ago and is perfect now. I am very happy with my purchase. I sliced off a chunk of my thumb last summer. I will not have to go to the emergency room for doing this again. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the sellers of this wonderful product. Customer service is unbeatable and it is a great product. I am happy.

👤The gloves have stopped everything I have touched with them. I use them in my woodworking shop where I use a belt sander and I still have my finger prints and nails. I am a green horn knife smith and I have not gotten a cut while wearing them. I had gloves on that kept my thumb from getting injured when I touched the blade of my table saw. I ordered 2 more pairs after I ruined my gloves, and will keep them on hand. Don't try this! I was very fortunate. Thank you for not yelling.

👤I cut the end of my thumb off last week. I bought a pair of NoCry cut resistance gloves after regaining consciousness.

👤I looked it up and found that the only level of higher protection available is chain mail. I think it's important to know that there is disagreement about how "Certified EN388 Level 5 cut protection rating" is created equal. You will get more than you want to read if you search the term. There is a I went ahead and bought the gloves. They are flexible to work with and they are a true fit. They seem to do the job when I hold my knives, and I've tested them a little bit with that. If they save you with a big chop or rapid mandolin action, I can't advise you. I'll add to this review if that accident happens. I'm glad we have them, and they add more protection and confidence to kitchen tasks.

👤I've been cooking for a long time and it's been trouble-free. I tried to stick with fresh fruits and veggies last year. This was fine when I was resting. Chef-y. When I was hungry or hangry or rushing after work, I got some of me in the mix. There is a The last 2 injuries have left me with a broken finger and cut on the tip of my manicure, so I have had to cancel my manicure for weeks. Enough! I need something to help me not cut my hand again. The NoCry people have developed a wonderful protection that I almost bought a shield for. There is no longer a love hate relationship between me and my mandolin. I get so close that it's not even funny. I don't have to worry about what will happen to my fingers or knuckles when I use all the food I'm working with. There is a When I get in a hurry and need to chop the whole cabbage at once, it's better to do it here and there. I'm 65, and still pretty dexterous, but I'm sure these gloves can greatly extend the ability for someone less steady to continue to work with kitchen cutting tools. I cook in fits and starts. When I ordered these, I had just finished 3 soups in cups and apple muffins and cornbread muffins frozen. I tried on the gloves and they seemed a tad big. See the image. NoCry inquired if things were okay as I was thinking they were a bit big. I shared. And they did as well. They sent me another pair of shoes at no charge, which fit perfectly and is the one I use. I am 5'10 and buy men's gloves. I initially got the large. I am very pleased with the customer service and will rarely chop without these gloves.

7. NoCry Resistant Gloves Grip Dots

NoCry Resistant Gloves Grip Dots

Customer care is important. They want to make sure you are comfortable. They will make sure you are taken care of if you aren't satisfied with the application of your gloves. There is no hassle. They know you have things to do. There is a cut-RESISTANT and 4X-STRONGER LEATHER. Their gloves have been certified as level 5, the highest E388 level, so they give you extra protection in the kitchen. Securing DOTs prevent slippage. These gloves are perfect for holding fruit and vegetables in the kitchen. Their flexibility, comfort and durability make them useful for precision work. There is a convenient, yet rugged, fit for men, women and kids. The gloves are lightweight and airy thanks to a highmolecular weight mix of spandex, fiberglass and polyethylene. 100% food safe and machine washable. It couldn't be simpler to look after your gloves. After you wash your gloves in the washing machine, put them in the dryer and let them dry. It's perfect for many of your favorite activities. If you want something with extra grip in the kitchen, these gloves are for you. They can be used to clean up weeds in your garden or to clean up herbs in your herb patch. It's perfect for many of your favorite activities. If you want something with extra grip in the kitchen, these gloves are for you. They can be used to clean up weeds in your garden or to clean up herbs in your herb patch.

Brand: Nocry

👤I used the glove guide to measure my hand. Small should fit me according to the guide. They were too tight and uncomfortable to use. I have to wait longer to get what I need. You can order one size up. It was very frustrating. There is a electronically reviewed review. I received a custom sugar cookie surprise after my review. No company does this. I have been using the replacement gloves that I ordered and they are perfect. They are made to do what they are supposed to do. I received a second pair of medium gloves from Amazon at no charge, I am assuming the second pair was sent by the same person. You should order one size up. I had to update my review because you don't see customer service like this anymore. Awesome job! The cookie was delicious.

👤I usually hold off on doing reviews for a week or two so that I can use them and I will add an update if the item is particularly good or if it fails. I hid a very expensive mandolin slicer at the back of the furthest cupboard over twenty years ago because I was eagerly awaiting the delivery so I could give them a go and no not with a knife to start out. I had to try a tomato and potato, but I did not use the guard, but I was very careful. The gloves give you a sense of security and comfort, which is important after being bit by a slicer. If you put the dots on the palm side of the gloves on the right hand, they will give you a non slip grip and allow me to work without fear. I used gloves with my best knives and they made holding the knife so much easier, they provide a level of assurance that you aren't going to slip and cut yourself. The gloves are rated with a level 5 cut resistance and they are as good as they sound. They are a food-grade and they are very comfortable with this purchase, it is one of those rare purchases where you know you got your money's worth and a lot more. The manufacturer recommends that you use the gloves. The Silicone microdots are not to be used for heat, they are to be used for a nonslip grip, and they are not to protect against accidental slips and cuts like those from a slash not a stab. I have already given a pair to a family member who I think will appreciate them as much as I do.

👤I like to have some experience with a product before I make a decision. Everything is shiny when it is new. Problems can only show up after a few miles on the product. My first pair of gloves were purchased a couple of months ago. I took up wood carving in retirement and bought them. A lot of pulling the blade towards your thumb is needed to cut off the wood. They make thumb guards out of leather. I didn't buy any because I wanted to know how well these gloves wear. The thumb is discolored and the rubber grip dots are worn off. I have put them through a punishment that is not the worst. These gloves are getting a workout because I can sit there for 6 to 8 hours carving and watching tv. There is a There is a word of caution for those that purchase gloves. They can't do their job if you don't wear them. I thought there was no way you could cut the hand that held the knife if you didn't pull the blade towards the hand. I only used one glove. I found out that you can be cut because I did it. I now use both gloves and love them. I have slipped with the knife before. The only other thing you need to know is that small sharp points on knives can poke through the kevlar weave. It only takes a few moments for the brain to make suggestions for completing the task. There is a This is the best recommendation I can give. I received my second pair of gloves. I need them because they are worn out. I have replacements on hand if they wear out.

8. Resistant Protection Kitchen Mandolin THOMEN

Resistant Protection Kitchen Mandolin THOMEN

There are 12 pairs of white cotton gloves, the only official seller is the ZealorDirect. Throw away the normal gloves and use the THOMEN cut resistant gloves. It's made from a level 5 cut resistant material and it's 10 times stronger than normal gloves. Enjoy cooking time. The elastic material and knitting tech give a superior grip for different size hands. Your hands stay dry and comfortable, and it allows maximum breathability for those long processes. Will you be amazed with it? Their safety cutting gloves are easy to clean, since they can be washed by hand or dishwasher. It is useful for you. THOMEN anti cut gloves are great for oyster shucking, wood carving, whittling, butchering, peelers and mandolin slicers, yard working, garage working, dealing with broken glass, etc. Isn't it a pair of gloves that are affordable and durable? They're so confident that you'll love their gloves that they're guaranteeing lifetime 100% satisfaction. If you don't like it, they'll give you a full refund. Most customers like it so much that they buy more than one and send it to their friends and family as gifts. They're so confident that you'll love their gloves that they're guaranteeing lifetime 100% satisfaction. If you don't like it, they'll give you a full refund. Most customers like it so much that they buy more than one and send it to their friends and family as gifts.

Brand: Thomen

👤The gloves have been received. I decided to do a cut test with a piece of food. A light to moderate slice cut the glove. This didn't offer any protection at all. The knife I used was a high carbon Japanese knife that was recently sharpened. I tried another brand of glove and it failed.

👤I like to cook. I do the same thing for my dog. I chop a lot of food. My observations were 1. They fit me well. 2. They get dirty quickly. 3. They only machine wash. 4. I have found that if I put latex gloves on, it will make me feel better. The use of them is increased. They stay dry. They stay clean. They make picking up food much easier, they make it easier to cut the boiled chicken breast. 6. They mix the dog food with chicken, pasta, vegetables and vitamins. It was much nicer to mix it by hand. 7. It's a lot safer to cut or flip something in the oven. There are 8. Oven gloves do not protect against a hot pan, savesay Since I've had them, I have not cut my finger. I use them every single day, even if I don't use them often.

👤They did what they were told to do, even though one glove had a hole in it. If the manufacturer's customer service will reach out to me, I'll be able to return the item for a better price. There is an update to the story on 7-11-21. The previous review was written after my initial use of this glove in which I found a defect, instead of returning the item, so I wanted to see if sellers were actually reading customer reviews to improve their product and provide customer service. I don't know about other companies but this one is right on top of it, the day after I wrote that review customer service contacted me and apologized for the hassle and asked if I wanted a replacement. I requested a new pair of gloves because they did what they were supposed to do to protect my hand from being cut. I received my replacement order within seven days of posting, that's customer service and a company that stands behind their products. I now give them 5 stars for both the product and the customer service.

👤Work well. I tried to cut them but they didn't break. I tried to cut them with my hands. They still didn't break. I didn't feel anything. I tried to stab with the tip, but didn't want to try too hard. I felt a poke, but they're made for cuts. I didn't try hard with the stab. It could have held up and saved a lot of damage. I'm not rating it based on stabs because it won't stab our hands with the tip unless we're doing something wrong. I tried smooth and serrated knives and they didn't affect my gloves or my hand. We bought these for the food slicer. A lot of the pictures of the slicer were of badly cut hands, though it was a 5 star slicer. They said the slicer worked well even though it was bleeding badly and they gave a bloody thumbs up. I decided to get these gloves for myself and my wife to use in order to avoid that all together and not add anymore 5 star bloody picture reviews. We don't need to use them for normal cutting since we aren't bad with knives, but the slicers can get slippery and I could see these gloves saving us a lot of fingertips and scars. I would definitely recommend them. They have proved they work after the testing.

9. NoCry Resistant Gloves Kids Years

NoCry Resistant Gloves Kids Years

A camping hat for sun protection, an extra backpack to keep everything organized, and a birthday gift for kids aged 2 to 10 are included in the all in one preschool play camp set. The gloves are designed to protect small hands. NoCry gloves for kids and teens are the first of their kind and are designed to keep small hands safe from cuts. It's perfect for adults with small hands. The grip is snug and elastic. Prepare food or work on projects with scissors, paper cutter, or blades with the security of knowing your child won't slip. It's lightweight and comfortable. The risk of serious injury is reduced by the highest level of cut resistance. It's perfect for cooking, fishing, sewing, craft projects, wood carving and so much more. Stay safe when slicing, peeling, cutting or handling sharp objects. 100% food safe. 100% food safe.

Brand: Nocry

👤These aren't cut resistant. The first project ended up with a cut finger after our son used it. The tool went through the glove. It was a cut and not a finger, so I was disappointed but grateful.

👤Even the best cooks can cut themselves accidentally, and with my recent purchase of the most bloodthirsty piece of equipment in any kitchen anywhere, I set out to see if there were gloves I could wear to protect my fingers. NoCry was found by me. I was disappointed to see that they would be loose on me. It's worse to wear loose gloves that can catch in a blade than it is to not wear gloves at all. They make two children's sizes. It's good! My small hands have an option as well. My hands are long on the middle finger. I decided to go with the XXS because I wanted something tight that wouldn't catch in the mandoline. Oops. My hand fit. The middle finger of the glove was 6 cm long and wouldn't stretch, so the fingers didn't go all the way in. I contacted NoCry and they sent out a replacement pair so quickly that I wasSpinning! I made another bunch of sliced garden vegetables to take to my dehydrator. While I understand that the gloves can still get damaged, it has made me more confident in my use of the mandoline. I didn't dare get close to the blade because the Slider wouldn't hold them properly, so I used to waste a lot of vegetables. Happy customer!

👤I bought these for my kids who had been asking for wood carving kits. My youngest daughter cut her hand on Christmas morning after slipping on the gloves and taking a trip to the ER. They are great for certain projects, but not wood carving.

👤I bought gloves for my little girl. I get high anxiety when she's close to me in the kitchen because she always wants to help. I decided to try these gloves out. When they arrived, my little girl ran to the kitchen and said it was time to cook. I've never allowed her to use anything sharp, but she was able to peel potatoes. She was not scared at all. I was not as nervous. I ordered the smallest size and it fit perfectly. They were a little loose, but there were rubber grips on the wrist to keep them from slipping. My parents are going to order some for the kids.

👤These are for cut protection. I tried them before I used them. They will reduce the number of injuries. If I didn't wear these, I would have a nasty gash on my neck. The glove did not cut the skin. If you stab or smash your hand, these won't do anything to protect you. They are supposed to prevent the knife from slipping.

👤My son is learning how to safely and properly hand a knife with these. There is a He is 3 1/2 years younger than they would expect, but he is fascinated by the outdoors and tried to peel an apple with a butterknife. I thought it was time to learn knife safety because he is very stubborn. I love the little information sheet that comes with them, it's great! There is a The smallest gloves fit on my 3 year old, but the fingers are too long, it doesn't seem to affect his ability to manipulate them. There is a I haven't tested them wet with the grip. There is a My companion can attest to the fact that they are cut resistant. There is a I trust them to protect my son's hands.

10. Stark Safe Resistant Protection Mandolin

Stark Safe Resistant Protection Mandolin

Stark Safe cut resistant gloves are made with the highest level of cut resistant material available on the market, which is 4 times stronger than leather. There are multiple functions. It's great for food prep, cutting, slicing, peeling, grating, mandoline, wood carving, oyster shucking, carpentry, metal work and more. There are bulk prices for businesses. A snug fit for small and large hands makes for a superior grip that is perfect for preparing food or working on jobs. These gloves give you the feeling you need to get the job done. No more hand sparring. The premium anti cut material allows maximum breathability for long processes so your hands stay dry and comfortable. Put in a long day of work on the kitchen line or food prep for a Thanksgiving dinner with complete comfort. Customer care is important. They want to make sure you are comfortable. They will make sure you are taken care of if you aren't satisfied with the application of your gloves. There is no hassle. They know you have things to do.

Brand: Stark Safe

👤The gloves I bought were used to process meat. Yesterday was the first time I had to test the gloves in a real situation, and we cut up the beef. I rate the gloves highly for their cut resistance, because no one wearing them got so much as a nick. I have no complaints about the size or fit. They fit well, did not limit dexterity, and kept our hands warm. The material they are made of was not slick and gave a firm grip. The cleaned was easy to clean. I washed my hands while wearing them. It was difficult to rinse the soap out of them. I let them dry. The smells are ready for the next use. All of the positive posts made me wonder why I rated them a 2 instead of a 5. There were small holes on the back of the X- Large gloves. See the photo. I think that this was a manufacturing defect. There is an update. The customer service from this company is excellent. They contacted me and offered to make things right after I had a problem with the gloves. They replaced the gloves that were faulty. Thank you.

👤They were much to small and extremely tight. The fit is not the problem. I used a box-cutter to cut up boxes and the knife kept slipping out of my hand. It's difficult to get a tight grip. The gloves are very unsafe to use and would be better if they had an abrasive coating on the palm. The main reason I purchased these was because of the favorable reviews. The knife can fall out of your hand and hurt your toe or worse if you don't use it, so it's not a good idea. Can't say enough about the excellent service this company has provided and their dedication to eliminate a potential safety issue.

👤I got this because I stopped the blade of my knife when I was cutting a watermelon. I have used my hand to stop a knife before. When I received this glove, I had to test it. I grabbed one of my knives after putting the glove on. If the glove didn't work, I had to go to the hospital and I called my girlfriend to let her know. She stood in the kitchen and called me an idiot. Being in a relationship with her for several years, I decided to ignore her, even though she calls me an idiot. I rested the blade with the sharp end pressed against my palm and wrapped my fingers around the back of it. I grabbed the handle and looked at my girlfriend, who was staring at the knife, either excitement or fear. I took a breath and ripped the blade out of my hand. I looked down and saw that I did not get cut. We were both shocked and happy that I did not need stitches. I would recommend this glove to anyone who can't use a knife.

11. Resistant Stainless Butcher Cutting Chopping

Resistant Stainless Butcher Cutting Chopping

Oyster shucking and cutting for kitchen users, pumpkin/wood carving, carpentry, as well as dealing with broken glass are all unlimited uses. It is recommended to protect your fingers while cutting, slicing, shucking, carving and peeling food in the kitchen. It's perfect for garden, mechanic and construction work. The material is made of high-strength polyethylene fibres. 100% food safe. It's easy to keep your gloves clean. The high performance level 9 protects. Their products meet the standard for cut resistance and protect your hands from morning to night. It is simple and convenient to wear. The structure of the flat woven is comfortable to wear. You can find the most suitable wearing condition with the help of metal buckles. There is a package that includes a glove with a wire mesh. You will get a piece of cotton glove for free when you order now. It makes you more comfortable and can prevent you from being harmed by small objects. There is a package that includes a glove with a wire mesh. You will get a piece of cotton glove for free when you order now. It makes you more comfortable and can prevent you from being harmed by small objects.

Brand: Arcliber

👤It was a blatant lie. Title says it's made out of steel, but it's actually a cut resistant fabric that can be used for other purposes.

👤I had high hopes for this glove. I was hoping that it would be safe to use and less cumbersome than other metal mesh gloves I have used for food preparation. I found the product to be not safe from a food quality perspective, even though it fit better and was tighter than other metal mesh cut gloves I have used. strands of metal were left in the food when the metal began to shred. There is a If this glove is used for non-food related projects, I don't think it's acceptable for food.

👤I bought this glove for my son who works in a meat market and is required to wear a chain mail glove to reduce accidents. After a few days, this glove began to fall apart. It did not do its job.

👤I bought this for protection. The extra large glove is too large for my hand, even though I ordered the small one. Something different is what extra large means in Chinese.

👤I use the glove whenever I chop vegetables. I didn't need to spend a lot of money for a heavier mesh than you see in a butcher shop. There is a The glove is perfect. I can get to the nub without fear. The size is my only regret. The large is too big for a proper fit and should have been ordered in the medium. If you take into account size and trust that a medium is really a medium, you will be in good shape. The extra large will fit the bear.

👤I haven't used the glove yet and I haven't slipped with my knife yet. It seems to be able to do the job I need it to do, which is for the protection of my fingers and hand, when carving with very sharp knives. I make knives and handle sharp steel. I was surprised to find only one glove in the package when the description clearly states that the glove is designed for both right and left hand use. There is only one large size offered, which is a little tight for me, but no fault of the supplier. I am not sure what the second glove is made of, since the instructions on the package are German. If you need to protect both hands, there may be a more reasonable price 888-666-1846 I would strongly advise the sellers of these gloves to clarify their description of the safety glove.

👤If you get the glove I have, you will get a good deal. I am discussed with both false reviews that build up junk or tear down a good product. When ordering, make sure you get the right size.


What is the best product for cooking gloves for cutting?

Cooking gloves for cutting products from Evridwear. In this article about cooking gloves for cutting you can see why people choose the product. Schwer and Kibaron are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking gloves for cutting.

What are the best brands for cooking gloves for cutting?

Evridwear, Schwer and Kibaron are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking gloves for cutting. Find the detail in this article. G & F Products, Brandon-super and Nocry are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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