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1. AMMEX Industrial Clear Disposable Gloves

AMMEX Industrial Clear Disposable Gloves

Gloves made of X3 nitrile, vinyl, latex, and poly industrial are reliable for light-duty applications. They will have an updated look for all of their products. As they sell through their inventory, you may see previous packaging or a mix of new and old. They both have the same high-quality gloves. Gloveworks Clear Vinyl Industrial Gloves are made from.. They measure from the tip of the finger to the cuff. Food service, janitorial, beauty & salon, and other light industrial applications can be done with clear vinyl gloves. It is economical for tasks that require frequent glove changes. Those who are allergic to natural rubber can use latex-free disposable gloves. Gloveworks has a wide range of nitrile, vinyl, and latex gloves. Gloveworks Clear Vinyl Industrial Gloves are 3 mils thick and have a comfortable fit. A synthetic material made from polyvinylchloride is called vinyl. It is less elastic than nitrile and latex, giving it a smooth, comfortable feel. It helps eliminate allergic reactions. The gloves can help keep food safe. A low-cost solution for applications requiring frequent glove changes, including plumbing, beauty and salon, they also provide countless uses at home, in food prep, cleaning, painting, pet care, and more.

Brand: Gloveplus

👤The price is atrocious and I have a one star rating. I thought that Amazon would monitor process gauges, but here I see a product that has doubled in price in two months. The first time I received this, it was about 4 dollars. It's almost 18. Taking advantage of people like this is ridiculous. The gloves are too expensive for their original price. They are disposable gloves that do not rip easily.

👤These were ordered for simple house work to keep dust off my hands. It was a surprise that the tips of my fingers were ripped after 5 minutes of throwing away magazines. I had just cut my nails and they were not long enough to cut through it. I was doing simple labor. I got another pair because I thought it was a mistake. 10 minutes later, the same thing happened. I tried to put on two pairs at the same time. It didn't make a difference. There is a The medium size fit my hands well, that's the only positive thing I can say. There is a I would not recommend anyone to wear these gloves.

👤These gloves have been a great addition to my kitchen. I assumed a pair would rip them. I can take them off and put them back on. I use them to prepare meat for cooking or freezing. I use them to prepare baked goods, clean cat litter, protect my hand, and use harsh cleaning chemicals. I'll be buying another box soon. There is a There was a previous review that wanted to post some pictures of the XL. It would have been helpful if I had seen any. I will update my review after I use them.

👤I use gloves when I cook and clean because of my sensitive skin. I've tried many gloves before and this one has the worst smell. It fits my small hands perfectly and so the smell sticks after I remove it, and sometimes the smell is still there after washing. It has a strong smell that you wouldn't want to use. I was wondering if it could hurt the skin, but it isn't, and the smell is bad.

👤I got a rash on both my hands after wearing these gloves for 4 hours in the garden, and after 3 days of wearing them. The Dermatologist said it was contact dermatitis and not to use gloves. I used the gloves again after it cleared. I have the same rash on my hands. You may be allergic to these gloves. It says no on the packaging of what these goblets are made of. I don't know what's in them to cause this problem.

👤The gloves smell bad. I have been getting them for a while. They worked well, although not the best quality, despite being used for household work. Something changed when I received the last couple of boxes. After I take them off, they leave a bad smell on my hands. Not getting these anymore. There are 2 more boxes.

2. NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves Performance

NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves Performance

It's 4x stronger than leather. Their gloves are highly resistant to cut resistance. They are made of the highest level of cut resistant material you can find on the market. Use your gloves when cutting up meat, dicing vegetables, and shucking oysters, because they are 100% food safe. Give your hands some extra protection and feel like a master chef. A pair of gloves that fit both hands is akin to a glove. Fab for men, women, kids and everyone responsible to handle a knife to slice some vegetables or fish. Your gloves won't slip, fall off or irritate your skin because of the grip. Done using the onion slicer, chopping up steak meat, dicing the vegetables, grating the carrots or using the mandoline? It's easy to take care of your gloves. Throw them in the washing machine and let them dry. These gloves are great for any job that requires precision, like woodworking, carving or carpentry. You can find multi-purpose work gloves if you want to use them when handling sharp tools. These gloves are great for any job that requires precision, like woodworking, carving or carpentry. You can find multi-purpose work gloves if you want to use them when handling sharp tools.

Brand: Nocry

👤I initially ordered a small as I have arthritis. I found they were too big and long when they arrived. I received an email from the seller stating that they were going to send me another pair in size small, free of charge, after I posted a review on this effect. They told me that I don't need to return the original pair. They can sell it to someone else. The new pair arrived a few days ago and is perfect now. I am very happy with my purchase. I sliced off a chunk of my thumb last summer. I will not have to go to the emergency room for doing this again. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the sellers of this wonderful product. Customer service is unbeatable and it is a great product. I am happy.

👤The gloves have stopped everything I have touched with them. I use them in my woodworking shop where I use a belt sander and I still have my finger prints and nails. I am a green horn knife smith and I have not gotten a cut while wearing them. I had gloves on that kept my thumb from getting injured when I touched the blade of my table saw. I ordered 2 more pairs after I ruined my gloves, and will keep them on hand. Don't try this! I was very fortunate. Thank you for not yelling.

👤I cut the end of my thumb off last week. I bought a pair of NoCry cut resistance gloves after regaining consciousness.

👤I looked it up and found that the only level of higher protection available is chain mail. I think it's important to know that there is disagreement about how "Certified EN388 Level 5 cut protection rating" is created equal. You will get more than you want to read if you search the term. There is a I went ahead and bought the gloves. They are flexible to work with and they are a true fit. They seem to do the job when I hold my knives, and I've tested them a little bit with that. If they save you with a big chop or rapid mandolin action, I can't advise you. I'll add to this review if that accident happens. I'm glad we have them, and they add more protection and confidence to kitchen tasks.

👤I've been cooking for a long time and it's been trouble-free. I tried to stick with fresh fruits and veggies last year. This was fine when I was resting. Chef-y. When I was hungry or hangry or rushing after work, I got some of me in the mix. There is a The last 2 injuries have left me with a broken finger and cut on the tip of my manicure, so I have had to cancel my manicure for weeks. Enough! I need something to help me not cut my hand again. The NoCry people have developed a wonderful protection that I almost bought a shield for. There is no longer a love hate relationship between me and my mandolin. I get so close that it's not even funny. I don't have to worry about what will happen to my fingers or knuckles when I use all the food I'm working with. There is a When I get in a hurry and need to chop the whole cabbage at once, it's better to do it here and there. I'm 65, and still pretty dexterous, but I'm sure these gloves can greatly extend the ability for someone less steady to continue to work with kitchen cutting tools. I cook in fits and starts. When I ordered these, I had just finished 3 soups in cups and apple muffins and cornbread muffins frozen. I tried on the gloves and they seemed a tad big. See the image. NoCry inquired if things were okay as I was thinking they were a bit big. I shared. And they did as well. They sent me another pair of shoes at no charge, which fit perfectly and is the one I use. I am 5'10 and buy men's gloves. I initially got the large. I am very pleased with the customer service and will rarely chop without these gloves.

3. Nitrile Disposable Gloves Working Industrial

Nitrile Disposable Gloves Working Industrial

When procedures get messy, holding on to equipment can be difficult, so these food safe gloves come with textured fingertips. It's ideal for almost any occasion including basic lab work, hair coloring, tattooing, food preparation, painting, cleaning, pet care, home improvement, arts, and crafts. Good quality. Get gloves that are disposable and designed to keep your hands protected. They have enhanced strength and tear resistance. There are 100 in every box. They contain no glass fibers and are able to protect your breathing health. They are non-toxic and suitable for sensitive skin. If you have any questions or problems, e-mail them and they will reply as soon as possible.

Brand: Kexle

👤I use them when I cook with meat. They're great for seasoning chicken, ribs, steak, etc and I can just take them off and move on without washing my hands.

👤I am an EMT and these are very durable. I love them! I usually have a small in general hospital gloves, but they fit well.

👤I've ordered these gloves before. I have a food trailer and gloves that are hard to find. The gloves are very stretchy and not the thickest on the market. They work perfectly for food service use and don't break the bank or take months to arrive. These are my new gloves and I will use them.

👤The gloves are fairly thin and average quality. The blend seems to be a nitrile one as these are very stretchy. Good for touchy applications, but not heavy duty where a puncture would destroy this glove. The packaging is not good. The bundle was put into a plastic bag and inserted into a box. Not folded for the style of removal. These are not a good deal at 26 cents per glove.

👤I use these for woodworking because other sources have dried up. They are decent quality and a bit pricey.

👤I like the black gloves. A preference is all. These are on the thin side. They fit and serve their purpose. I use them for preparing foods that I don't want to cross-Contamination, such as chicken or shellfish.

4. Disposable Squish Powder Free Handling Medium,Ship

Disposable Squish Powder Free Handling Medium%EF%BC%8CShip

The gloves are made with a compound of vinyl-based hybrid and are strong enough to give you the dexterity and control you need. They are powder-free, ambidextrous, and stretchy and comfy for both men and women. You will receive a total of 100 gloves to fit any office or service need. They are easy to store, and they are also disposable for a quick clean up. Without the use of latex or powder, your body will be kept in optimal condition. Their gloves are designed to be versatile and can be used in a variety of professions, including law enforcement professionals, physicians, food vendors, hair coloring specialists, painters, cleaners, pet care and home improvement. The power free exam gloves are 9.5” long and fit both men and women equally. The exam gloves are in size M.

Brand: Squish

👤The medium size fits the ladies of the house. A size 8 ring is what I wear. It's easy to get on and off. Will be able to work with these gloves with some precision.

👤I left this on my step in a bad condition. It was covered with an oily substance. It slipped through my hands. I cut the bag open and the box fell out. I washed my hands three times. I will throw it in the trash tonight.

👤Fast shipping! It arrived before the estimated date. Excellent quality. The item is exactly as described.

👤This fits perfectly in my hand. It feels better to store and not use it every five minutes.

👤Don't buy! The reviews are correct. The box is damaged. I would recommend you buy another brand.

👤Excellent quality and arrived quickly. Would recommend. I have sent them to family members out of state.

👤These may be "shipped" from the USA, but the packaging is from China. The 2 boxes I ordered were split open when they arrived. These didn't come close to what I wanted. They are going back.

👤On June 2020 it will cost $2099. The product is described. I was satisfied with the purchase.

5. Disposable Food Prep Gloves Transparent

Disposable Food Prep Gloves Transparent

There is a warranty. If there is a quality issue with the sous vide cooking bags kit, please contact them. The measurement is:11.2 inches. It's suitable for everyone. Adults and children have palms. The color is transparent. The gloves are 25. The thickness is 28.6 cm. Poly PE.Gloves are thicker and more eco-friendly. It is suitable for kitchen food handling. 500 PCS!5 packages, 100 pack are the super quantity. Environmental PE material is non-toxic. No rubber, no smell.

Brand: Brandon-super

👤These are perfect. They fit any hand. If my hands are wet and I need to move something, I can get this glove on and toss it. I can toss the glove if I pick up the dog dishes. I use them for a lot of things, including food prep, dog ear cleaning, protecting my nail polish from an alcohol cotton ball, and applying foot balm to myself. I use these to find out what the heck is going on. I find my dogs on the floor. I use them for everything. They are not strong. It was too big and disposable. I don't feel bad about hitting the trash. I don't have to worry about using cleaning products on my hands. I like that I can throw the chicken pieces away. I haven't got hamburger under my nails because my hands are still clean, dry and I haven't made a meat loaf. I have never found a seam that had been left open. I don't want to throw away food safe gloves because they are more expensive. I have found an entire side that never sealed, making them useless. I put a bag of these over my hand when I use dog poop bags. Extra protection. I have gotten nose bleeds and I use these gloves to fold over the kleenex and twist to toss. There are a million uses for these.

👤They did a great job for the price. The only issue I had with them was that they were all stringy around the edges of the gloves and it kept falling in the food that I was preparing. I had to remove the strings before I could use them.

👤One size fits all is the selling point of these gloves. They're said to be more than 10 feet long and almost 10 feet wide. They are both long and wide. I have put them on a normal US manufacturer one size fits all and the finger spreads are weird. The bags are marked Large, but they don't specify a quantity. There is a My wife has smaller hands than mine and she struggles to get them on, but once on the glove it fits on her fingers. For their intended purpose they are reasonable gloves, but not as one size fits all. They are large.

👤This is the worst product I have ever purchased from Amazon. As soon as you put them on, 50% fail. You end up throwing it away if one of the fingers seperates. The package had Chinese instructions printed on the outside of the page. I know what it was warning you about. I should have asked for a full refund. Do not buy these gloves!

👤The bag of gloves was torn open when I opened it. I found this upsetting because of the stress from the virus. I am not sure if any of the gloves are missing. I don't know what was put in that bag.

👤I didn't know these gloves would be so useful, but I'm happy to have them. These are a bit thicker than the set I bought earlier. The added thickness made these stay on my hands longer. After seasoning a pack of chicken breasts, I felt like I could tackle another set of meat. No sweat or tearing on my hands. It's highly recommended for anyone in the food service.

6. BEELEEVE 500 Box Disposable Plastic Gloves

BEELEEVE 500 Box Disposable Plastic Gloves

These low priced value pack of single-use gloves are the Hasse-free storage. You get a 500-piece box of gloves with each purchase. They offer a simple product that keeps your food clean and safe. These gloves are disposable and can be used for handling, preparing, or serving food. Their gloves are between medium and large in size and measure about 9.8 inches wide x 10.8 inches long, which is equal to 25 cm x 27 cm. They are large enough to fit most adult hands. If you have small hands, they are long enough to cover your wrist, so they won't slide easily. They are 0.75g so they won't tear or rip. Colorful Variants add a bit of fun and color to your prep space. The gloves are available in black, blue and clear. These gloves come in handy for a lot of things, from efficient food service gloves to arts and crafts, or car washing duties.

Brand: Beeleeve

👤These gloves are thin and clear and are easy to put on and take off. I have bought different brands before. I think I have found my new favorite brand. These are slightly thicker than the other brands, and they aren't so slippery on the outside which makes food prepping easier. The gloves are packaged in boxes and wrapped in a thick plastic bag, and the Amazon shipping box, which is wrapped in a thick plastic bag, was another thing that I appreciated. Unlike other brands that ship their gloves in thin plastic bags, inside of another plastic Amazon bag. It would be a good idea.

👤These gloves fit me perfectly and I will use them when I run. I only need these gloves for germ protection.

👤It's perfect in the kitchen for handing dirty jobs. These protect my hands from harsh chemicals and over washing. I have black and blue ones in the bathroom. They are better quality than the same type of gloves from the dollar store.

👤I've bought at least 5 boxes. Been using them since 2020. These are the ones that have the least amount of rips or breaks. These kinds of gloves can break. They are plastic. Get some latex if you want something stronger. Even latex and vinyl can rip. Quality assurance from production to shipment at Amazon is enough for me. will continue to buy.

👤I used the electric hand treatment mitts to cover my hands. The thin, oversized gloves are fine as my hands are covered with heavy cream. The plastic sticks to the cream. I'm not sure if I could use them for other household projects.

👤These are affordable and work for me. I use them for things like taking out the trash and handling frozen meat products. They are thinner than vinyl gloves, so they are not as good for more serious cleaning with heavy duty chemicals or for more risky food prep like ground beef. The blue ones have been purchased by my household at least three or four times. I didn't like the box that we received, but I have only had four gloves torn out of the box out of thousands used. I like that they're easy to grab out of the box by the "wrist" of the glove, which is nice because if I'm touching food it's nice to know that it won't be cross contaminated by my hands. They're hard to get on sweaty or damp hands, and in my experience this is the only circumstance where they might rip while you're putting them on. The box has a weird bearded bee character.

👤The gloves are sturdy enough for single use, where you just want to protect yourself. They aren't intended to last long. They were good for what I wanted. They were too small for my hands. Other gloves have been better for me. My wife has small hands, but she can use these. These aren't for people with large hands.

👤They don't stay together. The ones I have used have failed in the area between the fingers. My wife has a similar problem. "You get what you pay for" is the old saying with this product.

7. EDI Disposable Industrial Allergy Cleaning

EDI Disposable Industrial Allergy Cleaning

Keep your hands clean with their gloves, which offer full-barrier protection. Keep your hands free of dirt, odors, and liquids. You can easily slide them over your hands. They're latex-free too. It's perfect for handling food, household cleaning, hair dyeing, grooming your pet and other sanitary purposes. It's made to fit both the left and right hand. It's a great fit for everyone. The Bulk Pack is perfect to buy in bulk, so you can swap them out as needed.

Brand: Edi

👤I was an EMT for 7 years, am a car buff, and do a lot of cleaning around the house. I've worn more gloves than I have disposables. These are the worst things I've ever bought. There is a I should've known what I was in for when I tore the cuff off the first one of these putting it on, I never remember tearing a glove in 7 years of EMT. I had to take it off after I cleaned my car. I shake my hand in the air and pull on another glove after pulling off the first one. Unless your hand is completely dry, it's impossible to put on these. I got another on after wasting about four. There is a Is it better to clean the house or my guns? The finger tips can be opened in a matter of minutes. There is a Waxing my car is not demanding a task for gloves. The finger tips open. Is it possible to weed in the garden with double gloves? The gloves have torn through, so I get about 30 weed pulls. Completely useless.

👤I have a rash on my hands from something I pulled. It has been going on for 2 1/2 years and, after seeing a couple of dermatologists, nothing has changed. I need to keep non- latex gloves on my hands. I have been unable to get the good ones I had been using since the COVID pandemic, and have tried several others. These didn't work for me. If I keep them on for more than a day, they will get brittle and tear. Doctors have gloves that stay soft. They flare out and get in the way. I tried taping them in, but that doesn't last very long and is awkward to do with one hand. I tried using a rubber band but couldn't find the right size to be tight enough. The gloves weren't good enough to make a wrist band. If you only use them for coloring your hair, they would be ok, but I think the flared out wrists would be a problem. They were white and I bought them because they were the right size. I didn't want to wear gloves all the time. I didn't like them very much. I didn't have the time to send them back, but I should have.

👤I didn't know why this order of gloves was smaller than my previous one. The company sent me Small instead of Medium after I looked at my order. They fit my children under the age of 8. They don't fit me. It's too late to get a refund. I was trying to figure out why I couldn't get them over my fingers. I now know why. I'm getting more and more upset with Amazon. You need to be careful with your purchases. It's ridiculous!

👤I use gloves in the kitchen to wash poultry or fish. The gloves are strong. When my phone rang, I just finished washing the dishes. I put the gloves in my pocket. I put my jean in the washing machine the next day. I found the gloves in my back pocket intact when I pulled the jean out.

8. Oklahoma Joes 4386292R06 Disposable 50 Count

Oklahoma Joes 4386292R06 Disposable 50 Count

Strong, high-quality material offers incredible stretch, no tearing, or pinching. 50 disposable gloves and 2 cotton glove liners are included in the kit. It is latex-free nitrile material for comfort and protection. Food-safe gloves are used for preparing and handling meat and vegetables. Cotton glove liners are machine-washable. When handling hot food, liners should be under gloves.

Brand: Oklahoma Joe's

👤They work as described. I use them to move meet and rack around in my smoker. There is a The warehouse where these have been stored is very bad. They are all melted together, some are tearing as I try to pull them apart, it's a hot mess. I can't recommend them because of the state they arrived in.

👤The Chinese rap is cheap. I'm not sure if covid did these. Despite the fact that they are made in China, they were nice and I bought a box earlier this year. I will be trying to return them. 50 gloves that you need to peel apart, thin as can be, and rip trying to put them on! Do not buy them. Do not do not. Garbage and a waste of money. It is enough to deter me from buying this brand again, however I am not sure if I just got a faulty batches. While you are saving, look for gloves made in the USA.

👤The gloves came quickly. I sent it on expedited shipping. It arrived as promised. When I opened the box, I immediately got 2 gloves and began trimming my brisket. I had to replace one glove, and found that the remaining gloves were stuck together. I was going to return them but I had to do something with my food. I pulled the gloves apart the next morning. The fingers for the gloves were smooshed together. I didn't like touching each glove to loosen them. The gloves came with white cotton gloves, so I loved the price. I don't think I would buy them again. I have seen BBQ videos where gloves work the way they are supposed to, but these were too sticky.

👤These gloves work perfectly when I smoke meat on my smoker. I was a bit worried about the insulation portion of the gloves, but I think it works well for wrapping and turning meats that are only225 range, and it works great for slicing and cutting. I would only use it for food handling but around a turkey fryer or stick burner that needs to be a heavily insulated higher one, but these work great for the safe handling of meats.

👤I've only used them once, but I really like them. The gloves were black. The cloth liners were comfortable. It was easier to put food on the grill. The food is hot and off the grill is the most important. Sometimes you don't want to use a fork or spatula on large items. It was like a delicate pork butt. These gloves are necessary to protect your hands from the heat. There is a The last thing you want to do is spend a day smoking meat and then trying to get it off the grill without gloves and damaging the bark.

👤When I received them, the box was crushed and the gloves were so tightly compressed that they were tearing when I tried to remove them. I bought them from a big box store and they were perfect. I'm not sure if I'd try ordering online again.

9. 600 Pack Plastic Gloves Transparent

600 Pack Plastic Gloves Transparent

600 pack disposable gloves are the best value. They are the lowest priced gloves on the market so they can keep America open. Their plastic disposable gloves will help stop the spread, whether you are using them as food service gloves or to maintain hygiene in high-risk places. Their plastic food gloves can be used in a variety of scenarios to ensure you stay safe. Their 600 pack disposable gloves give you the level of comfort to keep you and your family living life in freedom, whether you are using them as food safe gloves at restaurants or parties, for cleaning or in high risk shared spaces. Their transparent plastic gloves are suitable for almost all adults and have enough padding to complete your tetanus shots. They are thick enough to provide excellent protection, but thin enough to ensure you have the dexterity to complete your day to day tasks. Plastic gloves are quickly finding use in today's post-pandemic world because they are stable for many sanitary conditions. Their 600 pack disposable plastic gloves provide the protection you need when you need it, whether you are using them at family gatherings or in public places. Buy smart, buy with conviction. The 600 PCS disposable gloves bulk box ensures that you can stay protected without breaking the bank. Their gloves are food grade and are transparent. Shop with confidence because they have a 100% commitment to happy customers.

Brand: Keppi

👤These are so thin they are almost impossible to out on without damaging one of the fingers. Don't bother with them even though they are a good deal.

👤These are gloves used in food service. It is easy to open due to the pattern, but not very durable. These are not going to impress anyone that doesn't know that these are disposable gloves. I've found that about 1 out of 8 will perforate as you put them on. I have a bit of wiggle room in my hands.

👤Gas pumps are one of the dirtiest things you can touch. Inexpensive to use. It's not very thick, but that's fine with me.

👤It was a great fit. It's great for the kitchen use because it's not as slick as other plastic gloves. The value is great. They are thin and good for what they are intended for. The box they come in is thin, but that's not a big deal. I like the fit. It is a good price. Works are described. Even though they are lightweight and thin, I have not had a problem tearing them. Which is what I want in a kitchen glove.

👤No matter how lightly you blow on it or what you think about it, a finger will develop a hole in it. No matter how little you pay, this is not value. I returned the first box because it was not big enough. They sent me the same box when I reordered. These are rejects and you should get better gloves.

👤See the picture. The gloves were in a plastic envelope. Not a bubble wrapped one. The gloves were stuffed in a box and not in groups of 20 or 30. I'm not going to count them until I know if there are 600. They are paper thin. A learning experience is not to be repeated.

👤I use these for a lot of things, like taking trash out, cleaning, changing cat litter, and sterilizing things. I haven't had any issues, will buy again.

👤If you're looking for a quality disposable glove for the kitchen, then this is the one for you. I did not experience any wear or tear as I used them for many tasks. This is a disposable glove.

10. AMMEX BX346100 BX Nitrile Gloves Disposable

AMMEX BX346100 BX Nitrile Gloves Disposable

We will have an updated look for all of their products. As they sell through their inventory, you may see previous packaging or a mix of new and old. They both have the same high-quality gloves. The X3 Industrial Gloves are made from nitrile. They measure from the tip of the finger to the cuff. The Industrial-Grade nitrile gloves offer a level of comfort that is1-65561-65561-65561-65561-6556. These gloves look professional while concealing dirt. In industries from janitorial to auto detailing, it's popular. nitrile gloves are latex-free. Gloves made of X3 nitrile, vinyl, latex, and poly industrial are reliable for light-duty applications.

Brand: X3

👤The gloves are of good quality. I have to give it one star because half of them were melted together and useless. I had to throw it away. I don't know what happened in the packaging and shipping process.

👤I work in a factory that makes carburetors. We are given a pair of work gloves to keep our hands safe from large metal splinters, but more often than not the smaller splinters will get through our work gloves which is why I needed some nitrile gloves to layer under them. These gloves are not up to the task, a good pair of nitrile gloves can last me about a day on the job, I am lucky to get these to last a second before they burst open, and I know for a fact they won't. I went through 5 pairs of gloves today, I think I'm going to have to layer 3 pairs just to make them last until lunch. Don't bother with them, they are waste of time and money.

👤If you are buying these for use with POLY RESINS or OXY, look away. These gloves are dangerous, they swell up with the contact of the resin and will rip with movement, my hands have been in constant contact with the material after going through an entire box of these. They are not durable and will be a risk to your health if you have skin contact with them.

👤I like to use these gloves while cooking. They are great, but every other glove had a split through them. Brand new out of the box was never damaged. I will not buy his one again.

👤I need gloves to do food styling. I'm a wannabe chef, so use them cooking as well. These gloves are amazing. They fit my large hands well, and give a great grip, even if I'm holding a pan or a camera. I've used dozens of different types of gloves, and I really love them. I've used gloves that were too baggy, that broke to easily, and that stank, and these are the ones that eclipse all of the others I've used. The price is amazing. There is a The black color helps as I sometimes have my hands in the camera image where I want them to not be seen. If you are carving or serving with gloves... Don't show fluids on your gloves. Love them! There is a Cook and shoot! I bought the product after reading the review. My true thoughts.

👤These are used for handling raw meat. They work well, seem strong, and haven't had any tears. There is no indication on the packaging that these are for food handling. I purchased because the description on Amazon states so. There was no statement on the box.

👤The gloves fit like a glove. I have used different brands from different stores. These are comfortable and durable. I use these for cleaning jobs around the house. These gloves are very protective. I am confident in handling animal waste. There is a They don't smell bad. The size is right for my hands. If you have long fingers or larger palms, go for a bigger size. The product is more expensive than the other brands, but I think it is worth it. It is recommended.

11. CureGuard Disposable Household Powder Free Non Sterile

CureGuard Disposable Household Powder Free Non Sterile

It's safe. Their gloves are made from 100% nitrile, which is better than most nitrile gloves on the market. It's safe for sensitive hands or food. durable: 6 grams of food cooking gloves are included. The quality is the best. EXCELLENT GRIP: It's made of ambidextrous and finger-textured material, which doesn't let items slip. VERSATILE: Their gloves are disposable. They can be used in food prep handling, household cleaning, spa or beauty salon, and anywhere hygiene is a top priority. Blue bulk gloves are available in small, medium, large, and x-large sizes.

Brand: Cureguard

👤I love these gloves, they fit perfectly and are not hard to get on. Will buy again.

👤Great fit, good strength and performance. Definitely recommend and will buy again.

👤The description of the product said that it was safe for food preparation, but when the product arrived there was nothing on the box to indicate that it was safe for food preparation, so I will use the gloves for cleaning, etc.

👤The glove was easy to use and strong. It was what it was described to be.

👤It's worse than walking the dog, bending down to pick up his poop, and it suddenly getting on your fingers. I've only gotten some poop on my fingers once, but I've been lucky to catch bad bags. Whenever I take my dog for a walk, I use gloves. They're quick enough to slip on and make me feel good. There is a I think these are good. They fit well for the size I wanted, and they are easy to use. I pulled a few bad ones out of the box. I always carry extras because I have had a few that broke when I put them on. Not bad!

👤Medium thickness. It's easy to put on and take off. There are many uses. When a dirty job is needed, use PPE or clean up the hamster cage. Good gloves can be used. Recommended.


What is the best product for cooking gloves food safe?

Cooking gloves food safe products from Gloveplus. In this article about cooking gloves food safe you can see why people choose the product. Nocry and Kexle are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking gloves food safe.

What are the best brands for cooking gloves food safe?

Gloveplus, Nocry and Kexle are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking gloves food safe. Find the detail in this article. Squish, Brandon-super and Beeleeve are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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