Best Cooking Gifts for Kids 8-12

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1. Beginners Quadcopter Altitude Trajectory Toys Light

Beginners Quadcopter Altitude Trajectory Toys Light

HD pictures and live videos can be taken with a drone. You can watch a live video by connecting your phone to the ATTOP drones. The first person view is fun. The view will be shown on your phone. Staying at home to play with your child will bring you more pleasure. This is a great gift for boys and girls. The charging cable has been upgraded and no longer has to worry about charging problems. The upgraded charging cable uses imported chips to protect against accidents caused by incorrect charging. The camera drones need to use 5V2A for charging. The remote control drones can return home when the battery is low. Make it safer to fly after the loss of the drone. When necessary, have an emergency stop. The camera for kids is easy to operate and it is suitable for kids and beginners. Press the one button to take it off or land it. The camera drones for kids are so easy to control and take photos and video because of Altitude Hold. Headless mode and 3-speed modes help the beginners to find their way. A rc drone with camera for kids can perform a variety of stunts. You can draw a path on your phone, the drone will follow it. The kids drones have different control modes. TheXT GO can be used to experience augmented reality game mode, gravity sense mode,trajectory flight, voice control and many more. You can control the drone with a simple voice. For less money, experience more. This micro drone uses a folding arm design, which can be folded into the controller. The child's palm is perfect for the size of the drones. The small drones are easy to carry. Kids can put drones in their pocket. Kids can play with the drone. Don't worry about operation, it's designed for beginners. Let's have fun.

Brand: Attop

👤The arm that you use to hold your phone to the remote is not assembled. The depression molded in a hex cap shape is too large to fit the large cap that you use to secure the arm in place. The depression is circled in orange-yellow in one of the photos. You are left with too little bolt sticking out past the plastic to secure it to the cap because of the result. Unless you plan on using the camera feature, the drone remote control is useless.

👤My 5 year old asked for a toy. It's the only thing he asked for. I don't think I'm spending a ton of money on a drone that a 5 year old won't be able to work. I decided to check it out after I saw it was only $50 on Amazon. It's not a big deal because it's much smaller than I thought. I can't get over how far it goes. This is a real drone that flies fast and far. I let him fly it outside without me, so it is now lost in the neighborhood. I would definitely recommend it.

👤It's fun to fly a drone for beginners. It flies fast and has easy buttons to press, but you have to read the manual for instructions. It does what it is supposed to do. I don't know how to take a photo or video. It can hit a lot of things inside our house, so my kids will probably enjoy flying it outside. It is a great small drone for kids to play with. Will be worth your money.

👤The camera is fun and the drone is cute. Within two minutes of trying it, it hit the wall and one of the blades broke. It comes with a set of replacement blades. If it breaks within two minutes of an adult testing it, I don't think it's for kids.

👤The drone is not what I was expecting. For the first time user... This is a TINY drone and will be lost if outside. I got it to work after a few frustrating attempts. I played with it for about half an hour before I was able to keep it in the air. Every time I try to lift off, the drone just flips over and hits the floor. I'm lost. I tried realigning, but nothing worked.

👤The picture was not accurate. It's not a screen. It is your phone that is attached to the drone. It was not good quality for the money.

👤I bought them for my grand daughters. They loved them. They are 10 and 13 years old. My son is so happy that they buzz the house. I think the dogs see it as a giant bee. It's funny. They are small but mighty. I would buy again.

👤It's easy to break when it hits the ground. It will hit the ground easily. The dog chewed it up when the grand son left it in the driveway because he thought it was broken.

2. Supplies Container Childrens Equipment PERLLI

Supplies Container Childrens Equipment PERLLI

This journaling set is perfect for Harry Potter fans who love to write. The diary entries of kids will be more open. It is in a Harry Potter themed box. As parents, safety is their #1 priority. Non-toxic materials are used in the making of the utensil and accessory. Every item is tested to make sure it is safe for little hands. This set includes everything your child needs to make their own delicious masterpieces in the kitchen. It includes an apron, cutting board, measuring cups and spoons, knives set, kitchen timer, rolling pin, egg brush, scooper, whisk, spoon, spatula, recipe cards and a container to store everything inside. The gender neutral cooking and baking gift set is fun and friendly in orange and white and makes it exciting for girls and boys. Your children will love to cook and bake and will learn to experiment with different flavors. The set includes 5 delicious and simple recipes that your little one can do on their own. The recipes are easy to follow. Great gift idea! The Pretend Playset is perfect for little kids that love playing in the kitchen. It's great for holiday gift or any other occasion. The box is well designed.

Brand: Perlli

👤I bought this for my granddaughter, so we have not yet used it. The items in the kit are very well-made. The whisk has a handle. Everything is very sturdy. Can't wait for her to use it.

👤The item arrived broken. It was a returned item from someone else. It is cheap junk. Purchase something else and save your money.

👤The girls got one each. Love everything about it.

👤A gift for a child is good for his mom.

👤I bought it for my seven year old daughter and she loves it. It's perfect for kids in the kitchen and adults as well.

👤It is useful in the kitchen.

👤I have a 2 1/2 year old. The dough scooper seemed to have sharper edges than the metal. The set has everything a kid needs to start in the kitchen. My toddler is in the kitchen and already chopping fruit. This would be a great gift for a kid who wants to get in the kitchen. The items in the kit are of the highest quality. I was impressed with the kit. As my child grows, I see it being used for many years.

👤It was purchased for a young child. The knives scared me. It's great to have kids help in the kitchen. Everything is small enough to fit in their small hands. My daughter loved the bright colors. The recipe cards are disappointing, with fruit kabobs and sandwiches. It's a start. A kids cookbook is a great gift for a budding chef.

3. ALEX Sketch Nail Pens Salon

ALEX Sketch Nail Pens Salon

Great gift for children, ideal party, birthday, Christmas gifts supplies for kids above 3 years old. The backpack storage bag is portable and convenient to bring. The 190 piece kit is used to show off your nail design skills. Paint with 5 colors of nail pens. Professional grade polish can be used to create long lasting looks. There are five sketch It nail pens, 135 nail gems, 49 color in appliques, nail file and easy instructions in this package. It is recommended for children 8 years of age and older.

Brand: Alex Toys

👤I like them. You can peel them without using a nail polish removal product. The nail polish that comes out when you squeeze it might be because of the cap on the nail polish, which is why the needle on the bottom of the nail pens are for that.

👤I was hesitant to purchase this because it had so many bad reviews, but since there were also good ones, we decided to go ahead and try the item. We purchased directly from Amazon, in case there were any problems like what other reviewers mentioned, because on the listing page it stated that it was free returns available and Amazon are usually very good when it comes to customer service and satisfaction. We ended up having the same experience as other reviewers had with this...nail polish pen exploding all over daughter's clothing, stickers that wouldn't peel off the paper without tearing, fine point parts not working, etc. We were told that since the item has flammable ingredients, it can't be returned. If one really can't return it because of this reason, why put that free returns on it? I was told by the manufacturer that I would need to take it up with them since I had purchased it on Amazon. No one wants to take responsibility for a product that was a Christmas gift and I am very unhappy at the runaround during the holiday season. Very poor experience.

👤What are these little things for? I was stabbed with this and my finger was bleeding. There is a pen. You would have a problem if my daughter was stabbed with this. It's not okay to put these in a kids toy.

👤My daughter was the one who bought this. It is easy for her to use. The polish was on for a long time. It's similar to a gel so you can peel them off in time. We don't like the lack of decals on the package. The colors were not as vibrant as they could have been, except for the blue and yellow.

👤This item is delicate. The polish exploded all over my carpet. It wouldn't work with light squeezes, so we had to add more strength. It's a mess. The decorations don't come out as smooth as they look on the box. It's on small children's nails. 5 stars for timeliness and packaging by the seller.

👤My daughter will be getting this for Christmas. She likes it and it came as advertised. One way to open it is by twisting it and the other is by using the tip for designs, but other than that, I love it. Add designs or gems and you're done. The gems come off within a day, but it's not a big deal.

👤I would like to give this zero stars. Alex brand is usually good and I buy it with confidence. The polish did not meet their usual high standards. The pink pen made a mess of the two girls using it and stained my porch floor. A mess and a disappointment.

4. Tovla Jr Kids Unicorn Baking

Tovla Jr Kids Unicorn Baking

There is a Masterchef Game Board, 2 Child-Safe Knives, 1 X Blindfold, 74 X recipe cards, 66 X Mystery Ingredient cards, 66 X Mad Skills cards, 66 X Game Changer cards, 22 X ingredients cards, 22 X Judges Scorecards. Their high-quality cooking set for kids is a great way to help your picky chefs. The set includes some value for money, durable and toddler-safe baking tools. Their complete children's baking set includes various colorful kitchen utensils. Don't be afraid to get dirty. You can mix, frost, decorate, and bake. Their apron will keep you stain-free and have tons of fun. Start bagging right out of the box so that your boys and girls can have fun while also being entertained. The Tovla Jr. set contains everything you need to bake and decorate. A fun and educational set for girls. Help your kids cook and take care of their equipment in a compact case that is designed to keep their tools safe and organized for further use. Surprise your son, daughter, grandchild, niece or grand child with this unique gift. Even adults will love the cooking and baking set. Your child will love a world of tastes, colors and cookie smells.

Brand: Tovla Jr.

👤We bought this for my daughter's best friend who loves to help her parents cook and bake, and plays in her play kitchen, on her birthday. She's tiny, so stirring with the big spoons and using the heavy rolling pins isn't easy. The baking set is adorable. It is a nice quality for the price, and the storage case makes her feel proud to have her own tools, and it is perfect for her little hands. A big win!

👤My daughter just got into cooking and I bought this for her. This is a mini set. She's been making cookies. Some people had issues with the box. I was worried but ours is perfect. Both of us are happy.

👤The little one we bought for loved this set. The adults seem very happy with how it looks and works. She didn't get to the party in time because it was late. We had to give it to her, however she enjoyed it the same.

👤The product is overpriced for what it is. It is giftable. If it's for your kids and you have the time, the same miniature cooking items are at TJMaxx and Marshall's.

👤This arrived in a great package. It would be a great gift. It's perfect for kids who are too old to play food but young enough to use right-side stuff. My daughter loves it and I can't stop loving it.

👤My granddaughter loved it. She and her sisters have already made cakes. It gave great lessons to my children and great-granddaughters.

👤They didn't have measuring cups to measure out the ingredients.

5. Baketivity Birthday Decorating Pre Measured Ingredients

Baketivity Birthday Decorating Pre Measured Ingredients

Money back guarantee. They have premium dress up clothes for kids. No questions will be asked if you receive a full refund. The perfect birthday gift is this one. This arts and craft baking activity is a birthday gift that will be remembered for a long time. Instead of just serving cake that was bought at a store, make a cake that will be remembered for a long time. The ultimate arts and crafts project. The bake-a-cake is an excellent arts and crafts activity. It is a family fun educational activity that can entertain and amuse your kids for several hours. There is a VACUUM pack of ingredients included. Chocolate Candy Melts, Sprinkles, Flour,Vanilla Sugar, Confectioner's Sugar, Non-Pareils, and Baking Powder are included. The Chef Hat and Apron are included in the box, along with 10 fun card game activities. Each of these card games has a group game theme. Five hours of fun. The bake-a-cake can take anywhere from 2 to 5 hours to bake. This bake-a-cake is perfect for birthday gifts, kids activities, and even couples gifts.

Brand: Baketivity

6. KidKraft Vintage Play Kitchen Red

KidKraft Vintage Play Kitchen Red

We walk the extra mile to make sure you are 100% satisfied with this product. If you have any questions or concerns about your order, please feel free to contact them. The doors of the oven, cabinet, freezer, refrigerator and microwave are open. The knobs on the oven and sink are being worked on. The phone has a hands-free clip. Storage above and below the sink is convenient. Multiple children can play at the same time. There are see-through doors on the oven and microwave. It is easy to clean the sink.

Brand: Kidkraft

👤Four years later, the same condition as when I last reviewed it. Still happy. I have had this for a year and a half. It has held up well and my kids love it. The sink bowl has clips that hold it down. My toddler was able to pull on the bowl hard enough to break one of the clips off, but it still stays down. The knobs and doors are still working. There is a I like the small kitchen, but some people feel that it affects the longevity of the toy, but I think it is cute. There is a The set up was very confusing and took forever. The instructions did not reflect what the pieces looked like and where the holes were. I had to keep an eye on how the piece was going to be used and what orientation it should be. It took two people over two hours to finish. I am good at following instructions. Make sure you have enough time to put it together. I searched for baskets that were the right size for the shelves. The baskets I found at Dollar Tree fit perfectly.

👤It's really bad. I had high hopes for this vintage-looking red kitchen, but it was disappointing at every turn. There is a There were a lot of pieces. A kid's kitchen doesn't need that many parts. Simple is the best. The set took me over four hours to put together. There is a I realized that the pieces were not produced at a high enough quality when I put most of it together. I was unable to close 2 of the 3 doors and upset my daughter, who I bought this for. There is a The kitchen is smaller than I anticipated. It could be bigger if it had over one hundred parts. Ikea's Duktig Play Kitchen is a good place to look for a kid's kitchen. The recap is here. Ikea is a better place to buy a kid's kitchen because pieces don't all fit together, doors don't close, and the kitchen is small.

👤The KidKraft kitchen we have at the grandparents house is awesome and we purchased this kitchen for our new house. I would like to say the same for this new one. There is a It is small, and I don't just mean compact. The small kitchen is hard for my kids to play in. The plastic trim pieces broke while being screwed in, and the plastic base connecting the plate completely snapped off. Things are put together with a manual screwdriver. It would be nice if all of the screws were red, because they blend in nicely with the rest of the kitchen. Only 1/2 of the screws blend in. There is a The kitchen faucet handle was put together 4 days ago and the kids have played with it twice. There is a I am extremely disappointed with this product, where is the KidKraft? We are out $90 on a piece of junk, so we wish there was a way to return it.

7. Kids Against Maturity Original Humanity

Kids Against Maturity Original Humanity

We know you will love these glasses, but if you don't, they will give you a 100% Money Back Guarantee. The best family fun game is Dear Evolved Parents, Kids Against Maturity. Are you tired of the same old games? The classic was made and played by your parents. It can be enjoyed by all ages, with humor and innuendos for the adults. The best results are when played with more than one player. One game set contains 600 question and answer cards and a handy box to store it all. It is a take anywhere game. Become an instant champion while camping, family gatherings, game nights, summer camp, plane trips and more. Kids Against Maturity combines the tried and tested fill-in-the- blank game-play, a perfect enjoyable hilarious way to bring your family together. The game starts with 10 white answer cards and 10 blue question cards. The player with the highest amount of funniest responses wins the game. There is aLIGATORY warning for hover-parents and those who don't like flatulence jokes. Remove any card. That is. You do not approve of it. It will get your kids away from their phones, tablets, and other electronic devices for at least 30-90 minutes. Unplug!

Brand: Kids Against Maturity

👤We bought this game for our family vacation. For ages 8+, had high ratings and awards. I have three children and parental guidance is suggested. The game website says for 6 and up, and the ages of the kids pictured in the description, so I was surprised by some of the cards included in the game. Most cards are funny. I wouldn't feel comfortable letting my 13 yo play alone with his friends without removing cards from the deck. There is a The game was fun for my husband and I. There are a lot of old school references.

👤I didn't know the potty talk would come from these cards. The majority of the cards used sexual language. I thought this would be a great game for my grand children, and I looked at the top reviews. I was surprised by the language on the cards. I know I am different. I wouldn't buy this game again for teenagers.

👤We can't use some cards in the game. Will update after we play the game. Just got done playing. I had to take out all the white cards. My kids are 13 and 10 years old and they know what some things are, but I don't think they are appropriate. I'm an easy going person and mom but I'm also learning to teach my kids. It's okay to make fun of someone. We had fun playing. I would suggest removing these cards from the game.

👤My kids won't be playing this game after playing it with my friend's daughter. Answers like Aunt Flo, The Gooch, and Neverland Ranch are not appropriate and open up discussions that don't need to be had at such young ages. "King Kong played ping pong with his friend Deng Dong in Hong Kong" was read in one round. It's not appropriate for kids. Electric Slide is a kids game and while "poop" jokes are funny to kids, there are way too many of them in this game.

👤Explaining to an 8 year old that some of the answers are x rated would violate federal law. There were merkin wig, moose knuckle, spider barks, A-hole, Fromunda cheese, puckered starfish, Hershey highway, and more. It is not appropriate for an 8 year old to play these games. Getting a refund.

👤This is a family game for people with any sort of humor. We ordered this game before we left for spring break so we could play it when we needed a break. It did what it was supposed to do. My kids, along with my nieces and nephews, were laughing uncontrollably. The phrase possibilities are hilarious. My 8 year old had the best time. After our first night of playing, he said his stomach was sore. If you are one of those parents who get offended easily, you should definitely get this game and loosen up a bit. We need to be able to laugh. Who can we do that with if we can't do it with our kids? The game was great. It will be recommended to all of my friends.

8. MasterChef Family Cooking Mealtime Recipes

MasterChef Family Cooking Mealtime Recipes

Customer service isReliable. Over 20,000 schools in over 50 countries sell Robobloq products. Their customer service will provide you with pre-sales and after sales services in a timely manner. If you have a problem with products or program learning, please contact them. Bring Masterchef into your kitchen with this exciting new board game. A series of fun challenges will teach kids valuable cooking skills. Find out if your family is capable of becoming the ultimate master chef. Take on epic cooking challenges as a family, parents and kids must work together to see if they can score big On The Judge's Scorecard. Surprise mini-game challenges will change along the way. Keep your family entertained from start to finish. There are 3-6 players to play. There are 22 family tested recipes. There are 22 delicious recipes that your family will love to cook. And even snacks. There is a Masterchef Game Board, 2 Child-Safe Knives, 1 X Blindfold, 74 X recipe cards, 66 X Mystery Ingredient cards, 66 X Mad Skills cards, 66 X Game Changer cards, 22 X ingredients cards, 22 X Judges Scorecards.

Brand: Wilder Games

👤There are some flaws with the recipes and execution of dishes, but this is a good game for getting kids into cooking. The box is hard to use as a game. Many of the recipes were too salty. Too much acid was added. The recipe for Greek meatballs doesn't call for cooking the onions and garlic before adding to the meat, so it's a little more complicated. It takes much longer than an hour to make the eclair recipe, which requires you to wait until after eclairs are done baking. My daughter has enjoyed the three recipes we have made, but it is better if an adult makes changes to the recipes.

👤The recipes are not things that a child would eat. I was very disappointed.

👤The family is having fun. We take one set of recipes and team up to do all the skills and challenges. It was a gift for my granddaughter who loves to cook. We are learning and having fun. Eating different meals is the best part.

👤The game is for an older child.

👤The instructions for the recipe don't make sense since it's a fun game to play with family. The picture shows that the eclairs never mention adding the extract. It would have been a great game if the instructions were easy to read.

👤I thought it was a board game. You have to cook for teams and taste judges.

👤A perfect gift for a granddaughter.

👤If you want to spend a lot of money on the game, this is a great idea. There are 10 different herbs. If you overcook anything, your kids won't even get a meal out of it. Yes, Ha!

9. Christmas Birthday Cookbook Stocking Stuffers

Christmas Birthday Cookbook Stocking Stuffers

Customer satisfaction is their priority and they hope you enjoy the kids chef knife. If there are any issues, please contact them. There is an apron, chef's hat, Cookbook, Oven glove, insulation pad, Wooden spoon, Whisk, Rolling pin, 5 measuring spoon, 3 scrapers and 4 cookie cutters. The kids' basic cooking and baking game needs can be met with a CPC certificate. Kids don't know how to cook. Do not worry! Kids baking set has a well-designed and bound cookbook, which introduces 10 different food preparation methods through the most simple way of easy understanding pictures and texts. Correctly teach children how to cook. Baking tools include spatulas, measuring spoons, metal molds, and the apron has front pocket to store small tools. For different. Decreased. Boys. The chef's hat is elastic and the apron is long enough to tie around the neck and waist for most body types. Kids cooking sets are suitable for children up to 2 years old. It's a great gift for aspiring baker to build confidence and bake easy in home or school. Exercising hands-on ability and getting the knowledge to respect labor. A good gift for kids on their birthday.

Brand: Little Ben Toyze

👤My twins play in their kitchen. The material and size of my 2 year old twins are perfect. We used to make play dough cookies with the accessories that came with them. The girls put on their aprons on the weekends to help me make deserts for my family. I would definitely recommend them.

👤I gave this to my 5 year old boy for Christmas. He used the apron and whisk for cooking, and really liked it. The whisk worked well. Everything in this set would work perfectly, as they are just kitchen tools. I think it's too small for 6 and up, but he will get about a year out of it, as far as the hand held tools, but then the apron and the measuring spoons and the scrapers will work for a long time.

👤I didn't take pictures because it was a birthday gift. I had mixed feelings. The mitten is so small. I don't think it's practical to bake in my opinion. The hat and apron fit her well. I thought the bag of cookies was a good gift for a decent price. Everything is there to bake, that's what the overall thought was.

👤I ordered sets for my granddaughters. I am trying to get them started cooking at a young age safely and anything I can do to get their interest is a big help! Even if they only crack the eggs. It's funny! The granddaughter chose this pattern for her lunch box and book bag. It was fun times.

👤There are many things in the children's baking set. The apron is for a child and has a cap. The set includes a hot pad and mitt. I wouldn't use them for hot items. The pin is small. There is a cookbook, measuring spoons, cookie cutters, and a mini whisk. The gift will be fun for any child.

👤I bought this for my 2.6 year old who loves helping in the kitchen and I love that it's a chef's set, not a toy. We used the measuring spoons that came with it as they are accurate and heavy, as well as the rolling pin. We washed the set a few times and it still looks great. She has used the rolling pin for her play dough. I would buy other products from this company if I knew what else they had. I loved the set.

👤My twin 3 1/2 year old boys are in love with the set that Santa gave them. When I make a meal at home they put their chef hat and apron on and run to the kitchen to help. They use most of the pieces at their play kitchen and it has been a huge hit. Will be buying gifts for our cousins.

👤It's a perfect gift for a special toddler. My niece was turning 2 and I gave this as a gift. She loves it! Pretend play is one of her favorite things to do. The set comes with an apron, hat, and mitten, but also baking/ cooking utensils. Her favorite is the whisk. Excellent value for the cost for any toddler.

10. Set Real Cooking Supplies Accessories

Set Real Cooking Supplies Accessories

The kit contains 150 pieces. The quality of the 148 parts and 2 tools is guaranteed. If you lose parts, they increased the number of parts to 150. Their toys are protected by worry-free support based on the confidence in the quality. Customer satisfaction is their top priority. Everything kids need for the ultimate experience. The kids cooking set is included in the kit. If you want your kids to eat what you cook, have them involved in the process and have something like the around to make it more special. It's fun for them. Children have the ability to create any dessert they want in your kitchen. Excellent quality and dishwasher safe. The baking set is easy to hold and clean. The kids baking set is made from food-grade materials and is not like the other play-dough toys. Your kids will love having their own set of cooking items with all the colorful and bright tools. My son loves helping me to cook in the kitchen and now he feels like he's doing all he can to help make his dinners. This is what a mother said. The kids cooking and baking set is the right stuff for your new appliance in the house. A way to teach children about baking and measuring. The parent-child relationship has improved. It is a perfect gift for a beginning. The premium kids baking set comes in a stylish box that makes it a great choice for a birthday gift, Christmas gift, Halloween gift or any other kind of gift. There is nothing like a home cooked dinner to bring people together. Wrap this kit up right away. It's suitable for kids 4 years old to 48 months old. They want to make sure that your kids baking set is up to date. Let them know if you are not happy with its construction or performance and they will give you a full refund. This all-inclusive kids baking set by IELEK is a great way to encourage your kids to venture forward and boost their love for cooking.

Brand: Ielek

👤My niece and nephew are receiving this kit. There is a I noticed a couple things while pulling the box out. There is a The positive is 1. I love the included prints. 2. My niece and nephew can use these items. 3. Great particulars were included in the kit. There is a The negative is 1. Everything is the right size for a child. If an adult uses it, the spatula may break. It doesn't feel strong. Who knows? 2. I bought separate aprons just in case, because the apron is itchy and the oven mitt is thicker than Walmart's. 3. The cookie cutter are attached to each other and have to be snapped apart. A sharp nub is left behind. If you clip it smooth, it's easy to remove. Happy baking! Can't wait for Christmas.

👤My child loves this. It was a great gift. The tools seem to be strong. There are some cute recipe cards included.

👤I bought this for my 6 year old. She could help me make cookies. She likes it. She loves the hat and apron. The pieces work well. It was difficult to use the rolling pin when making pizza. It would work well on small pieces of dough. Very happy with the purchase.

11. NoCry Resistant Gloves Kids Years

NoCry Resistant Gloves Kids Years

Kosher ingredients that are manufactured in the USA create unforgettable memories. The gloves are designed to protect small hands. NoCry gloves for kids and teens are the first of their kind and are designed to keep small hands safe from cuts. It's perfect for adults with small hands. The grip is snug and elastic. With the security of knowing your child's hands won't slip, prepare food or work on projects with scissors, paper cutter, or blades. It's lightweight and comfortable. The risk of serious injury is reduced by the highest level of cut resistance. It's perfect for cooking, fishing, sewing, craft projects, wood carving and so much more. Stay safe when slicing, peeling, cutting or handling sharp objects. 100% food safe. 100% food safe.

Brand: Nocry

👤These aren't cut resistant. The first project ended up with a cut finger after our son used it. The tool went through the glove. It was a cut and not a finger, so I was disappointed but grateful.

👤Even the best cooks can cut themselves accidentally, and with my recent purchase of the most bloodthirsty piece of equipment in any kitchen anywhere, I set out to see if there were gloves I could wear to protect my fingers. NoCry was found by me. I was disappointed to see that they would be loose on me. It's worse to wear loose gloves that can catch in a blade than it is to not wear gloves at all. They make two children's sizes. It's good! My small hands have an option as well. My hands are long on the middle finger. I decided to go with the XXS because I wanted something tight that wouldn't catch in the mandoline. Oops. My hand fit. The middle finger of the glove was 6 cm long and wouldn't stretch, so the fingers didn't go all the way in. I contacted NoCry and they sent out a replacement pair so quickly that I wasSpinning! I made another bunch of sliced garden vegetables to take to my dehydrator. While I understand that the gloves can still get damaged, it has made me more confident in my use of the mandoline. I didn't dare get close to the blade because the Slider wouldn't hold them properly, so I used to waste a lot of vegetables. Happy customer!

👤I bought these for my kids who had been asking for wood carving kits. My youngest daughter cut her hand on Christmas morning after slipping on the gloves and taking a trip to the ER. They are great for certain projects, but not wood carving.

👤I bought gloves for my little girl. I get high anxiety when she's close to me in the kitchen because she always wants to help. I decided to try these gloves out. When they arrived, my little girl ran to the kitchen and said it was time to cook. I've never allowed her to use anything sharp, but she was able to peel potatoes. She was not scared at all. I was not as nervous. I ordered the smallest size and it fit perfectly. They were a little loose, but there were rubber grips on the wrist to keep them from slipping. My parents are going to order some for the kids.

👤These are for cut protection. I tried them before I used them. They will reduce the number of injuries. If I didn't wear these, I would have a nasty gash on my neck. The glove did not cut the skin. If you stab or smash your hand, these won't do anything to protect you. They are supposed to prevent the knife from slipping.

👤My son is learning how to safely and properly hand a knife with these. There is a He is 3 1/2 years younger than they would expect, but he is fascinated by the outdoors and tried to peel an apple with a butterknife. I thought it was time to learn knife safety because he is very stubborn. I love the little information sheet that comes with them, it's great! There is a The smallest gloves fit on my 3 year old, but the fingers are too long, it doesn't seem to affect his ability to manipulate them. There is a I haven't tested them wet with the grip. There is a My companion can attest to the fact that they are cut resistant. There is a I trust them to protect my son's hands.


What is the best product for cooking gifts for kids 8-12?

Cooking gifts for kids 8-12 products from Attop. In this article about cooking gifts for kids 8-12 you can see why people choose the product. Perlli and Alex Toys are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking gifts for kids 8-12.

What are the best brands for cooking gifts for kids 8-12?

Attop, Perlli and Alex Toys are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking gifts for kids 8-12. Find the detail in this article. Tovla Jr., Baketivity and Kidkraft are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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