Best Cooking Gifts for Kids 10-12

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1. Baketivity Kids Baking DIY Activity

Baketivity Kids Baking DIY Activity

It is recommended for children 8 years of age and older. It's. Baking is a wonderful way to bond with children and build skills in an informal way. Baking kits for a young chef are a good way to whip up fun. It's the perfect gift to take along to parties, holiday meals, sleepovers, and more. LAUGH AND LEARN: The Bug Cupcakes Kit has all the dry ingredients premeasured and vacuum packed to preserve freshness. The Fail-Proof Baking Kit is a great birthday party activity for kids and teens. In the kitchen, there is a free hat and apron. Kosher ingredients that are manufactured in the USA create unforgettable memories.

Brand: Baketivity

👤When I bought this for my son, I was lazy. I thought it was creative. I didn't know what a horrible value it was until it arrived with no packaging, no box, just a bunch of plastic pouches. I have to give this to my son because it is non returnable, but he won't know what it is unless I make my own packaging for it. I have a lot of these ingredients at home and could have looked up a recipe online. The candy letter pieces were broken. This is all for forty bucks. What was I thinking?

👤When I got the package, I was disappointed. It is very small. You would think you would get a decent amount of product for the price. You have a bag of flour, sugar, and a flavor. This is not more than $5 worth of ingredients. The value is not good. This wouldn't be a good idea for anyone. You can get your moneys worth somewhere else.

👤I have never left a negative review but felt the need to share so others can avoid this recipe and I have never left a negative review before. There is a The instructions are very bad. I got an email to solve the oil amount issue. Only one egg is included in the steps after the first two eggs are listed. The cinnamon mix is called a filling mixture in the instructions. I like meal subscription services and can follow the instructions very easily. You are expecting children to follow these, but they were not clear.

👤Everything was easy to use. My daughter needs very little help. It was a great activity on Sunday. I will be buying these for my niece and will try the other kits as well.

👤I don't understand how anyone could give a good review. I spent over forty dollars on dry ingredients for muffins, crayons, and instructions for a game. I bought this in a rush to finish Christmas shopping, even though I felt foolish for purchasing it in the first place. The biggest waste of money was the free apron and hat that they sent me after I complained about the value. You can bake with your child if you buy a box of mix.

👤I never give reviews but felt compelled to do so this time. I thought it was a joke when it arrived. There is a It's horrible. The shipping label ruins the outside of the box because it is about 5 dollars worth of supplies. A look for a gift is not good. Go to the store and save your money. You can get a cake pop mold for 19 dollars on Amazon. There is a Sorry for the negative vibes. Since it is not returnable, I wanted to warn others. I would like to thank Amazon customer service for their assistance. They were great.

👤These bake kits are wonderful! They are out of stock and unavailable. I have ordered several of them and they are perfect for my 9 year old granddaughter. She is learning to bake. They are fun and a great way to spend time with your kids, niece, nephew, grandchildren, etc. They are learning at the same time as doing an activity indoors.

2. Supplies Container Childrens Equipment PERLLI

Supplies Container Childrens Equipment PERLLI

This journaling set is perfect for Harry Potter fans who love to write. The diary entries of kids will be more open. It is in a Harry Potter themed box. As parents, safety is their #1 priority. Non-toxic materials are used in the making of the utensil and accessory. Every item is tested to make sure it is safe for little hands. This set includes everything your child needs to make their own delicious masterpieces in the kitchen. It includes an apron, cutting board, measuring cups and spoons, knives set, kitchen timer, rolling pin, egg brush, scooper, whisk, spoon, spatula, recipe cards and a container to store everything inside. The gender neutral cooking and baking gift set is fun and friendly in orange and white and makes it exciting for girls and boys. Your children will love to cook and bake and will learn to experiment with different flavors. The set includes 5 delicious and simple recipes that your little one can do on their own. The recipes are easy to follow. Great gift idea! The Pretend Playset is perfect for little kids that love playing in the kitchen. It's great for holiday gift or any other occasion. The box is well designed.

Brand: Perlli

👤I bought this for my granddaughter, so we have not yet used it. The items in the kit are very well-made. The whisk has a handle. Everything is very sturdy. Can't wait for her to use it.

👤The item arrived broken. It was a returned item from someone else. It is cheap junk. Purchase something else and save your money.

👤The girls got one each. Love everything about it.

👤A gift for a child is good for his mom.

👤I bought it for my seven year old daughter and she loves it. It's perfect for kids in the kitchen and adults as well.

👤It is useful in the kitchen.

👤I have a 2 1/2 year old. The dough scooper seemed to have sharper edges than the metal. The set has everything a kid needs to start in the kitchen. My toddler is in the kitchen and already chopping fruit. This would be a great gift for a kid who wants to get in the kitchen. The items in the kit are of the highest quality. I was impressed with the kit. As my child grows, I see it being used for many years.

👤It was purchased for a young child. The knives scared me. It's great to have kids help in the kitchen. Everything is small enough to fit in their small hands. My daughter loved the bright colors. The recipe cards are disappointing, with fruit kabobs and sandwiches. It's a start. A kids cookbook is a great gift for a budding chef.

3. Building Educational Engineering Learning Children

Building Educational Engineering Learning Children

Luminous Bow can be received in timerovide if you ship it from LA and NY. You can return it for a full refund within a month if you have any questions. A cool idea for a birthday gift. This Stem Kit of 5 models is used to build cars for self-construction. A toy construction kit helps your children with their math and engineering skills. Your child will be proud of himself and encouraged to move on to his next project if you give him an educational toy. Your child will need mechanical skills later in life, so this toy is developed for them. The Stem Building Set for Boys is the best gift for young boys. Kids building toys, construction set created to help your child develop hand-eye coordination, master fine motor skills, improve logical thinking, and boost problem-solving skills. This is Stem activities for kids ages 6 to 12. There is an instruction guide. The kit contains a step-by-step instruction guide. There are five basic models: Plane, Helicopter, Racing Car, Bulldozer and Motorbike. Children's SAFE MATERIAL is a kind of building toys for boys that use high-quality material and are easy to clean. It has a sturdy box and you can pick up the parts quickly if your children mess up. The kit contains 150 pieces. The quality of the 148 parts and 2 tools is guaranteed. If you lose parts, they increased the number of parts to 150. Their toys are protected by worry-free support based on the confidence in the quality. Customer satisfaction is their top priority.

Brand: Marom - Play A Lot

👤I don't review these things. After making an airplane with my 6 year old, I bought 3 more to store as gifts for other kids in the future. The instructions were easy to follow. My son liked it. Most kits I buy for him are higher quality.

👤Good luck getting them to break apart if your child accidentally puts the wrong pieces together. My 7 year old was upset when I returned it. He opened this gift on his birthday and put together 3 pieces in 10 minutes. It was out by dusk.

👤This was given to my grandson for Christmas. He is going to love it.

👤The idea behind the toys is good, but it is difficult for little hands. I bought these for my grandson and he couldn't assemble them. The parts need a lot of strength and dexterity to fit together. I had a hard time putting the plane together for him. The old metal erector sets were better than the plastic toy.

👤My son and I put the toy away after we couldn't put together any of the setups proposed in the instruction book. The pictures in the book are small and hard to read. We couldn't see the orientation of the pieces from the pictures, so we had to go to step 7 and figure out that step 2 was in the wrong direction. This toy is donated to Goodwill.

👤Fcil de armar para m.

👤My nephew had a great time putting this together.

4. Baketivity Cooking Essential Pre Measured Ingredients

Baketivity Cooking Essential Pre Measured Ingredients

ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide might be in the package. Breville owns Chefsteps and the product is the same. The baketivity kids baking kit has all the dry ingredients needed to make hot pretzels. These are certified Kosher. The Cooking Set includes pre-measured ingredients, a complete grocery list, and a step-by-step guide that will make it easy for kids to make their own cookies. There are additional activity books in the box, as well as the Cookie Mix Set. Take advantage of their Pastry perks to bond with your kids while you wait for the cookies to bake. The Cookie Making Kit gives your children a fun activity while teaching them basic life skills. They can build their confidence and learn how to follow instructions. A gift for the chef. WANNABE. The baketivity kids baking set is the ideal gift for junior chefs. It will put a big smile on their faces.

Brand: Baketivity

👤The kit is pricey but the fun I had with my grandson was worth it. The convenience of having everything pre-measured made the experience go smoothly. The bright box and packaging caught my grandsons attention and he was excited to bake with his mom.

👤Being my first time buying these products, I was a little disappointed in the value for the money. They make cute gifts. We followed the instructions and the brownies came out a bit too good to be true. The baking time was off because the batter was missing something.

👤My 7-year old loves to cook and received this as a gift. I helped her with boiling the pretzels. I was surprised that the pretzels tasted really, really, really good. This is a great gift for a young chef.

👤These cake pops were delicious, I bought them to bake with my kids.

👤The ingredients are pre measured. Easy to navigate. Adults are needed to help with boiling water.

👤I bought this for them as a gift and they were very happy with it.

👤Only the ingredients were used. There is no recipe or instructions. There were no instructions posted online. A kid who is excited to bake something is pretty disappointing.

👤My daughter and I enjoyed baking the pretzels. The instructions were easy to follow.

5. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Magic Chemistry Set


4M has a wide range of toys and kits that can be used to make learning fun. Children will love magic science. There are 10 science experiments. Girls and boys will make a coin float, change the color of water, and have snow appear. These are experiments that you won't find anywhere else. The kit is perfect for kids. Each experiment is designed to be performed as a magic trick. The magic wand and gloves are included. Magic for kids has never been more fun and educational. The experiment guide is one of a kind and has illustrated, kid-friendly instructions as well as insight into the science that creates the magic, techniques used by real scientists. Everything you need to conduct the experiments is left by science kits. Not this kit! The magic of science can start when you open the box, because you get all the tools you need. National Geographic is proud to make the highest quality hands-on science toys, and all of their products are backed by exceptional service.

Brand: National Geographic

👤Maybe I'm judging this item harshly because I just received the competitors version of this and I felt it was lacking a bit more then the other for the price. I liked the other version of the instructions more. I don't want to promote the other brand. There were 21 items and different experiments in this one. I think it's a good idea for kids to expand their knowledge instead of using their devices all day. It's fun and hands on.

👤A gift for a 9 year old. I thought this would be a fun kit for him to use. He loved it, and it has several different tricks. They learn something while playing with it.

👤My 9 year old daughter and I enjoyed doing science projects in the box. She wanted to see the results because the kit was age appropriate. She wanted to give up where she was frustrated.

👤Kids will receive a package in the mail. The package has a nice reuse to hold items in a box that flips open. I have one item in the box that leaked, but it was not a big deal. It comes with booklets that are related to the items in box and a bonus one that uses stuff from home. My 9 year old was able to perform the experiments on his own, despite the fact that my kids enjoyed them. My child needed help. Everything was in a box. It's a great way for the whole family to get away from the video games. My older boys, 14 and 15 had no interest and all knew most of the experiments from school. I would recommend this to a friend. I got mine from the treasure truck for 21 dollars. I don't think I would pay more than 30.

👤The name brand of National Geographic makes this gift table appealing to an older crowd. These are experiments that you can find online, and are readily available in your home or craft supply store.

👤It was fun. The 9 year old daughter liked it. It came with gloves that were re-usable. She wants it to come with more snow. It was pretty good, compared to other magic stuff online.

👤I got these for my son's birthday. His sister and two cousins are enjoying them. There is a There are lots of fun magic tricks.

👤For Christmas, I bought this for my 5 and 6 year old granddaughters. The kit has everything you need to learn. There are many experiments. The girls wanted to finish them all in one day. They were able to explain to their mom what it was. Will purchase more of these kits.

👤Considero el precio para los artculos, trae vasos y varita de plstico. No, no, no


6. Set Real Cooking Supplies Accessories

Set Real Cooking Supplies Accessories

The kit contains 150 pieces. The quality of the 148 parts and 2 tools is guaranteed. If you lose parts, they increased the number of parts to 150. Their toys are protected by worry-free support based on the confidence in the quality. Customer satisfaction is their top priority. Everything kids need for the ultimate experience. The kids cooking set is included in the kit. If you want your kids to eat what you cook, have them involved in the process and have something like the around to make it more special. It's fun for them. Children have the ability to create any dessert they want in your kitchen. Excellent quality and dishwasher safe. The baking set is easy to hold and clean. The kids baking set is made from food-grade materials and is not like the other play-dough toys. Your kids will love having their own set of cooking items with all the colorful and bright tools. My son loves helping me to cook in the kitchen and now he feels like he's doing all he can to help make his dinners. This is what a mother said. The kids cooking and baking set is the right stuff for your new appliance in the house. A way to teach children about baking and measuring. The parent-child relationship has improved. It is a perfect gift for a beginning. The premium kids baking set comes in a stylish box that makes it a great choice for a birthday gift, Christmas gift, Halloween gift or any other kind of gift. There is nothing like a home cooked dinner to bring people together. Wrap this kit up right away. It's suitable for kids 4 years old to 48 months old. They want to make sure that your kids baking set is up to date. Let them know if you are not happy with its construction or performance and they will give you a full refund. This all-inclusive kids baking set by IELEK is a great way to encourage your kids to venture forward and boost their love for cooking.

Brand: Ielek

👤My niece and nephew are receiving this kit. There is a I noticed a couple things while pulling the box out. There is a The positive is 1. I love the included prints. 2. My niece and nephew can use these items. 3. Great particulars were included in the kit. There is a The negative is 1. Everything is the right size for a child. If an adult uses it, the spatula may break. It doesn't feel strong. Who knows? 2. I bought separate aprons just in case, because the apron is itchy and the oven mitt is thicker than Walmart's. 3. The cookie cutter are attached to each other and have to be snapped apart. A sharp nub is left behind. If you clip it smooth, it's easy to remove. Happy baking! Can't wait for Christmas.

👤My child loves this. It was a great gift. The tools seem to be strong. There are some cute recipe cards included.

👤I bought this for my 6 year old. She could help me make cookies. She likes it. She loves the hat and apron. The pieces work well. It was difficult to use the rolling pin when making pizza. It would work well on small pieces of dough. Very happy with the purchase.

7. Tovla Kids Cooking Baking Storage

Tovla Kids Cooking Baking Storage

The ideal kids gift. This chef apron set is perfect for kids to study cooking, baking, painting, gardening, doing housework and theme birthday party, also can be as a cute child chef costume set. Birthday and holiday gifts for children. Being a parent ourselves, they know that safety is your top priority. They made sure that your child's cooking utensils and accessories are made from food-grade materials that will not cause harm to your chef. The all-inclusive cooking utensils for children come in discreet, light blue and white colors, which makes them ideal for both boys and girls. Both boys and girls will be able to use their skills in the kitchen without making a mess. There are Pikachu reward cards included. Do you want to cook with your Master Chef? It's not necessary to spend hours online. Their set comes with 4 delicious recipes for you and your little chefs. Follow the instructions and start cooking. The ULTIMATE COOKING SET FOR KIDS. The kids baking set includes a portable tool box, a stylish apron, a kitchen timer, a pair of tongs, a rolling pin, 3 nylon knives, spoon, spatula, and a cutting board.

Brand: Tovla Jr.

👤There are a lot of items and they are bright colors and child safe. Our granddaughter is happy with it. I bought something similar for our older granddaughter two years ago and it was much better. I washed it in the dishwasher. I am trying to figure it out. The cards are made of cardboard. They were actually recipe cards in my other set. Not sure if this is worth the price. I would probably do something else. I didn't buy the same one because I wanted something different.

👤Poorly made items. The description said it was for nine year olds. The whole box is just a set. Most of the items are larger than an adult's hand.

👤I absolutely adore this! My son loves helping me cook. I bought him this kit to teach him how to handle a knife and how to cut it. I am buying another kit for my nine year old because he is getting very jealous. It's great for little kids to learn how to cook. My son would love it if it came with a chef hat.

👤I really like this kit. It is worth the price for the quality, amazing costumer service. My child is a picky eater but she has been helping me in the kitchen and cutting up her own fruits so I don't have to worry about her cutting her own fingers. When I got this, one of the measuring cups had a scratch on it, and I contacted customer service, who helped me out with my issue, and they were amazing and fast. Thank you so much. We really appreciate the company.

👤My 4 year old is learning how to cook. I went to find a set that was safe for kids after reading a children's cookbook. It was afraid in the container. Each piece is individually packaged. The colors are vibrant without being neon. It had a chef's hat and apron. Measuring cups and spoons, chopping board, knives, and kid friendly knives. A spatula, ladle, timer, whisk, cookie cutter. I'm still teaching him about kitchen safety and how to clean up, even though I haven't tried them yet.

👤The set is perfect for a beginning junior chef. My daughter got this for her 7th birthday. It comes with a case that makes storage easy. Had considered buying items individually. It was cheaper to purchase this as a set and everything matches. I would purchase again for future gifts for my niece and nephew.

👤This was a great present for my three year old. He loves using the utensils and has had it for about six months. He only focuses on one activity for a long time, and that is using the knives to make fruit salad. I would have liked a better quality for the price. The egg timer stops when it reaches zero. The stitching on the apron neck loop broke. The bucket doesn'tlatch properly, so when he grabs the handle and lifts it, everything falls out.

8. Noodleys Flashing Gloves Medium Batteries

Noodleys Flashing Gloves Medium Batteries

The model car kit is perfect for boys and girls. Super bright. It is simple and easy to use. There are 6 different modes for the battery to operate in. There are colors for boys and girls. Children's sizes range from 4 to 16 years old and even adults. Cotton stretches to fit in mitten. Soft changing lights are good for children with sensory disorders. When you don't know what to give, flashing glowing fingers are a great gift idea because kids love all things that light up. Light enough for summer nights and warm in the winter, this cotton is used year round. Children will have fun playing a game of football or frisbee with them. Dance with jazz hands. Cheerleaders, show your enthusiasm for your favorite team, or just go to a concert. Provides night time safety for walking and biking by keeping little hands warm. Gift giving. The small size is perfect for stocking stuffers, and the glowing lights will make Christmas even more special. It's perfect for holiday parties and other family events. There are some hot novelty gifts. CR 2016 batteries are pre-installed and replaceable. Extra batteries can be saved for later. The Gloves are not waterproof. Do not get wet. Their goal is happy customers and they pride ourselves on the highest product quality and customer service. Questions or comments can be asked.

Brand: The Noodley

👤Everything after this is historical data. The seller/mfg was sent by me. I received an email about my glove that was sketching out, and I got an email back from Nicky saying they were going to replace it. There is a I was just going to buy another pair. I bet you won't get one of these sellers to replace the product after the return window. I will be buying gloves for my friends and myself now that TheNoodley is beside their product. You can bank on that. 3 is a combination of the following: . The gloves look amazing. I wore them for 3 hours on the first night. Taking them off and storing them in a large cargo pocket so they wouldn't get folded over. All good. I double checked them before I left after taking them to a glow party. The batteries were in the box. I replaced them with the supplied extras because I assumed it was just cheap batteries. I only used them for 2 hours the second time. I kept them in my cargo pocket between uses. The solder connection is breaking away already, so unless I man-handle the ribbon cable back up into the battery housing, one glove won't work. I don't use my flow/glow toys under the influence of substances, so I am not rough on them. I don't allow other people to use them since I like my things to be Un-broken. I'm disappointed because they look nice when they function. There is a I got 5 hours of use out of 2 pairs. I had a small surgery to fix the glove that was acting crazy, I hotgluing the ribbon-cables in securely. I used them for a bit at a show on 10/31 and then I had to go to the ring at about 1am. There is a They're awesome gloves if they hold up. I'm going to buy another pair of the same ones and do some real surgery on them since I can't return them anyways. I know how to use a soldering iron.

👤I bought these for all the kids in the family. When they opened their gifts, they were disappointed. But... Things went crazy when one child pushed the button. Children were running around the house with glowing gloves after the lights were turned off. Our gift was a huge hit.

👤I was not happy when I received them. One of the leds did not work and the glove was too small. I got an email from them asking for my address so they could send me a new pair. This is great. Thank you for making this easy! Two days after receiving my first pair, I received a ne pair. They were really impressed with their commitment to their customers. Email them if you have any issues. Nicky was very helpful and focused on making me happy. Thanks again!

👤I bought this item for my friend's son and he loved it. I ordered a second one for my friend's kid because he loves his first one. The kids are entertained for a while. It would be fun to bring camping or playing in the dark for gifts.

9. 4M 5557 Crystal Growing Experiment

4M 5557 Crystal Growing Experiment

There are great gifts for kids. Creativity for Kids has been making fun and creative experiences for children since 1976. The garden kit for kids has non-toxic arts and craft supplies. + The science kit contains all the materials for seven different experiments. Once the crystals are grown, a special display case is included. It's perfect for people with an interest in geology. The kit has complete instructions for each experiment. Recommended for ages 10 years and older. 4M toys and kits will challenge your child's imagination. Science kits, arts and crafts kits, robotics kits, and more are included in the 4M educational toys. 4M has a wide range of toys and kits that can be used to make learning fun.

Brand: 4m

👤I bought a kit for my kids. Did the direction say to pour the solution out in the sink with the garbage disposal? Do not do that. I got a good crystal from it. You can order a different kit. Garbage disposal stopped working in the kitchen after 3 weeks. They had to disassemble the disposal and pipes to get rid of the blue crystals. These things take off because of the little rotten vegetables and meat in the blades of disposal. The maintenance man asked me if I knew what the picture was. I told him that I was pouring the solution down the drain after making crystals with my kids. The cops along with a man in space suits with the Department of Children's Services pulled kids out of a house that was making crystal meth with their kids, and my wife is going to call me soon. The maintenance guy had heard of people making meth, but he had never heard of crystal meth being made. If he had heard of parents making meth with their kids for a science project. I guess anything is possible, but not by us. It was cleared up. If anyone has a comfortable couch or bed, I can buy it for my murder scene. Do not pour the solution into the garbage disposal. Don't assume that everyone knows what you're saying when you say "I was making crystals with my kids for a science project"

👤Do not follow the directions if you want the crystals to look like the cover. If you spread the crystal stuff evenly across the tub, you will get a film of little crystals all across the bottom and sides of the container, but if you do this, you will get a picture of the big dramatic crystals depicted on the container. You can get a crystal cluster if you concentrate the "seed" stuff into a small pile in the center of the growing tub.

👤This set is amazing. I highly recommend it. It was a fun experiment to keep me entertained during busy season and it did not fail. You need to follow the instructions with care. I made a fatal mistake on my first attempt and didn't wait for the full 30 minutes before adding crystal seeding. I was able to grow beautiful crystals after following the instructions to a T. I ordered a second set because of the results. There is a I was able to grow these in my office because of the simple steps. The rest of the kit is for boiling water. The first step is to get the crystal mixture out of the water. Next, you have to put it in a clear plastic container and let it sit for 15 minutes. Wait another 30 minutes after the water is transferred. The crystals will not grow if this step is not taken. There is a You drop in the crystal seeds once you have waited. You can mix and match the blue, red, and white crystals they have. It seems that each type of crystal seed has a different shape. The red and blue seeds grow different types of crystals, with the red seeds creating block-like crystals and the blue seeds creating pointy crystals. A crystal that is blue and red is block-like and looks like a combination of the two. When choosing the colors you make, keep this in mind. There is a You will see growth overnight. It's amazing to see the progress. It takes 4-7 days before the crystals are fully grown according to the instructions. When the crystal is about to emerge from the water, I would keep an eye on them and drain the water. The crystal will form snow-like growths on the top if you leave it too long. The temperature of the room and the size of the crystal will affect the rate of growth. In warmer temperatures, the crystals grow well. The small crystals will grow faster than the large ones. Each bag of crystal mixture can make up to 4 small ones. The amount of containers they give you makes it possible to grow 1 large crystal, 2 medium crystal, and 4 small crystal at the same time. If you want to grow 3 large ones at the same time, you can only grow them in one container. The large crystals are cool. This is an amazing kit. Everyone in the office wants to grow their own crystals. 5 stars! I want to make all of them.

10. YOFUN Make Dinosaur Night Light

YOFUN Make Dinosaur Night Light

The dinosaur night light comes with everything needed for kids to personalize it in any way they want, they will be so proud of them when the project is finished. There areDINOSAUR gifts for kids. Dinosaur night light is a great gift idea for younger kids as well as teens. Instructions are included. There is no more confusion, only endless fun of making your own Dinosaur night light. The battery for the light is replaceable, no plug and wire is needed, and the light will always be on when you need it. Return within 30 days is 100% customer satisfaction. Let your kids have fun by making their own Dinosaur night light. Return within 30 days is 100% customer satisfaction. Let your kids have fun by making their own Dinosaur night light.

Brand: Y Yofun

👤It was a huge hit for my nephew's birthday. His friends loved it and wanted one too. The supplies in the kit are adorable. My nephew was a fan of the four dinosaurs and the blue rocks. The volcano and trees are very special to me. This would make a great gift. The price is perfect and you get a lot out of it. It will be a memory for him after he makes it and uses it. It is useful after you make it, and it is perfect for something that likes hands on things. It comes with a spare light. The lights are bright. You don't need to work on plugs. The instructions are easy to follow. This hands on kit is very fun.

👤Kids put the dinosaur night light together. The instructions are easy to follow and my kid was able to finish the kit by himself. There is a The dinosaur night light is very unique and beautiful when turned on, the pictures and video don't do it justice, it looks better in reality. There is a The size is good and it's also good for parents with kids who love dinosaurs.

👤I think this is a great idea for any age, it's a craft if you're younger than 5. The products were perfect and easy to use. My son received this item as a christmas gift. He had help. He was so excited to use the product. It comes with glue for the items to be placed and figures to make your own. If one were to brake, mine came with an extra set of lights. It's worth the money.

👤The product was cracked when I got it. They quickly sent out a replacement after they messaged the shop. They wanted to make sure we got a good product.

👤This is a great gift for a dinosaur lover. I gave this to a friend of mine who has a son who likes dinosaurs. It turned out to be very cute.

👤This is a fun craft for kids. Everything you need to make a nightlight is included. It has directions for you. It comes with a lot of miniatures. It has lights that light up your dreams.

👤Smaller than I expected but cute. A Christmas gift. That's what I was expecting, without opening it. Grandson will enjoy!

👤I bought this for my grandson. He loves using it every night.

11. Kitchen Cooking Cutters Silicone Cupcake

Kitchen Cooking Cutters Silicone Cupcake

Give someone the gift of hands. The baking kit is perfect for birthday parties or any day to connect with mom and dad in the kitchen. Special designed cooking sets for kids which enhance cooking skills and enable them enjoy cooking toys in the kitchen are perfect design. The chef costume will help parents connect with their children. The package includes an apron, chef hat, oven mitt, insulation mat, wooden spoon, rolling pin, oil brush, muffin cup, cream scraper, and 4 cookie cutters. It is suitable for little chef's all cooking and baking role play. The baking tools are food grade and non-toxic. The certification for safety testing is approved by the CE. Premium cloth has no smell. Family time is fun. The chef costume set teaches kids how to cook and help out their parents in the kitchen. Enjoy time with your family. Kids could learn how to cook. A wonderful gift is a cooking starter set. It is a smart way to encourage learning. Adult supervision is required for 3 aged + child.

Brand: Anpole

👤Each of my kids got a set. They love being in the kitchen with me. The aprons are large for the kids. My kids are 2 and 4. They love the oven mitt and pot holder.

👤The main reason I bought this was for the rolling pin and the stirrer. The package did not contain these items. It is not worth it if you do not have those two items. I will return the item.

👤This is a great present. The chef's hat and apron are very cute. Most of the tools included can be used in the kitchen. The muffin cups, cookie cutters, measuring spoons, scrapers are all usable. The rolling pin/whisk can be used on a small project, but not as practical. The mitt is for pretend use. It's great for imaginative play and help in the kitchen.

👤My granddaughter is almost 2 years old. She loves to help in the kitchen and this gave her and all of us a big smile. The outfit is cute and there are a lot of baking utensils. Very happy with the purchase!

👤This was purchased as a gift for a child's friend who was turning 5. It was a big hit. The items come with no issues and can be used in the kitchen. This set is well worth the price. I would recommend this product.

👤This was a great gift for my niece. She was very excited to be her mom's little helpers. She was able to use everything that came with this.

👤I bought this for my niece. I was surprised at how small the items were, however it is understandable for 3 year olds. The thickness of the apron doesn't seem durable. It is not sheer, but it is not suitable for monogramming, which is what I wanted to do. I am ok with this purchase, but not overjoyed.

👤I thought it would be similar to the whisk and cookie cutter, but it's actually perfect for little hands. Our daughter is 4 years old and taller than the average 4 year old, but the apron still fits her perfectly and she has room to grow. She loves being the little chef and it was a great purchase.


What is the best product for cooking gifts for kids 10-12?

Cooking gifts for kids 10-12 products from Baketivity. In this article about cooking gifts for kids 10-12 you can see why people choose the product. Perlli and Marom - Play A Lot are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking gifts for kids 10-12.

What are the best brands for cooking gifts for kids 10-12?

Baketivity, Perlli and Marom - Play A Lot are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking gifts for kids 10-12. Find the detail in this article. National Geographic, Ielek and Tovla Jr. are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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