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1. Stainless Kitchen Removable Suitable Transferring

Stainless Kitchen Removable Suitable Transferring

You can handle hot bone soup easily with their funnel set. The handle on the funnel makes it easy to hang it. The non- same size makes the kitchen funnel easy to stack up and saves space in the kitchen. The kitchen funnel is made of 304 steel. A non-slip handle. The professional metal funnel is very durable and resistant to breaking. There are four sizes of Funnels to meet your needs. These are not easy to scratch. Transferring hot liquid/dry ingredients without sticking to the funnel is possible. It's suitable for different bottles. A straining filter is included. The fine mesh filters nylon + PP frame are ideal for filtering juice, wine, milk, and soy milk. The holes of the filter are very suitable for different types of particles, such as beans, fruit seeds or other particles. The funnel is easy to clean and can be washed in the dishwasher or directly with detergent. The funnels can be stacked on top of each other to save space. They provide high-quality products and services. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact them, they will be happy to help.

Brand: Rrzdgsj

👤The small funnel does not fit into the larger funnel in the ad. They are only able to be used on their own. The mesh strainer seems to be made for another purpose. Stars are an attempt to be fair as the product seems to be made decent, I haven't cleaned it and likely won't be using it as it does serve my purpose as it stands. I have to fit the ones that came in the set, unless I am able to modify something.

👤This was used to strain beef tallow. The photos show it came out very clean after it ran through very quickly. The plastic mesh filter is very strong. I ran it under the hottest water I could find and it felt clean. I will wash it with soapy water. It was worth the purchase.

👤The handles make large funnels easy to use. I love the strainer. It catches a lot of stuff to clarify the oil. The smaller funnels are not very useful. It's even harder to use with a larger funnel. It's necessary to be flared for better use. All are easy to clean.

👤It's perfect for straining limoncello. It is easy and quick.

2. Funnel AAB Set Long Handle

Funnel AAB Set Long Handle

The Longzon funnel set are made of food grade pp material. If you have an issue with their funnel, just send them a message and their after-sale team will help you solve it. Their small funnel is light weight but very study and well made. These are better than plastic or silicone. There were no stains, nicks or stuck on product. The metal funnel is dishwasher safe and will last a long time. The mini funnel is perfect for filling small bottles, flasks, and other narrow opening containers. You can use the smaller sized funnels to transfer essential oil. They're perfect for filling small bottles of oil, pepper, water bottle, and other dry ingredients and powder. Great for kitchen use. Their tiny funnels are easy to clean with a small brush. The funnel has a stem that allows contents to flow. The long handle is cool and can keep you from burning your hands when filling up. Great for filling bottles. You can hang them up or put them in a drawer if you prefer. The smaller ones fit inside the large one if the ring is removed. A small cleaning brush and a set of kitchen funnels are included in the 30 day warranty. Within 30 days, they give a replacement or refund for product problems. Please contact them if you have a question. Before purchasing, please check the sizes.

Brand: Aab

👤Love these Funnels! There is nothing to dislike. They are as advertised. They're easy to clean and use. I ordered several to give as gifts for the Wine Btl Lanterns. They will love them as I do. And! They are great for my essential oil mixes. No regrets! Thanks AAB directly for these! There is a Karen

👤The funnels are just what we needed, they are a great price for a super funnel, and the ring to hold them together is a nice touch.

👤It is easier to get powdered supplements into water bottles. The powdered from flowing into bottles is slower than the silicone funnel.

👤The quality of the funnels is very good.

👤These are very nice. They were very useful having them on the ring. They are of good quality. I am glad I bought them.

👤They aren't kidding when they say "small". I tried to use the largest one to transfer the lotion from one bottle to another, but it sat there. They were shipped in a barely-padded plastic envelope and only one funnel was bent.

👤A helpful tool. I want my bottle to not leak.

👤I use these funnels to pour boiling vinegar into small bottles to make my hot sauce. The handle makes me feel less afraid of pouring hot liquid onto my fingers.

3. Youdepot Stainless Transferring Ingredients Funnel (Rainbow

Youdepot Stainless Transferring Ingredients Funnel %EF%BC%88Rainbow

The plastic funnel can be used many times. It's perfect for any age group. It's practical for everyday use in the kitchen, and it's ideal for filling bottles, adding salt, pepper, powder, herbs, or spices to jars. detachable strainer that can be used to filter liquids and dry powder It can fit precious essential oils, beers, red wine, vinegar, honey, Salad dressing and small object. The measurement is 5 inches diameter, 4.72 inches tall, and 2.16 inches long. The strainer has a diameter of 1.97 inches and a height of 1.97 inches. The funnel is made of high quality steel, no worry to clean of dishwash safe. It's an essential tool in the kitchen. MATERIAI is a long service life and dishwasher safe. Youdepot funnel is suitable for most essential oil bottles and bottles.

Brand: Yd Youdepot

👤This was bought for various kitchen tasks. The added benefit of the larger discharge end of the funnel is that larger items can easily flow through.

👤It was lovely to use. The strainer comes out for cleaning. It looks cool. There is an air vent built in to the side of the funnel spout. A nice funnel.

👤This is amazing and useful. I imagined using it less.

👤I opened the package. It's dirty? I think I was sent a used product.

👤It was made very well. I use it to get the resin out of the bottle. Works well.

👤Excellent quality funnel! I have used it quite a bit and have not had any issues with it bending or warping. I highly recommend!

4. Pauplian Stainless Funnels Strainer Cleaning

Pauplian Stainless Funnels Strainer Cleaning

Good for camping, roadside automotive repair kits, and more. 304 Food grade STAINLESS steel will not rust, crack, or bend due to long-term use, and it's made of Premium Materia. The package includes 1x 4.33”/11 cm, 1x 5.11”/13 cm, 1x5.90”/15 cm, and a 200 mesh filter. It is easy to use. The funnel set of 3 has a strainer filter that can remove excess foam particles, and it comes with handles that make the funnel more stable, so it's good for jam storage. It is easy to clean. It is easy to clean after use, it can be washed in a dishwasher, and the cleaning brush can reduce your burden. A multi function funnel. It can be used to fill liquids such as milk, syrup, beer, herbs, old oils, detergent, and other particles, and can also be used to filter flour, spices, chewing cacao, the ground cacao, coffee grounds and other particles.

Brand: Pauplian

👤The product doesn't have the Pauplian logo so it doesn't match the pictures. The smallest funnel is not easy to fit inside the other two. The box clearly shows that it is made in China, even though they claim it is made in Germany. This product is a scam.

👤There are too many things. These should be made from one piece of steel. Chinese junk. The old funnel is nicer. If they could make a simple funnel without seams, the strainer would be a nice idea.

👤I use this for straining frying oil from the deep fryer. The metal strainer was inserted into the funnel. I have not used it for anything yet, but I know it will be an improvement over my current methods. It is easy to clean.

👤I'm trying to be more conscious of the environment. I bought a Pauplian funnel for the kitchen. I used to cut bottle tops to make funnels. I don't like keeping dry products in paper or plastic containers, so I transfer them into glass jars and need different sized funnels. I decided to buy a large one because of the various sizes. The strainer filters and cleaning brushes are accessories. I wish it came with a wide mouthed funnel. This is one of my favorite kitchen tools.

👤These are perfect for the kitchen. It was made well and it was priced right.

👤The construction and size of these were ok. The metal filters don't fit into the funnels, so check before you pour! I noticed that a lot of Rosemary leaves went under the filters into the bottle when I was doing the oil purification.

👤This is used for all kitchen and grilling purposes. It's great for grease disposal.

👤These things are easy to clean and great for straining fryer oil.

👤3 embudos de acero inoxidble 304, 3 mallas de acero inoxidable, and 4 cepillos de diferente di

👤Three piece funnel set.

5. Metal Funnels Set Transferring Ingredients

Metal Funnels Set Transferring Ingredients

Premium grade steel. The diameter is 5.5 inches. It's dishwasher safe. Three sizes of the funnels are easy to clean. Put it in the dishwasher or wash it with soapy water. The kitchen funnel set can be used to transfer canned food, juice, essential oil, beans, salt, and fill narrow jars, bottles, flask, canning, water bottle, pepper and other dry ingredients and powder. The contents will flow down more smoothly and the air will escape if the stem is grooves. Hot soup and other liquid can be handled with handles that are designed to avoid swerving hands. The premium funnel set is easy to store with a clip-ring. The non- same size makes it easy to stack up and save space in the kitchen. The large funnel is 7.5 cm in diameter with a 0.55 cm wide stem. The Funnels in 3 size are great for filling jars, bottles, and flasks.

Brand: Yevior

👤The biggest funnel is supposed to be 3 inches. It is close, but not quite 3 inches. If you think 3 inches is big, you should look at a ruler. The pictures here are deceiving and I thought my funnel was 3 inches. They are either using small people with small hands to make the funnels look big or they are just using larger ones. I'm not sure if they are made of steel. Most of the steel is stamped with the words "stainless steel", but these are not. The handles are very flimsy and bend easily. The metal is magnetic, so it could be something else. I think it's probably not, but it could be. I don't have any of that lying around so I'm not going to do a muriatic acid test on it. I could put it in the fridge for a while to see if it tastes metallic, but I don't think it's worth the trouble. There is a I wanted to replace the plastic funnel I was using to pour hot liquid into bottles with the $8 funnels, they will do the job. It has to be better than plastic. Most of the cheap percolators I see in corner stores are made of aluminum. They probably die of cancer. I would rather spend $12 on a single larger funnel because the handles are useless, and these are quite tiny. I don't think I'd use the smaller funnel for anything. I thought the larger funnel might be good for essential oils, but the smaller one is useless for me, because it will fit all those bottles just fine.

👤This is very disappointing, thin metal andstainless steel, has a small scratch on the tube part of one of the drainers, never got my refund, returned more than a month ago. Most of the products on the Amazon market are very satisfied and I rarely give a negative review.

👤I don't know how these funnels got such positive reviews. I am returning mine because of the poor quality. The handles are welded into the funnel and then there is a discolored area on the inside of the funnel. The neck is loose. The ring holding them together won't close. All garbage.

👤The handle connects to the funnel. It is sharp enough to scratch. The handles are not comfortable. The ring holder was not shown in the picture. Not well balanced. Still usable. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤I was going through my purchases and realized three months later. I did not receive the item advertised. I got a funnel. There was no way to handle it. I would call it small. I remember receiving it and thinking I had ordered something else, but it was not what I received. I never checked. The whole set would have been nice to have, but what I got works for what I need.

👤The first set had a spot welded handle. The second set did too. I hadn't returned the first set yet. Different funnels had broken handles. I got a good set from the two bad sets. The funnels are nice. The chinese welder can't read the manual that came with his welding unit.

6. Aozita Stainless Steel Funnel Handle

Aozita Stainless Steel Funnel Handle

We designed the spoon with the bottom diameter of 0.8 inch to cater to most of the spice jars in the market. It should never be too big or too small. They use seamless welded technology, which keeps from spice blocking. Spice pouring becomes more relaxed. The steel is durable. It's made from high quality 18/8 steel to ensure safety. The plastic funnel takes on the smell and color of the ingredients. The handle design is easy to store. The handle on the side helps hold the funnel. The handle is hung in your kitchen cabinets to save space. It is lightweight and dishwasher safe. It is easy to clean up after use, just put it into a dishwasher or wash it with fresh water.

Brand: Aozita

👤The stamped plate that forms the funnel is different from the brushed finish depicted. The spot welds are visible inside the handle. The bottom of the funnel is very rough. The burrs need to be removed. Poor finishing. I can say that it is made with non-magnetic steel and should last a lifetime.

👤I have bought many of these funnels on Amazon in the past and they have all been great. It was thick and made of steel. The new batches I ordered are flimsy and dull in color. I use these in a commercial setting and am very disappointed in the last batches. The new funnels are 12 grams less in weight than the other ones. You have sold the original funnels.

👤It was used to fill water bottles. It's small diameter opening is incorrect. It won't fit.

👤I might be using it differently. I fill my coffee maker with fresh ground coffee and use a re-usable cup. I was using a simple funnel made of a cut off 2 liter drink bottle which worked fine but would build up static which caused coffee grounds to cling or jump off. The Aozita funnel is better. The grounds do not cling as badly as they might if there was static electricity from the grinder. I use it for other things as well. It is sturdy and should last a long time.

👤I like the handle and the sturdiness of this funnel. It is a perfect size for refilling our jars. I like that there is no lip at the bottom of the funnel so spices and water don't get caught in it. If you don't pay attention, you can cut yourself if you touch the bottom of the funnel. I took two stars off because of this. You can make a no-lip-at-the- bottom-funnel without cutting people. Thanks.

👤It's a good size for my 4oz bottles. I don't believe it is made of 18/8 steel. The exterior is galvanized and the interior is gray, unlike the brushed steel finish shown in the product photo. I don't know if it is safe for food use.

👤In my life, I often need to empty something into something else with a mouth a little smaller. This funnel is very good for that. I'm not emptying stuff into bottles with mouths that are less than a quarter of an inch in diameter because the small bottoms of the funnels in my local stores are too small. Most are more than an inch. Most funnels are too much. It works well with pouring popcorn into a jar, emptying juice cans into a glass jug, and even spices. The wide mouth doesn't have to be long because it will quickly reach the sides of most sides. There is a I need it more for being a splash guard.

👤This is the second time I've tried to buy a funnel with a cheap handle and hold on by glue, I found it to fill my water bottles with instant coffee, but it's not 1 inch at the top, so the measurements need to be adjusted.

7. Mouth Plastic Funnel Filling Bottles

Mouth Plastic Funnel Filling Bottles

The teeth on the cone body can slide into any container opening. Liquid and powder can be transferred. You can push the funnel to accelerate the transfer of thick liquid and powder. The top opening is 2.5 inches, the bottom opening is.25 inches, and the height is 1.625 inches. It works well with spices, oils, powders, supplements, pre-workout, perfumes, and more. The plastic is easy to wash and has a high quality. It is easy to use and makes for a quick clean-up after transferring dry ingredients and liquids. The quality guarantee. Amazon's 100% money back guarantee is behind this funnel.

Brand: Young & Dangerous

👤I have other funnels, but they have a long nipple. There is a Once it's wet, you can't get the powder into the bottle. There is a The nipples are short and the circumference fits water bottles. There is a They are perfect for powders. You don't have to remove the water from the bottle.

👤I thought the package was empty when I picked it up. I opened it and found a small funnel that wouldn't fit in my bottles. I think a larger sewing thimble would not do the job. I believe this funnel can fit in a young child's toy kitchen.

👤This is smaller than expected. I'm sure I will use them. It won't work for my original need. The spot is really small, about the size of a toothpaste opening, and the filter isn't bad.

👤I got this for baby formula because I always spilled it when I tried to tip the formula scoop into the narrow neck bottles. I was tired of cleaning it up. My baby needs a one-way valve on the narrow-mouth bottles, so don't come at me, but I would have gotten wide-mouth bottles. There is a I have to tap a bunch to get the powder through the narrow part of the funnel. The quality of formula powder is more important than the funnel. I wash one bottle everyday and use the other one while it washes and air-dries because the powder starts clinging a little more with each bottle. Is it better for my purpose? A little wider neck would be great, but it's better than it was. No more formulas on my counter. I'll take it! It's great for filling jars or bottles. I like that it doesn't have any Silicone on it, because it sticks to that bad, and nearly every funnel I found had Silicone on it.

👤I wanted a small funnel that would fit in the container of my drink powder and that was all I wanted. It works perfectly and is the right size. It's a good thing.

👤I have no doubt that the items would perform as they were advertised. The small plastic funnel was shipped in a padded envelope. They were broken when they arrived. They need to be shipped in a box or in an envelope. There were no problems returning them.

👤When I opened the package, I realized they were smaller than I was expecting, because I didn't read the information well. I returned the product. I will give them 4 stars because they look cute, but not what I was looking for.

👤The funnel is strong. It should work if you want to fill water bottles. The 1/2” spout that was advertised was not included in the funnels that I received. The spout is too large for the bottles I need to fill, so I have to order something else.

👤Pour remplir mes pots, je vais beaucoup. Je fais plus de dégts. nettoyer, ils ne prennent pas beaucoup d'espace de rangement. Je vais beaucoup plus grands.

8. Kitchen ,Funnels ,Nesting Removable Strainer

Kitchen %EF%BC%8CFunnels %EF%BC%8CNesting Removable Strainer

Long service life and dishwasher safe. A must-have tool in the kitchen. Thefunnels are made from food grade plastic that is safe, non-toxic, andBPA-free. They will resist breaking for a long time. It gives your kitchen an elegant look compared to ordinary funnels with small nordic color and matt texture design. The funnel has aremovable filter that is designed to remove particles from liquids. The holes in the funnel are perfect for larger particles, such as beans, fruit seeds, or other particles, when you need to filter them out. The set of 3 kitchen funnels includes three ports, 2.3", 3.1", and 3.9" diameter. With proven craftsmanship and great looks, funnels are perfect for your everyday needs. Their funnel sets bring elegance to your kitchen. The kitchen funnel is easy to clean and has good oil resistance, so it is easy to clean with warm water and a little soap. A small funnel is easy to use. The hanging holes in the funnel allow them to be hung on the wall and they snap together, which helps to keep the drawer tidy. Storage space can be saved. The plastic funnel can be used many times. It's perfect for any age group. It's practical for everyday use in the kitchen, and it's ideal for filling bottles, adding salt, pepper, powder, herbs, or spices to jars.

Brand: Cbwlwj

👤Sturdy plastic and very durable. The smaller one has a strainer that can be popped in or out. The best feature is that all 3 snap together. I was very pleased with what I got.

👤Convenient storage is achieved by these 3 funnel's snapping into each other. Each funnel has a strainer that snaps into it. They are easy to clean up.

👤The kitchen uses a nice size range. The snap in strainer can snap into the larger funnel. Excellent quality and value.

👤They work well for small to medium canvas sizes. It's easy to clean if you do it right away.

👤These were far better than I expected. These are of the highest quality. The money you pay is a great value.

👤The funnels work well. From now on, I will use them. They contain liquid that is better than the traditional shaped funnel.

👤I like the different sizes for refilling bottles.

9. LING LAN Kitchen Rainbow Funnel

LING LAN Kitchen Rainbow Funnel

They will not change their color if you put them in the dishwasher. It's easy to keep clean even if it gets oily, and you can add a little soap to make the job easier. A set of plastic funnels. It's perfect for pouring liquids and dry ingredients without spilling. The Funnels are measured in cm, cm and cm diameter. The hanging tab is easy to use.

Brand: Linglan

👤I am motivated to write a review because of the nice quality, however I can't believe I'm doing it. They are sturdy and made of a thick plastic.

👤I didn't know how badly I needed these until I received them. The different sizes are great.

👤I got these because it has many different sizes of funnels. I'm happy with them but one was broken and I don't know if it was sent that way or damaged in transit. If the broken one wasn't the reason for the 5 stars, I wouldn't rate them that high.

👤Love the graduating sizes. The kitchen funnels is perfect.

👤I use them for what they are, a little thin. I like the multiple sizes. The colors are fun.

👤You can stack one inside the other. I've been looking for the right funnel for my kitchen for a while and these take care of everything I wanted.

👤The plastic is very light. A couple was broken. It was very easy to return.

👤I needed to mix formula in a small bottle after we started fostering a kitten. It's easy to fill.

👤I needed a variety of funnels to fill recycled bottles and found them perfect for my needs at a great price.

👤It is in all different sizes. I love how it can be used for things. It is very durable. It is hard to lose a nice and vibrant thing. A good purchase.

👤These are used in play sets for my toddler, as well as in the kitchen. The colors make his play more fun.

👤There are lots of different sizes. It's strong enough for most things in the kitchen. I would recommend them.

👤The set of funnels is great. The biggest one is small, and the smallest one is small. They've been perfect for my needs in the kitchen. They don't take up a lot of room in the cupboard. If you don't treat them badly, they seem to be robust.

10. PEMOTech Stainless Removable Transferring Ingredients

PEMOTech Stainless Removable Transferring Ingredients

Service Satisfaction Their ultimate goal is your satisfaction. Let them know if you don't like this set. They will try to make things right. The Prime funnel for filling bottles uses the power of Gravity3D Machining to ensure the kitchen funnel is smooth and tight, which is critical for any food grade funnel set used to transfer oil, home-brew, spirits, flour, salt and sticky. Keeping the kitchen counter tidy is important. Large-caliber design, easy to pour, can avoid mess and spills when infused with liquid or ingredients. Premium 304stainless steel funnel is food grade 304stainless steel and resists breaking, bending, scratching, and rusting. Every kitchen funnel undergoes strict food safety testing to make sure it is 100% chemical, toxin, metal, and flake-free. If the end of the metal funnel does not fit your container, you can use a Silicone tube, which will change the bottom diameter of the funnel to make it easier to transfer between large funnel, middle funnel and small funnel. Space Saving & Dishwasher SafeFunnel for kitchen use are easy to maintain, make the most of every second of cooking healthy food, transporting food faster. The funnel sets are easy to store. The handle can be hung in your kitchen cabinet. It's great for auto care, cleaning, restaurants, schools, and labs. It is easy to clean up after use. Put it in the dishwasher or wash it with soapy water. The funnel will fit hot or cold liquids. It's easy to clean and purify liquids. The filter should be put in the funnel. Its holes are perfect for expelling larger particles, such as beans or fruit seeds. There is nothing you can't do with them. Make your kitchen a safer place. Get it. Use it. Enjoy it! The professional funnel set includes 3 different sizes of Funnels, with the diameter of the funnel mouth being 4.1 inches. They will always be here to help you if you have any problems with the product after you receive it.

Brand: Pemotech

👤I was a master of those preschool ring toys when I was a student at college. These stack are just fine. It's not clear why so many say they don't. They come in a handy carry bag. There is a They are sturdy and nice. I've only used them to funnel powdered drink mix into a water bottle, but even a piece of junk mail can do that. There is a Maybe I'm some kind of engineer that doesn't realize it. There is a I like them either way.

👤These are pretty and functional. They don't stack into each other. I need the kitchen stuff to not be all over the place. If they are neatly together, look elsewhere. Customer service sent me new ones for free. Right there, 5-star service, so happy!

👤Right... I took the funnel out of the package to wash it. The quality inspector on this particular funnel decided not to inspect the exacto blade metal shaving that was sticking up within. I have a gash on my finger. I am very disappointed in the lack of quality check on this product. I had to throw the funnel in the trash because of the large metal shaving.

👤These are great to use and come in a nylon bag with a drawstring so we can hang them close to where we use them. I wanted a variety that had a small spout, a medium spout and a large mouth spout for transferring liquids and powders from a jar or bottle to a larger container. It is possible to transfer a jar of sauce from a mason jar to a bottle. The small pour spouts make them suitable for more product. They're easy to clean.

👤I was using a plastic funnel for the wrong reason. I decided to replace the plastic funnel with a steel one because of the stain on it. This set met my expectations. You can use different size of funnel as you please. It's good to pour oils, sauces, and sesame seeds. The funnel works better than my plastic one because it moves quickly down the funnel without spilling liquid into the container. I like the fact that there are strainers that you can put inside the funnel, so if you need to filter something, you can put them inside the funnel. I don't need coffee filter paper anymore. If these were nest together as one stack, it would be a better product. It works well.

👤How can one be excited about a couple of kitchen funnels? These three funnels are really nice after years of cheap plastic ones. I had never seen an air vent channel like that before, but it was very helpful. The quality and finish of the steel is good. I can see the value of the included screens. The cleaning brush could be useful if it was stuck on something. There is a I bought these for pouring wine that has been aerated and put into a bottle for overnight storage, because we don't drink a whole bottle of wine in an evening. The air channel means you don't have to hold the funnel up while pouring, and they fit into a wine bottle. The funnel design is a huge help if you use a large decanter and find it easier to pour with two hands. I use the middle sized one, as it is large enough to hold a lot of liquid, so I don't complain about the price.

11. Silicone Collapsible Portable Flexible Foldable

Silicone Collapsible Portable Flexible Foldable

The opening for the top of the mini funnel is 1.5 inches in diameter. There is a pack of 6 miniature funnels. Silicone funnel for kitchen use. The kitchen funnel set is flexible. The temperature is -40C to 250C. There are two sizes of funnel, a large one and a small one, in different colors. Silicone collapsible funnel large and mini dimensions can meet all of your needs. The collapsible space saver in the kitchen can be used to store the rubber funnels. You can put it in a drawer or hang it on the wall. The silicone folding funnels take up less space than regular ones. It's easy to use and store. Anyone in the family can use this kitchen gadgets funnel. It is easy to wash and use even from oil with warm water, add little soap or put it in the dishwasher. Service Satisfaction Their ultimate goal is your satisfaction. Let them know if you don't like this set. They will try to make things right.

Brand: Maberrytech Direct

👤The large holes are very small. I liked the idea of cutting the tips off to make the holes bigger. It wasn't worth it. I regret making this purchase. I took the loss because they didn't cost that much. For anyone else to make a decision. I wouldn't. It gets backed up because the holes are small.

👤These seem to be very good quality. If you use thin liquids, it's okay, but if you use thick liquids, some of the liquid won't move freely down the sides of the funnel. If you're measuring things exactly, this wouldn't be a good idea. I should have thought about the problem with thick liquids before buying them. The seller allowed my return.

👤These worked well. Silicone, collapsible, different sizes for different purposes. I like that they are different colors. I can use certain ones in the kitchen to refill bottles. Great purchase! Throw in the dishwasher.

👤I will be a patient. I bought this to make my drinks. When I go out, I will be taking my bottles with me. It's difficult to put the powder in a bottle. I ordered these and it's not good for my powder. No matter how much I shake it or poke it, it gets stuck. I decided to cut the bottom tip to make the hole bigger. It works better.

👤Does what it is supposed to do... It has helped me with both hot and cold liquids. If you need bigger sizes, stop using it to change your cars oil. Who is pouring gallons at a time and into what? It's for the kitchen.

👤I like these things. I bought a set for both my boys and my daughter. My goal is to have everything collapsible. As much as possible. I use the small spout to fill my bottle. It fits. Who 888-276-5932s would have 888-276-5932s for anything? These are easy to store and wash.

👤I bought this because my regular funnel takes up too much room. These are easy to store in a drawer. One of the larger funnels has two tiny holes near the bottom that can't be used for liquid.

👤These are easy to open and close. They are strong. They get clean in the dishwasher. I would say they would be easy to clean because the "folds" are rounded. Nothing should be caught.

👤We don't need to double the order to be more wasteful.

👤Excellent material and what I needed. I like that they are collapsible and have less space in my drawer.

👤They loved playing in the sand box.

👤I use this product to transfer alcohol and liquid. The price is worth it.

👤Great product. They don't take much storage space.


What is the best product for cooking funnel small?

Cooking funnel small products from Rrzdgsj. In this article about cooking funnel small you can see why people choose the product. Aab and Yd Youdepot are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking funnel small.

What are the best brands for cooking funnel small?

Rrzdgsj, Aab and Yd Youdepot are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking funnel small. Find the detail in this article. Pauplian, Yevior and Aozita are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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