Best Cooking Funnel Collapsible

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1. Kitchen Collapsible Flexible Silicone BPA Free

Kitchen Collapsible Flexible Silicone BPA Free

It is easy to clean and dry. The kitchen funnel is very easy to clean, just wash with warm water and add little soap, or put them in the dishwasher, it's convenient for anyone in the family to use. The COLLAPSIBLE FUNNEL SET is a new style. There are two small and two large folding funnels for filling bottles and special brush for cleaning frozen treats. HANDY, MULTIFUNCTIONAL, EASY TO STORE is multi-purpose silicone funnel that can be used by adults and children, heat resistance of up to 230oC, stand steadily in bottles or molds, and flexibility saves storage space. The plastic is free of harmful substances. It can be used over and over again to pour any type of substance into bottles, molds, etc. Easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and convenient to clean by hand, whether it is dirty from water, food, or oils. LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE, they will replace or refund your order if you are not satisfied.

Brand: Lebice

👤Excellent product! The funnels fold up because they don't take up much room. The size of the funnel's hole is larger than the metal one I was using and the feeling of the silicone is nice. I used the smaller of the two funnels yesterday and it didn't wobble or show any instability as I poured the liquid through it. The manufacturer included a small brush in case the funnel needed a scrub. I'm not sure I'll need that brush, I found it easy to rinse out. Who can't use a small bottle brush? They included a small hook that can be pasted on a wall or other surface to hold the brushes.

👤The larger of the two stores has a small opening that makes it hard to transfer liquid to another container. The straight portion of the container doesn't have small ribs that allow the transfer of oxygen so you don't have to wait for the liquid to go into the container. A backup hard funnel was ordered. It has a ribbed base and no flex.

👤I used the collapsible funnel as a rain shield. I can collapse the folds to move the funnel skirt out of the way when I need to oil the bearings.

👤I would buy something more sturdy for the price if you don't mind holding them the whole time, it's an ok item, but I didn't get the cleaning brush with it. It is very difficult to clean.

👤I can't figure out how to keep the small brushes from being loose. Funnels are small. Can't clean without brushes. Not for heavy liquids. The product shell is too soft.

👤This is being used for my studio projects. It is easy to whip out for work. Silicone is easy to clean because it is plaster.

👤I use a funnel to pour the liquid. I don't have a lot of cupboards, so I bought several collapsible items. This wouldn't take up a lot of space but it all adds up.

👤I ordered these for my son's small apartment because of the collapse of the funnels. The funnels are very sturdy. The narrow neck of the funnels is my only complaint. Someone with limited storage space would be a good person to recommend.

👤The product is eco friendly. Each item is wrapped in plastic. When a product is packaged so badly for the environment, what is the point of selling it as eco-friendly? There is a This is what it has to offer, it is eco-friendly and can be used over and over again to pour any type of substance into bottles, molds, etc. Also got a range of colors. It is not as advertised.

👤The funnel is very strong. I like the different sizes. The are easy to clean and practical to store. I use them frequently. There is a They were packaged well and arrived in good time. I would recommend it.

👤They don't take up a lot of space.

👤It was very easy to use. It saves space in the drawer. Would recommend.

2. OXO 3 Piece Secure Funnel Strainer

OXO 3 Piece Secure Funnel Strainer

A secure fit in bottle openings is created by non-slip ridges. It was designed to prevent splashing. The set includes a funnel and strainer. The strainer snaps inside the Funnels. The construction is safe for hot liquids. Pieces nest for compact storage.

Brand: Oxo

👤A good set of funnels. Almond milk and berry seeds won't be strained with the "filter" because it has big holes. I like the non-slip grips on the outside that keep them in the vessel that you're pouring in. The tips of the funnel need to be cleaned. Most drawers are not deep enough to hold these so they have to be stored in a cupboard. I'm happy with them and feel like I'm studying. There is a Click Yes if you found my review helpful. It's a good thing.

👤I have given these funnels a five star rating, not because they are the greatest things in the world, but because they are the best ones I have ever owned. The ribs that allow air to vent from the destination container are advertised as a feature, but they don't provide a large amount of space between the funnel and the inside of what you are using for a destination. The space they give is adequate for the purpose. They balance well on the top of a container as they don't have a large handle on one side that would cause them to fall down. The small thumb-hold and the ribs for ventilating are made of a substance that is more rubber than plastic. It makes them easier to deal with. No fumbling with these babies! There is a The inside of the funnels are very smooth and slick, and the textured plastic on the outside gives them more traction for handling them. I was confused about where the strainer was supposed to go and how it was supposed to work, but I discovered that in the larger of the two funnels are three small nubs that allow you to "snap" the strainer into place. The smaller unit does not have these "nubs". The strainer is useful for straining french fries from the oil they were fried in, although the holes in the strainer are large enough that small particles can pass through. It wouldn't work for loose leaf tea. ID is a number. OD is for Outside Diameter. Small funeral.LARGE funeral. Large end OD: 4.2", small end OD: 0.7", small end at the tip OD: 0.8" I think that all aspects of the funnel have been well thought out and executed, and I am very satisfied with these. The people who are not satisfied with the funnels are too picky to live.

👤The perfect material for my process, the funnel is great. I use both sizes of this package for different reasons. The only reason this is a 3-star review and not a 5-star review is because of the strainer, which was a key reason why I purchased this product in the first place. The strainer is supposed to be stuck into the end of the funnel, but I have noticed that if you put it straight on, it will block the liquid from passing. The strainer only strains half of what I want it to because it has large holes. I don't mean to be overly picky, but it just doesn't work well for straining fruit jucies and kombucha tea.

3. INMAKER Collapsible Funnel Silicone Foldable

INMAKER Collapsible Funnel Silicone Foldable

ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY: Re-use your jars and bottles. The canning funnel is great for all your mason jar projects. This collapsible funnel is your new favorite for kitchen, art space, garage and garden. It works as a food funnel, ice funnel, powder funnel, grain funnel, spice funnel, or funnel for water bottles. The innovative collapsible design collapses to store. It's easy to store less kitchen space after folding. Your kitchen will be cleaner. Food grade silicone is the high quality material. There is no need to worry that the funnel will hurt your family's health. The funnel is durable and can be used at -40 to 250 degrees Celsius. Good Bye Flimsy. The technology makes the funnel moredurable. It is easy to clean and dry a dishwasher. There are two sizes and two colors to choose from. Different specifications are free to use.

Brand: Inmaker

👤These are good. I use them to put powders into water bottles. They do a good job. I have a funnel from walmart. I got for a buck that does the job just as well. It takes up more space. I use them for what I want, which is pretty big. They're good but not perfect. I would buy them again.

👤I bought these to use for my sports drinks. I use 60 oz. because I don't like using shaker bottles. There is a water bottle. It has always been difficult to get the powders in the bottle. I used to roll up a piece of paper and make my own funnel, but that has it's own set of issues. The powder doesn't stick to the funnels like plastic does. It is easy to squeeze them and force the powder down if it gets stuck. I have nothing bad to say about these.

👤They work as advertised. I cut them in half with scissors and used the bottom half now because they're bigger than I thought. They're flimsy, which makes it difficult to collapse, but not too difficult.

👤The walls are too thin and the funnels will fall apart eventually. It works as a funnel. I think I should have spent more money to get a better funnel.

👤I ordered the Zipzicle Ice Pop sleeves. I was so glad I did. The ice pop bags are easy to fill. The kids and I make fruit smoothie together. The thick mixture is easy to pour through the funnel. The collapsible feature makes it easy to store in the utensil drawer. Delivery was on time. This product and the seller are recommended by me.

👤She uses hers in the kitchen and I use mine to fill my flask. They are easy to clean and collapse for storage. Silicone products tend to attract dust and hair.

👤I end up with a spill over when I use this funnel to pour liquid because it is so soft. I held it up a bit so that the sides of the bottle wouldn't touch the funnel. I will buy a metal one next time.

👤The opening is too small for the powder to get stuck in the bottles. It works well for liquid.

👤It looks like it will cost me the same amount to buy these as it will to return them, a bit of a cheek! If you're sure you need them, buy them.

👤The job was smaller than expected but it was done well. I can add things without soaking the engine.

👤The funnel folds up to a small size for easy storage. It is easy to clean. Very pleased!

👤I wanted them for something. They are easy to store. Customer service even sent me an email to make sure I was happy.

👤The funnels arrived in good time. Are good. They are nearly flat. I have already used them. They were able to hold up against the boiling oil. Excellent quality.

4. HAUSPROFI Stainless Kitchen Strainer Transferring

HAUSPROFI Stainless Kitchen Strainer Transferring

Made of economical aluminum foil. It doesn't mean disposable is wasteful. Their disposable food containers can help you reduce your carbon footprint. They can last a while in your kitchen before they are retired. Top-GRADE STAINLESS STEELHAUS PROFI STAINLESS STEEL STEERING FURLE is made from high-quality 304 STAINLESS STEEL and has a practical handle. The professional food-safe stainless steel funnels are safe for you to use for a long time. The straining filter has aremovable straining filter. The nylon and PP frame are made of fine mesh filters that help you to filter the fine grains, ideal for juice, wine, milk, and soy milk. It's compatible for most bottles, jars and other containers and can be used as a general kitchen funnel. It is easy to cleanDishwasher safe. The dishwasher is a good place to clean the funnel. 100% money-back lifetime warranty! Enjoy a smooth and hassle-free experience with HAUSPROFI's 100% Lifetime warranty. You can buy their products with confidence because they stand by them. Your purchase is protected. HAUS PROFI STAINLESS STEEL. The kitchen accessory that should not be missing in any household is the straining funnel.

Brand: Hausprofi

👤I received a mesh from Amazon that I ordered. The package arrived on time and exceeded my expectations. I used a funnel and mesh to remove 6 gallons of peanut oil from my turkey on Thanksgiving. I was able to transfer the used peanut oil back into its container using the funnel and mesh. I would highly recommend the combination of the funnel and mesh to anyone that is trying to transfer fluids from one container to another. Thanks.

👤I use this daily to make sure my goat milk is clean. Works well. It's best to wash by hand. The dishwasher has gunk in it. Unless you pre rinse your dishes, don't put them in the dishwasher. It will have a lot of stuff stuck in the folds. Otherwise, it's great. It is washed twice a day.

👤My husband was tired of using coffee filters. The little funnel strainer was an excellent purchase. It works well. I was a little skeptical when I ordered it. It's quite the opposite. It's well made. Oil runs through the filter like water. The filter is easy to clean. This little device is perfect.

👤The job is done nicely. The mesh food strainer clips onto the funnel so there's no risk of spilling it. Great product!

👤The taste of french fries in the oven was not as good as fried. I purchased a deep fryer and had an issue with draining and filtering the oil. It was messy to use a separated paper towel. When I was looking for a strainer with filter on Amazon, I came across the HAUSprofi, a 13 cm 304 STAINLESS STEEL kitchen funnel with 200 mesh food filter. I bought it immediately. I was very happy to open the filter and funnel. The funnel is made of steel. The handle of the funnel holds the filter on the rim. The oil can flow through and the scraps can be caught by the filter. The oil tastes good. It's easy to clean the filter and funnel. It is ready for the next use. I'm very happy with this set. The construction is top notch and it gets the job done. The HAUSprofi is a 13 cm 304 STAINLESS STEEL kitchen funnel with 200 mesh food filter. You will not regret the purchase.

👤The Hausprofi is a great buy. I wanted something sturdy and reliable to help my cold brew coffee process, and I am so happy I found this product and gave it a chance. You can see how well the mesh filter works.

👤I purchased a peanut oil filter and funnel after having trouble with it the last time. I fried fish last night and got a chance to use it. It worked out great. There is a I only use my electric deep fried once a month or two. I don't keep oil in it. I don't want to throw away most of the oil that it takes to fill the fryer. I need to filter the batter and the crumbs before I put the oil back in the jug. I've used cloth before to remove oil. It took forever while it worked. I ended up with a mess. There is a I poured the entire container through the funnel on top of my jug last night. It took a few minutes to let the residual oil trickle through the bottom of the mesh because it was getting plugged. My frying clean up time was cut in half by this device. I was very happy with my purchase.

5. Norcalway Silicone Collapsible Kitchen Canning

Norcalway Silicone Collapsible Kitchen Canning

The best for arts and crafts. For that perfect sample bottle for guests, customers, or friends and family, get homemade make-up, cologne and perfume, lotion or body moisturizers. You can hang or hide them in a drawer and make your kitchen look more organized by folding them together. You can bring the kitchen funnels with you to camp. These kitchen gadgets are made from premium silicone and are amazingly cold and heat resistant. Their foldable funnel is free of harmful chemicals. It's very safe to fill bottles with drink, water, spices, grains, powder. There are two different sizes of collapsible kitchen funnel. The large funnel is used for filling wide mouth jars for grains, spices, powders, and even juices, whereas the small funnel is used for filling small mouth jars. The dishwasher is safe. Their funnel is dishwasher safe too. This funnel is designed to make life easier. You can rinse them in warm water. There is a risk-free 90 day manufacturing warranty. If you are not happy with their product, please let them know and they will make it right for you.

Brand: Norcalway

👤These are thought to be very cool. They are easy to clean and have a nice price. They don't sit flush when filling whatever you're filling. Either it wants to topple or if you can hold it with a finger or two and hold the container, the funnel collapses under your hand pressure. If you are pouring something hot, it is an annoyance. If that makes sense, it is very durable, but not stable. It's good information to know if you are working with anything that needs to be poured.

👤We had to put our previous funnel in odd places because it wouldn't fit in our drawer, so I bought these Silicone Kitchen Funnels. It could have been behind the pots and pans or behind the peanut butter cupboard. It could not be found. The collapsible funnels are in the drawer where they belong. They each have a small hole on the tab, so they could hang. I like that they are dishwasher safe. They think they will stay expanded well with use. They are easy to clean. We will mostly be using these to fill up our Olive Oil Sprayer and pour our homemade chocolate syrup into its bottle, but there are plenty of other uses that come up as well. I am very happy to have these. Never enough space! These are a huge help.

👤These are what I needed. The small funnel makes it easier to transfer herbs and spices from large bags to small jars. The large size has been good for most things. They collapse so they can keep their drawer space. Nick sent me an email to make sure I was happy. Huh? Certainly wasn't expecting that! He is doing it right. I will check with Norcalway first for future orders.

👤Eight years ago, I lost my home to anti-Asian violence and now live in a one room flat. I can't store a lot because I don't have a real kitchen. There is a They do not hold up to oil being poured through them. You would need someone else to hold the funnel. The bigger one works well for pouring tea leaves into tea bags.

👤The lower section is torn and you can see that the sections above are easy to tear after a few more times of opening and closing. The tear happened after the first use. They were cheap so don't return because it will be more of a hassle than it's worth.

👤I received an email from the seller telling me that there had been a recent problem with some of the packages and that I should let them know right away so they could fix it. I was all good because my package had both funnels. As long as you are aware of that, the funnels work. They meet a lot of different needs in two different sizes. They collapse so they don't take up a lot of room.

👤I needed a large mouth funnel that could fit inside a jug lid. I need to mix marine salt with the spring water to make their salt water. The salt would get stuck in a regular funnel or be poured from a measuring cup into the gallon. The larger red funnel is great for getting salt into the gallon. It keeps me from dropping salt on the carpet.

6. Kitchen Funnels Silicone Collapsible Transfer

Kitchen Funnels Silicone Collapsible Transfer

We are committed to providing customers with higher quality products and a comfortable customer experience. Please let them know if you have any problems with the funnel set, they will try to make it right. The kitchen funnel set includes large funnel, medium funnel and small funnel. The different sizes of kitchen funnel can help you meet your needs. Their large wide mouth collapsible funnel is a great choice for filling bottles. The medium kitchen funnel is great for filling bottles. The small collapsible funnel can be used to fill essential oil and lotion. The collapsible Funnels are made of premium soft Silicone and are resistant to stains and odor. You can use the kitchen funnel set at ease, it can resist temperatures from -40F to 440F. The funnels can be hung on the wall or put away in a drawer to save space in the kitchen. It's easy to carry the Funnels for kitchen use. It is easy to clean and dry. The kitchen funnel is very easy to clean, just wash with warm water and add little soap, or put them in the dishwasher, it's convenient for anyone in the family to use.

Brand: Nalsislo

👤The funnels work as expected. Storage is made easy by the collapse feature. Cleaning is a bit annoying because they don't drain completely. There is a The large funnel is useful for dry goods but limits what you can use it for. There is a I know from experience that when it is folded and expanded, it will not last a long time.

👤The big one has a flat rim on the lowest step. The last 3 steps on the medium one broke after the return period ended. The small one isn't useful for a lot of things. The cheap junk that falls apart just after the return deadline is Amazon's choice.

👤I bought these funnels because I was tired of chasing peppercorns around my counter when I tried to fill my pepper mill. They take up little space in my drawer. A perfect solution!

👤Does the job well. They do a great job. I was asked if they are American products. There is a I believe these Funnels are made in China or Korea. There is a They have a brand called BubbleMilk! I could only find the Chinese wording. BubbleMilk is suppose to give the product an American feel. Likes BubbleGum! Everyone thinks of Americans as Bubblegum possessed. chewing gum! Product is good and no complaints!

👤These are easy to store. Two of the smaller spouts/mouths are too small while the larger one is too big. There should be a size between.

👤These are the same as shown on the listing. I didn't notice that they don't fold down completely. The very center of each funnel is extended. I didn't notice that this was shown in the picture. It's not a big deal to me, but if it is to you, you know.

👤These are good for the kitchen. I like how sturdy they are for something that is collapsible and doesn't take up a lot of space in the kitchen.

👤The folding design reduces the amount of space needed. It works well and has three useful sizes. The folds make it hard to clean a rigid funnel. They need to be washed with soap and water before being used.

7. Kitchen Canning Collapsible Silicone Flexible

Kitchen Canning Collapsible Silicone Flexible

The collapsible funnel with hanging holes can be hung up and stacked together, saving 80% of the space compared to the traditional funnel. Wide mouth kitchen funnel's for kitchen You can transfer liquid from the kitchen funnel to fruit jars. You just need to open the funnel, put it on cans or bottels, and pour the delicious coffee, fruit, and candy. Your kitchen and work areas will remain clean and tidy with this multi-purpose large funnel. You will be proud of this purchase. Your kitchen partner. The essential and practical funnel in your kitchen is suitable for most conventional spices cans, fragrance bottles and wide mouth cans, as well as helping to transfer liquid, spices, powder, jam, solid beans and more. High quality canning funnel. Their number one priority is your health. All funnels are made of body safe silicone and are heat resistant up to 250C. No need to worry about the health of your family. The large funnel is foldable. They checked the performance of the funnel one by one and found it to be easy to fold. Put it on one hand and press the funnel mouth on the other, it's so easy. You can put the space saver in a drawer or hang it on the wall. The 1PCS Silicone collapsible red canning funnel is a great help for your kitchen work. A small funnel for liquid transfer. Their customer service is friendly.

Brand: Senvasfa

👤I needed a specific size to transfer my cat's litter from a cardboard box to a humidity proof plastic container. The container is perfect to keep the litter on the patio.

👤The funnels seem well made and convenient to store and clean. They need support when transferring heavy material because they are made to collapse unexpectedly.

👤I'm not using this for cooking. I use this to sort out crafts. I didn't have a big enough funnel. This is perfect. The wide top is good for putting in a whole bag of beads. Nothing happens. Very happy! The price was even better. Thank you!

👤I needed this for my transfer. When I'm lazy, I just brew coffee and transfer it to another container and chill it in the fridge. I need a funnel to transfer it into another container. The bigger funnel makes it go faster.

👤The narrow end of the funnels is smaller than the wide mouth and narrow mouth canning jars, so you won't have any trouble getting liquids to go in, but chunks of food may present a problem. The product folds down to fit in small spaces.

👤A good product at a good price. These will be useful. The title of the funnel is not clear. The canning funnel has a bigger mouth.

👤These collaps are wonderful. I plan to use the large mouth funnel for canning and small mouth for bottle making.

👤Not very strong. Hold it with one hand if it falls over. The ridges catch items so they don't drain into your container easily.

8. Kitchen Kmeivol Silicone Collapsible Transfer

Kitchen Kmeivol Silicone Collapsible Transfer

ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY The collapsible canning funnel is great for wide-mouth containers. You can use one funnel in the kitchen for food if you have a 2 piece pack. One can use gasoline in home or travel for pet food. Both indoor and outdoor are ok. Silicone collapsible funnel is made of soft and durable Silicone raw materials which are safe and eco-friendly. The silicone material can be folded and used for storage. The collapsible funnel has a folding feature which makes it easy to store in any place. You can hang the hook on the wall or put it in a drawer to save space. There are two pieces large and two pieces small kitchen funnel in different colors. They can meet all of your needs in the kitchen. It is easy to clean. A good person in the kitchen. The kitchen funnel can be used to transfer liquids between containers and is best for canning kitchen soy sauce, cooking wine, and other items that will not leak. Can be used for shower gel replacement. Easy care, no rust and no silicone funnel, makes it easy to keep clean. Put soap in the dishwasher or wash with warm water and add little soap.

Brand: Kmeivol

👤I use them for a lot of things. I bought them because it would be easier to make Iced coffee for my husband with them. I've used the smaller ones to refill the containers. They work well. I would like the end to end but it prevents them from being completely flat or that they were truly stackable. A few of them are the same size or slightly smaller so they don't have to worry about being inside themselves. I like them and they are a great value.

👤You can't complain about the lack of room for the funnel in the trunk in your camp kitchen. It's easy to find, designate and differentiate, and store anywhere. The tip sticks out so you don't have to worry about it being mistaken for a collapsible cup. It is easy to clean, but maybe not as easy as a material funnel. Not as strong as a funnel made out of material that is strong. Problem solved because it was too bulky. I can't remember which one is for clean water and which one is for dirty water. Problem solved because of wrong fit.

👤I was expecting thin walled, cheap cr** but was pleasantly surprised that these are as advertised. There are two sets in the kitchen and the workshop.

👤I assumed the hole would be smaller for smaller containers as there was a large funnel. Not true. The outlet is the same size.

👤Does the job but not very well.

👤They seem flimsy, but they will work.

9. Kitchen Collapsible Silicone Funnels Transferring

Kitchen Collapsible Silicone Funnels Transferring

Anyone in the family can use it. It is very easy to keep it clean. If there is no grease, you can simply wash with warm water, add a small amount of soap or put it in the dishwasher, and the machine will do the work for you. The package has a large wide mouth, medium and small size funnels for different needs. The bottom opening is 1.5 and the top opening is 4.33". The bottom opening was 0.50 and the top opening was 3.4. The bottom opening is 0.29 and the top opening is 2.44. A large canning funnel is great for all your jars, it's easy to transfer beans, grains, granules, sauce, jam and more. The medium funnel is good for filling bottles. The small funnel is used for makeup bottles. Premium Flexible Silicone Funnels are food grade. No need to worry about the health of your family and friends because the funnel is heat resistant. Kitchen space can be saved. Thanks to these 3 funnels, your kitchen and work areas will remain clean. Collapse to store the funnel set. You can hang on the wall or put away in a drawer, and they have provided you with 3 simple sticky hooks to help you complete. They will not change their color if you put them in the dishwasher. It's easy to keep clean even if it gets oily, and you can add a little soap to make the job easier.

Brand: Funcdeme

👤I have a pair like this, that I ordered a few months ago, but this set was very smelly, I'm not sure if it came from another company or not. It smelled like rubber. I ordered the other one's cane with a set of two and it didn't smell bad. I ordered this set because it didn't come with the third one. I had to wash it with dish soap and bleach the next day. They need to do something about the smell. I know they're good, from using my previous pair. It's not complaining about the two smaller holes being the same size, just take some scissors and cut one a little bit. Problem solved!

👤Very strong. I read the reviews before buying and was not disappointed. The only thing I didn't like was that 2 of the spouts were the same size as in the other reviews, and the third one was huge. I had to refill my dressing bottles and fill the jam bottle for my grandkids because the middle spout was cut a little higher. It worked well. The collapsible feature is a plus. I used a bottle brush to clean the folds, I'm sure a dishwasher would do the same.

👤These were appealing to me as I continued to look for ways to reduce the size of my tools. There is a They are easy to collapse and stay in place. There is a The only thing I don't like is that thing. It sticks to the inside when funneling items like sugar. Even if you give it a few taps on the exterior, it doesn't release. That is a bit wasteful. I think they will come in more varied size openings, as they have either a large hole or small hole.

👤I wanted to put gel beads in a wine bottle. I'm not happy that the exit holes on the medium and small funnel are the same size as on the largest funnel, which is four or five times bigger.

👤The three sizes are a bonus, they also collapse for storage.

👤These are great ideas for the bar. They are hard to clean because they are not smooth on the inside.

👤They took the most awkward shaped tool we need in our kitchens and made it 888-282-0465, which is 888-282-0465, which is 888-282-0465, 888-282-0465 I like it. It is easy to clean and functional.

👤It's hard to remove powdered herbs and other stuff. They can flop around while trying to change things. I bought these to save space, but I didn't get a steel funnel.

10. Silicone Collapsible Foldable Kitchen Transfer

Silicone Collapsible Foldable Kitchen Transfer

5. 24 hours onine. If you have a question, please feel free to contact them, they will be able to help you within 24 hours. The funels are made of food grade silicone material which is soft and flexible, heat resistant, and will not damage the health of your families. Collapse to store in the space saver in the kitchen. It's easy to store less kitchen space after folding. Assorted Color4 small funnels with different colors, easy to differentiate, meet different needs. The kitchen funnel can transfer liquid and powder. It's suitable for almost any container. The small funnel set is easy to keep clean, just wash it with warm water and add little soap or put it in the dishwasher. You can put it in the drawer or hang it on the wall.

Brand: Ecurfu

👤We need to put the gallon bottles of spray into spray bottles at work. Our office has very little space to store things. I bought these. I thought they would be perfect. They work well. I don't know how long it will last for. It is almost 100 proof of alcohol. The first time I filled up the spray bottles, I had to take the oils off my skin and almost cracked them. I need something to help after feeling the 4th bottle. The work was perfect. This has been a great investment so far. They have collapsible forow storage areas. Excellent! This product is recommended by me.

👤My old hard plastic funnel was replaced with these. There is a There are pros and cons. The folding flat means lesscluttering in the kitchen drawers. Throw it in the dishwasher when done using no hand washing. I can use the funnel for everything. I need more bug ones and replace my larger one now that I know these exist, and I will be taking out all our funnels because I could certainly do with some freed up drawer and cupboard space. I would buy these again.

👤I keep this in my locker, it's on top of the supplement container. It's easy to add water bottles.

👤Absolutely love them! They are used for powders into our waters, buying spices in bulk and then transferring them to smaller bottles. I would highly recommend them. They fold down to save more space. Excellent item!

👤I like these, they don't need 4 so I share them with my family. It's great to get powder into water bottles. There is a They fit nicely on a canning jar to make a fruit fly trap.

👤These are cute and make it easy for me to add flavor powder to my water. I can easily take one on the go because they are collapsible.

👤It was perfect. Exactly what I needed. I have a few to spare if I lose one, so I fold down to store it in my lunch bag. I will.

👤I enjoy the convenience. They are not flat as shown. The tip will not fold flat because it is bent on the packaging.

11. Funnel Kitchen Canning Large Collapsible Wide Silicone Food

Funnel Kitchen Canning Large Collapsible Wide Silicone Food

The canning funnel is lightweight and convenient to use for kitchen canning supplies. There is a lesson to be learned. The large funnel will keep your kitchen and work areas clean and tidy. Mom will be happy to see how easy it is to throw this flexible funnel in the dishwasher. This wide mouth funnel can be flipped inside out to become a regular mouth funnel. It's a perfect fit for all of your jars and jars. This mason jar funnel can be used for more fun cooking projects. All sizes of mason jars, Ball jars, Kerr jars, Bormioli Rocco and Le Parfait jars are designed to fit perfectly. This food grade funnel will make all your projects easy, no matter if you are making food gifts for friends and family, or making fun art projects with your kids. Slips are a thing of the past with this easy to grip and hold, extra sturdy funnel. The wide grip handles have Silicone inlay, which makes it easy to hold without slipping from your grip. The new favorite of your canning tools. It fits in your drawers. Stores are flat for fitting. The most versatile kitchen funnel is the one that takes up less space than a big, clumsy metal or plastic one and fits both size mouths. A new collapsible kitchen funnel is better than your old ball canner funnel. It's bright blue color makes it easy to spot. ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY: Re-use your jars and bottles. The canning funnel is great for all your mason jar projects. This collapsible funnel is your new favorite for kitchen, art space, garage and garden. It works as a food funnel, ice funnel, powder funnel, grain funnel, spice funnel, or funnel for water bottles.

Brand: Brewing America

👤I make a lot of soup. The funnel works well for saving soup in jars. I used to have a large canning funnel that didn't work well for my smaller jars, but this one works better with all sizes. It also helps that it collapses.

👤I didn't realize how small this funnel is. It's hard to not overflow it. There is a If you are making anything with dry ingredients, they will not release without washing and starting again. You can't wipe them off. There is a It's oblong shape makes it hard to use. If you hit one of the edges, it will tip your jar over because the weight in it is not centered. I would like it to be larger, less tacky, and round. There is a If you don't accidentally knock over your jar, you'll be fine for small chores with wet projects.

👤I used the funnel to pour the dry cat grain into the feeders. It took me a long time trying to get the dry grain into the container. I found this funnel on Amazon and ordered it. I can pour the dry grain into the funnel. I can do it using a lot of time. This was a time saver for me.

👤I use jars to store fresh-cut fruits and veggies and make breakfast jars for my husband. This item makes it so easy and tidy, no spills outside the jar, everything slips right in. I can store it neatly in a drawer because it's safe.

👤I bought a waffle maker from Cuisinart. It was difficult to clean the machine when I used it to make waffles because bits of batter would find their way to cracks and crevices. I needed a funnel that would fit into the square opening of the wafflemaker and be wide enough to keep your fingers out of the hot steam coming from the machine. Every single condition was fulfilled by this funnel. It is much easier to clean this funnel than it is to clean the machine that stray batter would find its way into. The funnel is firmly in the opening and doesn't need to be propped up or held there. I called Cuisinart and told them that the wafflemaker should include a Silicon funnel like this, as it was such an essential addition to the pleasurable operation of it.

👤Tired of spilling birdseed, I needed a wide mouth flexible funnel to use with my bird feeders that have a post in the middle of the tube to securely connect the cap. The post needed a wide funnel to allow food to pass through. I am trying a waste free seed mixture that contains some larger peanut sized pieces and the funnel worked perfectly. It is easy to clean and collapses for storage. There is a The only concern I have is the quality of the product. The rubber seems to be durable, but only time will tell. Very good purchase so far.

👤I use this funnel to fill large aquarium filter media bags. It has a large opening at the bottom that allows me to stretch the bag over the funnel bottom and pour the media with one hand. If the funnel top was round, large pouring containers would not be able to fit in it. It is easy to store because it collapses completely flat. Great product!


What is the best product for cooking funnel collapsible?

Cooking funnel collapsible products from Lebice. In this article about cooking funnel collapsible you can see why people choose the product. Oxo and Inmaker are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking funnel collapsible.

What are the best brands for cooking funnel collapsible?

Lebice, Oxo and Inmaker are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking funnel collapsible. Find the detail in this article. Hausprofi, Norcalway and Nalsislo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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