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1. Riveira Utensils Nonstick Silicone Everyday

Riveira Utensils Nonstick Silicone Everyday

Lifetime warranty. Colorful kitchen utensils are a great way to liven up your kitchen. The bamboo utensils in the set are made from eco-friendly beech wood and have vibrant, comfy silicone grips, which make them perfect for everyday use, so you'll get the most use out of them without having to purchase additional bamboo utensils. A tool for every situation. A wooden spoon for stirring and tasting, a wooden spoon for working with soups and sauces, a wooden spatula, a fork for serving salads or lifting meats, and a unique pasta wooden spoon are included in the kitchen utensil set. There is a practical eco-friendly material. Better than bamboo utensils, theirs are strategically made with durable, non-stick organic wooden heads that won't retain food odors and won't scratch pots or pans, each implement is complemented with comfortable, CE-certified silicone handles that are heat- resistant to protect against high cooking temperatures Innovative design and performance. Their premium beech wood set is carefully crafted with the most durable wooden heads, deluxe silicone handles, and a footed mechanism on the handle to elevate messy tools slightly off the counter to reduce cleanup and also, unlike overhyped bamboo cooking utensils and cooking wooden utensils that are made from inferior material with fruitless LIFETIME MANUFACTURER. There is a warranty on this. They offer a lifetime manufacturer's warranty if you're not happy with their wood cooking utensils, because they are so confident in the craftsmanship and performance of their cooking and kitchen utensils that they guarantee complete satisfaction with your purchase.

Brand: Riveira

👤Do not buy them. I have been using them since Christmas. They are falling apart within 3 weeks. Two of them are loose and wiggling, and all of them are coming off in small pieces. I don't want that in the food I'm cooking so I threw them all away. So disappointed.

👤The plastic film on the wood became peel from it after cooking them. Is it possible that these utensils are not made for cooking with heat?

👤I ordered the Harry Potter kitchen utensil set to give as a gift. I opened the box to check the contents. The inside of the box was marked with Star Wars themed utensils. Since I have no gift, I need to run out and grab something new.

👤I was looking for a set that was comfortable and durable. I found these guys after reading that beechwood is a great material that won't scratch pans or stain, so I gave them a try. I knew they were brand new when they were wrapped in plastic. I was blown away by the quality of the eggs I made. The grips and head made flipping my eggs easy. I was impressed by these. I highly recommend!

👤These spoons are made of beechwood. I like how they sit. I almost returned them because the smell on the silicone was very strong from the box. The strong smell is gone and can only be smelled if I bring the silicone to my nose. The cool colors look chic to me.

👤I had to return the spatulas because they had a strong smell of glue. I was surprised that there were no reviews about this. I think it's the glue used on the handles. I don't want my food cooked with it.

👤Harry Potter was received by Star Wars. There is a It was only 3 stars because it wasn't what I ordered.

👤This design is great for cooking. The smell of the wood is strong when it is reacted with heat, and that's one of the issues I have with it. If you don't leave it in the water for 30 minutes, it will damage your utensil. See the picture for my spoon. The first 30 minutes are spent in the water. After 3-4 uses, the protectant comes off. I think the best way to use it is to wash it immediately after each use. Maybe this would be okay. I like this product.

2. RSVP Silicone Utensils Spoon Spatula

RSVP Silicone Utensils Spoon Spatula

Their service is available. Good cookware often gets twice the result with half the effort, even though no one is born to be a good cook. Bundlepro is committed to providing customers with the highest quality kitchen utensils. If you have any questions about their products, please contact them, they will be happy to serve you. Each piece is made of silicone that surrounds a metal core that provides a substantial weight to each piece. The large size of the flexible silicone fork makes it ideal for turning meats or serving vegetables. You can mix, stir, or scraper with this spoon and spatula. The dishwasher safe can be reached up to 220 degrees Celsius.

Brand: Rsvp International

👤The product is great. There are items that are balanced. Why aren't more companies making this type of spoon?

👤I like the fork which I use for salad mixing.

👤These utensils were what I was looking for. I use them a lot.

👤The color is true to the color. It was nice to use.

3. Norpro Grip EZ Grab Silicone Tongs

Norpro Grip EZ Grab Silicone Tongs

If you are not satisfied with the item, simply return it for a full refund. 100% money back guarantee! This is an excellent tool for lifting waffles from a hot waffle iron. Silicone prongs fit neatly into pockets to hold waffles. Use electric waffle makers without using metal forks. It won't scratch glass, ceramic or metal. Stay-cool handles with thumb and finger grooves for nonslip control. Also great for use with specialty cookware.

Brand: Norpro

👤When I put my waffle maker in the cart, there was a product at the bottom of the page. They were more of an impulse buy than we were looking for. I knew from reading reviews that they were short. I will admit that when they arrive. I thought they might be another thing for our junk drawer. There is a They have turned out to be a must have for waffle making. The process would be more difficult without these tongs. I am about 5'3" and my hands are proportional to my size. Some reviews say that they are too small for adult hands. I think it's awkward to use a larger set of tongs for waffles after trying to use a larger pair without the prongs. There is a I have been using my grab tongs for a while. I like to use them with my waffle maker. I would recommend this product to others.

👤The tongs are well-made, but they are 4 inches long. I was expecting a spatula the size of a regular one, but they're not that big. I feel like I'm using a child's toy when I use them, and they're too small to use with my quad waffle maker. Maybe they'd be okay for one waffle square. I'm not upset but I wouldn't buy them again because they are so small.

👤The flipper is Sturdy. This is a very short utensil. These are always in an open position. It doesn't need a lock to be closed, so it's fine. It doesn't open wide, so don't really need it for waffle use. We use it with our waffle maker. I think it works. Rather use this than use a fork. I have large lady hands. My hands are wide and I have short fingers. I don't have any issues operating this flipper. Why am I telling you that? Other reviews have said that it is too small to use. Nah. I would not use it in a hot cast iron pan with boiling oil, but to safely and easily handle waffles off the waffle maker. Totally fine. Some of you make it sound like it came from Barbies Dream Kitchen. I bought mine when it was around $6-7. I would spend the most on this. I think they list it as an $18 item. No. Unless you make waffles everyday, it isn't an every day item. Can I live with you? There is a It's fine. I like it. We use it. I don't have an issue with it. The rating was full. I have had it for 10 months.

👤I tried to get waffles out of the waffle maker. When I bought the waffle maker, it was recommended that I use it. This is not a good utensil for the waffle maker. It's difficult to close. It reminds me of something you would do with your hand. I missed the chance to try this out because waffles are not something I make all the time and therefore did not get to test this within the time frame.

4. RSVP Silicone Utensils Spatula Turquoise

RSVP Silicone Utensils Spatula Turquoise

Each piece is made of silicone that surrounds a metal core that provides a substantial weight to each piece. The large size of the flexible silicone fork makes it ideal for turning meats or serving vegetables. You can mix, stir, or scraper with this spoon and spatula. The dishwasher safe can be reached up to 220 degrees Celsius.

Brand: Rsvp International

👤Sturdy and resistant to heat. The handles are an inch shorter than other utensils, which means that the hands are closer to the pan when cooking. The fork is better for serving than for cooking.

👤In my RV, space is a premium. It's easy to use and take up a little space.

👤The pieces are the right size.

👤I used the spoon more than the fork. They are very strong because they are thick. I don't use the spatula because I have many others. I use them daily and they are great with heat.

5. Chef Craft Basic Nylon Cooking

Chef Craft Basic Nylon Cooking

The nylon working end is heat resistant. Will not cause damage to pots and pans. The plastic handle is comfortable. The black working end will not stain food. It is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Brand: Chef Craft

👤The product does not heat up, tips melted, so no longer use to cook.

👤I have a couple of spoons and a spoon. I use the spoons for both cooking and tossing/mixing up recipe ingredients, because it's a sturdy material. I've used them to stir soups with no problems. I don't let them sit in the pot while I cook. I've run them through the dishwasher many times without any problems. Yesterday I used one to stir bread dough and the sticky dough cleaned off the spoon easily. A bowl of vegetable chunks with olive oil, cheese, parsley, and spices was tossed last night. Thanks for giving these a try!

👤I like the fork. It is not as sturdy as I would like.

👤I loved everything about this product. You could argue that it is overpriced as compared to a dollar store utensil. It's more heat resistant than nylon forks.

👤I was looking for a fork that could be used as a fork but I didn't want a fork that required the tines to be pointed and sharp. I don't think you could pierce a stick of butter with the rounded tines. If you need it to work as a serving fork, don't waste your money. The handle is cumbersome. I sent it back to them.

👤This thing is going back. Not an adult size. I don't think a teenager would think it was small. When I took it out of the package, I had to laughTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkia Cute, but best used as a back scratcher.

👤I've been looking for this for a while. I thought to check out Amazon. My mom used to have one. This is perfect.

👤It's hard to find a heat resistant nylon fork. I am very happy with this one. I can use it with my skillet without fear. There is a The tip of my fork melted. I really liked this fork, but I'm very disappointed.

6. RSVP International Endurance Turquoise EFF TQ

RSVP International Endurance Turquoise EFF TQ

There are 13 and 21-inch options. Functions: It's perfect for mixing ingredients, mashing food, or scrambling eggs. It's heat safe. Up to 220 degrees Celsius. Measures 11 inches in length. The structure is made from durable steel with a stabilizing metal core. Care: It's dishwasher safe.

Brand: Rsvp International

👤I needed a fork to stir my rice, but I didn't want to damage my pots and pans or the non stick finish on my frying pan. I used it tonight after it arrived. I went on line to buy another one. I can have one in the dishwasher, and still have a clean one. I'm very happy. I wish they had a red color. The bluish fork is easy to find because it sticks out among my other cooking tools. So far, the cooking tool is great.

👤This product was great for cooking. Stirring, Blending, and even breaking down hamburger while it is being cooked. We bought one for Christmas. It's a metal fork covered in something. The tips of the fork are only made of Silicon. The metal is exposed to scratch your pans after some rough treatment. It will last a lot longer if you are gentle. I liked it so much, I might give it a second chance.

👤Got the Green Fork. The fork is bigger than expected. It was delivered in time for me to cook dinner. I fell in love with it. I stirred it and it didn't get discolored. It didn't stink when it arrived or have curry cooking smells. It didn't melt when it was left in the pan. There is no logo on it to collect stuck food. It is easy to wash off. Feels strong. The handle is not rounded. The fork is a little heavier than most silicone spatulas. Not very flexible. Only mildly flexible, and only at the tines. If you have two of them, you could shred a larger pork shoulder, but it's too big to shred chicken. The lime green is bright, but the color is more of a lime. I pictured it next to my spoon. So far it's been great! A big fork! It's instant accessibility. Solid purchase!

👤It was received quickly. I needed a new kitchen fork because my old one was stained and looked dirty. I needed a bigger thing and it took a lot of space in the drawer. It is heavy duty and heat resistant, but it could be 888-282-0465.

👤It's impossible to use a huge, heavy, awkward, and not flexible heavy object. I put this back in the package after taking it out. I can't think of a better cooking activity than an egg, fluff stuffing, or any other. There is a The fork was great in theory, but not in practice.

👤I love this tool. I remembered to have one sent, but I didn't remember where I saw it advertised. I love this. Sometimes when you cook at home you use a fork, which is bad for non stick pans, this fixes that problem. It is a good size and can get very hot, so you need to be careful when you are flipping bacon. As soon as I got it. I separated onions by making sautéed onions. I'm probably going to get two more.

7. Kuhn Rikon Silicone Whisking Flexible

Kuhn Rikon Silicone Whisking Flexible

We back this up with a lifetime guarantee, they love and take pride in their Hamburger meat chopper. If there are ever any issues with this Ground beef chopper, just contact them and they will make it right. Silicone with steel core. It is heat resistant to 200 DegreeC. The whisking fork has tips for turning delicate foods.

Brand: Kuhn Rikon

👤I didn't know how big this fork was when I ordered it. I'm telling you that I haven't stopped using it since I got it. It's like a whisk, but it doesn't get stuck. You can use a spatula to turn food over. It cleans the side of your bowl. The fork is a great idea. I'm ordering another one. I always have one on hand. This is my favorite kitchen tool.

👤I don't understand the reviews about this thing. They convinced me to try it, but I can't recommend it. The photos make it seem like it's a small fork, but I didn't know how large it actually is. The thing is too large and it is a full sized spatula. I couldn't whisk with this thing without some awkward maneuvering of my wrist. It's a clunky tool that doesn't do anything in my kitchen and wouldn't do any job better than a whisk or a spatula, both of which I can get in silicone and in more appropriate sizes.

👤I have been using these tongs daily since buying them in 2015. They are well suited to the purpose of our toaster tongs. They are made of silicone and are not at risk of shock. They are slim and easy to reach into the slots. After years of use, they show no signs of wear. I'm very happy with them. They are better than wooden tongs.

👤The spatula is long and my problem is that. It's hard to get good leverage to stir liquids. It's useless for folding in dry ingredients. It would be perfect if it were less than that length.

👤I've been using these for many years and wanted to give them a gift. The tongs were the same as pictured in the picture. The K-R ones I got are a little different, they don't fit the toast very well. It was disappointing. Attached is a photo. I wanted them to look like the purple and blue ones. I don't care what color they are, I just want the right style.

👤You don't know you need this until you have it. The fork part is big enough to use as a spatula. The measurement is over 13 It is also good for whisking. It is rigid and flexible, so you can use it as a scraper, and it is Silicone so it does not transfer heat to your hand. It is a very versatile tool. I find myself reaching for it a lot.

👤I got a new pair of tongs. Until the Amazon photo is updated, they are not as pictured. I will post a picture of the new design. The overall length is 6.5 or 6.625, the handle portion is 4.5, and the paddle width is just under 7/8". The handle has a gripping texture along the outside, from end to end. The texture on the inside of the paddles is now lines/grooves, top to bottom, no longer what appears to be plus-shaped divots. I was trying to determine if I could use the grill wires to pull toast from the oven's grill, of which the grill wires have a space between them, and the answer is yes. I can use the underside paddle between the grill wires to get a piece of toast from the grill, rather than trying to scoop the toast from above the grill.

8. Tovolo Silicone Mixing Spoon Charcoal

Tovolo Silicone Mixing Spoon Charcoal

Everyone who owns their products will get a superior experience with FOREVER Service. You can enjoy your purchase with full confidence because they are here as a trusted partner. Perfect mixing soda is an essential kitchen tool. The sturdy cooking utensil stirs sauce, batter, side dishes, stir-fry, nut butter, candy, fudge, and more. The spoon is rigid and won't bend when stirring thick substances, and the soft-touch silicone doesn't scratch or tarnish mixing bowls, skillets, pans, or bakeware. The handle of your kitchen utensils is made of STAINLESS STEEL. The metal handle is striking. This kitchen tool is perfect for mixing, folding, serving, spreading, and flipping because of its comfortable handle. Silicone is scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and food-safe for the best kitchen tool. The soft-touch silicone will not scratch pans, making it a gentle and safe choice for cookware. The nylon core of the head is strong enough to hold up to heavy use. Silicone can be heat resistant up to 600 degrees. Silicone will not oxidize over time, preserving the sleek look of your kitchen utensil. Silicone is food-safe and can be used for cooking. The dishwasher safe dimensions are 12.25" L X 2.25" W X 0.75" H. The head is made of silicone and can be heat resistant up to 600 degrees.

Brand: Tovolo

👤It is difficult to purchase kitchen implements that are easy to handle. The handle is too long and the spoon head is too flat. I wanted the spoon to have a deeper bowl. Others might like it. It feels good in the hand. The rating features don't address these, so my rating is higher than I want, as it is easy to clean, sturdy, and easy to hold.

👤I used it for the first time and it broke. I have been using the spoons from this brand for many years and have not had a problem. There is something wrong with this vendor. I should have taken the other reviews more seriously.

👤My daughter and I bought these. I liked the design of the spoons. I bought them because they were too shallow for serving. I noticed that the cracks were developing across the tip of the spoon after using the first one about a dozen times. They are past the return date. They would be on their way back.

👤Don't expect the spoon in your kitchen to be the "do everything" spoon. The silicone cup piece is a little thick and shallow and lies in line with the handle. It can be difficult to serve with. Unless risotto sticks together, you won't be able to scoop things. I use it for things like mixing cookie dough or chili. There is no gap between the two materials. Since it is Silicone and Steel there is no worry of melting. If you rest the metal handle against the edge of the non-stick pot, you can chip the finish. It has happened once. There is a In the end of the day, I love this implement, but I also want you to have a spoon with more scoop to it.

👤I wanted a spoon that could cook and scramble eggs, and also a material that wouldn't clang inside a metal thermos. When I stir my tea in my thermos, the cat runs and is very sensitive to noise. This spoon is great. It's quiet for me. I'm starting to appreciate using it in cooking.

👤When I make oatmeal every morning, I ordered this spoon to use with a new non-stick pot. It's perfect for that job and many others as well. The spoon edges can get into the side edges of the pot if you use the shape. It doesn't have a deep bowl, so you can't use it to ladle out food, but it is great for stirring.

👤The same is true for this spoon, as I reviewed the cousin. Kitchen tools are easy to overlook. Don't forget how important a good spoon is, it's comfortable, easy to use, durable, and easy to clean. The spoon is all of that. It's also good to have a good price. A sturdy metal handle and easy to hold and control cooking grade silicone is what you get. It washes like a charm. I've had his spoon and its cousin for over a year and it has helped me a lot. It looks like it's new even after many trips to the dishwasher, big pans of bread dough, and the like. It has never picked up smells or colors. Great tool in the kitchen. Lots of pros. The spoons have been used daily for more than a year. I have ordered another Tovolo product, the "whisk spoon", because I found no fault in them. I am very happy with it after a week. The Tovolo silicone kitchen tools are still very satisfied after 3-4 years. I am happy with Tovolo, Oxo, and Cuisinart. The Tovolo spoons are not a big deal, but the handles are metal. It's going to get hot if you leave it in the pan with the handle over the edge. I can't say about other brands.

9. Norpro 1607 Resistant Nylon Black

Norpro 1607 Resistant Nylon Black

75" x 3 cm x 2 cm. It's perfect for holding meats steady for slicing and for turning meat in a pan. Long comfortable handle keeps hands away from heat. The nylon is heat resistant to 450F. The hang hole makes it easy to hang on hooks. Also fits in utensil holders. It's safe for cookware with non-stick, glass and enamel coating. It's dishwasher safe.

Brand: Norpro

👤I bought two different forks because I couldn't decide. The Oxo good grip nylon fork is $6.99. For certain needs, I really like this fork. It is long, heat resistant to 450 degrees, rigid, one solid piece and sharp. It's perfect for grabbing the roast out of the pan. This is for anyone who needs a long stabby fork. There is a The tines are thick and the handle is curvy. Strong and rigid are the Pros. To hold large amounts of meat. Great for holding things. One piece construction. It was long. It might be too sharp for your teflon pans. There was no comfort grip. The handle is a little slippery. There is a I like both forks for different reasons. The Oxo has a softer tine end. The Oxo has a better grip. Oxo is on top of the picture.

👤Replacing mine that broke after 23 years. It's really sad. I was skeptical about getting the newer style because my old one was one long solid unit, not molded with added handle, and had long prongs on the inside. I got it. It's sturdy. The prongs are sharp enough to stab most meats, and won't scratch your pots or pans. I recommend.

👤One of these were in the condo that we stayed in. I called it the devil's fork. It is easy to flip bacon because of the prongs. The name brand was on the back. It took some searching. I ordered one for us before we left the condo.

👤I used it to make belgian waffles for my out of town guests. The waffles came out of the waffle maker in one piece, thanks to the fork. Customer was very satisfied.

👤We have used a nylon fork for years and I have been looking for a new one. You can't find them in stores anymore, so I went to Amazon. The fork was of good quality and cheap. A win win combination. Shipping was fast. This product is recommended by me.

👤I bought this one because I like the feel of the first one more. This one is more resistant to heat.

👤It's a bit awkward for day to day use because it's larger than I expected. Sized more for a grill than a stove. My fault is not looking at the size.

👤It's great to use with my electric pressure cooker. It is a good idea to cook food in a non stick surface instead of using a steel fork.

10. Silicone AILUKI Non Stick Resistant Stainless

Silicone AILUKI Non Stick Resistant Stainless

There is a package with 12 x Music Record Hanging Swirl. 16 inch balloons with 1x 16 letters. The size is shown as a picture. Their Kitchen Utensils Set includes Slotted Spatula,Slotted spoon,Flexible Spatula,Slotted Turner, Solid Turner, Pasta server,Solid spoon, Kitchen tongs, Draining spoon, spoon Spatula, Oven. You can make cooking easier with 17 different Utensils. Silicone Spatula Set are made of food-grade safe materials. There is a safe amount of the chemical BPA free. There was no rust. No bending or breaking. No melting. The spatulas have no head so they are less clean up required. Kitchen Utensil Set is resistant to heat so you can mix and stir directly into their pans. Silicone won't scratch cookware, pots and pans. They're great for prolonging the life of your pans. Kitchen utensil handles made of top-grade STAINLESS steel and silicone are durable and will last a long time without being worn down. It was designed to not bend, break or rust. Different types of cooking utensils would become your best kitchen helpers. A great gift for your friends and family is a best gift for anyone who loves to cook.

Brand: Ailuki

👤I included pictures of the previous plastic set in the first picture. After a few months of use, they started to scratch and peel and make a mess of my pots and pans. I knew I needed a change. Someone recommended using Silicone products since I love to cook. I thought I would give it a try. I was skeptical at first. There is a They match my kitchen style. I don't know how they will hold up in the long run, but if they can make it a few years, I will be a happy chef.

👤The spatula handle broke off after less than 2 months of use, but this is a great kitchen utensil set for the money. The seller sent out a new set after I contacted them. The new set had a new design that was all Silicon, instead of a STAINLESS handle. Thank you seller for your prompt reply and replacement of the faulty piece. willingness to make it right

👤These are great. It is a nice matching set that is inexpensive. I am impressed by the cook that only uses wood, steel and iron in his kitchen.

👤They fill up with water from hand washing. They dump water from the cracks when I make food. I have to remove the silicone from the head and handle to get as much water out as possible because the handle is full of water. I'm very disappointed. The 1 month update is falling apart.

👤My kids wanted to use metal utensils and I had Mr Cooper pots. It wasn't working for me very well. I ordered the utensil set. They get the job done without messing with my pots.

👤They are great and backing up their products.

👤The tab on the tongs doesn't lock them open anymore, and they broke the first time we used them. They washed up fine, but every piece that goes through the dishwasher has white spots on it that won't come off, and the packaging says they're dishwasher safe. They do the job, but I'm not impressed with their appearance. There is a They're only okay. They do their job. There is a The seller contacted me to let me know that they are not meant to be put in the dishwasher. I was offered either a new set or a refund. Customer service makes a difference.

👤These are wonderful. These are better than our cheap, plastic utensils and we bought them as an upgrade. They're easy to clean. I can lean them on the rim of the pan. They are durable and don't melt like previous utensils. I'm glad we bought these and would definitely recommend them.

👤Excellent set and quality for the price. The metal looks a bit worn after a few washes in the dishwasher. You need to shake them and leave them upside down to dry because they hold a lot of water inside.

👤The metal on these utensils is very attractive, but after a few washes in the dishwasher, it has now become discolored.

11. Knork Ware Eco Plant Based Utensil

Knork Ware Eco Plant Based Utensil

The dishwasher is safe and free of BPA. It is dishwasher safe. Composts are made from plant based bamboo and sugar case starch. Certified testing over 450+ commercial dishwasher washes is required for dishwasher safe. With one hand, you can easily cut through food with the Knork design. Make the switch from single-use plastic that is harmful to the environment. It's one fifth of the greenhouse gases. It's safe. The materials are tested to the strictest standards. Palate free as well as fda regulation compliant.

Brand: Knork

👤Does not survive in the dishwasher. If you stick the fork or spoon in a hot meal it will melt. They were thrown out because they were not worth the return. Back to searching.

👤We only use plastic or wooden utensils because my husband can't tolerate the sounds of clinking silverware. I bought these to replace some plastic utensils that don't seem to be made anymore. These are made from bamboo and look plastic, but I love that! The forks are sharp. The sides of the forks have been commented on by guests. I had been afraid that they were serrated, which is why I hadn't bought them sooner, but they actually look like normal forks, except that they can cut! We had one fork break when my daughter tried to use it to smash a banana that was not quite ripe enough, which we usually do with a fork, but these cannot hold up to that kind of pressure. They should not be put in hot liquids, which makes them unsuitable for soup. The spoons are perfect. I love the colors. I would like it if the set came with actual knives. Overall, I love these and would buy them again.

👤These are eco friendly. I like the design and colors. The quality of the disposable plastic forks is better than the spoons. I was washing it for the first time and it snapped. I would not want them to be eco friendly if I knew they would not last forever.

👤I was so excited to get these but I am very disappointed. The tong broke the first time we used it, as my 9yr old daughter was eating cut up honeydew melon. Very dangerous. The picture is attached to a piece of paper.

👤I don't like the taste of metal. I tried to find an alternative and gave these a try. I have been using them for all my meals for a month now and I love them. I was hesitant to buy them because I thought the cutting edge on the forks might cut the sides of my mouth, but that hasn't been an issue. They've been through the dishwasher multiple times without any problems, and I haven't had a break yet. I will be happy if I get a year out of them.

👤In the first shipment, there was one broken fork, but no serious damage to the shipping container, so that should have told me that this item is not durable. The forks were replaced by Amazon with a free replacement. They can melt while eating hot food or even while eating a salad. The spoons seem to be sturdy. I don't know why a more permanent utensil is shoddy, since my high-quality compostable forks do not break, have mild heat resistance, and are durable.

👤The fork points bent almost immediately when I used them to hold a piece of chicken that had been rested for a few minutes. I will give them that.

👤The weight bought for use in the RV was a pleasure to use. If you want to make noise while driving, buy regular steel utensils instead of cheap plastic that you buy in a package and dispose of. These are a better choice than leaving a carbon footprint. They come in large areas. I gave this as a demo run so you can decide if you want to buy the larger pack.


What is the best product for cooking fork silicone?

Cooking fork silicone products from Riveira. In this article about cooking fork silicone you can see why people choose the product. Rsvp International and Norpro are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking fork silicone.

What are the best brands for cooking fork silicone?

Riveira, Rsvp International and Norpro are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking fork silicone. Find the detail in this article. Rsvp International, Chef Craft and Rsvp International are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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