Best Cooking Essentials for Dorm

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1. Gibson Home Total Kitchen Cookware

Gibson Home Total Kitchen Cookware

You can achieve a flavor at microwave speed with Rapid Brands. You can cook your favorite foods in a fraction of the time with their wide selection of patented products. The 59-piece set includes a 4-Quart Dutch. A 1.0-Quart Sauce Pan w/Lid, 8.65" Fry Pan, 13 Steel Cookine Sheet,12" Round Pizza Pan, 9" X 9 Square Colander,8" X 6 Plastic Cutting Board, 5" Santoku Knife, and 7-Piece Kitchen are included. Salt and Pepper The non-stick interior is easy to clean. The handles are stay-cool and have hanging holes for storage. Keeping in heat, hydration, and nutrition is aided by the glass lid with stay-cool knobs.

Brand: Gibson Home

👤The kitchen set saved my life when I moved into a new apartment. The pieces are sturdy and work like quality material, except for the clips, which feel flimsy. Since they're a small part of a more useful whole, I'm not bothered by them. The tuppers have stood the test of time. The holes for the pepper and salt are smooth. I was surprised by the cheap set of pots and pans. I've cooked eggs, sausages, and meats in the pans with no sticking. Everything is easy to clean. I'm very happy!

👤I am very impressed with this set. I needed basic kitchen ware after moving. This is a good option for people who want to set up a starter kitchen, but don't want to spend a lot of money. I was concerned about how flimsy the knives would be, but don't be fooled. They are quite study. My only reason for giving 5 stars was because my product arrived with dust all over it. I was going to wash them before use, but I was surprised at how dusty they were. It made me a bit grossed out, but once it was clean it was fine.

👤The product is decent and includes everything you need. I'm upset that the box it was packaged in was broken and taped together, and that the things inside had been used. There were a lot of dirty and gross items. The forks were still crusted on. Disgusting. Absolutely not acceptable. The knives, ice cube trays, and salt and pepper shakers had food on them.

👤The items in the "Total Kitchen" pack are not of the highest quality. It can get really expensive and quick to outfit a college student with everything they need to start in the kitchen. This pack is perfect for college kids because it has all the basics for a great price. The quality is fine for what I bought it for. I bought one for three of my children and they have held up well.

👤Everything works as intended. While waiting for more quality items, this is a starter kit. If you take care of them, they will last up to 3 years. I would recommend giving a gift to someone who needs it because of the value and items included. Three years after moving, I still have the oven pans, the small sauce pot, the clips, and one of the Silicon utensils. The cutlery was cheap and only lasted a year. The rest of the items were replaced as I was able to upgrade. This product helped me through some tough times.

👤I was excited for the convenience of this product for a dorm room kitchen in one package. The pot and pan should make it through cooking Mac and cheese. The pan and pot were bent back into place. The first clue is that they are awful. The interior began peeling off when cooking. The daughter was told to throw them out. The rest of the box was okay. If you want to give your college kid a pot and pan, you should just go to the store and buy the items and put some money into it.

2. TERRA Home Portable Shower Caddy

TERRA Home Portable Shower Caddy

There is a product details. The construction is made of 5 Polypropylene Plastic. The dimensions are 6.625” x 4.625” x 2.5” A new design hanging shower caddy is large enough to fit all of your items and compact enough for traveling. A new large metal hook. There are up to 4 full-size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and body wash in this size. Sturdy and hardy. There is a A choice of 4 stylish colors hold up under stress with a strong 600D polyester with handle and premium quality zippers. Quality Organizer is foldable and quick-drying. There are 2 side pockets and additional organizers in the front pouch. Mobility is a great accessory for traveling. Sturdy, portable. Pack and go. Mobility is a great accessory for traveling. Sturdy, portable. Pack and go.

Brand: Terra Home

👤This is a great option for college students. It has enough space for all of my items, and it can be hung anywhere. Some showers at my school do not have hooks for traditional shower caddies, and each dorm building has a different bathroom setup. This shower caddy is great because it allows me to hang it. I folded it up in my suitcase and threw it in the washing machine to get it clean. I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤Most shower caddies are not strong enough to hang on a hook, so they need to be put on the floor. This one is designed so that it can sit on the floor without falling over. It is strong enough to hang from a hook. If it gets wet, this one will drain. It is small and easy to fit bottles in. I fill smaller containers because I don't like taking regular size bottles because of the weight and shape. The bottles fall through the straps because they are too high from the base of the caddy. The straps are in the caddy. The straps look like they would lose their stretch soon. I will not be testing them. This is the best portable shower caddy that I have seen and I am satisfied with it.

👤The bag is large. I carry a lot of things. I don't have enough room for my conditioners. I need to reorganize. One photo shows my 22 ounce bottle. The bottles would fit. If I take those, they will take up a lot of space, but still have room for shaving cream and lotion. It's likely that a person carrying basic items like a toothbrush and hair brush is fine. I am not sure if it will be enough to carry a makeup kit and medical kit. I think carrying basic dopp kit supplies with the option of carrying full size bottles is a great idea. I think I need a separate bag for my stuff. This will be used for shower supplies for me. There is a The side pockets would hold a bottle. The front works for small items. I like the top mesh pocket for my toothbrush. There is a small mesh section in the main compartment. The top mesh section feels a bit rubbery.

👤This is a large bathroom caddy. The materials seem to be of okay quality, and I like the bright teal color. The inside of the bag was a little weird at first, but it's a nice bag that can hold a lot of personal items. There are pockets and elastic sections to hold things in place.

👤I really like this. I needed something fast and thought it would be cheap. I love it. If you put in nothing else, it holds 3 to 4 liter bottles. It has a pocket for privacy. It will keep that item dry. If you wipe it away quickly, it will drain from the bottom. It has straps to hold items. I am impressed.

3. Essentials Dinnerware Accessories Kit Microwaveoven Safe,BPA Free

Essentials Dinnerware Accessories Kit Microwaveoven Safe%EF%BC%8CBPA Free

Customer service is remarkable. If you are not satisfied with the product, they will give you a full refund. There is a portable tableware set. A 24 piece set includes 4plates, 4cups, 4bowls, 4spoons, 4knifes, and 4forks, packaged in a bag that is compact and lightweight, perfect for 4 people. USED IN MICROWAVE The most important thing is that it can be used in the microwave safely and that it can be washed and dried. REUSE: A camping cooking set contains four 10 1/2" plates, four 12 oz cups, four 5 1/2" bowls, and four flatware sets. The mess kit is made of PP and is reuseable. MULTI-USE It is compatible with a lot of things, including party, college dorm room essentials,picnic, mountain climbing, beach, water sports,camping and barbecue with friends indoors and outdoors. Feel free to contact them with any questions. They will solve it for you. If you're not satisfied with it, they can give you a full refund. Thank you very much for your support.

Brand: Layron

👤It said it was small. It was melted in my microwave. I will not buy it again.

👤It was very flimsy. There is a constant film of grease no matter how much soap I use. They lose their shape very quickly.

👤It was easy for my college student to travel. Also a plus, lightweight and compact!

👤I ordered this for my college student. She loves them!

👤I broke regular dishes and cups when I bought this set for my mom. The cups and utensils are in good shape, but the plates are not. The plastic started to warp after only a month of hand washing.

👤The seller is wonderful. Great communication and fast shipping. Highly recommended.

👤Perfect for daughter to go to college.

👤These are not good for home. I wouldn't buy them again. They feel awkward. I can say that they are very good and I will use them.

4. Kaqiluo Multi Function Computer Electric Presented

Kaqiluo Multi Function Computer Electric Presented

It is lightweight and safe, it has the advantages of beautiful appearance, light weight and free movement. There are cooling holes at the bottom of the motor. A multifunctional electric cooking pot, one pot with multiple functions, convenient volume storage, long handle design and delivery with steaming grid, egg rack, can be used for frying steak, stir-fry, cooking noodles, hot pot, steaming, etc., while saving time while cooking on top The electric hot pot has temperature control function, 8 levels of firepower adjustment, to make different dishes, appointment time is 0.25H9H, heat preservation up to 8H. Non-stick liner, non-stick pan, FDA, UL certification, harmless, prevent food from sticking, easy to clean, visible double-hole exhaust glass cover, easy to observe food, anti-overflow protection are some of the reasons why non-stick liner, non-stick pan The Kaqiuo electric hot pot is the best choice for you to use and give gifts because it has the functions of overheating protection and anti-drying, so that cooking is safe and secure. If within 180 days, the product can be returned or exchanged due to quality problems, the product will have a 720-day warranty. The product can wash the inner tank, not the bottom of the pot, and cannot be cleaned with metal sanitary ware or metal products. Human reasons are not covered by the warranty.

Brand: Kaqiluo

👤I love this. It's just right for cooking while traveling or at home. We cooked cheese in it, scallions, and reheated it. It is very easy to use and very simple to clean, it saves me a lot of time. It's important to bring it when you go out on weekends. I highly recommend this product. There is a great value and an affordable price.

👤I thought my pots and pans were the best. I like the Dezin PAN. It has a great low setting, but no keep warm setting. I love my dog. It has keep warm. There is a The new pan is nicely built and has all of the above. The heating coil is on the bottom of the pot. There is a If these guys made a 2.5L POT with all the features that would be great. I like it.

👤Don't waste your money on this product. There is a It's very cheap and unsafe to cook in. There is a It's not definitely Teflon. It's not made of steel.

👤I use the pot almost everyday after having it for two weeks. It works well, light weight, non stick, heating up fast. I will update reviews later if there is a problem.

👤I like the product. I bought two for ease of use. This pot is not made well. Food sticks to the bottom. I have been careful with the wooden spatula. There are still scratches and a rust spot. I hope they can work on quality.

👤The cooking surface is small, making it difficult to cook on it. It took about 5 minutes to get to a full boil. It does the job despite the small heating surface. It is a portable unit.

👤I thought I liked this product at first. I was fooled. I can not return this because it is over the time out loud. I have only used it a few times. The pot is starting to peel after a couple of uses and the function temperature is not evenly distributed in the pot. If I have washed it harshly or not used it often, the surface should not be peeling. I wiped it with a cloth. It's disappointing when you're in the middle of cooking and the power goes out, or when you're trying to see her and some of what you're cooking isn't cooked. There is a There is an update. I will be updating my review to at least 3.5 stars. I inquired about the issues I had with the seller. If I purchased a replacement, customer service would give me a refund. I haven't had a chance to use the new pot. Thank you for the great service.

👤When it is in hot pot mode, it is easy to control and it is boiling water in 30 seconds. It is light. You have to check because it is likely to be tilted toward the handle when the pot is on the ground.

5. DASH DMW001AQ Individual Chaffles Non Stick

DASH DMW001AQ Individual Chaffles Non Stick

It is easy to clean. More than weasels. You can make your favorite breakfast classics, like waffles, cookies, and even biscuit pizzas. Any batter will fit into single serving portions. It's great for families or on the go. This is a must-have for the first apartment, a smaller kitchen, college dorm, or camper/RV, and it is easy to store in a kitchen cabinet or drawer. Plug it in and the waffle maker will heat up in minutes. Every time, delicious golden waffles can be found on the dual non-stick surfaces. Cleanup can be done quickly with nonstick surfaces. The Waffle Maker is the perfect wedding or new home gift, it takes up little counter space, and its sleek design and trendy color options will match any kitchen décor. Also included: The Dash Mini Waffle Maker is backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty, so you can get cooking right away. Every product has U.S. based Customer Support.

Brand: Dash

👤I didn't know what a small waffle maker could do for me. It's funny. This has a flaw. You can burn yourself trying to lift it if it's not designed well or if it's not big enough. I either use a fork or mitten to knock it upwards after cooking. There is a The silly little thing is perfect. It is so simple that it works. The surface is non-stick. It's critical with a waffle maker. The waffles come off clean. It makes a waffle in about two minutes. It takes about an hour to make my coffee. The waffles are better than the eggo. Depending on the batter, as good or better than any pancake shop. The light goes off when you plug it in. You open it, spoon in a small amount of batter, and close it. The waffle that comes out is wonderful when the light goes off. This is something that I love. I had more waffles than I have had in a year after setting it up. I have them all the time. It's great with tea, breakfast, coffee, dessert. The weight problem... It's funny.

👤One of the best purchases I have made so far. It is a mini waffle-maker. The whole thing is small enough to fit in one hand. If you are feeding breakfast to a lot of people then this may not be for you. Even though you can only make one small waffle at a time, each waffle should be done in about a minute or two because it works quicker than a normal sized one. It is easy to clean the interior because it is non-stick. It comes with an instruction panphlet that tells you how to use and also include recipes and recipe ideas. I love it, it is what I wanted and more.

👤I loved this product. I am allergic to eggs. I decided to make my own waffles. It's much cheaper. They can make a huge batches and freeze them. The waffles came out a beautiful golden brown after 8 minutes of cooking. There is a A month and a half has passed. The top of the waffle batter is raw. I am angry that the return window is closed. I don't know if I want to take the chance that it will happen again, but I want to order another.

👤The top half stopped heating up after 2 months. I should get a replacement for the return window that closed after 30 days. ,

👤I thought it was too small to do anything. It's an amazing little waffle maker. Can cook almost anything. Eggs, waffles, and french toast have been prepared by me.

👤The item was dirty and used when it was opened. There is a It has traces of waffle batter on the corners, grease inside, and the top is loose, not what I expected.

👤I bought the Dash Mini Griddle and the Dash Mini Waffle Maker. There is a The Waffle Maker is easy to use. Plug in, wait for light to go off, spray oil and add batter. The best time to eat waffles was at 2 1/2 and 3 minutes. At 3 1/2 minutes, the waffles were starting to dry out. There is a Use tongs, fork or spoon to open the Griddle. It's hot to escape steam. There is a The units are small. Exactly what I wanted. I used the "Kill O Watt" meter to check the watt. The waffle maker and the griddle draw a lot of power.

6. EKNOSRI Non Stick Multi Purpose Stainless Temperature

EKNOSRI Non Stick Multi Purpose Stainless Temperature

Their electric hot pot uses round-shaped embedded heating element technology. This technology will keep your food heated evenly, not only make your tasty foods done more rapidly than traditional stove kitchenware, but also prevent the foods burning. When the hot pot is at the dry burning and overheating state, it will automatically power off. The eknosri hot pot can be used as a sauté pan, rapid noodles cooker and steamer. It's perfect for steak, egg, fried rice, ramen, oatmeal and soup. You will be provided with a variety of choices for preparing your meal. It is suitable for people living in apartments or in dorms without kitchens. The electric hot pot has a food grade steamer for quick and easy meal preparation. With a 700W steam design, you can heat up and cook quickly. The steamer is dishwasher safe. The non-stick cooking pan has a slick coating that makes it easy to clean. It's not a problem to cook food to give you a healthy eating. Food is easy to see with the cover made of glass. The eknosri mini hot pot has a temperature control for the perfect result. The electric hot pot has a temperature control function to help you adjust for the perfect cooking power as you please. The 1.5L electric hot pot is portable and easy to store, making meal prep hassle-free. A mini hot pot food steamer. They provide you with quick and convenient kitchen solutions to simplify your life.

Brand: Eknosri

👤All other cooking tools in my kitchen have been replaced by this. I cook everything in it. It's perfect. It's not possible to clean it by hand because the lid gets liquid in between the glass and the plastic edge. The only way to get the lid clean is to put it in the dishwasher, which expands and contracts the glass and plastic so that it comes out clean. If you let it soak with soapy water, it will absorb the soapy taste and make your food taste like soap. You have to wash it by hand, so just gently wash it out with hot water, and then rinse it off with a towel. No soapy tastes when I do it that way. There is a I put a paper towel over the steam hole and underneath the pot to keep it from boiling over. Works well! I have only one thing to clean, instead of multiple pots and pans and many utensils, and it has made mealtimes very simple for me.

👤Look no further. You can cook your saimin while steaming your dumplings with this. Ten minutes is a good time to make soup dumplings. Would I recommend a friend? I already did. I was happy that I got it in two days, I was also happy that it cooks so fast, and that people were happy to get hot dumplings at work. Win all the time. I could do a lot of damage with this. This product was very pleased with.

👤I made my life easier by cooking all of these in this hot pot pan. I use it wherever I go and it's the best product I've ever seen.

👤I bought one for my vacation home and ordered another for my primary home. It's easy to make ramen and a great one dish hot pot for dinners for two, I love it. The plug can be disconnected from the unit at the handle, which makes it easy to take out to the lanai and enjoy the outdoors while the temperature is still hot. There is a This is my second purchase and I recommend a simple and fun cooking tool.

👤It's a bit bulkier than I thought but it's the most efficient in heating liquids. This pot is only heating two levels of liquid so it isn't the job. soup, water, and other liquids are very hot. I have not used the steamer basket. I am happy I got it.

👤I tested it with a measuring cup and it didn't have the space for 2L. I don't think anyone would want to cook with full 1.5L water since it would overflow easily. The good part is that it heats very fast.

👤It's perfect for one person. I received a green one instead of the white one I ordered. We are cool. I didn't send it back.

👤Quickly warms up. I used this pot to make some rice and steam some veggies at home. Making rice is not easy, but it came out well. The veg was well steamed. I intend to use this pot to cook while I stay at an RV site, but I have not done so yet. I think this is a single stop. It can cook food on the bottom.

7. Electric Upgraded Non Stick Temperature Included

Electric Upgraded Non Stick Temperature Included

The grill they designed is portable and spacious, and it has a 3-Quart aluminum pot that ensures even and consistent heat distribution. It's immense depth allows you to cook anything from soups to large steaks. The power consumption is 1200W. The traditional electric hot pot can be used to cook and Sauté without the need for a stove. The package includes an egg rack and a turner spatula. You can use the appliance to cook a lot of things. This must have item in your house will make you happy. The electric cooker has a non-stick pot liner that makes it easy to clean after cooking. Since it is safer and toxin-free, health-conscious cooks prefer this material for cooking since it is less oil-laden than other cookware. Big in cooking, with over-heating protection and boil dry protection. The electric hot pot has a power adjustment function to help you adjust for the perfect cooking power as you please. The maximum power can be adjusted to 600W so that the food can be cooked more quickly. You will be rejuvenated every day! The electric hot pot is small in size and easy to store, it is suitable for one person who lives in a dorm without a stove or who doesn't like cooking. The portable electric hot pot is your best friend on the way if you want to take a trip or have a picnic. The wide range of cooking usage, exquisite and lovely design, matched with a seafoam green color, makes the electric hot pot more popular among teenagers.

Brand: Dezin

👤I was living in a small cabin in the Costa Rican jungle for a couple weeks. I had a power outlet and running water. I was able to cook a lot of things. I was able to fit it in my backpack. They seemed a little confused when they checked it out. The setting was hot enough to cause a boil. It would be great if it had a 75 watt setting. The setting will make the water boil very fast.

👤I don't want to cook by myself alone, so I use a big instant pot. I buy this one. It has been used for almost a month. It works well right now. It is easy to control the amount of food because it contains not too much. It is possible to finish eating all the food by yourself without having to store it in the fridge. I recommend it to my friends who are also single. There are three colors for this pot. I buy this color because it is cheap. When I see the picture on the internet, it's not as good as the official picture on Amazon, but when I get the pot, it's more beautiful than the official picture.

👤I have been using this pot for a month, and it peeled off. I keep my things in good shape. I only washed this pot with water and soap, or wiped it with wet cloths. Even though there was a lot of oil, the egg stuck to the pot very easily, even though I was frying an egg for the first time. I am disappointed that I have to find another pot because this kind of cooking suits my lifestyle. I can attest that. It is easy to use and travel with. It's not easy to clean.

👤I bought the dz150 on Amazon. It is a good pot for boiling liquids. The non stick layer is not functional. I've tried to fry eggs and cook hotdogs. Everything is crazy. The gift spatula that I received is rubber coated and is the only utensil I have used. I tried using a lot of butter. I tried frying on either a hot or cold pot. Still sticks. The pan is not scratched and I haven't used any scrapers to clean it. I don't think it's very good. The layer is very thin to me. There is a I use my 1500 watt inverter for traveling. The handle is too heavy for the pot and it is not stable on a flat surface. The model/serial number on my purchase was the inferior non-stick surface and they replaced it with better material on newer pots. They said they would give me the newer version. I haven't received it. January 2020 is the update.

👤The pot is amazing. It was used for a hot pot. I cooked an egg today. It worked out better than I anticipated. It is easy to clean. I like it very much.

👤I love it! It's so convenient to cook food yourself. If you don't have enough food in the pot, it may tip, so watch out. I put something under the handle and it's fine. I use it as a rice cooker for one person. The layer is wearing down a bit but it may be due to my aggressiveness. Great purchase.

8. Set Plastic Storage Baskets Organization

Set Plastic Storage Baskets Organization

Not all baking gifts are made equal and this is a unique one your special someone probably hasn't seen before. It is a great birthday gift, holiday gift, housewarming gift, graduation present, or teacher's gift. These plastic weave pantry organizers are a great way to organize your kitchen cabinet or pantry. Practical size will help maximize your space. Keep items organized and easy to find by using them side by side. It's a nestable design to stack inside each other. It's ideal for kitchens, countertops, pantry shelves, cabinets, closets, bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, craft rooms, mudrooms, offices, play rooms, living rooms, garage, or any room of your home. Storage solution for dry goods in the pantry such as food packets, flavors, baking supplies, snack bags, boxed foods, canned goods and more. It can be used for anything from beauty supplies to hobby and crafts parts. Made of high quality plastic that is food safe. Clean with warm soapy water. Do not put it in the dishwasher. The bins measure approx. 9” L 7.5” W 4” H. Made of high quality plastic that is food safe. Clean with warm soapy water. Do not put it in the dishwasher. The bins measure approx. 9” L 7.5” W 4” H.

Brand: Seseno

👤I put these on my space saver shelf. I liked the idea of a matching set. The baskets did not come in the correct size. The listing says they are 10” L x 7.5” W x 4” H, but they are definitely not. They are not the size listed. I was expecting to receive. I think they are usable for my own needs. I bought them when they were on sale, and they cost me 14.44 for the grey set. These are pros, but I am disappointed they were not the size listed.

👤There was clearly debris in the bins when these were delivered. I did not use the new one I ordered. Very disappointed.

👤The 6 gray bins were delivered yesterday. The bins were received on time. They are strong. The box they came in was damaged. The bins were dirty. It appeared that this was a return and was shipped to the next customer. I will keep them because they are plastic. It was disappointing that there was no care in trying to clean them up and send them in a new box.

👤The box was damaged. It appears that they were damaged before being packaged.

👤The baskets would have been perfect if the measurements were correct. The product description for the bins I already own is off by 2 in length and 1 in width. I wish these baskets were the correct size because they are very cute and sturdy.

👤I used them to organize my desk, under my bathroom sink, and some kitchen items. The face cloths are on Amazon as well.

👤The cabinets have baskets on them. The over the toilet cabinets are where they fit nicely. It is a good item to organize your storage. The dollar store baskets are very flimsy, so when you take them down from the overhead cabinet, the basket twists and things spill. These baskets are very sturdy and rigid, so you won't have an issue with them. I highly recommend.

👤These are great for organizing bathroom stuff. When not being used, objects should be right size and height so that they can be seen.

👤Calidad. Ms baratas are fueran.

9. Instant Purifier Allergens Filtration Technology

Instant Purifier Allergens Filtration Technology

You can breathe easier with advanced air cleaning technology. High performance. 5x per hour or 126sq ft is the limit. Independently verified test results by AHAM. OZONE free technology. Research has shown that using UV-C light can cause harmful ozone and pollution. There is a daily air quality monitoring program. The air quality in your home is monitored by their sensor and the fan speed is adjusted in Auto Mode. There is a night mode. When it's time for bed, the light sensor turns off displays and lowers noise. A replaceable filter. Their replacement filters are easy to swap out and are readily available for purchase. There are areas where there are reduces unwanted shears. Activated carbon filters help reduce unpleasant smells. The makers of Instant Pot, the brand that changed the way you cook, are now transforming the way you live and breathe.

Brand: Instant

👤I have had bad allergies this season. I decided to try to get the allergens out of the air I was breathing because it has been so bad this year. I bought it. I was sure that it would tell me the air quality was bad when I turned it on, because it would detect the air quality and adjust itself most appropriately. There is a It indicated that the air quality was great, ran at its lowest setting, and eventually entered eco-mode, turning itself off completely for half of the time. There is a It didn't do anything for me in my home office where I work most of the day. If I put it in my bedroom, my allergies wouldn't be as bad when I wake up in the morning. Nope. In my office, the same behavior was occurring. There was no difference in my allergies. I put it in the toddler's room because the diaper pail was a constant source of bad odors. The device indicated that the air quality was great, ran at the lowest settings, and then entered eco-mode. The air quality in all of the rooms I tried it in was the same. My allergies did not get better. The smell did not go away. The machine was not doing anything useful. I can use a $5 fan to circulate the air, which is what this thing did.

👤I have had a purifier for a week now and I love it. Over the years, we have bought different air filters for different rooms in the house. This seems to offer more cleaning than our other filters. This device is better than all of them. Quiet! I found the low and medium settings to be so quiet that I would check if it was on. It definitely was. Air flow was good. The high setting makes the fan audible. 2. Better purification. All of our other filters are just filters. The Ion technology adds another layer of air cleaning to our other devices. I read the specifications of my existing filters again and they show that this one does everything a HEPA does for dust, pollen, etc but also kills germs. The auto feature is cool. When needed, it only turns on. 4. The device seems to be easy to clean and serve. I don't think air filters are attractive, but they look better than all of our other filters. It is a great product and I would highly recommend it. I will probably give this device another couple of weeks to prove itself and then replace all of the other air filters in our house.

👤In the summer when we get forest fire smoke on the west coast, I research purifiers and sensors, seal all our windows and vents, and experiment with different fan configurations to stay cool while being able to breathe, because it was really bad. I'm not an expert, but I have been through this hole. This has everything I would want in an air purifier. The size and lightweight make it great. Wow, so quiet. The PM 2.5 sensor is built in! With an actual ug/m3 reading. If you want darkness, you can turn off the lighting, which indicates speed and quality. When it's dusty and time to replace, it has a simple filter which will be very useful. There is a I wish it had some things that it didn't. The only difference between this and other designs is that there is only one filter, but I don't think that makes it any better because the air is just as clean. There is a I think the giant drum filter will last a long time before needing to be replaced.

10. Microwave Breakfast Essentials Dishwasher Safe BPA Free

Microwave Breakfast Essentials Dishwasher Safe BPA Free

Also available in additional colors is a set of 12. Put the ramen cooker bowl into a microwave oven and heat it up. The time it takes for your favorite food to be prepared is only half of what it takes for ordinary cooking methods. 3 minutes for ramen only. It is easy to use. The ramen cooker bowl can be easily removed from the microwave with a side handle. It can be used all day long, making it a great tool. It is an essential for college student dorm rooms. You don't need to worry about boiling water, cleaning the pot or other dishes. Multipurpose It is a perfect choice for heating ramen, spaghetti, cheese, soup, cereal, and oatmeal as well as any food that is safe in a microwave. The ramen cooker bowl is safe in the dishwasher and free from the harmful substance, BPA. Don't use it in the BBQ mode. Customer service is remarkable. If you are not satisfied with the product, they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Zdesign

👤My daughter wanted to make soup in the microwave, so I gave her this. This works well for frozen food. The plastic is flimsy. I thought it would be hard plastic. This plastic is less sturdy than some of the Gladware containers. I don't think it's a good idea to wash this on the top rack. It will warp once it is cooled. If you don't use heat dry. I have to hand wash this. Since the top is flimsy when hot, it is difficult to handle in the microwave or when it has hot food. When removing this, use oven mitts to prevent hot spills. It could shift the top and possibly burn you. I could not deduct too many stars for the price.

👤I bought this because it was large. It cooks Ramen noodles to perfection. This cooker is made of sturdy plastic with 2 handles that make it easy to hold and remove from the microwave. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤The handles are too small, so one's fingers are too close to the hot liquid to carry easily. The structural integrity of the container is lessened when microwaved. The container expands when the hot liquid is in it. Carrying the container from the microwave to the table is a safety issue. I wish I hadn't bought 4 of them.

👤I was disappointed that the vent was not good. There was no valve cover. It was too difficult to mail a replacement. There is no quality control check before mailing an item.

👤This works well in the microwave. It's a good size. Don't heat tomato soup. I know that tomatoes leave color in white cookery. I will buy another.

👤I bought this for my daughter's boyfriend and he loves it. It is the perfect size for college. He used it the day after he received it. It was a great gift for a college student living in the dorms.

👤We needed potholders to take a dish out of the microwave and a plate to set the dish in the oven, so we were looking for a true microwavable bowl. I saw this bowl and thought we should try it. It works well. The handles stay cool and you don't need potholders to get the bowl. The bowl is large enough to hold leftovers and it sits on the counter without an extra plate. Highly recommended!

👤The center portion of the 1.5 and 2.0 liter bowls is hard to grasp. I'm thinking about attaching a handle to it. Or return it. The rest of the gadgets seem to work well.

👤Muy buen, me agrada, gracias.

11. Rapid Microwave Dishwasher Safe Microwaveable BPA Free

Rapid Microwave Dishwasher Safe Microwaveable BPA Free

U.S. bases support. Dash provides contact information in each product manual. Reheat noodles, beverages, or soup in a flash. For days when you need a quick and hot meal, the Rapid Soup Mug cooks your favorite leftovers or soup in the microwave. The lid has a vent for temperature control. The top notch tool. It is an essential for busy adults with limited lunch times. You won't have to worry about waiting for it to boil or wash dishes. It's easy to remove it from the microwave. The Rapid Soup Mug is portable and convenient, making it perfect for storing in the office kitchen. It can be used for up to 5 years. Simply add your favorite soup, beverage, or noodles to the cooker and microwave for 2 to 3 minutes. You can achieve a flavor at microwave speed with Rapid Brands. You can cook your favorite foods in a fraction of the time with their wide selection of patented products.

Brand: Rapid Brands

👤The size is not clear on Amazon. I had to return it because the mug and the bowl were the same size, so I had to know the size of the item I wanted to cook with. I was hoping the bowl was bigger to handle the noodles.

👤I wanted something to make the soup hotter. The container is 5 in diameter and holds 3 cups of liquid. There is a You have to balance it with 2 hands. The handle is not strong enough to hold 3 cups of soup with one hand. The handle is useless. I don't want to eat a cup of soup in a container the size of a small casserole. I will never use this. The tab to close the hole is hard to open. Also dangerous.

👤I was annoyed that I ended up past the return period. It is a cheap knock off of the Sistema and not well made. If you were to drink directly from the lip, it would be very thin and rough. There was something dirty inside, but it was sealed off and probably came from the factory. I've never used it to heat up soup before, but it was pitted on the inside edge of the "soup line" and the inside of the lid. I probably took some plastic from my soup, because I didn't notice until I washed it. It's really hard to wash, with lots of crevices and edges that cause water to splash everywhere. Going in the garbage or give-away pile.

👤These are good to make ramen noodles.

👤The lid of the bowl doesn't pop off in the microwave, which is a 888-609-

👤If you empty a can of soup, put it in this. And then put it in the microwave. The handle is wide so beware of the heat of the bowl. I added two cups of water per instructions on the package, but the dried Ramen noodles did not fit in. Break them into four equal sizes and stuff them in. It was cooked on high for four minutes and then stood for two minutes. The bowl was hot when I took it out. The noodles were stirred and let stand for a while because they were still hot. I used the handle to hold the bowl and it worked well, with plenty of soup to drink. I had to wipe out the oily film after I cleaned with soap and warm water.

👤I have been using mine for a long time and recently bought one for my wife. I use it for heating and cooking at work. There is a Sometimes I put a couple of drops of water in the fridge. There is a The steam escape valve is great. Don't forget to open it. I expect it to last forever. The wide mouth design of this one makes it perfect to eat from. There is a We'll buy this again if we ever need another.


What is the best product for cooking essentials for dorm?

Cooking essentials for dorm products from Gibson Home. In this article about cooking essentials for dorm you can see why people choose the product. Terra Home and Layron are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking essentials for dorm.

What are the best brands for cooking essentials for dorm?

Gibson Home, Terra Home and Layron are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking essentials for dorm. Find the detail in this article. Kaqiluo, Dash and Eknosri are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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