Best Cooking Equipment for Kids

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1. Cuterabit Kitchen Cooking Chopsticks Birthday

Cuterabit Kitchen Cooking Chopsticks Birthday

It is a perfect gift for both girls and boys because of the different colors of the utensils. It is never a wrong choice for birthday or Christmas. The Kids Kitchen toys set includes a frying pan, kettle, soup pot with lid, pressure cooker, kitchen tools, cups, bows, chopsticks, cutting board, kitchen knife, baking gill, barbecue food and sauce bottle, and other cooking accessories. These kitchen accessories will make your little ones happy. Lifelike Function is a function. The spout can be poured out of the kettle. When filled with a battery, an instument cooktop can make sounds similar to their kitchen life. Kids can make their own skewers by putting the food together with sticks. All of these will make children happy. The bowls and chopsticks are included in the kids kitchen set, which can give your little ones a different culture experience. To be a litle chef. Kids can play these toys with their parents or with their friends, it can help develop their social skills. The Parent-child relationship can be improved. Safe and friendly. The toy kitchen set is bright and has a smooth edge. It's a nice present for your kids.

Brand: Cuterabit

2. JOYIN Barbecue Cooking Kitchen Interactive

JOYIN Barbecue Cooking Kitchen Interactive

Give your child a gift that will make them happy. A set of interrelated things. The barbecue grill toy set includes a light-up charcoal instruction sheet, 2 steaks, 2 sausages, 1 chili powder, 1 salt, 2 cups, 4 plates, 2 knives, 2 spoons, 1 corn, 1 chicken wing, and 1 lighter. There is a real function. Kids can play with their friends. BBQ games can promote hand-eye coordination, sharing, creative expression, and imaginative for kids. The realistic light and sound effects can be seen by pointing the lighter to the red dot in the middle. Kids can have their own BBQ indoors or out. It is an endless fun. The backyard bbq play set is a great toy for a barbecue with friends and family. Perfect for pretend play, role play, indoor and outdoor activities, sensory toy, early development, Toy for toddlers, kids intelligent learning toys. Premium quality. Child Safe is not Toxic. Meet the US toy standard. The safety test was approved. Customer satisfaction. Their priority is to provide a 100% satisfaction experience. If products don't meet your expectations, you can message them through contact sellers. The celebrations begin at Joyin!

Brand: Joyin

👤4 year old likes it. I have been playing nonstop. The legs on it are not straight and it leans towards one side. The grill's rack leans to one side because it is crooked. He is 4. He noticed it was crooked. He didn't make a big deal of it being crooked when we focused on the items he got to put on the grill. He is happy. If I knew it was so cheap, I wouldn't buy it. It was too expensive for the defects. It needs to be more like $8-$10.

👤This is a small grill for a young child. My 3 year old loves it. Ours did not light up beyond one red light.

👤This is cute but not very sturdy. There were no useful assembly instructions included. The "charcole" insert only needs batteries, but it has a flame that lights up, so no point in wasting the batteries. I was disappointed but my granddaughter loved it.

👤I gave this set 2 stars because it isn't worth much. The charcoal doesn't light up, it doesn't make sound, one of the plates is missing, and the food items it comes with are very thin plastic. The grill is small enough that it won't take up a lot of space in her fort. There is a We are going to keep it because our 3 year old loves it, but I paid too much for it.

👤My 3 year old nephew loves it and I bought it for him. It is good for your buck. I would bring a BBQ owner with me and he would make dinner daily. Purchase it and you will get a great value.

👤When I gave it to my nephew, it fell apart. It was kind of embarrassing.

👤Don't buy this product! The batteries on the charcoals were too hot to touch, so they didn't have lights or sound. I was offered a 15% discount on the purchase of another one after I contacted the company. They didn't pay attention to the fire hazard. There is a It was past warranty when my grandson opened it, but it is still a fire hazard.

👤This is cheap compared to other options. The plastic is very thin. The little tikes bbq grill is much higher quality than the orange one I replaced. This is dollar store quality, the plastic is very dense. The on off switch is under the coals, which makes the lighting of the coals neat. My son can't turn it off when he's done, so we put the coal part in so he can turn it off. I regret my purchase. Go ahead and grab the orange little tikes.

👤My son brought this for Christmas and we put the batteries in to find the coals that are ment to light up and sizzle. We tried different types of batteries to make sure the coals didn't work. I could have gotten a different set for less money, and my son could have had more gifts with the money. Very disappointed.

3. Baketivity 31 Piece Baking Recipe Cards

Baketivity 31 Piece Baking Recipe Cards

A wonderful gift is a cooking starter set. It is a smart way to encourage learning. Adult supervision is required for 3 aged + child. The ultimate baking experience for kids is provided by the baketivity 31-piece kids baking set. It includes real accessories such as a whisk, offset and silicone spatulas, cookie scoop, rolling pin, mixing spoon, pastry brush, knife, baking mat, measuring cups, and measuring spoons. Education and fun. The Kids Baking Kit is a great way to teach your kids basic life skills while having fun. They can build their confidence, learn how to follow instructions, and practice kitchen safety. There are 12 free reward cards. You will get 12 free cards with delicious and easy recipes if you purchase a set. They already include these parent-approved recipes for your convenience, so there's no need to look for child-friendly recipes. The Baking Tools were designed with the kids in mind. Each accessory in this set is made from 100%BPA-Safe Plastic and is sized for an easy grip for both children and adults. Their baking tools are sturdy enough for regular use. baketivity kids is a gift for the chef. The Baking Set is a great gift for a young chef. Whether it's a birthday, Christmas, or holiday, you are sure to make your kids happy. Wrap this up and be prepared to get the best smiles from them.

Brand: Baketivity

👤It's cute and functional. The recipe cards were disappointing. 3 of ours have the same recipe. My 6 year old son loves baking and cooking, so I bought this for him. We were going to finish the recipes on the cards.

👤My niece loves to help everyone bake so I gave her this as a gift. She loved it. She was telling her class about her favorite gift. There were a lot of plastic play toys. This set was made for her tiny hands, and I loved it. She was obsessed with the whisk. My sister had to clear out some drawer space to get her special tools. I would recommend this to any little ones that want to help out in the kitchen. Cute set and nice materials.

👤I would recommend this for children under the age of 3. My 8 year old loves baking and I bought this for him. The utensils are too small for her, but she still likes the other bits. She shared the smaller items with her younger siblings so it became a gift.

👤I can't tell you how pleased I am with the response from the seller. Tracking information has been sent with measuring cups and a bonus gift. There is a My grandson was so excited about his tools that he had to show me each and every piece on the phone. Excellent quality and perfect size! The measuring cups are missing. My grandson is already playing with everything else, so how can I tell him I need to return it?

👤Several of the recipes call for specialized equipment or supplies that are not included in the kit. The guide should help kids learn to use the tools provided.

👤I bought this for my daughter. I was told that I shouldn't buy her an easy bake oven and that she should buy her own cooking tools. She is learning how to cook and own her own things. It is a perfect gift for her.

👤This was for a young child. She wanted to make something from it. Most of the tools were used to bake cookies. It was well worth the price.

👤The set is adorable for your little bakers, however the spatulas are not bendy, the book is not laminated, and the set could be better for the money.

4. Kitchen Include Serrated Children Crocodile

Kitchen Include Serrated Children Crocodile

Their nylon knives are made with the best raw materials and are reasonably designed for all boys and girls. Their lifetime worry-free after-sales service can ensure the quality of your knives for kids and cutting boards. There is a wooden kids knife, a cooking knife, 3 toddler knives, and an iron knife to cut potatoes. It is easy to meet your children's use demands with enough quantity and styles. The knife which cut potatoes is made of iron and plastic, while the safe knives are made of plastic and wooden. Kids kitchen tools are made of plastic and wood, which are reliable, long- lasting, not easy to break, and can give you a good using experience. The train is able to do something. Your kids can cook in the kitchen with mother since childhood, thanks to the specially designed knives. The knives can be used to cut vegetables and fruits. The wooden knives have unique design, they can be applied to many occasions, such as birthday party, dinner gathering, family gathering, anniversary and so on.

Brand: Uniteland

👤My 4 year old can help in the kitchen without worrying about losing a finger, but we got a glove to protect the hand closest to the blade, because we wanted to make sure he didn't lose a finger. I expected the wood piece to be a cutting board. It is a really good knife. The crinkle shaped knife is our favorite and we like to cut things like carrots and apples.

👤The product seems good, but sad that it came from China. I would love to purchase USA products.

👤The set is perfect. My nephew loves them and I bought them for him. I would definitely recommend. We have used the wooden piece and the knives. My niece joined in on the banana cutting. It was enjoyable.

👤These are good for learning to cut. They enjoy helping with their meals and eating everything they prepare.

👤My Grandson loves to cook and bake in the kitchen and has his own tools to help him.

👤They were what they said they would be. The value is great. The granddaughter used them to cut strawberries. No worries about small fingers.

👤The corner cut a banana on the first use and then changed for another one.

👤My kids love them! They would like to help prepare every meal now. It's easy to clean. Very happy with these!

5. Veitch Fairytales Cooking Supplies Dinosaur

Veitch Fairytales Cooking Supplies Dinosaur

The baking kit nurtures lifelong skills like creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, leadership, communication, collaboration, adaptability, and reflection. Dinosaur-shaped cookie cutter can make cute cookies. Children can make cup cakes with muffin cups and scrapers. The timer is shaped like a dinosaur. The rolling pin and cutting wheel can easily handle dough shapes. And with a scraper and tong. A high-quality suitcase can hold all the tools. Children dream of the all-round baking set. The apron is suitable for different ages and can be washed in a machine. There is an elastic band on the back of the chef's hat. Machine wash, comfortable to wear. Pass the safety tests of the standards. Role playing is a favorite game of children. They like to pretend they are older. It is a part of childhood development. Children should be given a chance to play a chef and teach baking. The chef costume for kids will give your children a novel experience of being a real chef and will encourage their interest in cooking. The kids baking chef set helps you teach your kids how to bake and brings you some wonderful family time. Children will learn to bake from their parents. The growth of children helps to create more lasting sweet memories. The gift is wonderful. This is a great gift. Baking supplies inspire children to play the role of chefs, improve their sense of responsibility and project management skills. The children made cakes and graphics with cookie molds. Children's imagination can be used without restriction. Children like dinosaurs. It is a good birthday or holiday gift for children over 3 years old.

Brand: Veitch Fairytales

👤This set is adorable. I like it. It is a great gift for all ages. As an adult, I would love this as a small gift. Comes with a lot of things.

👤Our granddaughter could have been cut by the knives. She would not cut herself if we put them up.

👤The set is nice. The items can be used in Baking and Cooking. The smaller size is perfect for younger kids. I would use real oven mits instead of the thin and toy-like ones. The Apron is cute, but it is a bit small. Roast Chicken and French Fries are things kids wouldn't typically cook, but are included in the Cook Book. It is a nice set and would make a cute gift for kids interested in cooking.

👤This is the best gift for a kid who loves helping in the kitchen because I can't post any pictures. I ordered this for my son's 3rd birthday and he absolutely loves it. He puts his hat and apron on when he cooks, and we spend some time together. Do it if you are questioning getting this.

👤This set is best for young children. 3-4 year old would fit the apron. The items could be used as real items, but are more like plastic toys. We decided to return and find a larger container for my 7 year old because we could have kept and put in a different container.

6. Playz Kaboom Explosive Combustion Science

Playz Kaboom Explosive Combustion Science

If you or your child don't like their Bouncy Ball Set Clay Set, they'll buy it back from you at full price. KABOOM! The Irresistibly Fun Combustion Kit is fun. This is a great toy for kids of all ages, with the perfect balance of fun and safety, and you will appreciate it. While many companies claim their top kid's toys are "STEM focused", their proven methodology brings Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to life, with 25 KABOOM science experiments kits that promote natural learning. Playz KABOOM is an excellent Christmas or Birthday gift for boys, girls, kids, and teens ages 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 years old, with more than enough classroom science kits to entertain a room full of teenagers or school-age children. The top science toy of the year is the giant science kit, which allows children to make balloon rockets from a chemical reaction, create their own fizzy bombs, and create color explosions. The playz promise is not a science joke. You are not alone. That is why they included a colorful lab guide with pictures and step-by-step instructions to make teaching math, science, engineering and life skills easy. They guarantee your satisfaction with the quality, fun and ease of use with their combustion lab.

Brand: Playz

👤This is a big disappointment because there is nothing in this package that is about chemistry. They have changed the definition of explosives so that they can sell the same chemistry experiments. You can buy any chemistry set. One experiment is called fireworks, which is basically water in a transparent container on top of which you add oil and then food coloring, and when the drop of food coloring gets through the oil into the water, it creates an effect like fireworks. The effect is not similar to fireworks. My son told me that. An experiment is about folding a sheet of paper and then running it through the air to make a noise. What is the use of a chemical in this? A balloon with water over a flame is not chemistry. A balloon rocket on a string is not a substance. An M&M that moves from cold to warm is not chemical. It's not chemistry, it's physics, fluids, and mechanics. The packaging clearly states the contents of the explosion. I don't know how it feels to see my son's face disappointed. He is 6 years old and feels betrayed. It's not because I made that happen to him. I am trying to get the good parts of this set into focus for him. There is a The iron powder is sprinkled on the flame of a candle. I would not recommend this kit for anything other than what it is supposed to be about.

👤My 9 year old boy got this. There is a I would have liked to see a cheap test tube stand and a glass test tube for an 8+ year old product that requires adult supervision. Buying a bit of real glassware would not have been expensive. I already have all the chemicals in my kitchen pantry. I didn't have any of the chemicals I received, but I did have iron powder and citric acid. My childhood chemistry set had iron powder, sulfur powder, charcoal powder, and a few other chemicals, and it came with a glass test tube and glass flask. There is a One pair of latex gloves and one pair of eye protection are included in the protection gear. The child is supposed to reuse the disposable gloves next time, because they only have one pair. One pair of disposable gloves per experiment is possible. I'll try and update after we've finished all the experiments, but I can already tell that it's likely to be more boring than what I had when I was a kid. The first thing to do is use a toothpick and dishwashing soap. Good thing I had both. The box should have had wooden tootpicks in it. Not everyone has them and they are free.

👤This is a Christmas gift for my 9 year old grandson, so he hasn't had a chance to use it yet. I did my research to make sure that the kit was a good quality product, because I don't want my grandson to get something that will be thrown away.

7. NoCry Resistant Gloves Kids Years

NoCry Resistant Gloves Kids Years

A camping hat for sun protection, an extra backpack to keep everything organized, and a birthday gift for kids aged 2 to 10 are included in the all in one preschool play camp set. The gloves are designed to protect small hands. NoCry gloves for kids and teens are the first of their kind and are designed to keep small hands safe from cuts. It's perfect for adults with small hands. The grip is snug and elastic. Prepare food or work on projects with scissors, paper cutter, or blades with the security of knowing your child won't slip. It's lightweight and comfortable. The risk of serious injury is reduced by the highest level of cut resistance. It's perfect for cooking, fishing, sewing, craft projects, wood carving and so much more. Stay safe when slicing, peeling, cutting or handling sharp objects. 100% food safe. 100% food safe.

Brand: Nocry

👤These aren't cut resistant. The first project ended up with a cut finger after our son used it. The tool went through the glove. It was a cut and not a finger, so I was disappointed but grateful.

👤Even the best cooks can cut themselves accidentally, and with my recent purchase of the most bloodthirsty piece of equipment in any kitchen anywhere, I set out to see if there were gloves I could wear to protect my fingers. NoCry was found by me. I was disappointed to see that they would be loose on me. It's worse to wear loose gloves that can catch in a blade than it is to not wear gloves at all. They make two children's sizes. It's good! My small hands have an option as well. My hands are long on the middle finger. I decided to go with the XXS because I wanted something tight that wouldn't catch in the mandoline. Oops. My hand fit. The middle finger of the glove was 6 cm long and wouldn't stretch, so the fingers didn't go all the way in. I contacted NoCry and they sent out a replacement pair so quickly that I wasSpinning! I made another bunch of sliced garden vegetables to take to my dehydrator. While I understand that the gloves can still get damaged, it has made me more confident in my use of the mandoline. I didn't dare get close to the blade because the Slider wouldn't hold them properly, so I used to waste a lot of vegetables. Happy customer!

👤I bought these for my kids who had been asking for wood carving kits. My youngest daughter cut her hand on Christmas morning after slipping on the gloves and taking a trip to the ER. They are great for certain projects, but not wood carving.

👤I bought gloves for my little girl. I get high anxiety when she's close to me in the kitchen because she always wants to help. I decided to try these gloves out. When they arrived, my little girl ran to the kitchen and said it was time to cook. I've never allowed her to use anything sharp, but she was able to peel potatoes. She was not scared at all. I was not as nervous. I ordered the smallest size and it fit perfectly. They were a little loose, but there were rubber grips on the wrist to keep them from slipping. My parents are going to order some for the kids.

👤These are for cut protection. I tried them before I used them. They will reduce the number of injuries. If I didn't wear these, I would have a nasty gash on my neck. The glove did not cut the skin. If you stab or smash your hand, these won't do anything to protect you. They are supposed to prevent the knife from slipping.

👤My son is learning how to safely and properly hand a knife with these. There is a He is 3 1/2 years younger than they would expect, but he is fascinated by the outdoors and tried to peel an apple with a butterknife. I thought it was time to learn knife safety because he is very stubborn. I love the little information sheet that comes with them, it's great! There is a The smallest gloves fit on my 3 year old, but the fingers are too long, it doesn't seem to affect his ability to manipulate them. There is a I haven't tested them wet with the grip. There is a My companion can attest to the fact that they are cut resistant. There is a I trust them to protect my son's hands.

8. LUOLAO Cooking Cutting Veggies Applicable

LUOLAO Cooking Cutting Veggies Applicable

Absolutely safe for your health. Their children's kitchen knife set is 100% FDA grade and free of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of Their testing shows that your preschool children can use them under adult supervision. The Montessori wooden knife can be used in the kitchen to cook with the mother since childhood to enhance cognitive and hands-on ability. Natural beech wood material, whole body polished rounded corners, no sharp cutting edges, rest assured to let children play their nature freely. It's easy to rate. The toddler has little strength, and the handle design is more labor-saving. The scope of the application. Vegetables and fruits can be cut with a kids knife. Cut the gift in half. The cartoon fish shape is a good gift for children on birthdays or holidays.

Brand: Luolao

👤I love it! There is a It means a lot to me. There is a My child had a problem cutting with a knife. She was pressing instead of cutting. She is young. I would give my next child a wooden knife when they are 1 years old. It's easier to use for kids. There is a It's perfect for Montessori or Waldorf homes.

👤The knife is a good start into cutting, but it is dull and cannot cut apples, cucumbers, or other foods. My 3 year old is very difficult to cut because she shakes when she presses down to cut, which is very dangerous if it were a real knife. I started giving her softer things to cut, and even her own sandwiches, but it was so dull that it kind of ripped the sandwiches, and squeezed the grapes. The design is safe, but I wish it was sharper.

👤Our kids used the knife east but it left splinters in the food. Don't purchase! There is an update. The seller reached out to me and offered a full refund. Companies stand behind their products.

👤Our 3 year old would be more interested in cooking with this product. It is very sturdy and easy to hold, but it is also a small piece of wood. It can cut fruit. If I cut a thin piece of apple, she could chop it more if she wanted to, but it wouldn't be useful to cut vegetables or fruits. It didn't work for us. I felt like I was missing something.

👤It is expensive for what it is and will only cut a banana. It's probably going to mold pretty fast because there isn't any finish on it.

👤I had high hopes for this. My daughter barely used it. Cucumber and some cheese were tried 3 times. I washed it. A piece of the blade came off when it cracked. Very disappointed. Going to try and get back.

👤The product works. My child used it to cut a vegetable and now it is stained green.

👤This is great to help promote independence, and has helped me with my picky eater. My toddler is more likely to eat fruit she prepared herself when she uses her knife to cut her own fruit.

👤It was smaller than I expected but still worth it. I would buy it again. My son likes to cut fruits with me.

👤My son has used this knife a total of 4 times and the wood at the tip is starting to peel off. There is a I am very disappointed that it was relatively expensive.

9. Tovla Jr Kids Unicorn Baking

Tovla Jr Kids Unicorn Baking

There is a Masterchef Game Board, 2 Child-Safe Knives, 1 X Blindfold, 74 X recipe cards, 66 X Mystery Ingredient cards, 66 X Mad Skills cards, 66 X Game Changer cards, 22 X ingredients cards, 22 X Judges Scorecards. Their high-quality cooking set for kids is a great way to help your picky chefs. The set includes some value for money, durable and toddler-safe baking tools. Their complete children's baking set includes various colorful kitchen utensils. Don't be afraid to get dirty. You can mix, frost, decorate, and bake. Their apron will keep you stain-free and have tons of fun. Start bagging right out of the box so that your boys and girls can have fun while also being entertained. The Tovla Jr. set contains everything you need to bake and decorate. A fun and educational set for girls. Help your kids cook and take care of their equipment in a compact case that is designed to keep their tools safe and organized for further use. Surprise your son, daughter, grandchild, niece or grand child with this unique gift. Even adults will love the cooking and baking set. Your child will love a world of tastes, colors and cookie smells.

Brand: Tovla Jr.

👤We bought this for my daughter's best friend who loves to help her parents cook and bake, and plays in her play kitchen, on her birthday. She's tiny, so stirring with the big spoons and using the heavy rolling pins isn't easy. The baking set is adorable. It is a nice quality for the price, and the storage case makes her feel proud to have her own tools, and it is perfect for her little hands. A big win!

👤My daughter just got into cooking and I bought this for her. This is a mini set. She's been making cookies. Some people had issues with the box. I was worried but ours is perfect. Both of us are happy.

👤The little one we bought for loved this set. The adults seem very happy with how it looks and works. She didn't get to the party in time because it was late. We had to give it to her, however she enjoyed it the same.

👤The product is overpriced for what it is. It is giftable. If it's for your kids and you have the time, the same miniature cooking items are at TJMaxx and Marshall's.

👤This arrived in a great package. It would be a great gift. It's perfect for kids who are too old to play food but young enough to use right-side stuff. My daughter loves it and I can't stop loving it.

👤My granddaughter loved it. She and her sisters have already made cakes. It gave great lessons to my children and great-granddaughters.

👤They didn't have measuring cups to measure out the ingredients.

10. FUNERICA 45 Piece Stainless Utensils Vegetables

FUNERICA 45 Piece Stainless Utensils Vegetables

For children ages 3 to 5; 13" x 10" x 4" It is made from the highest quality material that is durable, safe and crush resistant. Fruits and vegetables are set in bright colors to make young toddlers happy. The cutable play fruits and veggies come apart with the help of the Velcro and the kids love the slicing sound! The set includes a cutting board, plastic knife, and 3 realistic mini pots and pans so kids can pretend to cook or fry their own food, and serve it in the two included little plates. There is a colorful selection of pretend play food. There is a good cut of Steak, as well as Apple, Banana, Broccoli, Carrot, Corn, Chili, Eggplant, Tomato, Pepper, Strawberry, Orange,Kiwi, Lemon, Potato, Pear, Star Fruit, Egg, Fish, Hot Dog, and a good portion of vegetables. A sturdy storage box with dual closings is needed to hold all the kitchen toys and kid dish set neatly. Give this play toy food set as a gift and it will be a great addition to any toy kitchen. It makes a great incentive for holidays, birthdays or any other occasion. The interactive playset helps kids fine-tune their motor skills by using pretend food items and appliances.

Brand: Funerica

👤I am very happy with this set. The food pieces are made of plastic. When a piece of food is put together with a piece of Velcro, it looks like it is whole, because other brands have rounded edges so you can tell that there is a split. The orange, lemon and kiwi are some of the foods that have sweet little details painted on them. Some of the pieces are not normal. Who cuts an apple vertically? See the picture for reference. I think they are too big to be a choking hazard because they are smaller than other brands. My toddlers are playing with me. I love the pots and pans. I wish the two lids were interchangeable, but it is not that big of a deal. This is a nice little set with a lot of potential for fun. There is a I hope that was helpful.

👤The food is the perfect size for a small kitchen set and the pots and cooking accessories are metal. The tub to store the items away after play is like a bonus item. The plastic case that the items come in was cracked when we took it out of the bag. My two year old loves the sound of the food being cut in half and the pieces.

👤A lot of reviews say the little tote that comes with the food and cookware is cracked and they seem angry. This is how mine came as well. Good news! If you look at the sizes of the foods and cookware, you will see that it can fit in a drawer, tote bag, or bin, which you most likely already have in your kids room or play area. A cracked bin won't ruin this purchase. I will most likely purchase again for my niece and nephew. The rest of the bin is functional. It is a good buy for the money. Highly recommend!

👤I bought this set for my granddaughter. She's crazy about everything kitchen related. I researched this set and ordered it because the pans looked sturdy and the veggie variety looked good. The storage box was cracked after I received it. It was too late to order another, so I gave it to someone who would fix the box. The pans were small and sturdy but the perfect size for her play kitchen. The veggies were delicious. This set was very cute. My granddaughter was excited about this set and focused the rest of the day. Her older sister wanted to play as well. The set came with 2 knives. The case was cracked. Sarah immediately replied to me after I contacted her with a photo. She sent me a replacement case and included more veggies and an apron for my convenience. Excellent customer service. I am ordering more vegetables for the kitchen in the playhouse my husband and I built because I was impressed by Sarah's response.

👤This is a great set for a toddler. I bought this set for my grandson because he used to help me cook. He played with it all the time and now uses it in his play sessions, where he plays a cook, waiter, and store clerk. He still loves to cut and cook the vegetables and other food items that he learned at 1 1/2. We kept the smallest items out of his mouth. He helps cook with me on the kitchen floor because the pans and utensils look like mini-versions of my All Clad set. There is a The carrying case's closing mechanism was broken when it arrived. I wrote to Sarah Friedman. Immediately, she responded. I returned the original purchase and Sarah sent a new one with a larger carrying case, along with several additional items for tea and serving, as well as an adorable apron and chef's hat, which he uses for kitchen play and dress-up. Great gift! Thanks, Sarah!

11. Complete Kids Cooking Baking Set

Complete Kids Cooking Baking Set

We are dedicated to providing you with a better customer service and high quality products, which is covered with a one-year guarantee. A toddler dress up chef costume can be a Christmas gift. Add to cart and enjoy your family days. Baking sets that are kid-friendly and fit in your child's hand are easy to use. Each tool has fun colors that kids enjoy. Ages 3 and up. Parent friendly. The mat is easy to clean. Their baking mat is for kids. The mat can be rolled up for easy storage. cupcake and sugar cookie The starter recipes are time-conscious and delicious. The tools are dishwasher safe and are made from food grade silicone. The apron is made of cotton and is machine washed. A perfect gift for a child is an interactive experience that will cultivate their learning and generate delicious treats to enjoy. It's perfect for birthday celebrations, holidays, or just because reward gift. Girls and boys will enjoy it. The baking kit nurtures lifelong skills like creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, leadership, communication, collaboration, adaptability, and reflection.

Brand: Budding Hands

👤I chose this product over competitors because it was free of harmful substances. The whisk and rolling pin are both excellent quality and sturdy. I buy a few whisks for my child and they're usually flimsy at this size. I'm very happy that this came with everything I was looking for, including the Silicone Baking Mat which is great for rolling dough or putting down on the table. Silicone bakewear is microwave and oven safe. The mat is big enough for a microwave. I looked at a lot of similar baking sets and found a mat missing. There is a A lot of love went into this company because of the excellent price. I would check out any other products they have. There is a They didn't skimp out on the box. There is a lot of detail. Thank you for the good stuff!

👤I bought the Real Baking Tools for Kids for my grandson. As I was about to wrap it, I found the rolling pin and cupcake molds missing. I gave the kit to my grandson on his birthday, but the pieces were missing and he wouldn't notice. I contacted the company to ask them to send the missing pieces and received a reply the next day. Within 3 days, they sent a new kit. I received the new kit and was happy with it. There is a My grandson loved the kit and the rolling pin. Customer service is the number one priority for this company. Happy birthday Grandee and happy grandson!

👤The set pieces are sturdy, the multi-color set is non- gendered, and the packaging is classy. The apron is thick and high quality. It's definitely worth every penny.

👤A great gift for my grandson. We enjoy cooking in the kitchen and sharing it with each other. Cooking is a great way to spend time together. The under five year old will love the size. I appreciate that cooking is for everyone. These sturdy utensils will be used a lot.

👤My soon to be 4 year old loved this gift. He helped me cook with his utensils. Highly recommended. Good quality products.

👤The baking set is cute. The pieces are easy to handle for a toddler. My granddaughter loves it.

👤My grandson is a big fan of it. We make cookies and cupcakes.

👤So cute! I got one for my best friend and one for us.


What is the best product for cooking equipment for kids?

Cooking equipment for kids products from Cuterabit. In this article about cooking equipment for kids you can see why people choose the product. Joyin and Baketivity are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking equipment for kids.

What are the best brands for cooking equipment for kids?

Cuterabit, Joyin and Baketivity are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking equipment for kids. Find the detail in this article. Uniteland, Veitch Fairytales and Playz are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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