Best Cooking Equipment for Camping

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1. HZGAMER Adjustable Campfire Camping Barbecue

HZGAMER Adjustable Campfire Camping Barbecue

Camping cookware is easy to clean, you only need to wipe off grease and dirt when camping. If you're not happy with the cookware, please contact them and they'll give you a satisfactory solution. The heavy-duty rotating fire grill is made of high-hardness cast steel, which has super wear resistance, and reliable performance. The pan and kettle in the picture are not included in the product and are only for display. The grill is multi-purpose and has a diameter of 13 inches. It can be used to cook food. The U-shaped brackets can be used to hang a kettle or pot. The metal rods can be used in different ways when cooking. The perfect accessory for camping is the campfire grill grate, which is the ultimate solution for camping enthusiast looking to cook a decent meal over the open fire. It can be used with any type of fire. The Fire Pit Grill is easy to install. The installation is done in less than 2 minutes. The bottom rod needs to be more than 11 inches to ensure stability. The grill can hold up to 18 pounds. The deeper the main pole of the campfire grill is, the heavier it is. They will provide you with a 24 month warranty to make sure that you will not have to worry about it. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Hzgamer

👤Haven't used a product yet. I will update the review. I am very impressed so far. I received my order the next day and it was very well made with cast iron and wood. Assembly was quick and painless. I think this fire pit grilling set will work well. It would be great if it came with a carrying canvas.

👤I was worried that this would not be enough for the price. I was wrong. The long post is very solid and can be hit into the ground. When the cooking sides are turned away from the fire, the handles will get hot. This is not a flaw in the product but a consequence of its design. Something to know. Happy camping!

👤I can't fully evaluate this product until we use it. It was missing one of the poles when we received it. Someone didn't do their job with the packaging. I have to take the time and effort to get the missing part.

👤A piece of junk. It is destroyed by the time you drive this deep in the dirt. The cap flew off when I hit it with a hammer. I had to throw it away after every trip.

👤Simple design works well. It's easy to manover to the desired position with the firm shuriches. It increases the usefulness of an open fire. A good purchase!

👤We used this thing to cook our food and coffee. Money was well spent. Don't use a pot with a handle to hang it, just use the grill attachment and it works.

👤The product broke again. Poor design. Would not recommend it. Very dissatisfied.

👤The cook surface was not square. I used the play to fill the gaps. Hope it holds up. A good open fire grill.

2. Stansport Deluxe Cooking Broiler 13 5x9x1 Inch

Stansport Deluxe Cooking Broiler 13 5x9x1 Inch

The precision cooker has a high-end fast heating element. The 1000 watt cooker is powerful enough to heat up the water quickly and it will keep the temperature constant for an extended period of time. It's ideal for cooking on a grill. It's ideal for Burgers, Hot Dogs, Fish, Chicken, Steaks, Vegetables, and more. The design has a locking ring. Heavy-duty steel. The dimensions are 24.75 In. X 13.75 In. X.75 In.

Brand: Stansport

👤It works well and is more substantial than I was expecting. The easiest way to use this was to put a pile of charcoal in the campfire ring and support it with rocks. It is important to remember that cooking in a wood campfire does not mean sticking the basket right in the flames and making it hard to clean. The best place to cook campfire food is over hot coals pushed off to the side or after you let the fire die down to red glowing natural charcoal, because it will cook fast without burning them.

👤Needed something for the community park charcoal grills. It's possible to cook multiple burgers or hot dogs with ease. It's possible to cook about 6 burgers or 8 hot dogs at a time. I realized that one basket was not enough for the gang when I was at a large family gathering. I went to Walmart to get what I could, but it was not as good as this unit. This one is easy to use. The first time I used it, I made a small mistake by not using a cooking spray to reduce the sticking of ground beef to the basket. It had better results the second time I used it.

👤The handle is not long. The extension will be made from wood, so we can just screw in another piece. We lost our burgers into the ashes more than once because the lock on the handle just slips around, so we'll have to crimp it. The basket is shallow, so a normal sized bratwurst wouldn't fit into it. You could also do breakfast sausage. We were cooking plant-based burgers that were pretty thin, and they fit with a little bit of squishing. It's not likely that veggie skewers would work with fish. Maybe shrimp? It's definitely sliced eggplant, thin toast, stuff like that. The buns were placed on top of the basket. It's not a bad campfire gadget, but with some modifications and altered expectations, it's not a good one.

👤I need something less heavy duty. I like to cook over large campfires that are close to a fire. It's too hot for most camp grills. I found a superior quality one with longer handles, thicker gauge streel and better design. The small metal loops that hold the cages together would be the first part to degrade and I would have to sacrifice my quality meats to a fire god.

👤If you are cooking quickly, it is a great product. I use it over the fire pit. The issue may be with my setup. I don't like to hold it the whole time, I've cooked burgers and ribeye steaks. I put it on a log. The log causes smoke when it burns. I still have 5 stars because I think there are better ways to set it up. It is easy to use and has enough space to cook for a few people.

👤This is my go-to for camping. I can set up the fire circle using rocks or logs to keep the handle away from the fire while the flames lick up and tickle the meat, and I can also use the rocks or logs to set the unit down over the fire. It's easy to cook. It's great for hot dogs, kielbasa, sausages, and more. Highly recommended!

3. Tiawudi Collapsible Washing Dishes Camping

Tiawudi Collapsible Washing Dishes Camping

The value is great. The collapsible sink is made of rubber and is dishwasher safe. You only have to pay one but get two. The value is great. You can tell which one is which with different colors. You can use one to wash dishes and the other to put clean dishes in a camping area. It is possible to achieve dependability. The collapsible bin is great for indoor or outdoor use. It can be used as a wash basin, ice bucket, storage container, and more. It isdurable: Sturdy, plastic rim and base provide stability. It is easy to move when filled. It's foldable and space-saving. The portable pop-up design is portable and can be packed in the car with camping gear. The dimensions are 15.2” L x 11.4” W x 5.9” H and Collapsed to 2” H. There is a lifetime guarantee. They offer a lifetime guarantee on the quality of their collapsible sink. They are dedicated to your satisfaction so if there is ever anything you need, reach out to them.

Brand: Tiawudi

👤These were made to order. The only reason I didn't give a 5 star was because you have to hold on to one of the ends because the water pours out if you hold it by the handles. I kept it because they are well made. They are used all the time in my camper van. I bought them because of the space saving. I have not had a problem with hot water in them. I put them through the test. I would buy them again, but they won't last long. The price is very reasonable. I was surprised by the quality. Also, it was delivered on time.

👤In practice, they weren't really a necessity, so I was hesitant to order them. I got them because I thought about washing up after a group of 24 of us went camping over Thanksgiving and had to do it in under 40F temperatures. I don't like using paper plates and utensils with a large group, and I knew it would be a huge waste. The most efficient camp washing method involves four tubs, one filled with hot soapy water, and the next with rinse water, and the third with water with a Steramine. This is the way some restaurants do their dishes. Buying four will cost about $50, but they'll be a mainstay for our trips. They can be used for a lot of other things. They keep water pretty warm, and they are easy to carry from the water faucet. They are large enough to hold a lot of plates. They don't take up any room because they are light and collapsible.

👤These are great for doing dishes while boondocking. We use the grey water tank as a space saver by doing dishes outside. They don't take up a lot of space in our camper, but they do provide an easy way to do dishes. This is a must have for a camper.

👤I was surprised how well built these were. Two for the price of one brand. It works well. I was not sure if the handles would hold 2.5 gallons of water. These are not cheap.

👤It's pretty cheap. The handles and rim are very soft and can't hold weight without bending. The handles bend ominously when loaded with water for washing.

👤I used the basins for hand washing on a camping trip. The perfect size for that purpose, they worked well. I just packed some stuff in them and they came in handy during the drive. They are not heavy-duty. I didn't want the handles to break under the weight, so I was worried about filling them too much with water. They definitely feel like they might break if you put too much stuff in them.

👤This product is convenient for me. It works well and is collapsible. The material is durable and I have not had any problems with it. It will make camping easier.

👤It works great for carrying things, it is slim when folded down, and it works great at being a wash bin for cleaning things. It's useful to work in the garden. I haven't used it for camping yet, but I assume it will work just fine!

4. Stanley Adventure Camp Stainless Steel

Stanley Adventure Camp Stainless Steel

The Easy Slide Latches lock into place. There areDEAL outdoor accessories. The Stanley cook kit is a great gift for anyone who likes to cook outside. The locking handle folds over the lid to save space, and it is designed to provide maximum comfort and stability while it's on the stove. The kettle and coffee maker is made with 18/8stainless steel and features two insulated portable 10oz/ 295mL cups to enjoy hot and cold beverages. The stovetop mess kit with cups loaded weighs 13 9oz and empty it is only 7oz which makes it travel and backpack friendly.

Brand: Stanley

👤The Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set is a staple in the camping/backpacking world and is overlooked by the ultra lighters out there. There is a I believe that you have two safe choices of metal in camping cookware: titanium orstainless steel. There is a chance that there is a link between Alzheimer's and the use of anodized aluminum. It is inexpensive but heavy. Titanium is light and expensive. There is a The Stanley is great for me, as I don't mind the weight. I put my stove, fuel, cleaning towel, and eating utensil in the plastic cups that come with it, instead of tossing them in the trash. I use a GSI cup with the Stanley. The lid for the Stanley is perfect for the GSI Cup. There is a The attention to detail on the Stanley is amazing, considering pots that are more expensive don't usually have the perks that the Stanley does. The plastic flip-up finger handle stays up perfectly on its own. The lid has drain holes. There are not marked on the inside of the measurement. The marks are stamped so you can still see them from the inside. No big deal. There is a When the handle is locked into its folded position, it acts as a firm/reliable closing. The Stanley is a great product at a great price. I would recommend it to anyone.

👤The little cook pot is a happy find for me. I like that it's not aluminum. The graduations stamped on the side are very useful. I don't keep the two plastic cups in the pot as they take up a lot of room that I choose to use for other things. When the handle is closed, it provides a positive holding mechanism for the lid. The pot is folded into a cup. I put the paper coffee filters between the pot and cup to cut down on rattling. The paper filters can be used as a pre-filter for a water purification kit.

👤You need a way to boil water and cook food if you like hiking and backpacking. The Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set is for camping. This is one of the best cook sets out there. It is made of 18/8 steel which won't rust on you and is easy to clean with a scrub pad or sand from a creek or lake shore. There are holes in the lid that allow you to easily drain water if you need to. All for about $13,000. The value is great.

👤I use a fuel canister with this for my cook system. The stove is inside the mugs. I backpack in the Midwest and the West, and haven't found anything I don't like. Stores are easy to clean. I've cooked next to people with systems that cost 10x as much and we'll eat at the same time, and will share the trail again in the morning, and this is definitely not worth 10x less than what they paid! I don't remember weight off hand, but it's an extremely good value for a recreational outdoorsman. It's a good, low-risk kit. I've used it for car camping for oatmeal and coffee. The picture is from open fire cooking. The picture is from a 5-star destination. Take care!

5. Jetboil Camping Cooking System Carbon

Jetboil Camping Cooking System Carbon

Are you wondering how to carry the grill swing? Bruntmor has a bag that can be folded and placed with the grill swing for easy lifting. The Jetboil flash boil water in 100 seconds, making it the fastest Jetboil ever. Jetboil's cooking cup makes boiling water and keeping it warm a breeze. Start heating immediately with the pushbutton igniter and verify that the water is ready with the thermochromatic color- change heat indicator. Jetboil accessories, such as a coffee press, hanging kit, pot support, skillet, and utensils, make this a necessity for your next backpacking adventure. The bottom cup doubles as a measuring cup and a bowl and is easy to pack and carry. A one-year limited warranty. Jetboil has a stove that will keep you fueled for any adventure. No matter the level of cuisine you want to create, a compact and efficient stove is essential.

Brand: Jetboil

👤I opened the Jetboil system this weekend to make sure it worked before my hunt. The bottom portion of the approved fuel caught fire after I attached it to the burner. JetBoil refused to help me. I tried to reach CampSaver, but nothing. I can't get a penny back for buying it earlier this year.

👤I deployed to the middle east with this system last year. In a place where the Army didn't have any dining facilities, it was a real life saver. The market we ate at had ramen. I would have used it more if I had thought to attach the coffee press attachment. The cup is very durable, the water is fast, and the whole thing is very fuel efficient. There is a Why only 3 stars? The stove portion of the system melted. The plastic base was melted by the metal ring. The igniter failed because of the fault, but I'm not sure what caused it. I just have to ignite it with a lighter. I'm not comfortable using this stove again. I'll order a new one as soon as I figure out how to buy one separately.

👤I've used rocket stoves many times. I've never used a stove like this before. I didn't think about the heat gauge on the pot wrap when I used it, but I have used it in the dark, during storms, and half asleep. It's a nice touch. I don't have to check the water anymore. There is a The 'Wilderness' one has a jetboil wave on the other side that turns yellow when the water is boiling. I'm not going back to a $10 pocket stove. There is a Even if it seems like a lot for a stove, it's worth every penny.

👤I absolutely adore this! I take this with me wherever I go. This is a life saver. The components fit inside of it. The water boiled in 1 minute. I make coffee, cup o noodles, MREs and hot cocoa with it. Walmart carries the fuel for this. The accessory that supports the use of a frying pan is recommended by me. That folds down and stores inside the jetboil. I have fried bacon and eggs while fishing. I bought the Jetboil flash and it is perfect for me. The Jetboil sumo is nice but too big for a single person and takes up more space in the pack.

👤The starter didn't work out. I had no choice but to light it with a lighter. Definitely not a fan. I returned it for a refund.

👤I have used this stove many times. It is definitely top of its class. It has been through the wringer on torture tests with me. There is a mountain warfare training center in the state of California. The jetboil makes quick work of heating water at any temperature, from boiling snow to hot nalgenes between my legs at night. The electric starter is the only thing that could be improved. It doesn't work well in the cold. I would recommend a sparking device for extreme adverse conditions.

6. Campfire Equipment Cooking Lightweight Portable

Campfire Equipment Cooking Lightweight Portable

The measures are 6.5" x 1.6" and have a capacity of 1.5 ounces. The Ti-Uno option has a more rugged look. GoBites Uno comes in a variety of colors so you can find your favorite or match your other cups, bowls, pans, dish or cook sets. Humangear's product line has complimentary items. GREJOUR's tripod is an easy and quick solution for setting up a reliable campfire. The cooking tripod is very light at only 0.41 lbs. It can fit in your camping bag to set up a tripod for cooking. You need 3 sturdy sticks to set up the tripod stand for cooking over a fire. The sticks can be turned into a tripod holder. You can attach a Dutch oven, teapot, coffee pot, and cook any of your delicious meals and beverages with the help of the chain and j-hook. Their campfire cooking equipment is made to last with a chain and j-hook that are made of durable steel, a resilient material that will pass the test of time. The tripod of the camp stove allows you to hang additional accessories such as lanterns, water jugs, and clothing. The camping gear cooking comes with a triangular board with an inner hole of 0.78-inch. The chain can be adjusted up to 46.5-inch. The accessories are resistant to lead and other harmful elements. It's a tripod cooking grill. Their open fire cooking equipment comes with a carrying pouch for more practicality. This portable cooking is a must-have for camping trips. The chain length is up to 46.5".

Brand: Grejour

👤It worked well for the swing part of the German grill. It's easy to pack for camping. The case is made of leather.

👤When I got this, it mentioned leather in the title, but now it shows PU, and I don't see a review about fake leather. I bought this over a case that cost half the price because of the leather pouch, but it is a junky, cheap looking case. It is 2 pieces, so you won't lose or have to keep track of many little pieces. I saw some that had the chain, a bolt and nut, and other small items that seemed a bit safer than losing something in your kit or on the ground. I haven't used it out doors yet, but it seems durable.

👤If I were to use fire more often for cooking and heating water, I could probably cut back on the amount of fuel I have to pack in. There is a It looks like it will be an awesome device to support a pot of water, even though I haven't used it yet. It's very lightweight and it looks strong.

7. GCI Outdoor Slim Fold Kitchen Portable

GCI Outdoor Slim Fold Kitchen Portable

There is a lifetime guarantee. They offer a lifetime guarantee on the quality of their collapsible sink. They are dedicated to your satisfaction so if there is ever anything you need, reach out to them. The portable cook station has a counter and storage space for cooking utensils and cookware. A folding camping table. The folding camp table has enough counter and storage space to hold camp kitchen equipment. A one-piece powder-coated steel frame is easy to open to reveal the counter top, storage rack, and side tables. Quality Construction: The table frame is powder-coated steel and can be easily unfolded to reveal a heat-resistant aluminum countertop, storage rack, and 4 plastic fold-out side tables. The ideal space for a camp stove is the counter top with a weight limit of 48 lbs.

Brand: Gci Outdoor

👤This is a small kitchen set up for car camping. It is very sturdy and functional. I never had a good way to move it. It's too big to fit in a bin. It's only a matter of time before it starts getting scratched up and chipped, without any type of protection. The 1st Place Products Premium Art Portfolio Case is no longer available. The camp kitchen has a little room to spare for a few other small things, and the art bag fits there perfectly. There is a If you love your camp kitchen and want to protect it, I highly recommend.

👤This is the best thing I have ever bought. I don't know how I've camped without it. It's very easy to put up. Sturdy and versatile. I highly recommend! The towel holder is genius. The table is a good investment for camping cooking.

👤The type of construction that we used in our fold out table with aluminum slats was similar to the other similar items. This contributes to light weight design but can break from repeated use. I chose this unit because of the powder coated steel tube construction and standard bolts for pivots in the major support areas. The unit is built solid and appears to be more substantial than the others. I wanted something that I could use for many years and not have to replace it. I've only used it twice. It has lived up to my expectations. It takes about 10 seconds to unfold and lock into place, the same as packing it back into the box. It's a nice design and is built to last. My Coleman stove has wire support legs which fit into the slots on the top of the table so it can't slide or be knocked off by accident. It has a well balanced heavy duty handle. I can't find anything negative to include. This was not a free item to review. I am happy with my purchase, I paid real money for it. The photo sequence is in the order of the steps.

👤A friend had a camping kitchen. Hers was heavy, and setup/take down was difficult with all of the cabinet sections, back splash, and upper shelves. It was very expensive when I looked at it. I didn't have a situation where I would leave my kitchen and go camping, so I wasn't envious when I realized how hard hers was. It needed to be portable for me to handle myself. I love this GCI kitchen. It is what I wanted and needed. It's light for what it is, and I don't want it to be "lighter". The kitchen, once set up, wasn't going anywhere because I had no worries with my stove, boiling water, or cast iron pans. I used dollar tree baskets to keep things organized on the shelves, I set up my kitchen under a screen tent, and I liked the shelves open. The design of the shelves made it easy to hang up towels to dry, as well as the trash bag and utensils. There is a My friend's kitchen looks more impressive, but mine behaved impressively, from compact storage, to excellent performance while in use. The GCI brand has been turned on its head by this kitchen. I didn't know they were superior in quality, but now think they are!

8. Campfire Equipment Stainless Accessories Adjustable

Campfire Equipment Stainless Accessories Adjustable

100% safe and tested. The Wealers cooking set is 100% food grade and goes through rigorous controls to make sure it is safe for your health. Their kitchen equipment is dishwasher friendly to make life easier. The Sauce pan is 14/16 cm, the Stock pot is 20 cm, and the Frying pan is 20 cm. The barbecue tripod board and iron chain are made of high-quality steel. They are strong. Plug the tripod board into the holes of the triangular plate with a tripod board with a radius of less than 15mm. The tripod board should be fixed at a certain angle. The pot is on the chain that goes through the tripod board. The camp tripod plate can be stored in a camping backpack and is convenient to carry. camping is full of fun because activities don't need a tripod. It is the best choice for camping. It's perfect for hanging Dutch ovens, kettles, teapots, coffee pots, etc. It's suitable for outdoor camping, hiking, adventure, herders, rescue and extreme survival. Please do not touch the tripod board and chain after you have cooked the food. If you have any questions, please contact them. Please do not touch the tripod board and chain after you have cooked the food. If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Luafnnjotury

👤It was well made. A strong chain. Will do the job. The plate is much heavier than necessary for the intended use. I'll put it in the back of the truck. It's too heavy for backpacking carry and use.

👤The little divice is a must have for any camping enthusiast. It's made of quality metal and is easy to use. I will be in the woods to try it out with my ovens.

👤The price was right at 11$ and it comes with a small carrying kit and a sturdy chain that could last a lifetime. If you can score it for 11 dollars, it's a great deal.

9. Portable 27 Piece Stainless Grilling Organizer

Portable 27 Piece Stainless Grilling Organizer

There is a free wilderness. If you want to enjoy the great outdoors without second guessing, then you need the lightweight, compact, and mobile design of the Bisgear Camp Kitchen Set. The Amzgo camping picnic cooking accessory kit is designed for every family or outdoor enthusiast. It is a complete and professional BBQ grill kit that will satisfy all your needs for cooking, perfect for travel, picnics, RV, camping, hiking, backyard BBQ-ing, parties, concerts, sporting events, boat rides, and more. Everyone of them has a unique use for this utensil set. There was a storage bag, a cutting board, a barbecue fork, a chef's knife, a wine opener, and a scalpel. Purchases are guaranteed. If you have a question about their products, please feel free to contact them. The main purpose of the design is to make the grilling experience user-friendly. The grilling action can cause burns and skid. The end hanging rings design makes it easy to hang on everywhere when not in use to save space. These camping cooking utensils are lightweight so you don't get tired quickly. Everything is right where you left it. The bag has an outside handle for easy transportation, storage, and organization. All cooking utensils are made with tough Oxford fabric, which keeps them clean, dry, and rust-free. Every utensil is held in a pocket or strap and does not get scratched or damaged during transportation. These cooking utensils are non-toxic and safe to use. Sturdy construction makes these toolsdurable and long- lasting, and you won't have to worry about grill accessories cracking. Some of the kitchen utensils are dishwasher safe. After washing, there were no smells or sticky messes.

Brand: Nexgadget

👤I don't know what kitchen supplies will be provided with my housing. I needed a solution to bring my kitchen utensils with me without having to unpack and pack again, and I didn't want to throw a mess of my own in a plastic bag. This is the perfect solution, it provides most of the basic necessities in a small bag. I added a pizza cutter, measuring spoons, a flat strainer, a real beer opener, and a rubber spatula. I could easily add more with the elastic straps. Everything is in place. I don't know if the long termDurability is possible, but everything is made of STAINLESS STEEL and appears well made. It is easy to keep in my trunk.

👤This is an Amazon Favorite. I paid a little more for this than the one I bought last year. Someone at Amazon needs to use this one. This set is amazing. I couldn't be more enthusiastic in my endorsement. Everything you are likely to need is here. We bought it for camping. I enjoy using these fine cooking and dining implements so much that I often pull them out to use in cooking at home. The set is easy to transport and has a high quality case. I'm usually not as impressed with purchased items. The knives in this set are sharp. This is a very good set. Forget about what Amazon likes. This will become your favorite as it has become mine.

👤I took my first trip this past Memorial Day weekend and was very disappointed. If you are looking for just basic silverware all in one to use, this is not it. Everything was hand washed and dried for 3 days, but by the end of the weekend it was all rust. The girl pokers that we used on the grill were not heat resistant. I am not rough on anything. I was hoping this would last me more than one trip, but I am so disappointed.

👤The thing is light, compact and perfect for organizing kitchen tools for car camping. I wouldn't use this kit for every day use, but everything in it is at least quality. There are no useless gadgets that come in a lot of kits. There is a spatula, scraper, Ford, silverware, a couple sharp knives with sheathes, wine/beer opener, and poultry shears. There is a The case come in different colors, but it is a small issue for a great little kit.

👤I had high hopes for this, but it ended up causing damage. The handle came undone because it was sewn to the case. I was getting ready to package it back up to return it when I realized that the other side of the handle was not the same. I won't replace it with the same one because it was bad.

👤This is a good get and comes with a nice bag. One of the reasons for the two stars is that the fondu forks can go under your fingernails if you reach in the bag. I was thankful for the first aid kit. The rest of the kit was useful and will be used again.

10. Odoland Non Stick Lightweight Stainless Backpacking

Odoland Non Stick Lightweight Stainless Backpacking

Excellent equipment for camping, hiking, overnight trips or any other outdoor activities is perfect for outdoor gear. The best money you can spend is on the 15 piece camping cookware set, which includes 1 x L pot, 1 x S pot, 1 x fry pan, 2 x forks, 2 x knives, and 2 x Silicone protectors. The lightweight camp cookware set is a great choice for camping. It's perfect for 1 to 2 people. The fry pan is 5.7'' in diameter and has 1.9L and 1L capacity. They will be great for meal prep as well. It is made to be used by 1 to 2 people. The pots and fry pan are made from non-toxic and lightweight aluminum. It is coated with a non-stick for easier use. Each piece has handles that are foldable so you don't burn your hand. 2 sets of dinner cutleries and a cleaning cloth are included with the extra STAINLESS STEEL DINNER CUTLERIES. The dinner cutleries are made from 304 steel which is completely safe to use. The foldable spoons can be packed into cloth bags for easy storage. The cleaning cloth is safe to use on the coated surface and allows you fast and easy clean-up after you're done. Everything is packed into a nylon mesh bag and all pieces nest great. The package size is 7.5x 7.5x5 inches and the total weight is just 2.75 lbs. This set is perfect for backpacking as well as traditional camping.

Brand: Odoland

👤It was so small and clean when it arrived. I love it when the trail is clean.

👤I was hesitant to buy these because of some of the reviews, but decided to take the leap. The last time I went camping, I brought cookware that wasn't made for such an activity and lost some beloved pots and pans. I am glad we got these. They were supposed to be used over a Coleman cooking stove, but were prepared poorly. We threw these over the fire and they exceeded our expectations. We were able to make our dinner quickly, and the handles didn't melt over the flames. They cleaned up after cooking. It is perfect for a couple on a camping trip. We can't wait to use them again.

👤It's a great buy for people getting into camping. The pots/pans were perfect size after everything collapsed into them. The cup grips are necessary, very hot without them.

👤My 5 year olds toy kitchen set is a part of this horrible product. She loves them because they look like big ones but they are so small that you can't cook or serve them. The biggest waste of money I have ever spent. I already had pots and pans because they wouldn't serve my teenage sons bacon, fish fins, or even half an egg. It is not suitable for cooking. The cups and sleeves are too small and don't fit. The product should be half off at the store. Straight up.

👤Terrible quality. The cups are kid sized, the sleeves don't fit, and the handle broke on the first use. Don't ask about non-stick properties. This is useful for boiling water, but I don't think I'd trust it for that. There is a This was a huge waste of money. It would have been better to spend more on the higher quality names. I still have to do that. I spent almost 50 bucks on a mesh back and crappy silverware. It was hard to pass on this one.

👤These are too small to cook for 2 people and even though they are Teflon, they are not! Everything sticks. You have to soak them to get rid of the food. I couldn't get them to fit back together.

👤I realized that pieces were smaller than I thought because I have been learning about how much we eat. It should have included the coffee pot. Recommendations for cooking on a propane grill are needed. Or on the fire? Preparing for a year without food stores. Pots are definitely small. Mylar bags are used to heat food.

👤I ran my fingers on the pan after the first wash and it left a chemical smell. The one star reviews should not be ignored. I don't recommend this product and you will regret it.

11. Odoland Camping Cookware Hanging Outdoor

Odoland Camping Cookware Hanging Outdoor

LIFETIME WARRANTY: 'BUILT FOR LIFE'. They promised to provide rugged, capable gear for food and drink since 1913. It is a promise they keep. Stanley products come with a lifetime warranty. The camping cookware kit is perfect for 4 people. It includes a large pot, a pan, kettle, dishes, cups, spoons, forks, bags, and a carry bag. The large pot can be hung over the fire or put on open fire. The pot pan and kettle can be used with firewood. Each piece has a non-stick Teflon coating, which makes it incredibly durable. It is a must have survival gear that can last a long time. The foldable handles on the pot or stove are easy to carry. All the objects in the cooking set can be stored in a mesh bag for easy carry. Enjoy cooking. The cookware kit is designed for anyone who loves camping outdoors. It is portable and convenient for camping, hiking, backpacking, picnic and other outdoor activities.

Brand: Odoland

👤I liked the product and the set was well-packed and ready for camping with my family of four. The non-stick coating on the pot is very vulnerable to scratches, and we noticed it during the camping. We went on to share our meal after a few scratches. There is a We could not see the black stains on the plates. We washed the meal with a sheet of paper towel. We used the paper towel to dry the plates. There is a The black stain came back the next morning, and all of the plates had them. I wiped the stain off with a paper towel and it looked like the picture was attached. The rear side has more of the stain than the edges. I asked the seller what it was. I could just return the set if I didn't like it. I feel I need to write this for others who bought the same set that I bought, because I have the same issue. Stop using these for the health of you and your family. I hope the seller can make it right.

👤A family with three kids. We only use this set during our camping trips and have never had any issues with cooking full meals throughout the day. For the compativeness of the whole set, we can't complain. The silverware collapses when too much pressure is applied, but never collapses when used for eating, so it's not really a complaint as I've seen in other reviews. It is easy to clean and compact the back. I would recommend buying again.

👤Me gusta porque es small. Para llevar de salida, lo necesario para Poder cocinar.

👤The set is complete and nice. It has cups, plates, silverware and cooking pot. Cloth cleaning towels are included with the covers. It was fabricated from either aluminum or steel. It's large enough to cook 4 portions at a time. The nylon sack has a drawstring. Good price and good quality. We will use this set for a long time.

👤A camping cookware set is important to me because I love having tea while camping. I was a little off by the price. I cleaned the cookware before I left for my trip, even though it was dirty when it arrived. I thought I missed a set of bowls when I got to the campsite. The plates are manageable. The cups are great for holding heat and the sleeves are great for color coding. The design of the silverware was very pretty. All in all, very happy with this set. I think it was worth the price.

👤We took the set with us to camping after we received it. We are a family of four. It is easy to wash off every piece. The set takes up a lot of space to store. perfect!

👤We spent a week in the black hills. I can't wait to use the stove again. We found them on Amazon and it is complete. The perfect kitchen can be found in the travel bag with the collapsable mixing bowel and calendar.


What is the best product for cooking equipment for camping?

Cooking equipment for camping products from Hzgamer. In this article about cooking equipment for camping you can see why people choose the product. Stansport and Tiawudi are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking equipment for camping.

What are the best brands for cooking equipment for camping?

Hzgamer, Stansport and Tiawudi are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking equipment for camping. Find the detail in this article. Stanley, Jetboil and Grejour are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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