Best Cooking Eggs for Kids

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1. StillCool Children Development Learning Birthday

StillCool Children Development Learning Birthday

We have a large collection of kids toys for Easter, special occasions, Christmas, and year around occasions. Their products are of great value and fun for parents and children. Children's toys for role play. The material is wood, non-toxic. You can open 3 eggs and take out the egg yolk, but there are 3 eggs that can't be oppened. The bright eggs will improve kid's hand dexterity, color recognition and fine motor skills. The egg may be swallowed to choke for too little kids.

Brand: Stillcool

👤My 2.5 year old daughter loved these. There are 3 eggs with yolk and 3 with white ones. The white part of the eggs can't stay closed because they are lose. They make a mess and lose pieces all the time. cue crying the rage! I had to hide the eggs as my daughter put a yolk in her mouth and realized they could be a huge choking hazard. She loved the eggs that I bought for her. These are a hazard for an older child.

👤There is no way eggs with yolk can stay together. The egg is smaller than a AA battery. A major hazard!

👤I noticed that the eggs didn't stick together and only 3 of them broke apart, when I watched a video review. I couldn't beat it for the price. I cut the Velcro into half circle pieces. It is working great.

👤It is not possible to say that it is. My daughter loves eggs. She plays with them at least once a day. Sometimes it is all day. The carton they are in is very flimsy. It was really cute because of that. There are three whole eggs. They don't open. There are three eggs that are open. I thought they would have a clasp. The top is on the bottom. There is a small piece of yoke inside the eggs that open. There is no way for the egg to stand when you take the eggs out of the carton. You have a toddler that is very frustrated when the yoke opens. She says the eggs are broken. Over and over. I don't know why she plays with them so much. That is the only reason I gave them three stars. The price is great. She loves them! I would give it a one star for my sanity.

👤I bought these for my 3 year old and they are small. The yolk is small and a hazard. The box it comes in is very small. I thought it would have been bigger. It is difficult to keep all of the pieces together because the eggs do not close. Would not recommend it.

👤The quality of this toy is good. I wouldn't recommend it as a toy for younger children. This item is intended to be used for pretend play, and what do most kids do with pretend play food? I feel that the yolks are more of a hazard than marbles and I would be at risk if I were to eat one of them. I understand that the item is not for kids under 3 years old, but the pictures are not clear on the size of the item. I like the concept of this toy, but I don't recommend it for any child to play with unless you want them to put things in their mouths. I ordered the eggs because I thought they were of the correct size, but they are less than the actual size of an egg, and therefore the yolk is very dangerous. As the purchaser, I alone bear the responsibility for reading reviews and asking questions before purchasing if I had any concerns, so not anyone's fault but my own just felt that others might appreciate a warning before they order and it becomes their kids dangerous can't-live-without-it A toy.

2. Augshy Plastic Shakers Percussion Musical

Augshy Plastic Shakers Percussion Musical

The age recommendation is 18 months and up. There are 14 pieces of maracas eggs in 7 colors, 2 pieces in red, 2 pieces in orange, 2 pieces in yellow, 2 pieces in blue, 2 pieces in green, 2 pieces in purple and 2 pieces in pink. Material. The egg shaker set is made of good quality plastic filled with mini plastic balls, so they can't be opened, in order to make an interesting rhythm when shaking. Children are having fun playing. They can be painted with brushes. The diameter and length of the percussion eggs are appropriate. The size is suitable for children to hold and looks like an ordinary egg. It is easy and fun. The basics of rhythm can be learned with Egg Shakers. You can play it alone or with other percussion instruments. TheAUGSHY musical egg shaker is an ideal toy for children to play with and is a special gift for kids at Easter.

Brand: Augshy

👤My son is in the cart. He immediately grabbed two of them and put them in his room to play with and we put one in the bag that is kept in the car. We haven't been very rough with them, so haven't experienced any issues with their durability. My son is 4 years old and they are the ideal size for his hands.

👤I buy these to pass out. Inexpensive noise maker that people enjoy playing with, especially little kids, my band performs at festivals. Terry is from Texas.

👤These eggs are great. They sound great. I got them for our baby. She takes at least one with her wherever she goes. The colors are bold. The product is great.

👤I bought these for my class to use as a brain break activity. The students have a dance break after I put music on. They absolutely love it.

👤They are fun for little ones and have held up well as long as the kids don't get crazy for them.

👤My 3 year old loves them. They make music enjoyable for her. My 7 month old can easily hold them.

👤My toddler loved it. She's 1 now. She still plays with it.

👤Just the right size, and a lot of noise. They bring a lot of pleasure.

3. Joyin Toy Assorted Appliance Accessories

Joyin Toy Assorted Appliance Accessories

Their smooth, kid-safe toy kitchen accessories are easy to handle, feature rounded edges and are non-toxic colors and prints, and hold up to tough and tumble play by young toddlers of all ages. They pride ourselves in creating play sets that are fun, gender neutral, and inspire children of all ages to be more active. If you have questions, contact them. A set of interrelated things. Kids cooking appliances include toy mixer, Toaster and many more. This set is compatible with many brands. There is a real function. A mixer with a whip. A toast with a timer. A fillable blender has a rotating function. Kids can do the same things in real cooking. 2X AA batteries are needed for the mixer and blender. The batteries are not included. Premium quality. It is made with durable plastic. The color is bright. There was no Toxic. It is free of the harmful chemical, sbA. US toy safety standards have a form for toys. It is an endless fun. The Pretend Play Kitchen Appliance Play Food Toy Set provides hours of entertainment to children who love to cook. Kids eye-hand coornidation and creative imagination are trained by the Pretend Play. Customer satisfaction. Their priority is to provide a 100% satisfaction experience. If products don't meet your expectations, you can message them through contact sellers. The celebrations begin at Joyin!

Brand: Joyin

👤My daughter is excited to get this in the mail. We immediately opened it and were able to see it. Even though we put dry beans in the mixer, we were very pleased to see that the batteries worked well. The item was replaced by the seller after we found out that it didn't function properly, and we are very happy with their service. The play foods that accompany this set are decent. There are videos of the mixer and the blender working with dry beans.

👤When I got them, I was a little worried. I thought they might be too small for my granddaughter. I was surprised. She liked the mixer and the blender. I think it would be better for a younger child to not have a toast. That is a really good blender. The mixer works well, but not as powerful as the blender. She made 20 or more batches of chocolate milk and probably the same amount of lemonade and other make-believe recipes over the weekend. She made Grandpa's French toast with the mixer. I'm really happy with the product and she had a great time. When the weekend was over, the batteries were starting to get weak. They had a lot of use. It was easy to clean up the leaking blender. I could wash off the seal of the blender by removing the bottom part, which is the one that has the milk in it. When I was thinking of buying this set, I had trouble figuring out the size. It doesn't have a measurement anywhere. I attached a picture of them next to a blender. Approx height sizes... There are two things: a mixer and a Toaster. They are small but perfect for my granddaughter. I'm not sure if they would last for a younger child. My grandson was too rough with them. You have to judge how your child is using toys. I was very pleased with the set and I would recommend it to anyone who asked. It's a good thing.

👤My son liked this toy set. He played for a long time. The blender was a big hit. The only reason I wouldn't give it 5 stars is because the battery motor where the blender sits became loose so quickly. It wouldn't stay put if it had a click. Is this just mine? My son would get frustrated when it would fall out of place. I will include the pictures so you can see them. He really liked the toy.

👤If your child likes to play in the kitchen, this is a must have. My son loves to help in the kitchen so we got him a play kitchen. The appliances were bought for our son. Most of the appliances in this set were pink. The appliances are well made. The stand mixer is also a hand mixer. We didn't have any problems with the toast. The food was not high quality. I didn't think it was as bad as some of the posts. My son loves that the appliances work. He couldn't use all of them. There was a suggestion to make chocolate milk. This product is very good and I would highly recommend it. I was very happy with how quickly my package arrived, it was Christmas time. It arrived 3 days earlier than thought. The blender can be difficult to fit into the base.

4. Little Tikes Realistic Pretend Appliance

Little Tikes Realistic Pretend Appliance

We do not use email for Live Customer Care, instead they use a toll-free number or live chat. Making life easier, better and more enjoyable is whatMueller believes in. If you don't like your Chopper/Slicer, they will give you a replacement or a full refund. Their live telephone customer support is ready to assist you with anything you need. There is an interactive toy. The toy refrigerator is designed so that kids can pretend they're cooking and prepping meals for hours, so they can have fun. The working ice dispensers drops plastic ice cubes and makes sounds. The interior light on the dual French doors is turned on and off when opened and closed. When the freezer has been open too long, the pull out freezer will sound. An ice cube tray, 4 ice cubes, 2 clips, an ice cream cone, a milk carton, and an orange are included in the product. Kids can decorate the fridge doors and make their own using the clips to post grocery lists or display photos and art for free. It's great for small spaces because it's easy to set up.

Brand: Little Tikes

👤I ordered all 3 appliances to make a complete set for my kids. There is something different about each one. The stove has lights and sounds, the washer spins, and the fridge has ice. I wish they were a little bigger. My 4 year old was included with a banana. I put them on a bench so my kids wouldn't have to sit on the ground to play with them. I think they are at the upper end of what I would pay. They are a new addition to our toy collection.

👤This is the second time I have returned this refrigerator. The left door can't stay open because the shelve that goes inside is too wide. The sound and ice on the door can not be used properly if the left door doesn't close. The door is open and the refrigerator is running. The only way to fix this is to take out the shelving. The ice maker and shelving are poor designs. The ice maker misses the shelf because it is higher.

👤I find it to be flimsy plastic, the grand kids love it. Little Tikes Brand used to make taller versions. My kids have to kneel. If you pull the drawer out too far it will tip over and you will have plastic food everywhere.

👤There are a lot of bad reviews of this product. I thought I would just return it if it was as bad as the reviews. The freezer part comes out easily, but it is not a big deal. The sound of the fridge stops after 60 seconds. Maybe 90. It is not a bad toy. It is short. That is shown in photos so it shouldn't be a surprise. The kids love the ice maker and I have more storage for the play food. It is not a bad purchase.

👤The quality is not what I expected. The batteries drain because it did not close properly after assembling. The bottom draw doesn't stay in place.

👤I bought this for my child. She already has a play kitchen. I play on getting her a washer. She will have a lot of time with these things.

👤My toddler woke up in the middle of the night because the fridge door didn't shut. Wouldn't recommend.

👤I wanted my daughters to play kitchen because of how interactive they are, so we built a toy kitchen that would fit these appliances. My daughter plays with them every day and they are perfect. I love the look of them and the sounds they make.

👤This is wonderful. It is. We set up this life today to make sure everything is in place as we are doing an imaginary corner for our son for Christmas and this will be a great addition to what we have. It was easy to put together and it was delivered quickly.

👤Excellent item. The granddaughters love playing with this. It is easy to put together and sturdy.

👤My grandson was very happy to receive this for his birthday. Our little chef has added something to his kitchen.

5. Liberty Imports Assortment Breakfast Desserts

Liberty Imports Assortment Breakfast Desserts

There is a song called Mamma Mia! The set includes everything needed for a pretend pizza party. 50 Pieces play food and kitchen tools. Food items include bacon, egg, toast, burger, hot dog, pizza, ice cream, cookies, and more. Kitchen tools include pan, pizza tools, ice cream scoop, and utensils. You can play a restaurant, grocery store, and chef. It's a perfect accessory for play kitchens with fun items that look real. It's great for pretend play breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.

Brand: Liberty Imports

👤Good varieties, thoughtful designs, hard plastic, and a good price should make them a good choice. There is a small dent on the ice cream cone. There is a If you are playing with your kids, I would recommend this set. We had a lot of fun playing with them. I would be embarrassed to give these to my family or friends.

👤The pack has a nice variety of foods, but they aren't as pictured. Many are made from poor quality plastic. A lot of these foods are not expected to come apart into several pieces, but they do. I ordered a different package of foods for less and they are better quality and my son can easily put them together. I would return this package if he hadn't torn it open.

👤I wish I'd listened to the other reviews. I would love to get my money back. I can't send it back because I am disabled. Since I can't work anymore due to health reasons, I use toy foods to make projects in my home. The 50 piece set was disappointing to me.

👤The design is very thoughtful. You can add cheese and pepperoni to your pizza. Remove the pizza board, cut it with a pizza cutter and serve a single slice. A Double layer chocolate cake can be made. Ice cream cones or cups have chocolate, strawberry and mint in them. A sandwich or burger with lettuce and tomato can be made. So much more. It's a great size for small hands and durable for pretend play. I love it! Highly recommended!

👤This was a last minute purchase. I had no time to find another and had it under the tree, but I was appalled at the size. The kids liked the variety of play food. Who knows how it will hold up after only a few days. The price was too high for what I received.

👤My wife and I bought this set of play food for our son to eat. Many of the other sets were made of wood, which is nice for longevity, but we'd rather not have him throwing wooden toys around. The set struck a nice balance. It has enough food items to provide a good selection and also has some pans and utensils so he can imitate his parents when they cook. The french fry box, which is cardboard, was smooshed when I opened it. I wasn't worried about that issue. This is an excellent product, with good quality and a good number of pieces for the price. Would buy again.

👤There are cheap plastic kitchen toys. My son does not notice that these are cheap plastic toys. They are kids toys, but they look very fake. He likes to mix and match ice cream cones and bowls. Each cone/cup has a different flavor of ice cream so he can choose which goes with it. The utensils look like toys. These are an inexpensive option if you don't mind the fake plastic look. We chose this one because there were so many options. If I didn't want to spend a lot, I would buy again.

6. Kidzlane Color Matching Egg Set

Kidzlane Color Matching Egg Set

It's a satisfactory thing. Ages 18 months and up. A toy that helps preschoolers learn to count, sort, and match is TERRIFIC TODDLER LEARNING TOY. The plastic eggs have pegs and holes. Start building smart minds with the right educational toys. These bright, interactive eggs will improve hand dexterity, color recognition, and fine motor skills. This is a toddler toy that is built to last. The sturdy plastic case is convenient for quick and easy storage when it's time to pack away. The shape of these smooth eggs is child friendly. They'll be able to pull them apart easily, encouraging independent play. It's great for 2 and 3 year olds. Your satisfaction is their main concern. If you run into problems with your order, please contact them so they can work it out for you.

Brand: Kidzlane

👤My daughter is currently working on fine motor skills in different therapies and this product has been great for her. There is a The number 4 egg sticks together too hard and she can't get it, but all of the other eggs were ok. The numbers are the same color as the background but not very visible, so she is working on number recognition. I found it hard to keep her attention, but I am not sure if that was the intention. I used a black marker to make them more visible. The eggs are very durable and the carton is great. The photos were attached to show the difference in visibility between the numbers before and after they were made bolder with a marker.

👤My daughter loves this toy. It was a great way to teach her the different colors. I expect the toy to last. At 17 months old, our child could open the eggs and put most of them back together, but now at 19 months, he can put most of them back together. The color selection could be improved, but I would give this toy 5 stars. There is a light orange that we call orange, a red-orange that we call red, and a tan that we call brown. Considering the age range is 18 months, these should be more of a true orange, red, and brown. An 18-month old doesn't know what red-orange is. I would have preferred one of the shades of blue and green, but I replaced the second shade for a different color, such as white, gold, or teal. Our other toys have these colors on them. The carton and 2 of the eggs are too hard for our child to open, and one egg falls open on it's own. There is a This toy is fun to play with many times a day. It doesn't make sounds or have electronic parts, which is a rarity for toys of this age. Fine motor skills are improved by it. I would recommend it to a child under 18 months old.

👤I am a foster parent and I get a lot of kids through my home who need extra help in various areas. Sensory issues, educational delays, gross motor skills, fine motor skills are some of the issues that many deal with. I always look for toys to keep around the house that are educational and may hit a few areas of needs for my kids. I saw these eggs and thought it could help my toddler with his motor skills by helping him open the eggs and push the 2 halves together. He likes these eggs so much that he will open them all and then try and match them back together. Even though we've only had them a short time, his ability to get the eggs back together has improved. He just turned 2 years old, and he put all of the eggs back into the box. It is worthwhile for him. I like this product a lot.

7. MasterChef Junior Breakfast Cooking Set

MasterChef Junior Breakfast Cooking Set

The value pack is for girls and boys. It's perfect for cooking chef pretend play, role play, educational toy, early development, holiday toy for toddlers, school classroom prize, kids intelligent learning toys, Easter Stuffer, Birthday party or Festival and more. The Junior Breakfast Cooking Set is licensed by the show. Kids breakfast cooking kit has a mixing bowl, whisk, turner, juicer and an egg cup. 3 unique recipe cards for all levels of experience are included in the set. There are real cooking tools with kid-safe, non-slip silicone grips. Food is not included for ages 6 and up. It's a great gift for little chefs. Become the ultimate MasterChef Junior by collecting all 5 sets.

Brand: Masterchef Junior

👤The recipient of this did seem to like it. There is nothing wrong with the product. You could get this kit for a fraction of the price at a big box store. You can print out some recipe cards for french toast, crepes, pancakes, and soft boiled egg. You're paying a lot for the name.

👤My daughter, an astute and adorable half of a twin set, is obsessed with Masterchef Jr and loved getting this set for Christmas. Professional tools are just right for her. The child made me crepes for breakfast. It's Friggin' Creatures!

👤My granddaughter loved this set. It is large enough to make something that is apposed to some baking sets that are small and not meant for baking. I am looking to buy the item baking kits from this manufacturer. Great product!

👤I bought this for my daughter, who loves to bake and cook. This set is cheap and could have been purchased at the dollar store. There is a I would have expected more. Keep looking if you are looking for a quality cooking or baking set.

👤My granddaughter's 9th birthday gift. She loves to make breakfast. I did not open it before giving it to her.

👤They got my money. Some of the utensils are the same as in other boxes. The product was good and my children enjoyed it.

👤My 12 year old God daughter loves cooking and she absolutely loves this gift. Her mother gave her the baking set and now she has a lot of gear to call her own.

👤My daughter is a huge fan of the show. She already made the Stuffed French Toast. The quality of the bowl, whisk, and other items are nice and it was a good birthday gift.

8. Shimfun Play Food Piece Kitchen

Shimfun Play Food Piece Kitchen

All iPad except Generation 1-4 are comparable. The iPad Pro 11-inch, iPad Mini 6, iPad Air 4, and iPad Pro 12.9-inch are required. There is a minimum version needed. Not like others, play food for kids is not like 120+. They help to promote fine motor skills and dexterity by being perfect size pretend food toy playsets. It's a large toy food set that your children can play with. Play vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, milk, juice, drinks, pizza, burger, bread, cake, donuts, cookies, ice cream, etc. The quality and safety of the material is made with high quality plastic. Will not break easily and hurt your kids. Not including a cheap flimsy paper box in the toy food set is a bad idea. There is no toxic. No cardboard that will be easy to smash and waste. The toys are certified to meet US toy safety standards. There is no reason for a return or money refund after 90 days. Toy food sets are the best gift because they will not want to save cost and use cheap bag for packaging, the box is the best choice and has a storage bag inside for easy collection. Let your little chef cook, serve and clean up immediately. Kid play food pretend play toys for girls boys help them act out their fantasies. The set can help children with emotional development. Establish more trust in relationships with parents, siblings and friends. Help develop child's mind, creativity and thinking ability and train their hand-eye-coordination and hand flexibility by their own operation. Pretend food with realistic designs make playtime more fun. Please do not put the plastic in your mouth as the food looks realistic and it can hold up against rough play. Recommended for children at ages 3 and above. You will enjoy cooking with your kids. There are hours of fun to be had.

Brand: Shimfun

👤I bought this play food set for my child's birthday. He loves this set. The quality of the toys is amazing and I was pleasantly surprised when the package arrived. The quality was better than I expected. There are a lot of different foods, including pizza, hamburger, bread and cookie, as well as little cans and bottles for milk and wine and fruit juice. The fruit and vegetable were well made. Not cheap plastic that will be damaged in a few days. The canned foods and bottles are made of plastic. The items are very durable. This is the best quality play food item in our store and it has the largest amount. There is a I will not have to worry about where to get the food set after my kid plays because the Big Net bag is inside. It's definitely recommended for children around 3-7 years old.

👤My boy likes to play with food toys. I'm picky. We purchased play food from another seller, they come in a cheap bag, but this one comes in a beautiful box. We prepared a basket to hold them but no need for a basket this time, they come with a mesh bag inside. The play food is bright, vibrant color, light weight, looks realistic and lots of pieces. This is not cheap plastic. It is high quality. Won't be easy to destroy! My nephew and I love them. They are playing. Very happy!

👤The good: a large variety of food with some items like the milk carton and cans which can't be opened by a toddler. A lot of repetition is bad if replacements are needed for lost items. The ugly: I think the most bizarre orange things that are supposed to be carrots and green things that are supposed to be asparagus? There are items that are out of proportion to each other. My grandchild didn't seem to care. It comes with a large bag to hold all the items, but it's more similar to a gift bag made of ribbon and organza. I think a mesh option would be a more realistic one. I think the quality is reasonable, but it is not something I would buy again as a gift.

👤My son is 4 years old and he loves playing chef during the bicentenary and he can pretend to make hamburgers and hotdogs. He likes it.

👤My daughter received this play food set as a birthday gift. She likes to serve food and pretend to cook. There is a When my daughter opened it, she was very excited. It has a lot of play food in two bags. It also came with a storage bag which makes it easier to store toys. There is a great variety of these "real Like" play food. There are chips, hot dogs, hamburgers, veggies, fries, crackers and bottles. My child has been playing with them for over an hour. It is a great deal with the price you pay. We love it.

👤I originally bought my daughter the food where they can be sliced apart, which was fun when she was little, but now she is almost 3. She is more imaginative than that. She played for hours after I got this. There are toys everywhere. I have a child who is very destructive and so I crushed oranges and eggs, but everything else is in good shape. She can try a lot of different items. My daughter likes putting together the fries and ice cream and I think they should come together. It is a lot of toys for the price. It is a good deal. She needs more utensils and pans to use in her kitchen.

9. CARLORBO Play Food Pretend Kitchen

CARLORBO Play Food Pretend Kitchen

For more than 30 years, the creators of imagination- and creativity-sparking products have been called the gold standard in early childhood play. There is a colorful selection of pretend play food. Includes:Peach,Strawberry,Pear,Carrot,Cucumber,Eggplant,Tomato and Sweet Potato. It's made from the highest quality material that's durable, safe, and crush-resistant. Fruits and vegetables are set in bright colors to make young toddlers happy. A delicious way to eat. This play toy food set encourages imaginative and independent play and even introduces the concept of fractions, in addition to teaching fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. A kid can use a wooden knife to cut up fruits and vegetables, then they can talk about how to slice them in half. Kids can enjoy playing with bright colored foods and cutting them on a chopping block. Promote healthy eating with familiar looking produce and invite early dramatic play. Give this play toy food set as a gift to any kid, it makes a great reward or incentive, Awesome for holidays, birthdays or any occasion.

Brand: Carlorbo

👤My 6 year old loves playing restaurant and I bought this for him. When I ordered them, I didn't know they use magnets. I pulled the magnets out of most of the pieces after I opened the box. If you have an infant or toddler around, this is very dangerous. I didn't notice the magnets were falling out until I saw one on the ground. My 1 year old got to them before I found them. I'm going to remove the rest of the magnets so he can still use them. If it weren't for the magnets, I would give this 5 stars.

👤This comes with a crate, cutting board, knife and peeler. That sets it apart from other sets on the market. The food is small but still good for my two year old to play with. The food comes apart very easily because the magnets are weak. That is good for my 2 year old. My 4 year old prefers the sets with the Velcro because they are harder to cut. I would keep the child's age in mind when buying this. This set is great for our toddler and has all the extras.

👤It's hard for kids to understand. The issue needs to be dressed. The magnets were not put into the toys. They fall out and pose a serious risk to kids. These toys should be recalled.

👤My 4 year old daughter loves these and they work well. We had to glue at least 5 of the magnets back in after having them for 2 days. I don't recommend this for a child under 3 due to the small size of the magnets and the fact they fall out easily.

👤Being a busy mom, I don't usually take the time to write reviews. I needed to write a review for this product. The wooden knife handle detached from the blade within two minutes of my son opening it on Christmas morning, but the small magnets holding the fruit together began to fall out. I found this extremely dangerous as I have a child who still puts things in his mouth and could have easily swallowed the small magnets without us knowing. My son was disappointed he couldn't play with it, so we are buying another set that uses a different type of material.

👤Don't buy this product! It is cheap to make. After opening the package, the magnets let out. I am returning immediately because this product is dangerous. See the pictures! There are holes in the wood that are splintering. There was a red paint on the cutting board, ruff wood edges on cutting board and knife, and more problems. Immediate return! Zero stars for sure!

👤The fruits and veggies are very cute and have nice details. The magnets fell out after the toys arrived making this item unsafe for kids and any pets in your home. The company offered to replace or refund the item.

👤I am angry with this toy company. As soon as my daughter saw this toy, she was so happy that she started to play with it, but if the magnets fell from the strawberry, she would be in trouble. It's really weird. The toy is supposed to be safe for a toddler. Thank you, I was there. She did not put them in her mouth. I will be glueing the Velcro instead of removing the magnets. I can not take the risk of other magnets falling off.

10. Learning Resources Shine Breakfast Pieces

Learning Resources Shine Breakfast Pieces

3 years old and up. Play food for strippers. Play and learn over breakfast. Fine motor skills can be developed. The set includes 2 plates, a spring-loaded toast, and a variety of foods. Plastic pieces are durable and wipe clean. Give the gift of learning by giving Learning Resources toys, they help you discover new learning fun every time you give a gift. It's a perfect gift for Halloween, Christmas, Stocking Stuffers, Easter Baskets, or even for a home school.

Brand: Learning Resources

👤Our daughter is almost 3 years old and is fascinated with breakfast toys. Daddy made scrambled eggs one day. We ordered a toy breakfast set. It is close to perfect. The utensils and food items are easy to identify for a child. She likes the egg that cracks open, the skillet and spatula, the pancakes and the muffin with pretend blueberries inside, and the one with the pretend fruit inside. Which is great. There is a The highlight of this set is the little toast and slice of pretend bread. The toy is supposed to pop the bread up. It popped up for us, but on the second time we pushed the lever down, we heard something inside crunch. It wouldn't work anymore. I got out my screwdrivers and opened the toy to see that something had come loose and I was going to fix it. The mechanism inside was made of cheap hokey moving parts that barely stayed together. I knew they would come loose again when I put them back together. I finally told her that she's two and a half, as long as she can move the lever and make the play toast go up and down. I just took the hokey parts and put the shell back together. My baby girl can still move the lever and make the bread go up and down, she doesn't know the difference, and she loves her new toy toast. She plays with it all the time in her toy kitchen area. No big deal. Someday, we will buy her a better toy, this will be fine until then. I wanted to warn other parents of this story. Maybe we just got a bad piece and you won't have this problem. This is a great set, except for one flaw.

👤This is a good start to stocking a kids kitchen because it comes with more than just food. My 2 year old daughter loves playing with these foods. I chose this set because we eat most of these foods. There isn't a lot. I avoided the 100 item packages because I wanted to clean up more quickly and I also wanted a better product. My only complaint with this set is that it is hard to get the egg back into the shell. My daughter loves the plates, cup, skillet, and spatula, and the pop-up toast is cute. Please give me a positive vote if you find this review helpful.

👤Disappointed! The Toaster is flimsy. My grandchildern liked this set very much. The mechanism inside the toast was broken after about 3 times of pushing down the toast handle. I returned the set and ordered a new one. The first two times I tried it, it worked, but this time it broke on the third try. The spring snapped. It is a poor example of a poorly constructed product. I didn't return this set because they liked playing with the other items and now manually hold the handle down for a second or so and release it. I am not happy with learning resources.

11. OCATO Cutting Vegetables Accessories Toddlers

OCATO Cutting Vegetables Accessories Toddlers

Give this play toy food set as a gift to any kid, it makes a great reward or incentive, Awesome for holidays, birthdays or any occasion. The play food set comes in 70 pieces and is more attractive for kids to stick back together and cut, improve their hand-eye coordination, and count. Fun toys food to play with. Premium cutting food toys with smooth edge, thicker and durable, strong attachment lasts long for kids to play. Two person playing with 2 knives and 4 cutting boards. Awesome kitchen toys for kids to play with friends or families, bring hours of fun, and improve your relationships. Colorful and realistic. Fruits and vegetables can be upgraded with a variety of colors, exquisite detail and peel feature. Kids will love the crab, egg, banana, orange, corn, cabbage, pea and how they peel it. Excellent fake food with realistic looking kids play kitchen, let your kids enjoy real cutting experience! The cute basket is easy to store and is great for kids to use as a shopping basket or to store food toys. Keep your house clean. A practical basket for a toddler is a must. The play food set for kids is made of ABS materials, not easy to fade, and is a hit for kids who love playing a chef. There is a must have play kitchen accessories for young children. Birthday gifts, Easter Party Favors, Easter gifts, Thanksgiving gifts, Christmas gifts for kids!

Brand: Ocato

👤Un juguete de 5 estrellas, con muchos buenos comentarios, debe decir. No me arrepiento, no tiene piezas, no puedan atragantar. gracias

👤I was amazed when we got this product. The pieces are sturdy and provide a challenge to my 2.5 year old. The mango is not a straight-forward cut and she will learn new skills from assembling the corn, banana, and cabbage. I like that the tomato is cut into slices. The crab is my favorite part. You pull the shell off and then split it, like you would do with my hands. The shell on the top makes it look nice. I would recommend this to parents who are looking for a set with a small footprint. The small basket can be used to pretend a grocery shop before cooking and eating. It's also very giftable because of the way the dishes and a few items are wrapped on top and then covered.

👤I love this set. I ordered it for my daughter's 1 year old birthday. I only give her access to 3 at a time, if there were plastic food everywhere. They are bright in color and didn't have a bad smell when the package was opened. I love these because they allow us to practice pretend play and fine motor skills. She likes to cut them open with a knife. It would make a great gift.

👤My grandson is a big fan of this set. I bought him a small Little Tykes Garden to kitchen set on sale and he was able to cut some vegetables, but I knew he had to have more. You can teach them how to peel the corn in this set. We like crab. It is too cute! The basket is of the highest quality.

👤This set is great. It was the highlight of Christmas for my 2 year old. She loved how the pieces could be cut or peeled. Everything is a nice size for her. She didn't care about her gifts after the kitchen set and food. The basket is large enough to hold all the food.

👤I wish there was a bag to hold them in instead of the basket. Most of the Velcro used are still fit back together despite the fact that they are wearing a bit. I am sure my toddlers have lost interest as they can't find some pieces. Unless there was a bag, I wouldn't buy again.

👤The kids love this item and I am a preschool teacher. It is fun to put the fruit back together. A nice addition to a toy kitchen. It supports fine motor practice since they have to hold the fruit to cut it and then use their fingers to put it back together.

👤The quality is pretty nice for the price. Kids love them and pretend to cut and peel their food. Highly recommend this product.


What is the best product for cooking eggs for kids?

Cooking eggs for kids products from Stillcool. In this article about cooking eggs for kids you can see why people choose the product. Augshy and Joyin are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking eggs for kids.

What are the best brands for cooking eggs for kids?

Stillcool, Augshy and Joyin are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking eggs for kids. Find the detail in this article. Little Tikes, Liberty Imports and Kidzlane are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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