Best Cooking Dome for Griddle 6

Griddle 8 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. LLLUS Stainless Accessories Hamburger Rectangle

LLLUS Stainless Accessories Hamburger Rectangle

NICE GRIFT. The package include 2 covers and a screwdriver, they are useful for outdoor BBQ or Teppanyaki, but also smart helpers in kitchen and restaurant. The heavy melting dome set of 2 are included square basting dome + 11" griddle melting dome, which are made of well made STAINLESS steel with a thickness of 1.55mm, extra wide rolled edge, and bring more stable performance, never falling. The cover for the griddle dome is made of premium plastic which completely covers the grip and protects the hands from scalding. The flat top griddle melting dome is dishwasher safe, reduces your time cost in cleaning, and is scratch resistant. Steak, ribs, butter, fish, corn,6 inch cooking dome for melting cheese patty are some long type food covered in square food dome. No more splatter and melting the cheese to avoid over cooking the meat. Marvy Gift, Griddle cover is perfect for man, chef, cook lover, ensure that whether you are cooking indoors or grilling outdoors, you can mimic the delicious restaurant-like burger with ease and comfort.

Brand: Lllus

2. Cuisinart CMD 388 Melting Dome 2 Pack

Cuisinart CMD 388 Melting Dome 2 Pack

A cheese melting dome with a handle and a 30-day money back warranty are what you get. There are two packs of 6 diameter domes. It cooks evenly by concentrating heat to cook. The construction is durable. Smoker flavor. A standard grilled cheese sandwich and over 1 burger patty are included.

Brand: Cuisinart

👤The perfect size for a burger. I only use it to melt my daughter's vegan cheese, sometimes I wish it was larger. I said it. It's funny. She used to take a long time to melt her special cheese, but now it doesn't take that long. It takes about 10 minutes to melt. The melting dome makes it melt faster than the standard dairy cheese. She now eats with the rest of the family on burger days.

👤I pan fry eggs with the lids on. They keep the eggs soft and the yolks runny by creating just enough steam to "blind" the egg yolks.

👤I was ecstatic to find an actual cookbook after watching the mini series. Her thoughts and ideas are easy to understand for anyone at any cooking level. I didn't read any reviews before buying this. I'm not going to be as picky about the things I read. I'm grateful that someone put a book together that contains valuable information. It's comprehensive. I have learned so much about various vegetables, salt, acid, heat, even if I don't use all of the recipes provided. This book is a great source of information. It should be in everyone's kitchen.

👤These worked well with my griddle. The size is ideal for cooking 1-2 eggs out for melting cheese onto burgers. If you want to steam veggies for a family, you should use a 9-12” size. The grips are very comfortable. When they were preheating them over high heat, they started to oxidize. There has been no distortion from the heat so far.

👤They fit over slices of bread and burgers with a little room to spare. I wanted a melting dome for a long time so I didn't have to use a pot lid and ended up buying this two pack because the price for these two beat the price of some of the single domes. It's Cuisinart. It is a quality product.

👤I use a KitchenAid gas range griddle that is about 7 inches wide and they fit nicely on these, they are just big enough to cover a sandwich. It's perfect for finishing a sandwich. The edges are rolled.

👤It was well constructed. These are going to last a long time. Hey, they're called STAINLESS STEe. If that should happen, they get damaged, but hopefully not around the rim. There is a These are the right size for individual portions. It could be a hamburger or some vegetables. If you have a small griddle, it's super.

👤These have been great additions to our grill. I like using them to add cheese to our burgers, it is substantially better than the way I used to do it. I would recommend anyone looking to improve their burger game.

👤Ich hatte bei der Versionen von anderen Herstellern. Im Endlich perfekt ist die diesen funktioniert. Die Wrmeverteilung ist gleichemig, so bei dem Kse.

👤The nutzung is in Ordnung. The Finish is minderwertig. Im US htte das Geld und Produkt aus. Die Oberflche ist beispielsweise grob.

3. Aluminum Grill Basting Hamburger Cheese

Aluminum Grill Basting Hamburger Cheese

Grill dome set is great for outdoor cooking and can be used with grill rack, flat top and cast iron for making unique flavors. It was used to cover hamburgers to hold in steam. Winco has a wide range of products. Winco products are used by many industry experts.

Brand: Winco

👤The grill cover is perfect for me. It fits into the two skillets I use the most. It's great for a single person household. I use it to make cheeseburgers, smother peppers and onions and act as a warmer for veggies. It does not require a lot of storage space. It will become a favorite go-to accessory for solo flying. Thanks.

👤Amazon sent me a second replacement. The first one had a problem. The second one did not have a screw. You can see in the picture that it was warped. I returned it. It won't wash well in a dish washer because it is made out of aluminum and not steel. I don't recommend buying this item from this seller as the quality is not as described.

👤This is a small burger cave. The burger cave is where you can have your burger smothered in cheese. If you are only doing a burger, then you don't need to buy a huge one. I can't say anything else. The 'cave' is where I am.

👤I'm not sure if this will do the job, but I'm sure it will. I found a replacement for the missing knob and it will work. The glue is difficult to remove. I can't understand why manufacturers do this.

👤I like the product. I will use it for what I need it for. The screw that holds the handle on is missing. I can get a replacement screw, but it's inconvenient.

👤The first one had a screw and knob. There was a screw missing from the second one. You can save yourself a trip to the hardware store if you find another option.

👤Very useful. I use it every day. It is easy to clean and bend since it is aluminum. Don't drop it. There is a I did not have the handle. I fixed it.

👤The handle that was shown in the picture was not present in the dome. The replacement didn't have a handle. I'll be ordering one from a different vendor after I request a refund.

👤Es una tapa mini. A tapar un corte cowboy de 250 g. A LA COCINITA. The sujetador negro is tan corriente, pero hasta se derrite.

👤A cada rato tienes el tornillo. Aunque sirve, es una porcin de hamburguesa.

👤Me lleg una incompleta sin agarre.

👤There was only one handle and no screws. They are useless to us.

4. Rectangular HaSteeL Accessories Teppanyaki Dishwasher

Rectangular HaSteeL Accessories Teppanyaki Dishwasher

The Unco griddle melting dome is useful for many uses. The HaSteeL cheese melting dome is made of thick, strong, and rust-proof STAINLESS STEEL, and is not easy to dents, so it is strong enough to keep a long life time. The larger size is perfect for concentrating heat to cook evenly, and creates an oven like environment to save cooking time and get a better flavor. The mirror finished surface is easy to clean and safe to use in the dishwasher. The handle is made of Premium plastic and has heat resistance so it won't get burned. The best cook partner. It's great for melting cheese, steaming vegetables, roasting, stopping bacon spatter, or frying steak, burger patties and sausage.

Brand: Hasteel

👤I got this package in two days and can't wait to use it again.

👤I use it for my indoor grill.

👤A great addition to the grill. Just as described, a quick shipment.

👤It fits my grill on my stove so I don't have to worry about splatter.

👤It works well on my griddle.

5. HaSteeL Stainless Steaming Accessories Dishwasher

HaSteeL Stainless Steaming Accessories Dishwasher

A standard grilled cheese sandwich and over 1 burger patty are included. A small round griddle dome set of 4 in small size is enough to make up one burger patty or a standard grilled cheese sandwich. STAINLESS STEEL - Melting domes are made of professional metal and sturdy construction improve its service life and bent resistance, Dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Cook Evenly is ideal for circulating heat and keeping smoke inside, covering roast, steaks or salad and staying food warm, melting burgers to give the cheese a nice steam. The steam covers lid has a heatproof rubber handle and strong nails that can protect your hands. It's a must have for people who do a lot of grilling or hot-plate cooking outdoors.

Brand: Hasteel

👤This is the perfect size for fried eggs. When you put the bread in the toast, place the dome over the eggs. Perfect over-medium eggs that don't have to be turned and risk breaking a yolk. I would like to have this product delivered 20 years ago. I have to be happy that I got 4 in one shipment so I could spread the good news that the melting dome is a genius to three friends. Get it. Now.

👤I have a cover that keeps food hot. I can't rate the heat resistance because I haven't tried them on a grill or hot surface. These are made of steel. The handle is easy to add. It feels like a fancy restaurant when a family comes in and finds covers over their plates. I have also bought the larger sizes. Just as good.

👤The rubber finger heat protected grip is good, but I wish it was longer to cover more space. I don't think it's long enough as I felt a burn from the heat and didn't have much reaction.

👤The handle was heavy enough to do the job and heat resistant.

👤I didn't need any of them. I have spare parts. Handles are very well constructed and should stay cool. The handles had to be put on. A screwdriver was included. Nice touch. When the handles are on, they don't stack.

👤Excellent quality. Sturdy construction. The screws that were supplied were very nice. They sent a tool to tighten them.

👤I was surprised by this product. The quality was better than the price would suggest. I use it on my stove top griddle to cover my burgers when they are cooking. They are great for that.

👤The quality should last forever. These are 6 inch domes. Not on par.

6. Cook Home 02664 Stainless Steaming

Cook Home 02664 Stainless Steaming

The plastic handle is made of 18/10 steel. Reducing splatters and covering are used indoors and outdoors. The lip creates a tight seal to make food taste better. Cook burgers/patties faster, retain the juices, and allow for melting cheese on top. Can be used on grills, barbecues, and Japanese teppanyaki. It's dishwasher safe.

Brand: Cook N Home

👤It's perfect for use with a stove top griddle. Sturdy and attractive.

👤They only sent one piece, not two.

👤They are good. More for home than a restaurant.

👤It's a nice wide size. It works well. The cheese is fast being melted. Love it. 2 were quoted on Amazon.

👤It's great for melting cheese on food. We love it. It's a perfect size for hamburgers and grilled cheese.

👤It's handy for cheese melting.

7. Nordic Ware Indoor Outdoor Melting

Nordic Ware Indoor Outdoor Melting

A cheese melting dome with a handle and a 30-day money back warranty are what you get. melt cheese on pizzas The dome captures heat to melt cheese. Cooks burgers faster. The handle is from China. The handle is from China.

Brand: Nordic Ware

👤This item is made by a respected company. That was positive. What I wish I had known. I use this for my grill. I wish it was bigger to get more done at once. You will fry your fingers on the handle, so I keep a cloth around my neck to keep my fingers happy.

👤It's small enough to fit most of my cookware and large enough to hold a grilled cheese sandwich. It's no frills durable. There is a Most domes are made barely big enough for melting cheese on a slider, or so big that they can be used to keep a large plate warm. Nordicware hits the Goldilocks spot, what I think is the obvious use- needs that most manufacturers remain oblivious to.

👤It's small, light, and dishwasher safe. It lays flat when placed on a flat grill, unlike others. Once your burger is cooked, throw on a slice of your favorite cheese and cover it with the melting dome, which is the most popular use for melting cheese on a burger. The steam from the burger is trapped in the dome and it makes the cheese melt faster. It can be used to keep things warm while the rest of your meal is cooking, or to firm up eggs, stir fry, or just keep things warm while the rest of your meal is cooking. There is a The handle gets hot if you leave it on the grill too long. I prefer all-metal construction over a wood or plastic-coated handle as it would likely break over time, just something to be aware of. tongs are used to pick it up. It is also on the small side. It's 9 inches in diameter, which is plenty big for one burger, but two big burgers is a squeeze. Nordic could make a larger version that's 12 or 14 inches in diameter as part of a matched set.

👤It arrived with some minor scratches and it is spun aluminum, not heavy cast aluminum as the images indicate, but this was ok because it heats quickly and the base is sturdy so I have been able to use it on cast iron without issues.

👤It works well for melting cheese and helping to keep it from splattering on my stove. The handle will get hot but it's not a big deal since we're used to cooking on cast iron and always have a pot holder or kitchen towel next to where we are. The dome was ugly and rough when it arrived, the handle was shiny. There are grooves on the inside and outside of it that are different from where it was made. Nothing is perfect. I've seen domes with a smooth finish that were easier to clean. The melting dome works well and gets the job done.

👤I'm tired of burning fingers on bowls or lids and of discoloring nice metal bowls when I use them for this purpose. I'm a bit embarrassed to have wasted so much time and effort making other things work when this tool works perfectly and is cost effective. Do you want a perfectly melted cheeseburger? The cheese is nicely melted when put on the burger. Like eggs done over-hard, without being dried out? Want an open face sandwich? You will keep this close to hand if you use it more. I think my next one will be the steel variety. I prefer that they cost more.

8. Melting Leonyo Stainless Accessories Hamburger

Melting Leonyo Stainless Accessories Hamburger

It's a must have for people who do a lot of grilling or hot-plate cooking outdoors. 3 Pack Meling Domes come with 3 different size to satisfy your various cooking needs, 12-in large grill dome can be your great kitchen partner to stem veggies and work great for outdoor barbecue, large and high enough to produce steam and concentrate heat quickly, 9-in small basting cover perfect. The melt dome is made of heavy duty steel, thickness of 1.2mm with firm built, no bend or crack, burger cover dome makes oil splattering down to a minimum, griddle melting dome are built to last. The dishwasher is dishwasher safe, Grilling basting lid enters dishwasher perfect, saves your time and frees your hand, hanging loop for neat storage, metal domes can be stacked for saving space. CRAFT, Food grade large basting cover with mirror finish has a number of advantages, such as high temp resistant, heat-proof handle, and ergonomics. Grill domes are great for cooking on a grill rack, flat top and cast iron, they keep food warm at the supper table, and lock theMoisture in food, perfect for kitchen, griddle, flat top cooking.

Brand: Leonyo

👤My domes have been more rectangular, but I have used melting covers for years. I got a disc cooker which is round. The rectangular domes were not effective. The domes work well on the flat griddle and are perfect for the large gas wok. My only suggestion for the manufacturer would be to make the handles so that they lie flat on the top of the dome for storage. They will not nest because the handles stick up too far. It's not a huge issue.

👤I'm still using the two smaller ones in this set. The largest is thinner than the others, which makes it easier to work with, but that makes it somewhat flimsy. I have a pot lid for things in that size range, but they don't burn when used this way.

👤It's what I needed for making egg Mcmuffin copycats. I use them in place of regular lids. Very useful.

👤I like the size. The larges are not as strong as the smaller 2, but they all do the job. The handles are cool. It's easy to clean up after using the griddle.

👤You can cook the tops of your eggs, heat up frozen vegetables, and of course MELTED cheese, all in a light weight.

👤The detentions did not measure up to my needs, and with no glass in the top, you have to remove it to see what's going on.

👤Love them. 3 different sizes make them useful. It helps control splatters by keeping heat centered.

👤The screws/nuts were not very safe because they kept coming undone and falling into food.

9. Professional Leonyo Stainless Accessories Teppanyaki

Professional Leonyo Stainless Accessories Teppanyaki

The round basting cover is great for making unique flavor food, it can be used with a grill rack, flat top and cast iron, and it can be large enough to keep food warm at the supper table. The grill steam cover is high-grade mirror finish and rust resistant, it is a premium quality, food grade, rolled edge design can guard your hand from being hurt. The 9 inch melt dome has a doublerivet, burger cover dome is made from up to 0.8mm thick, single piece weighted 0.72lb brings you great hand feeling, cheese melting dome is very solid to provide a long serving life. The Basting cover is perfect for keeping food warm, it's high- resistant to heat and can be used to cook cheese, steam vegetables or roast. The grill basting cover is dishwasher safe and comes with 4 cover lids that allow you to cook different foods at one time on your griddle. A wide array of uses, like steam-fry eggs, melted cheese, bacon, beef, burgers, poultry, flatbreads, grilled sandwiches, are available.

Brand: Leonyo

👤I needed a way to retain heat on the topside of the burgers, so I bought the melting domes. The melting domes work well. The cheese doesn't burn. The handles don't get hot to the touch when I grill them for a long time. The domes have a good weight for their size and the gauge is good. I usually use two smash burgers under a single dome because I can get two of the set of four. Very happy with the purchase. The screws fall out for some people. I didn't have this issue. The screws were tightened well for me. The screwdriver that came with the set was not recommended by me. You should be fine if you use a larger screwdriver.

👤Our son who moved back home with his partner and is unable to find a rental anywhere else lives in a log cabin that my husband and I are in, and our daughter and her husband live in a house on our property. We all eat at our homes. I felt bad for my son and his partner who have to carry their plates for 100 feet to their cabin in the cold Montana winter. I didn't like the thought of them sitting down to eat a cold dinner. Most of the plate covers I looked for were overpriced for plastic and made worse by covering dishes while microwaving. The quality of these and the price for 4 was less than the price of one plastic one that was similar quality, but still not as nice. I'm looking forward to using them for melting cheese on eggs, sandwiches, and other things. I've always used random lids or flipped over cast iron pans, but this is going to be so much nicer. Silicone is on the handles so you don't get burned. They are packaged nicely and it was easy to install the handles. I think I'll be buying a camping set for my daughter's house.

👤I have a 36" outdoor gas griddle that I use when I need to cook up a huge mess of food fast or when I want the grease to not spatter and smoke up my kitchen. These domes allow me to cook a lot of food in a short period of time. They are made of steel and have a protection on the handle that makes it easy to remove them without burning your fingers. I am happy with my purchase.

👤These have been great. They are sturdy and fit perfectly atop my number six cast-iron skillet, as they sit comfortably on both my large square comal. They are the perfect size for our pans. The vegan cheese and goat cheese are more difficult to melt than cow dairy, and these have been great for melting in the house. I find more uses for these, not only with grilled cheese and quesadillas, but cooking sausages from frozen, cooking eggs to medium without flipping, etc. As time goes on, I will find more. The product was great value and I was very pleased with it.

10. Inch Cheese Melting Dome Accessories

Inch Cheese Melting Dome Accessories

You get a cheese melting dome with a handle and a 30-day money back warranty. The 2.5mm thick 201stainless steel makes it stronger. Premium components and a robust structure ensure perfect performance. The dimensions are 12inch diameter and 4.5inch height. The round dome is ideal for concentrating heat to cook evenly, melt cheese, steam vegetables or roast. You can get a better flavor by creating an oven like environment. The cheese will not be splattered and the meat will not be cooked over. The handle is riveted tightly on the flat top and coated with Silicone. It is higher than usual for ease of use. The design protects your hands. It is easy to clean. Bigger size (12 inch) is more practical for your backyard kitchen, indoor and outdoor uses. There are compatible grills and griddles. It's perfect for bacon, beef, burgers, poultry, flatbreads, grilled sandwiches, quesadillas, and paninis. There are many cookouts, barbecue, caterers, tailgaters, and campers. A cheese melting dome with a handle and a 30-day money back warranty are what you get.

Brand: House Again

👤I worked at a restaurant for the first time and I remember having a couple of deep pot lids on the grill. We used them to bake eggs, cover vegetables, and melt cheese. Along with an ice cube or two to steam them, and also to set something to the cool side of the grill and cover it to keep it warm while waiting on the rest of the order. I have never seen this used in home cooking. I found this "Cheese Melting Dome" and my light went off. The use of melting cheese is not useful. It's a perfect "Sunny side up" without the slimy parts and instead just the thinnest cooked white on top with 100% yolk is my favorite use. Hot dogs or hamburger buns can be made in less than a minute. When I add wine, stock, or water to a very hot pan with onions, mushrooms, other veg, or who knows, I'll throw this over it to keep the huge steam cloud down and it also helps cook the pan fixings drastically quicker. There is a It seems stupid but until you start using it you don't realize all the neat and helpful uses. It isn't just a pan or pot lid, it will work like this. This is a deep dome which traps a high volume of heat and steam because it is to much work for the heat to travel straight down to be able to escape over the sides. This is in contrast to a regular pan or pot lid which is shallow, holds a low volume of heat or steam, and when held even slightly unlevel, the heat has an easy horizontal path to escape the lid. There is a So... The item listed is of good quality and I love using this tool. It is easy to put together with two nuts. It feels more solid than the handles on my pan and pot. This may end up the same way after some use. The mirror chrome finish makes it easy to clean. It is made of a metal which is thick but thin and has a good thermal conductivity, but it is not very strong. It will cool back down in less than a day. This could be a burn hazard for an unfamiliar cook. If the dome is full of steam and tilted toward the body, it could cause severe burns because steam can burn faster than direct contact of the same temperature. It should not be an issue for anyone with a small amount of cooking experience who knows how to burn things in a kitchen. It's just something to be aware of when first using because of the larger volume steam held. There is a I would buy this again. It is a good quality for the price and the benefits of it use make it almost underpriced. Don't tell the seller. Unless you're buying the whole set, I recommend you put some thought into which size you buy. I have a picture of the 12 which is best suited for stand-alone appliances like a grill. A smaller size is needed for most kitchen pans because you want the dome to sit on the bottom of the pan. As close to the food as possible. These are not intended to be used as a pan. It was like a LID! It would be pointless to use it like a lid because it would be too inefficient. It needs to cup around the food as close as possible without touching it and also be flat on the hot cooking surface to create a seal that captures the heat and steam in as small of an area as possible. The process will not be possible due to the very quick application of heat, overcook, waterlog, or dry out any main ingredient or the central component of a cooked item such as the yolk of an egg when covering it to cook the raw or "slimy" The egg may need a small amount of water or ice added under the dome to quickly cook the egg white and then remove the dome, instead of just a dry heat which cooks more slowly and risks too much heat exposure to the yolk in the time. I am hoping that I can help out anyone who doesn't know this, and maybe they can avoid some of the accidents that can happen when flying blind. I hope this helps and you enjoy the obscure details of physics and chemistry in cooking when you see this "Cheese Melting Dome". I don't like that pigeon-hole of a name.

11. Melting Stainless Basting Accessories Silicone

Melting Stainless Basting Accessories Silicone

Grill domes are great for cooking on a grill rack, flat top and cast iron, they keep food warm at the supper table, and lock theMoisture in food, perfect for kitchen, griddle, flat top cooking. 3 pack melting dome comes with 2 different size to satisfy your various cooking needs, 2 pieces of 9-in small basting covers perfect for grilling bacon, beef, burgers, flatbreads and more, 6.5-in mini melting dome works great for melting cheese, grilling sandwiches, frying omelettes The melt dome is made of heavy duty steel, thickness of 1.2mm with firm built, no bend or crack, burger cover dome makes oil splattering down to a minimum, griddle melting dome are built to last. The dishwasher is dishwasher safe, Grilling basting lid enters dishwasher perfect, saves your time and frees your hand, hanging loop for neat storage, metal domes can be stacked for saving space. CRAFT, Food grade large basting cover with mirror finish has a number of advantages, such as high temp resistant, heat-proof handle, and ergonomics. Grill dome set is great for outdoor cooking and can be used with grill rack, flat top and cast iron for making unique flavors.

Brand: Leonyo

👤I am very excited to try out my melting domes. They were easy to assemble and the quality seems high. They arrived in perfect condition and were packed very securely. I found that most Loctite threadlockers are safe to use with drinking water, so I feel safe using that on something that isn't even going to be touching my food and is secured on the outside. It's a good idea to secure the handles without fear. A friend of mine who loves making cheeseburgers in a skillet but has trouble melting the cheese will be receiving a larger domes. I hope he is as impressed as I am.

👤I measured our griddle before buying it. I almost bought larger covers, but they fit our griddle perfectly. I use them to help cook things through quicker, and to keep things warm after I turn the burners off. I haven't used the small one yet, but it's a nice size. All of them wash very well. Sometimes I put them in the dishwasher. The dome handle doesn't get hot, making them easy to use without a mitt.

👤Mel the Grill Guy made Pizza Burgers at a fair on Treasure Island. The grill covers are on the right. The hats melt the cheese on the pizza sauce and you get a Pizza Burger. There is a You don't have to be Italian to cook a burger this way.

👤I've used the smaller one many times. The handles were comfortable and kept the steam inside. Hope to try the bigger ones. I think I should have bought it.

👤I haven't used it yet, but it's the perfect size and comes with a screw driver so it's not a big deal.

👤The metal handles on the domes are amazing.

👤These are good cheese melting sandwich warming tools after you assemble the Dome handle.

👤Thank you for keeping food warm on the grill. I will recommend the product to my friends.


What is the best product for cooking dome for griddle 6?

Cooking dome for griddle 6 products from Lllus. In this article about cooking dome for griddle 6 you can see why people choose the product. Cuisinart and Winco are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking dome for griddle 6.

What are the best brands for cooking dome for griddle 6?

Lllus, Cuisinart and Winco are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking dome for griddle 6. Find the detail in this article. Hasteel, Hasteel and Cook N Home are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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