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1. HaSteeL Stainless Steaming Accessories Grilling

HaSteeL Stainless Steaming Accessories Grilling

The square dome measures 9.3in x 2in and is great for bacon, steak, poultry, beef, flatbread, grilled sandwiches or pizza, and more. It's best to use a length of 6in just for covering a piece of steak, two fried eggs, a burger patty or a piece of small pastry. Heavy Duty is made of superior STAINLESS STEEL, it is rust free, Sturdy construction, and easy to clean, it is dishwasher safe. Warm evening is ideal for covering food to keep them hot and melt cheese quickly, Speeding cooking times, Proper size don't take up your cooking space, No more splatter, Bonus a free screwdriver for easy installing. The plastic handle is heatproof, great heat resistance, and Firm 2 rivets make it easy to fall off. A must have is the cast iron pan and skillet, it's perfect for melting cheese, steaming vegetables, roasting indoors and outside, and an exquisite present for your family, parents or friends.

Brand: Hasteel

👤I got it for $11 per 4-lid. I have no idea what kind of steel was used, but the quality is beyond what I expected. I can't find the information stamped on the product. I checked the website of HaSteel, and it seems that food-grade steel is used for their cookwares. I hope the lid can be a little bit taller.

👤Heavy duty was expected to be better.

2. Rectangular HaSteeL Accessories Teppanyaki Dishwasher

Rectangular HaSteeL Accessories Teppanyaki Dishwasher

The Unco griddle melting dome is useful for many uses. The HaSteeL cheese melting dome is made of thick, strong, and rust-proof STAINLESS STEEL, and is not easy to dents, so it is strong enough to keep a long life time. The larger size is perfect for concentrating heat to cook evenly, and creates an oven like environment to save cooking time and get a better flavor. The mirror finished surface is easy to clean and safe to use in the dishwasher. The handle is made of Premium plastic and has heat resistance so it won't get burned. The best cook partner. It's great for melting cheese, steaming vegetables, roasting, stopping bacon spatter, or frying steak, burger patties and sausage.

Brand: Hasteel

👤I got this package in two days and can't wait to use it again.

👤I use it for my indoor grill.

👤A great addition to the grill. Just as described, a quick shipment.

👤It fits my grill on my stove so I don't have to worry about splatter.

👤It works well on my griddle.

3. Cuisinart CMD 108 Melting Dome 9

Cuisinart CMD 108 Melting Dome 9

It cooks evenly by concentrating heat to cook. Smoker flavor.

Brand: Cuisinart

👤Have been wanting something like this for a long time. I was a line cook at Denny's. We had a hub cap from a Model 'A' Ford that someone had attached a wooden thread to, and we used it to cook cheese with a little steam. It's not surprising that anyone under the age of 40 is not happy to learn that people used thread to sew clothes. There is a Sorry, Henry Ford. This is better than your hubcap.

👤Product works as intended and is great as a melting dome. There is a The product card stated that it was not dishwasher safe, even though the description stated that it was.

👤I use this over the pan to make omelets. It helps keep the heat in to melt the cheese in perfect harmony with cooking the eggs so that the omelet is soft and cheese melted. If it had a cover on the handle, it would keep the handle from getting hot. The handle of the dome gets hot if I use it on a grill for a sandwich or something. It's not a big deal since a pot holder can be used to lift it. I'm going to make a "stay put" handle cover out of one of my silicon mitts.

👤You could do the same thing with any of the kitchen lid types. Now that you have taken the pot, you don't need the lid for out of service for your rice or pasta, and you don't want to throw away another piece of metal. There is a It's the perfect size for burgers or whatever around that size you can think of needs a little extra smoke flavor, cheese melted, more even cook temp through whatever you have going or keeping some moist in the piece of fish you are desperately trying not to dry out. The Cuisinart brand represents elegant and functional, and this Vanity is just plain well constructed and looks cool on your grill. I'm going to get a few more of these.

👤I bought this one and another one the same time because of the difference in height of the dome, and the price was irresistible for the well known brand. It's a great gift for BBQ fans. I won't be using it to melt cheese on meat. My brother will get one for grilling. If you use grease on a pan, keep in mind that it will pool around edges that will stai, unless you use a perfect fit. It washes off with a little effort.

👤I wish our kitchen had this tool a long time ago. Eggs are put in a skillet. The top of the eggs should be cooked with steam under the dome. The handle is made of solid steel.

👤Does the job. Size is an issue for me. A bit big for some jobs and small for others. I have been able to. I use it to melt cheese on breakfast sandwiches. It can be used to keep a dish warm. I will find other uses. It seems durable and cleans up well. The handle will get a bit hot.

4. HaSteeL Melting Basting Stainless Accessories

HaSteeL Melting Basting Stainless Accessories

2 x Spatulas, 1 x Griddle Melting Dome, 1 x Scraper, 1 x Tongs, 2 x Egg Rings, 2 x Squirt Bottles are what you get. The tools are dishwasher safe. The set of 2 PCS is large enough to cover a couple of burgers and a big pile of veggies, make cooking more efficient, and dishwasher safe. The cheese melting domes are made of professional grade steel to ensure healthy and durable for long term use. Continue to enjoy. Round steam covers can help to trap heat and storage smoke without vent to cook food evenly, melt cheese quickly and steam vegetable perfectly, and help to keep warm and tasty of food. The handle is made of heat proof plastic to protect your skin from burning, and large enclosed space can reduce splatter and flare-up. Basting covers with a free small screwdriver are compatible with multiple griddles and grills, your first choice for kitchen frying pan, restaurant cooking, teppanyaki, flat top BBQ, cookouts, camping, etc.

Brand: Hasteel

👤The handles were detached and there were no screws to mount them. I found that one of the handles had a non-threaded side when I tried to buy screws. They are worthless handles. To make them work with tons of glue. I am confident that they will fail.

👤It is easy to clean. It works great on my grille. There were two covers and a tool for attaching the handle. I wish the set had a smaller diameter cover so that I could use two covers on my flat top.

👤These are great for the grill. They help keep the temperature up and will melt cheese in a minute.

👤The heat makes the inside of the screws turn brown as if there was mold. The screwdriver was cute and easy to clean, but the screws are different now. It's good for a gift.

👤When my husband was cooking on the grill, he wanted something to put over the vegetables. The price for two at this diameter was better than other listings I saw. The metal is very thin. There are little screws and screwdriver in the package for assembly.

👤A professional used for a photo shoot.

👤They have used both for melting cheese and steaming veggies on a griddle. It works well. It is easy to clean. It's nice to cover food left on the grill. Stir fry was served about half. Before saving the leftovers, covered rest up while serving.

👤These domes are great for covering the grill BBQ and frying steaks. Who doesn't need a grill with these?

5. Jim Beam JB0181 Burger Melting

Jim Beam JB0181 Burger Melting

The handle is from China. Jim beams grill dome cover has a cooking Sphere that retains heat and cooks incredibly juicy meals from all sides faster than larger ovens and BBQs. Fast- easy cleaning. Their grill dome cover is dishwasher safe and is perfect for indoor and outdoor use all year long. Jim Beam designs affordable grilling Domes and robust basting covers that generate efficient cooking environments which create delicious meals every time you fire up the grill. The dome is made of premium quality steel and is suitable for the professional chef and home kitchen. The dome is ideal for concentrating heat to cook meat evenly, to melt cheese or to steam vegetables. The concentrating heat reduces cooking time. The 9” burger cover serves to cover multiple burgers and substantial portions of food. It's great to use at camps and parties. This burger dome is easy to maintain and clean.

Brand: Jim Beam

👤It's a metal dome that covers your food so you can cook it or steam it. It's not as pretty as my Cuisinart, but it does its job at a fraction of the price, and it's thinner. It doesn't melt cheese or steam food any better than my other grills, and I've used it on my flat top grill dozens of times. You can save some coin and buy it.

👤I own the same size version of the Cuisinart. It costs a little more. I bought the Jim Beam version to save money. The thicker steel version of Jim Beam weighs more than the thicker steel version. The rolled rim version of Jim Beam is less substantial. The Jim Beam version had four glue spots that I had to remove before I could heat it. Go with quality. The cheaper version is Jim Beam.

👤The cover was well packed, but the protective cardboard was stuck to it and I can't get it off. It will take a lot more time to clean this thing. After the first use, the cover will burn on the glue. This is a new addition to my review. It comes off easily for others with the glue problem. A little rubbing with a paper towel is what it takes to remove the sticker.

👤I grill next to a Griddle. Sometimes a cover is an extreme help when cooking outdoors and indoors. I have a 17 inch blackstone griddle. It was going to take too much of the griddle space. I would have ordered a bigger griddle. I am able to cook potatoes, vegetables, and reverse sear steaks when the weather is 40 or below. It's perfect for melting cheese on burgers. The cover keeps the heat in for expanded use of the outside griddle. It's nice when cooking sausage or bacon so that the grease doesn't splatter and cause a smell outside the kitchen. The cover speeds up the cooking process when cooking on the griddle, it's a must when cooking on the indoors as well.

👤I gave 5 stars. The item is a poor grade and should be season like a cast iron skillet. I had to use solvent to remove sticker gum. Its very thin metal... heat transfers quickly... I am on a boat and things cook quicker when you retain the heat. I like this cover a lot. You can use it in the oven. It can be used as a small wok. Useful item, use your head and a pot holder.

👤The dome makes the most perfect eggs. Any food can be steamed. The quality of the steel is excellent. I used the weighted press to make the perfect steak and eggs combination. I will recommend this to my friends. I don't need to say that I would buy again, because I think these will last me.

👤I'm looking forward to using this, but I've spent almost 10 minutes scrubbing the tape that held the "advertisement", and I'm still not done. The glue that keeps the label on is taking a long time to get off. They should have used something like what they use on gift cards, but they used something that is hard to remove, and I may need to use a razor blade to get it off. It shouldn't take this long to be able to use a cooking tool. I wanted to take out the package and use it immediately. Please rethink your packaging.

6. Heavy Duty Cheese Melting Dome Accessories

Heavy Duty Cheese Melting Dome Accessories

The 2.5mm thick 304stainless steel makes it stronger. Premium components and a robust structure ensure perfect performance. The dimensions are 9inch diameter and 4.5inch height. The round dome is ideal for concentrating heat to cook evenly, melt cheese, steam vegetables or roast. You can get a better flavor by creating an oven like environment. The cheese will not be splattered and the meat will not be cooked over. The handle is riveted tightly on the flat top and coated with Silicone. It is higher than usual for ease of use. The design protects your hands. It is easy to clean. Practical for your backyard kitchen, indoor and outdoor uses. There are compatible grills and griddles. It's perfect for bacon, beef, burgers, poultry, flatbreads, grilled sandwiches, quesadillas, and paninis. There are many cookouts, barbecue, caterers, tailgaters, and campers. A cheese melting dome with a handle and a 30-day money back warranty are what you get.

Brand: House Again

👤It's hard to praise a basting lid. I was compelled to rate/review this because of its high quality, which was one of the lowest price basting lids I could find on Amazon. It's a sturdy lid with a nice handle and two screws and cap nuts. There were no problems with the screws aligning with the lid and handle. There is a The inside diameter at the base is just a hair larger than the widest you can find, but still enough for a few eggs, a couple burgers, or a pile of veggies. Can't wait to try it out on the Blackstone!

👤I got this to go with the griddle I bought. It was a great purchase. I use it frequently on the griddle and am very pleased with its performance. I used it with a large skillet on the inside gas stove. It's great there as well. It is very easy to clean. I think the rubber grip on the handle will last for a long time. I don't cook with aluminum because it's bad for your health. It's a good choice for cooking equipment.

👤I had to change the handle when it arrived. The dome can get hot to the touch, so I'm glad the handle has a grip on it. The handle can get warm when I'm making 5 grilled cheese sandwiches, but only when I'm constantly using it. It's easy to use and doesn't scratch my pans. It's easy to clean if we get food on the dome. Water marks are not a big deal when we wash it. I was able to find a place to store it. If you're allowing kids to use this, I would recommend having someone watch them.

👤The packaging of the screws looks like it was made by a 3 year old. There are missing screws to hold the handle. Request a return and find the screw outside the packaging. Missed the return date because of the flu and ended up with a replacement. I now have 2. He has an idea send with a handle. Very annoying. I wanted to rate you a 1 star because of the hassle and cheap packaging. The product is very nice. A poor way of shipping and lazy for not attaching the handle. The package is large enough to hold the handle. It was a poor experience for a nice product. You get a D for that.

👤The grill has a quality dome, but the lid handle doesn't fit the holes for screws. A replacement product was sent to me by Amazon. I am very happy with the product and its quality.

👤This is what you need if you have to carry food from one room to another. It helps flash steam, melting, etc. It looks nice on the buffet. It was very well priced. Enjoy!

👤The dimensions listed are incorrect. It's not quite 9 in diameter and not high. I wanted the lower profile of 2.5 and the diameter is about an inch shorter than the 9 listed in the details, so I was disappointed that the height is actually 3. That's the reason for the 3 stars. You have to install the handle on the hardware, I got everything to assemble it. They need to ship it like that to make it smaller. The dimensions seem to be quite a bit in the other reviews. I can't understand why they would be different in something that is stamped out of a machine.

7. Melting Leonyo Stainless Accessories Hamburger

Melting Leonyo Stainless Accessories Hamburger

It's a must have for people who do a lot of grilling or hot-plate cooking outdoors. 3 Pack Meling Domes come with 3 different size to satisfy your various cooking needs, 12-in large grill dome can be your great kitchen partner to stem veggies and work great for outdoor barbecue, large and high enough to produce steam and concentrate heat quickly, 9-in small basting cover perfect. The melt dome is made of heavy duty steel, thickness of 1.2mm with firm built, no bend or crack, burger cover dome makes oil splattering down to a minimum, griddle melting dome are built to last. The dishwasher is dishwasher safe, Grilling basting lid enters dishwasher perfect, saves your time and frees your hand, hanging loop for neat storage, metal domes can be stacked for saving space. CRAFT, Food grade large basting cover with mirror finish has a number of advantages, such as high temp resistant, heat-proof handle, and ergonomics. Grill domes are great for cooking on a grill rack, flat top and cast iron, they keep food warm at the supper table, and lock theMoisture in food, perfect for kitchen, griddle, flat top cooking.

Brand: Leonyo

👤My domes have been more rectangular, but I have used melting covers for years. I got a disc cooker which is round. The rectangular domes were not effective. The domes work well on the flat griddle and are perfect for the large gas wok. My only suggestion for the manufacturer would be to make the handles so that they lie flat on the top of the dome for storage. They will not nest because the handles stick up too far. It's not a huge issue.

👤I'm still using the two smaller ones in this set. The largest is thinner than the others, which makes it easier to work with, but that makes it somewhat flimsy. I have a pot lid for things in that size range, but they don't burn when used this way.

👤It's what I needed for making egg Mcmuffin copycats. I use them in place of regular lids. Very useful.

👤I like the size. The larges are not as strong as the smaller 2, but they all do the job. The handles are cool. It's easy to clean up after using the griddle.

👤You can cook the tops of your eggs, heat up frozen vegetables, and of course MELTED cheese, all in a light weight.

👤The detentions did not measure up to my needs, and with no glass in the top, you have to remove it to see what's going on.

👤Love them. 3 different sizes make them useful. It helps control splatters by keeping heat centered.

👤The screws/nuts were not very safe because they kept coming undone and falling into food.

8. Leonyo Stainless Accessories Hamburger Dishwahser

Leonyo Stainless Accessories Hamburger Dishwahser

A must have is a cast iron pan, soup pot, WOK, steamer, seasoning basin, and other kitchen cooking utensils, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and is equipped with 2 different round grill domes. The grill steam cover can hold 3 meat pies at the same time, and the dome is made from food gradestainless steel. The heavy-duty burger cover dome makes oil splattering down to a minimum, retains the heat, and allows cheese to melt quickly or traps in moisture, achieve the desired "steaming" effect. The grill cover is comfortable and safe to hold, it has a mirror finish and anti-scald handle. The rolling edge design of the steam table cover will not cut your fingers when you wash the metal dome. The round basting cover is great for making unique flavor food, it can be used with a grill rack, flat top and cast iron, and it can be large enough to keep food warm at the supper table.

Brand: Leonyo

👤I bought the triple 12 inch domes and the mixed 2 x 9 and 6.5 domes from Leonyo. The quality on the 12s is thin and the handle is bakelite. The metal is duller and thicker than STAINLESS STEEL, so watch for the handles. The better domes have a metal handle with acorn nuts. Will they warp? I don't know yet. I think it's a good idea to pay a few bucks more and get the acorn nut handles. The thicker domes have a larger head of the screw. Stick to the metal handles.

👤The heat domes are large. You could get two burgers done. The quality is good. It's not going to be thick metal at this price. They seem to be fairly durable since I haven't scratched them or damaged them in storage. The handle doesn't get hot. They sit perfectly on my grill. You can't beat it for the price.

👤I was surprised that there was a screwdriver included in the package. That is a touch from a product. The handles are easy to grab on the griddle and are a good quality. I was surprised by the size of the domes. I didn't think about how big these would be, but the extra coverage on the griddle is wonderful. I am happy with my upgrade to these, and will recommend or gift them to other griddle owners.

👤These are some of the few things I have purchased online in the last few years for my kitchen that I have not expected. They are individually wrapped in a sturdy box with the hardware separately packaged and a small screwdriver included. Great job, super product.

👤They are a good weight and size, but I haven't used them yet. I got 9 in. 2 in. The handles are easy to attach and raised away from the metal to prevent burns. Looking forward to grilling in the spring. Will purchase more from Leonya.

👤When we took them out of the box, we were pleasantly surprised at the quality. They work perfectly on the Blackstone grill. The dishwasher handles don't get hot. The price for 2 domes was great. Can't go wrong.

👤I use these on my griddle. I love the large size. Excellent quality.

👤We use them every time we grill. It keeps our chicken moist. My husband is a big fan of them.

9. Inch Heavy Duty Cheese Melting Dome

Inch Heavy Duty Cheese Melting Dome

Smooth edge won't cut your fingers. There are compatible grills and griddles. It's perfect for bacon, beef, burgers, poultry, flatbreads, grilled sandwiches, quesadillas, and paninis. There are many cookouts, barbecue, caterers, tailgaters, and campers. Money back warranty and friendly customer service. The 2.5mm thick 304stainless steel makes it stronger. Premium components and a robust structure ensure perfect performance. The dimensions are 12inch diameter and 5.5inch height. The food should be warm and tasty. A round dome is ideal for concentrating heat to cook evenly, melt cheese, steam vegetables or roast. You can get a better flavor by creating an oven like environment. The cheese will not be splattered and the meat will not be cooked over. The handle is riveted tightly on the flat top and coated with Silicone. It is higher than usual for ease of use. The design protects your hand. It is easy to clean. Bigger size (12 inch) is more practical for your backyard kitchen, indoor and outdoor uses. There are compatible grills and griddles. It's perfect for bacon, beef, burgers, flatbreads, grilled sandwiches, quesadillas, and paninis. There are many cookouts, barbecue, caterers, tailgaters, and campers. You get a cheese melting dome with a handle and a 30-day money back warranty.

Brand: House Again

👤The metal is stronger than before. The handle is sturdy but it was difficult to put it in the lid. I had to use pliers to hold the nut in place. My wok is 12 3/8" wide and this lid fits right on top of it, not slightly inside as a lot of other wok lids do. Food usually comes to the top of the wok when I use it, so I don't mind this. I had to put a flat top on top of the food. I will update this reviews as I haven't cooked with this lid yet.

👤My husband wanted to use them on his grill. He doesn't grill large portions because there are only 2 of us. The smaller one was perfect for the potatoes and the larger one for the pork ribs. We've only used them once so far and they weren't hard to clean. I'll try to make the review better when he uses them more.

👤The lid was bought to steam buns. The perfect height is offered by it. It isn't heavy enough to keep the lid in place. I tried tying the lid down and putting two cans of Condensed Milk in it's place, but neither worked. I used four binder clips to figure it out. The intended use of this lid is for a griddle. As a high steaming lid with binder clips. Problem solved.

👤This piece is very well made. It would be great if they checked for fit at the factory. If you bend the lid, the handle won't sit flush on it. The holes don't match if it's straightened. I made it work after 15 minutes in my shop, but it should have been checked at the factory.

👤You just bought a Blackstone Griddle and you are wondering if it is worth the hassle of having a dome for steaming. Well here you go. Yes and yes! Excellent item with heavier gauge steel. You can install it in less than a minute. The Silicone grip keeps the handle cool and the shape is great on a griddle. There is a This is a no-brainer. A must have for cheese burgers.

👤I haven't tried it yet, but it looks sturdy. It looks like a bowl with a handle on it. I'm getting tired of sending things back after they've been damaged. There was no padding in the box. I used my mallet to destroy the dent. I don't like having to get in my car and drop things off at a store. It looks like a good cover if you get one without a scratch. There is a The company is very willing to work with you if you contact them. They were happy to have the cover replaced. I am very happy with it and thankful for the good customer service. I would buy from them again.

👤I use them a lot, especially the smaller dome. The fact that I can make an oven out of a stove top pan is convenient for me. You will find more uses for these than melting cheese on hamburgers.

10. HaSteeL Stainless Steaming Accessories Dishwasher

HaSteeL Stainless Steaming Accessories Dishwasher

A standard grilled cheese sandwich and over 1 burger patty are included. A small round griddle dome set of 4 in small size is enough to make up one burger patty or a standard grilled cheese sandwich. STAINLESS STEEL - Melting domes are made of professional metal and sturdy construction improve its service life and bent resistance, Dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Cook Evenly is ideal for circulating heat and keeping smoke inside, covering roast, steaks or salad and staying food warm, melting burgers to give the cheese a nice steam. The steam covers lid has a heatproof rubber handle and strong nails that can protect your hands. It's a must have for people who do a lot of grilling or hot-plate cooking outdoors.

Brand: Hasteel

👤This is the perfect size for fried eggs. When you put the bread in the toast, place the dome over the eggs. Perfect over-medium eggs that don't have to be turned and risk breaking a yolk. I would like to have this product delivered 20 years ago. I have to be happy that I got 4 in one shipment so I could spread the good news that the melting dome is a genius to three friends. Get it. Now.

👤I have a cover that keeps food hot. I can't rate the heat resistance because I haven't tried them on a grill or hot surface. These are made of steel. The handle is easy to add. It feels like a fancy restaurant when a family comes in and finds covers over their plates. I have also bought the larger sizes. Just as good.

👤The rubber finger heat protected grip is good, but I wish it was longer to cover more space. I don't think it's long enough as I felt a burn from the heat and didn't have much reaction.

👤The handle was heavy enough to do the job and heat resistant.

👤I didn't need any of them. I have spare parts. Handles are very well constructed and should stay cool. The handles had to be put on. A screwdriver was included. Nice touch. When the handles are on, they don't stack.

👤Excellent quality. Sturdy construction. The screws that were supplied were very nice. They sent a tool to tighten them.

👤I was surprised by this product. The quality was better than the price would suggest. I use it on my stove top griddle to cover my burgers when they are cooking. They are great for that.

👤The quality should last forever. These are 6 inch domes. Not on par.

11. UNCO Griddle Melting Dome 9

UNCO Griddle Melting Dome 9

Can be used on grills, barbecues, and Japanese teppanyaki. It's dishwasher safe. The package includes a dome. Premium components and a robust structure ensure perfect performance. The grill dome cover cooks incredibly juicy meals from all sides. The round dome is ideal for concentrating heat to cook evenly, melt cheese, steam vegetables, or roast. The Unco griddle melting dome is useful for many uses.

Brand: Unco

👤It's lightweight. I measured it to make sure I bought the correct version. It fits nicely in my pan and is of good quality. The handle stays cool when it's cold. Worth while.

👤The UNCO dome is great for making fried eggs. It is easy to clean. Will be in my kitchen for many years.

👤The kid is great for the grill.

👤Aluminio de 9” tiene una altura para la mayora de comidas. There is a Genial! I am encant. Fue una compra. Recomiendo.

👤I have been cooking a lot since I got a Blackstone griddle a month ago. After using it for a few weeks, I realized that a steaming dome would be nice to add to the collection of utensils. This one seems to work well. The inside steaming area is more around the 8.75 inch zone than it is from the outside corner. It's great for holding the heat in over your food items or hitting it with a little bit of water and creating a nice steam bath which works perfectly for some vegetables and melting cheeses. This is a metal bowl with a handle. It seems to be well-made and so far working well. There was nothing negative to say about it. It has a smooth surface that is flat on the griddle. It should not be scratched or harmed. I am glad I have it. It is recommended.

👤It fits the bottom of my pan. It's not big. It only covers one gas burner. The interior is not counting the edge. It would cover two medium-sized hamburgers. It's good to cover a steak to let it rest. I wanted to keep the bugs out of the plate. I was surprised at how small it was. I tried to show how small the dome is. My hand is small because I am a small woman. It is an hour. It's great for keeping food warm. That's wonderful!

👤It's great for using on a small pan. If I have to use the pot at the same time, I have to use the lid from my small frying pan which is not ideal. There is a I use a metal bowl as a lid but it doesn't have a top handle. That is not ideal. I got this dome because I had burns on my arm when I was frying some food in my pan and hot oil splattered all over. It's worth it to not have my arm suffer any more burns.

👤The dome cover is 9 inches in diameter. It's what I need for home cooking. This type of cover is used in commercial kitchens. I use it to cover the cast iron pan when I cook at home. It allows the steam to cook the top side of the food evenly while the under side is being grilled. I use it over my grill to make sure the heat is distributed over food.


What is the best product for cooking dome cover?

Cooking dome cover products from Hasteel. In this article about cooking dome cover you can see why people choose the product. Hasteel and Cuisinart are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking dome cover.

What are the best brands for cooking dome cover?

Hasteel, Hasteel and Cuisinart are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking dome cover. Find the detail in this article. Hasteel, Jim Beam and House Again are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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