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1. Disposable Polyethylene Non Sterile Cleaning Dishwashing

Disposable Polyethylene Non Sterile Cleaning Dishwashing

Perfect for any messy projects you might have, including cooking, kitchen cleaning, or crafts. The plastic gloves are made of high quality material. You will be in the safest place with a pair of these. The convenience of using their Gloves is provided by the use of 100% Latex and Powder Free. It is possible to keep your hands dry and protected while preparing or serving meals with the use of durable, hard to penetrate plastic. It's great for food perpetration. Environmental PE material is non-toxic. There was no rubber or odor. Each: 0.7g/1Pcs. 500PCS per box is a large quantity. It can be used by both men and women. Also can be used with both hands. They will reply within 24 hours if you have a question about their gloves.

Brand: Cfgrow

👤The gloves are thin and good for use. I use them for a lot of things. I like that they were cheap. I don't mind throwing them out after single use. They are a good value and shipped quickly.

👤If you are concerned about touching the cart or packages, these are perfect. Even if your fingers have been sweating, they remind you when you are done.

👤I use these to protect my hands when working with the waste system. I've been using 4mm rubber gloves and felt they would be more cost effective and less waste. There is a I packed these gloves for the camping trip. I thought I should try one on before I started playing with it. These can't be considered large. I tore a hole in the side of the glove when I couldn't get it on. These gloves fit my wife perfectly. She wears size Small gloves when she wears standard winter gloves.

👤In the winter, my hands are very dry. I put on a very thick moisturizer, which works wonders, but takes forever to "soak in" and I wouldn't want to touch anything, even my bedsheets. After I use the moisturizer, I put these gloves on so that my hands don't get wet, and also hold the moisturizer in so that my hands don't get wet over night. I wake up with soft hands. I find these more comfortable than latex gloves. They are better at keeping the moisturizer on my hands because they are plastic.

👤nitrile gloves can be very hard to remove and even harder to get on during a Pandemic. A barrier for your hands is usually all you need. The gloves are large and loose, so they are easy to slide on and off. It's great for handling things like gas pumps, door handles, touch-pads or elevator buttons, all of which we have to touch in a day. You can get a lot of singles for a reasonable price. Absolutely recommend!

👤It's too good to be true. I wanted to work for what I wanted, but they are very thin. They are what they say they are. Good hand covering for the current times.

👤They are advertised for household things. These are paper thin and would not be comfortable for you to handle any viruses related with them. I did not feel comfortable handling my mail with these. Once you have a pair on to reinforce them, it's hard to open them because a large comes up to your wrist. I would give 0 stars if I could.

👤The gloves are noisy and slide off my hands very easily. I'm used to vinyl gloves, which are more form fitting. The plastic gloves are great for protecting my hands while cleaning, but not so great for other uses, like helping my disabled husband, or cutting meat in public. I'm working to get rid of them.

👤La caja no tienes a tn de los tn de los tn de los tn de los tn.

2. Disposable Food Prep Gloves Handling

Disposable Food Prep Gloves Handling

The measurement is:11.2 inches. It's suitable for everyone. Adults and children have palms. The color is transparent. The gloves are 25. The thickness is 28.6 cm. Poly PE.Gloves are more eco-friendly. It's suitable for: cleaning, hair styling, party dining, car washing and so on. You should not soil your hands. 500 PCS!5 packages, 100 pack are the super quantity. There is no odor of PE material.

Brand: Brandon-super

👤It was as advertised. I like these. The 500 gloves came in five separate packages, and once you cut the elliptical circle on the dotted line at the bottom of the packages, they can be pulled out easily one at a time. I am guilt-free as I change them frequently because they are cheaper than nitrile, latex, and vinyl gloves. They are easy to apply to hands, which other types of gloves are not. I use them to handle raw meat for the dogs, as well as applying fly spray, Vaseline, and hoof conditioners for the horses, medicating the chickens. I usually wear a medium size. It fit perfectly. The material is thin but durable. It would be a good idea for general use.

👤The product is in a simple package. There were five small plastic bags. Each of them has 100 gloves. No manufacturing info. There is no certification or material information on the website. There is a You can use it for selection or wash. Do not cook it. I only use it for shopping, so I may not return it.

👤I would prefer for a little barrier protection from COVID-19 in the absence of nitrile Gloves, all of those I have seen recently don't arrive for months or have a very high sketchiness factor. You will definitely want to continue to wash your hands aggressively after use and throw out any pairs you don't want to use, but I feel a little better after touching cart handles, counters, etc. They come in small bags of 10 each. I would buy again if nitrile was available again.

👤These are the worst plastic gloves I have ever tried, and I have used them for years. I tried 26 pairs of gloves and almost all split before I got all the way on my hands, which is a bit larger than I have used before. In every case, the gloves split at different finger seams, exposing my skin to the food I was trying to avoid getting germs from and potentially exposing that food to pathogens I may have but not be aware of. In the smallest areas, no love lasted longer than a few seconds. The safety of your food and your own health are of paramount importance, and the last thing you need is personal protection equipment failing anywhere. There is a The risk is too great for me with a 100% failure rate in the first 52 gloves. The failure rate of 100% is not protection from pathogens.

👤Gloves that have been seasoned are eco-friendly. This glove is made from recycled materials. Gloves protect hands frombacteria.

👤I was hoping for better quality. These gloves are very thin. I have to put the glove on slowly so it doesn't rip between my fingers, so I can get some things. These gloves are supposed to prevent that.

👤The age of the coronaviruses is now. These gloves are a low cost, temporary barrier to protect you from germs in your environment. They aren't designed to handle contaminated fluids, touch bodies or do medical work. I like them. When I get back in my car, I slip on a new pair of shoes, and then slip them off. You should pull them inside as you remove them to keep the glove from being a breeding ground for Viruses. They're perfect for protecting you when you're in an elevator. You have 500 of them. After each use, you can toss them away. I have small hands, and these are snug. I don't think a guy with large hands could use them. Reviewers found them in a baggie. They may have sent me a set for smaller populations. I held it in the air with no leaks. The material is so thin that I can use my phone.

3. 100 Disposable Gloves Large Black

100 Disposable Gloves Large Black

The Fingertip is textured in a Gray Black color. High-quality materials. Better puncture resistance and better abrasion resistance. The Finger tips are textured. The glove has a fine texture to give it maximum gripping power for wet and dry objects. Wear and remove clothes quickly. The cuff is rolled for easy opening. A pack that is easy to access keeps gloves clean and organized. It's ideal for almost any application including basic lab work, hair coloring, tattooing, food preparation, painting, cleaning, pet care, home improvement, hobbies, arts, and crafts. Strong, high-quality material offers incredible stretch, no tearing, or pinching.

Brand: Akgk

👤I wasn't thinking I would get anything high quality, but these are thin and easy to rip, and I have rings, so they wouldn't rip as easily if I didn't wear my rings. I work at a bank and money is filthy and I don't like getting all over my clothes because our gloves are latex and have powder on the inside. I ordered my own and these are fine. I wear them for 8 hours a day, unless I use the restroom, eat or remove them, and they last me all day if I do so. My gloves are black and opaque. It's weird because of the light. I was worried that they wouldn't be. The wrist is loose but not too loose. I bought a medium because I didn't want it to be too tight or loose.

👤These gloves are not good. I bought this package because it was a little cheaper, but it was a waste. Don't spend the money on gloves. They are thin, don't stretch, and brittle when they get oils or grease on them. The box makes a point of saying that tattoos aren't sterile. That should be bold in the description. Don't bother with this one, learn from my mistake.

👤These are the lightest material ever, they have to be vinyl. I bought 3 boxes that are useless.

👤My wife is not happy with this order. The gloves have poor material and water in them. She needs gloves for her work so we are keeping the gloves.

👤They were a choice item. They are thinner than a standard 4 mil glove. A standard thickness is 4 mil. I have ordered a large one and have 3 different brands. These are more narrow than the others. I received an opened box, who knows what it is. Disappointed to say the least.

👤The gloves are almost perfect. I use them for yard and mechanical work because of the smell. I wouldn't use them for cooking, next time I'm staying away from blended gloves full nitrile is the way to go.

👤Absolutely trash. I can see my skin color through them. The picture suggests that it is elastic. It was a bad fit. There is a These aren't even close to the cheaper end of the price range.

👤These gloves are very thin. I use them to prepare raw chicken and other meats. The box has non-medical stamped all over it, but they should just stamp it as non-useable. Don't buy these gloves.

4. Powder Free Non Sterile Disposable Professional Healthcare

Powder Free Non Sterile Disposable Professional Healthcare

The Medpride Vinyl gloves are designed with heavy duty vinyl and have 4.3 mil thickness and a comfortable fit. It's highly versaTILE. Law enforcement professionals, physicians, food vendors, hair coloring specialists, painters, cleaners, pet care and home improvement are just a few of the professions where their vinyl gloves can be used. Vinyl is a highly resilient material that offers exceptional protection against contaminations when handling blood, bodily fluids or chemicals. People with an allergy to natural latex rubber can benefit from the higher puncture resilience of vinyl. It is possible to fit a fit. The gloves have a Vinyl build that allows for heavy duty use without fear of puncture. They are powder-free, ambidextrous, and stretchy and comfy for both men and women. These gloves are available in a variety of sizes and counts. You can find your perfect fit. They offer them in boxes of 100 or a case of 1,000 to fully cover your needs.

Brand: Med Pride

👤It's not good to put your hands in water. They have holes in their gloves. . When I removed the gloves my hand was wet, I put them on to protect my injured thumb. There is a Double gloving doesn't work either so you might try triple gloving. I use vinyl gloves to put up my artificial Christmas tree since I am allergic to almost everything and I make my kids use them if they help me because artificial Christmas trees and lights can cause problems for reproductive systems and pregnant women. There is a Don't waste your money!

👤I think this box is a good value. I like the way the gloves come out of the box. They are easy to put on and take off. I use these to apply tarn-x and silver polish. They do a good job of protecting the skin, I got the large size which fits perfectly. I am very happy with this box of gloves. I give them 5 stars because of these reasons. The price is very good.

👤I wear gloves for washing dishes and coloring hair. I use them within 2 minutes after putting them on. I have used worse gloves. I want to know who gave these a high rating. Maybe they were looking at another product. Sometimes it happens.

👤I was a little disappointed. I bought these because they were great for caring for the elderly or disabled. Not much. The price was great, but we use a lot of gloves, so it is not important. When you give a shower to one of your residents, the water goes in your gloves because they don't stay up around your wrist. They don't make you feel safe when changing adult diapers. They are very small. I don't want to leave a review. I would like to see one like this when I am looking for gloves.

👤The gloves are very thin and easy to get holes in. I had to wear three pairs of shoes.

👤If you put the gloves on gentle, they will work great for the price. They run small. I usually wear a large, but these are just for my hands.

👤The gloves are very thin. I would like a refund. They aren't worth anything. Don't buy them.

👤Good quality and serve the purpose. Health care helpers.

5. Disposable Polyethylene Industrial Glovesfor Cleaning

Disposable Polyethylene Industrial Glovesfor Cleaning

The measurement is:11.2 inches. Most people have hands. No water leak, strong seal, and anti-skid. It can be used in many places. The gloves are produced in a dust-free workshop. 100PCS

Brand: Brandon-super

👤The package was very thin. I counted only 90 of the gloves in the pouch because they were so thin. They were counted 3 times and the same time. If these are supposed to be used for food prep, you have to touch them all. I probably wouldn't buy these again.

👤Order different gloves and save money. I use gloves for everything. These gloves are not good. They are slippery and you have to be extra careful because you can easily drop dishware and they were sticky. They stuck to the glove while trying to roll meatballs. I knew they would be cheap, but I didn't think they would be as bad. I was hoping for gloves that were affordable. I was wrong about these.

👤Personal protection when handling items outside of my home.

👤Do not buy them. They are not sanitary. They are not gloves. I have no use for them, they are just thin pieces of plastic cut in the shape of a hand. Throw them in the trash. I apologize that I can not post a photo. Like I said. I threw them away. Imagine cutting a piece of plastic in the shape of a hand. There is no place to put your hand. Smh! It was ripped off for sure. I would not give a star to this person. I needed these for my daughter's birthday. I have to find some in time. Smh!

👤These aren't as durable as latex or vinyl gloves. They cost a fraction of the price and have many uses. I use them to trim chicken and clean the toilet. If you move your hands too much, you can get small tears. It depends on how big your hands are. If they are a tight fit, move with your hands. A small leak in the glove is not a big deal if you get a tear. I'm going to use these instead of the more expensive gloves because of the price.

👤The description says these are good for cleaning and sanitizing. This is incorrect. My hands got wet with minimum cleaning. Not a good buy at $8.00.

👤We needed gloves to pump gas. The order was delivered 3 days later. There is a The gloves were described.

👤These are cheap but you get what you pay for. You put them on and they break. I think they have a brief task purpose.

6. AMMEX GPNB48100 BX GlovePlus Disposable Industrial

AMMEX GPNB48100 BX GlovePlus Disposable Industrial

Gloves made of X3 nitrile, vinyl, latex, and poly industrial are reliable for light-duty applications. They will have an updated look for all of their products. As they sell through their inventory, you may see previous packaging or a mix of new and old. They both have the same high-quality gloves. Medium-weight 5-mil nitrile is used in Gloves Industrial Black. They measure from the tip of the finger to the cuff. Industrial gloves are made of nitrile. They offer excellent comfort and protection. These gloves look professional while concealing dirt. They are a great fit for many jobs. Those who are allergic to natural rubber can use latex-free industrial gloves.

Brand: Gloveworks

👤The price of a box of 100 gloves used to be between $9 and $17, now it's 3 times the price. They are junk. I had 26 Gloves Rip while putting them on. I can't believe how much Gouging is going on now that Communism has ravaged the world. I had to throw out a quarter of the box because it was torn while I was pulling them on my hands. No! They fit perfectly like all my other gloves. This... Highway robbery is unacceptable at these prices. I paid over $30 for this junk and it was not worth $10 a box.

👤At best, price gouging deserves a 1 star review.

👤The quality of the gloves is good, but they don't believe the sizing chart. I should order a medium size because I have small hands and using the sizing chart, I measured around 3.4" I have used medium gloves for most of my life. Not! I can't put these gloves on without putting powder on my hands. They are very tight, but usable after they are on. I'm not going to return them because of the price, but I will order some large size gloves in the future, which I assume should fit correctly. If you want to order these gloves, make sure you order the next size up, even if the size chart says you need a smaller one. I can't believe anyone could fit in the size.

👤I need these gloves in my life. I initially purchased them to protect my hands, but now use them for so many other things. Is it possible to chop a spicy pepper? The dog ate his own poop. Did you know the cat killed a mole and left it under the couch? I have been through unscathed by these gloves. They are easy to work in because they fit like a second skin. I've never had a split. I have had this box for several months and have plenty left. I will definitely order more when I run low, so I can tackle whatever caustic/spicy/nasty messes life has in store for me.

👤I may go a size down for a more snug fit because they are easier to take off. I bought these for my gun table. The cleaners and oils aren't eating through the glove which is a good sign. I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner. If you do it on a regular basis, it takes less time to clean pistols and whatnot than it does to wash them up. It's a good way to clean up after a range day.

👤I have to make a correction here. The more I thought about it. The gloves were put in the wrong box. There is a They were not large and not textured. I have small hands and they were snug on me. So not the seller's fault. The gloves in that box are probably decent. They are thin and faulty manufacturing. I bought these for my husband. They are too small for me, because I am a SALVAGEDATA I don't know if they were faulty from the manufacturer or if they are all bad. Definitely not worth a dime. They aren't textured as listed. These are very smooth...

7. Compostable Food Prep Disposable Gloves

Compostable Food Prep Disposable Gloves

ECO-FRIENDLY COMPOSTABLE GLOVES: Their gloves are made from plants and have no environmental problems. They can be composted in just 180 days, or in a landfill for 18 to 24 months. The gloves are approved by TUV Austria for commercial/industrial composting, and all of their products are certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute. Excellent quality and no health risk are included. Premium grade gloves made from modified corn starch are more food safe and non-toxic than conventional plastic or nitrile gloves. Their gloves have you covered for all meal prepping and Catering scenarios. HanzOn's 180-day, BPI certified biodegradable gloves are ready to use and easy to dispose of, unlike traditional plastic gloves. That means you won't have to rinse your food prep gloves before you recycle. Drop them in the yard waste bin and you are done! Made from plant-based materials. The gloves for food handling are made from PLA, a renewable plastic substitute made from corn and sugarcane. PLA has an environmental benefit, but it also feels better on the skin. Gloves made from PLA are softer to the touch and have a clingy fit. Better still? The bio-plastic is made from plants. All of them here at HanzOn are very happy to have you in their community. Their friendly US-based customer service team is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. If HanzOn gloves fall short of your expectations, simply drop them a line and they'll be happy to give you a full refund.

Brand: Hanzon

👤The first box were quite good, so this was a re-order. The minute you put them on, every pair shreds into strips. They shreds into strips when they tear at the seams. When I went to my dentist yesterday, I brought a few pairs of latex and nitrile, and they ribbed the minute I put them on. The same thing happened when I gave him 2 more pairs. If there are no quality control standards in China, then manufacturing products that are supposedly designed in the U.S. is meaningless. If the quality does not support it, there will not be repeat business with so many dissatisfied customers. This is not sustainable. The company should give a full refund to all their customers who received the gloves. I am looking for better made gloves that are made by a different company.

👤I wanted to help the seller and write a review of these gloves because they are great. I use gloves to give my cat medicine. I didn't like the thought of throwing away gloves everyday. You have to rip these gloves for them to last. I give my cat some of the medicine before I give her the gloves because she loves the texture of them. It's a good thing. There are more and more products that are compostable. We need to make more so we can save our planet.

👤I like the idea of these. I can't take them off without them splitting.

👤The gloves are made of compost. I don't like the idea of contributing to all the plastic waste and the fact that the compost is a blessing. The fit is good for me, but I have smaller hands. If you have larger hands, it is important to order an appropriate size. These gloves are easier to use than other food service gloves. They cost a little more, but isn't our planet worth it?

👤I like this glove because it allows me to open the classroom door and pick up dog poop or anything for a short period of time that may have viruses or other germs on it. I can throw it away and not feel guilty about it. I bought it because of that. It's one of the more fairly priced ones out there. That is another purchase. It lasts for the simple procedures that one must do with their hands, like turning on a faucet and picking up tongs at a salad bar. I wouldn't try to chop with them all day and I wouldn't use a skill saw either, they're there to protect your hands for a while. You can throw them in the trash.

👤My husband asked for gloves. He doesn't know that I am testing out composting. I thought I'd try these gloves. He loves them. He doesn't know why I bought the gloves. He will realize one day.

👤These gloves are for meal prepping and cleaning. The material felt strong, even though the gloves are compostable. They gave a good amount of feeling. I'm very happy with the quality of these gloves and feel good that they're not messing with the environment like non-compostable gloves.

8. Green Direct Disposable Cooking Cleaning

Green Direct Disposable Cooking Cleaning

The best latex gloves. It's perfect for home chores like cleaning and washing, and it's also perfect for outside chores like gardening. Try it once and you will love it. Do you do your house chores with torn gloves? The beaded cuff on the latex gloves is designed to be tear resistant and high quality anti tear, so you can do your entire home and outdoor chores with the safest best quality gloves which will comfortably fit you. They are chemical resistance gloves that will protect your hands from detergents, hot water, household cleaners, bleach and dye. It's time to refresh your garden. If you want to step into your lawn and make it into a Fascinating Garden, you need to stock up on these comfortable Latex Gloves. It is tear resistant and will allow you to plant safely and easily. The fit and comfort of these gloves make them a great choice for gardening. The latex gloves are made from the finest natural rubber latex. It's ideal for all skin types.

Brand: Green Direct

👤The information on the box did not match what was listed. The ad states that the Latex Gloves are made from the finest natural rubber latex which prevents allergy reactions. It's ideal for all skin types. Ambidextrous, Powder Free. Extra Strength, Latex Gloves have been approved by the FDA. There is a The box warns that the gloves may not be safe. There is nothing on the box that says these gloves are FDA approved. This purchase was marked as Amazon Choice, I am a loyal Amazon customer.

👤This is not true. This is the first item returned with "Amazon's Choice" when I searched for food preparation gloves. There is no picture of the box. I regretted buying it after opening the package. I thought it was a wrong order. The gloves are regular latex disposable. The "Green Direct" label is not printed on the box. There is a small sticker on the back that says "Green Direct". The box says it's safe for food handling. I will return it.

👤I love them! It's great for preparing raw meat. They don't leave any plastic taste on the food. I recommend them for kitchen use. I got the large size and they were good enough to work with. My hand is 3.25" across my palm. My middle finger is 4 inches from my wrist. There is a My middle finger is small.

👤I wear latex gloves to protect my hands while pouring, mixing and applying oil based products. I wear gloves for hours in my studio, washing my hands several times during the course of a working session. The gloves don't seem to be affected by scrubbing with soap and water. The gloves still provide the barrier I need until I am ready to quit. I have not had a problem with splitting or tearing in two weeks. I wear them on the New York City Subways and Busses. I bought my first Green Direct Latex Gloves and would buy them again. There is a I had never purchased gloves from Green Direct.

👤I use these gloves to clean the toilet and pick up dog waste. I got the small for myself and the large for my husband and both fit perfectly. I like that they are not powdered so I can use them in the kitchen to deal with raw meat or cutting beats. They don't leave a weird smell on your hands, which makes me more comfortable using them for food prep. Have purchased multiple times and have no plans of changing brands.

👤The gloves are not a pain to wear when your hands are wet. I have to fight to get a pair of gloves on when I wash my hands. These fit like a dream and don't slip off unless you want them to. They are thick enough that they don't fall apart if stretched. I use them for food prep and when I change the cat box. These gloves are close enough to keep your hands safe from harsh chemicals, even though they don't protect you from boiling water the way rubber gloves do. If I could, I would give them 10 stars.

9. Clear Powder Disposable Plastic Gloves

Clear Powder Disposable Plastic Gloves

The power free exam gloves are 9.5” long and fit both men and women equally. The exam gloves are in size M. Thicker clear plastic is used to avoid tearing and puncturing yet has enough stretch for finger flexibility. The gloves provide a barrier from chemicals. It's a perfect fit with both right and left hands. Multi-PurposePowder-free gloves are great for food service gloves, cleaning gloves, food prep gloves and many more.

Brand: Comfy Package

👤I bought these in case. I usually wear a small. I thought that most things run wrong size. I was correct. The medium is small. It's a bit tight. I want them to be larger so that I can get them on quickly. When ordering, please keep this in mind.

👤I've purchased gloves before. If my hands are sweaty or wet, they can rip, but I have only had that happen a few times. If my hands are dry, they go on. I've never had a rip when they're on. I have small hands and the small fits fine. I think in some cases people's hands are not as small as they think they are, or perhaps mine are. My palm is 314" from the base to the bottom of my middle finger. The widest part of my hand is across my knuckles and just under 234 inches across the center of my palm. My middle finger is on the base. They fit snug but not tight. My hands flop around inside of most gloves, making them impractical to use, makes me love them. If you have bigger hands than mine, then you should get them in Medium.

👤I bought these for when I wash dishes, clean the house, or do any starter planting that doesn't require gardening gloves. I've used them to wash dishes. The first time I put a glove on, it ripped from the wrist to the palm. The second one was put on a bit more gently. By the time I finished washing dishes, I had made a hole in the glove that stretched all the way down to the base of my finger. I had to change my gloves several times. These ones aren't that great compared to another brand. The AMMEX brand was stronger when pulling gloves on and lasting longer when used for cleaning, than when using other brands. There is a The AMMEX brand of gloves fit somewhat baggy, but this brand-Clear Powder Free Vinyl disposable plastic gloves fit more comfortably. Both brands were purchased in small quantities. The AMMEX brand of gloves were stronger than the Comfy Package brand. AMMEX left the faintest of plasticy smells, whereas, the Comfy Package gloves left no smell at all. I bought these because I couldn't get the AMMEX gloves shipped to my address. These gloves do not hold up for what I need them to do, so I will be looking for something else. These are for very light work. These were worth trying out for the price.

👤These disposable gloves are a great help to an elderly person with incontinence. They are vinyl, not rubber, and powder free. The old ad jingle about being able to "pick up a dime" comes to mind. I can do delicate tasks. I have large hands and long fingers, but these gloves slip on and come off easily. I ordered the first box as a trial, but I will have to buy the gloves again.

👤I bought these because they prevent me from touching my face and rubbing my eyes, and we all know the importance of that. The gloves have been working well. I find large to be a tight fit, even though I never thought of myself as having big hands. One would want that for some tasks. I would buy them again, but I would probably get X- Large.

10. Care Plus Disposable Gloves Allergy

Care Plus Disposable Gloves Allergy

Food handling can be unsafe if a properly-gloved staff is not present. These gloves are made of thick vinyl and are a great way to keep your staff in compliance. These gloves are perfect for everything from food handling to janitorial work. In any setting! These Gloves are perfect for environments where latex and other Allergens may be a concern. Flexible and resilient, these gloves offer a consistent fit. They are disposable for added convenience. You can easily throw the items away after each use. Providing the right size gloves is a key component to safe food handling. Gloves that are too large can fall off, and Gloves that are too small can cause more damage. Care Plus Products have a variety of sizes to choose from. These gloves are designed for delis, sandwich shops, concession stands, and any commercial kitchen. For fast and efficient gloving. The perforated box is sanitary and easy to use. These Gloves are perfect for tasks that require constant glove changing in your food service operation. The Powder-free Poly Material is easy to slip on and off, and it doesn't get in the way of your tasks. They're also free of latex.

Brand: Care Plus

👤What is wrong with people? My mom is 97 years old and I am her care giver and this Gloves are useless and rotten and rip every time I use them. I was not able to get my regular at Samms, I hope Trump does something about these prices. How many laws are taking cake of their mother? There is a These companies make Amazon looks bad.

👤When I opened the box, I found burnt marks on the gloves, as well as ripped fingers, and the seller still hasn't responded!

👤When I put the gloves on, I was surprised to see them tear. I don't think these gloves will protect us against the coronaviruses, even if this is a one-off.

👤You will have to be carful to put these on. I will not buy them again. Why take the chance when the virus is killing people?

👤They rip the glove when putting it on. Very poor material. Do not buy this glove, you will be wasting your money. Excellent quality!

👤I was able to find them online. They were small. I bought a medium thinking too big for me. Hopefully my husband could use them as well. I couldn't get my hands into them for my husband. Not strong enough to clean.

👤The gloves are average in quality. When I pull the gloves towards my wrist, the tears are almost always present. It happens constantly. Every 3 pairs tear up. I understand that it is difficult to get PPE due to the corona outbreak, but it doesn't help when these end up with holes in it.

👤These gloves are thrown away so they can be used to keep you from touching germs. There is a They work well for that purpose. They don't tear the hand. They will allow you to perform simple tasks, like handling food or dyes, and then throw them away. I have never experienced improper size for large hands, small hands, or children's hands. I washed them out after a light use, and they held up to multiple wears, even though they are not intended for this. I have no complaints. There is a Do I wish they were cheaper? Absolutely. They work. I'm happy to have them.

11. Pink Vinyl Disposable Gloves Medium

Pink Vinyl Disposable Gloves Medium

There are 100 blue gloves in a box. There are condoms. These disposable rubber gloves are thick and stretchy, so they don't rip or tear easily. As you work, they offer great grip. Premium surgical gloves. These exam gloves are medical grade and are perfect for professional medical office settings, or have them on hand to go in first aid kits. The best cooking utensils. These gloves are perfect for food service and home kitchens. The multi purpose gloves are great for a lot of things. LaTEX free gloves. These gloves are perfect for people with latex allergies. They are also free of parasites. Only for single use. Ready to go. These are packed in 50 boxes and are perfect for your car, gym bag, hand bag, diaper bag, or travel use. In black, blue, and clear colors are also available.

Brand: Fifthpulse

👤I haven't counted every glove but it looks like it was tampered with, the box that I got was crushed and I haven't counted every glove. I don't like that at all. The gloves are in good shape. It's the same color as the picture shows. It could be worse. Presentations are important.

👤The gloves are terrible, they fit but your hand starts to sweat. They tear apart quickly. I don't know how they would be useful, so I wouldn't recommend them.

👤It was easy to put on with one hand. I need a supply of gloves since I can't wash my hands and others have to help me with personal care and hygeine activities since my left side was paralyzed by a stroke 7 months ago. Since I can't use my other hand to help me put gloves on the hand I need to cover, I needed a glove which didn't have a tight wrist and which I could pull down with my teeth. These are perfect for me. The pink color is a nice surprise, not that the color was important or a deciding factor, still, it is pretty. Cheerful pink! I will buy them again.

👤I order medium even though the box says small, because they fit perfectly in the large and are tight and small.

👤I only wear them for a short time while handling herbs and tea, as soon as I take them off my hands it smells like a pile of wet rags. It takes several washes to get the smell off. I want customers to feel confident in the store's hygiene, but these make their hands smell like they haven't washed their hands in a while, which could make them feel bad.

👤These gloves are nice and seem to be good quality. They are small and don't stretch like latex or nitrile gloves. The medium had no extra room for me, I am a woman with average hands. I would be more comfortable in a large.

👤Good price and good quality. It is true to size. They are pink, and I love that.

👤Buy them! I used these for cleaning because they work great and I don't want my skin to get wet.

👤No lo recomiendo. Calidad se rompe. Muy fcilmente. No compren.


What is the best product for cooking disposable gloves medium?

Cooking disposable gloves medium products from Cfgrow. In this article about cooking disposable gloves medium you can see why people choose the product. Brandon-super and Akgk are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking disposable gloves medium.

What are the best brands for cooking disposable gloves medium?

Cfgrow, Brandon-super and Akgk are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking disposable gloves medium. Find the detail in this article. Med Pride, Gloveworks and Hanzon are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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