Best Cooking Dishes with Lids Set

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1. Libbey Bakers Basics 3 Piece Casserole

Libbey Bakers Basics 3 Piece Casserole

We offer 4 ounces, 6 ounces, and 8 ounces of Delling geometric ramekins. The Geometric bowl, 6.4 in Appetizer Plates/serving plates, 11 in dinner plates, and 13.8 serving platter are all in their shop. These casseroles are safe for oven, microwave, refrigerator, and freezer, and have clear sides that let you watch baking. Easy to read dimensions are on the handles of 3 of their most popular sizes. There are 1, 1-quart round glass casserole with glass cover, 1, 2-quart round glass casserole with glass cover, and 1, 3.2-quart round glass casserole with glass cover. To help preserve your products, please refer to the Libbey website for care and handling instructions.

Brand: Libbey

👤I baked a rollatini in a casserole dish at 350 degrees and it exploded in my oven. What a mess! Don't buy it!

👤I loved this set. I bought it for Thanksgiving. I wanted a set of lids so I could keep things warm. I'm too scared to use the lid because it cracked in the oven.

👤The casserole broke in to pieces as it was pouring soup. It can't handle the warm food because it's thick. It could have hurt me badly.

👤We ruined our stuffed shell dinner when the oven shattered the lid on the first time we used it. It's too late to get my money back. Don't buy this product.

👤Quality control for this product was lost. The glass is not durable. My dinner was ruined and I had to clean it up.

👤It is very dangerous in use. When you heat the casserole on the stove, it will shatter. Don't watch out.

👤I prefer glass for its health benefits. The set is rated A+/ 5 stars. The base pot is kept out of the fluids by the heavy lid. Thank you for that! This set is thought out. This set is great, I've purchased glass products before. I bake and microwave with them. I've bumped them and they haven't broken. I like using clear glass because I can see what's inside the container in the fridge. They still look brand new. Man! I was lucky to find this set. Unless you like exploding glass, you should never use glass on a stove. It's a no-no to move glass from the freezer to the oven. I keep them out because they look nice. Happy cooking to you!

👤This set is great. These are good for hot or cold dishes, and I like to make dips for parties. The garlic artichoke dip was cooked perfectly. I turned it on for a minute and it was fine, even though they probably aren't rated for the high heat of the broiler. Some people have complained that they didn't stack, so below are pictures of how I stack them to store in the cupboard. Stack the bowls and put the other two lids right side up.

👤This product is great. We found it difficult to pick up a hot dish without handles. It was a good set. We were thrilled when we found this set. They are used for almost everything. Both ovens and microwaves are microwave friendly. We put leftovers in the fridge. Just makes it easy to cook, store and reheat.

👤When I opened the cardboard box, I was sure that there would be a nice box with a picture of the casserole dishes on it. The box was suitable for a gift. The only box that these casserole dishes come in is a dumpy brown box. I don't want to give this as a gift, but I bought it for myself. The casserole dishes would have been packaged differently if I went to a hardware store. To be honest, I am appalled by Libbey. There is a The dishes seem to be in good shape. The presentation is sub par. It looks like it's from the bargain basement of a store that has just gone bankrupt.

2. Rectangular Multi Color Casseroles Leftovers Essential

Rectangular Multi Color Casseroles Leftovers Essential

The top shelf of the dishwasher is recommended for thermal shock resistant up to 248F. Also, note: The plastic lid isn't microwave or oven safe. You're a scumbag. This set of 3 glass containers is for going to love. There are three sizes of glass bake dishes: 1 quart, 2.2 quart and 3 quart. Use these high-end baking supplies as a casserole dish, lasagna pan, brownie pan, and more. When used as a food storage container, it is also great. It is much safer and easier to clean in glass than it is in other materials. You won't have to worry about food, germs, or smells in these glass baking pans. The same cannot be said for plastic. Ventriloquist lock lizards are 100% leakproof. You can easily remember which lid goes with which container with the colorful lids. If you like to use a color coding system, they are great. When these lids are on, there are no leaks or spills. The highest quality type of glass cookware is the Boroselicate Glass. The glass container doesn't absorb food odors, flavors or stains and is designed to endure extreme temperature changes without the risk of cracking or shattering.

Brand: Bovado Usa

👤Excited about my containers! I used to have pyrex, but decided to give this company a try. They seem easy to clean and sturdy. I like the different sizes, so they're a size for everything I cook. I plan to use a small one for dips. I will update my review if something changes.

👤We thought we were doing something positive for our family's health by purchasing these glass containers. Were we wrong? There is a The containers seem to be able to go in another one. The glass is not easy to break. A small chip of glass on the edge of the container fell into the container below. The food was put on top of the glass chip. My husband bit into his food and cut his tongue after eating a glass chip. There is blood everywhere! There was fear that some of the glass had been swallowed. These containers were never heated or frozen. They were used as directed. They should not have broken from simple stacking. It was my husband who got the food from the container, not our baby, because it was meant for both of them. There is a We contacted the customer support of the company, but they didn't reply.

👤The glass is thick. There is a They fit together for easy storage. There is a The rubber seal they are made in has a good air locking design. I use a spoon to wedge open if it's hard to ajar. There is a The bamboo lid is not finished. There are splinters on mine. I only wash my hands. I washed this one three times and noticed that the bamboo is lifting at the corner. Before it falls off, only a matter of tome.

👤I have had them for a while. These are not bad. The glass is not strong and it's easy to break a bowl after washing it. It was expensive for the low quality.

👤Would not recommend them. One of the bamboo lids broke when I got them. I got one out of my cabinet and the other was broken and I hadn't even used it. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤I love that these are free of both chemicals. The plastic lid on a lot of glass containers is my biggest irritation. The only concern I have with these is that they have splinters. I found a few splinters when I hand washed them after getting one of the set. I have to use a fine piece of sandpaper to make sure no splinters get into the food. My area was put under water rationing after a water treatment facility flooded and was shut down. We had no water so I was not able to wash the lids. The lids were stained and covered in mold. There are other containers that don't have this problem.

👤I thought I had found the perfect container. The glass is made in the USA. The paper insert states are made in PRC. The biggest tip off was that the bottom of the glass did not have a name on it. I could see a difference in the quality when I compared it to US made glass. I don't know of any US made glass containers that use borosilicate glass. I decided that I would prefer to be made in the USA. I didn't want to have made anything in China in my kitchen. I returned all of the 5 sets I ordered. It was very misleading and disappointing.

3. CorningWare 10 Piece Set Ceramic Bakeware

CorningWare 10 Piece Set Ceramic Bakeware

The best gift for children. Children like to imitate their parents. Children can imagine how to prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner with this set. It is suitable for holiday gifts. The 10-Pc set includes two. The round with glass and plastic covers was 16 ounces. Stoneware is safe to use in many places. Resists cracking and chipping. Cleaning instructions are not required. The non-porous surface does not absorb odors. The stoneware bakeware was limited for 1 year.

Brand: Corningware

👤The set is nice, but I only gave it one star because there is no way to replace the cracked glass cover in its packaging. I would have to return the entire set of 12 and then request a replacement. That's ridiculous! I am not going to send all of the fine pieces back in a big box, just for one piece. The box is very heavy. I have to get along with the set. I can deal with it, but please be aware of the problem.

👤The bowl was broken when I opened it. The box had seen better days. It was put inside a box that was clean and perfect for shipping. It seems that this damage was not caused by shipping. The other pieces look old and dusty. The box has been sitting around for a while.

👤Beautiful! Are you complaining that these are being slammed all over the place? Did you read the product information? It's not from Cornell. The old Corningware was back to the Cornflower pattern. The lifestyle of kitchens today is not the same as it was in the past. They are perfect for the new air fryers. I will put the bakeware in during preheat to avoid problems. Adding the results of the testing to the sales site would be a good idea, as would adding more information in the directions. These are 10X better than similar bakeware. Buy it!

👤The set was broken but I like it. They look like the sets my mom and grandma had. I would like to have that broken piece replaced. I only have to cook for myself and a 1 year old so I would use that one the most. * Same day update. On top of the broken baking dishes, I just went to use the middle sized one and noticed a small crack in the crevice of the dish. We just moved in and we have no other bakeware and this set is trash. Don't buy.

👤We have had 3 sets of these dish sets delivered to us and they were a wreck. The large dish/casserole lid and plastic cover did not fit in the first one. We called Amazon and they were great. We received a new set. It was broken. I called Amazon again and they sent me a new set, but the lid didn't fit. I am going to get my next set at the store. The sets are a little bit rough.

👤I was happy with the set, but a week later I was using the bowl and lid to hold some hot carrots. When I went to serve the carrots my wife noticed that the lid had cracked into the glazed carrots. At first we thought it was a small piece of glass. I have lost my faith in this set. I don't trust the bowls and covers to hold food. I wouldn't recommend this set to anyone who doesn't want to throw away money.

👤The bowl was broken when I opened the box. The glass lid on the 1.5 and 2.5 quart dishes don't sit flush when you set them on them. The casserole dishes were not made evenly. For what I need these for, they will be fine, but I expected more from the set.

4. NutriChef Odor Free Dishwasher Rectangular NCCREX3

NutriChef Odor Free Dishwasher Rectangular NCCREX3

You can use it as a gift on different occasions. The classic porcelain is also suitable for cafes, restaurants, parties, and other places. The three piece bakeware kit includes one large, one medium and one small ceramic. Non-STICK COATING: The free non-stick ceramic coating eliminates the need for butter or oil in cooking. It doesn't emit any weird odors or smell, so it's perfect for quick and effortless food release. It's ideal for food prep, cooking, sweet treats, pastry and dessert baking at high temperatures of up to 446F. The most delicious chocolate fudge, cookies, cupcake, apple pie, birthday cake, and more can be created. The dishwasher is safe. Use the bake pan set for food prep, serving, cooking, baking and avoiding the hassle of cleaning. There is a dishwasher safe with porcelain and crystal washing function. Run through the dishwasher if you want to rinse under water. There are double early hands. The professional non stick baking set features double ear handles that are non-slip and wavy. Use in the oven, microwave or refrigerator. No direct fire allowed.

Brand: Nutrichef

👤I needed a new dish. I noticed that it came in a set of three and it was a nice touch. I have been using this for a week and a half and it is great. It's easy to clean and nothing sticks to it. I would recommend anyone looking for new baking dishes to do so.

👤The sizes are right for my family and this set is beautiful. I was thrilled to find a set that matched other items I've accumulated over the years in a beautiful teal almost Tiffany blue color. There is a I was able to cook a seperate rack of ribs for a sensitive family member at the same time as the rest without being confused because it was in its own dish. There is a They are heavy and cook in a similar way to stoneware, and the clean up is easy. A small amount of soap and water with a safe cloth and elbow grease is all it takes. No need to worry about the stone taking on the soap's flavor. There is a I've roasted veggies, made mac and cheese, and baked chicken so far, and I'm going to make apple crisp this week too.

👤The product was in a good packaging. I was worried that they would be damaged. It comes in a package set. I only need a small container to bake if I have friends or family over, but then I need a bigger container if I have to. They are easy to clean and don't have to worry about putting too much grease in it.

👤If you value any of the surfaces in your kitchen, buying these cooking bakeware pans is a mistake. They have a ridge that was not smoothed out where it was made. You have to put something underneath the dish when you set it down. If you put it on your counter, on your glass shelves in your fridge, or on your glass top of your oven, it is like dragging course on your surfaces. It really stinks! Instead of getting the dishes, get them from the Corning company.

👤This is a good set. There was a pin hole in the pan. A replacement was sent by Nutrichef.

👤The ceramic coating is a great add-on to this set, it matches my kitchen perfectly, and all three pieces are the perfect size. Everything doesn't stick to it just like my ceramic coated pans, they're easy to clean, and they're also not like my ceramic coated pans. The price point was excellent and I am very happy with this purchase.

👤One of the three has a small chip in it when it arrived or when it was in the kiln, but it's not worth the trouble of replacing. Useful and cooks well for most of the time.

👤Heavy weight and heat very evenly. It's easy to clean because a bit of water causes cheese to peel. We'll be using them for a long time.

👤Good packaging for this items. I was disappointed that it had a few flaws, as you can see on the picture. If you are looking for a bigger tray, this isn't it. It is not as deep as the other one. The thickness and colorful design is the good part. I decided to return it because of the flaws. I gave it a 1 star because of flaws and 4 stars for colorful design and thickness. 5 stars for packaging.

5. Pyrex Basics Oblong Plastic 8 9inch

Pyrex Basics Oblong Plastic 8 9inch

The highest quality type of glass cookware is the Boroselicate Glass. The glass container doesn't absorb food odors, flavors or stains and is designed to endure extreme temperature changes without the risk of cracking or shattering. The baking dish is 9 x 13 inches. The non-porous surface does not absorb odors. The plastic lids are free of harmful chemicals. Pre-heated oven safe, dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, and pre-heated oven safe.

Brand: Pyrex

👤What the hell? I tried to bake chicken in this dish and it exploded in my oven. What the hell? My dinner is ruined. I'm out of the purchase of this item and my over is covered in shards of glass. Stay away from this thing. Is this a serving dish or a cooking dish? I thought "Pyrex" meant over safe.

👤Zero stars! There is a defect in my bake tray. The tray exploded in my hands as I was transferring it from the fridge to the kitchen counter. I gently placed the tray into the counter, rather than bang it on the counter. The glass was not able to handle the temperature change from the cold fridge to the cool kitchen counter. I have never had a problem with my ten-year old tray. I think there are some major quality control issues. The shards were so sharp and heavy that they tore chunks out of my mats. I had cuts on my hands.

👤The first time I used this pan, it exploded in the oven. When it was put in the oven, it was room temperature. I've heard of it but never believed it. There are dangerous glass shards and hot cake mix in the oven.

👤The lid was cracked all the way down one side when it arrived. Not happy. I needed the dish for Thanksgiving. I used the dish for cooking after throwing the lid away. Very disappointed.

👤The first time the product came, the glass was scratched and the top didn't seal, but I could have lived with it. I replaced the glass and it looked good, but the lid was dirty and didn't come close to being sealed. Twice in a week is a problem if I assume it's an outliner.

👤Very happy. When I ordered 2 of them, the lid style was not consistent. One had the lid and handles pictured but the other had a lid that fit inside the handles, which provided less clearance for items sitting higher in the dish. The dish was a bit wider than I wanted because of the gaps in the handles. I received a replacement that was not the same as the one pictured, but it was the same type with open handle grips and a lid that fit inside. Gave up but still happy with both styles. Not leak proof when shaking liquid inside. This would be air tight to protect what is inside and prevent light spillage. Regardless of style, still recommend.

👤I got rid of my lock and replaced it with a Pyrex brand one. The lock and lock lid that was hard to fit onto the glass brand was easier to fit onto this lid. The lock and lid were hard to open. The Pyrex is easy to store in the cabinet as the lid sits under the glass part. The handles are easier to get hold of from the oven as they have a protrusion for the fingers to grip which the lock and lock didn't have to get from the oven as the sides were straight. I didn't get the Pyrex with the large glass handles because they take up more space. I like my Pyrex with the red lid.

6. Calypso Reston Lloyd Microwave Cookware

Calypso Reston Lloyd Microwave Cookware

Their products are carefully designed and packaged. The inner packaging uses foam cotton for support, and the compartment uses pearl cotton for protection. The set contains 3-Bowls, 3-Lids, and 5 cups. Bowls nest inside each other with clear lid. There are dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safes. Cook, store, serve, transport food containers.

Brand: Reston Lloyd

👤The bowls are great. It would be better if the bowls were larger. They are not as large as they look in the photo, but they are square.

👤Great dishes for leftovers. I make my own TV dinners and cook several meals in one day. I got disgusted and started looking for solutions after he ruined many plastic freezer dishes. I was worried about them being small but they are perfect for one meal. I use the larger one for meat and potatoes meals, the mid sized one for casserole meals, and the smaller for a side dish or just enough for a meal for me. I had to get more sets when I discovered they were available in my pattern. The tomato products are not discolored or marred. The square shape fits well in the freezer, and they stand up to the "take it out of the freezer and nuke them "till they're smilng" treatment. Most people won't own 14 of these dishes because they don't stack well. These are the best value and highest quality dishes on the market.

👤I bought these because they had my favorite color,plum, but fell in love with their ease of use. You might want to use a hot pad or oven mitt to remove them from the microwave. After enjoying your food, just pop the leftovers into the freezer or frig. I might go back for another color.

👤I use these containers to store my leftovers when I cook. The different sizes allow me to take them with me to work, but also help with portion control. I love using the microwave to cook my food. I can always find space in the fridge for them. I am happy I ordered them.

👤These microwave bowls are very nice. The vent on the lid is for heating. The plastic is easy to clean.

👤The containers are made of a gorgeous juicy plum. It's not bright or tacky, it's pretty. They go well with my kitchen. There is a They are made to last. It is not going to be thrown away in a year or two. I bought another set in a different color five years ago and it still looks great. There is a The little steamer vent is great for microwave cooking. You can either open or close it. Even after years of use on the older set, the containers and lids hold up well in the dishwasher. There is a The sizes are perfect if you are storing or microwaving a lot. The product was great.

👤These items are great for storing food. I used the largest one to cook a rice dish in the microwave for over 20 minutes and it held up great. There is a I like the little steam vent in the lid. I put it in the top rack because it would probably do well in the bottom, even though I washed it in the dishwasher. There is a If you have a color scheme, I recommend looking for it in your preferred choice. I'm happy with my choice of color.

7. Rectangular Bakeware Leftovers Freezer Dishwasher

Rectangular Bakeware Leftovers Freezer Dishwasher

To help preserve your products, please refer to the Libbey website for care and handling instructions. The large food grade cooking pan set is high quality. Their baking dishes are made of borosilicate glass and can be used in the microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher without the risk of cracking or shattering. Cadmium and Lead are free. The set includes 4 baking dishes and 4 gray plastic tight fitting lids, which are designed to keep your food fresh longer. You can stack these containers with lids on top of each other in your fridge or freezer for space saving storage. They are also resistant to spilling. The ideal set for storing and serving food. Evolutionary design and convenience hands: The clear glass baking pan is a charming decoration in your dining table and kitchen. You can easily identify leftovers, serve your meals in a stylish and elegant fashion, and monitor the baking process with it. The edge of the bakeware is round and smooth, with a widened, thickened, and anti-scalding handle design, providing a secure grip while taking to and from the oven. It's perfect for size and use. The bakeware set includes 4 pieces that are different in size: 1Quart (10 x 5.9 x 1.8-inch), 1.7Quart (11.6 x 6.7 x 2.1-inch), 2.3Quart (13.6 x 8.1 x 2.1-inch), and 3.2Quart (15.5 x 9.3 x). It's perfect for baking desserts, casseroles, stew, lasagna, spaghetti, brownies, chicken, meat, fish, veggies, and all your favorite delicacies, as a serving dish for added convenience. If you are not 100% satisfied with their products, please contact their customer service. Within 24 hours, they will give you the best solution.

Brand: M Mcirco

👤The picture is what I wanted but the video is what I got. 3 stars for inaccurate description, other wise seem to be a great quality. I wanted to like them. I am sending them back because they are not as big as I thought. The inside dimensions are not measured in the description. I need bigger, they are a lot smaller than I thought. The description says that they are deep in their eyes, but I don't think so. The size is not the main problem. These are not as deep as a cookie tray. They should be called deep trays. I hope this will help you not make the same mistake.

👤Do not get it. I don't write reviews. I am going for this one. WASTE OF DOLLARS! They are very cheap to make. When I was cooking, there were two busted in the oven. I didn't even set it down hard.

👤These dishes are great for storing. The lid seals well. The weight and thickness surprised me. The quality is better than expected.

👤This set of pans is perfect for holiday cooking. It was easy to cook with this set. I am going to buy another one. They can be put in the refrigerator for leftovers. The dishwasher lid snapped on and came out in great shape. The price was lower than other sets made me hesitant to buy them. I am so happy I bought them. I ordered another set because I am so happy with them.

👤The image on the right is what was purchased. The Pyrex deep dish on the left is what I was looking for. The 4 dish set is being kept for other purposes.

👤I needed a 9x13 glass pan to make a casserole quickly. I decided to go with this set because it came with 4 different sized pans and a bonus was they all came with lids. It was perfect for what I needed it for, but I knocked it off because it was hard to get the lid off. It can be a huge pain when I do use them, but most of the time I don't. I have only one complaint with this set, other than that they're great!

👤This set is a must have. Throw the lid in the dishwasher. Great purchase!

👤The class looks heavy and stable. I used it to bake my favorite cookies. It's so easy... I put it in the freezer and let it cool down. I used to have to change the dish to make it wash. There is no more dish to wash. I love it!

8. Evelots Microwave Freezer Storage Container

Evelots Microwave Freezer Storage Container

Pyrex Glass has a 2 year warranty. Bring some color to your kitchen. The set of bowls is bright and colorful and can be used for food storage. There are Vented lids included. Bowl handles are safe to handle because they don't get hot. Food can be microwaved, like school lunches or office meals. The bowls are dishwasher safe and easy to transport. When storing food in the fridge or freezer, the Vented lids are closed to keep it fresh, and can be opened to vent steam. Set of five bowls can be stacked in a cabinet or cupboard when not in use. Small (7 oz., 3.25 Inches Diameter), Medium (8 oz., 3.75 Inches Diameter), Large (16 oz., 5 Inches Diameter), X Large (24 oz., 6 Inches Diameter) and XX Large (32 oz., 7.4 Inches Diameter) are all measured. Evelots has a 30 day easy return policy and 100% satisfaction guarantee for many years.

Brand: Evelots

👤I don't like to use my stove top or oven often because I have a new Smart Oven that does so much. There is a problem with having enough microwavable wares to support a variety of cooking. The Evelot containers are unique to all the other microwave safe bowls that I bought. These are meant for cooking and storage in the fridge or freezer, but not with cooking with the lid on. The cookware has a vent device on top of it. I will have a splatter-free reheat. I have watched my mom demonstrate how to keep the air out and the food in at Tupperware parties, and I always judge a product's freshness on how well it keeps the air out and the food in. These do a good job. I can hear the seal as I push the top on. Evelot includes a size selection in this package. The graduated sizes allow for space saving. Place the lid of each container underneath the container that is the smallest in a pattern. I'll keep an eye out for Evelot microwave-safe cookware. They have handles that are great to pull a container out of the microwave without bulky hot pads.

👤The bowls are small. If they were at least one inch deeper, they would be more useful. The handles are small and hard to hold onto. They get rough inside in the microwave for 1-2 minutes. I only use the fridge lid. I wouldn't store liquid in them because they aren't leak proof. They just stay on. I have never put the lid in the microwave. The smallest two bowls are too small to make Jello or pudding. I only use them for eating out because they don't fit very well for storage.

👤I had a similar set a long time ago, but they all vanished. I need a set for the microwave to cook for myself. They are perfect, I saw them and they were perfect. They hold a surprising amount, the grab tabs don't get in the way as the turntable rotates in small microwave, and are easy to hold and remove dish from microwave. If you heat items in 30 seconds and stir well, you should not have problems with the lids blowing off. It isn't necessary to keep splatters from happening if you just sit the lids on top. Smaller two are useful for heating a small amount of sauce. It's so easy to clean, just wipe out or wash them by hand. They use three meals a day and never make it to the dishwasher. There is a new update on 5-20/2020. A second set that did not have a seal on one of the lids was bought. Contacted seller. They sent a new set to fix the lid. The performance of these microwave cooking containers was very good. All you could ask for.

👤I was looking for bowls that were hard for my son to tip over, and these are perfect for that. The largest one can take a slice of pizza, the smallest one can only take goldfish crackers. We liked them so much that we bought two more sets so we could have them for veggies and dip. There is a The lids are great for keeping flies off food in the fridge, or for keeping flies off food outside on a picnic table. The vent holes are small, and we blew the lids off so we don't use them for that. They are dishwasher safe. They hold up well to soups and cheese dips, so heat doesn't seem to be a problem. For crackers and cheese, apple slices, popcorn, pizza poppers, and the like, they are our favorites.

9. Superior Glass Casserole Dish Set

Superior Glass Casserole Dish Set

The casserole pans are ideal for creating a full dinner. The dishes are easy to carry and store. Cleaning is easy because they are totally non-greasy. The sloped sides make dishing out food simpler. The heat is evenly distributed, avoiding burnt spots. It's safe for the dishwasher, microwave, freezer, and oven. Extreme temperature changes can cause shock. ATILE DISH is a single pan that can be used to bake, serve, and chill any dish. It's ideal for baking casseroles, pastas, breads, meat loaves, and pound cakes. The pan is perfect for freezing ice cream logs. When using glass pans, the oven temperature should be lowered to 25. The set adds a regal effect to the table by being attractively clear. The food was baked in the dish to be served. Being transparent allows you to keep an eye on the food. The healthiest option for baking and serving is Healthier and Purer. Glass pans won't warp and won't absorb chemicals, tastes, or smells from the food inside.

Brand: Finedine

👤Looking forward to using 3 of the dishes. The second to largest dish has a small air bubble in the glass, which is the reason it has 4 stars. I would not fault a small flaw like this, but with the dish going in and out of the oven, the expanding and contracting air can cause the dish to break. I'll have to put that dish away.

👤They're heavy and have glass pans that are durable to me. I like that they're glass because they're easy to clean, easy to see if they're clean or not, and they fit into my other kitchen appliances/dishware/cookware, they vary in size and depth to fit into each other Russian doll style and still remain I like the variety of size for cooking. Very pleased with the purchase. They were well packaged and there was no wiggle room to worry about damage. There is a These pans are amazing! It is easy to wash and dishwasher safe. The largest is what I go to. Nothing sticks to them. It's hard to sit in water to wash.

👤I received the set. I have to return it because the casseroles have air bubbles in them that will cause them to crack in the oven at high temperatures. I would have loved to have been able to keep this set as it looks amazing, but I know they will not last long due to the air bubbles.

👤All of the dishes had air bubbles in them and small divots from where I am assuming air bubbles formed by the surface of the dish. Glass dishes can explode with air bubbles. The seller gave me a full refund, however I would have preferred to have the dishes. They could have recycled them instead of having quality control at the factory. There is no excuse to send out a 4 piece product that has defects. I would rather have paid more for better quality and waited longer to receive it, even though we are still going through a Pandemic which is causing labor issues.

👤I bought this set as a gift and haven't used it myself. If they were my own, I would most definitely use them. They are very well made. The glass is smooth and stylish. They are easy to carry. It's the fact that they stack, saving space, which is very important when you have limited cabinet space.

👤Where have these been? We bought them off the cheap. O. In our move, we lost our original set. . These looked cool. They are indeed! They are more light-hearted. The handle design is more functional than the traditional design. But! But! It is the most amazing feature that they all stack inside the big flat and only take the space 1 dish.

👤The Corelle Baking set that I needed to replace broke. The best thing about this set is how small they are. Any need can be met by a size. The price is worth a lot. The design is beautiful.

10. 16 9x10x3 5 InchInspack Ceramic Casserole Bakeware

16 9x10x3 5 InchInspack Ceramic Casserole Bakeware

Cook, store, serve, transport food containers. The casserole dish's size is 13.8"x9.8"x3.7" and can accommodate most recipe sizes. If you want to bake and serve in the same vessel, the dish is great. They are suitable for storing leftovers, roasting vegetables, and other activities. The casserole is made of high temperature stoneware and is oven safe to 500F. It can be used in many places. Also, note: It's triple valued because it's not a direct fire cooker and dishwasher safe. It's good for cooking. The baking dish has a unique reactive glaze color that makes it enjoyable to bake in. It's possible to make your dining table and kitchen a charming decoration with a remarkable display. The casserole dish has a self-basting aspect to it that can help cook your meals. The best baking dish. This is the best deep pan for lasagna you can find. It's great for baking casserole dishes. The reactive glaze is ideal for making delicious meals and desserts because it is long lasting and Eco-friendly.

Brand: Inspack

👤I used it about 4 times, and the last time it was used, the lid split in two and I had to drain it.

👤I love the pan. You can put four layers in there using a box of noodles. You have to make sure you have enough stuff. 2 pounds of meat and 2 pounds of cheese are included. You will need 2 quarts of sauce. You should know that it will take a long time to put it in the oven because it will be very heavy by the time you are done. I made mine the night before and put it in the fridge, but I didn't have enough time to cook it for the guests. If it is cold from the fridge, it will take an hour and a half to heat up, so leave a good hour and take the top off. I put it in at 375.

👤I would like the handle and lid to be one piece. If you are a little too reckless, the handle can start to break. I chose this over two other options. It has a better fitting lid. There is only one blemish on this dish, and it seems harmless.

👤The lead is very fragile and moves around a lot, making this product very attractive.

👤I noticed that the lid was not securely fastened to the base when I got the product. The lid wasn't perfect at the end or narrow edge. The lid looked like it was packed by mistake. There are gaps on the side or long edge. I think this is part of the design, but I'm not sure. There was no paperwork to explain it. The lid not fitting into the base is a major problem.

👤A big one was cooked in it. It worked out great. I bumped it into the edge of the counter when I washed it. It's not hard, just a slightbump. It broke in half. What a waste of money. I had to throw it away.

👤This is a sexy dish. The white reminds me of Staubs clean lines. The handles seem sturdy and the lid sits on perfectly. I wish they made different sizes in the same design. This is a thing that I love.

👤I bought this pan to cook a meal. It was perfect. It was the right size and my meat came out perfect. I thought it would be hard to clean. I let it soak in the dish liquid and then cleaned it with warm water. I highly recommend! It is a very attractive dish and will compliment your meal.

11. OXO Good Grips 8 Piece Glass

OXO Good Grips 8 Piece Glass

The salad bowls with 5 colored lid and bottoms are great gift, it's smooth and wide rim makes it easy to grasp, it's not a problem to leave fingerprints on it. Four 10-ounce Bowls and four sturdy covers are included in the set. The glass is stain and odor resistant. The wide rims give easy handling and the side walls let you mix with minimal splatter. Kitchen-to-table appeal is offered by elegant design. The oven, freezer and microwave are safe. Storage is convenient with glass prep bowls.

Brand: Oxo

👤The bowls in my kitchen get more use than any other bowls. I use them for a lot of things. The lids fit well. I have had my set for a year. A crack was found in one of the bowls a month ago. I contacted Oxo. They sent me a replacement bowl for free. Excellent customer service.

👤I ordered two more sets of these bowls because I love them so much. These are the perfect size for leftovers or ingredients that need to be diced. The glass is very sturdy and the lids are light blue. Re- heating leftovers with the lid on will warp or stain the lid, so I wouldn't recommend it. When steaming fresh, I use plastic wrap to create a "steam-in bag" effect with frozen veggies. There is a I like to use the bowls to store leftover fruit, salad, or pudding. My kids seem to prefer the leftover bits when they are in clear glass bowls.

👤The bowls can be used for prep. I can fit a whole onion in a bowl. I knocked off two stars. They have a lot of odors. The cabinets are so bad that they smell. I have soaked them in a mixture of acids and liquids and put them in the sun to make them useless.

👤Tired of using plastic containers for leftovers and transferring food to other containers for safe heating, I've bought glass bowls. They go from fridge to microwave to table to dishwasher. I can see what's in my fridge, and I don't have to wash my hands. These are sturdy and do not get damaged in the dishwasher. I like them. I separate the oatmeal into 4 containers and voila! I eat breakfast for four mornings a week. Just eat and heat. So easy!

👤These are perfect for those recipes that need a lot of ingredients chopped up. I use them when I'm making a lot of dishes. I like having my ingredients ready to go in the dishes.

👤I already have 4 of these OXO bowls from another set and wanted more so I can have several out up and down the table filled with various types of food. Excellent quality!

👤The bowls are 4 1/2 inches across and 2 inches deep. The lips on the lids are small and stiff, making it difficult to put on or remove them. To avoid spilling, you need to grasp the bowls firmly.

👤It was nicer than expected. Bowls are smooth and attractively shaped. Can be used for dessert. The lid is a bit stiff but sturdy.

👤These bowls are really nice. I can fit at least 12 high inside my kitchen drawer, because they stack well. The lids fit tightly. I have one in the freezer that I am testing out. So far, so good. I've used them in the fridge, freezer, microwave, oven and steam oven. The bowls are dishwasher safe. There isn't enough information on how to care for the 'lids'. There is a To be safe, I wash them. I don't use them in the oven. I use them in the fridge, freezer and microwave. There is a The size of the bowls was hard to determine. I thought it would be smaller. There is a It is smaller than a bowl of cereals. Bigger than a bowl of rice. If filled to the brim, it holds 300ml of water. I used a coffee cup saucer as a lid when I cooked the custard in the steam oven. That worked well.


What is the best product for cooking dishes with lids set?

Cooking dishes with lids set products from Libbey. In this article about cooking dishes with lids set you can see why people choose the product. Bovado Usa and Corningware are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking dishes with lids set.

What are the best brands for cooking dishes with lids set?

Libbey, Bovado Usa and Corningware are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking dishes with lids set. Find the detail in this article. Nutrichef, Pyrex and Reston Lloyd are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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