Best Cooking Dishes for Kids

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1. FunLittleToys Kitchen Pretend Accessory Including

FunLittleToys Kitchen Pretend Accessory Including

It's a great gift for ages 3 and up. The toy kitchen accessories cookware set has everything a little chef needs to prepare an imaginary home feast, including a dish drainer rack, plates, cups, pots and pans, cooking tools, cutleries, knives and spoons. A variety of cutting food are beautifully painted with vivid details, vegetable halves can connect via a Velcro-like fastening, and come apart easily when child chops and slices. The kitchen pretend play set for toddlers is made of the highest quality plastic and is dishwasher safe. This play dish set for kids is a perfect gift for a niece, daughter or granddaughter. You can contact their customer service to share your ideas for free for 90 days.

Brand: Fun Little Toys

👤I bought this for my granddaughter. She loved it! The plastic is of good quality, with no sharp edges, and lots of bright colors. She was engaged because of the selection of dishes, pots and food. I'm not sure how many treats I've had to "pretend" to eat, but her imagination has been engaged! I was very happy with the purchase. I got this to go with her play kitchen. She has been in little girl heaven ever since.

👤Some of the pots feel apart and pieces come undone, like one of the handles and lids. The fruit has something on it. I had to glue them all together. My daughter wouldn't eat them. She could fit the silverware in her mouth. I had to take them away. The cups are smaller than I expected. I am very upset with this set.

👤The set had a lot of pieces. The quality of the toy dishes is what I expected. You could cut fruit and vegetables in half. The items were strong. I only gave it a 4 because plastic only lasts for a short time. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤This is the cheapest stuff I have ever seen. I have bought toys in the kitchen before. This is probably one of the worst. They are very small and flimsy. I'll probably send them back. I just opened the pkg and my granddaughter lost interest in it.

👤They're pretty decent for the money spent, but not exactly what I was expecting. My son loves cutting food.

👤I bought this for my granddaughter when she was 2 years old. She likes to play with food and all the dishes. She has dinner parties with her brothers and cousins. They get real snacks on special days.

👤El tiene ahora una cocina. Para ello son hermosos.

👤It's good for my daughter to play with and has been used for at least 6 months.

2. Stainless Cookware Utensils Vegetables Toddlers

Stainless Cookware Utensils Vegetables Toddlers

It's a great gift for little chefs. Become the ultimate MasterChef Junior by collecting all 5 sets. There are 25 pieces in the kitchen accessories, including a chef hat, amesh bag, and cutting vegetable toys. Made of thick, safe and environment friendly materials. The round edge design was tested to be safe. To create a realistic feel for kids while playing, glue is used to make pretend play food sound real. It was fun for endless play. Role playing for children is important. Their imagination can run free. The play kitchen accessories set encourages kids to take on the role of a chef, teach them some basic cooking skills, and spend hours preparing pretend meals for the family. The pretend play kitchen set is a great value set that is perfect for holiday, birthday party or everyday gifts. A great set for both girls and boys, the child apron and chef hat are in a universal design, making them a great kitchen toy set for both girls and boys.

Brand: Kasu

👤The product is okay. The pots and pans are very small. I don't care if it's the end of the world for my toddler, but you best believe it's the end of the world for a grown up like me. The broccoli broke before we even got to use it, the middle was strong and broke the inner part before we even got to use it. Would not buy it again.

👤The white hat and apron are my favorites. My 17 month old is too big for them. I shortened the apron and tightened the hat. They look great now. Excellent quality items.

👤My 8 year old is enjoying playing with the kitchen utensil set, he is enjoying pretending to chop and cook with it. The apron and hat are nice additions to the set. The price could have provided more utensils such as cups and plates. A decent purchase. The material arrived on time.

👤My 2 year old loves this set. I bought one for my niece. She loved it too. Purchase and you won't regret it.

👤Our drummer has been playing for weeks. If you are tired of baby claiming utensils and pots and pans from the cupboard, you would definitely buy!

👤My kids love pretending to cut food. The pots and pans are a little small.

👤I wish it had a pot holder for the children, I have to find a mitten for it, so please add it to your set.

👤I haven't opened it yet because it's a Christmas gift, but I can see that it's sturdy. It came very quickly. It will be a great accessory. Great customer service as well!

👤My little boy was wearing a chef suit. I like the set. The reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because the little plastic knife you get to cut veg seems very flimsy and when you use it to cut it doesn't seem sturdy at all. I give it a few more play sessions and it will break.

👤Excellent quality. Sturdy and aesthetically pleasing items. The apron and hat that comes with the 2 year old and 6 year old were so cute that they were delighted to receive them.

👤I bought this set to use with a mud kitchen. I was very pleased with the amount of items in the set. The food is easy to clean. The utensils are made of metal. The chef's hat and apron are very cute.

👤The pans and utensils in this set are very nice. If I choose, I'd prefer some little baking tins and trays over the vegetables. It's still a sweet little set.

👤It's perfect for my toddler. Should last years as well.

3. KidKraft 27pc Cookware Set Brights

KidKraft 27pc Cookware Set Brights

A great gift is the number of pieces, bright colors, and nice packaging. The plastic is durable. It's great with any KidKraft play kitchen. There is no assembly required. The color may be different. There are 27 pieces, four knives, four spoons, four forks, four plates, four cups, four bowls, one pot, one pan, one lid. It's great with any KidKraft kitchen.

Brand: Kidkraft

👤I pictured these as a play house, but they are actually mid-sized, as in between a toy and adult serve ware. It makes for fun tea parties and I serve my littles their favorite snacks. The bright colors are fun. When I stir hot tea with the silver ware, they don't seem to melt or damage. It is definitely more sturdy than your average picnic plastic ware. These should last a long time for us. We are happy we purchased.

👤I am very impressed with this set. We got it for my 4 year old because she is showing interest in her play kitchen again, but her old accesories were a little rough looking after 3 years of toddler abuse. I was expecting the pieces to be a bit smaller, but they are a great size. The pans are larger than our metal ikea pieces, the cups and plates are perfect for playing, and the silverware is the same size as a real kid. It's thick plastic that feels cheap. My daughter is also very happy with this purchase.

👤My daughter loves these. She plays with them all the time. She usually matches the colors together. She will give me the blue spoon with the orange bowl if she makes a bowl of play food. This stuff is very high quality. It's so good that you wonder if you could eat it. The cookware set from KidKraft is worth the money. The quality of this will hold up for a long time, so don't buy something cheaper. Don't second guess yourself on buying this set. It's worth every penny.

👤The little dish set is amazing. I'm glad I picked it. The set is the best I have ever purchased. I don't know how it would last. The colors are bright.

👤Oh my! This is something we looove! The set is very sweet and the colors are bright. I like how smooth it is and the skillet is the best addition. There is a A must have for any pretend kitchen. Our son is 3 years old.

👤This is a great toy. Cute and colorful, but also very good quality. I think it will last with my girls.

👤The plastic play set is of excellent quality. Each piece is well sized for play and seems very durable. The target age group is appealing to the Brights color set. I have had many cookware play sets around the house, and this KIDKRAFT cookware set is the one that I would recommend. It has held up well and still looks new.

👤This set is great for my kids. It is possible to make fake food and play with thick plastic. The smooth knives make it much safer when the baby of the family is playing too.

👤The product is good and the colors are nice. Will be used for fun outside.

👤My little girl loves these bright colors, they are not flimsy and I love them. When I saw other reviews, I was a little worried but I was glad I did. Really happy.

4. Melissa Doug Lets Play House

Melissa Doug Lets Play House

The glass portion of all ranges were tested and qualified by SCHOTT. The lab tested as readily biodegradable any substances that could harm the cooktop surface. The Let's Play House set includes a wash and dry dish. The wash and dry dish set includes 4 place settings, a soap bottle, and a metal drying rack. The play dish set is an entertaining pretend play set that helps kids develop imagination and creative thinking skills. The wash and dry dish set can be used with one of their pretend play kitchens or as a stand-alone play set. A gift for ages 3 to 6 years. This set is a great gift for kids from 3 to 6 years old. The kids will love playing with the set of the Melissa & Doug Stainless Steel Pots and Pans. For more than 30 years, the creators of imagination- and creativity-sparking products have been called the gold standard in early childhood play.

Brand: Melissa & Doug

👤I wasn't expecting these dishes to work for real food. The sponge is better than some of the sponges I use. The drying rack is perfect for all of the dishes. It's a bit of a squeeze to fit everything, but as long as you organize thoughtfully as you go, you won't have any problems. There is a My son wants to copy everything my parents do, and this gives him the chance to wash his own dishes as many times as he wants. Since he insists on using them, I haven't caught him re washing his dishes when he finished playing with them, so it's all good. He loves it. It's the perfect gift for kids who want to copy their parents without having to worry about giving them real dishes to play with. The picture looks exactly like it does and everything works well, except for the soap bottle. You can't put anything in it. He needs to use the real soap bottle to wash the dishes in his play kitchen sink. Everything goes smoothly when we monitor that closely. Great product, great price, and fun!

👤The dish set is wonderful. It comes with 24 pieces. Includes cups, knives, spoons, plates. It comes with a sponge and a bottle of dish detergent to wash the dishes. This is the best feature that I have seen. The children are being taught to clean up after themselves. It has a dish rack that holds the dishes and a place for the utensils. The utensil holder is silver and the dish rack is metal. They are in four different colors, red, yellow, blue and green. The plastic dishes are sturdy and should hold up well if they are rough housed. This is a great product for the price. I would highly recommend this set. The actual size and dishes have been provided by me.

👤My daughter loves the set because it looks high end and she loves playing in the little dishes because they are really good quality and she copies everything we do so she has her own set. There is a She has had her since she was one years old. They still look brand new. Cute!

👤When my 6 grandkids come to visit, I bought this for them to use in the play kitchen. I was very pleased with the metal dish. A set of 4 plates, cups, plastic utensils, a soap dispensers, and a sponge is made of soft foam. It's a perfect size, colorful, sturdy and realistic. They love it. Highly recommended.

👤The Kidcraft Uptown Kitchen has this dish set in it. When he is playing with it, we put it on the counter near the sink in the dishwasher area. My son loves sponge and dish soap, it makes him feel like he has a real kitchen. It should come with 4 bowls as well, that's the only complaint I have. It's the only thing he doesn't have anymore.

👤I bought the dish rack set for my child. She is almost three years old and has held up well. The quality of her things seems decent. It's made of metal and the dishes and utensils are bright red, blue, yellow, and green. The dishes are good quality, but I worry that my two year old will break the tines of the fork, but so far they have held up! There is a My daughter loves to match the colors in sets, and since our play kitchen is lacking in counter space, we use it as a dishwasher rack inside the dishwasher. I put the drawer liner down so it wouldn't mark the white pullout board of the kitchen. There is a The sponge and soap is fun because there is a hole in the bottle that can suck in air, like those silly bath toys. They are great for role playing while washing dishes. "WE" are happy with the purchase.

5. Hape Gourmet Kitchen Utensils Accessories

Hape Gourmet Kitchen Utensils Accessories

The world's most famous toy store, The Legendary FAO Schwartz, provides a world of wonder, imagination and adventure for all ages from infants to adults. Inspire your little chef. The cooking set is everything your child needs to cook a meal. Encourage imaginative play and love cooking. The play food set includes a pot, pan, lid, spoon, spatula, two plates, two sets of knives and forks. The wooden pretend play set features realistic elements like the shakeable salt and pepper set with rattling sounds, and the wooden lids will fire your child's imagination and inspire play. It's perfect for ring. The Cook & Serve set is a great supplement for cooking sets. The fun cooking set will encourage your kids to cook. This toy is child-safe and sturdy and will last a long time. The age recommendation is 3 years and up.

Brand: Hape

👤Most of the wood pieces are not completely dried. I'm concerned about splintering with little ones. The product was lower quality than expected.

👤I wanted to like this set. There are splinters on several sides. I can't give my child that. It's a shame.

👤I bought these for my daughter who is 18 months old. The construction is high quality and looks like the photos. Wooden toys are very old. The utensil set in this photo was purchased separately from the wooden food set. It's a great way to teach your child to enjoy the process early on, and it's also a great way to pretend cook.

👤There are just enough little pieces to play with, but not hard to clean up. The pieces were sanded and smooth and the salt and pepper had a shake sound. It was a nice box and would be a great gift.

👤The cook set is perfect for the kitchen. The plates and utensils can be placed on the shelf. The salt and pepper shakers make noise when you shake them.

👤Four unfinished wood and plastic plates cost too much.

👤It's perfect for my daughters. She still chews on everything. The set is well made and cute.

👤The plates were missing and I took off one star. An easy exchange was done by Amazon. The missing plates were disappointing.

👤Love that it is not plastic. It is a good size for little hands. We use ours in the kitchen. The size is perfect for it.

👤Our granddaughter is going with a play kitchen for Christmas. She plays with it for hours.

👤Excellent toy. Well made and looks lovely.

👤Great quality is played a lot in our house. Would order again.

👤The pan's handle broke after one use. We put it back on. Being a little more robust would be a benefit.

6. Big Mos Toys Pretend Playset

Big Mos Toys Pretend Playset

The ideal gift is for kids who are interested in baking and kitchen related tasks. It's great for birthday parties, surprise gifts, events, gatherings, and much more. Recommended for kids ages 1-8. A great gift. The Pretend Play Dishes are the perfect gift for your loved ones. It can be a birthday, GRADUATION, AWARD, or any other thing. Big Mo's has you covered if it's a gift. This set will result in hours of play housekeeping. The kids will love to play in the kitchen. This set includes 4 plates, 4 spoons, 4 forks, 4 knives, 4 cups, 2 pots, a strainer, a sponge, a ladle, a turner and a drainer dish. Big Mo's toys play dishes are made of sturdy material and are sized for kids. They are great for early learning resources. Realistic looking: The dishes seem real due to design, and are a favorite among kids, just like the ones used by adults. It's a great way to encourage creativity, imaginative play and develop skills. Your kids will learn these things while playing. It will help their imagination grow and boost language skills.

Brand: Big Mo's Toys

👤I was so excited to buy this set for a prime deal that I started buying. The deal didn't make this set worth it. There is a The colors were great and the dish holder was a decent size. The pots, pants were almost like a miniture, made for an American girl doll. The spoons were so small that they could easily be sucked into a vacuum. The cups were large. I don't think it's worth the price with the items being so small. I returned because I wasn't happy with the size.

👤The little dishes set was exactly what it was described as. It was all in a dish-drain. A little orphan comes to my feeding program because their mother died. For about a month she had been asking me if I could get her some play dishes. After hearing her ask many times, I searched on Amazon and found this set. The little girl likes it. I think it's a good idea.

👤The set is small. It's hard to give a bad review for that. My grandson is young. It's small for him. I thought it would be a little bigger. That is one of the worst things about shopping on line.

👤The product description stated that it is free of pesticides. There is nothing on the packaging that says it is free of pesticides. There is a warning not to recommend more than 3 years. It's not worth the money. It looks like it was purchased at a dollar store. It's like a shrink wrap top and zip tied together. I would have given it a star if I knew I hated it. It's not a good value for money.

👤Great product. My daughter likes it. It was a great addition to her play kitchen. She loves to cook and serve food. Would buy it again.

👤I bought this for my granddaughter because I wanted to add to her play food. If I am busy and she is entertaining herself, it is well made and contains everything she needs to play "dinner and breakfast" with us and her stuffed animals. The drying rack helps keep everything together. This set is very good.

👤I don't recommend a one year old having any of the eating utensils to play with just yet, because I love this set of dishes and other kitchen toys for my great grand daughter.

👤This set is adorable. The utensils are small. When one of my toddlers gets hold of one, I cringe. The dishes are shatter proof. My kids love washing dishes.

7. Just Like Home Play Baking

Just Like Home Play Baking

Best gift for holidays, birthday party or Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year, Party Favors, Prizes and so on. It is suitable for 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 year old children. The set includes a collection of fun food cookware items. The package includes a muffin tin, a mixing bowl, measuring spoons, and a cookie sheet. 2 plates, 2 forks, rolling pin, whisk, measuring cup, cookie cutter, and serving utensil.

Brand: Just Like Home

👤Very cheap. It's not worth the money they ask for, something you would find at a dollar store. The plastic mold has cheap and sharp edges.

👤The kitchen set is great for playing with. I bought a few extras for them. They love this set.

👤You get what you pay for. The small boxes will be destroyed in a matter of hours. I threw it away because it was so thin. The measuring spoons are not strong. The package had a broken rolling pin. Don't waste your money.

👤It was worth it. My daughter likes playing with it.

👤I bought this for my niece. It was a hit with her.

👤My neice loved it. Can't say if the tiny boxes will last.

👤This set is very cute. My daughter likes playing with it and pretending to own a bakery.

8. SmartLab Toys SL322431 Tiny Baking

SmartLab Toys SL322431 Tiny Baking

You can choose from 4 delicious colors of chocolate and an equivalent of 4 bars of chocolate produced in the USA. Recommended for people over the age of 6. Real food. Real science. Real fun! The baking set fits into a 5.2 x 3.4 x 2.2-inch tin and can be used to bake pies, cupcakes, pastries, and pizzas. There is a 17-PIECE TINY BAKING SET. There is a storage tin with top, a wee-knife, pizza/dough cutter, mixing spoon, 3 wee-spoons, a bowl, a sheet pan, and a recipe book. The science behind food chemistry is explained in the book, like how the acid and base in baking powder start a reaction when liquid is added, producing gas bubbles to cause the batter to rise. Easy Teeny Frittata, Chocolate Cupcakes, Double-Decker Chocolate Cake, Buttercream Frosting, Chocolate Chip Cook-wees are some of the delicious recipes. It's perfect for food scientists. +

Brand: Smartlab Toys

👤Excellent cooking kit. My daughter makes brownies, cakes, and cupcakes. The recipes are easy to follow and delicious. I was surprised. There is a We will use this kit a lot.

👤I gave this to my sister for Christmas and she immediately used it to make mini treats. They love it! I was 800-273-3217

👤I bought this set because my daughter loved playing with her barbie pans and utensils. She would mix things and microwave them to make decorations. She can make tiny food that we can actually eat with this set. That's true, but it's not as great as I had expected. I thought "small" would mean "quick and easy". The first recipe required us to bake a small plate of food for 20 minutes. We lost half of it because it was a mess when we tried to cut it. The same thing happened when I tried the same recipe again. The tiny measuring spoons are very tedious to use when you need a lot of wee-spoons. When the recipe turns out to be delicious, there's only one small bite as a reward for all your hard work. I don't feel like it's worth the time or the energy that goes into it, even though I appreciate the cuteness of the set.

👤It's fun and cute. Kids love it!

👤This is a cute set. It is very small. It seems to come with most of the things you need, but it can be confusing because recipes don't correspond to the items. The cake recipe calls for 1 and 1/2 small spoons, but the smaller spoons are larger. It may be hard for kids to understand guestimation. Some of these items take as long to prepare or cook as their regular sized counterparts, so you're not necessarily saving yourself time with these tiny snacks. Some of the recipes seem very intensive for that size. There is a This seems like a fun project that could quickly fall to the wayside but is definitely eye catching.

👤I gave this to my son for Christmas. He is not interested in many things, with the exception of LEGOs. The little robot kit is small. He asked if he could open it while I was in the shower. I was expecting this little kit to keep him calm until he needed help. The instructions from the robot were enough to give me some sweet, mercy solitude for the entire shower and beyond. He put the whole thing together on his own. If you take one wheel off, it will go in a circle. He attached a marker to the gripping arm to draw designs while going round and round. The robot was dismantled and put back together. He opened it two days ago. He is learning some engineering and cause/effect basics while he is at it. I went back to Amazon to see if there were any more robot kits. I would scoop them up as soon as I saw them.

9. MasterChef Junior Knife Cutting Board

MasterChef Junior Knife Cutting Board

6 pieces of kitchen tools for kids include a knife, vegetable cutter, and gloves. The kid's kitchen knives set makes cooking more interesting. The Junior Cutting board and Knife Set are licensed by the show and are appropriate for kids. The kit includes a cutting board, knife, and recipe cards. Food is not included. The knives are made of a kid safe plastic blade with non-slip silicone grips. Help to teach little chefs proper cutting techniques by sharing the fun of making your favorite recipes. It's a great gift for junior chefs. Become the ultimate MasterChef Junior by collecting all 5 sets.

Brand: Masterchef Junior

👤I bought this for my 12 year old who likes to cook. It would be nice for her to have her own set of knives, so I could be reassured that she's not using real knives when cutting. The set is a joke. Do they think kids can use this product? The plastic knives are incapable of cutting five of the 15 recipes. I had my kids in the kitchen trying to cut cucumbers with the knives, but they couldn't because they were too liquefying. It's not pretty. The best way to cut through soft foods is with a knife. Don't waste your money. You can get the recipes for free online.

👤It would be a real set with the Master Chef name on it. The plastic knives couldn't cut anything except room temperature butter. The cutting board was so thin that it slid around. My 11 year old knows how to cut with a real knife and was quite disappointed that they weren't a set of real knives for juniors. It wouldn't be a good idea to recommend this to anyone unless you have a young child.

👤I was surprised that they were plastic when we busted them open, I got them as a Cyber Monday deal and did not really look into it. There is a My 6 year old loves to help me in the kitchen, and my 2 year old loves to help her sister. There is a Once you teach how to use a sawing/circular motion, these are not sharp, but have a nice serrated edge. I like these because I don't have to hold their hands like I do with a metal blade. My kids want to do it all by themselves, and this makes it a lot easier to worry about. I wanted something that would help me get started. There is a We've cut onions and bell peppers and chicken, which was very easy. I would recommend these for anyone who wants to start their children with something that won't hurt them.

👤You have to use a lot of pressure to make the knives usable. My granddaughter will use my knives and cutting board after I give her this gift. These aren't something she would want to own.

👤I bought this product for my twins to learn knife skills. I thought they would be like my large plastic lettuce knife from OXO, which will cut most fruits and veggies with a little added effort. I'm not hopeful that any of the harder fruits and veggies would work better because these knives are too small for kids. I expected more from this product because it is based on a TV show where kids make some pretty complex dishes. I would have been better off buying a set of cut proof gloves.

👤I bought these for my 8 year old daughter, who is very into cooking and baking, so she could have her own set. The set is a good one for a child who is just starting out with a knife. When she wants to help me cut vegetables, the knives don't work very well. Very rigid cuts. She uses one of my knives. The set was nice, but not what I wanted.

10. Just Like Home Value Play

Just Like Home Value Play

2 plates, 2 forks, rolling pin, whisk, measuring cup, cookie cutter, and serving utensil. The package is 6.35 cms in length and 35.56 cms in width. Product type is toys and games China is the country of origin.

Brand: Just Like Home

👤I was excited to find a set that included a frying pan, spatula, knife, cutting board, and whisk. My two-year old loves to watch us cook and playing with the toys would be great for him. I didn't read the dimensions before buying it and felt like the pans were small. It is difficult to cook in them because they are so small, and it is hard to maneuver the spatula in them. The utensils were bent. I put it out for my son because I wanted to return it after opening it. He loves it! I think he likes the small pots. He bent the knife until it was ready to break.

👤I needed a kitchen set for my granddaughter. The pieces were the right size for her.

👤These are so cute that they will be given to the grand baby on his birthday.

11. Just Like Home Play Dinner

Just Like Home Play Dinner

3 years old and up. The set has fun food cookware items. Includes 2 baking dishes, 1 lid, 2 bowls, 4 plates, 2 forks, 2 knives, 2 spoons, salt and pepper shakers, turkey, steak, chicken, pizza, peas, carrots French fries, pasta and pie for dessert.

Brand: Just Like Home

👤A nice set for the kid. He likes the cups/glasses that came with him and has made a nice addition to his kitchen set up. He calls us to come eat after setting the table.

👤The set is great for my daughter's kitchen. The reason I didn't give five stars was because the product description showed items I didn't receive. Great product.

👤I bought these for my niece. These were a perfect addition to her food select menu because she has kitchen sets in her house.

👤My kids love to cook, but it is beyond my price range, they want the whole meal. Cute and good quality are included.

👤It was bought as Christmas gifts. I gave it to both girls because their parents liked it.

👤I was surprised how big these are, they cause the price to go up.


What is the best product for cooking dishes for kids?

Cooking dishes for kids products from Fun Little Toys. In this article about cooking dishes for kids you can see why people choose the product. Kasu and Kidkraft are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking dishes for kids.

What are the best brands for cooking dishes for kids?

Fun Little Toys, Kasu and Kidkraft are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking dishes for kids. Find the detail in this article. Melissa & Doug, Hape and Big Mo's Toys are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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