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1. Kootek Aluminium Revolving Turntable Decorating

Kootek Aluminium Revolving Turntable Decorating

Get that hot sauce. Again. The item is dishwasher safe. Cave Tools are durable, so just cook, clean, and enjoy it. The cake stand is kept from moving by the heavy duty aluminum alloy on the countertops. Theevolving cake stand gives you easy access to all sides of the cake for frosting. It can be anti-clockwise or clockwise. The rubber feet help keep your cake stand in place while you decorate. Sometimes you want to make sure an extra-nice frosting job is done. It's easy to clean and use. After use or wash, keep dry and clean.

Brand: Kootek

👤Muy estable, demasiado.

👤I can't get over it. The first cake I made with this was just so nice, the turntable was ugly and the first cake I made was ugly but it was nice.

👤If you need a turntable for painting, this is it.

👤It was like a dream. It is scored to make sure you can center your cake perfectly. It's pretty enough for a presentation. I love everything about it. I got it in 2 days as well.

👤I like this table. It is sturdy, heavy, and spins very smoothly. The best one I have ever purchased. It is very easy to use. The cake is on a slip of paper. The turn table is about 12.

👤I ordered a turn table for my cake business because I wanted to get smooth lines. The turn table was sturdy, easy to clean, and a great product. It was hard to decorate the cakes because the table kept spinning. I was not sure if it was a defect or just the product. I wanted to return it but couldn't. The shipper contacted me immediately after reading my concern. I was surprised that they solved my problem quickly. They ordered a new turn table for me and it was at my door step two days later. The second turntable works great and it was just a faulty one. They offer the best customer service. I would recommend this product to anyone who bakes cakes.

👤I waited and bought this one. I was surprised at how good the quality was, even though this was a great price. It is easy to clean. There is a rubber grip on it. It doesn't come apart. That way nothing can get stuck inside and cause a skip. My last one had a problem.

👤My grandson was the one to drive this baby first. He wanted to ride it, but we decided to use it for our cupcake. I think he could have ridden it, because it is very study and smooth running. Like a car with cupcake spinners. We both give this baby, 10 cupcakes up and would suggest it to anyone who needed a cupcake spinny thing for their kitchen. Cuppycakes & Such is a wonderful purchase.

👤It's perfect for heavy cakes. I'm in love with this. I was hesitant to spend so much money but it is worth it. It was really annoying to ice my cakes on the turntables I used to own.

👤The turn table is very smooth when it spins.

👤The material and functions are really good. Buy it!

2. Eastman Outdoors 37212 Outdoor Gourmet

Eastman Outdoors 37212 Outdoor Gourmet

If you don't get the best ladle wok style Asian utensils, they will give you a 100% money back guarantee. Their customer service wants you to be satisfied with your purchase. Absolutely no risk. Every item comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The big kahuna propane burner has a propane gas regulator and hose. The wok has a spoon and spatula. Proper temperature can be maintained with a 12-Inch AccuZone Thermometer. It's a fit for Brinkmann 810-3425-F, 810-3425-W. The how-to CD is contained in the instruction manual.

Brand: Eastman Outdoors

👤The wok has a protective coating on it that needs to be removed before cooking on it. It won't be washed. I had to burn it all off because the wok was starting to turn black. You don't see the color when it clears back up. You know you've seasoned it right. The wok will turn black again during use. The time when the protective coating is burning off is when I attached the photos of the wok. The first thing I cooked on it was rice noodles. The product is a great one. The burner and wok are both good and ready for cooking.

👤The solution for the coating on the burner is the first thing to address. Someone has claimed that it is plastic. The company describes it as a type of material called resin, and I think it is a type of material called shellac. A natural substance used in woodworking and food. It is used on fruit to make it shiny in the store and on M&Ms to give them a shine. It will take a bit of time to wash it off. Use a Brillo pad. It is alcohol-soluble. I used some denatured alcohol to remove some stubborn areas after using the Brillo pad. It worked out well. I think the company didn't want to let the world know because some dummies would put alcohol in the wok. There is a The burner is easy to assemble. Either a few people got something wrong or they messed with their fuel line. It is soft, but everything went together well. When you get this puppy going, it's hot! You can season the carbon steel in minutes. Especially with how large the wok is, be very careful. Someone not used to 22” is in awe. When you add oil to season, be sure to pull the heat back and have insulated gloves. If you are like me and have a gas stove, you will crank the thermostat first. 65,000 BTUs goes along way! This burner is very good. There is a Michael is the son of Michael.

👤This thing can cook. There is a Every couple of weeks I stir dry for my family. I knew they were limited as I was about to cook on an electric stove with a big non-stick skillet. I have been looking for a big kitchen range to replace my old one when it finally quits. I wanted a grill and griddle on the stove, but it took up half of the space on the top of the range, not cool. Can't be done. There is a I watched the cook at thePanda Express and it was obvious that stir-frying needed a big wok, a really good exhaust system and a lot of thermal energy. What should we do? The first products I saw were the low end propane fired wok cookers, they were not going to cut it. I saw the units that were designed to be built into a grand outdoor kitchen, but I won't do that. I finally saw the mid-range cooker. It was worth a shot at $160. There is a I got my Giant Green Egg smoker for a birthday gift 15 years ago and it works the same as it did when I got it. It is not very badly built. The legs are sturdy, but I made a chain web tying them together to make sure they wouldn't break. The wok is not fancy. It would have been nice if they had taken some steps to make the handles stay cool, I will have to fix it now. When cooking, there is not often a need to manipulate the wok, it is more like the big single handle woks you see Chinese chefs using. Food is manipulated with implements. Break out the welding gloves. There is a The thin sheet metal frame is likely to fail in areas prone to rust. It should be painted with high temperature BBQ paint and kept out of the rain. The burner is very basic, it appears to be cast iron, although I have read that it is not all cast iron. The gas control valve is very basic, but I could easily replace it if it fails. There is a The leg extensions work well. The tripod was stable and comfortable at a good height for a 6' me. The ring that holds the wok is a bit undersized. If you don't move the wok, the big 22" wok is fine, but it seems like it would be safer with an 18-20" wok. A bigger ring. If you are careful, it is still good. The dog should be far away. There is a The utensils are of good quality and should hold up for a while. The instruction manual is usable again. Same for the DVD. There is a This thing cooks up a storm. After stripping the protective coating with a pyrrolidone based paint stripper, I seasoned the wok according to instructions on line that recommended the use of oil, salt and potato peels. After reading more about it, I was convinced that the salt and potatoes were superfluous, and just went at it again with a bit of safflower oil and a lot of heat. A nice seasoning was built up very quickly. I used safflower oil because there are other oils with equal or higher smoke temps that I could find on the internet. I was tempted to use the oil that is readily available in small containers. I might experiment with it in the future. I thought that the degree of unsaturation of the oil would affect it's ability to become a substance. There is a The chicken breast with various veggies and assorted sauces was cooked to order for my wife and son and me. If you are deep frying or boiling, the thermometer is not a problem, but if you are stir frying, it's not a good idea. One of my best purchases was the Fluke remote reading the IR temp. When the oiled wok hit 500 degrees, the safflower and sesame oil mix started to smoke, and in went the chicken, followed by the veggies, and finally the sauces, per the instructions on the video. After each addition, I turned on the gas and it was back to 450 degrees. It's fabulous! It all worked well, I have to say! I was expecting to have to make excuses, but they were not necessary. It is easy as fishin'! The food is cooked in a couple of minutes each time, it is custom tailored to the tastes of each family member. You could probably cook enough food to feed 6 people. You would need a bigger wok and more heat. You could feed 12 in 10 minutes if you had a big single batches. I have seen other wok burners that have 2.5x the output of this one. It's hard to imagine that much heat is needed in a restaurant. It seems like a 22" wok can use 65,000 btus. There is a Flat bottomed pans and pots can be used with this stove. It fits my paella pan, but is not appropriate for cooking paella, because you need finely distributed heat for this, not all in the middle as you need for woking. Half of the instruction says you can deep fry turkeys, the other says you can't use this rig for cooking turkeys. I think the CSA approval is the reason for the anti-turkey thing. I can't see how it won't work. Deep frying turkeys in outdoor rigs is inherently dangerous. The dog should be taken to the neighbor's house. There is a You can deep fry in the wok. I wouldn't have the courage to deep fry in the 22" wok because of the small retaining ring. I would either get a pot with a basket or a smaller wok. I will get a pot. I don't do real french fries anymore because you need more oil and heat in the kitchen than I can provide. My stove doesn't have the heat, but this rig does. Not me, deep frying in the wok. Not even with my leather jacket. If you plan to assemble/disassemble this, plan accordingly and bring extra bolts, because installing the legs takes about 15 minutes. Next up, a stove.

3. Campfire Exclusive Storage Versatile Campfire

Campfire Exclusive Storage Versatile Campfire

Pull the strap tight on the larger tree. After securing the 5 foot extension tie strap to a nearby tree, you need to connect the two straps. You can adjust the lenth with a release buckle or hook. The portable folding camping grill is made from high quality coated steel with sturdy legs and has been carefully designed with space in mind. The folding design of this barbecue makes it 888-282-0465 and won't take up too much space in your vehicles. A generous cooking surface size is needed for any outdoor camp or campground. The cooking surface space is great for cooking for a group of people. The barbecue is 24 inches wide and 12 inches tall. It is versaTILE. This campfire grill grate is designed to be used over hot coals or a small open flame fire or fire pit. They have everything you need to cook bacon, eggs, toast, steaks, pancakes, sausages, or even pineapple slices. The foldable design of this barbecue makes it easy to set up when you arrive, and it is compact to store. You can unfold the legs, stand it up, and it is ready to use. It's very easy. The barbecue has carry handles to make it portable. There is a guarantee. They love camping and are an Australian brand. They know you will love their products. They will do what they can to make your product better if you don't like it.

Brand: Adventure Seeka

👤The legs need to be adjusted. If you try to use the grate without them, they will keep swinging open. If you want to use them, they fold randomly when you place the grate over fire. Frustrating. The invention did not melt and got the job done.

👤Like the design of the grill. Heavy duty. The hinges are impinging on themselves and preventing the 2 halves from opening. Sausage/hotdogs/corn will roll around and an egg will run down the griddle. There is no company website or email. Poor quality control. Can't fight gravity on this one.

👤I took this to the mountains as a replacement for a propane stove on my camping trip. If you have a raised edge around your fire pit, the legs will inevitably raise the grill too high from the fire if you place it high up. I grilled corn, kielbasa, green peppers, jalapenos, and spam. The only complaint I would make is that the skillet part lacks any walls around the edge, making policing up food and keeping it from falling into the fire a small challenge.

👤We used this camping for a week. It was very well made and heavy duty. The big size is easy to store. I was worried about the coating melting and being unsafe for food like other similar options but was reassured of its safety and there was no melting or chipping even with direct and long term fire contact. I'm very happy with the product I used.

👤Sturdy! We camped in the yard with the fire pit and made cookies because our cat got sick and we didn't want to go camping. It is fantastic. The legs are sturdy. It is everything we wanted. I think it is cast iron. We let it burn for a while. There were no strange smells or tastes. Excited to go to Big Bend next month.

👤A great grill for camping. The vendor gave me instructions when I ordered seasoning. We created a separate cooking area next to the main fire pit to cook campfire chili in our Dutch oven, grill burgers, and cook bacon and pancakes on the griddle side. It was wiped down with plenty of paper towels and left to cook in the fire.

👤We have used this on a lot of camping trips. It folds up and fits in the bag. It was run over by an SUV while setup, but it's still perfect and folds up properly. Our friends have bought their own and this will continue to be a camp essential for us.

👤It should last a long time. I like the way it folds. The heavy duty construction and material was the best feature for me. Sometimes it burns through after a few uses. The stand alone feature will allow you to build a fire and slide coals under it. Hope this helps.

4. Camp Chef EX60LW Explorer Outdoor

Camp Chef EX60LW Explorer Outdoor

A limited warranty for one year. The hose and regulator are included. The legs and wind screen are made of steel. It is compatible with most 14 in. Camp Chef accessories. There are two 30,000 BTUs/Hr. The burners are cast-aluminum. Appliance-style temperature controls. The propane tank is not included.

Brand: Camp Chef

👤This grill was bought to use in camping. I decided to use it in my home grilling system. I bought a pizza oven and made a BBQ island to fit it. Buying more accessories over the next year works well.

👤The best cooking appliance I have ever purchased. I live on a farm and can't find an indoor propane range, so I bought a camp chef with a professional griddle. It puts out a lot of heat. I was able to get the griddle to over 500 degrees in 10 minutes. The only problem is that it is short. I made my own leg extensions, using 1/3 inch PVC and caps, because I didn't want to buy expensive ones. The cost of the material was $1.29 for 10 feet, 4 caps were 30 cents each and glue was $2. I left 7 inches out of the end of the eat piece for a total height of 36 inches. I used 1/2 inch sheet meal screws because there were already 2 holes in each leg. The leg extensions make it sturdy.

👤I received this item and have not used it yet. I'll update later if it's less than 5 stars. 1. This thing is large. I thought it was smaller. It's the same size as a standard house stove. You should know what you're getting. 2. The burners are large. It's listed at 30k BTU because it means business. 3. If I can figure out how to get the pics off my phone, I'll show you. You will need a large table. Think of a picnic table as large. The camp tables are not adequate. There's not much need since the legs are sturdy. It will sit on a table. 4. I also bought a griddle for it. It's a perfect fit for this unit. I want to buy a second one so I can use both sides when cooking. It's probably too much. I like having more than I need. 5. I like the modular approach to this unit. The base unit alone is a bargain compared to the smaller table-top units that are more expensive for camping. The quality is there, and the K.I.S.S. principle is alive and well in the design. 6. The kind of camping you do has an impact. I plan on camping in a car/tent for most of the time. I intend to cook a lot while out there. The brand and this unit should be called Camp Chef. 7. I like designs where form follows function and then becomes art. That's how I see it. There are 8. The box for the Camp Chef was damaged when I got this unit. It was clear that it had been retaped. I was worried that I was getting someone else's return. I was happy to find that the unit had been opened to make sure it hadn't been damaged. There are 9. I didn't get the carry bag that was available. I will correct that mistake next week. This is something you will want to protect for a long time. I don't think it will last decades with just a little care. 10. The unit has no electric start. This isn't the unit for you if you have that. One less thing to eventually break or go wrong is what the K.I.S.S principle is about. I would prefer a lighter. You can have several just in case. 11. You only need the propane tank if you have the propane hose attached. There are 12. The legs and the car came with a bag to hold them, which was a nice surprise. It will help them not getting lost. I looked over all the table-top units by various manufacturers in order to buy one of them. All of them seemed to have some sort of problem. Either quality/longevity, or windscreen problems, or connector problems, or burner issues, or too hot with no adequate low setting. Something. I knew when I found this that it wasn't going to be less than I needed, and that I could grow with my expertise if I wanted to. I know it was the right decision after seeing it in person.

5. Eastman Outdoors Portable Adjustable Removable

Eastman Outdoors Portable Adjustable Removable

Double Wind Guard reduces the loss of heat from Breeze or A/C. To cook the heat range. Only Butane marked BF1010 can be used. The Revolution Burner is a clean-burning, fuel-saving burner that exceeds industry standards. Burns are hotter, cleaner and more efficient than other burners. CSA approved propane regulator and hose with burner safety shut off is the first safety first. The safe flow of pressure and gas is ensured. Pots can be up to 36 quarts and Woks can be up to 18 inches in diameter. The wok brackets support your pots. The legs can be adjusted from 18” for large pots to 26” for skillets and smaller pots. The legs are not attached. It is easy to use, just attach the legs and hook the hose up to a propane tank, and you are ready to go! Only for outdoor use.

Brand: Eastman Outdoors

👤Just purchased a jet. No other burner on the market could compete with this. I replaced the brackets with a wok ring to cook Chinese. I love it. You would never know when I used a wok burner in my video. It took me a long time to get that level. You can see what I mean by watching the video.

👤Some people try to use turkey fryer burners as a wok burner. It's not obvious that it doesn't take a lot of heat to keep them running. The companies that sell them have fewer injuries and lawsuits. If you are careful, this unit will do this if you are not careful. It gets a big wok very hot, very fast, and keeps it there. The controls work well. The whole thing cools off in 30 minutes or less. There's a piece of furniture on the floor that holds all the legs. You can keep it in a back yard storage closet and travel with it. It's sturdy and has the perfect footprint for a large wok. We've been using this wok for about three months now. The burner is used to cook a lot of Thai and Chinese food. I've seen people say that the wok is too big. The only mistake you can make with a wok is getting one that's too small. A bigger wok can cook the same amount as a small wok can. It is a bowl shape. No matter what you cook, it's going to be in the center. I use a large cast iron skillet instead of a griddle. Okonomiyaki! When we deep fry, I use a large pot with a base that fits just inside the prongs, a thermometer, and a wok. There is a The most notable benefit of wok cooking outside is that you don't have to worry about grease going onto every surface of your kitchen - and the associated smells. It's nice when your house doesn't smell like garlic, fish sauce and Thai chilis when you wake up in the morning, because food cooked in a wok smells great and tastes better than low temp wok cooking. :

👤Solid construction, steady stance. The frame will last a long time, it burns extremely hot, and I use it with a 14" carbon steel wok to stir fry leafy greens.

👤The box was opened tonight and the wok was assembled. It is easy to assemble. After I cook a few things, I will update the review. There is a The controller goes from a low heat to a raging fire at the Propane tank. It doesn't jump from low to high heat. There is a The stand is perfect for a 14-Inch wok. I added a Wok ring to use as a wind screen. There is an update for 3 months of use. It works and cooks well. A small propane tank lasts a long time. I used up 20% of the tank after filling it in December. I've made the most amazing Thai and Chinese meals. The rust is getting out of control. I would recommend storing it in a covered garage or indoors. I took apart the burner to remove the rust on the inside and it works better now. There is an update (9-2021). The components are getting older. I keep it under a patio. The flame isn't as perfect as it used to be, but it still performs well. There were no problems after a year of regular use. If possible, store indoors. has great recipes and stir fry techniques.

6. Creative Co Op DA7522 Paulownia Pedestal

Creative Co Op DA7522 Paulownia Pedestal

It's perfect for use as an herb garden or balcony planter. Paulownia wood construction. Each one is made from natural materials and will change over time. For decorative purposes only.

Brand: Creative Co-op

👤Don't bother with it. I read the reviews before I bought, so I was hoping at least 2 would look good. I was prepared to hot glue the bark on because I had read that it would come off in transit. I was very disappointed that there was no bark in the packaging to attempt to glue it back on. These are cheap. You get what you pay for. A quality product can be obtained if you spend a little more money. This isn't it.

👤I decided to buy it online after seeing it in a shop, but the one they had on display was not good. The one I received has two stripped screws and one of the legs is not stable. The legs are not in shape. The legs had to be straightened with pliers and filled with wood filler. The stand in the store and the one I received were poorly constructed. Save your money!

👤The item was packaged nicely and arrived quickly. The screws for the legs were a little loose but were easy to fix on my own. I bought it for a 8 in bundt cake and it was not big enough to fit it. I removed the legs and put them on a different piece of wood that would fit the cake. I plan on using the original as a decor item on my nightstand. The product is very simple and cute. There is a * I have a revised cake stand.

👤It was broken when it arrived. Even if it wasn't broke. I would have been disappointed. The little wire legs are so flimsy that I don't think they would hold a layer cake. The piece of wood is pretty, but not worth what I paid for it. I will add my own decorative feet to keep it, this took forever to arrive. I will have to buy it at the hardware store. There is no option to submit a photo.

👤This is a piece of wood that is over an inch wide and is sitting on three metal legs. I did not have to tighten the screws. I get my plants off the ground by holding them well. I don't know how well sealed it is from water, but there have been no spills into the wood. I have a 12 pound clay pot and plant.

👤I like this stand. I wanted to put a vase with flowers on it. One of the legs was hanging off and I had to tighten it. There is no big deal. I was expecting it to be a bit more round than it is, as well as a bit darker in color. I like it even though it is a lot lighter than the picture. I kept it. I almost feel like this product should be cheaper than it is.

👤When I received the item, they bent the black legs flat and the screws wouldn't stay in, I tried to bend them back out, but the black paint started chipping off and the screws wouldn't stay in. Very disappointed. The bark edge is so light it looks like it is not bark.

7. Stainless Propane Burner Cuisine Cookwares®

Stainless Propane Burner Cuisine Cookwares%C2%AE

Fuel powered is the power source type. The 22" diameter Concave Comal is ideal for all cooking purposes. It is made from a high grade of steel. It has a flat surface for outside use. A Heavy Duty Metal Stand 27" Heigh is included. Heavy Duty Made Cast Iron Camping Stove is used in thePortable Propane Gas Burner 13" outdoor Stove Tailgating Super Jumbo with Electric Igniter. The stand is made of heavy duty Cast Iron and has a 27" heigh. The product measures 30" Heigh x 25" Wide with handles and stands 27"

Brand: M.d.s Cuisine Cookwares

👤The flame is very low. I had to raise the burner even higher to the comal by adjusting it as high as it would go, and then placing some spacers under the burner. I tried deep frying some carnitas and they turned out great. The comal will be hotter if I add another spacer.

👤It came a lot sooner than expected. I recommend this to everyone. Everyone wants a get together and it works great. Hurry up and get yours.

👤The product was very bad. There were no screws to set it up. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I should have read the review before buying it. I've never seen a propane gas with a screw on clamps. I had to modify it by soldering an extra piece. It works great now.

👤The stand was terrible. I had to buy a heavy duty one from Home Depot because the cheap one I had did not work at all. I've never seen a propane cook with a hose in place of a pressure hose. It's scary! The comal disc pan is awesome.

👤I believe that this is a good quality product, but the top piece of the burner doesn't fit on the base, so we had to rig it so it wouldn't fall off, I recommend buying this product.

👤Comal is damaged on one corner. This won't fit in a standard propane tank. You have to buy an additional one. The 30000 BTU regulator is not useful. It doesn't provide enough heat to get a good sear. I needed a different regulator. The stand is nice. It's easy to set up. It's not bad if you're willing to add more to get it right.

👤You can get better ones for less. The burner is too far from the pan. You can't get the heat where you need it because you waste tons of propane. It's Pathetic.

👤I like this. I had to buy a Gas connection conversion.

8. Texsport Heavy Duty Camp Grill

Texsport Heavy Duty Camp Grill

It's easier to grill outdoors with a Sturdy cooking accessory. The grilling surface is 16-by-12-inch. It is made of heavy-duty welded steel. It's designed for cooking over a fire. The legs fold up for easy storage.

Brand: Texsport

👤A sizzling porterhouse smells great. Irish Butter is used to saute onions, mushrooms, and baby red potatoes. There is a I wouldn't know because it smells like burning paint. There is a It is well built. This damned thing is coated with a layer of epoxy, and I would probably stand on it, but normally I just cook off whatever is left stuck to the grill. I think it's my fault. I thought it was cast iron. There is a My hope is that eventually the remnants will burn away and leave a useful grilling surface.

👤My wife bought this for a camping trip. I put the grate on the fire upside down to burn off anything that was dripping off during the first use, after reading reviews about the paint/oil dripping off during the first use. After it cooled, the grill went back to normal. The grill was used for the next 3 days. No complaints at all! Held up and was strong, no melting as in some other reviews. I would buy this again. There is a If you cook over a fire ring, it's worth finding some rocks or cinder blocks to raise the grill's height. I suppose you could build a small fire and this wouldn't be an issue, but we have the extra large grill and it needed a larger fire, also had we not brought the blocks it would have actually sat on fire ring. This is an easy fix, but something to consider. The grill is in use in the kitchen, but the other is in the picture.

👤We knew what to expect after reading the reviews. The fire charred off the paint. What do you expect when you paint steel? It was stupid of Texsport to paint it. Most of the complaints about the grate are about the paint coming off, so they don't need to paint it. There is no purpose for it. After being over the fire for a long time, the grate warps a little bit. We fixed it by putting it upside down on the ground. The two problems are just so others know what to expect. We would have liked to have bought a bigger size. Some of the campsites in Wisconsin have round fire pits.

👤It works as expected, 5 stars. It's easy to set up over your fire for cooking and can serve as a handy "table" for gear around your campsite. The 16'' x 12'' version folds to about an inch thick for storage, it's nicely fit in my gear bag, and it doesn't have any sharp edges that could damage you or your equipment. The grill is strong enough to hold cast iron and has plenty of space for multiple items. We're very pleased with the purchase. The legs can require adjusting when placing over a hot fire. We used this grill for coffee and cooking in pans on our last trip and it worked perfectly. We'll use it like a regular grill with meat on the grate, but first season it with oil/fat like cast iron. Some users have uploaded pictures showing the grill directly over the middle of the fire, while others have placed theirs on the edge to avoid flame and flare ups.

9. King Kooker 24WC Heavy Duty Portable

King Kooker 24WC Heavy Duty Portable

Techwood has an excellent 18-month warranty and friendly customer service, they will be online all the time to help you. US Product Liability Insurance protects Techwood products. The instruction manual has more information. The sport type is camping and hiking. The country of origin is the United States. The package weight is 10 lbs. The product is called outdoor living. A portable cooker with a frame. A ring for secure placement of a wok. CSA-certified cast burner with type-1 connection.

Brand: King Kooker

👤Despite all of the negative reviews, there are some things that are difficult to remove. I decided to buy the wok because I would modify it if I didn't. The first day was cleaning the wok. There is a The wok is covered with the sticky, clear, and clear resin. It can be easily removed using liquid dish soap according to the directions. I can confidently say that dish soap won't remove the resin from the floor. The easiest way to get rid of the wok is by using a torch. A good amount of dish soap into the wok, but then poor in the amount of vegetable oil. The mixture comes off when you scrub it. The solution will turn black and you will be able to feel the bare metal underneath. I washed the wok with dish soap, towel dried, and continued with the instructions to season the wok in the oven at 400 degrees. The oven was smoking for a while. I had to open all of the doors. Looks like I'm sailing well. I have a 4Star for now. I'll update the review when I'm done with this product.

👤I paid $50 for a setup. The burner is great for wok'ing. The kit is easy to assemble. Make sure to put the big ring on top of the wok. After using the big ring on the bottom, I had to redo mine. Don't have too high of expectations for $50. Most indoor gas ranges are too anemic in terms of gas flow and BTU's to achieve an acceptable stir-fry. I would like to see the burner shield and the bottom of the wok covered so that there is no wind when cooking outdoors. I might add a secondary wind screen here. The actual wok... It is made from mild steel. Don't cook on this bad boy. If you have to, you can scrub the parafin with hot soapy water, then fire the burner up, and heat the first round without oil. As you work the wok, the steel will oxidize. Once it has a uniform color, kill the heat and let the wok cool down a bit. Then coat inside and outside with peanut oil. You will get a shiny black wok that is non-stick and won't rust if you smoke it. My first use with a wok was non-stick. The 4-stars is justified. Don't use it indoors.

👤The wok hei is better with this method. It definitely takes getting used to the level of heat available. I was seasoning a steak and it was over 900F. I put the wok on the burner and burned it off instead of trying to remove the protective coating. I used a bit of extra oil when cooking because I didn't have time to build up a seasoning in the oven. It has been great so far. It's a bit short and you have to hunch over when cooking. Everything cooks quickly so it's not a dealbreaker.

👤I hate Chinese and Thai places that have taken my money for years. I was afraid of the power of this thing. It gets very hot smoking. To get your ingredients in the order you need, you need to arrange them in a clock. It is manageable and could even run hotter with food in it. The perfectly cooked chicken stir fry was on the table. The first venture was amazing, but I was afraid it wouldn't be very good. I watched a lot of wok seasoning videos. I settled on the method where you scrub off the junk before you use it. I used hot water, soap, and a scrubber. I dried it with a towel and it was already brown. I put it on the heat quickly. I began in the middle. It turned black and then blue. The whole thing was blue after I rotated it around. There is a I put a piece of paper towel in the tongs and coat it with oil. I wiped it lightly while heating it up. The paper towel had to be replaced. I was pretty happy with the result after repeating the process many times. The food was amazing and not a single thing stuck on the first cooking attempt. There is a We spend a lot on Chinese or Indian take out. Get one. Smoke. Save money.

10. Cleaver Kitchen Leather Outdoor Hammered

Cleaver Kitchen Leather Outdoor Hammered

It is easy to clean. The set is dishwasher safe and easy to clean, however hand washing is recommended to extend product life. The chef knife is made of high carbon steel and has a hard surface of 58HRC. Due to the high content of carbon, please keep the knife clean and dry. The curved design of the red sandalwood handle is great for holding your hand to. RAZOR SHARP BLADE -- The 16 degree edge on each side makes the blade ultra sharp, and helps you cut smoothly with ease. The blade can't fall easily because of the seamless Full-Tang design. The blade has a unique 45 degree top and has passed multi-channel processes for fine grinding. The leather sheath is unique. The cleaver knife has a soft leather sheath. You can put on a belt for easy carrying when camping outdoors. It is an excellent gift for your lovers, parents, friends who are cooking, and it is made of leather. It is possible to do multi-PURPOSE. The professional 6.3-inch meat cleaver is a multi-function kitchen knife. The sharp knife can be used for many activities. The butcher knife can perform many kitchen tasks, such as slicing meat, chopping vegetables, and deboning lamb. It is your practical assistant no matter where you are. All of their knives are guaranteed to pass strict quality control. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Ensuring that their customers are always satisfied with their products and service is their goal.

Brand: Freelander

👤This is not a piece of steel. It needs to be washed and dried. I have a rule. It gets kicked off the island if it can't go through my dishwasher. I did not regret making exception this time. There is a This knife was sharp. I expected to finish it myself. It was very sharp. The handle is made of wood. I like to play with knives so I took some fine sandpaper and polished it. The fit and finish was good. This is a thirty dollar knife. It's easy to sharpen and dull. If you use the knife a lot, it will be sharper. I ordered three of the other designs as gifts after buying one of the designs. The leather scabbards are of good quality.

👤I needed a small knife that could chop through small animal bones and twigs to cook with, so I could baton with it. This is not a knife. There is a Good size, heavy weight, and thick blade. The blade sharpness is not good. When I received the onion, it just mashed it, not sharp. The handle rattled while I tried to chop through chicken wing bones. Imagine trying to use it. Quality of build and material quality is poor, but design is thought of well. If this knife is the same as it promises, I hope someone makes a better version.

👤I've had this for a while. I'm not a survivalist. Not a 4 star chef. I'm a guy who watches Forged in Fire and has learned a few things. I buy a lot of meat from the store and steaks it up to Dave for a small fee. Pick up a box of tips for the grill. Every so often, the chicken is cut up. This is what I needed. This thing is very large. Take out the box. If you don't respect it, you will be cut. Holds an edge well. There is a The handle is for a young child. I wear a glove. The daughter left it in the sink. The black was fading and showing signs of oxidation. There is a I'm happy with it. It's easy to peel silver skin with rib tips. I want my brother and cousin here.

👤I bought this for my brother and he stuck it in a piece of wood.

👤The knife has a thick blade. It is razor sharp, so watch your fingers. This knife is great for slicing and dicing and will satisfy your food desires.

👤Don't put it in the dishwasher or let it air dry, it's not a STAINLESS item. It's not a big deal to wash it, dry it, and coat it lightly with food grade mineral oil. The knife is much sharper than I expected. It's frightening. I keep my knives sharp. The knife feels like it would cut through leather without slowing down, and it doesn't feel cheap.

👤I didn't expect much from this knife. I've been using it for a while now. When I use a wood cutting block, I rinse it with mild detergent, dry it and then oil it. Any knife needs proper care. The edge retention is amazing at this price range, this knife has yet to be sharpened or even hone by me. The build quality is great, it's as tight as the day I received it. It seems a bit heavy on the tip of the blade. Who would have thought that a knife under the $30 price mark would have perfect balance? It's still comfortable. You'll most likely be happy with the purchase if you buy the knife, take care of it, and use it for a long time.

11. Creative Co Op DA6897 Pedestal Handle

Creative Co Op DA6897 Pedestal Handle

The legs fold up for easy storage. It's ideal for plants or other decorative objects. There are 9. The x 4 is 5 liters. 75"W x 4. 75"H Clean with a dry cloth.

Brand: Creative Co-op

👤Very disappointed. I added a photo to show the size as compared to a Rae Dunn mug, because I knew this was small. The piece is rustic, but the rough carvings in the wood make it look like I picked it out of the garbage. A little rough adds character, but this is way too much. I will return it. Not worth the price I paid.

👤I like this little stand. I was looking for something to put my spices on, but found this. I put a planter on it because it was too small to hold more than one thing. It had a cute look. There is a I paid 14 for it. The price went up to $26 after I received it. It is a great deal. For $26, it's not much. I would wait to buy it until it is cheaper, I am not sure if the prices fluctuate frequently.

👤This stool is adorable. The dimensions are so small that I should have read them. I thought I could use it as a side table for a couch that is lower to the ground. When I opened the box, I laughed.

👤I was a little nervous to purchase because of the reviews that claimed the product was low quality and I wasn't sure about the dimensions. It is a great product. It is as pictured: attractive, lightweight and sturdy. I am using it as a plant stand. I would purchase again. The round stand is about 6” in diameter.

👤I needed a stand for my counter plant.

👤I should have paid more attention to the dimensions when I ordered this because it was too small for my plant. It was too expensive to keep for that purpose, and it was a better size for a candle pedestal. I was able to find something similar for $5. I intended to use the plant for a stool, candle and similar stand.

👤I knew it was cute before I saw it. I didn't know how perfect it was. It is cute because of its size, but it is also very well made. Quality wood is not cheap. It looks old but not in a bad way. I think it can be used with any decor style, I have several ideas as to how I'm going to use it. I have a piece that blends in perfectly with my style of mostly Scandinavian and mid century modern. Interior design is a very personal thing as it really reflects the person living in the home. If you like it, it's organized and functional, and not cluttered, which is good. Do what you like and add this piece as you please. It is bound to catch people's attention. I've seen similar stools and pedastaIs for 3x the price. I feel like this was a steal. I highly recommend!

👤I think it's unique because it has several flaws. The wood looks vintage because of the weathering. I love it!

👤I am very disappointed with this product. Someone put together some wood. The nails are very light. It looks and feels cheap. I will return this.


What is the best product for cooking disco with legs?

Cooking disco with legs products from Kootek. In this article about cooking disco with legs you can see why people choose the product. Eastman Outdoors and Adventure Seeka are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking disco with legs.

What are the best brands for cooking disco with legs?

Kootek, Eastman Outdoors and Adventure Seeka are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking disco with legs. Find the detail in this article. Camp Chef, Creative Co-op and M.d.s Cuisine Cookwares are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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