Best Cooking Disco with Burner Set

Disco 8 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Camp Chef EX60LW Explorer Outdoor

Camp Chef EX60LW Explorer Outdoor

A limited warranty for one year. The hose and regulator are included. The legs and wind screen are made of steel. It is compatible with most 14 in. Camp Chef accessories. There are two 30,000 BTUs/Hr. The burners are cast-aluminum. Appliance-style temperature controls. The propane tank is not included.

Brand: Camp Chef

👤This grill was bought to use in camping. I decided to use it in my home grilling system. I bought a pizza oven and made a BBQ island to fit it. Buying more accessories over the next year works well.

👤The best cooking appliance I have ever purchased. I live on a farm and can't find an indoor propane range, so I bought a camp chef with a professional griddle. It puts out a lot of heat. I was able to get the griddle to over 500 degrees in 10 minutes. The only problem is that it is short. I made my own leg extensions, using 1/3 inch PVC and caps, because I didn't want to buy expensive ones. The cost of the material was $1.29 for 10 feet, 4 caps were 30 cents each and glue was $2. I left 7 inches out of the end of the eat piece for a total height of 36 inches. I used 1/2 inch sheet meal screws because there were already 2 holes in each leg. The leg extensions make it sturdy.

👤I received this item and have not used it yet. I'll update later if it's less than 5 stars. 1. This thing is large. I thought it was smaller. It's the same size as a standard house stove. You should know what you're getting. 2. The burners are large. It's listed at 30k BTU because it means business. 3. If I can figure out how to get the pics off my phone, I'll show you. You will need a large table. Think of a picnic table as large. The camp tables are not adequate. There's not much need since the legs are sturdy. It will sit on a table. 4. I also bought a griddle for it. It's a perfect fit for this unit. I want to buy a second one so I can use both sides when cooking. It's probably too much. I like having more than I need. 5. I like the modular approach to this unit. The base unit alone is a bargain compared to the smaller table-top units that are more expensive for camping. The quality is there, and the K.I.S.S. principle is alive and well in the design. 6. The kind of camping you do has an impact. I plan on camping in a car/tent for most of the time. I intend to cook a lot while out there. The brand and this unit should be called Camp Chef. 7. I like designs where form follows function and then becomes art. That's how I see it. There are 8. The box for the Camp Chef was damaged when I got this unit. It was clear that it had been retaped. I was worried that I was getting someone else's return. I was happy to find that the unit had been opened to make sure it hadn't been damaged. There are 9. I didn't get the carry bag that was available. I will correct that mistake next week. This is something you will want to protect for a long time. I don't think it will last decades with just a little care. 10. The unit has no electric start. This isn't the unit for you if you have that. One less thing to eventually break or go wrong is what the K.I.S.S principle is about. I would prefer a lighter. You can have several just in case. 11. You only need the propane tank if you have the propane hose attached. There are 12. The legs and the car came with a bag to hold them, which was a nice surprise. It will help them not getting lost. I looked over all the table-top units by various manufacturers in order to buy one of them. All of them seemed to have some sort of problem. Either quality/longevity, or windscreen problems, or connector problems, or burner issues, or too hot with no adequate low setting. Something. I knew when I found this that it wasn't going to be less than I needed, and that I could grow with my expertise if I wanted to. I know it was the right decision after seeing it in person.

2. GasOne Propane Burner Pressure Regulator

GasOne Propane Burner Pressure Regulator

It's easy to control and clean. Simply turn the control knob to the desired position, it will keep the temperature constant until the setting is changed. When cool, wipe with a clean cloth. The package has a booklet for instructions. The included items are the burner head, Orifice, air controller, and high pressure regulators. The brass fitting orfice block has an air shutter and spring. Cast Iron has a high heat tolerance. It can produce up to 200, 000 with the 0-20 PSI Regulator. There is a percentage of BTU. Product dimensions are 10in. x 15 in.

Brand: Gasone

👤I built a smoker that could not keep the temperature constant. The product solved my temperature issues after I installed it. I use propane as the main source of heat and wood for smoke and flavor.

👤The cast iron burners do a number on salt water. It's great to be able to replace the burner. Have had no issues with the flame adjusts. These burners are quiet and efficient. I will buy many of them if I can get them.

👤I changed my grill to gas. It was able to reach 800 degrees in 6 minutes while testing. It is very easy to set ideal temperature. I bought a 20 psi regulator for it. It seems effective and efficient.

👤The incomplete seal was the first thing that caught my attention when I opened it. It seems the bolt got stuck and pushed the metal apart, I understand that things happen, but I don't think there's any quality to it. This should not have been sent.

👤Most burner holders don't fit this product. If you have a metal stand, this may not fit. It wasn't for me.

👤It's easy to install. It works as expected. There is a void on the outside of the burner, but it doesn't go all the way through.

👤This is the second time this burner has been tried. The first burner stripped the threads. This replacement was only used three times. Never close to high output. There is a church fish fry.

👤Work well. A lot of heat is put out.

👤I haven't been able to use the burner yet, but it looks ok. It doesn't fit my burner stand in any way and that's not the seller's fault. There is no mention in the description that this has a gas connection, so you'll need to buy an adaptor to use it on UK propane cylinders. I ordered one from Amazon and it never arrived, so I can't use it. If you trust China based Ebayers with 70% feedback, you're fine. I have found a UK supplier and the price is $18. There is a The item was very badly damaged when it reached me due to not having any packaging material. I was surprised that the burner reached me in one piece, it was just rattling around in a flimsy cardboard box with the burner in a plastic bag. There is a I don't know if the burner looks good, but I will find out once I get it connected.

👤J'avais besoin, trs performant et efficace. There is a Merci.

👤It works great. Can boil cooking oil.

👤Posteriormente, hay instalarlo y probar su funcin. Muy amable.

👤Tiene una potencia excelente, para el uso.

3. Hiware Stainless Spider Strainer Skimmer

Hiware Stainless Spider Strainer Skimmer

All the major rotisseries like the George Foremans, Hamilton Beach, Ronco, and so on. The heat resistance and resilience is there. The strainer is made of premium food grade 18/8stainless steel which is heat resistant and sturdy, and the material is much safer and more durable than plastic or other materials in the market. DIMENSIONS The bowl has a diameter of 5.4 inches and a depth of 1.6 inches, which makes it perfect for French fries, doughnuts, boiled eggs, hotpot, seafood, chicken soup. The long handle protects you from oil splashing and burning when cooking. The crafted attachment between the handle is stronger and lighter than a solid handle. There is a double canister of oil. The strainer has a unique design. It is faster than a fine mesh strainer, retains the temperature but leaves little oil or water, no more need to endure high temperature, improving efficiency by quick and massive frying and cooking. It's easy to use, store and clean. The utensil is non-stick and doesn't cause any problems. The hanging hole at the end makes it convenient to store and use, so that your kitchen is not cluttered. It is dishwasher safe.

Brand: Hiware

👤I have been without a hand held strainer for many years. I cook a lncolb boil (sausage, potatoes, corn, shrimp and seafood seasoning) once or twice a month and the pot is huge and heavy. Once the shrimp is done, it needs to be strained quickly. I struggle to get the pot poured over the strainer in my sink. I saw someone using a handheld device on a cooking show and ordered it immediately. I now have a quick and easy way to strain this dish after watching the video. It's easy to handle and holds a large amount. I have run it in the dishwasher a few times. Great purchase!

👤I am not disappointed in the least. Under normal use, this will last forever.

👤The product is flimsy metal shipped in a bag, part of the bag had ripped and could be seen through and after opening found the handle bent. This is a definite skip because of the poor quality shipping.

👤After years of cooking, I just recently found out about the "spider strainer". I put it to the test and it worked perfectly, the food came out light and crisp. I will only use this strainer from now on.

👤The strainer works as advertised. It's a good strainer. There is a The handle gets very hot if you are not careful. I burned my hand when I picked up the strainer and it was sitting next to the stove. I would buy a strainer with an insulated handle if I could do it again.

👤I wanted to remove Coconut Beer-battered Shrimp from the hot oil. The inside of my hand, fingers, and palm were burned when I used this item to scoop the food out. The handle should have a barrier between the metal and the skin. My burns are still not healed 3 weeks later.

👤I bought this for my niece. She said it's sturdy and well made. She sent me a picture of it and it looked exactly like the picture on Amazon. I've ordered another one for her. This is a great way to get Spaetzle out of the boiling water so they can squeeze in the next batches of dough.

👤I looked for reviews on to help me with my purchase decision, as I needed something to make retrieving food from stir fried meals or pan fried food easier. I have given this spider a test and found it to be well constructed, and everything about it says quality and great construction. Customer service inquires about my initial experience with their product, as they request my initial experience with their product. I think that this will bode well for great customer service, similar to my experience with Instant Pot. I couldn't find the electrical connection out of the box. They are giving me one for free. I told them that great customer service is more important than a great product. I think the company has the same mentality.

👤It looks good, well made, nice weight, and aesthetically pleasing.

4. King Kooker WKAF1B Pressure Orifice

King Kooker WKAF1B Pressure Orifice

I designed this resting rack set to help you and I grill the perfect steak. If you don't like it, let me know and I'll give you a full refund. A high pressure burner. It was made of high quality materials. Before use, read all instructions.

Brand: King Kooker

👤The pressed sheet metal bruner that I used to replace was from Cabela's. The King Kooker is the same burner as the Bass Pro and Cabela's. The King Kooker gives me a nice blue flame for all heat levels, can dial in the flame to maintain the heat/temp just where I want it, and no sooty mess on the pot. If you have trouble getting a nice blue flame from the pressed sheet metal bruner that comes with your cooker, this King KookerAF1B is the perfect upgrade.

👤It was very difficult with gas pressure. The change in tank temperature is enough to change the flame. I can't get it to burn clean if I don't put some yellow on the tips, so it soots up my pots over time

👤The burner works just like you would expect, with great heat output and an air intake that can be adjusted to get the burner flame nice, blue and hot. The burner that came with my cooker was pathetic. The air made no adjustment to the aluminum intake burner, which produced weak orange flames. The burner is perfect.

👤I've used this for at least 12 different cooks since I bought it in the spring of 2019. It was easy to install to replace the burner in my burner stand. This burner can handle a wide range of heating, which is something I have experienced with both full size propane tanks and 1lb Coleman tanks. I've used it on camping trips to bake biscuits in the fridge, which requires very low heat to cook, and high heat to cook lake trout. The feature of the air inlet is nice, but I haven't found that I need to use it a lot.

👤The quality of this product is great. It works perfectly, and now we're cooking deep fried fish, chicken, and oysters, just like the restaurants do. There is a We were up and cooking in a matter of minutes, thanks to the burner. Highly recommend.

👤I have 20 of them in total, and have ordered them on 6 different occasions. The air adjustment does not seem to change anything, as it seems that 2 or 3 of them do not burn as cleanly. When they don't burn, the yellow tips on the flame will leave soot on the bottom of your pot. They are not sure what to do to make them perform differently.

👤The flame is spread evenly across the head. I bought a small deep fryer at Walmart and it left me with a thick layer of soot. I found my way after I learned about the sacred blue flame.

👤I had been looking for a replacement burner for my cooker. I hadn't been able to use the old one in a long time. The brass nozzle and air restrictor plate was the reason I ordered this one. I found others that didn't include these and would have been an additional $10-15. Shipping was fast. It works great after being installed in a couple of minutes. There is a When not in use, I will move this one out of the rain. Great purchase. Highly recommended.

5. Outdoor Propane Adjustable 0 20PSI Regulator

Outdoor Propane Adjustable 0 20PSI Regulator

The propane tank is not included. The portable cast iron one burner camp stove is sturdy and good for projects. The heat output is high with the power with Control. Heavy Duty is perfect for camping, fishing, outdoor cooking, and emergency preparation. It is advisable to use tools in order to tighten the o-ring on the safety- heat adjustable regulator, as it is possible to tighten by hand. Steel braided hose is included to use with the propane tank.

Brand: Gasone

👤Where do I start? Poor design and packaging. It stinks to high heaven when it is on. Not usable, no heat control. I researched gas outdoor burners before buying this to do home brew. The first and second one I ordered were returned due to a defect. I thought the third one worked. I kept it. There is a problem with the wind/heat shield around the burner. Regulator is garbage. It is either full bore or off. Forget about temp control. I tried to use this product to the point of insanity. I returned it outside my window. And so angry. I gave it away. I bought a Hellfire. There was no comparison between the two. You can spend the extra 50.00 on a Blichmann. You will say thank you later. I know I would have liked to have.

👤It works great with my Winco wok. There is a There is plenty of heat when you need it. There is a I use it with the lodge skillet.

👤The burner I received was not worth anything. I didn't have a chance to inspect it until today because it arrived the day before Thanksgiving. The fuel mixture adjustment plate on the gas intake was not used. The fuel mixture would not ignite because it was too lean. I had to use aluminum tape to restrict the air intake to get through Thanksgiving and the turkey frying process. The burner performed well and the improvisation worked well. The assembly is very sturdy, and the burner and intake are made of solid aluminum, so it gets a few stars for being durable. It only gets one star because of the lousy quality at the factory and the time I'll have to spend to get it back to Amazon.

👤I was excited to use it after purchasing it. The burner was rocking back and forth after I got it out of the box. It's very dangerous for this to not be sturdy, especially when you have a big pot of oil on it. One leg was bent in. There was no damage to the box. Amazon replaced it quickly. There is a The second one was level. The casting job on the burner was poor. They want top dollar for this 5 dollar casting job. 20% of the burner holes were not working. Some were not present. Some were damaged. I returned both of them. If the burner was 50 dollars, it would be acceptable. This is not acceptable when the burner is 100.

👤I had a turkey fryer. I had to replace it with a new one. I got a model from Lowe's in time for Thanksgiving. It took over an hour to cook because it barely got up to temperature, and because of the restrictions and safety measures on it. It went to the store. I was on the hunt for the perfect fryer to cook Christmas dinner in. This led me to this fryer and it did not fail! The burner size is massive and it looks intimidating. It took 15 minutes for my oil to reach 400 degrees. I put the turkey in the hot oil and then lowered the flame to 300 degrees. The blue flame with yellow tips was possible because of the air adjustment. The temp went back up to 350-degrees to continue cooking the bird and required minimal adjustments to maintain it for the duration of the cook. It may be a little too much if you are on the fence for this as a turkey fryer. I would rather have to adjust the temp down rather than have to chase the temp up in order to not ruin family dinners. Don't hesitate, buy this item!

6. Windscreen Pressure Adjustable Regulator Removable

Windscreen Pressure Adjustable Regulator Removable

Steel braided hose is included to use with the propane tank. Gas One has a double burner that provides extreme heat for various cooking scenarios. This burner is great for those looking for a little more range in their heat. The B-5000WS shows the needed combination of power and control. The Double Burner has a rugged body and is easy to carry. The B-5000WS has an adjusted high pressure 0-5 PSI steel braided regulator that allows for a secure source of gas flow. The heat density is consequential. The portable burner has two heat dials that can be used to control each flame. You can adjust the burner flame to meet your needs. The Double Burner Regulator ensures a safe cooking experience by monitoring the propane gas flow and preventing further leak when internal or external issues are detected.

Brand: Gasone

👤Quality control is bad. I'm surprised there isn't a review that talks about these issues. I noticed a chip on the front edge when I opened it. After taking it out of the box, he noticed a lot of chips. I put it back in the box. A replacement arrived today. This one might be worse. One of the areas is already rusting. I am working with Amazon. I hope I get to try this out and comment on it's performance, but I'm worried that it's going to rust on me quickly in south Florida. If I want to keep one of these, I'll need to spend more on a cover and a good coating of spray paint. It's terrible to have to do all this on a new product.

👤There is no reason to dislike this stove. We needed a stove that could handle large pressure canning equipment. The stove clicked all the boxes.

👤I like it. It's well built. I connected my propane tank and fired it up. Nice flames! The cast iron burners seem to last a long time. The only thing you should be aware of is that the legs are a tad short. A short person would be fine. I'm a few inches shy of 6ft. It is a tad low. Not a dealbreaker. I've read that leg extenders work well for them. Get the carry bag for it. It does not come with a bag.

👤Will not leave. The temperature controls are terrible. It's a waste of money. You are screwed if there is a breeze.

👤The burner has a great heat output. It sounds like a flamethrower on medium heat. The fire is very reliable even on very windy days when it is set on the lowest heat setting. The ease of cleaning was something I disliked. It gets greasy fast if not cleaned after each use.

👤I would like to get the item back.

👤The build quality is better than my "Loco Turkey Fryer" that was junk after a year.

👤This gas is only used for barbeques, because it is not stable and has no cover.

👤excelente equipo tienen un equipo.

7. Creole Feast SBK0801 Strainer Regulator

Creole Feast SBK0801 Strainer Regulator

The product measures 30" Heigh x 25" Wide with handles and stands 27" This appliance is not used to cook turkey. Everything from seafood to vegetables can beboiled. The boiler can cook up to 45 lbs. Of seafood. At a time with 80 quarts. The pot should be boiled down to 60 quarts. Averagely, a basket of dedicated capacity in 30 minutes. A high-powered burner. A single powerful jet burner can heat up a lot of seafood in a short period of time. Reliable spark ignition system uses an electronic ignitor at the bottom of the panel to prevent high heat for long-time use. Easy-to-drain design: Hang the basket with the slots open and make it rest in place for easy water draining and hassle-free cleaning. The hooks can hold the basket.

Brand: Creole Feast

👤These are a little frightening for the first time. It is a propane jet. It's a good thing. If it is bright out it is hard to see the flame color which is important. I used matches to make my electronic lighter scary. There is a I made a full on Cajun feast in about 8 hours. Mostly for the peanuts. I will use it many more times because it was delicious and amazing. The stand and pot are of high quality. Those are the most important parts according to reviews of similar items. The first try would not work because the electronic ignition was lost.

👤It's easy to assemble. Assembly instructions refer to the parts already assembled. You could do it without the instructions. You need a screwdriver and wrench for assembly. A propane tank and aAAA battery are not included. I was heating water immediately after assembling by one person. The 80 quart model is easy to clean. The pot, strainer and lid are the only parts that need to be cleaned. We added potatoes, onions, creole seasoning, and 25 pounds of shrimp to a shrimp boil. It turned out to be amazing.

👤I enjoy cooking creole dishes and this will allow me to remember to feed and share with our neighbors and people who just need a meal like our Ancestors used to do.

👤It worked out well. It was big enough for 25 people. I was able to serve on time because I came back to boil faster than expected.

👤Good price. You can cook a lot of food in it.

👤The equipment went together well and was easy to use. The auto ignition didn't start. I use a flame lighter. It has been a great purchase and I wish they had more cooking suggestions.

👤It was difficult to put the base together, but not impossible. The directions were clear. It is a huge pot and a big success.

👤It's easy to assemble and heats up water quickly. I bought the 80qt. I didn't see the instructions for the size of the battery, but they should have printed them. It's great except for that.

8. Friendly Flame Firestarters Fireplace Certified

Friendly Flame Firestarters Fireplace Certified

The natural sweet aroma is not what makes it work. Apple Wood Chips for Smoking is included in Fruit Firewood for Cooking because you should finish off your dish with a sprinkle of Apple Wood Chips after grilling it for just the right amount of time. There is an extra long burn time. With 10 minutes of burn time, you have plenty of time to light your fire. You can get the Friendly Flame Eco Firestarter going with a lighter or match, and you will have a few minutes to burn. Whether you are camping, cooking, or backpacking, there are multiple use applications. They have you covered. Eco Firestarters are great for campfires, fireplaces, BBQs, charcoal grills, and outdoor pizza ovens. Adding a few firestarters to your survival kit will give you a little more peace of mind. The firestarters are water resistant and can even burn when wet. It is made from only mixed conifers from well-managed forests. They smell great and have no harmful chemicals. There is no need to worry about the lifespan of Eco Firestarters. They will work perfectly every time, even if you have had them for a long time.

Brand: Friendly Flame

👤It works great to start a charcoal chimney for the Weber grill or to start a smoking tube for my pellet grill. Highly recommend because of ease of use.

👤These were bought to help create a safe way to start fires. They work very well and are easy to use. I love using them and recommend them.

👤The pizza oven lit up quickly.

👤It was easy to start a fire in our solo stove with these. Really pleased.

👤Excellent product! It is simple to use. I don't smell or taste lighter fluid when I grill. Will buy again.

👤The outdoor firepit can be a challenge. It's hard to get going when it's smoky. Friendly Flame Eco Firestarters made it easier to do things. There's no smell, no smoke and it worked quickly. In the past I cheated with torch fluid, but now I don't have to. I will buy this product again.

👤The product works better than expected. It is so easy to use. You get a whole bag of starter and one that lights the fire. Great product!

9. ROMANTICIST Professional Griddle Accessories Gift

ROMANTICIST Professional Griddle Accessories Gift

Measures 36 by 24 by 34. 7 inches (LxWxH), 36 inches high with a back splash; assembles quickly and easily. The complete griddle set comes with 2 spatulas, flipper, scraper, chopper, and 2 bottles. Premium solid wood and high quality STAINLESS STEEL are upgraded to no more loose, no more crack, no more fade, and eco-friendly in the professional grade Griddle Tools. Curved or slanted edges make the griddle tools easier to use, and a solid wood handle resists heat and lasts longer. The perfect gift for anyone who likes grilling is the premium griddle, which is an ideal gift for anyone who likes cooking on a grill. Every grill accessory and tool they manufacture has a promise of quality and innovation. If you have a question, contact them.

Brand: Romanticist

👤My father in-law received it as a Christmas gift and I am sending it back. The photos show that the rivet on the chopper is broken, there is no match for the finish, the wood has rough spots that are poorly sanded, and the handle was finished without sanding. We will wait until after Christmas for a refund. I would not recommend this product. You can get better quality if you spend a few dollars more. We don't know if the rave reviews came from the product shown or not.

👤I received my items in the mail today and found one of the handles broke and the other was loose.

👤The handle of the big flat spatula breaks at the second rivet because the metal doesn't go all the way to the top of the handle.

👤I was not happy with the product despite the good reviews. The handles on some devices were a tad loose, as other reviewers have noted, but not enough to bother me. I washed and dried the spatulas and scrapper that I used for one cook on my griddle after I used one of the spatulas and the scrapper for another cook. They were covered in rust spots after being grabbed two days later. I was bothered by that... These are supposed to be made of steel. Light surface rust is not included. This is fairly deep rust, so I couldn't remove it with quick scrubbing. I think they are technically functional so I will give them 2 stars. I'm not buying that they are made of metal. We threw away the box so I can't return them now.

👤This stuff is not very good. The bottles had caps on them. The dishwasher won't survive an accidental run because the tools are wobbly in the handles. The wood handles became too rough after my spouse accidentally put them in the dishwasher. You can spend a little more of a buck and get some quality stuff. I should have returned it.

👤I thought it was a matching set. The 2 spatulas and one cutter are not the same color. The handle is not locked up. I think I should have paid more and gotten better quality. You get what you pay for.

👤I wanted a set with wood handles because I'll be using it on a hot griddle and all the "best options" have plastic handles. The set was sponsored and cheaper than the alternatives. I took a chance. I opened the box and the scraper fell out. The bottles look smashed despite not having package damage.

👤It is worth the money. The tools are strong. I've been using them for several weeks now on our flat top. Added bonus. If you hit the edge with another spatula, the large wide spatula will ring like a dinner bell. A great recommendation!

👤The wood on the handles seems to come off after use. The wood and steel are half way up between the wooden handles, so only 2 rivets hold the wood to the steel handle section. The wood handle on the straight edge scraper is loose and should have a third rivet in the middle of the other two. Will use until they break. They have a sharp edge. The steel parts look good. The wooden handles should be re-designed.

10. Concord Diameter Pressure Orifice Regulator

Concord Diameter Pressure Orifice Regulator

To only be used with propane. The high pressure head is a universal burner head. Heavy Duty Cast Iron is built. To Last. 3.5 LB. Stand Alone Support or Unit is Mountable comes with built in legs. The set includes a high pressure regulators hose. The size is 6 inches in diameter and 12.5 inches in length.

Brand: Concord

👤The electric heating element in my Hood broke a couple of weeks back when I walked in and found a smoker. I removed the mount and heating element, cut the handles off the pan, and added smoke pellets to the burner because I don't like the electric part. I need the burner's flame to be very high and very low for smoking meat. I went to my local hardware store to get copper fitting and extended connection to hose to prevent a possible melting of the fitting after reading a review that someone had melted the rubber hose fitting and almost had a fire.

👤I have had a burner on a dark star that I have used for years to brew beer, but it has been left out of the rain a lot. There is a I went to warm up the water. After a few minutes, I heard a change in the sound and saw flames coming out of the joint where the black rubbery hose meets the burner. I turned off the gas. After a few minutes, I turned it on again, low and used some soap and water to make sure there was no propane leaking from the hose joint. If the hose had continued to burn, I would have used a flamethrower and probably burned my house down, because I was standing close by. Do not buy this piece of rap music for the love of God.

👤It was used for a homemade turkey fryer. I welded up a stand, put it on bricks, and set a large stock pot on it with 4 gallons of oil and a candy thermometer. It worked great for my first attempt at turkey frying. I fried sweet tater fries, green tomatoes, green beans, and apple hand-pies after the turkey. 100% fried! It was easy to crank it up to get it back up to temperature after putting in the turkey because it was easy to control the heat. If you want to mount the ring more permanently, the cast part has threaded feet in the bottom.

👤It was perfect for my application. I needed a small pot to use with my Potjie pots, a pot that has three legs and is a large cast iron pot. There is a This fits under my kettle. Very happy with this!

👤I've determined that babysitting your smoker in the rain is not your thing, so I'm going to give this cast iron burner a try. I say cast iron because it's impervious. Put in the smoke box, put a cast iron pad with wood over the burner, light it, and go. I've been smoking with the rain falling on my smoker and it just keeps on cooking, with nice blue smoke coming out the chimney. The built in regulator is very sensitive, so if you turn it a hair it will cause your smoker a few degrees of pain. babysitting is reduced and you use less wood It works.

👤I love this burner. We serve steamed sea food and pizza's. Our outdoor fire place is in a windy area. This has been a great backyard fire pit. The regulated pressure valve is great. Air gas can be adjusted on the end of the burner. For the price, it can't beat it.

11. Concord Cookware CONCORD Burner Diameter

Concord Cookware CONCORD Burner Diameter

Their wok burners are made with customer safety and convenience in mind. They use the strongest and reliable materials to ensure lasting use. Let them know if you receive a broken jet burner. The Banjo Burner Head has a high pressure. Heavy Duty Cast Iron is built. To Last. The weight is 12 LB. There are screws on the bottom of the lugs. If you are using this to mount on another stand, please verify position. Works on a high pressure regulator. Will be in a brown box.

Brand: Concord Cookware

👤It looks big but I need to adjust the temperature and flow. It was mounted on a rim and used for a discada.

👤I was skeptical at first, but it was the real deal. If you need a big burner that has a lot of power, then get one of these. If you want to get a high pressure regulator that works, you should get one that is a lower pressure and not a high pressure one.

👤I haven't tried the burner yet. The terrible odor coming from the burner is the only problem I see. I don't want to know that the Chinese make cast iron. The smell will burn away after a few hours.

👤The review was edited to show that Concord doesn't stand behind their products. Terrible company to try to resolve a problem. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤This burner has a nice burner head casting for the price. There are some changes to the air inlet that have been made to this burner. The rotating air mixing plate used to be adjusted and locked up. The two screws that held it in place have been eliminated. I like the locking screws more than the plate. I'm giving this a 5 star rating, but I was a little disappointed that the air plate was tight and hard to adjust, because the gas fitting threads were tapped off center in the casting.

👤I bought this so I could have a bigger burner. It did not fail to impress. Had to mount it with a fame. It is a monster. I like it. The neighbor bows his head in shame.

👤I use it for my small brewery in France. In 50 minutes, you can get 141 liters of water in a 200 cm pot. It can go to 2 bars. I don't because the flammes goes around the pot walls. The thing could heat 400 liters of water. You will have to convert yourself. If you use high pressure a blank running will cook and burn and it is smelly. It is hard to find a better price for this, but is it worth it?

👤Awesome burner. The cast iron was very strong. I have a cowboy wok stand. Excellent quality. Cooks food quickly.


What is the best product for cooking disco with burner set?

Cooking disco with burner set products from Camp Chef. In this article about cooking disco with burner set you can see why people choose the product. Gasone and Hiware are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking disco with burner set.

What are the best brands for cooking disco with burner set?

Camp Chef, Gasone and Hiware are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking disco with burner set. Find the detail in this article. King Kooker, Gasone and Gasone are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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