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1. HaSteeL Melting Basting Stainless Accessories

HaSteeL Melting Basting Stainless Accessories

2 x Spatulas, 1 x Griddle Melting Dome, 1 x Scraper, 1 x Tongs, 2 x Egg Rings, 2 x Squirt Bottles are what you get. The tools are dishwasher safe. The set of 2 PCS is large enough to cover a couple of burgers and a big pile of veggies, make cooking more efficient, and dishwasher safe. The cheese melting domes are made of professional grade steel to ensure healthy and durable for long term use. Continue to enjoy. Round steam covers can help to trap heat and storage smoke without vent to cook food evenly, melt cheese quickly and steam vegetable perfectly, and help to keep warm and tasty of food. The handle is made of heat proof plastic to protect your skin from burning, and large enclosed space can reduce splatter and flare-up. Basting covers with a free small screwdriver are compatible with multiple griddles and grills, your first choice for kitchen frying pan, restaurant cooking, teppanyaki, flat top BBQ, cookouts, camping, etc.

Brand: Hasteel

👤The handles were detached and there were no screws to mount them. I found that one of the handles had a non-threaded side when I tried to buy screws. They are worthless handles. To make them work with tons of glue. I am confident that they will fail.

👤It is easy to clean. It works great on my grille. There were two covers and a tool for attaching the handle. I wish the set had a smaller diameter cover so that I could use two covers on my flat top.

👤These are great for the grill. They help keep the temperature up and will melt cheese in a minute.

👤The heat makes the inside of the screws turn brown as if there was mold. The screwdriver was cute and easy to clean, but the screws are different now. It's good for a gift.

👤When my husband was cooking on the grill, he wanted something to put over the vegetables. The price for two at this diameter was better than other listings I saw. The metal is very thin. There are little screws and screwdriver in the package for assembly.

👤A professional used for a photo shoot.

👤They have used both for melting cheese and steaming veggies on a griddle. It works well. It is easy to clean. It's nice to cover food left on the grill. Stir fry was served about half. Before saving the leftovers, covered rest up while serving.

👤These domes are great for covering the grill BBQ and frying steaks. Who doesn't need a grill with these?

2. RunTo Griddle Accessories Stainless Basting

RunTo Griddle Accessories Stainless Basting

Basting covers with a free small screwdriver are compatible with multiple griddles and grills, your first choice for kitchen frying pan, restaurant cooking, teppanyaki, flat top BBQ, cookouts, camping, etc. Excellent restaurant quality: The dome is lightweight and durable, making it suitable for the most casual of home enthusiasts. It's ideal for cooking meat evenly, melting cheese or steam vegetables. The oven-like environment can be used to reduce cooking time. It helps retain the flavor of the food. Large size. This larger than standard 12 inch diameter cover can be used to cover multiple hamburger patties and large portions of food. The plastic handle is heat resistant and allows you to grab it. This high quality construction is dishwasher safe and can handle high heat. Make the barbecue the best on the block by using fearless on your outdoor BBQ and kitchen stove top. Sized for convenience and made with powerful steel to prevent rusting.

Brand: Zbxfcsh

👤This lid is not made of steel. ALUMINUM is a contributor to Alzheimers. All LEGIT products have a stamp on them. This product is too light in weight to be a steel product and the area inside the lid has begun to oxidize, which is what aluminum does.

👤What do you think you'll get for $13? There is a It's not aluminum, it's a very thin steel which is a great value for $13. There is a Do you know how to use a phillips screwdriver? There is a If you did damage it, return and exchange for another one. There is a There is an Amazon sticker. It comes off clean now. You complainers used to get a bad sticker, but now it's not as bad. There is a It's a bit flimsy, but what do you think it will cost? There is a This is a great place to grill food as well as cover it from flies and sea gulls.

👤Very thin metal. For price, did not expect more. The labels were glue to the top. The labels wouldn't pull off. I tried soaking in hot soapy water for several hours and was able to remove most of the paper label, but the glue remained. The nail polish remover didn't work. The outline of the glue line can still be detected by WD 40. I would not have bought that item if I had known about it. When buying from china, always be careful.

👤A steamer lid is a great help when cooking. The steamer dome has an easy to attach handle and screws. There are good features there. THIN wall construction, lightweight and with no interior protective shipping materials made dents come along. Not happy. There is a We have foil. There is a We wanted better. Fail.

👤Over the past 1.5 months, the screws and metal inserts on the handle have rusted and I have barely used this lid. Food grade accessories need to be of the highest quality. What is going on with this manufacturer? The weight of the lid is so light that I don't know if it is aluminum or not.

👤I didn't have high expectations for this since it was relatively inexpensive, but after reading many reviews I decided to purchase new screws for the handle on each cover. I went to Home Depot and got a machine screw. There is a That is the type, size, and length that fits. The cost was about $1.10 That should make it safer and prevent it from becoming a rust issue.

👤This is a cheap piece of junk made in China.

👤The cover was in a box and had dents and scratches. The metal is thin but still does what I bought it to do. I should send this back. I'm not going to.

👤This is not a type of steel. Dollar store quality is equal to cheap aluminum. It doesn't come in a package or a padded envelope. The big sticker on the inside is for shipping and will be right over food. Really? This is a very cheap item.

3. Blackstone Signature Griddle Accessories Polyester

Blackstone Signature Griddle Accessories Polyester

Use with confidence. They offer a competitive price and great customer service. They offer a money-back guarantee for 30 days. Before and after your purchase, there is technical support available. If you have a problem, just contact them and they will get to the bottom of it. Don't let the elements ruin your investment. The Griddle cover from the Blackstone protects it from Mother Nature's harsh stressors. The Griddle cover is made with heavy-duty canvas and can take up the beating without wearing out. The double-layer construction and reinforced stitching prevent tearing while the all-weather resistant material resists fading or cold cracking. The proof is in the pudding. When things get too windy, the poly-resin buckles of the heavy duty Griddle cover clips underneath the griddle base to keep the cover secure. It is easy to put on and remove the cover. The cover is designed to fit the Blackstone Griddle with single shelf, but will not fit models with two shelves or with counter/griddle height shelves. The novel and novelette are elEGANt and novelette. The Griddle Griddle cover is neutral black and won't clash with your décor. The BBQ Griddle cover has a sleek, stylish and polished appearance. The novel and novelette are elEGANt and novelette. The Griddle Griddle cover is neutral black and won't clash with your décor. The BBQ Griddle cover has a sleek, stylish and polished appearance.

Brand: Blackstone

👤I bought a 22 inch griddle that came with a stand and a lid, but no cover. I wanted a 22 inch griddle, but couldn't find one. It covers the stand and the griddle.

👤If you leave your griddle outdoors in the rain, it will oxidize and become rusty, so don't use any type of cover to keep it from doing that. The cover works as it was designed to keep the griddle clean of debris and animals from walking on it. Not the rain! These griddles are portable so you can take them out of the rain. There is a The cover won't protect you from the effects of leukemia. I hope this helps clarify questions. I don't leave it in the rain, so it works great for me.

👤The cover allows water to accumulate. I bought a 10 inch kids ball that can be placed on the cold cook top and let the water cascade off. I don't need to do this. I can see why some owners don't like it. I think the manufacturer would want a cover that is designed to protect their product, but I don't think I would like my Blackstone. My cooking surface has a beautiful black sheen that has not let the rust do other than temporary surface damage.

👤It was bought for a 17” stand. It was waterproof and it fit well. The strap is long enough to wrap around the legs and hold it securely without blowing off. It is made for the 28” griddle but also fits the 17” table that is made for the 17 or 22 inch. It will fit the table with the 22” as well.

👤The water does pool on the top of the cover. I was worried about my grill top. When we have a bad storm, the water sometimes comes in under the canopy on my porch. I put the bottom of the dog crate over the top of the griddle to make sure there was no water in it. I found this on Amazon. The Hard Cover Grill accessories were ordered. The metal cover is perfect for the griddle top. I use the cover and it makes me feel safe that water won't come in.

👤This is it! Quality material. Even if they added another 20 bucks to the cost, they wouldn't sell this with the blackstone griddle. The flimsy one that comes with the blacktop is so bad. If you want to protect your griddle 100%, you have to do routine maintenance on it at least once a week, and that's not without the risk of fire. This is the most durable cover you can get. It is heavy duty and has a coating that protects your blacktop well in hot/cold/humid/wet environments.

👤The cover looks nice but it doesn't keep the rain off of the grill top, which is the only thing I bought it to do. There is a This should work if you need a cover to keep debris off. If you need something to protect against rain, look elsewhere.

4. Simply Genius Outdoors Reusable Collapsible

Simply Genius Outdoors Reusable Collapsible

As holidays, gifts can be given. There are picnic food t-shirts for outdoors. There are 6 jumbo tents that are big enough for large gatherings in this extra large food tent pack. The tent is 47x26” x 20”H and can cover up to six plates, so they can cover a whole buffet. A salad bar, a taco bar, big plates of ribs, and fried chicken are all possibilities. There is room for party size pizzas, sub sandwiches, shish kabobs, and grilled meats and fish. Extra guests are always welcome. Food tents/food covers for outdoors will keep flies away. Hungry dogs, cats, and kids won't be able to eat on the table before it's ready. The mesh screen bug net covering is very strong, and the edges seal well to keep debris out. The food tents make it easier to eat outside. All of the courts: There are a variety of outdoor events in this set. They can be used for a backyard BBQ cover, for a picnic, or for large events. It's great for birthday parties, weddings, graduations, and other celebrations. The pop up tent food covers are lightweight and can be carried right along with your picnic basket or tucked away in your RV Camper. Add them to your camping supplies, picnic accessories, grilling accessories or outdoor kitchen. The metal frame expands like an umbrella when the top is pulled. Food can be seen through the white mesh fabric. The lace border adds protection. The jumbo size is easy to lift. They collapse quickly. These are eco-friendly and disposable. To clean, rinse with water. The storage sleeve has a tie on it and is travel ready. Restaurants, bars, churches and organizations can use the food tents for al fresco serving. Pets can be kept away from meal prep, family and holiday meals, and cooling baked goods. They can be pop open plant protectors from animals. They can be used as an alternative to plant nets in the garden.

Brand: Simply Genius

👤We used a tent to cover 3 large trays of fig fruit roll ups. It is easy to open and close. They keep the bugs out.

👤Would not recommend. When you pull the string, the legs don't stay put. People tried to get food. The pull string blew away in a light wind after it did not stay locked on place.

👤It worked out well for covering the food that you have. It keeps flies out of your food.

👤The frilly lace at the bottom of the net creates gaps that bugs can fly under and get inside. I will be returning them.

👤Our Florida sun seems to melt the glue that is used to cover the garden to prevent pests. I love them all the same, rig them up as much as I can, and toss them.

👤Half of them were broken and did not hold the shape up.

👤It was hard to use the first time. We were careful with the thin metal supports. Very disappointing.

👤Garbage. The first one I used broke and the second one won't stay open.

5. Chef Craft 21568 Microwave Cover

Chef Craft 21568 Microwave Cover

Food can be prevented from splattering on microwaves. The dishwasher is safe on the top rack. Food is still visible even though it is clear. Vents so as not to steam food.

Brand: Chef Craft

👤It spots and scratches easily in the dishwasher, but it's not important for the price. I don't need it to look pretty because it does the job of keeping food out of my microwave. I'm not a fake profile, nor have I been compensated for any reviews, but I do take the time to review purchases when I can because I find other honest reviews helpful and I am tired of all the fake reviews that have polluted this site. If you find my review helpful, please rate it as such, not because I'll get anything out of it. So that others can see the real reviews. Happy shopping and thanks!

👤This melted in my microwave.

👤The whole thing melted when I put it in the microwave to warm my coffee up. I think I should have expected it to be bad. It could have lasted one round.

👤The sticker on the top of the dishwasher said it was dishwasher safe when placed in the top rack. The dishwasher came out with a weird shape. It still works, but it doesn't cover the plate as well as it used to. It's worth spending more money on a better one. I'm not sure how long this one will last.

👤It was received as expected. It's tall enough to cover a regular bowl, and it's the right size. It went into my dish washer which is set on the highest hot water allowable in a home water heating system and came out great. I expected it to be thin but it worked out great. There were no problems in the microwave.

👤I have used similar microwave covers before. Sometimes that is our fault, they don't last forever. The one that arrived was warped with an oblong shape rather than being round. The finger holes on top are not large enough to lift the cover off of a plate. The plastic seems less sturdy than other covers that I have purchased. For the price, it seems adequate, but only time will tell how long this will hold up.

👤The Dr. ordered a splatter cover for the microwave. A simple device with a single function makes a simple design. The bits of food are not transferred to the inside of the microwave when you put it over your meal. This item does what we want it to do. After 16 years of use, my spatter guard cracked and I had to replace it. I expect my new one to last a long time. If it fails too soon, I will report it. There is a The delivery was as fast as possible, which I appreciate. There is a The price was low to the point of being insignificant. I can't see how I could be better pleased with a microwave spatter guard than I am with this one.

👤It developed cracks on the sides of the top in a few weeks. I will be replacing it with another brand. I wish I had read it more thoroughly. The cover can only be used with a few dishes. I can't use this with most of my bowls because the cover is only 2.5 inches tall. I can't use it with most of my plates as they are larger than 9.5" My microwave is over the oven and I can't see the finger holes to use them when I remove the cover. I don't like using the finger holes because I don't feel like I have a secure grip on the cover. I will be reading the descriptions more closely when I buy a different brand.

6. HaSteeL Stainless Steaming Accessories Dishwasher

HaSteeL Stainless Steaming Accessories Dishwasher

A standard grilled cheese sandwich and over 1 burger patty are included. A small round griddle dome set of 4 in small size is enough to make up one burger patty or a standard grilled cheese sandwich. STAINLESS STEEL - Melting domes are made of professional metal and sturdy construction improve its service life and bent resistance, Dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Cook Evenly is ideal for circulating heat and keeping smoke inside, covering roast, steaks or salad and staying food warm, melting burgers to give the cheese a nice steam. The steam covers lid has a heatproof rubber handle and strong nails that can protect your hands. It's a must have for people who do a lot of grilling or hot-plate cooking outdoors.

Brand: Hasteel

👤This is the perfect size for fried eggs. When you put the bread in the toast, place the dome over the eggs. Perfect over-medium eggs that don't have to be turned and risk breaking a yolk. I would like to have this product delivered 20 years ago. I have to be happy that I got 4 in one shipment so I could spread the good news that the melting dome is a genius to three friends. Get it. Now.

👤I have a cover that keeps food hot. I can't rate the heat resistance because I haven't tried them on a grill or hot surface. These are made of steel. The handle is easy to add. It feels like a fancy restaurant when a family comes in and finds covers over their plates. I have also bought the larger sizes. Just as good.

👤The rubber finger heat protected grip is good, but I wish it was longer to cover more space. I don't think it's long enough as I felt a burn from the heat and didn't have much reaction.

👤The handle was heavy enough to do the job and heat resistant.

👤I didn't need any of them. I have spare parts. Handles are very well constructed and should stay cool. The handles had to be put on. A screwdriver was included. Nice touch. When the handles are on, they don't stack.

👤Excellent quality. Sturdy construction. The screws that were supplied were very nice. They sent a tool to tighten them.

👤I was surprised by this product. The quality was better than the price would suggest. I use it on my stove top griddle to cover my burgers when they are cooking. They are great for that.

👤The quality should last forever. These are 6 inch domes. Not on par.

7. COVER Charcoal Barbeque Designed Char Griller

COVER Charcoal Barbeque Designed Char Griller

This round grill cover is compatible with Char-Griller Akorn kamado grill models. It fits any grill vertical and round up to 39" by 41" The tough fabric provides a powerful guard against any weather. It gives your grill all year round protection. You can place your grills on the patio or beside the pool with their grill cover. The grill cover has high-density double line stitching for better durability, reinforced 600D fabric for stronger protection. The cover is constructed with UV resistant fabric and outer vinyl coating, which makes it easy to absorb sunlight and keep it clean. The cover of the vertical barbecue grill has additional straps on both sides to help tighten it. Your grill can be safe, clean and dry even in the strongest of winds. Fit all year round. Water repels dirt and stains, making it easy to clean and risk-free. 100% satisfaction or your money back! Any quality-related issue can be covered by the 12 months warranty. They will reply within 24 hours.

Brand: I Cover

👤I bought a large grill cover to fit my fire pit. The quality looks good. This product is very good and I would highly recommend it. There is a However... I'm not sure if I should support a company with questionable practices. It's a great product and was advertised for up to a 30% discount on a repeat purchase. I thought it was worth it. I asked for my discount code. I was told that I would get my discount code after I review the product. A good product again. I did. I received my discount code, but it was only 15%. I decided not to place my new order. It didn't sit well that a review was placed before getting a discount. For what it is worth. End of rant.

👤We got the wrong product twice. I'm not sure where the mix up was. We received a smaller cover that wouldn't fit our grill and was only 22” in height, which was not the same as the 41” we had ordered. After sending a message through Amazon, a new one was sent to you. The error was going to be fixed quickly. The new one was the same size as the first one, but it was too small, too short, and had no Velcro straps. Returned it for a full refund. If we could get a cover that is the correct size, we would like it. There is a mix up with this product, but nothing looked wrong with the quality.

👤This appeared to be correct at first glance. It was very difficult to get over the grill. The diameter needed to be larger. One side of the stitching tore loose when removing the cover for the first time. I am a seamtress and will be able to fix it, however, it should have been more sturdy and the threads inspected to make sure it was secure before being packaged.

👤This cover is perfect for my Weber kettle grill. The cover does not come down over the wheels. It feels thick when compared to other models I have tried. I am very disappointed that it doesn't have the straps on it that is advertised. I live on top of a very windy mountain and I don't see how I can keep it on the grill. I will have to use a bungee cord around the legs to ruin the sleek look of the cover.

👤I would like to give this a 5 star rating, but I actually purchased it to cover a 36 round birdbath for the winter. I barely got it over the birdbath of 36 inches. It will serve the purpose, but not the size that is advertised.

👤The cover still looks brand new three months later. I can't say for the longevity of the product, but it fits my vision kamado grill very well. It looks good. I am happy with the value it provides.

👤The officialAcorn grill cover lasted 1 season and rotted from the sun and weather. There is a The only downside is that it is close to the bottom of the grill. There is a It has kept the grill dry through the winter and the summer. There is a The material is supposed to be UV/Sun resistant and the company uses it for marine covers. There is a So far, so good.

8. Inch Heavy Duty Cheese Melting Dome

Inch Heavy Duty Cheese Melting Dome

Smooth edge won't cut your fingers. There are compatible grills and griddles. It's perfect for bacon, beef, burgers, poultry, flatbreads, grilled sandwiches, quesadillas, and paninis. There are many cookouts, barbecue, caterers, tailgaters, and campers. Money back warranty and friendly customer service. The 2.5mm thick 304stainless steel makes it stronger. Premium components and a robust structure ensure perfect performance. The dimensions are 12inch diameter and 5.5inch height. The food should be warm and tasty. A round dome is ideal for concentrating heat to cook evenly, melt cheese, steam vegetables or roast. You can get a better flavor by creating an oven like environment. The cheese will not be splattered and the meat will not be cooked over. The handle is riveted tightly on the flat top and coated with Silicone. It is higher than usual for ease of use. The design protects your hand. It is easy to clean. Bigger size (12 inch) is more practical for your backyard kitchen, indoor and outdoor uses. There are compatible grills and griddles. It's perfect for bacon, beef, burgers, flatbreads, grilled sandwiches, quesadillas, and paninis. There are many cookouts, barbecue, caterers, tailgaters, and campers. You get a cheese melting dome with a handle and a 30-day money back warranty.

Brand: House Again

👤The metal is stronger than before. The handle is sturdy but it was difficult to put it in the lid. I had to use pliers to hold the nut in place. My wok is 12 3/8" wide and this lid fits right on top of it, not slightly inside as a lot of other wok lids do. Food usually comes to the top of the wok when I use it, so I don't mind this. I had to put a flat top on top of the food. I will update this reviews as I haven't cooked with this lid yet.

👤My husband wanted to use them on his grill. He doesn't grill large portions because there are only 2 of us. The smaller one was perfect for the potatoes and the larger one for the pork ribs. We've only used them once so far and they weren't hard to clean. I'll try to make the review better when he uses them more.

👤The lid was bought to steam buns. The perfect height is offered by it. It isn't heavy enough to keep the lid in place. I tried tying the lid down and putting two cans of Condensed Milk in it's place, but neither worked. I used four binder clips to figure it out. The intended use of this lid is for a griddle. As a high steaming lid with binder clips. Problem solved.

👤This piece is very well made. It would be great if they checked for fit at the factory. If you bend the lid, the handle won't sit flush on it. The holes don't match if it's straightened. I made it work after 15 minutes in my shop, but it should have been checked at the factory.

👤You just bought a Blackstone Griddle and you are wondering if it is worth the hassle of having a dome for steaming. Well here you go. Yes and yes! Excellent item with heavier gauge steel. You can install it in less than a minute. The Silicone grip keeps the handle cool and the shape is great on a griddle. There is a This is a no-brainer. A must have for cheese burgers.

👤I haven't tried it yet, but it looks sturdy. It looks like a bowl with a handle on it. I'm getting tired of sending things back after they've been damaged. There was no padding in the box. I used my mallet to destroy the dent. I don't like having to get in my car and drop things off at a store. It looks like a good cover if you get one without a scratch. There is a The company is very willing to work with you if you contact them. They were happy to have the cover replaced. I am very happy with it and thankful for the good customer service. I would buy from them again.

👤I use them a lot, especially the smaller dome. The fact that I can make an oven out of a stove top pan is convenient for me. You will find more uses for these than melting cheese on hamburgers.

9. LEMI 30 Inch Charcoal Vertical Resistant

LEMI 30 Inch Charcoal Vertical Resistant

Restaurants, bars, churches and organizations can use the food tents for al fresco serving. Pets can be kept away from meal prep, family and holiday meals, and cooling baked goods. They can be pop open plant protectors from animals. They can be used as an alternative to plant nets in the garden. This smoker grill cover is perfect for kettle grills, bullet smokers, and Kamado Joe, and it's 30” dia x 36” H. Even if you own a different grill brand, you can still use this grill cover. This is a durable fabric. Kamado grill cover is made of a fabric that is waterproof, dustproof, and snowproof. It will keep your grill/smoker in good shape for future uses. The fabric is resistant to rip-resistance. The cover uses tight stitching to prevent leaks. Unless your grill is protected from the sun by a porch overhang, you will want a cover that offers UV protection. Their smoker cover has UV- resistant coating that prevents it from cracking due to sun exposure. The smoker cover will be protected from fading. The design is wonderful. The shape of the cover to your grill can be improved by using two straps at the sides and drawstrings. This way it won't be possible for gusts of wind to topple it, and there will be more protection from dust getting into any crevices. The elastic cinch cord is at the bottom, which doesn't allow legs to be exposed to elements. The elastic nature of the cord allows it to fit with many grills. A two-year limited warranty is provided with the purchase of their smoker cover. It is a great cover for strong winds. It is possible to relax knowing that your grill is protected from nature's elements.

Brand: Aodyow

👤I thought it was thinner but it fits well and secures as well. Dogs love the shade. I think that's correct.

👤It's a cover for a BBQ pit. It's what I was looking for. I would recommend.

👤It looks nice and it fits.

10. Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Cover Waterproof

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Cover Waterproof

Water repels dirt and stains, making it easy to clean and risk-free. 100% satisfaction or your money back! Any quality-related issue can be covered by the 12 months warranty. They will reply within 24 hours. The Masterbuilt 30-Inch Electric Smoker cover is 30.9 inches high. The Masterbuilt 30-Inch Electric Smoker cover is made of high-grade polyester fiber and has better waterproof performance, UV resistance and enhanced durability. The edges are double-precision sewing technology, the interface lines are better, and the protective sleeve is better. The product is tailored for 30-inch electric smokers. As holidays, gifts can be given.

Brand: Generic

👤I am very disappointed in this product. When I received the box, I thought it was malfunctioning. The cover was missing when I opened it. It was as thin as paper. It could be great if I give it a shot. Nope. I tried to cover the smoker, but it ripped down the side. Wait there's more. I was reading a box that advised me to wash my hands after touching it. Amazon should stop selling this garbage.

👤I received the cover in time and it was undamaged. It goes down the hill. The inside and control panel got water during the two rain storms. The cover was very disappointing. I used a 40 gallon black trash bag but it didn't work. I have a cover to keep water out but let air circulate. Again very disappointed. I would love to get my money back. I had the cover for a while. This type of problem doesn't surface until the weather cooperates.

👤This is a heavy duty cover. It is coated in nylon. It was folded up in a box that was 10 x 10. I haven't had that tested yet. It is not very heavy duty. I was expecting a base of canvas with a waterproof coating. I have windbreakers that are heavier. After it cooled, put the cover on it. The cover had something on it. There was water on the smoker when I removed the cover. The cover is drab. It isn't waterproof or heavy duty. It's a waste of money. Buy a tarp. It will work better.

👤I used a 55 gallon trash bag to keep my smoker dry while waiting for my cover. After a heavy rain the smoker unit was all wet. I will return it after the outside and inside are dry. There is a The package only says weather resistant, not proof. I will try to get a more expensive cover. There is a I don't recommend.

👤Hardly water-repelling. I put a trash bag over the top to keep it moist. It will keep the sun off. I don't think the thin material will survive more than one Wisconsin summer and winter without the extra garbage bag on top. I will keep looking for better options.

👤The nylon cover is very thin. It is not waterproof. After the first rain storm, I put my smoker outside with the cover on and checked to see if there were any puddles of water on the top of the smoker or under the electronic controls unit. I don't think this cover is good for outdoor use.

👤The smoker can't work if the temperature outside is below 30 degrees. I was told by the company that you have to put a pan of hot water in the unit until it comes out of the error code. The manual didn't state this. It will work fine after that. The blue tooth range is very limited. I was 30 feet away. The smoker works well. It's a chore to clean up.

11. Stanbroil BBQ Griddle Accessories Set

Stanbroil BBQ Griddle Accessories Set

A two-year limited warranty is provided with the purchase of their smoker cover. It is a great cover for strong winds. It is possible to relax knowing that your grill is protected from nature's elements. There is a package that includes a large spatula, griddle turner, scraper chopper, 2 bottles, and a basting cover. Sturdy construction and heavy duty make them last longer. A spatula set with wood handle enhances durability, non-reactive, hygienic and durable. It's made from heavy-duty STAINLESS STEEL and it's perfect for concentrating heat to cook evenly. It's a good choice for your cooking. 400ML BOTTLES: The bottles are made from food grade LDPE and plastic and are 100%BPA free. Multipurpose grill BBQ accessory tool kit is perfect for kitchen cooking, outdoor grilling, BBQ flat top cooking, camping party, professional restaurant chefs. It's perfect for cooking bacons, hamburgers, beefs, poultry, flat breads, grilled sandwiches, and more.

Brand: Stanbroil

👤The dome and spatulas are of the highest quality. Highly recommend it.


What is the best product for cooking disco cover?

Cooking disco cover products from Hasteel. In this article about cooking disco cover you can see why people choose the product. Zbxfcsh and Blackstone are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking disco cover.

What are the best brands for cooking disco cover?

Hasteel, Zbxfcsh and Blackstone are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking disco cover. Find the detail in this article. Simply Genius, Chef Craft and Hasteel are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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