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1. Precision Products 1476 Digital Thermometer

Precision Products 1476 Digital Thermometer

Backed by a 3-year limited warranty. Taylor has been making precision products for kitchen measurement for over 150 years using only the highest quality components. The Vernon design is a compact size. The probe folds away for easy storage. Accurate and quick temperature monitoring from -40oF to Clear digits make it easy to read. Before using the battery, you need to remove the insulation tab and use the thermometer. Digital thermometers are not meant to be left in food during cooking. The plastic and electronic components can be damaged. The Thermometer will be hot after use. Use potholders or oven mitts when handling a hot temperature.

Brand: Taylor Precision Products

👤This product stopped working when I inserted a fresh one, and I thought it was the battery. It was a great product, but it died early.

👤I had this product for two years before. I bought a new one as I accidentally ran the last through the dishwasher a few times and caused the batteries to corrode all over. The fact that I am buying the same one again speaks to its quality. It's small size makes it easy to store. The last one worked great for two years, and I'm sure it would have lasted longer if it hadn't been for the dishwasher incidents. It can take a little bit to catch up to the true temperature, but it can be done in a few minutes. It's clear when it's at the correct temp because it will stop going up. If you are a chef who needs an instant temperature reading, it might not be the best product for you, but for anyone else, it is an excellent product.

👤It's nice but flawed. It takes a long time to register a temperature. The new Taylor temp came up much faster. Disappointed. Really slow. It takes 60 seconds to measure the temperature. Not recommended.

👤Slow response. I bought it because of the popular brand, but the slow reaction time makes it useless in my world. It doesn't turn on when you open it, but you have to press a button to turn it on.

👤I searched for an American made meat thermometer. Their search prevented me from finding American products. I searched for an American-made meat thermometer. Taylor products were found by me. They followed the link back to Amazon and bought a Taylor thermometer. Buy American.

👤This thing stopped working within a few months. I thought it was the battery. The battery still doesn't work after being replaced. The case has 2 screws missing. I think it was a used item that was sold as new. It was very disappointing.

👤This is a great item for cooking meat in the oven. Give a quick reading with a large light source. The button is easy to use. I can't cook without it. I don't overcook fish anymore. Sometimes a replacement battery is required. Don't throw it in the water like I did. I am reviewing this now because of that.

👤In the past I have ordered multiple Taylor precision thermometers. These are for use at home. There is a This one is the best so far, waterproof, auto shut off, easy to read, easy to use, easy to store. The price is very reasonable. I hope this one lasts longer than the previous ones. Being an optimist, I hope this one will be reliable.

2. Digital Instant Thermometer Grill Cooking

Digital Instant Thermometer Grill Cooking

Their products are tested to make sure that you get the best product. You can contact them via Amazon if you have any questions. Perfect temperatures are guaranteed! The probes are food grade and have light-speed temperature sensors that can be used to calibrate them. Turkey will not be Dry Thanksgiving. There is a large, backlit instant reading display. The large, backlit, crystal clear screen makes it easy to see the instant temperature readings. ven safe dual probes! A rotating wire that is attached to the probes is not attached to the oven door. The back of the thermometer has a strong magnet, so you can stick it to the stove and monitor temperatures in real-time without opening the oven or grill. It is Calibrated for Meat, Liquids and Oils. The 2 in 1 kitchen Thermometer is a great way to eliminate the need for multiple thermometers and give accurate temperature readings from -58F to 572F for grilling, deep frying oils, hot liquids or melting candy. It is easy to use, clean and store. The automatic power function saves battery life, while the alarm feature takes the guess work out of timing your cooking. Place the metal probes in the included storage bag and wipe them down with soap and water.

Brand: Salt & Fire Kitchen

👤If you are a person who always entertains, this is for you. The alarm feature is perfect for people who are a little disorganized. This product is not waterproof. Do not put the dishwasher in the water. The wife wanted to wash it. I am sad.

👤I don't like the fact that many "instant read" kitchen thermometers take upwards of 20 seconds to decide on the temp. This isn't one of them. I'm not sure if it's completely accurate, but it gets to a temp within seconds, does it with confidence, and I haven't been disappointed with the doneness of our meats and baked goods yet. I was surprised that I was using the probe. It's more convenient than I thought.

👤After a month of slight use, it was failed.

👤This probe is amazing. Pulls the temperature quickly. The extra probe allows me to keep an eye on the temp. I can place the magnet on the side of the grill because it has a back that has a magnet.

👤A great tool for the grill. It allows me to cook thick steaks with a wire in the meat and have the lid closed. The medium is perfect.

👤After frequent use this is holding it's accurate. Very happy with the product!

👤I use it in my smoker. Works well. You can put it into the meat and read it without opening the smoker.

👤The unit has its own bag. Well built. Very accurate. A must have in your kitchen.

3. ThermoPro Wireless Digital Thermometer Grilling

ThermoPro Wireless Digital Thermometer Grilling

It's easy to use and place anywhere, with front facing buttons, flip-out countertop stand and magnetic back. You can easily monitor your meat in your living room or backyard with a 300ft remote range cooking and meat thermometer. A digital food Thermometer uses a 6.5" food grade and a highly accurate steel meat probe. 10 preset temperatures and 5 doneness levels are recommended by the USDA to help you cook like a pro. The Grill Thermometer has 3 backlight colors to provide a visual indication of how close your meat is to being cooked to perfection; Once the meat has reached its set temp, the bbq Thermometer will flash. The meat thermometers allow you to see both the temperature and timer at the same time, without having to press any buttons.

Brand: Thermopro

👤After a few months, the product stopped working. A replacement has been sent to me. Customer service was very good.

👤It can't be trusted. The price of this device is low, but it will cost more if you cook a lot of meat or if it malfunction. I liked the idea of having a device that I could use to check the temperature of the turkey I was smoking. I thought this would allow me to spend more time with the family and less time hovering over the grill. The bird was supposed to cook for about 7 hours. The bird was only reading 135 at the 6 hour mark, which was much lower than expected. It had been reading 135 for a while. I stuck the temperature probe in different parts of the turkey. The readings ranged from 118 to 140. The readings were the same on both the transmitter and reciever. There was no damage to the wire. I closed the grill and watched the bird cook. The temperature was 135 for about an hour. At this point, I abandoned the thermopro and used my Javelin thermometer. The turkey breasts were 165 and the thighs were 180. The bird was done at 7 pm. I would have dried out over cooked Turkey if I had continued to rely on the thermopro. I tested the thermopro against my Javelin using my tap water. The water heater is set to 127. The Javelin was placed under water. The readings ranged from 130-132. I used the thermopro and it stopped at 114. It stopped at 73 on the second try after I tried again. I tested my TruTemp meat thermometer which read my water as 132, but took a long time to get reading. I read some of the negative reviews when I purchased this and thought they might have received a faulty unit. If it doesn't work, I will return it and I would be out $35, compared to a Flame Boss which is around $329). I could go through 10 thermopros for that price and still be ahead of the game. Wrong. You need to factor in the cost of the meat you lose during the cook and the toll it takes on the event you are cooking for. This year was a close miss for me. I agree with some of the other reviews that say it's made of cheap plastic and wouldn't survive a 3 foot drop. That is the kind of thing I expect from you pay for. The core function of a product should be able to be performed regardless of the price.

👤I registered for a 3-year warranty and contacted them about a faulty unit, but have not heard anything since. It was great until it wasn't. The probe is almost 200 degrees F. There is no explanation as to why the thermometer reads so high when it is not inserted. I have used this for cooking and smoking. You can only plug the wired probe into the small remote unit, which may be the faulty part here. I can use the phone, but I can't use the probe wire because there's a knock out for a jack. Alas, cost-savings. I have included pictures of the jack-knockout on the main unit, as well as a red rectangle around it, in case there is a malfunction on the smaller unit. The vendor didn't communicate after they registered for the 3-year warranty. I had this for about 4 months when it stopped working.

4. Thermometer Cooking BACKLIGHT WATERPROOF Temperature

Thermometer Cooking BACKLIGHT WATERPROOF Temperature

Also included: Dash Rapid Egg Cooker is backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty and includes a poacher, omelet tray, 6 egg holder tray, measuring cup, recipe book and recipe database access, all of which are dishwasher safe. The cord length is 33 inches. An instrument that can read food temperature. There is a The instant read thermometer has a temperature probe and advanced, highly accurate technology with a response time of just 2 seconds. Instructions, 2 CR2 button battery, meat temperature chart, 4 hook and loop dots for storage, and recalibrating feature are all included. Their digital food thermometers are perfect for meats, liquids, deep frying and candy making. Easy to read digital temperature meter. You can always read the temperature in your kitchen, whether you are grilling in the dark or baking in it. Their digital meat thermometer for food of any kind is water-resistant and can be washed and cleaned under running water. The wedding register searches for food temperature. Their meat thermometers for cooking and grilling are delivered in an elegant, foam lined box, making it the ideal gift for any barbecue or cooking enthusiast or professional. It's the perfect food temperature for cooking.

Brand: Alpha Grillers

👤I bought this thermometer a couple years ago and it worked great at first, but I was looking for a more accurate one and it wasn't there. It has acted up over the past 6 months. There is a It would be difficult to turn on if it turned off while taking a reading. After pulling the battery and re-inserting a couple of times, the screen would eventually work after flashing on/off rapidly when trying to use it. It's hard to turn on the thing and it often won't stay on for long enough to use. I have replaced the battery on more than one occasion, but this is not a problem because the behavior remains the same. Something is not right with the unit inside. I received a reply from Sarah within hours apologizing for the problem and asking to verify my home address for a replacement unit. I thought I did a good job. This is awesome!... It's been 3 months. I've sent follow up emails asking for the status to be ignored. I do not write negative reviews. I can't stand false advertising and liars. If you have a problem, you might not get this company to honor their warranty. Too bad...

👤I have had a Thermapen for over 20 years and it has been great, but it is starting to fail as it is hard to get a connection as you rotation the pen to turn it on. I was looking for a new Thermapen or alternative. I decided to try it out for the low price of $20 on Amazon. I compared it to the failing Thermapen when it arrived. The two pens were within 1 degree of each other. The Thermapen was 3 degrees low at room temperature, while the Alpha Griller pen was accurate. Both pens were within a degree or two of the stabilizing readings within 3 seconds. They did the same thing. There is a The Thermapen comes in a variety of colors and designs. The Alpha Grillers pen does not. Functionality is the same. There is a The Alpha Grillers pens have nice features like the backlight, calibrate, hold, and max/min that the Thermapens don't have. There is a The Alpha Grillers pen was less expensive than the Thermapen. My Thermapen lasted over 20 years. I don't know how long the Alpha Grillers pen will last. There is a I bought some Alpha Grillers pen for gifts and am happy with it.

👤The thermometer is easy to use and what I expected. The probe came loose when it was cleaned with a sponge. The probe was pulled out of the body of the thermometer. One of the wire leads can't be re threaded because it extends down to the tip of the probe. The thin copper wire cannot be passed through a seal which is inside the probe. The return window is only one month, so I'm not able to get a replacement. This product currently has limitations on submitting reviews. Unusual reviewing activity is one of the reasons for this.

5. Instant Thermometer Cooking Fahrenheit AikTryee

Instant Thermometer Cooking Fahrenheit AikTryee

Convenient usage and the best service. The table stand on the back of the accurate food thermometer allows you to place it on the grill, oven or any other cooker. They try to provide a perfect product experience by using backlight design. If you have a problem with the smart electric thermometer, please feel free to contact them. The FDA approved meat Thermometer has a read out speed of 2 to 3 seconds and it will give you an accurate temp of 0.5F. The food thermometer has a 6inch food grade probe, which means you don't have to worry about getting too close to the hot food or surface. Simply insert the probe into your food or liquid and get the temp, Lock the current temperature, the reading won't change after pulling the probe Thermometer out of the meat. The Kitchen Meat Thermometer has an auto-shut off function. It can be used in temperature measurement of many types of liquids. The package includes an instant Read Meat Thermometer. The quality assurance for the Thermometer is 3 years. No more hesitation! Now is the time to try it!

Brand: Aiktryee

👤I was looking for a waterproof device. The first picture shows this being slashed with water, but the metal probe is waterproof. The head is plastic. I was trying to use it to measure the temperature of chicken on the grill. It took me a while to register the correct temperature after I was burned for 20 seconds. Going back to Amazon was disappointing.

👤I made candy apples for my niece and nephew because I am the favorite aunt. Everything was packaged well and it came on time. Sometimes I couldn't read the screen when I took the temperatures, so I gave it 4 stars. The digital screen was not working properly because it was too hot. I had to wait until the thermostat cooled off completely to place it in, and then I had to take it out quickly to get a good visible read.

👤I decided to use this for the first time this morning, but the battery is dead. I can buy a new battery, but it's frustrating. I am past the time of return but wanted to warn others. There is a I don't know how easy it is to read but it is impossible to use a battery.

👤It takes a long time to register the temperature with this thermometer.

👤"Instant" is a very generous word to describe the performance of this thermometer. I ordered this one to replace the one my son had submerged in. The hairs on my hand are being singed by the heat from the grill as I wait for the meat temperature to be registered. Unless you're willing to hold it in the meat for nearly a minute to get an accurate reading, I wouldn't pass on this one.

👤It takes 5 to 10 seconds to produce a stable temperature. This isn't suitable for working over a BBQ. "Instant read" is what it is. You can read it in an instant, but it takes time to provide the details.

👤This is not an instant read. It reads the temp very quickly. It is more waterproof than the other ones and it is not as fast at room temperature, but it is a plus. I'm going to give it 4 stars because of the price, but what about the use of the instant read in the description?

👤I was expecting it to work like a human thermometer. When it gets to temp, where is it? Nope. I leave the temperature in too long. I had issues with burger the other day. I got sick after the thermometer said it was good. It is easy to read and use. Digital is easier to read than paper.

6. Taylor Precision Products Thermometer Stainless

Taylor Precision Products Thermometer Stainless

The Best Thermometer and Value accessories are in a beautiful box. This Sturdy Box is a good place to store the Thermometer to make sure it is safe. The Temperature Guide Plate to the Wall can be fixed with the help of the Thermometer 2 CR-2450 batteries and the User Manual. Monitoring food inside the oven without opening the door is accomplished by using a 4-foot braided cord. It is possible with timer arm. Set the target temperature and watch the temperature on the display. The timer feature has a range up to 24 hours. TILE DESIGN: The cooking thermometer can be Magnetized or laid flat to be seen in any cooking environment. The temperature range is -32F to 482F/ 0C to 250C. There are batteries included. Requires 2 batteries. Digital thermometers are not meant to be left in food during cooking. The plastic and electronic components can be damaged. The Thermometer will be hot after use. Use potholders or oven mitts when handling a hot temperature. Also, note: Pull the probe out of the meat rather than the cord. This will cause damage to the cord.

Brand: Taylor Precision Products

👤Theprobe cable can't handle the heat in a barbecue, so it has failed on each of the units I've purchased. It appears from the outside that the cable has a metal sheath, but the wire on the inside becomes stiff when it is melting. The second cable is trash after being used twice. After the first failed, I tried to buy the replacement cable on my own, but it was more expensive than the whole unit. If you use it for a grill, don't buy this one.

👤There is brutal honesty here. I would like a multi-probe, Bluetooth Thermometer for grilling during bad weather. This is my second one. The first one lasted about 4 years. The shield on the probe broke when it was flexed too many times. I tried to get a replacement probe, but it was more economical to buy a whole new unit. I like the way it works. I won't cook meat without it. There is a I use it for other things as well. I use it in my conventional oven, in my Air Frier, and on the BBQ. I can cook meat to perfect specifications. I can assure you that it is done, without having to chew the leather. I use it to timing boiled eggs. The temp was set to just below boiling. Drop the probe in the water and eggs. When the temperature alarm goes off, I set a timer to make sure the eggs are boiled quickly. That makes for consistent hard boiled eggs. There is a The unit's price is lower than any other unit I have seen. It is the most important tool in my kitchen, and it has saved me from ruining food.

👤I love the convenience and price point of the Taylor thermometer, but I'm on my third one because the probe always goes bad as soon as liquid touches the top of the probe, where it joins the wire that plugs into the display unit. If you're not lucky, taking out and replacing the battery won't reset the thing because the HHH reading comes on. I gave this product a 1-star rating because the company has to know about the design flaw, they could certainly prevent it from happening, but they don't. They can make more money selling replacement probes, which cost more than the entire unit. If only clip-on thermometers came with temperature alarms.

👤It reads about 4F too high in the room. That is not acceptable for my application. The listing says it's very accurate. I don't think a 4F error is highly accurate. It's trivial to get within a degree or two with modern electronics. The instructions for washing the probe with hot, soapy water came with the thermometer. The instructions say that the probe is not waterproof. The control unit has an On/Off switch on it. I think you would do better buying something else.

👤The Amazon refund process has five stars. After 10 years, the mice got to the Taylor. I bought this as a quick replacement. Oh my gosh, oops! $200 of beer malt was ruined by this inaccurate POS. The temperature was off by 50 degrees. I tried a lot of things. Still off by 50 degrees. I got my money back so I could buy another brand.

7. Wireless Thermometer Injector Upgraded Grilling

Wireless Thermometer Injector Upgraded Grilling

For long use, wipe with a dry cloth. The Taimasi Wireless Meat Thermometer is a 4 probes remote range meat tester that allows you to monitor 4 different meats or 4 places of one meat, but also that of the grill/smoker/oven. It has a wireless range of up to 500 feet, which allows you to monitor your cooking without having to stay in the kitchen or yard. The temperature probes are made of food grade steel which can survive 716F. Its temperature range is from 32 F to 572 F. Data reading is fast. The wireless digital thermometer is pre-syncchronized before it is shipped. The USDA preset temperature settings allow for different cooking temperatures for 12 different meats, as well as five Usda approved doneness levels that make it easy for you to cook your meat to these preferences, and all of the preset temps can be used. The Grill Thermometer has a count-down/up timer and alarms that can be active while also monitoring meat temperature when time is up or down. They have a back-lit Lcd and incorporated stand that can be attached to a metal surface or hang in a wall, so it's easy to use in the dark. The package includes a thermometer transmitter, a wireless receiver, probes with wires, and grill clips. 1 user's manual is needed to inject seasoning into meat. This is a great gift for any occasion. If you have any questions about the product, please contact them.

Brand: Taimasi

👤I needed to write a long review because I love this thing so much. The price is amazing with this thing. It has a meat injector and 4 probes. Each probe has a different color. I tested the probes before I used them and they were all accurate. It takes a little reading for usage. I was able to navigate around each setting. I was able to smoke up to 4 different types of meat in my smoker. It is very easy to use. I was able to read the probe from the other side of the house because of the strong internet connection. There is nothing bad about this product. I would recommend this item to anyone.

👤The unit was accurate and worked once. I replaced batteries in both units after the second unit wouldn't display temp. No matter what the temp is on probe 1, it's 162 degrees. The smoker was verified by 2 other people. The unit is still bad after following instructions. I suggest you use this thing multiple times as soon as you can, because there is a short return window on this product. I can't return my product because I got a faulty unit, I think the product is well designed.

👤This set is really nice. It is better than I expected. It has a nice case to hold it all in. The meat probes allow you to set doneness to a different level in each probe. The wires are made of metal so you can leave the probe in the meat for a while and watch it cook. The range is very good. It doesn't lose range when I walk to my neighbors house. It's a very good idea of your thinking of buying it.

👤Great product, price, and capabilities, plus bonus injection syringe! $60 Tomohawk Steaks are the first time that Smoking Meat has been done. I pulled the Trigger because this was the only Meat Temperature reader that would arrive by Fathers Day. I was glad I did. I can't say how long it will last me or if there are any issues later on. Easy instructions to read, set 3 meats to alert at 115 degrees and the 4th probe to monitor the grill's temperature. On Father's Day, I was able to walk away with the wireless RX. The first Alert started to sound, then the other started to follow. The meats were removed and the heat was turned up to 500 degrees. Everyone loved the smoked taste. 3 other friends went on AMZN and bought one for themselves after seeing the pics I posted on Facebook. If it lasts for a long time, I will say that it was one of the best purchases I have made in a while.

👤My last probe was a bit slow and I had a fast read thermometer. My friend picked this one up, and he read it in less than an hour. It's like instant read x4. Good quality probes and very well made, where they are colorcoded and very precise. One thing that I like the most, is that if I just want to hit the timer, I can, where my first half of grilling is by timer, and then on the flip side, I use the probes. I am very happy with the purchase and there were no cons.

8. Wireless Thermometer Yunbaoit Digital Cooking

Wireless Thermometer Yunbaoit Digital Cooking

The package includes a digital food cooking Thermometer, 2 Food Grade IPX7 waterproof probes, and a probe clips holder. The wireless meat thermometer can be used to monitor the 500ft remote range. You don't have to stay in the kitchen or the grill all the time. You can make time to chat with friends, watch a show, or mow the lawn. The grill thermometer can measure a wide range of 14 F to 572 F, with 1.8 F accuracy. The temperature can be read with the probes. The food thermometer can help you cook perfectly and keep the nutrition and taste of meat. There are dual color coated probes. The probes help you identify what meat is being monitored. You can put the probes in the dishwasher or wash them directly with water if they are waterproof. Considering that the transmitter is mostly used in the kitchen and that it will rain outside, it's not surprising. The transmitter is made to be splash-proof. You can choose from 10 different types of meat and a PROG mode on the BBQ Thermometer. The probe2 has a BBQ mode. You can use the HI/LO function to measure the temperature of the grill/smoker. The meat is doneness is 5 levels. You can match the type of meat you like. The meat thermometer has a wide view screen with backlit function. You can see the temperature on the screen in dim light or under the sun. The timer function on the thermometer can count down/up. When the temperature reaches the preset temperature, the receiver will sound and the backlit screen will show the meat has reached the desired temperature.

Brand: Yunbaoit

👤Products in an Apple store were packaged very nicely. The set up comes with a screw driver to open the transmitter battery door, it's only necessary to unpackage and put in 2 sets of 2AAA batteries. I used it in the oven and when the alarm went off in my bedroom, I knew the chicken was done. If you want to put in two different meats or have one steak well done, you can get 2 separate done alarms with the 2 probes. I tried it in the air fryer. The probe handle is hot when you take it out of the oven so use a mit to remove it.

👤The box should have worked. The receiver wouldn't show the temperature. The manual didn't have a way of figuring out how to fix it. It says you don't need to sync. They only gave me a $32.03 refund when I returned the device.

👤This is amazing. I was skeptical at first, but I can tell you why. The previous meat thermometers were not accurate. I would have to go out and check the grill in my house because it wouldn't read right. I heard about this product from a friend and I had to stop everything I was doing to make sure I wasn't over cooking or under cooking our dinner. This was amazing. I left the reader on the kickstand and was able to watch the kids play and read the temperature up to 600 feet away. That is very easy. The product was correct. I will use it all summer. Thank you so much.

👤I got this in time to cook my Easter ham. It was a good thing that I had. The ham took more time to cook than I expected. I put it up so it would tell me when the ham reached a certain temperature. The ham was cooked to order. My next test was a loaf of bread. I have a hard time figuring out when a loaf of bread is done. I put the probe in after cooking it for a while because a loaf of bread doesn't hold the probe properly. That worked well. This was a very useful tool in my kitchen. The print on the instructions was too small for me to read. My son told me how to use it. He didn't have to follow the instructions.

👤I bought this a week before Christmas to make sure I could cook the roast properly. I used it along with the old one that had a remote that had died. The old one was close to the oven temp gauge but this one was 70 degrees higher. It was not good. I told the seller that I would return it. I was told that they were very sorry for my experience and that they would send me a replacement, after I received a reply the next day. I received my refund and a replacement device which works as it should. I'm happy with the device, but I'm even happier with the seller. They know what customer service is. I would buy from this seller again.

9. Digital Thermometer Waterproof Backlight Temperature

Digital Thermometer Waterproof Backlight Temperature

The package includes a meat thermometer, probe, and user manual. They care about their customers and give them a warranty for a year. The dual probe design of the 304 STAINLESS STEEL barbecue thermometer can prevent you from being scalded when measuring food. The probe can be used in the oven and the wires are sturdy. The foldable probe allows you to store it when not in use. -[Digital Second readings of the Meat Thermometer are 1F accuracy with a wide range. Ensure you get the best flavor by taking out the guesswork. The temperature can be switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit. The food temperature can be used with a backlight function. Food. The food thermometer uses an international standard battery, which is three times the battery capacity of other common meat thermometers, and it has a bright screen that lets you see the temp outdoors. It has a corkscrew with a hanging hole and internal magnets. TheGrill The Meat Thermometer can set different temperatures for different types of meat. They have set 4 types of beef, lamb, turkey,veal and also support custom settings. You don't need to reset the temperature every time because the set temperature has a memory function. The barbecue thermometer will sound an alarm if the food reaches the set temperature. The meat thermometer is made of a strongABS body and can be washed under running water.

Brand: Leilanycol

👤The price is correct. Accurate every time. It can be used for cheese making, high temp candy making, or meat making. It is impossible to lose the numbers on candy thermometers. It is easy to clean and sanitize. The alarm will alert you if you set the temp. Excellent product.

👤The display thermometer works great. It's easy to read and set. It's great to cook on the grill or make Maple syrup with the plug in thermometer. I was very happy to have bought it.

👤I use this a lot. The main unit is easy to use and the probe handles up to 500F. I like it.

👤Great product. It works as advertised.

👤We purchased this item in December for our business but it never worked, it makes an annoying clicking noise, but the unit wont turn on, we couldn't use it until the end of January. The cancellation period is over.

👤The temperature has exceeded my expectations. I found it easy to use.

👤I take this one because it's a lot simpler to use than my more expensive one.

10. SMARTRO Digital Thermometer Cooking Commercial Grade

SMARTRO Digital Thermometer Cooking Commercial Grade

Convenient Storage: fold or plug the probe to turn it on or off. The shutdown function can be used to save power and extend use time. The handle makes cooking enjoyable. Magnets and hanging holes make it easy to hang it from the fridge. Two kinds of food can be monitored at the same time using one grill thermometer with dual probes. You can set the temperature according to your own tastes with the oven safe meat thermometer. It's easy to read the backlit display. The large backlit screen of the digital thermometer displays oven, grill, and food temperature using large numbers for convenient reading in any environment and when looking from any angle. The ovenproof smoker thermometer has a retractable stand, two powerful magnets and a pocket-sized design that can be placed on a table or fridge. This oven proof BBQ probe with high temperature resistance and waterproof design always provides a fast and precise temperature recording. The meat probe is 6 feet long and has a right angle bend for easy retraction from food and is food grade, making it durable enough to survive even the hottest cooking environments and giving it a longer life than other meat probe thermometers. You can set a cooking timer of up to 999 minutes and 59 seconds with the digital timer on the ST54 grill thermometer. An alarm will sound when the time is up or the probe reaches its set temperature. It's a perfect device for almost any dish. The best turkey on Thanksgiving and Christmas. The package includes a digital food cooking Thermometer, 2 Food Grade IPX7 waterproof probes, and a probe clips holder.

Brand: Smartro

👤This is a really good thermometer. It's best for inside use where you can hear the alarm go off, because it doesn't have a remote. The buttons are easy to press and the screen is bright. You can set it to different temperatures and it has multiple pre-settings for different meats. You can monitor two items at the same time. The back is strong and will stick to any metallic surface. It will stick to my oven.

👤After my wife washed my digital meat thermometer, I needed a new one. I wasn't upset that the display only showed one number after she cleaned it. She likes steak medium rare. I like my medium. We have been having steaks come off the grill for years. I would slice them to see how the center was. The unit has two probes and seems to be accurate. It's easy to get to medium rare. When her steak is over 140 degrees, I take hers off and let my steak go to 160 degrees. It was great to be able to prepare the expensive steaks that we both like. I used this to roast a turkey in the oven and was pleased with how well it worked.

👤The display is easy to use, but it will not do both time and temperature at the same time. If you switch from Time to Temp to back the counter is reset, but there is a switch on the back to switch between the two. I compared the temp readout to 2 other thermometers and it was off by 4 degrees. I don't recommend. The probes fit in my old Polder so I got two new temp probes out of it. They seem to be good quality. There is an update. I have changed my review to a 1 star after receiving 11 emails from this seller who tried to pay me up to $50 to remove my review or change it to a 5 star. I don't agree with this unethical business practice.

👤My son accidentally threw out the thermometer. I upgraded to this version and liked it. I like to pull thick ribeyes at about 160/65 because they are cooked in cast iron. The temperature was never above 130. When I cut open them after pulling them, they were way too much. I ruined our dinner and am sending it back. I don't know if it's good or bad, but I'm going to buy what worked for years and years as a replacement, and try again.

👤The temperature was incorrect. I have found that my chicken, beef, etc. get over cooked when I set it to the right temperature. I bought it because it is longer and reaches my stove. When the probe reaches the temperature I set, it keeps beeping. I keep it plugged in to watch the temperature while it rests in the oven, but this thermometer won't let me see the temperature beyond what I set, so I have to keep it plugged in. I need to buy a new thermometer.

11. Thermometer Instant Function Cooking Smoker

Thermometer Instant Function Cooking Smoker

The meat thermometers allow you to see both the temperature and timer at the same time, without having to press any buttons. The oven, grill, and stove top are used. It's safe and high heat resistance. The meat temperature can be measured from the machine outside, but the original probe can only measure the food after it is put into the oven. The meat probe and wire can survive temperatures from -58F to 572F. There is a free program for honeybees. Once meat comes to the temp, it will alarm you. No need to check the temp frequently. Long term use of dual probes grill thermometer is durable. The temperatures chart is included in the annual. There are two types of readings: ultra-fast and consecration. Simply look at the food temperature through the top-quality sensor and the step-down tip, and you'll get the 99.99% accurate and consistent food temperature. Just like shooting a target, hit the temperature exactly to get a perfect finish. It's easy to use and store, it has a magnetic back and hanging hole, and it has a foldable probe. The auto shut-off function can help save power. Whenever it is, backlit for clear reading. You can dry the unit body with a piece of cloth. It's a must-have for festivals and kitchens. Bring out the best in cooking for every event and occasion, especially in the kitchen and bbq. All types of cooked beef, mutton, chicken, pork, fish, lamb, or turkey can be cooked. It works well with beverages, deep frying, and baking. Good for Christmas and festivals.

Brand: Gaisten

👤I didn't have high expectations for this thermometer, as there are 487 knock off versions of the same thing. There is a After using both the instant read and leave-in probe for a few months, I have decided to stop using it. Wow, what a great price for a small device. There is a It is easy to use and reads very fast. The beer opener is the cherry on top, because of the bonus points given for the magnets. I do a lot of grilling, smoking and temp sensitive baking/roasting so this is an important tool to have. It's confidence inspiring when you know that the temp is shown. There is a I think I should buy a second one and put it away whenever this one gives up the ghost because of the reliable "go to" tool.

👤I ordered this for certain features. Most don't have the ability to recalibrate. It's useless if you're not accurate. I liked the dual probe option. Convenient! This is a great temperature. The directions are easy to follow. The wire that holds the probe in the oven is sturdy and can close the door completely. Plug wire You have a handheld probe. When food temperature is reached, you can set a timer for when it will be ready. It takes seconds but it's not an instant read. It's a great buy.

👤I returned the original item because it wouldn't calibrate. The replacement was sent the next day. I put the swing-out probe into boiling water and then into an ice bath to get the temperature. I used the feature to set the temperature in the ice bath. I put the probe back into the water and it read 208F. This isn't a scientific instrument, but it's fine for cooking. It seems easy to use. I would recommend this to a friend. The text was submitted on 17 January 2021. The product seems well constructed and feels good in the hand. I like magnetic storage and external probe fesryres. The probes were dipped into boiling water and the temperature was accurate for kitchen use. The tip was dunked into a bath of ice water and the temperature was read as 39.9F. I tried to calibrate the unit by holding the Cal button until the instructions were displayed. The display seems to give an error message. It seems like an error, but I am not sure what it means. The display is supposed to flash numbers that can be adjusted to 32F in order to calibrate it to ice water bath. I will return this item. If you have one of these, you should check the readings in the ice bath and boiling water.

👤I overcooked my pork and chicken. I wanted to protect myself and others from over cooking, but I didn't realize how it was happening. I have stopped cooking when internal temperatures reach 160 % or so. Everything is more tender. The probe is long enough to be used with the digital reader on the counter. The wire doesn't interfere with the oven seal.


What is the best product for cooking digital thermometer probe?

Cooking digital thermometer probe products from Taylor Precision Products. In this article about cooking digital thermometer probe you can see why people choose the product. Salt & Fire Kitchen and Thermopro are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking digital thermometer probe.

What are the best brands for cooking digital thermometer probe?

Taylor Precision Products, Salt & Fire Kitchen and Thermopro are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking digital thermometer probe. Find the detail in this article. Alpha Grillers, Aiktryee and Taimasi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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