Best Cooking Cream for Pasta

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1. Play Doh N A Noodle PLAYSET

Play Doh N A Noodle PLAYSET

The best product and top service are what they aim to provide for each customer. If you are not satisfied with the size, functions, or anything else, just reach out to them and they will be happy to resolve any problems you may face to make you happy. The Play-Doh pasta maker toy is an easy and fun toy to use. The Play-Doh food set comes with everything a play chef would need, including a cheese grater, bowl, plate, fork, and squishy Play-Doh compound. The pasta set includes a pretend ravioli mold and bowtie stamper to give little chefs even more ways to use their imaginations. Make it red, blue, and you! Add shapes like silly shrimps and crazy veggies with the Play-Doh cheese and cheese grater. The Play-Doh colors make this a great activity or gift for kids who love to get creative with modeling clay and play pretend chef.

Brand: Play-doh

👤I wouldn't buy this Play-Doh Playset. I noticed that the noodle roller door didn't close all the way after I put the noodle maker together. See the photo. My child tried it, but the roller would slip around, the door would open, and then it would fall out. I had to hold the door shut to try and make it work. There is a The "noodles" didn't come out of the maker like the pictures on the box show. The play-doh came out with just lines on the noodles. See the photo. We tried the other noodle roller, but it didn't work. It was disappointing. My child stopped playing with the noodle maker. The grate and little pasta shell maker works well, however the main and most fun part would have been using the noodle maker. It looks like it was made cheaply. I guess you get what you pay for.

👤My son was given this for his birthday and he has loved it so far. He likes to watch the play-doh come out all cut up and wavy. When I bought the set, I was hoping it would come with a smooth roller, but it doesn't. This is something I have to assume. Smaller kids have trouble using toy rolling pins to flatten play-doh. If you're a parent with a small child, you know they want to change dough colors every couple of minutes and need you to roll it flat for them. This gets old very quickly. This would have been a five-star rating if not for the lack of a smooth roller.

👤My child was excited to make noodles, but the roller did not work. The rollers can't turn with the handle because they can't get their grooves into the grooves. The other tools are fun, but they are not the star attraction of the kit.

👤Garbage. The kid opened it and is trying to play with it. There is a The green piece is falling off. It is not stable. It's not easy for anyone under 5 and cheese grating is great for making a huge mess. The little pasta maker stamp is a plus. Unless you want a really cheap gift, I don't recommend it.

👤This does not work for commercial shows. The dough gets stuck in the noddle maker. We spend more time trying to clean it than we do playing.

👤My grandson received this as a Christmas gift. He loves to play doh and pretend to cook so this seemed perfect. He loved it. It was easy to assemble and much stronger than other reviews mentioned. It's very easy to use and comes with cute accessories. Positively would purchase again and give as a gift.

👤I marked off the pieces that were missing in the box. The noodle maker had playdoh inside it like it had previously been played with, and the handle part was broken, which meant it couldn't feed the playdoh. The box was torn apart. The item I bought was listed as new- excellent condition. We got something that was used and in poor condition.

2. Garden Life Organic Virgin Coconut

Garden Life Organic Virgin Coconut

Coconut oil is raw. Their coconut oils are free from all of the harmful chemicals. USDA certified organic coconut oil is vegan, kosher, and free of dairy. Extra virgin coconut oil is an excellent source of healthy fat burning medium chain fatty acids for weight loss and management. This virgin coconut cooking oil is one of the healthiest oils in the world and delicious for cooking, baking and smoothies. Skin and hair care. Coconut oil can be used for a variety of purposes.

Brand: Garden Of Life

👤I was told to give my dog a quarter of a day for healthy skin. I ordered the brand "Garden of Life..." because my usual brand was on back order. My stomach turned when this happened. I was going to put this back in my pantry, but I noticed a dark spot in the bottom of the jar. I lifted the spot out of the spoon. It is a large bug. There is a The lid was closed when I took my dogs out. I have been feeding this to my dog for a while. My dog did not like this brand as she did our regular brand. It smelled different. I thought it was a different brand. She loves coconut oil and I should have known something was wrong. I'm not sure where the quality control is for this product. I would never buy this product again. I have never experienced anything like this before. My dog's skin got worse as she was sluggish. I will put photos and the lot number with this review. I still can't believe it! I threw up. There is a Look at the pictures and check the lot number against the one in the picture. There is a This matter needs to be addressed immediately.

👤The product is very low-quality. There was partially filled coconut oil. There were circles with dark spots. It's not sure if it's mold. I'm not going to eat it. I've never seen a problem like this before with coconut oils I've purchased from Amazon and other stores. I don't think this product is good.

👤This was not good. I threw it in the trash because I took one look at it. This isn't coconut oil. There wasn't a safety seal. I was disappointed but also upset. It takes a long time to process a return. This review will be left instead. Don't buy it.

👤I have used coconut oil for a long time. I was going to try this brand as it was on sale. Yesterday it arrived. I was surprised to see black spots in it. I came here to read reviews to find out if anyone else had the same experience, and I was shocked to see that many people had the same experience and that the black spots were mold! If you have a brand of coconut oil that you like and trust, I would suggest that you stay with it. Don't buy this brand of coconut oil if you're trying it for the first time. I don't think this is a good idea.

👤A friend called me today asking for a recommendation for coconut oil and I immediately recommended it. I drink a small amount of coffee every day and use it as a full body moisturizer, as well as a hair treatment, makeup removal, and a sugar scrub for my lips. I keep an extra bottle in my night stand and in the kitchen because it's the perfect size to fit in the bathroom showers. I tried a different brand in a glass container before this. It was a big mistake. I was out of a full bottle and the cost after the bottle broke. It took up a lot of space in the kitchen pantry. It's great for your digestion, so I drink it a day in my coffee. It's the perfect size for everyone, with a great price. If you think about the cost of products such as makeup removal and moisturizers, you just can't go wrong with this product. It takes me 1 minute to mix it with other essential oil products. This is a win win and the one product that I immediately can recommend without any hesitation, because we use all the chemicles daily. Try it! It's a money saver. If you have an organic essential oil that you love as a scent, I also add it to your daily full body moisturizer, it's specifically meant for aging skin. I love this product.

3. Nutiva Cold Pressed Unrefined Sustainably Coconuts

Nutiva Cold Pressed Unrefined Sustainably Coconuts

The world's finest fresh, organic virgin coconuts are supplied by Nutiva and adhere to USDA certified organic and non-GMO guidelines. Adding to Whole30, vegetarian, vegan, raw, whole food, paleo, ketogenic, and gluten-free diet is a great alternative to margarine or cooking oil. It's ideal as a medium heat cooking oil with a high smoke point and perfect for baking, frying and sautéing. Provides hydration for hair and skin. The cold press process yields a pure, light-tasting oil with no harmful chemicals or heat.

Brand: Nutiva

👤Hopefully they see this, they are not sure how to communicate with the seller. The coconut oil that I received is decent quality, and it isn't rancid. When I opened it, there were two bugs in the threads, which is the only time this happens. The container is sealed so well that no grubs made it into the oil, however, this a problem that has to be addressed. I was not planning on opening the oil for another month. I would have had an insect on my hands. I will change my review when the seller reaches out.

👤Coconut oil is the number one product and it leads any high priced or medication to give all the benefits for your skin, hair, and health. I made a list of the top 10. My skin showed immediate results after using #1 and #2. I have skin cancer and have been for a while, but my face was not the same as it was before. I was blessed with beautiful skin, tone, and glow. Everyone else said that I knew something was wrong. After using this product for five days, I was relieved of my pain, redness, and discolored skin. Within a month, the skin has gotten better. The area where the Carcinoma is 3 inches of my body. The rest is going to be back.

👤I use coconut oil for everything. I use it for a number of things, including hair, oil pull, and makeup removal. I've purchased this item before and it's a hit or miss. I've received coconut oil that smelled nice and tasted normal before. The coconut oil that I received was not fresh when I bought it again a few days ago. There is a There were small yellow dots on the surface of the hardened oil. I thought it was mold, but then I realized it was not. I used a fork to dig into the yellow spots, hoping that I was imagining it, but further inspection revealed just pockets of oil. I attached a picture but it was obvious that there were two different colors of oil. I tried the coconut oil and it tasted like vegetable oil, even though it was yellow oil. Not a faint nutty taste. I've been using coconut oil for about ten years and this was a red flag because I know what it tastes like. I let the oil melt. It was a bit more yellow than I'm used to. I read in the comments that there were pockets of air in the coconut oil, so I let it melt and then refroze it again, and it was considerably lower in oil than it was before. The jar feels very light if you feel it. There is a I have been buying coconut oil from Nutiva for over three years. They have bought great quality coconut oil from them before.

👤I use coconut oil to help my dog with his allergies. She is going bald because she has been itching so bad. I put it on her skin where she itches the most. It did help, but not as much as feeding her coconut oil. I am applying coconut oil to her fur at night and adding it to her food daily. I have been doing this for a month now and she is getting soft and less prone to itches. Her fur finally grew back. Feed this to her daily.

4. Palmini Pasta Carbs Shark Pouch

Palmini Pasta Carbs Shark Pouch

The most delicious low-cholesterol alternative. You'll be craving this every single day because it's only 20 calories and 4g of carbs per serving. Add your favorite sauce or seasonings and enjoy! Everyone will love Palmini Linguine. It's free of sugar and kosher. Their products can fit into any diet. They are all vegan, vegetarian, paleo, kid friendly and full of vitamins and minerals. They want to create a sustainable product. Their hearts of palm are harvest using a multi-stem system so that the trees are never cut down completely. They can regrowth for a long time.

Brand: Palmini

👤The product tastes great. I bought the 6 pack because I loved the package I bought. There are mold and worms inside the box. It's disgusting. I wanted to return it for a new one. There is no return policy. The product is delicious and I'm sad about it. I think it's important to give people a refund or exchange in a situation like this. The company is responsible for this.

👤There is a If you grew up eating stir fry bamboo shoots or Chinese restaurant where you can get this palm heart in stir fry, it's basically that. You can buy this at your local Asian market for $1 a can. Don't let the review images fool you, the taste and texture are just like bamboo shoots. I got this because I am trying to eat less of the things that are good to be true.

👤The item was covered in mold. The mold was growing on the outside of the bag. I wanted to come back immediately after opening. This item was not eligible for return. I lost my money and I have a box of 8 packages that are covered in mold.

👤I'm a big fan of hearts of palm. I can eat them in a jar. I was intrigued by this product from the beginning. It did not fail. I used these noodles, some quality jarred tomato sauce, and vegan sausage to make a deliciouspasta dish. I did not soak the noodles in milk as they suggest to get rid of the palm taste. Once you add other ingredients to your dish, the taste of palm moves to the background. They are the shape of linguine, however, they are only about 4 inches long. They are still firm, giving you a pasta feel in your mouth. The sauce sticks to them. I found them to be more enjoyable than lentil or garbanzo bean noodles. If you want to get some real nutrition from hearts of palm, you're going to have to add a lot of good fats and a lot of good nutrition--like I did with the vegan sausage. They are an excellent wheat pasta substitute. They are expensive. If the pasta isn't the main, each package may contain 2 portions. It was one big serving for me.

👤I was excited when I heard about this product because I try to eat a low-fat diet and I love hearts of palm. I was worried that the consistency would be hard but it is not. It has a great texture. It is so easy to work with. It needs to be heated up. Shrimp and veggies were made with garlic butter cream sauce. The package was perfect for 2 people. I will definitely be buying again. It's a great alternative to spaghetti squash.

👤I watched Shark Tank. It's hard to find pasta that tastes good. I always eat low-fat. I made a meat sauce with ground beef and Palmini. The can says to rinse well. I put them in a container of water. They don't have a real taste, but they like the taste of the pasta sauce. The texture is similar to al dente pasta. I put them in my sauce, poured them into a baking dish and topped it with cheese. I baked in the oven. My husband loves spaghetti and found this to be a very suitable substitute for his low-cholesterol diet. My mother-in-law tried it and said it was very good and she had seconds. I will use them again. A great pasta substitute.

5. Mantova Spray White Truffle Fluid

Mantova Spray White Truffle Fluid

It was made in Italy. The Mantova White Truffle Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil spray bottle is made from 100% natural Italian olive oil and has an olive oil dispensers that let you spray just the right amount for your dish. Their Italian olive oil sprays are heart healthy and non-GMO. The bag in bottle system helps you spray lightly and evenly. Their oils are good for cooking with eggs, meats, vegetables, and grilled sandwiches. For a beautiful look and a great taste, spray finished foods. Extra Virgin Oil Sprays can be used to add to snack foods, salad dressings, pasta sauces, breads, vegetables, and meats.

Brand: Mantova

👤This product is perfect for people who want to use olive oil in a pan but don't want to deal with the mess of distributing traditional olive oils. It has a light but not overpowering flavor. I don't see how the difference in price between the white and black truffles can be justified. The spray is consistent and clean. Highly recommended!

👤I have ordered expensive oils before. I wanted the same intense flavor, but I wanted to spray it instead of putting it on. The popcorn flavor is not intense but it works well.

👤This stuff is amazing. It adds a great flavor to a lot of different foods, if used after cooking. I didn't like using this spray before cooking and mixing it into the food. The food was great but lost some of the truffle flavor. There is a I have used the best oil and will buy it again.

👤My wife and I wanted to use spray form to coat things like french fries and chips, so we decided to use a bottle of truffle oil. The spray function does exactly what we wanted, but it tastes like plain olive oil.

👤The White Truffle Flavor is a very expensive olive oil. I use other brands of oil. I really wanted to spray a brand on the food but it didn't work out. I was stuck with the expensive, flavorless oil because I waited too long to return it. I just tried the Mantova black spray and it has a good flavor, so maybe I got unlucky with the white variety? Mantova, can you fix this?

👤It makes a huge mess if you try to use it. Doesn't have a special flavor that I can detect.

👤vino sellado, huele super rico.

👤I bought this for my popcorn and it was great. This is great.

6. Viva Naturals Organic Virgin Coconut

Viva Naturals Organic Virgin Coconut

Coconut oil helps nourish the hair and the skin. It can be used as a coconut oil hair mask. Coconut oil organic is a naturally hydrating body oil that can help skin feel soft, smooth and hydrated. Coconut oil can be used as a makeup remover or as a moisturizer. This is the perfect cooking oil for baking and frying because it has a high smoke point. Their pure coconut oil is cold-pressed from fresh coconuts and has a rich flavor and aroma. It is an all-natural, easy-to-use addition to any lifestyle, whether you use it as a body oil, hair oil, or cooking oil. It is a great alternative to cooking with butter or olive oil. Their cold pressed coconut oil is USDA-Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project verified, and is also Paleo, Paleo-friendly, and non-genetically modified.

Brand: Viva Naturals

👤There is no Viva Naturals brand in the USDA organic integrity database. I've found all of the other brands within the database. I will not buy anything else from this brand.

👤The tub of coconut oil is the best I have found so far. My son and I both have dry skin. I use coconut oil on my son because it works better than a tube of Eczema cream which is so painful to his skin that I put it on him from his chest down. Put a towel on the ground first and never put it on your child in the shower as it is very slippery. Although it is a great conditioning treatment, it needs a re-wash to get out, so don't let your kid run it all over your hair. Trust me... I know... All in All works better than all other salves, creams, and even the one pictured next to coconut oil. The price is also great. The store is in a cool place. I have been living with Dry skin and Eczema my whole life and I have a son. I have tried it at the pharmacy counter. I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on 1000's of different creams, lotions, salves, and ointments. I know everyone is different and every skin is different but if you are looking for something new to try at an affordable price, organic is the way to go. If you try this. You can always bake with the skin instead of disagreeing with me.

👤Coconut oil is useful in many recipes and personal care. I bought it because of that and I'm very happy with it. This isn't a forum to discuss the recipes here, but I can recommend this product based on my experience with it. One of the reasons I bought this one was that it can be used for cooking and baking in the kitchen. There is a There are a lot of reasons for my hair being rough. I used a lot of different hair treatments, like ironing and hot air blow drying, which made my hair lifeless and rough. I used this coconut oil at least twice a week. Life is returning slowly. There is a It is collected through a method that I like. I want you to make an informed decision before buying coconut oil. If you like any of my reviews, please give me a chance to say thank you.

👤I used this for two weeks. I bleached my hair for the first time in a long time and it worked out well. My hair has been damaged so much that bleach wouldn't hold its color anymore. There is a My hair is very dry and porous, and I needed something to sink into it. I assumed it was a thirsty animal. I put it on my head. It's very difficult in a container. I put the bunch in the microwave for a few seconds. I put it on my head either overnight or for a few hours. I had to wrap a plastic bag around my head because the coconut oil drips on your face, down your arms, and your back. I suggest in the shower and not in the sink. After 3 days of oiling my drain, it stopped draining and came to a halt. I'd be careful not to let any drips get to my floors. This is good for any bug that likes coconut oil. It does wash out of your hair, but you can use a coconut conditioner and a sulfate-free cleanser. It was the most soft I've felt in a long time after conditioning my hair. Also. It seemed to clarify my hair, the more days I used it, the more my bad bleached dye job came out and the more my natural hair color came in. I use supplements that are supposed to give our babies all their hair before they are born. Something along those lines... The bottom line. I'm glad I read them. There is a Good luck.

7. Velveeta Shells Cheese Original Microwave

Velveeta Shells Cheese Original Microwave

A box of VELVEETA Shells and Cheese Cups Original Flavor. Velveeta Shells and Cheese Cups are easy to prepare. Shell pasta and cheese sauce are included in the VELVEETA cup. Velveeta Mac and Cheese Cups have 0g trans fats. mac and cheese is a classic dorm food. Easy shells and cheese dish can be microwaved. The cheese sauce is sealed. EBT eligible food item can be used for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Brand: Velveeta

👤I was tired of paying $5 for a small order of white cheddar mac and cheese at a restaurant for lunch and decided to buy these. The taste of Velveeta is okay, what I would expect from "instant" mac and cheese. I was really disappointed in the quantity, as this makes a quarter, and maybe a third cup of mac and cheese. I told my wife that this was definitely a child's portion because the shells don't expand. There is a I told my wife that I would be tempted to replace the water with milk. We like our mac and cheese creamy. There is a I probably wouldn't buy them again. I'd have to make a box of mac and cheese the next day because I'd have to make leftovers for work. You get a lot more when it's cheaper.

👤Not sure what to expect. This is a new product that was just delivered. The cups were sealed and the dates were good. Maybe that's why they're discounted. At the time of purchase, I think that should be disclosed.

👤I love Velveeta Shells & Cheese, the one that comes in a large box and is cooked on the stove. This would be a quick way to get my fix. There is a Not. There is a The noodles in this place are raw. They do not cook in the microwave in 3.5 minutes as was stated on the package. I like my pasta al dente, but this gives it a whole new meaning. The pasta is very hard. I tried cooking for longer, but the noodles just stuck together in one big lump, and still weren't cooked well. There is a The serving portion is small. Even small children would want more than one. After preparation, the cup is 1/3 full. Save money. These are terrible.

👤This doesn't taste like noodles. The peppers make it taste weird, and the cheesey part has an odd flavor. There is a If you take your mind off of the idea of a Mexican noodle hamburger, you won't be disappointed. There is a I won't be ordering them again, even though they should be pretty good. I will need to donate the rest of what I ordered.

👤The flavor is fine. Good sauce. There is a If you put the spoon on the tip of the noodles, the serving won't cover the top of the spoon. There is a For anyone else, this is a joke. A few nibbles and that's it. There is a They will say... It's a serving. duh... So what? A few bites won't cut it for the average person. It has a lot of calories and carbs in a small serving. Lots of people wouldn't buy it because of the cal/carbs/salt content. This is better as a small snack. It's not good for anything else because of the amount you're given.

👤I'm not sure how wonderful it is to feed the kids microwave meals, sometimes it's just gatta. We are constantly coming and going between activities, school, sports and sometimes someone is hungry and this is convenient to have on hand. For every feeling of "should I feed my kids this?" there is an equal, it is so easy and they love it. It's a popular snack and quick meal around here, so we try to avoid it. The price is awesome and run on when it is gone until next month. We know we aren't doing it too much on thePreservative and Additives. Finally. This is a great travel partner. When we travel and stay in hotels to visit family, we keep them in the camper, 2 in our travel bag, with toys and extra clothes that goes along to babysitters or grandparents houses. A great shelf stable easy meal that all you need is water and a microwave to make Convenience and how much my kids love this, merits 5 stars.

8. Thai Kitchen Gluten Coconut Cream

Thai Kitchen Gluten Coconut Cream

The coconut cream is thick. There is no preservatives in the food. There is a non-dairy alternative. Baking, beverages, and Thai cooking can be used.

Brand: Thai Kitchen

👤I ordered 8 of them. Four look like this. They don't have packaging inside the box to keep them from shifting. Someone in packaging thought it would be a great idea to use the cans as footballs or throw the whole box off a cliff. Really? I spent a lot of money on these. The milk inside is good. But... It's really bad. AMAZON was a failure.

👤This is not close to coconut cream. It is mostly water and guar gum. The consistency of water made me sick.

👤I ordered three cans and they all had dents. It is unacceptable.

👤Trader Joe's coconut cream is more expensive than other brands in the store, so I used to buy it. I got this instead of going to TJ's because I didn't have time to go. You will get more actual cream. The majority of the contents are solid in the room. The other brand was liquid. I only buy this brand now, and getting it for under $4 is a great deal. If you are trying to do dairy-free keto, I would recommend Maria Emmerich's dairy-free chocolate pudding.

👤Lets Do Organic and Native Forest products were tried in the same order. The Thai Kitchen seemed to be more solid and creamy. It's so good that I'm worried they might have mislabeled the can or not listed the full ingredients. I have no reason to believe it, other than it tastes amazing. Thai Kitchen was the first coconut cream I've ever had, and the others were 2nd and 3rd. They didn't seem as good as my first. I will be buying this again.

👤I have used the brand of coconut cream at the grocery store before, and it has been used for mixed drinks. It was perfect for these uses and always tasted great. I have ordered 4 cans of this through Amazon in the past few weeks because of staying at home. The first two arrived within a week. The can had to be thrown away. I put the remaining can in the fridge to make a whipped dessert. After being in the fridge for 3 days, it was still liquid. I had to add coconut flour to the recipe to make it whip. The recipe tasted less than ideal, but since the other can was damaged, I couldn't do anything else. I decided that it was a bad can. I ordered two more cans. Both were thrown out after they were severely damaged. I don't understand why the cans aren't protected with bubble wrap. Amazon is expected to package the cans better. Anyone who knows how Amazon packages items knows that they just throw items into a big box, toss in a small strip of bubble wrap and call it a day. They don't try to protect items, it's up to the suppliers to send items to the warehouses. There is a The fact that two different suppliers on Amazon didn't bother to protect their cans says a lot. I won't attempt a third purchase. It is not worth the hassle. I will just have to hope that the shoppers at Instacart can find the product since it tastes fine and works in a pina colada but may not have the proper fat content to be used in whipped recipes.

9. Vanilla Bean Paste Baking Cooking

Vanilla Bean Paste Baking Cooking

There is a real extract and real seeds. A premium paste with a beautiful appearance. This container is comparable to many gourmet beans. If you want to make the recipe work, you need to swap one part of the paste for one part of the bean. Similar to Maple Syrup with a rich flavor profile. Can be used in a lot of baking recipes. It's perfect for desserts such as ice cream, short bread, and crme brulee. 1/2 Vanilla Bean or 1 1/2 of Vanilla Extract is a great alternative to Vanilla Beans and is much cheaper.

Brand: Vanilla Bean Kings

👤I have used the same paste from the same company for many years. The NM is thick and very dense and has a nice rich aroma and is almost black in color. The product is almost like a syrup. It's almost clear with a few bits. It is quite sweet and thinner than a paste. I am uneasy that there is no country of origin on this product. I threw the whole bottle away because I was leery of its origin.

👤The paste is supposed to be very thick. This is not alcohol. Not what I was expecting. If you want an authentic version of the bean paste, stick with the expensive brands.

👤The ingredients on the package are not what is advertised. This is not a paste. The smell is very faint. This is not a mixture of brown water and syrup. I'm not sure if I can get a refund.

👤Since we were stuck at home for the first time in several years, the wife wanted a birthday cake. Her favorite cake is called "Swedish Princess Cake". The Swedish Princess Cake is one of the most difficult cakes to make. There is a It is completely covered by a Marzipan 'dome'. There are three layers of sponge cake inside, frosted with lots of jam, pastry cream and whipped cream. There is a I couldn't find the recipe for the paste in any of the stores I checked. There is a This paste is fit for royalty. I will use it instead of plain vanilla extract in future recipes.

👤It wasn't a rich flavor. Was not a paste. It was a liquid gel. I added it to my baked goods, but I could not taste it. I had to add another store bought brand of pure vanilla flavor to my baked goods. This product was very strong. Very disappointed and will never buy again.

👤This taste is great. It is a liquid that is slightly thicker than regular vanilla. It is not near a paste.

👤This stuff is disgusting. I don't know what it tastes like because I've never tasted a bean paste before, but I am a fan of the scent, flavor and taste of the bean paste. This junk doesn't taste like anything like vanilla. It tasted like plastic. It is gross. I bought 2 bottles of it, thinking I was getting a great deal, however, after tasting it, I realized it wasn't organic and I started looking into the ingredients on the bottle. If this were a real paste, it would only contain a few ingredients, including the beans, extract, and sugar. If you want a paste-glycerin that isn't alcoholic, it should have some kind of substance like a substance from the plants. I can tell you that this gross gel-like goo doesn't taste like any of those ingredients. It doesn't smell or taste like anything. It tastes terrible. I threw away both bottles immediately, and I will consider myself lucky that I didn't consume any of the disgusting junk they used to make this with.

10. Carbquik Baking Mix 48

Carbquik Baking Mix 48

Just add water to the 3 lbs box and it will make 90 biscuits. Less than 90 percent of the calories. 2g net calories per biscuit. High in fiber and low in salt. There are 9 different recipes on the box.

Brand: Carbquik

👤I am on aketo and have a diabetes. I used it according to instructions. I made tortillas with it. There should be 2g of net carbs per 1/3 cup of product. I made 5 tortillas using a total of 1 cup. The tortilla contained 1.2g of net carbohydrates. The whole meal had 4.5g of carbs with the cheese, and I made a quesadilla with 2 tortillas. My blood sugar went from 173 to 173 in an hour. The only thing that can be blamed for having nothing else to eat is the Carb Quick. My diabetes is very well controlled and I only eat what I need to get my blood sugars under control. There is a It has more than 2g net carbs per serving. They are lying about the contents. When it doesn't count 50% of maltitol towards their net carbs, is it possible for Orr to fudge the truth? Doesn't matter. Do not use this product if you are watching carbs. There is a Apparently I can't get a refund on this product from Amazon. Thanks for that.

👤We understand that you're on the diet. Or something similar. Or on the man. This gives a sense of normal in a world full of bread and cake. There is a I said a little bit. There is a The flavor is going to be different. If you follow the recipe closely, you will get waffles and pancakes and biscuits that taste better than paper. There is a Other things can be put in these recipes. It helps if cheese is baked into biscuits. Adding more butter to the already-butter-filled pancakes helps. It's not allowed to cover anything in honey and fruit and maple syrup, so just eat some more bacon, dip your "panfake" in butter, and enjoy the fact that you can buy clothes from normal stores again. I would have to walk over a mile to get a loaf of bread. There is a I've lost 87 pounds, and I've had one cheat day, but I just want anything with carbs in it. I dream about eating fruit. Fruit! I was 350 pounds and ate everything I wanted. There are dreams about cotton candy. Where is my dream factory tour? Why does Augustus Gloop get to swim in a river of chocolate, and why do I have dreams of apple slices? If I don't get some sugar soon, I'm going to lose my mind. There is a Anyway, It won't fill the void left by removing all those delicious, sweet and bready items, but it will keep you from going insane. There is a Add some TP to your cart before you check out because there's 40 pounds of fiber in this 3 pound box.

👤I use it to make chocolate muffins. A small amount of cocoa powder, a small amount of flour, two eggs, a small amount of oil, some water, and some extract to taste. For 10 minutes on 350. It was very delicious.

👤I love this product. I am on a diet and getting good results. I like to try new things with Carbquik. I have made waffles, yeast rolls, cinnamon rolls, and pizza so far and they have all been delicious. You will be a happy camper if you follow directions.

11. Hoosier Hill Farm Buttermilk Powder

Hoosier Hill Farm Buttermilk Powder

The jar contains 1 pound of powder. The process of making butter results in a liquid that remains after the process is over. Pure dehydrated milk from Wisconsin. It's perfect for salad dressings, pancake mixes, or any recipe that calls for buttermilk. You can have the sweet cream buttermilk powder if youhydrate it with equal parts water. If you don't use it often, this is a great product to have around for baking projects. It's perfect for salad dressings, pancake mixes, or any recipe that calls for it. Hoosier Hill Farm is located in northeast Indiana. They are proud of their heritage and good old-fashioned values, and their products and ingredients are guaranteed fresh.

Brand: Hoosier Hill Farm

👤My original review can be found below. The product is 5 months old and can't be returned. That is criminal. You can't sell something that's expired and not be able to return it. There is a It's convenient to have it. I add it to the dry ingredients and then add the wet ingredients. I don't have to worry about keeping it in the fridge. The product was on hand. There was product all inside the shipping box and the label was coming off, but my note had no seal. My review doesn't take that into account because I don't put this on the product, it's on Amazon's workers who boxed it.

👤I bought this at the advice of a vet who wanted to help with the tear stains on my dog. I had tried everything to stop the staining but it didn't work so I was skeptical to try this. My boy is 17 lbs and I give him 1/2 cup of coffee or tea with breakfast and dinner. Give it three weeks to see a difference.

👤I've ordered from Amazon twice now and the best by dates have been less than stellar, so I'm giving this a one star. The first time was 9 months away and the most recent order was 1 month away. I can go to Target and buy something that will last a long time. There is a The product is five stars.

👤I decided to try powdered buttermilk after buying a quart of it for a recipe that calls for 1 cup and then pouring it down the drain because I felt guilty about wasting time trying to think of another use for it. I went to the store and returned hours later to find that I forgot to buy the buttermilk. I think this will save time, money, and guilt. I haven't noticed a difference in taste since I've been using it for biscuits and waffles. I have been able to open the cabinet and add the powder whenever I need it. I find myself making more things that call for buttermilk, and I am not near putting a dent in this giant container. I highly recommend it. One review pointed out that it was ridiculous to show the ratio for making 1 gallon of buttermilk on the instructions. Who is making a gallon of buttermilk? Adding between 3 to 4 grams of powder to a cup of water works well.

👤It has a creamy taste and mouth feel that I find important in creamy style dressings. It's economical because I make it up as I use it and there are no leftovers in the fridge. It's difficult to beat that.

👤I love using the expensive butter in breads and as a treat for the cats. Milk powder is an ingredient in so many bread recipes and there is no way I would use the standard milk powder found on the shelves in supermarkets. After searching for something better on Amazon, he found several possible choices. They were the first to get back to me, so I ordered this one. The richness of this powder is visible to the naked eye, and it adds a wonderful depth to the taste of breads. It makes the bread chewier, which is my preference. Every loaf of bread now has either this powder or the hoosier hill heavy cream powder, so I use it daily. I'll probably have to order both powders in another couple of months. They are looking forward to reuse their empty containers. I like to keep my cats hydrated, their weight up, and spoiled rotten for the time they have remaining, because most of my cats now are seniors. Every night I put two heaping mounds of either the heavy cream powder or the buttermilk powder in a bowl, add a couple of raw eggs, blend them, then add about a cup of water. They love this so much that they start meowing when they see me at the bread machine. The mix is enough for seven cats. If this became unavailable, I would probably try a different brand, but I hope it never becomes unavailable. If I can find a good freezer during the January sales, I will buy a few of them. Milk powders from the hoosier hill farms are potent.


What is the best product for cooking cream for pasta?

Cooking cream for pasta products from Play-doh. In this article about cooking cream for pasta you can see why people choose the product. Garden Of Life and Nutiva are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking cream for pasta.

What are the best brands for cooking cream for pasta?

Play-doh, Garden Of Life and Nutiva are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking cream for pasta. Find the detail in this article. Palmini, Mantova and Viva Naturals are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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