Best Cooking Cream Cheese

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1. McCormick Everything Bagel Purpose Seasoning

McCormick Everything Bagel Purpose Seasoning

A shake-on-anything blend of garlic, onion, sesame and poppy seed. Certified Paleo and non-GMO. It's perfect for a low-cholesterol diet. serving. It's a good topping for homemade breads, popcorn, and more. You can coat chicken or pork with the mix.

Brand: Mccormick

👤Before committing to a large jar of everything spice, you should get a small jar of something new. We didn't like the flavor. Others might like it. Try a small jar of the same brand.

👤I threw it away because I didn't like it at all. If you wanted to cook with it, you could use it as a giant seasoning salt. It doesn't come close to replicating the taste of a bagel. There are not many flavors that stand out.

👤I tasted a similar one from Trader Joe's and decided to try this. Trader Joe's is not accessible to us in Hawaii. It was cheaper than what I saw in Amazon. I decided to give it a try. I thought it was ok for a toast with avacadi. It had a lot of garlic. I love garlic. This want to let too much. I wouldn't buy this again.

👤I found Trader Joe's Everything to have a similar taste to a bagel. I thought I would try the larger bottle from McCormick. The full everything bagel taste is not satisfying when I want a slight taste. If you want the flavor of an everything bagel, look elsewhere.

👤I put it on everything, bagels,eggs,avocado toast, legit. I need to buy a new one because I use it so much. Great taste. It's amazing how small can change a meal. This is my favorite brand of bagel seasonings.

👤There are better mixes in the stores. This one tastes like small onion bits with a few other seasonings. It tastes like they used the cheapest ingredients possible.

👤I've been buying my bagel seasoning from a number of stores. I decided to buy a larger container off Amazon because I run out so fast. I didn't like the taste of it. There is something off about it. I don't know if it's more salty than other brands. I love salt so it wouldn't be an issue. I found the flavor of this seasoning different from other brands. I was disappointed.

👤It wasn't what I expected. You don't have the seasoning on a bagel to where you pick it out of your mouth most of the day. This seasoning is what you do. I brushed my teeth, but sooner or later there was a seasoning hidden in my mouth. The seasoning is hard to find on a bagel. I eat bagels 3-4 times a week and never had a problem with the seasoning. It might be different if I put it on a roast in the crock pot and let it get soft while it's cooking. This is only my opinion. I don't want to buy it again since the 2 containers will last me a long time.

2. Kraft Macaroni Cheese Dinner Original

Kraft Macaroni Cheese Dinner Original

There is one 8 ct. box of KRAFT Easy Mac cups. The KRAFT EASY MAC Macaroni and Cheese Dinner is ready in 3.5 minutes. The cup contains original flavor cheese sauce mix and macaroni pasta. KRAFT EASY MAC is free of artificial flavors, artificial Preservatives, and artificial dyes. The mac and cheese cup is microwaveable. Macaroni and cheese is a great way to make a meal. The cheese sauce mix is sealed. EBT eligible food item can be used for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Brand: Kraft

👤My 10-year old is on Easy Mac. I don't know if it's because she can make herself something or if it's the flavor. I don't know what it is, but it's what sustains her on most days because she won't eat what I make. There is a I've been packing boxes of this stuff a lot. I'm not asking questions because the boxes are cheaper on Amazon than in the store. The ones in the cup are self-contained. It's not ideal for consumption outside of the home because you have to supply your own bowl and measure the water in a cup.

👤Does not like the taste of mac n cheese. After cooking, the noodles are gray. The cheese packet flavor is not the same after being added. It's not a good deal after cooking around 1/3 cup of macaroni. I liked the food when I was a kid. I like it when I'm 67. This might be made by a different company. Would not buy again.

👤I was very disappointed in subscribe and save. The product arrived three weeks before it expired. It's not acceptable to use subscribe and save as a way to dump expired food.

👤I remember eating Easy Mac and thought it was good. When I don't have time to cook a normal box or wash all the extra dishes, I thought I'd give Easy Mac a try again. There is a You would think that the cheese powder in a pack would taste like cheese. It doesn't. It was very bland and flavorless. I try to cook it in the microwave, but it doesn't work. The package says to cook it for 3 minutes and 45 seconds, which resulted in a mess. I tried to cook it for 3 minutes, but it was still too much. I tried cooking it for 2 minutes and 30 seconds and it was soupy, but still gummy noodles. I tried cooking it with less water and noodles came out soft. I only recommend Easy Mac for people who like bland food and people who don't like to chew their food. I will stick with the regular boxes of mac and cheese, even though it's better than the gourmet ones.

👤I like a quick, inexpensive meal that is not too bad for me. These are great for a snack or a meal, and you should watch for these salmon or tuna packets on sale. It's quick and easy, pour water up to the line and nuke, because in my microwave, it goes out perfectly for my taste. It's perfect when you don't have a lot of time to make something. Is it healthy? I use it as a base to add tuna or salmon, some veggies, and it's not a health food. There is a You can dress it up, I add anything that strikes your fancy. If you're hungry, you need to make at least two if you want a real meal. They work for me because once cooked, there's still about half of the carton to add in. There is a The price is listed. I picked up an 8 pack for 7 bucks. The bottom line. They're a staple. I don't have them every day, but they're handy and make my salmon or tuna taste better.

3. Nutella Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Breadsticks

Nutella Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Breadsticks

The perfect box holds 24 single packs and is perfect for your family to take with them on their travels. The perfect snack is a delicious spread of hazelnuts and bread sticks. It's a one-of-a-kind snacking experience. snack packs made for travel and busy lifestyles Premium hazelnuts are never used in the making of Nutella, it is made with the freshest raw materials.

Brand: Nutella

👤I bought this pack to try it out and also get the full size jar because I think it's pretty tasty. The bread sticks in the To Go packs are pretty good. The packaging on the To Go pack is a little deceiving. It might look like the container is half full of bread sticks and half full of Nutella. The picture shows that the side with the full amount of Nutella is on the bottom. If you hit the bottom of the container, you're going to get alarmed and you're not going to be able to dig into the Nutella side. I was expecting more. 5 stars, though. The package has the amount of product stated on it, but I didn't think it would be full because of the way it looked.

👤Product leaking out the corner of a taped box was put into a new Amazon box. I had to throw out some containers. Good product. I feel ripped off.

👤Who am I fooling? These are not for my kids lunches. They are for me! The breadsticks are better than the pretzels. It's more neutral than salty. The price on these is cheaper than my local stores. It was shipped straight to me. These little packs are so convenient in my kids lunches and for me as a late night snack, do not tell my kids! I have to add these to my auto ship. The dippers are light and airy. The perfect amount of the dip is the hazelnuts. I like having these with coffee or cocoa. My husband lets me keep ordering the lunches, so I put on or two in the kids lunches. The rest are in my nightstand. Don't tell anyone.

👤I remember when it was a craze. I told myself that I was not interested in the hype. A couple of weeks ago. I tried the bread stick snack for the first time because my daughter wanted snacks for camp. I waited so long to try it because I was so upset. I was craving it since it was heaven in my mouth. I bought a lighting deal on Amazon. They arrived with no issues and it expires in January, which was perfect after reading reviews that said they were getting expired stuff. I fell in love with the stuff they don't taste like. It is missing the kick of the flavor. It tastes like milk chocolate. I'm not sure why that is.

👤It's expensive to get a jar of Nutella in my house. Only 4 or the little headstock with a bottle of Nutella. I don't think it's worth that much. I think it's over priced. Good quality and it tastes great.

👤I have been eating these snacks for a long time. I had to order some of the office staff right away. It's a little pricey for snacks. We create a positive environment by having a staff of professionals. One day, we will provide tasty and healthy snacks.

👤It's the right size for a snack. After being in the house for a while, the package softened up and I was able to open it.

4. Kraft Grated Parmesan Cheese Shaker

Kraft Grated Parmesan Cheese Shaker

There is one 8 oz. A bottle of cheese. Premium quality milk is used to make the cheese. It gives your favorite recipes a sharp flavor. Grated for convenience. Your pastas, pizzas, seafood, salads and more will be enhanced by the use of Versatile Italian style Parmesan cheese. The bottle is easy to store. After opening.

Brand: Kraft

👤All of the ordered and purchased items arrived. Together 2. The exact open window is on time. 3. It is packed wisely and easily to store by groups and destinations. Green beans and broccoli have an additional bag to keep the temperature down. 4. The kind Amazon delivery employee brought it to the doorstep. 5. Everything was clean and high standard, great to adopt especially in covid times. 6. Extra paper was used to protect the items in each bag. 7. Everything was fresh. Excellent quality of cheese. There are notes. It will be very affordable if it is 1-2$ less. 2. The upper lid holes are too big for cheese.

👤I go through a lot of the product and it is either a bad run of product or a fake. The texture is coarse and wet. I am not a cheese expert. I have a feeling that something is not right.

👤It's funny. I have been using this staple cheese for most of my life, and I almost gave it up. It was tasteless the last time I bought it at my local store. Other brands were not any better. I like fresh food. I don't always buy it when I plan weekly meals, my pantry was bare on Pasta nights. I saw this a few weeks ago on Amazon and decided to try it again. I'm so happy I did. It tastes like it was fresh when I was a child. I'm not sure. Why? I hope it stays the same.

👤I was surprised at the high ratings for this cheese. I decided to take a chance on something that I didn't think was good. The price was not very high. It wasn't as bad as I had thought, but I wouldn't buy it again.

👤This is not good food. I love it. On almost anything. In soup, on french-fries, over pasta, or on a salad. It's absolutely delicious. Maybe it's our yeast. It is comparable to Twinkies for shelf-life. Enjoy and stock up.

👤The producto was un clsico. No tan salado. Para pastas. Compramos, seipre lo compramos.

👤I like this product with any food that has tomato. It's hard to find right now. It was very gratifying to be able to get it.

5. Augason Farms Certified Storage Everyday

Augason Farms Certified Storage Everyday

Premium hazelnuts are never used in the making of Nutella, it is made with the freshest raw materials. It's perfect for food storage, emergencies, survival, and everyday use. It is certified as being free of the harmful effects of the gluten-free diet. A 10 year shelf life is possible. It is certified as being free of gluten. Hot cheese dip and macaroni and cheese are delicious.

Brand: Augason Farms

👤I took a chance after reading all the bad reviews. I'm glad I did. My husband is on Weight Watcher's and he was starting to spend a lot of time looking at cheese. I remember him looking at me before we were married. I knew I had to act quickly before the gruyere took out the restraining order. The Augason Farms cheese blend powder is needed. The prepared cheese sauce that is made with skim milk or almond milk is low in Weight Watcher's points and is a great way to satisfy his need for cheese. We love smothering a baked potato or oozing it in a bean burrito. I made mac and cheese with whole wheat pasta for him. There is a If you're looking for something that tastes like a perfect slice of aged Irish cheddar, you should buy some Irish cheddar. If you're looking for something low fat, super cheesey, and tastes great, then this cheese blend powder is for you. Even after he reaches his goal, this will be a staple in our pantry.

👤I was not sure about this product. I would have liked to have opened it sooner. I was afraid it would have a bad cheese flavor, or something out of a box. I thought I would have to add more. I thought I would have to use the whole can. I was wrong. A pound of pasta can be made with a half a cup. It's absolutely delicious and you don't need to add anything else. I'm very impressed.

👤This is a powdered blend of cheese and other ingredients. It has a mild but pleasant cheese taste. This is ok if you want to make a sauce for macaroni and cheese. I prefer a stronger cheese flavor. It works well for adding a cheese flavor to food. It is easy to blend into a sauce without having to melt cheese. I mix it with olive oil and water to make a sauce that is spreadable. This can be used as a substitute for American cheese. This cheese powder is great for sprinkling on popcorn and it has become one of my favorite uses for this item. I have purchased this product many times and have kept it on hand. Even though I don't like the amount of cheese taste, I buy it for convenience and to keep it on hand. I keep this on hand as a convenient pantry item, I don't buy this just to be prepared for the next apocolypse. I usually buy several cans whenever I see a good price for this item, since it's perfect for long term storage. I would prefer to use real cheese for most things, but this can be an acceptable substitute for a variety of uses and would be good to have on hand for emergencies.

👤What can I say? There is cheese in a can. A good size can. There is a heavy can. It feels like it has a lot of product. It's a powdered cheese that's perfect for making macc and cheese in a pinch. It could be mixed into bread dough, biscuit dough, etc. Add the dehydrated potato slices to the potatoes. Add to pastas, add to popcorn, add to veggie dishes, add to anything you want to make cheese. It makes cheese sauces easier to make. I had this to keep on hand so I wouldn't have to keep it cold. I have been broke and hungry before, so I invested when I could, to make sure I could make it through. I'm setting the can aside because of the tough times returning. I'll be happy to open this can when I need to.

6. Velveeta Shells Cheese Original Microwave

Velveeta Shells Cheese Original Microwave

A box of VELVEETA Shells and Cheese Cups Original Flavor. Velveeta Shells and Cheese Cups are easy to prepare. Shell pasta and cheese sauce are included in the VELVEETA cup. Velveeta Mac and Cheese Cups have 0g trans fats. mac and cheese is a classic dorm food. Easy shells and cheese dish can be microwaved. The cheese sauce is sealed. EBT eligible food item can be used for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Brand: Velveeta

👤I was tired of paying $5 for a small order of white cheddar mac and cheese at a restaurant for lunch and decided to buy these. The taste of Velveeta is okay, what I would expect from "instant" mac and cheese. I was really disappointed in the quantity, as this makes a quarter, and maybe a third cup of mac and cheese. I told my wife that this was definitely a child's portion because the shells don't expand. There is a I told my wife that I would be tempted to replace the water with milk. We like our mac and cheese creamy. There is a I probably wouldn't buy them again. I'd have to make a box of mac and cheese the next day because I'd have to make leftovers for work. You get a lot more when it's cheaper.

👤Not sure what to expect. This is a new product that was just delivered. The cups were sealed and the dates were good. Maybe that's why they're discounted. At the time of purchase, I think that should be disclosed.

👤I love Velveeta Shells & Cheese, the one that comes in a large box and is cooked on the stove. This would be a quick way to get my fix. There is a Not. There is a The noodles in this place are raw. They do not cook in the microwave in 3.5 minutes as was stated on the package. I like my pasta al dente, but this gives it a whole new meaning. The pasta is very hard. I tried cooking for longer, but the noodles just stuck together in one big lump, and still weren't cooked well. There is a The serving portion is small. Even small children would want more than one. After preparation, the cup is 1/3 full. Save money. These are terrible.

👤This doesn't taste like noodles. The peppers make it taste weird, and the cheesey part has an odd flavor. There is a If you take your mind off of the idea of a Mexican noodle hamburger, you won't be disappointed. There is a I won't be ordering them again, even though they should be pretty good. I will need to donate the rest of what I ordered.

👤The flavor is fine. Good sauce. There is a If you put the spoon on the tip of the noodles, the serving won't cover the top of the spoon. There is a For anyone else, this is a joke. A few nibbles and that's it. There is a They will say... It's a serving. duh... So what? A few bites won't cut it for the average person. It has a lot of calories and carbs in a small serving. Lots of people wouldn't buy it because of the cal/carbs/salt content. This is better as a small snack. It's not good for anything else because of the amount you're given.

👤I'm not sure how wonderful it is to feed the kids microwave meals, sometimes it's just gatta. We are constantly coming and going between activities, school, sports and sometimes someone is hungry and this is convenient to have on hand. For every feeling of "should I feed my kids this?" there is an equal, it is so easy and they love it. It's a popular snack and quick meal around here, so we try to avoid it. The price is awesome and run on when it is gone until next month. We know we aren't doing it too much on thePreservative and Additives. Finally. This is a great travel partner. When we travel and stay in hotels to visit family, we keep them in the camper, 2 in our travel bag, with toys and extra clothes that goes along to babysitters or grandparents houses. A great shelf stable easy meal that all you need is water and a microwave to make Convenience and how much my kids love this, merits 5 stars.

7. Sabatino Tartufi Truffle Seasoning Ounce

Sabatino Tartufi Truffle Seasoning Ounce

EBT eligible food item can be used for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. The worlds first all purpose seasoning is Truffle Zest. This is the best gourmet food powder. A small amount of Truffle Zest goes along way. It will add great flavor to your dishes. The ordinary can be made extraordinary with the seasoning. It can be sprinkled on pasta, pizza, salads, eggs, french fries, and anything else you can think of. The non-gmo project verified the delicious truffles. You need to have Truffle Zest if you love truffles.

Brand: Sabatino Tartufi Truffles

👤I'm a fan of truffles. Only a truffle is a truffle. This heavenly heaven sent powder is one of the most addictive and versatile options. Popcorn, in eggs, added to soups and sauces to layer flavors, veggies, and Pasta... I haven't tried sprinkling it on ice cream, but the list is endless. Although it's a bit funny. It is a bit salty, so I recommend testing the waters first. I ordered my 9th and 10th bottle of the same thing. I wonder if there are 12 step meetings for condiments. Just let go of your baggage and order it. I'll be at the meetings.

👤When I received my order, I immediately smelled it and thought it would be good if I could smell it before opening it. This would be great with mashed potatoes. The smell was stronger when I opened the box. The cap was broken. I don't know if it broke during shipping or if it was packed in a single thin bubble wrap but I believe the flavor has already started to diminish due to not being able to tighten. There is an update. I am happy to report that the replacement bottle I received today was bubble wrapped and shipped in a bubble wrap envelope. I immediately opened the package and was happy to see that the bottle was intact. I was sent a replacement right away, the packaging is better, and the flavor is amazing. I want to try it on many products.

👤I was somewhat dubious when I ordered it, but I thought I would give it a chance. I'm getting spoiled because I use it so much. It's not exactly like real truffles, but it's close enough for everyday use. If you cook with it, it will destroy the flavor, but if you put it on after cooking, the heat from the food is enough.

👤Pizza, pasta, eggs, popcorn, everything. I use black and white truffle oil for a lot of things. I am loving using it. If you've never had white pizza, you should try it. The California Pizza Kitchen has a good version. It was truffle zest on that that made me cry. I will continue to order this and recommend it to you if you like it.

👤My son received this as a gift. I thought he would like this because he likes truffles. It didn't go well. There is a When he opened the container, he almost started gagging. I was looking for a reaction from him. I understood his reaction after sniffing it. It has a strong odor like dirty gym socks or dish rags. Disgusting! There is a I would not recommend this product.

👤Have ordered this product before and love it. It has a strong rancid smell that fills the room when you take off the lid. There is no refunds allowed on the product. Will not be rearranging.

👤I received this yesterday. I will tell you something. This is a powder. A small amount will go a long way. It's also good. It was amazing when I sprinkled it on my pizza. I will purchase again if the price doesn't go up. Two thumbs up. There is an update. The price is too high. It keeps going up and up. The price for mushroom dust is not worth the effort to get to the point.

8. King Arthur Flour Espresso Powder

King Arthur Flour Espresso Powder

Add espresso powder to your favorite chocolate recipe and you will see a difference in the taste of your chocolate. This baking ingredient is ground and dried from coffee beans. This espresso powder is easy to mix. King Arthur Baking Company is a founding B Corporation. They are a baking company. Their name and logo reflect who they are, bakers who are committed to spreading the simple joy of baking.

Brand: King Arthur

👤This product was received with an expired tag. Returned item isn't available for returns. There is a drain and there is money going down it.

👤There is a huge sticker on top of this item that says it will be gone in February.

👤This just arrived and it says it expired 3 months ago.

👤I was able to use the product for my chocolate cake after it was open. I was going to try the powder for the first time, but now I have to order it from the KA website. The top portion of the espresso has been open for a while, so it is not new.

👤I use this in my homemade coconut milk ice cream to make it coffee-flavored. I just use a small amount. I tried a few recipe versions which used a cup or less of coffee but they didn't work as well as the espresso powder does. I can make mine at home and also dairy-free, since I don't have to worry about the store versions.

👤The first time I ordered it, it was going to be gone in a few months. It became hard to use after a month or two after having it, and it got worse over time. I live in a humid climate, so it could be that it clumped because of that. It became much harder to break up as it became useless. The clumps were sticky and I had to wash the zester after, so I could not use it. I kept this in an airtight bag in my cupboard between uses, and it still came out the same. Attached is an image. There is a The espresso powder did it's job for two months, until it became useless. Unless you plan to use the entire amount within a short period, I would strongly advise against buying this product.

👤It's perfect for cooking. I've used this in cakes, brownies, and even a coffee creamer recipe. I don't recommend using this as a substitute for espresso, as that isn't what it is designed to do. This is a great addition if you want the chocolate flavor to pop in your recipe. The wide mouth makes it easy to get measuring spoons out of the container. I would buy again.

👤I love this! This was bought for a cake recipe. I was worried that it would make the cake taste like coffee. No worries. It makes the chocolate taste better. I will be adding this to everything I bake that has chocolate in it.

👤I was expecting this to come in a glass jar, but it is plastic. I will not be using this product again. The flavour is amazing. I only bought this because the recipe I was using called for it. I was impressed with how much chocolate flavour it brought to my buttercream icing.

👤I think it was overpriced because it made a slightly richer taste when used with cocoa powder in cakes. There is a It went hard in the jar before I used it all. I wouldn't buy it again, but I wanted to try it.

9. Kraft Original Flavor Macaroni Cheese

Kraft Original Flavor Macaroni Cheese

One 4 ct. There is a sleeve of dinner cups. The dinner cups are ready in 3.5 minutes. The cup contains original flavor cheese sauce mix and macaroni pasta. There are no artificial colors or flavors in macaroni and cheese. Easy macaroni and cheese can be microwaved. Kids and adults love macaroni and cheese. The cheese sauce mix is sealed. EBT eligible food item can be used for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Brand: Kraft

👤It is a month and a half out of date after being received about an hour ago.

👤I tried one and it was on the off chance that I misinterpreted the instructions. This food product is not suitable for animal consumption but may be useful as a textured art medium for wall hangings in poor taste. Har har har. There is a The water and noodles were brown. No amount of "cheddar-like powder" could mask the Witches brew. The taste was worse than the visual. I threw the rest in the waste receptacle and will never buy it again. Yuk, Pew, and Ralf, speak. It's flavor. Try serving up some sweaty old gym socks or something with a really bad moss covering sauce. It will taste better. There is a There is no product value because it is not food. There is a presentation. The best American marketing money can be misleading. The result is not the same as the prepared dish.

👤The package of Mac & Cheese is great. A cup has 220 calories and 40g of total carbs. Mac & Cheese has some tasty benefits. If you love mac and cheese, these are worth a try. It tastes great. It is very easy to make. The directions call for a short time in the microwave. I put one cup in for 3 minutes and it cooks the noodles. If you have water to clean up on your microwave plate, place the cup on a paper plate. I put the directions on the side of the cup for convenience. The portion size is good for a snack or side dish. My son will have one when he gets home from school often or as a side dish with dinner. I stir the cheese packet after it goes in. I think it is important. Go ahead! These will be very hot in the microwave. I have this item on my save list and it gives me additional savings when I need them. The price is unbeatable. Definitely recommend!

👤I am cooking for myself. I add a cup of mixed vegetables and a small packet of tuna to this, and it's not so bad. You can always get cups like this from Annie's if you want to make it healthier. _____________________________________ I am watching fat and cals and this is lower than the DeLUXE cup. I've been eating KRAFT in the blue box for years. It's a good price for what it is, good taste, and it's not as creamy, but it's not really noticeable. I believe the creamy deluxe is 2.38 but they are not really a meal or even a snack. It takes about 1/2 the cup to cook. I mix in a packet of light tuna in water and it makes a meal for me.

👤I am angry. I bought these for our emergency supply kit and expected them to be good for at least a year. The package I received was due to expire in November 2019. Thanks for selling stock. I will only buy in person at the store where I can check the dates.

10. Ultimate Cheese Making Kit Different

Ultimate Cheese Making Kit Different

REDCAMP has a 100% money back guarantee. They will give you a satisfying solution if any piece is broken. The cheese kit makes you say, "Well, that was easy!" You can make your favorite cheese at home in less than an hour. They have included everything you need, except the crackers. Say CHEESE 10 different ways, why choose one when you can have 10? Their cheese making kit contains all the ingredients you need to make 40 batches of cheese. Simple enough for the least skilled cook. The Ultimate Cheese Making Kit has everything you need to make cheese, including organic sea salt, anhydrous citric acid, vegetarian rennet, butter muslin, ground cinnamon, lemon pepper, dried mint, paprika, 3 cheese molds, and step-by-step instructions. They know there is a person in your life who will love this gift, or someone who needs to make themselves useful in the kitchen. The cheese kit is vegetarian and has a one-year shelf life, which will impress friends and family. Big CHEESE. The Big Cheese Making Kit was created to see if they can make cheese ourselves. They wanted something that didn't require fancy equipment or aging the cheese for 5 years under the stairs. Their research and trial and error lead them to create cheese kits that are simple, quick and delicious.

Brand: The Big Cheese Making Kit

👤I bought this kit after buying cheese cloth, molds, etc. I watched a lot of videos. There were many conflicting methods on the videos. Many of the videos make assumptions. I bought this kit and it has been great. Mozarella, ricotta, and more are coming. The yields have been very high. We have been drinking organic milk. The book is fool proof and the ingredients are all there, just add milk. You can go further into cheese making after you master these cheeses.

👤This is amazing. I like to bake bread. I thought it might be fun in the same way. It's so much more. It's easy to get to the stage of separation of the two components and there are lots of options to choose from. I like that the kit has everything you need in one place, so I don't have to buy it all at once. The cheeses make my kitchen smell good. I'll be making cheese over and over again.

👤I knew I had to try it. There are so many options that first impressions bode well. The kit includes everything you need to make mozzarella and ricotta at home, and it's a great change of pace. The instructions are well written, the packages are clearly labeled, and it seems to be simple to add milk. I find the recipes for using each variety to be great for anyone new to Scottish crowdie. This is a really cool gift for anyone who loves cheese, cooking, or just crafts, and I will keep the kits for myself. I'm excited to share the vegan kit with my friends who are vegan and have aversions to dairy.

👤My dad has everything and doesn't need anything. He is enjoying it. His only criticism is that some of the recipes call for something other than regular milk, which they don't usually have on hand.

👤I bought this for my mom. She was surprised by how long it takes to make 1 batches after reading the book of directions. She said that it looks like it will take a day or two to make 1 batches and that it is very time consuming. It makes 40 batches of cheese and so many different types. She has never heard of some of them.

👤The cheese kit was a Christmas present. It's a nice big box. About 9 long, 6 wide and 6 tall. All there, I checked out the contents. The kit contained a stapled paper guide, a recipe book, a pack of Rennet tablets, and 3 cheese molds. All except the binding on the booklet are the same. All shelves are stable. I am very happy with my purchase and would purchase it again.

👤Even though the bix was pristine, half the packages were damaged. It was a very disappointing Christmas gift when it was damaged before being boxed. There were many different types of seasonings and Citric acid.

👤This was a gift for a friend of mine who is retiring. He was wondering what to do with his time. The problem was solved by this gift. He loves it!

11. 365 Everyday Value Shredded Parmesan

365 Everyday Value Shredded Parmesan

Whole Foods Market's products give you that dance-down-the-aisles feeling. Their huge range of choices with premium ingredients at prices you can get down with makes grocery shopping so much more than tossing the basics in your cart.

Brand: 365 By Whole Foods Market

👤You can get away with selling anything if you translate parmigiano to Parmesan. There is a substitute for the real thing that is called Parmesan. This isn't it. It is insipid. It's not just me saying that. Our daughter's dog likes to have a little bit of parmigiano/Parmesan on her food. We thought that we could keep the good stuff for ourselves and keep our dog happy with it. She walked away after one sniff. It's right. There is no reason for shredded Parmesan to exist.

👤I can't believe the reviews are 4.5 stars. No way! It's the worst I've ever had. It tastes like cardboard. My guess is that there is 10% low-grade parmesan. I made a terrible quiche with it. I made it with tomato pasta and it didn't melt. What does that tell you? I tried to make a disc of pure parmesan, but it was not good. If you chew it, it becomes what I imagine a grating eraser tastes like. With Whole Foods buying power, I would hope that you have better quality control for your cheese in the less expensive refrigerator section. I have only ever complained about a bad quality cheese in my life. I don't mean in either case that it's a bad bunch. Hire a professional cheese expert to select your cheese for your customers. If you have an expert buyer, you need a couple other staff to look at the product. Thank you.

👤I bought this finely shredded parmesan cheese with no expectation of it having the great flavor of more expensive aged cheese and am amazed at how much flavor it has. If I have them, I use it in simple romaine salads with olive oil, ground pepper, sea salt, and occasionally capers or anchovies. I was thrilled to find a decent shredded parmesan cheese at such a good price after trying another store's house brand and it had virtually no flavor.

👤This was my scenario. I am pregnant and have run out of cheese. Whole Foods did a great job with the delivery service, I was not feeling well for a drive. Really, a great job. They give you alternatives if they don't have it. In less than 5 minutes, I was able to order everything that I needed and I have everything at home. They kept me informed of everything. There is a Whole Foods has great quality products, and this cheese is very good.

👤The cheese has some flavor. I'm happy that Amazon has Whole Foods products.

👤I ordered all my groceries after buying 365 Parmesan. I sprinkle parmesan on popcorn instead of salt and was pleasantly surprised at my first use of the 365. It was delicious and will be on my shopping list.

👤If you want to make an actual sauce or smooth emulsion, you should buy a wedge of hard cheese and grate it yourself. This is quick, and I used it to sprinkle on top of salads. Good enough in a pinch.

👤Great taste. The365 brand is not a tasteless brand.


What is the best product for cooking cream cheese?

Cooking cream cheese products from Mccormick. In this article about cooking cream cheese you can see why people choose the product. Kraft and Nutella are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking cream cheese.

What are the best brands for cooking cream cheese?

Mccormick, Kraft and Nutella are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking cream cheese. Find the detail in this article. Augason Farms, Velveeta and Sabatino Tartufi Truffles are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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