Best Cooking Coconut Oil Spray

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1. Tourangelle Almond Cooking Massage High Heat

Tourangelle Almond Cooking Massage High Heat

La Tourangelle's Almond Oil is one of the best oils for skin care. The La Tourangelle Sweet Almond Oil can be used in your daily skin care routine. Premium taste is derived from the best quality ingredients and is the mainstay of all La Tourangelle's oils. The flavor of La Tourangelle can be added to any meal. Their oils, dressings and vinaigrettes make it easy to create distinctive dishes for professional chefs and novices. It's great for salads, meats, pastas and more. La Tourangelle's artisan oils and vinaigrettes are natural and sustainable. They make products that are sustainable. Expeller-pressed, non-GMO and Kosher. La Tourangelle has the best oils and flavors from around the world, straight to your kitchen. Their products are produced in California.

Brand: La Tourangelle

👤The peanut oil has a great smell. It made my steamed vegetables taste better. I was given a gift card to your favorite colonic studio and I was given two days of colon cleansing for free. I was not able to predict when, where and how often this cleansing process would occur.

👤It makes my skin feel soft. A friend of mine got me hooked on this, she is almost 80 and has a lovely skin, I am 90 and havewrinkles but still have good skin and this oil is just as good.

👤If you do it like the bulletproof coffee, it will work. I use a milk frother to whisk the oil in, and it makes sense for a while. It will eventually come out, but just stirring it in with a spoon will integrate it again. It leaves a little oil on the inside of the glass, but who cares. There is a Pro's: It works great when whisked in coffee and there are no artificial flavors or high fructose corn syrup. You get all the flavor of roasted hazelnuts, but not the junk. This is not a fake/ sweet artificial hazelnut flavor. You need a milk frother to make coffee, but it takes 5s. There is a I love it! It's impossible to beat the price, health benefits, and flavor.

👤I used the almond oil to make my own lip balm. It seems like a good value. It doesn't have a smell at all. It is in a metal can. The tin can protects and preserves the freshness of the oil. It says to store in a dry place. It worked well in my lip balm. I like it. I recommend it. If my review was helpful, please let Amazon know. Thanks.

👤The refined peanut oil has a smoking point of 450F while the unrefined peanut oil has a smoking point of 320F. It has a wonderful peanut flavor. It's wonderful for salad dressings. It has a strong roasted peanut smell. For Wok cooking, use refined peanut oil. I haven't tried it to make peanut butter.

👤I bought this thinking that I would get the one advertised, but that's not what I got. I wanted to use this blue can for my own oils, so I bought this. I thought it looked similar to my other bottles and jars. I could use Almond oil. That was just a bonus. I got a yellow can. They thought they would fix their mistake and not hurt them. It isn't. Returnable. I am really disappointed. I will not buy from them again.

👤I like using walnuts and almonds in cooking. The smoke point of these is higher than olive oil so they can take the heat a little better. They give a rich, nutty flavor to your food. I use it for stir fry vegetables and it makes a great combination flavor. I usually pay $8 for a 500ml can of La Touragelle oils as an "add on" item. If you put it in your cart, save it for later, and watch for updates on the price, it will be like the stock market. Buy it when it hits your price point. The quality of these oils is excellent and I have bought different nut oils multiple times without any issues with freshness or quality. The manufacturer recommends that I do this.

2. Original Grass Fed 4th Heart Certified

Original Grass Fed 4th Heart Certified

We source the best from grass-fed ghee oil from pasture-raised cows withavocado oil and grapeseed oil. UpGRADE any job. Their cooking oil with a 485-degree smoke point is an easy replacement for butter, olive, coconut, or other cooking oils. Ghee oil can be used to cook, bake, grill, or coat vegetables. Diet friendly. A great addition to your healthy lifestyle, it's allergy and nut-free, Paleo, and Whole 30 approved. The word nerd is derived from the Greek word nerd. Their grass-fed ghee oil is carefully processed to keep heart healthy fats, vitamins A, D, E and K, and gut healthy fat intact. There is a helpful note. The blend of ghee can become thick if they don't use aerosol propellants. Try running the can under hot water for a moment.

Brand: 4th & Heart

👤I use this on popcorn to have a pure topping that doesn't set off my food allergies. The salt can be added to the popcorn in order to add a nice flavor. This is what I was looking for. I was very pleased with the taste and quality of this spray. Amazon will donate to your favorite charity. Amazon will donate to the charity of your choice when you make a qualified purchase if you use Amazon Smile. You can check out how Amazon Smile works at My shopping is giving to my favorite charity at no cost to me. Awesome!

👤I clicked on this too fast because it was just oil. I said yes immediately. It was packaged perfectly and survived the trip, and it is a very attractive package. I didn't realize that it was more than just ghee, it had a vegetable oil in it. I understand. I was asleep when I bought this. That is fine. There is no problem there. I noticed that it had oil in it. grapeseed oil is not good for you. I don't know if I should be pouring it out or asking for a refund, as it's my fault that I didn't realize this is not just ghee or even avocados with oil. It was caveat emptor. The flavor isn't all that. It tastes like you put butter in your oil. It is not a good flavor. I think it's a good idea to just go for regular ghee or regularavocado oil.

👤The cap sprayer broke when I tried to use it. I went to the store and bought the jarred Ghee after they accepted the return. It is delicious and perfect, and doesn't have any of the harmful ingredients that the pan spray does.

👤I was happy with how easy it was to use and I bought one to try. The spray nozzle on the second and third bottles was not working and the product congealed. If you have to throw it in the trash because you can't use it, this product is too expensive to keep buying.

👤The first can was ok. The second one won't work. It is always a problem and never works.

👤The oil is great for cooking high in heat. The packaging is terrible. After it's been opened, the bottle stopper won't stay in. It pops out. To keep the bottle closed, you have to put something on top of it. It's messy to get the oil out of the bottle. Good product and packaging need an upgrade.

👤I use it on my skin around the eyes and mouth, and on the bread I bake. It makes the bread pretty good.

👤I used it on toast and veggies. I wish there was more in the can. It seems to go out quickly.

3. BetterBody Foods Avocado Naturally Refined

BetterBody Foods Avocado Naturally Refined

It's great for cooking. The perfect all-purpose cooking oil is their naturally refined avocado oil. It makes a nice base for a homemade salad dressing when it's cold. The smoking point is high. With a smoke point of 500F, this pure cooking oil is useful for just about anything, making it olive oil's match in every way. It can be used for frying, sauteing, baking, and more. There is a light haze associated with the disease. This useful cooking oil has a smooth and creamy flavor, enhances the flavors of food, and only has 10 grams of fat per serving. This oil is naturally refined. It's perfect for the paleo and keto diet because it's made from clean ingredients. BetterBody Foods can be used for many things. This oil is great because of the vitamins, minerals, and other properties of avocados.

Brand: Betterbody Foods

👤The one on the right has a picture of a fruit. The product is on the left. You understand why it costs $8.

👤I love the oil! It tastes better than grapeseed oil, which is similar to high smoking point and healthfulness. I agree with someone else who described it asbuttery. It is wonderful, but I am not sure if it is the flavor or the mouthfeel that reminds me of butter. I used it tonight to stir fry shredded cabbage, which is a recipe I have made for years with various oils, but this oil really took it to a new level. I highly recommend it.

👤I use this for everything. Very pleased!

👤I was worried about the smell and taste of the oil, but I was reassured by the reviews and chose this one instead of buying cheaper products. The plastic does not affect the smell, so it would be nice if they used a glass container.

👤I combine olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette and parmesan for a great dressing that is so healthy it's hard to resist.

👤I like the oil. I used it to make popcorn. Popcorn is good. The flip top lid is very loose and thin. When I put it in the cupboard, I held the bottle at an angle to get it behind other stuff. The lid popped open and spilled something onto the counter.

👤I was hesitant in buying the oil because it would make food taste better. I have used it a few times and it has been great. I like that I haven't noticed a change. I will change this review if there is a change. I feel better cooking with conventional canola oil. This bottle should last me a couple months.

👤I can't say much about this oil. It is a very high quality oil. Has a high smoke point. It's perfect for high heat cooking. It has a better flavor than other oils I've tried.

4. Mantova Liquid Coconut Spray Ounce

Mantova Liquid Coconut Spray Ounce

The Mantova Coconut Oil spray bottle is made from 100% natural coconut and is free of any artificial ingredients. It's perfect for a plant-based diet. Their all-natural coconut oil spray is cholesterol free, non-GMO, and rich in beneficial fats, Omega 6 and vitamins. The bag in bottle system helps you spray lightly and evenly. Their oils are good for cooking with eggs, waffle irons, pancake griddles, and hot sandwiches. It is possible to spray finished foods for a beautiful look and a great taste. Mantova offers oil sprays for cooking in several exciting flavors for adding to salad dressings, pasta salads, pasta sauces, breads, vegetables, and meats. Rice, Toasted Sesame, and walnuts.

Brand: Mantova

👤The coconut spray is very good. It tastes like a movie theater popcorn. I bought one because I wanted to buy more, but only one was in stock. Hope more become available. So good.

👤The spray works down to the last drop in the can. The coconut oil I cook with is very mild. Maybe I don't notice the flavor. When I bake, I use it liberally. It's a bit pricey. I also use their spray.

👤When wearing a sleeveless outfit, my wetsuit rubs my neck and under arms. The price of Tri-Glide and the like is much higher. This is not artificial. It is easy to spray hard to reach areas.

👤The application is delicious and convenient. Does not congeal.

👤It tasted great in my food and was a healthier alternative to regular cooking oil.

👤No strong flavor, no chemicals, and no clogging! This is my second bottle and I will keep getting it. It's worth the price if you just buy it.

5. Tourangelle Vegetables Vinaigrettes Marinades Authentic

Tourangelle Vegetables Vinaigrettes Marinades Authentic

The characteristic flavor of sesame oil has been giving Asian food it's traditional touch. The award winning flavor of their Toasted Sesame Oil can be found in stir-fry, fried rice, noodles or marinades. Premium taste is derived from the best quality ingredients and is the mainstay of all La Tourangelle's oils. The flavor of La Tourangelle can be added to any meal. Their oils, dressings and vinaigrettes make it easy to create distinctive dishes for professional chefs and novices. It's great for salads, meats, pastas and more. La Tourangelle's artisan oils and vinaigrettes are natural and sustainable. They make products that are sustainable. Expeller-pressed, non-GMO and Kosher. La Tourangelle brings the best oils and flavors from around the world straight to your kitchen.

Brand: La Tourangelle

👤I just opened my 3rd can of this product and it appears that they have fixed the problem with the spout, as I wrote about in the previous post. The metal lip on the can below the spout has been overshot by a stream from the pour spout. Problem solved! All the oil goes where we want it to go, and no goes onto the top of the can. Excellent! Five stars. I wrote this in October of last year. The oil is fine. It's packaging is terrible. The spout is leaking. One doesn't binge pour a strong tasting oil, one slowly pours out a small amount. The top half of the metal-can-as-bottle's cap has a lip which is closed when it's closed. So far, so good. The can top has a lip as well. As you tilt the can enough for the oil to come from the spout onto your spoon, bowl, or food, the oil that's spilled into the lid's lip cascades over the top of it and rolls down, catching in the can top lip. It's either where it will get gunky, or be ready to spill onto a refrigerator shelf the day you knock the can over. One must use a tissue or paper towel to clean up the oil on the can top. I put the oil into the competitor's bottle. La Tourangelle, a leaking pouring spout is nonsense.

👤sesame is delicious and I unofficially collect La Tourangelle oils. It is very fragrant and a little goes a long way. Korean dishes often contain sesame oil and this is more economical than the small glass bottles that I see in the Asian foods section. There is a Cheater Korean Beef is my favorite recipe that uses ground beef instead of the special cut ribs. A pound of lean ground beef can be simply brown and crumbled, tossed with sesame oil and garlic. Top with scallions and sesame seeds. It was delicious and unique.

👤This is really good. It tastes like sesame seeds. I purchased a wok. I'm learning how to make Chinese food. I made my first dish with this oil, a vegetable stir fry, and it was terrific. The cream cheese was lightly fried in the wok and then finished in the oven. I want to make my own food because I don't want to eat in restaurants that use too much oil. I'm going to use this again tomorrow for vegetable fried rice. It is a heavy oil. It's not suitable for cakes or sweet dishes. The bottle was delivered almost a year and a half ago. I'm sure I'll use it all before that. I put it in the fridge.

👤This is a great product. It is one of the best tasting sesame seed oils I have ever cooked with. I've tried similar products and found that the flavor was mild and didn't add much to the food I was preparing. The quality of this brand has been consistently good. If you're hesitant about buying a can of oil via mail order, the product I received was very carefully wrapped and boxed so it arrived in pristine condition and was very fresh with a "use by" date of May 2019. It is 100% pure, non-GMO sesame oil, and the can it comes in is free of the harmful chemical, BPA.

6. Pompeian Cooking Spray Grapeseed Ounce

Pompeian Cooking Spray Grapeseed Ounce

Non-stick cooking spray is eco-friendly. There was no propellants or artificial Additives. It's ideal for stir frying, grilling, and baking. It's naturally high in vitamins E and the omega 3s. The quality has been from the Olive Oil People. Non_gmo is theAllergen information.

Brand: Pompeian

👤I bought this oil for the spray feature and it doesn't work. Only one stream of oil will be sprayed. I didn't have it to spray mist. The Mantova brand is also sold on Amazon. It comes in an 8oz bottle for only $5.99, a better deal and a better product.

👤I initially used this product to spray on my body as a moisturizers, but I switched to using it in the kitchen because my skin wasn't that dry after a short time. I like it. I use it to spray my bowl. It has been used by other household members for spraying a pan before cooking.

👤This oil is a good choice for high heat cooking. I use this spray with my grill. It works well and doesn't add any funky flavor to the food. It's a great buy because of the price. Most of the duds that you end up with work just fine, even if you end up with a dud that doesn't want to spray. They should have come in larger bottles. It doesn't go very far. I have had good luck ordering from Amazon. My local stores don't have it in stock.

👤This is my go-to cooking spray. The spray prevents sticking, and I like the fact that there is no added flavor. The best thing about this spray is that it is free of the wheat allergy.

👤I love this product. There is no smell or taste. It's easy to clean up. It's great for my diet. It's more expensive than the average spray but it's worth it because of the way it makes my food taste.

👤grapeseed oil was one of the food items pushed to try by the Pandemic. I've tried it on pasta, veggies, and potatoes. It gives your food a subtle flavor that I can't explain, just a different taste. I like spray form so I can control the amount of oil I use. Will have to try it on grilled food.

👤I was tired of pans being ruined by the brown gummy substance from the sprays. Found this and didn't think it was backed. I bought 9 cans to stock up. I tested all the cans and they all had the same mist. No issues with my sprayers. I haven't had a problem with my new pans smoking. Only shimmer. Love it.

👤I use this spray on my cast iron and it works better at higher temperatures than other sprays.

7. Non Canola Spray Cooking Baking

Non Canola Spray Cooking Baking

Canola oil spray is used for cooking and baking. Non- Stick.

Brand: Pure & Simple

👤A ninja grill. The wings should be sprayed with The Canola spray and then put in the air fryer. The wings are perfect. There is a My dum arse can't mess them up.

👤I haven't used it yet, but I expect it to be. The two pack in the large cans is good.

👤I like using this spray for baking and cooking.

👤If you buy a large can, you get two of them, and they sell the same but for a higher price. I use this every day. You get a good amount of spray. It does coat well when cooking. This is something that is always there. I put them away after buying a few. Best Buy!

8. Mantova 100 Avocado Spray Bottle

Mantova 100 Avocado Spray Bottle

The Mantova Avocado Oil Spray bottle is made from 100% natural avocados and has no artificial ingredients orPreservatives. It's perfect for a plant-based diet. Their all-natural oil spray is cholesterol free, non-GMO, and rich in vitamins and minerals. The bag in bottle system helps you spray lightly and evenly. Their oils are great for making omelettes, hot sandwiches, and salads, and they are also good for seasoning snacks. It is possible to spray finished foods for a beautiful look and a great taste. Mantova offers oil sprays for cooking in several exciting flavors for adding to salad dressings, pasta salads, pasta sauces, breads, vegetables, and meats. Coconut, Ghee, Grapeseed, Rice, Toasted Sesame, and walnuts.

Brand: Mantova

👤I use my air fryer every day and while I don't always add oil to my food, I wanted something that was healthy and had a high smoke point. That's where the oil comes from. There is a The smoke point of the oil is perfect for my air fryer. I have used this oil in my air fryer about 10 times and it has never smoked or smelled bad. I've used it on chicken, potato wedges, french fries, various veggies, and even on my pan when frying eggs--and it does not leave any weird oil taste, nor does it taste strongly of avocados. The label says "light taste". This brand has created a spray oil that is safe to use. The oil is in a bag inside of the spray bottle, and in the space between the bag and bottle is aerosol that is being used to create pressure. I feel better knowing that I am not putting carcinogens in my food. There is a The spray action is wide and powerful. It doesn't come out in a round shape, but rather a spray that covers a large area evenly. I can't comment on the "squirt/stream" spray functions because I haven't played around with them. I didn't want to waste the spray, I haven't had a need for those. With how much I use this, I'm not sure the price point is so great and I will likely look into a reuse of a pump-action oil sprayer and refill it with a different oil, to see how that compares to this product in terms of application and taste.

👤The propellants in spray oils will ruin the finish of the pans. The smoke point of the oil is high and it is perfect for the Ninja Foodi.

👤When I cook quickly, I spray it onto my skillet.

👤It is a wonderful product to cook with. It doesn't burn or smoke. I read it online. It is definitely true. It is quite expensive.

9. Nutiva Cold Pressed Unrefined Sustainably Coconuts

Nutiva Cold Pressed Unrefined Sustainably Coconuts

The world's finest fresh, organic virgin coconuts are supplied by Nutiva and adhere to USDA certified organic and non-GMO guidelines. Adding to Whole30, vegetarian, vegan, raw, whole food, paleo, ketogenic, and gluten-free diet is a great alternative to margarine or cooking oil. It's ideal as a medium heat cooking oil with a high smoke point and perfect for baking, frying and sautéing. Provides hydration for hair and skin. The cold press process yields a pure, light-tasting oil with no harmful chemicals or heat.

Brand: Nutiva

👤Hopefully they see this, they are not sure how to communicate with the seller. The coconut oil that I received is decent quality, and it isn't rancid. When I opened it, there were two bugs in the threads, which is the only time this happens. The container is sealed so well that no grubs made it into the oil, however, this a problem that has to be addressed. I was not planning on opening the oil for another month. I would have had an insect on my hands. I will change my review when the seller reaches out.

👤Coconut oil is the number one product and it leads any high priced or medication to give all the benefits for your skin, hair, and health. I made a list of the top 10. My skin showed immediate results after using #1 and #2. I have skin cancer and have been for a while, but my face was not the same as it was before. I was blessed with beautiful skin, tone, and glow. Everyone else said that I knew something was wrong. After using this product for five days, I was relieved of my pain, redness, and discolored skin. Within a month, the skin has gotten better. The area where the Carcinoma is 3 inches of my body. The rest is going to be back.

👤I use coconut oil for everything. I use it for a number of things, including hair, oil pull, and makeup removal. I've purchased this item before and it's a hit or miss. I've received coconut oil that smelled nice and tasted normal before. The coconut oil that I received was not fresh when I bought it again a few days ago. There is a There were small yellow dots on the surface of the hardened oil. I thought it was mold, but then I realized it was not. I used a fork to dig into the yellow spots, hoping that I was imagining it, but further inspection revealed just pockets of oil. I attached a picture but it was obvious that there were two different colors of oil. I tried the coconut oil and it tasted like vegetable oil, even though it was yellow oil. Not a faint nutty taste. I've been using coconut oil for about ten years and this was a red flag because I know what it tastes like. I let the oil melt. It was a bit more yellow than I'm used to. I read in the comments that there were pockets of air in the coconut oil, so I let it melt and then refroze it again, and it was considerably lower in oil than it was before. The jar feels very light if you feel it. There is a I have been buying coconut oil from Nutiva for over three years. They have bought great quality coconut oil from them before.

👤I use coconut oil to help my dog with his allergies. She is going bald because she has been itching so bad. I put it on her skin where she itches the most. It did help, but not as much as feeding her coconut oil. I am applying coconut oil to her fur at night and adding it to her food daily. I have been doing this for a month now and she is getting soft and less prone to itches. Her fur finally grew back. Feed this to her daily.

10. Carrington Farms Hydrogenated Unflavored Packaging

Carrington Farms Hydrogenated Unflavored Packaging

Traditional oils such as vegetable, olive, canola, and corn oil can be found in cooking oil alternatives. This oil is rich in Medium Chain Triglycerides which is used by the body for energy production and helps burn calories. The good and necessary fats needed in all diet are found in their liquid coconut oil. Their project is non-GMO, free of all three of the harmful substances. The coconut oil in the bottle is free of trans fats and hydrogenated oils. The benefits of coconut oil are retained, but it does not have the flavor or smell of coconuts. It is liquid at room temperature. The organic liquid coconut oil has five times more calories than virgin coconut oil. High smoking. Their liquid coconut cooking oil burns at a higher temperature than traditional olive oils so it's perfect for cooking, sauteing, and baking. It's great for high heat cooking. Your purchase will help feed kids lunch three days a week. The children are part of the local communities where they source NON-GMO Project Verified liquid coconut oil. The tree nuts have an allergy information. Specialty is sugar-conscious.

Brand: Carrington Farms

👤It was yellow and milky. I have purchased many bottles from the same company and use this product frequently. It is always clear and odorless. I won't touch it because it's yellow and milky, which is an indication that the product was not stored in a safe way or that it has been contaminated. Unless it is realllllly cold, these should be clear and white. This review is meant to reflect on the product that I received, not the money that was returned by Amazon. The product is usually 5* and the service is usually 5*.

👤This brand is not refined and is instead a cold expeller process that eliminates the solid acids that are solid at room temperature and retain the liquid that is liquid at room temperature. A liquid-at-room-temperature coconut oil has more healthy Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) than typical coconut oil, which has been shown to increase body temperature. Hypothyroid people feel less cold because of the increase in metabolism. I am disappointed in how little my Levothyroxine prescription has helped in this regard, and so I have looked for some healthy foods like this one that can help boost my not-so-well thyroid and my metabolism. -- The distilling process used no solvent and the container/bottle has no harmful chemicals. The coconut oil has a neutral flavor, and does not give a coconut taste to foods, which is why I prefer the food product from China. I don't know of any.

👤I bought it at Walmart. It was clear. I thought it was a good choice. I use it in my coffee a lot. I ordered two from Amazon on the auto delivery every other month. This would be a good way to make sure I don't run out. The first two bottles looked great. I have read that the oil has gone bad and that the next two bottles were yellow in color. I returned the oil after cancelling the auto delivery. I still use the first bottle, but when I looked at the other bottle in my pantry, it was yellow. It's not as dark as the new shipment. I'm afraid to use it. I'm going to buy one bottle at a time from Walmart or try a different brand. This product was very disappointing.

👤I received coconut oil. It was cloudy/milky in color and not sure if it's rancid. The bottle has an expiration date on it. I've bought this brand before and it doesn't look like what I received today. The two bottles are being compared. It's not sure if this is safe to cook with and use for essential oil.

👤I love coconut oil. It is unflavored and stays in liquid form on the counter. I can add it to food to get more fat and it doesn't taste coconutty. I have a family that does not like coconuts. I know I can use this with confidence because we are using a healthy fat without the taste. I like coconut flavor, but they don't. I put my oil intake in my coffee to measure it. Since it is in liquid form, I can easily measure it with a spoon, whereas I would have to use a kitchen scale to make sure I am only using one spoon. This coconut oil is good. I highly recommend you use it if you haven't already.

11. Carrington Farms Unrefined Pressed Smoothies

Carrington Farms Unrefined Pressed Smoothies

Coconut oil for cooking is a vegan, non-hydrogenated, 0g trans-fat alternative to standard cooking oil, with 8g of medium chain triglycerides per serving, which is efficiently utilized by the body for energy production. A light, clean taste is perfect for sauteing your favorite vegetables, baking or even adding a splash to your coffee or favorite smoothie. The high quality is Carrington Farms 54 ounces. virgin coconut oil starts with the most pristine coconuts. The coconut oil is packed in a non-BPA container. Every package of Carrington Farms is cold-pressed to preserve 8g of MCTs per serving, with no trans or hydrogenated fats. Medium to high-heat cooking can be done with Carrington Farms coconut oil. Their coconut oil is tested for the highest quality standards by passing all supplement grade testing, more than is needed for the food industry. Their oil isFILTERED 4 times before it arrives at your door. Your purchase will help feed kids lunch three days a week. These children are part of the local communities where they source their NON-GMO Project verified coconuts.

Brand: Carrington Farms

👤I ordered a different product from the same company because I loved it so much. It is not the same. Not now. The picture shows the first purchase and the new re-order. The original had a semi-solid appearance at room temperature and had coconut meat in it. The new re-order was completely free of coconut. It is the same temperature as the original purchase and side by side. The new one is clear and liquified. It doesn't have the same taste. It's clear that Carrington Farms has changed its cold press formula. I had to return the second item. I will have to find a different manufacturer. The product is not the same as the first purchase. If the company returns to its original quality, I would buy it again.

👤I've tried a lot of different coconut oil brands. My favorite is Carrington farms. It's like coconut flavor and creamy texture will win you over. I use coconut oil to lose weight. Coconut oil is an excellent ingredient in homemade Deoderant. I use it to keep my tattoos fresh. My favorite way to get coconut oil is to blend a small amount into a cup of coffee with a hint of coconut in it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. I will be a repeat customer. Please click if this review has been helpful. Have a blessed day, thanks!

👤I have purchased at least 2 jars a month for the past couple years and every time the price has been between 16 and 18 dollars. There is no rational explanation for a 10 dollar price increase. I will no longer be buying this product. It's similar to the mentality that will make you pay for food at local fast food places. Let's not encourage our customers to keep using our products by keeping the price low. There is a The manufacturer has it listed for 199.99 with free shipping on orders over $50.00, Tropical Life Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 54 fla oz, for 14.96, or Natural Treasures Natural Kosher Certified Coconut Oil - One Gallon, 128oz, for $28.00, or Golden Barrel 96 The weight is 6 lbs. Coconut oil is for $10.49.

👤Highway robbery! There is a Sorry. This is a good quality coconut oil, but I can't stand the inconsistent pricing. If I don't keep checking, I will end up getting ripped off. It goes up to $30 the next time it goes up. You can buy this oil at a range of prices, from about $15 to $19. I thought you should know this is unethical.

👤I use coconut oil to sautee foods and as a substitute for butter on brown rice. It tastes delicious too. This oil is a staple in my island and I have used it all my life. I helped my mother make this oil from scratch when I was a child. It was a long process. I got to eat a lot of little pieces of the delicious coconut pulp. This oil is used to cook delicious foods and to treat and prevent constipation. My mother used to give me a small amount of melted oil and a pinch of sea salt on an empty stomach the first thing in the morning to keep me regular. The most popular use is as a hair growth stimulator and conditioner, which leaves the hair shiny, soft and silky. Weak brittle nails are also treated. It does wonders for dry skin. The oil is pure and has nothing else added. I know what real coconut oil is supposed to taste like, smell like, and look like. I use it on my hair and skin. It works the same as the one Mom used to make.


What is the best product for cooking coconut oil spray?

Cooking coconut oil spray products from La Tourangelle. In this article about cooking coconut oil spray you can see why people choose the product. 4th & Heart and Betterbody Foods are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking coconut oil spray.

What are the best brands for cooking coconut oil spray?

La Tourangelle, 4th & Heart and Betterbody Foods are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking coconut oil spray. Find the detail in this article. Mantova, Pompeian and Pure & Simple are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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