Best Cooking Coconut Oil Organic Gallon

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1. Viva Naturals Organic Virgin Coconut

Viva Naturals Organic Virgin Coconut

Coconut oil helps nourish the hair and the skin. It can be used as a coconut oil hair mask. Coconut oil organic is a naturally hydrating body oil that can help skin feel soft, smooth and hydrated. Coconut oil can be used as a makeup remover or as a moisturizer. This is the perfect cooking oil for baking and frying because it has a high smoke point. Their pure coconut oil is cold-pressed from fresh coconuts and has a rich flavor and aroma. It is an all-natural, easy-to-use addition to any lifestyle, whether you use it as a body oil, hair oil, or cooking oil. It is a great alternative to cooking with butter or olive oil. Their cold pressed coconut oil is USDA-Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project verified, and is also Paleo, Paleo-friendly, and non-genetically modified.

Brand: Viva Naturals

👤There is no Viva Naturals brand in the USDA organic integrity database. I've found all of the other brands within the database. I will not buy anything else from this brand.

👤The tub of coconut oil is the best I have found so far. My son and I both have dry skin. I use coconut oil on my son because it works better than a tube of Eczema cream which is so painful to his skin that I put it on him from his chest down. Put a towel on the ground first and never put it on your child in the shower as it is very slippery. Although it is a great conditioning treatment, it needs a re-wash to get out, so don't let your kid run it all over your hair. Trust me... I know... All in All works better than all other salves, creams, and even the one pictured next to coconut oil. The price is also great. The store is in a cool place. I have been living with Dry skin and Eczema my whole life and I have a son. I have tried it at the pharmacy counter. I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on 1000's of different creams, lotions, salves, and ointments. I know everyone is different and every skin is different but if you are looking for something new to try at an affordable price, organic is the way to go. If you try this. You can always bake with the skin instead of disagreeing with me.

👤Coconut oil is useful in many recipes and personal care. I bought it because of that and I'm very happy with it. This isn't a forum to discuss the recipes here, but I can recommend this product based on my experience with it. One of the reasons I bought this one was that it can be used for cooking and baking in the kitchen. There is a There are a lot of reasons for my hair being rough. I used a lot of different hair treatments, like ironing and hot air blow drying, which made my hair lifeless and rough. I used this coconut oil at least twice a week. Life is returning slowly. There is a It is collected through a method that I like. I want you to make an informed decision before buying coconut oil. If you like any of my reviews, please give me a chance to say thank you.

👤I used this for two weeks. I bleached my hair for the first time in a long time and it worked out well. My hair has been damaged so much that bleach wouldn't hold its color anymore. There is a My hair is very dry and porous, and I needed something to sink into it. I assumed it was a thirsty animal. I put it on my head. It's very difficult in a container. I put the bunch in the microwave for a few seconds. I put it on my head either overnight or for a few hours. I had to wrap a plastic bag around my head because the coconut oil drips on your face, down your arms, and your back. I suggest in the shower and not in the sink. After 3 days of oiling my drain, it stopped draining and came to a halt. I'd be careful not to let any drips get to my floors. This is good for any bug that likes coconut oil. It does wash out of your hair, but you can use a coconut conditioner and a sulfate-free cleanser. It was the most soft I've felt in a long time after conditioning my hair. Also. It seemed to clarify my hair, the more days I used it, the more my bad bleached dye job came out and the more my natural hair color came in. I use supplements that are supposed to give our babies all their hair before they are born. Something along those lines... The bottom line. I'm glad I read them. There is a Good luck.

2. Native Forest Organic Virgin Coconut

Native Forest Organic Virgin Coconut

Coconut oil is an organic oil. Their organic virgin coconut oil is cold-pressed from the meat of mature organic coconuts and is perfect for cooking, frying and baking. It's vegan, organic, kosher, andGluten-free. HEALTHY COOKING OIL. Coconut oil is a great addition to a healthy diet. It has a healthy lauric acid content. SUSTAINABLY FARMED: They support sustainable farming that avoids pesticides. They want their consumers to know where their food comes from. Support for special diet. Their vegetarian products are suitable for many special diet plans. Their commitment to healthy options. Their company was born out of a commitment to create delicious and healthy vegetarian foods with convenient preparation for those with busy lifestyles. The package may vary.

Brand: Native Forest

👤I bought coconut oil for its price. At the time of my purchase, this oil was less than 40 cents per ounce, or 50 cents for a 128 ounces container. I was expecting a very good oil in a hard to open container after reading all the reviews. I found the opposite. There is a The container is easy to open. I was expecting to have to cut the entire lid. I took a flat screwdriver and was able to pry the rid off. I took a few pictures after putting the lid back on, this time with a small cut from the lid, to see all the pictures I posted. After taking the bag out, I just cut the bottom of the container to make it easy to put the contents in. I was able to warm the oil up a bit and squeeze it into the container because it was small. I lost a few drops that didn't want to leave the bag. There is a The taste is the problem. The oil is not very good. We tried a few and settled on the good ones.

👤The tub of coconut oil came in today. To open the tub, you can use a box cutter or utility knife. It smells great and feels great. The oil pulling flavor is perfect and I'm using it in my mouth now. The tub has double-bagged inside it. I took the whole thing out of the tub, cut the top and side of the inner bag, put the tub over the oil, and pulled off the rest of the bag. The lid won't seal because it was cut off, but I just used Press'n'Seal. Then put the lid on it. It took about 5 minutes to write this on my phone, but it was a good $50 purchase with my Amazon subscription.

👤This is not the same as the coconut oil that turns to liquid when it's warm. It stays liquid all the time. It does not taste like coconut oils. It has no coconut smell or flavor. Coconut oil has to be un-refined in order to be labeled virgin. I don't like the taste of this and will not be buying anymore. This is not sure if it is coconut or not. Coconut oil is refined. The refined coconut oils are referred to asRBD coconut oils in the coconut producing countries. It stands for refined, bleached, and deodorized. The bleaching is a process that removes impurities. A clay is used for this. The starting point for steam was copra. The product has a bland taste and no odor. Virgin coconut oils are healthy, while refined coconut oils are not, and that is one of the myths that is spread on the internet. This is generally false, with a few exceptions. Billions of people in tropical climates around the world consume these coconut oils as their primary diet oils. The coconut oil's medium chain fatty acids are not altered by the refining process. The refining process strips away some of the nutrition. Virgin coconut oils are tested higher in anti-oxidants. This fact doesn't make coconut oils un healthy. There is a Coconut oils that are expeller-pressed can be found on the market. Chemical refining that uses solvent extracts is considered to be cleaner than physical refining. There is a Coconut oil is good for you. : If no description is given, it is probably an RBD coconut oil. Copra is a product that is exported to the United States, where companies refine it into non-edible uses. Cleaning products and detergents are used a lot. Coconut oil is becoming more popular as an oil that can be used as an oil for cooking. The cheaper oils are mass produced with solvent extracts. If you want to be sure that the coconut oil you purchase is free of these solvents, try to purchase a refined coconut oil that has been refined without them. There is a Coconut oil that is not refined is called a Hydrogenated Coconut Oil. Some trans fats are created by the small portion of the stearic acids. Coconut oil stays solid at higher temperatures. We don't know of a product in the U.S. market. It is likely to be an ingredient in the confection industry in tropical climates if it exists as a product. The ambient air temperature is higher in the tropics than it is in the US, and the standard coconut oil is solid up to 76 degrees F. To keep coconut oil solid at higher temperatures, they hydrogenate it before putting it into candy or baked goods. There is a A new product that appeared in stores as an oil that stays in your fridge was called Liquid Coconut Oil. The product is not new, even if it is a new label and item in the oil section. It has had lauric acid removed. It's also referred to as MCT oil. In the past it has been used in skin care products and as a supplement. It is marketed as an oil that can be eaten. It is a by-product of the lauric acid industry. Lauric acid from coconut oil is a strong antimicrobial component and is used in many commercial applications. When coconut oil is removed, it leaves a liquid oil with a lower melting point. If you see this product online or in a store, be aware that it is a highly refined product and missing coconut oil's star component: lauric acid. More information here. There is a Virgin coconut oils are what we will now turn to. All virgin coconut oils should start with fresh coconut and not copra. There is no worldwide certification body that determines or certifies coconut oils as virgin, so anyone can use the term and put it on a label. The first thing to look for when choosing a virgin coconut oil is whether or not it is actually a copra-based coconut oil. If it uses copra as its starting point, it is really not a virgin coconut oil, but an industry standard refined coconut oil with a clever label. What type of coconut oil is the best way to choose it. What type of coconut oil is the best way to choose it.

3. Kevala Avocado Oil Fluid Ounce

Kevala Avocado Oil Fluid Ounce

Premium Natural Avocado Oil is Kosher. It's free of ethane. Naturally refined for high heat use. The process leaves the oil with a mild taste and smell, giving you more control over your cooking. The smoking point is high. It's perfect for baking, healthy cooking and all purpose cooking. Kevala 100% Natural Avocado Oil is a great anti-Inflammatory and anti-oxidant skin care product.

Brand: Kevala

👤I was attracted to value and wanted to take advantage of the health benefits of cooking withavocado oil. I will not buy this again after reading the explanation of production. The color of this oil is greenish and indicates that some solvent is used in the refining process. When reading the answer from the manufacturer, I found it curious that the use of solvents was allowed.

👤I own and run a vegan cake company and have been using this brand of oil for months. My main source of fat in my cakes is avocab oil. I have had some bad experiences. The last time the color was darker than it normally is, the smell was rancid, and the oil smell was very strong. It was not set to expire for another year. I will no longer be using this brand.

👤I bought this to cut costs for my new mom. The oil is off in color. I didn't open it. The item is non-refundable and I won't use it. I am incredibly disappointed that I am not in a position to throw away money. I hope this review helps other people not make the same mistake I did.

👤This product has been used by us for a long time. The oil from the most recent purchase is darker in color than the previous one and the picture on the left is the one that was purchased. The replacement has the same dark color as the original.

👤I use a fair amount of oil from the avocados. I can reduce our costs. We use it on salads, on asparagus, and in cake and mayonnaise, and so far we like everything we make with it.

👤We use a lot of the oil for cooking. It makes a good oil for mayonnaise. We really liked the brand we tried from Amazon. I thought I would try a different brand to see how it compares. The Kavala oil was less expensive and was also available in a gallon size. We like the oil better than the brand we tried before, and it has a pleasant taste. We will probably stick with Kevala for its quality and price.

👤They say to avoid refined oils. I'm not sure if this oil is ok because it says it's cold pressed first. I need to know if that means it is safe. I have a lot of inflammation issues and need to be cautious. With that in mind... The brand that I usually buy is out of stock. I'd back order but use the benefits and be charged the EBT when they finally get in stock. I don't know how that works. I decided to buy in bulk with the seller that takes EBT as well. It helps when you have limited income. I have an addiction to mayonnaise. Like others, they have a food addiction. I use it to make my own salad dressing. I like it a lot. I have to make my own. The best Paleo mayo is made with the oil from the avocados. The flavor of olive oil is weird. It's too expensive for those of us in poverty. The bottle should last about 3 or 4 months. Which is worth the price. I feel a bit better about my plastic consumption. I use two 55oz bottles every 1.5 months. It made my drink better. I don't think I'll need to worry because I'm not seeing any inflammation from it being refined. I would like my regular brand to be in stock more. This brand will do. The Kevala brand coconut aminos is good quality. I make a creamy salad dressing with my homemade mayonnaise and mix that with that. I used to be a fanatic of ranch dressing but can't even look at it now. It works well with fresh greens, onions, and carrots. If my other brand stays out of stock, I will definitely be buying again.

4. Natures Way Organic Cold Pressed Gluten Free

Natures Way Organic Cold Pressed Gluten Free

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Extra virgin coconut oil is pure. USDA Certified Organic, unbleached, and hexane-free. The taste and smell are great. The product has no added sugars. There are 62% of the calories from the medical marijuana. There are Supplement Facts for total fat and saturated fat. Non-GMO project verification. There are uses for them. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is great for cooking. Add to drinks.

Brand: Nature's Way

👤I've grown up using coconut oil in almost everything in my daily life. Here are some tips and tricks for people who have never used the CO before. There is a I have dark hair. I put CO on my hair and leave it for 30 minutes before washing it. This will make my hair silky. If you have an oily hair, avoid direct contact with it and focus on the hair. Start with a small amount for the first time. If you already have oily hair, do not use it too much. There is a If you have time for a hair spa, you can mix CO with your hair products. I mix my CO with my hair products. I leave my conditioner on my hair while brushing my teeth or shaving to make sure the CO doesn't get into it. My hair feels great after rinsing and drying. I would imagine that there was no excess oil on my hair. I have got a lot of praise for my hair. The skin: I apply CO to my skin after showering. Droplets of water will help CO penetrate the skin. CO can be used to remove makeup, facial toner, and eye cream. It makes my skin feel soft. CO is solid at temperatures under 24C. You can scoop it out and use it immediately. Try to use a clean spoon to get the solid CO out. Place the container in a warm water bath if you need to use the liquid version. You can pour it out if you need to. If you decide to do it this way, I highly recommend you to put the CO in another container, just enough for a single use, as I believe it will degrade the CO's properties. There are two versions of coconut oil that this brand carries. Cold pressed is what I prefer and is supposed to be better than the other. When I ordered the cold pressed from Amazon, I received the expeller pressed instead, so I want you to be aware of that. There is a I hope you enjoy CO as much as I do.

👤Is it fuzzy hair? Coconut oil is good for you. Do you need a quick face mask? Coconut oil is good for you. Is there no shaving cream? Coconut oil is good for you. Dry skin? Coconut oil is good for you. Is there cracked lips? Coconut oil is good for you. What are the qualities? Coconut oil is good for you. What about healthy cooking? Coconut oil is good for you. Is it a yeast infection? Coconut oil is good for you. Bad credit? Coconut oil is good for you. Is the boyfriend acting up? Coconut oil is good for you.

👤I have yet to receive a shipment without a broken lid, so this review has nothing to do with the product. The first one was broken and turned yellow. Just received the 2nd one. The lid is broken again. I think the coloring is ok on this second one, it may be a hint of yellow in some areas, but I will give it a try. I eat it as well for my dog who has IBD. It was easy to get the replacement. I will have to store Tupperware because you cannot return the second time as far as I can see. Amazon needs to package better as one piece of air filled plastic is not protecting the product and who knows where these are stored as a container expiring in July 2020 should not be turning yellow. It is over a year and a half from now. I will write a review on the product if my dog or I don't eat coconut oil. I cannot block out my address and share the video because it is broken. There is an update on product itself. The coconut oil is good. I take a small amount of food when feeding the dogs. It tasted great. If the seller ships in a box with enough packing material or the tops are cracked, I would recommend the product itself. I ordered a couple more and they were fine. There were no cracked tops and no turning yellow. I would recommend others to do the same.

5. Organic Virgin Coconut Beauty Cooking

Organic Virgin Coconut Beauty Cooking

Carrington farms is a brand of food. The country of manufacture is the Philippines. There was a date that expired on Tuesday, June 30th.

Brand: Carrington Farms

👤The oil is very good. Not as fresh as you would like. This is a brand from costco. You don't have to pay the seller's surcharge if you get this from costco. There is a Quality comes at a cost. It is authentic as you would get from India and fresh as it helps with the inflammation problems instead of the regular oil. There is a If you know someone who has memership, please get it from there.

👤Nice coconut oil. I like the smell and taste of pure extra virgin coconut oil and this brand has a great scent and taste. Coconut oil is one of the healthiest oils out there and I use it for baking and cooking. I love baking with coconut oil. I cannot keep my little brother out of my good oils. I guess he loves it too...

👤There is a full coconut smell and aroma. Used for cooking.

👤I use it for stir fry chicken and pork chops.

👤You don't need a card at all.

👤Coconut oil has many uses and is a great value. When we run out, we always order again.

👤The amount and price are awesome. I put the oil in two containers and then put it in the refrigerator.

👤Good value for money. Excellent quality as well. Will purchase in the future.

6. Kirkland Signature Pressed Unrefined Organic

Kirkland Signature Pressed Unrefined Organic

Cold pressed, unrefined and chemical-free. Substitute butter for your favorite baking recipes. OneCert certified the USDA organic. The tropics of the Philippines or Vietnam. There was a lot in the USA. The coconut oil is 100% virgin.

Brand: Kirkland Signature

👤The product is good. I want to give five stars, but Amazon didn't send me what I paid for, and it said 2 pack, so I'm going to remove this review.

👤When I ordered this coconut oil, it was from Vietnam instead of the Philippines, which was the last time I ordered it. I was initially concerned that there might be a difference, but after tasting and smelling the coconut oil from Vietnam and the Philippines, I can say that it is the same quality as the coconut oil from the Philippines. I can tell the difference between the two types of coconut oil. There is a The smell and taste are different. There is a When I put coconut oil in the fridge it becomes white. There is a I expect pure coconut oil to look like this, with taste and smell. It should be white. There's no yellow color. I'm very happy with the purchase and I'm very happy with the brand.

👤I put coconut oil on my toast, instead of butter. I cook everything with it. I use it on my hair and skin. I have been using it for a long time.

👤I ordered 2 tubs of oil for $40. Only one tub was received.

👤I love coconut oil. I use it with everything. I use it for cooking. I can eat better. This is a great deal.

👤The lid broke. Unable to return, need to find a way to keep the oil covered.

👤I am always happy with coconut oil. It is great for soap making and cooking with it. Great value as well.

👤The coconut oil has a nice scent. The oil is hard to get out of the container. Great buy.

7. Verdana Organic MCT Oil Fractionated

Verdana Organic MCT Oil Fractionated

Their organic coconut MCT oil is USDA certified and is also called Organic Fractionated Coconut oil. It is non-GMO, Kosher certified, Keto friendly, genuine 100% coconut derived with no palm oil involved. Verdana allows you to buy in bulk to fulfill all your needs. The bulk size of their oil is worth more than one gallon. Get all the benefits of coconut oil without the freezing issue at room temperatures, and their oil has a longer shelf life. Food grade containers Verdana's containers are just as impressive as their products. Their containers are food grade and come with a seal. You no longer have to worry about inadequate containers with Verdana oil products. The oil is called MCT. A great way to get large concentrations of MCT is by Fractionated Coconut Oil. Their oils are odorless and pure and have a long shelf life. It is compatible with most cosmetic ingredients and has a light, non-greasy feel. Unlike virgin coconut oil, the liquid can stay in the room. It's perfect for manufaturing. Their vegan MCT Oil is perfect for your needs.

Brand: Verdana

👤I have been using Verdana Coconut MCT oil for a while now and I love it. I use coconut oil on my massage clients and they love it because it doesn't leave them feeling oily or greasy after using it, and I don't have to worry about allergies to other oils or ingredients. It absorbs into the skin very well. I used to use name brand massage oils that were nasty. They resulted in blisters on my hands. The dermatitis issues disappeared once I started using coconut oil. This one gets my #1 vote because it has so many uses for coconut oil.

👤The product says it's made in the USA. They did not state that the ingredients were from other countries and that there was no evidence that it was organic. I don't think it's a good idea to add it as a supplement. It seems okay for hair conditioning.

👤I made homemade mayonnaise with this and it was great. Ex. V. olive oil was too overpowering and the best for taste was the other oil. The most delicious tasting mayonnaise was made with this oil. After learning how bad the oils are for your health in most Mayonnaise's, I have been on a quest to find the healthiest along with the best tasting oil to use. I found it in the oil. I was a fan of Helmand. But no more. I will never buy mayonnaise again because my homemade taste is better. You can find a simple recipe for using an immersion blender on the internet. Put all ingredients in a wide mouth Masson jar, place the blender on the bottom, turn it on, and slowly lift it to the top. You just made mayonnaise. It's so easy...! So... delicious! So healthy...

👤I used Verdana's coconut oil in my previous oil, but not this one. The extra cost of organic might be worth it. I bought this USDA Certified Organic Coconut MCT Oil because I wanted to upgrade the quality of my products and I've been so please with it that I've changed my labels to add "USDA Certified Organic" and despite raising my prices slightly my sales have actually increased.

👤The oil is very good and very cheap. There is a reason for 4 stars. They don't put a box in it. The cap is broken. The seal didn't leak and I'm thankful for that. seriously though? Put it in a box. smh

👤The coconut oil has worked well. I use it to suck up essential oils. It is smooth and has never been damaged. It leaves my skin very soft and has not caused me any problems. I have never used it internally, so I didn't rate it for taste. I would buy this again.

👤So pure! Feels great! It's even better than the doTerra FCO. I went through it like crazy. It cost me an arm and a leg. Not anymore!

👤I use this oil to keep my skin hydrated when I get out of the shower. My doctor recommended mineral oil. I like the fact that coconut oil is more natural. I'm happy to be able to order such a large bottle since I go through a lot of it and it adds up to a lot of bottles. The quality is good for me. I will refill my pump bottle and order again.

8. Carrington Farms Unrefined Pressed Smoothies

Carrington Farms Unrefined Pressed Smoothies

250 kids will be fed three days a week through the Carrington Cares program if you purchase a product. The children are part of the local Philippine community. The quality is amazing. Only the most pristine coconuts from the Philippines are used in extra virgin coconut oil. Their coconuts are from the perfect growing climate and produce an oil with a light, clean taste that is perfect for sauteing vegetables, baking or to add to smoothies. The organic coconut oil from Carrington Farms is great for hair and skin. Every package of Carrington Farms is cold pressed to preserve the vitamins and minerals. Their coconut oil is tested for the highest quality standards by passing all supplement grade testing, more than is needed for the food industry. Their oil isFILTERED 4 times before it arrives at your door.

Brand: Carrington Farms

👤I use coconut oil to treat my dry skin in the winter. I bruise very easily, so I add 1 ounce of Pure Arnica and 1 ounce of lavender to the liquid. Both are available on Amazon. If you bruise, you can buy arnica and unknown ingredients for much more than the cost of making your own. I decided to make my own Arnica product after my dermatologist recommended it. I don't cook with it since I prefer grape seed oil or pure vegetable oil. Coconut oil is great as a moisturizer and I don't care for the taste of it in my food. There is a My daughter uses this for massages. A little goes a long way and as a body Moisturizer it's absolutely unreplaceable. There is a Coconut oil is wonderful for your skin and can be used in expensive face moisturizers. I recommend using pure products without parabins for use on both men and women during the winter.

👤I like the coconut taste of this oil. It is smooth and so far I haven't found any spots like I have found in other brands. I use this for everything. It goes in my coffee, on my face, in my hair, and in my body scrubs. I use it more than anything. I don't like cooking with it because of the strong flavor. I'm good at that, I wasn't planning to use it for that. It's a good price for the amount of coconut oil I got. It's easy to melt this oil in my hand. There is a good brand of coconut oil.

👤I have been buying this product for the past 2 years and this is my 3rd purchase. It's perfect to use for a lot of things. The date is usually 2 years. I received my order this week with a 6 weeks expiration date, which is the same as my last purchase in 2019. I asked for a return and was told a replacement would be available. Guess what? I received the exact lot I received, and now have another 6 week expiration date. So... The product is great, but I will not settle for a 6 week product that will only last me 2 years. Again, calling Amazon. 5 stars for product and 2 stars for expired issue. I guess it's time to find this product somewhere else.

👤I bought coconut oil from Amazon. It was fine. It smelled like coconut oil. This product I purchased through Amazon Pantry is awful. It has a hard consistency. Most coconut oils are not translucent. It has a horrible smell and taste. I'm not sure why Amazon won't allow me to return the product, especially since I'm a Prime member. I bought it at the pantry. I am completely out of the cost of the issue because I have no access to the seller. If there is no recourse for returning faulty products, I will not use Amazon Pantry again.

👤I go through the same amount of coconut oil as every other girl. I put that on everything. Dry skin? Coconut oil! Is it fuzzy hair? Coconut oil! There is a Is the boyfriend acting up? Coconut oil! I've bought this brand many times and never had a complaint.

9. Organic Coconut Oil Unrefined Cold Pressed

Organic Coconut Oil Unrefined Cold Pressed

Coconut oil helps nourish the hair and the skin. It can be used as a coconut oil hair mask. Coconut oil organic is a naturally hydrating body oil that can help skin feel soft, smooth and hydrated. Coconut oil can be used to remove makeup or as a natural alternative to massage oils. This is the perfect cooking oil for baking and frying because it has a high smoke point. Their pure coconut oil is cold-pressed from fresh coconuts and has a rich flavor and aroma. It is an all-natural, easy-to-use addition to any lifestyle, whether you use it as a body oil, hair oil, or cooking oil. It is a great alternative to cooking with butter or olive oil. Their cold pressed coconut oil is USDA-Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project verified, and is also Paleo, Paleo-friendly, and non-genetically modified.

Brand: Viva Naturals

👤The container weight as part of the product weight is false advertising. This is not a container of coconut oil, it is a container of 30 ounces. How do I know? I pulled out the kitchen scale to see if I could find something after I peeked into a container that was suspiciously low-filled. Do you like the product? It is great. If I had been trying to buy 32 ounces for a recipe, I would be angry that I was short-changed. Yes, would.

👤This cannot be 100% coconut oil. Coconut oil has a melting point and there are pieces in the product that melt at a different temperature. I use coconut oil on my skin, and it should all melt the same, but there are pieces in it that will not melt on the skin. My body heat won't melt them if I hold it and pinch them. The pieces are either aWAX or a different oil with a higher melting point. The brand should not be labeling it as 100% coconut oil if it is adding something.

👤I have a German Shepherd that is very dry in the winter. We've tried a lot of products. I brush coconut oil on her skin every night. She likes it. I give her a small amount. It is a treat per day. It helps with her scratching if I do it every night. I need a large quantity of this tub. It is definitely worth purchasing from Amazon. Her coat is shiny and fragrant.

👤I made room for the tub in my house.

👤I ordered the Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to use with a combination of Jamican Black Castor Oil and Rosemary Oil because my hair was getting thin. I have used hot oil on my hair a few times and it has made a difference. When I wiped the coconut oil off my face it became less dry. I use coconut oil to clean my face. My face feels refreshed and smooth.

👤This stuff tastes great. I was initially against this product as it might be hard for one to decide if it is a good-for-you item or a bad-for-you item. The story or prevailing thought can change many times over the course of years of research. It seems that the most recent thinking is that coconut oil is a good guy again. When I ran this and the other things I was taking for my health, my doctor was absolutely convinced that Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil was doing me good. I buy mine at Kroger. I like to add a bit of a table spoon to my morning cup of coffee, even though I'm not eating coconut oil by the bucket full. Really good. One thing I discovered about coconut oil... This stuff is bad. I think this product could be used as a natural substitute for the oils and lubricants that are used in the bedroom, as well as for other activities. It would probably fix a door that was damaged.

10. Verdana Coconut MCT Oil Fractionated

Verdana Coconut MCT Oil Fractionated

The packaging of Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil with Butter Flavor is easy to use. The oil is called MCT. Their oils are odorless, odorless The container they use for their products is FDA compliant and comes with a seal. You will love the results if you introduce the oil into your daily life. Here at Organic Verdana, they have traveled the world looking for green products that are luxurious and affordable. Let them know if you don't agree that their products are the perfect addition to your life. They will give you a full refund. There is 100% coconut effluent. Their oil is coconut derived. Verdana coconut is a pure coconut oil that has no palm oil involved. If you want to lose weight, have a healthy energy source, or just want a new ingredient in the kitchen, you should add the oil to your diet. It is beneficial for weight loss and sports nutrition. You can add this to any meal or beverage with their oils. The perfect addition to your hair and skin routine is the use of MCT oil. Their Verdana MCT oil has a non-greasy feel and is compatible with most cosmetics. It is a perfect carrier oil for massage and it is also a perfect oil for hair and skin.

Brand: Organic Verdana

👤This bottle is not labeled as 32oz. The bottle is 16oz and made to look like 32oz. Don't waste your money. I buy coconut oil from the GALLON and was going to try it out as it would be less expensive. I got a half gallon. Immediately returning. Get rid of inaccurate bottles.

👤The smell is odd and the date is missing. I think it is rancid. I used a lot of it for a project. Does not smell like coconut.

👤It is the best lubricant for when you are having sex with your partner or your husband or girlfriend, and you don't have to wait on it to melt, and it is also the best for when you are having sex with someone else.

👤The posted image makes the bottle look bigger than it is in person. The scent of oil is light. I will be using a product for hair and body. The scent is very light. Absorbs very quickly. I may even use them in my smoothies because there is no taste.

👤I needed coconut oil to make a bath bomb. It's not good for a milk bath bomb recipe and I would have to add some oil to hold it in place. If you use slsa for foaming bath bombs, you should make regular bath bombs. I like using all natural recipes, so I add milk with a thicker oil. I will not use this oil to cook with. After a bath, the skin will not stain your clothes. ItAbsorbs quickly in the skin. I gave the stars because I feel coconut oil is overpriced and I can get cold pressed from trader joes for less.

👤This product was very disappointing. The quality is also misleading because of the size. I bought this a few months ago and wish I had paid more attention to it. The smell is terrible and I have skin irritation on my body where I used it. I was embarrassed to give essential oil gifts because of the poor quality of the oil. There is something wrong with Fractionated coconut oil and it has a smell. Do not purchase.

👤The product is great but the cap cracked and fell apart when I removed it. I've tried 2 sizes and neither had pump sprays. It would have been nice to have a lid that worked. The oil is clean. It's great for cooking and using on my hair. I wish I'd known about it sooner.

11. Happy Belly Organic Virgin Coconut

Happy Belly Organic Virgin Coconut

This product was previously a Solimo product. The product is the same size and quality as it was when it was part of Happy Belly. Their coconut oil is made from fresh coconuts that have been grown in the coconut regions of the Philippines. The coconut oil in each jar is cold-pressed and non-GMO. Their coconut oil has a neutral taste and aroma and is ideal for cooking or baking. The oil will solidify under cooler temperatures. Nutrition properties are the same at all temperatures. A dairy-free alternative for coffee, shakes, and smoothies. 0g trans fat has no artificial colors or flavors.

Brand: Happy Belly

👤The amount I paid was exceeded by the product. I bought this for my dog's dry skin, she's been itching for a week now, but after applying this on, her skin started to appear less irritated and she wasn't scratching as much. I use this to add to my daily coffee.

👤I bought this to use after dark, after thousands of randos on the Internet. It works well. It is not messy, over watery, or has many uses.

👤This stuff is amazing. I have very dry skin. I've tried a lot of things to alleviate it. My skin looks younger and healthier after only a few days after I hydrated it. I like the smell. It's the right amount of coconut smell. It makes my hair soft.

👤Great! Great value! Use on everything! It's great for cooking. Great in hair, on face, and on feet. That sounded weird. People should not eat your feet unless you get paid. Joking! There is a It is also delicious to eat.

👤I was very happy with the product. After using for a few weeks, I noticed that most of the product was empty and not worth much, as you can see the big hole on top and some on the bottom. Don't purchase and stay away.

👤It was the first time I tried the Amazon brand organic coconut oil. I can smell a strong coconut scent immediately after opening the seal. Some reviewers said they can't get a coconut smell. I don't plan on eating it, only using for hair and personality care, minus 1 star, because there is a tiny speckle in the bottom of the jar, not sure what it is. Hopefully its not harmful...

👤It works wonders on my hair and skin, it smells like coconut oil, and it's a great price. I use this to help with my skin condition. It works well and helps to soothe it. I highly recommend this.

👤The coconut smell and taste is not as strong as extra virgin, but it is there. Excellent quality oil. Extra virgin cold pressed is the best way to get coconut aroma. This grade is perfect for most and has all the good qualities. It's better than what Wal-Mart does. There is a This is virgin and cold pressed. Would buy again.


What is the best product for cooking coconut oil organic gallon?

Cooking coconut oil organic gallon products from Viva Naturals. In this article about cooking coconut oil organic gallon you can see why people choose the product. Native Forest and Kevala are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking coconut oil organic gallon.

What are the best brands for cooking coconut oil organic gallon?

Viva Naturals, Native Forest and Kevala are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking coconut oil organic gallon. Find the detail in this article. Nature's Way, Carrington Farms and Kirkland Signature are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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