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1. Viva Naturals Organic Virgin Coconut

Viva Naturals Organic Virgin Coconut

Coconut oil helps nourish the hair and the skin. It can be used as a coconut oil hair mask. Coconut oil organic is a naturally hydrating body oil that can help skin feel soft, smooth and hydrated. Coconut oil can be used to remove makeup or as a natural alternative to massage oils. This is the perfect cooking oil for baking and frying because it has a high smoke point. Their pure coconut oil is cold-pressed from fresh coconuts and has a rich flavor and aroma. It is an all-natural, easy-to-use addition to any lifestyle, whether you use it as a body oil, hair oil, or cooking oil. It is a great alternative to cooking with butter or olive oil. Their cold pressed coconut oil is USDA-Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project verified, and is also Paleo, Paleo-friendly, and non-genetically modified.

Brand: Viva Naturals

👤Great product! I used an international study of rabbits as the basis for my trial run of eye usage. The coconut oil was melted with my dry hands. The coconut oil was applied to the lower and upper lid of my eye. I only did this in my bad eye. Pain, achyness and redness were helped. I did this for a few weeks and had no side effects. I am not a doctor or scientist. Eye pencils and makeup are worse than my logic. Another use. My face used to be bad, I used to use all sorts of creams and salves, but the only thing that had long term benefits was coconut oil. I try to apply it twice a day. People have shiny pretty legs. ... This is the reason that I am very happy with this purchase. There is a A suggestion. Don't put dirty items in your container. If you buy a plastic spoon that sits flat, you can keep it in your bathroom for a few days. The metal will melt. I'm done. It's a good thing. Hope this helps someone.

👤Extra virgin coconut oil is an essential part of our diet. I go to the gym several times a week and am in good health. I believe coconut oil replacing the tons of butter I loved to eat and other diet changes like cutting out most wheat, very little beef, chicken a couple times a week and vegetable nutrition the rest of the time have all been important contributors to my health. There is a I'm a reformed smoker and good genes don't hurt. There is a We have been using this brand for a long time and it seems like it is the same as Nutiva in quality and taste. There is a If you are new to using coconut oil, you should get refined oil. It's best to eat melted on veggies or crackers with salt. It was great melted in soup. The temperature is around 75 degrees. It becomes liquid on hot days. You can keep it in the fridge or just spoon it. I'll be ordering it again, I'm very happy with it.

👤I use this for everything. Body oil, massage oil, lip balm, make-up removal, hair oil, cooking oil, and body lotion. My boyfriend uses it in his beard. I can tell that the coconut oil I've bought is higher quality than the ones I've previously purchased. The texture is smooth and it smells like coconut.

👤I am very happy I found this. We use coconut oil for a lot of things. Buying in bulk is the most cost effective. This is a very large jar. I put it in the microwave for 30 seconds and then put it over the dry food for our dogs. This helps with skin allergies and is a natural antibacterial because of it being a raw/unfiltered coconut oil. Coconut oil has many health benefits. I highly recommend ordering from this seller. The jar was well packaged and had a seal under it.

2. Organic Coconut Oil Unrefined Cold Pressed

Organic Coconut Oil Unrefined Cold Pressed

Coconut oil helps nourish the hair and the skin. It can be used as a coconut oil hair mask. Coconut oil organic is a naturally hydrating body oil that can help skin feel soft, smooth and hydrated. Coconut oil can be used to remove makeup or as a natural alternative to massage oils. This is the perfect cooking oil for baking and frying because it has a high smoke point. Their pure coconut oil is cold-pressed from fresh coconuts and has a rich flavor and aroma. It is an all-natural, easy-to-use addition to any lifestyle, whether you use it as a body oil, hair oil, or cooking oil. It is a great alternative to cooking with butter or olive oil. Their cold pressed coconut oil is USDA-Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project verified, and is also Paleo, Paleo-friendly, and non-genetically modified.

Brand: Viva Naturals

👤The container weight as part of the product weight is false advertising. This is not a container of coconut oil, it is a container of 30 ounces. How do I know? I pulled out the kitchen scale to see if I could find something after I peeked into a container that was suspiciously low-filled. Do you like the product? It is great. If I had been trying to buy 32 ounces for a recipe, I would be angry that I was short-changed. Yes, would.

👤This cannot be 100% coconut oil. Coconut oil has a melting point and there are pieces in the product that melt at a different temperature. I use coconut oil on my skin, and it should all melt the same, but there are pieces in it that will not melt on the skin. My body heat won't melt them if I hold it and pinch them. The pieces are either aWAX or a different oil with a higher melting point. The brand should not be labeling it as 100% coconut oil if it is adding something.

👤I have a German Shepherd that is very dry in the winter. We've tried a lot of products. I brush coconut oil on her skin every night. She likes it. I give her a small amount. It is a treat per day. It helps with her scratching if I do it every night. I need a large quantity of this tub. It is definitely worth purchasing from Amazon. Her coat is shiny and fragrant.

👤I made room for the tub in my house.

👤I ordered the Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to use with a combination of Jamican Black Castor Oil and Rosemary Oil because my hair was getting thin. I have used hot oil on my hair a few times and it has made a difference. When I wiped the coconut oil off my face it became less dry. I use coconut oil to clean my face. My face feels refreshed and smooth.

👤This stuff tastes great. I was initially against this product as it might be hard for one to decide if it is a good-for-you item or a bad-for-you item. The story or prevailing thought can change many times over the course of years of research. It seems that the most recent thinking is that coconut oil is a good guy again. When I ran this and the other things I was taking for my health, my doctor was absolutely convinced that Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil was doing me good. I buy mine at Kroger. I like to add a bit of a table spoon to my morning cup of coffee, even though I'm not eating coconut oil by the bucket full. Really good. One thing I discovered about coconut oil... This stuff is bad. I think this product could be used as a natural substitute for the oils and lubricants that are used in the bedroom, as well as for other activities. It would probably fix a door that was damaged.

3. Tourangelle Avocado All Natural Artisanal Vegetables

Tourangelle Avocado All Natural Artisanal Vegetables

This emerald green oil is wonderful in salad dressings, on fresh cut fruit or grilled fish. It's great for hair and skin. Premium taste is derived from the best quality ingredients and is the mainstay of all La Tourangelle's oils. The flavor of La Tourangelle can be added to any meal. It's easy to create distinctive dishes for professional chefs, novice cooks and foodies with their oils, dressings and vinaigrettes. It's great for salads, meats, pastas and more. La Tourangelle's artisan oils and vinaigrettes are natural and sustainable. They make products that are sustainable. Kosher, Expeller-pressed, and Non-GMO. La Tourangelle brings the best oils and flavors from around the world straight to your kitchen.

Brand: La Tourangelle

👤I am new to the world of oils but I have taken an interest in my skin since I was 40 and have yet to find anything that has worked for me. Cindy Crawford was one of the products I ordered but it wasn't right for my skin. I have dry areas on my forehead, between my eyes, and between my eyebrows. I got my oil a couple of weeks ago and after I bathe I rub my oil in my hands to warm it. I patted my face. I rubbed in circular motions in the corners of my eyes and forehead, even though it was dry, and noticed a change in my skin around the 5th day. It begins to feel like a baby's bottom. It looks like it has woken up from a deep sleep. Its not greasy at all. It doesn't take much. I ordered the Rose Hip Oil and Olive oil and mixed them together for about 3 days and it made my skin even better. Anyone with dry and flaky skin should get this product. It has done amazing things for my skin. It doesn't make my noise oilier because it reduces the oil on my nose. I will definitely do that again.

👤Is it fat from a tree? Yes, please. When cooking with either olive oil oravoc oil, science chooses for me: olive oil has a smoke point of 410 degrees, whileavoc oil has a smoke point of 520 degrees. I cook a lot of things past 410. Enough said. La Tourangelle has the best price for pure avocado oil in the Amazon. It's green in color and has the taste of a rich, creamyavocado just as it came off the tree. It's as clean and pure as any meat on Earth. There is a The best-in-class value for an avocado oil cooking spray is an elite product. Was this review of use done? Let me know by clicking "Helpful." Cheers!

👤I've tried a number of different ways to use this product. I don't understand why it is labeled a mild tasting oil. Extra virgin olive has a green taste, but deep green olive has a green taste. I bought another one from Whole Foods because I thought I got a bad one. Same thing. I bought it to make mayonnaise, but it was not very good. My family hated it, but I thought it was me. I tried using just 1/3 c to 1/2 c MCT oil, which was flavorless, so I wouldn't waste it. I wanted to enjoy it for the health benefits. It's not a go for me. I use it as an eye make-up removal because I can't just throw it out. It works like a charm. A very expensive eye make up removal.

👤The product arrived on March 5.

👤I've been using this oil for 16 days and it's the best I've ever used. It doesn't feel oily after about 5 minutes on my skin. I used to use another one but it was not as good as this one. The brand with the bright green is the one with the dark yellow bottle and clear outside. This one is more hydrating and less oily for my age. It's 3 dollars cheaper with Amazon prime. I will keep using this oil for my skin care. I put up a picture of two brands, one on the left and the other on the right.

4. Carrington Farms Hydrogenated Unflavored Packaging

Carrington Farms Hydrogenated Unflavored Packaging

Traditional oils such as vegetable, olive, canola, and corn oil can be found in cooking oil alternatives. This oil is rich in Medium Chain Triglycerides which is used by the body for energy production and helps burn calories. The good and necessary fats needed in all diet are found in their liquid coconut oil. Their project is non-GMO, free of all three of the harmful substances. The coconut oil in the bottle is free of trans fats and hydrogenated oils. The benefits of coconut oil are retained, but it does not have the flavor or smell of coconuts. It is liquid at room temperature. The organic liquid coconut oil has five times more calories than virgin coconut oil. High smoking. Their liquid coconut cooking oil burns at a higher temperature than traditional olive oils so it's perfect for cooking, sauteing, and baking. It's great for high heat cooking. Your purchase will help feed kids lunch three days a week. The children are part of the local communities where they source NON-GMO Project Verified liquid coconut oil. The tree nuts have an allergy information. Specialty is sugar-conscious.

Brand: Carrington Farms

👤It was yellow and milky. I have purchased many bottles from the same company and use this product frequently. It is always clear and odorless. I won't touch it because it's yellow and milky, which is an indication that the product was not stored in a safe way or that it has been contaminated. Unless it is realllllly cold, these should be clear and white. This review is meant to reflect on the product that I received, not the money that was returned by Amazon. The product is usually 5* and the service is usually 5*.

👤This brand is not refined and is instead a cold expeller process that eliminates the solid acids that are solid at room temperature and retain the liquid that is liquid at room temperature. A liquid-at-room-temperature coconut oil has more healthy Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) than typical coconut oil, which has been shown to increase body temperature. Hypothyroid people feel less cold because of the increase in metabolism. I am disappointed in how little my Levothyroxine prescription has helped in this regard, and so I have looked for some healthy foods like this one that can help boost my not-so-well thyroid and my metabolism. -- The distilling process used no solvent and the container/bottle has no harmful chemicals. The coconut oil has a neutral flavor, and does not give a coconut taste to foods, which is why I prefer the food product from China. I don't know of any.

👤I bought it at Walmart. It was clear. I thought it was a good choice. I use it in my coffee a lot. I ordered two from Amazon on the auto delivery every other month. This would be a good way to make sure I don't run out. The first two bottles looked great. I have read that the oil has gone bad and that the next two bottles were yellow in color. I returned the oil after cancelling the auto delivery. I still use the first bottle, but when I looked at the other bottle in my pantry, it was yellow. It's not as dark as the new shipment. I'm afraid to use it. I'm going to buy one bottle at a time from Walmart or try a different brand. This product was very disappointing.

👤I received coconut oil. It was cloudy/milky in color and not sure if it's rancid. The bottle has an expiration date on it. I've bought this brand before and it doesn't look like what I received today. The two bottles are being compared. It's not sure if this is safe to cook with and use for essential oil.

👤I love coconut oil. It is unflavored and stays in liquid form on the counter. I can add it to food to get more fat and it doesn't taste coconutty. I have a family that does not like coconuts. I know I can use this with confidence because we are using a healthy fat without the taste. I like coconut flavor, but they don't. I put my oil intake in my coffee to measure it. Since it is in liquid form, I can easily measure it with a spoon, whereas I would have to use a kitchen scale to make sure I am only using one spoon. This coconut oil is good. I highly recommend you use it if you haven't already.

5. Island Fresh Superior Organic Coconut

Island Fresh Superior Organic Coconut

Coconut oil is a source of energy and helps support metabolism. It can be used as a daily supplement for mental focus and as an athletic endurance enhancer. Coconut oil can be applied to the roots and ends of hair. It's a good idea to use weekly for hair. Coconut oil can be applied to the skin as a natural sunscreen, face cream and overnight treatment. The best food for your skin! Coconut oil has a tropical flavor and aroma. It adds a tasty and exotic element to recipes. Both organic and non-GMO are certified.

Brand: Island Fresh

👤I have been using this brand of coconut for over a year and I am very pleased with the packaging, quality, smell and taste. I have never had a problem with the quality of the jars I've purchased. It is usually delivered in liquid form during the summer months. It gets hot in Maryland. During the winter, it delivered. The nature of coconut oil is not a reflection on quality. There has never been a jar broken. There has never been a jar leaking. I have never received a bad batches. I put it in my morning coffee because we use it for cooking. I buy this brand because of the coconut smell and taste. This coconut oil has always been good for me. As long as the price stays around $15 a jar, I will continue to purchase this brand of coconut oil.

👤This is a good product at a good price. I use it for many things. Coconut oil makes a great curry and is a miracle for teeth and gums. Remember the SNL skit, "it's a floor wax, no it's a dessert topping?" I mix it with my cat's food because she has gum disease. At five years old, she lost her teeth and her breath could knock me over. The coconut oil has stopped her recurring infections and she has stopped losing teeth. Her breath is not noticeable anymore. Her fur is as soft as a bunny's. I use oil to keep the gum problems that come with aging out. I use coconut oil on my lips and a vaseline with coco butter to seal in the water before I sleep, and they are soft and silky smooth this winter, when they are usually dry and cracked. My lips seem to be regaining their youthful color as well. There is a The oil is packed in a jar that is suitable for reuse. I use the labels for bulk foods.

👤I got a big jar. I'm planning on using it as a hair oil, makeup removal, and a moisturizers. I opened the jar and it was not like any other coconut oil I've ever bought. My mom and grandma used to bring coconut oil back from the Philippines. The smell is coconuts. It is not hard at all, and is absorbed into your skin. I put it on my legs and expected it to soak in. I didn't want to leave grease stains on the furniture. My skin has absorbed the oil, and I feel silky smooth. The jar will last me a while, for the price and size. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤I like the smell and taste of the Caribbean. The best coconut oil. Over the years, I have used it. We eat this raw, in smoothies, cooking, fill capsule with herbs and essential oils, and use it for skin and hair care. Deep conditioning hair treatments, soap making, oil pulling, toothpaste, and other things are included. Some of the shredded coconut I bought was a little dry. I add coconut oil to the shredded coconut to give it a fresh, incredible taste. When applied to the skin, coconut oil is greasy but deep in the skin. I will purchase this product again.

6. Golden Barrel Butter Flavored Coconut

Golden Barrel Butter Flavored Coconut

It was made with Golden Barrel refined coconut oil. There is a color with natural alpha carotene. A substitute for butter is dairy-free.

Brand: Golden Barrel

👤A great product. I don't normally write reviews, but I read them and try to take them with a grain of salt. The customers are probably correct in saying it melted on arrival, but they are a little misleading. It is oil, and oil liquifies at warmer temperatures. Those reviews are related to packaging and shipping. It is not liquid and those people like me live in the cold. I have no complaints about it being oil. Depending on the temperature, it liquifies. It is solid because it is less likely to cause issues. I only apply this to customers where the temp keeps it cool and solid. I put the oil in the ice cube tray and put it in the fridge or freezer. I dump them out and put them in a container. I have perfect oil cubes that I keep in a cupboard. I make batches with 2 cubes. It's pretty simple. It works well. Do I need to do this? No. I don't want the kids to scoop out oil on their own. This is easy to do. I might need to store them in the fridge, but the basement where the machine is keeps cool, so it may be fine. When you read reviews, be careful. They are not always correct. This stuff works with Flavacol. This does have a butter flavor and smell, so it adds to the popcorn. This is good oil for a popcorn machine.

👤I eat enough popcorn to have an opinion on it. I ruined going to the movies for myself when I went on the quest to get popcorn that was as good as the theater. I can't find a theater that has the same popcorn as mine, and none of them would be healthier than mine. Is that my opinion? It is an opinion shared by a group of people who have had popcorn at my house. Why did I tell you all this? This butter coconut oil is part of my recipe secret. Don't bother with anything else, this is the one. If you don't have great popcorn, make sure you have this and some Flavacol and you will have most of it covered.

👤This review can cover four products, all related, and all purchased on Amazon, and all together make perfect popcorn. First time. The Great Northern was 6 12 quarts. The popcorn popper seems to be constructed of steel. Add 1/3 cup. Golden Barrel Butter is made from coconut oil. This was the best vegetable oil I have tried. On my smooth top stove set to 6 I heat oil and one kernels until it pops. Add 12 cup popcorn, 12 cup Flavacol and crank until it stops popping. You can get great theatre style popcorn with hot popcorn in a large covered bowl, add 14 cup of Medley Farms White Cheddar Cheese powder and shake, and enjoy it.

👤I like this product. I like to keep a lot of popcorn in the refrigerator. I always have a snack. If oil-popped, it has a nice, crisp flavor. I store it in a bottle with a pour spout to make it easy to use and it can be left at room temperature without being spoiled. Popcorn is never soggy because it has no water in it. Sometimes I use a different oil as a topping. I bought a silicone microwave popper that is perfect for popping with less oil and more coverage. I put the kernels in, cover them with oil, and pop them away. It's practically perfect, but watch the timing.

7. Happy Belly Organic Refined Coconut

Happy Belly Organic Refined Coconut

This product was previously a Solimo product. The product is the same size and quality as it was when it was part of Happy Belly. Their coconut oil is made from fresh coconuts that have been grown in the coconut regions of the Philippines. The coconut oil in each jar is cold-pressed and non-GMO. Their coconut oil has a neutral taste and aroma and is ideal for cooking or baking. The oil will solidify under cooler temperatures. Nutrition properties are the same at all temperatures. A dairy-free alternative for coffee, shakes, and smoothies. 0g trans fat has no artificial colors or flavors.

Brand: Happy Belly

👤I use it vaginally. I use coconut oil for pain relief and my boyfriend assumes I am just wet. , tmi I have not had any adverse reactions to my skin down there. It is a victory for me.

👤Happy Belly coconut oil is a wonderful product. I've used it as a facial and body moisturizer, a makeup remover, and as a pre-shower hair moisturizer, and I combed it through my hair and wrapped it in a warm towel. It worked well for all of these uses.

👤We love this product. It is used for personal lubrication. It will not get sticky like other lubes do. We don't cook with it for fun. It's funny.

👤I put my hand next to the jar for reference. It is larger than the one you can get from Walmart. I bought two for myself and one for my mom. I use it for a lot of things. There is a No scent, anti-bacteria, and moisturizing are the pros. -Organic. There is a If you don't like coconut oil, you're crazy.

👤I love coconut oil. There was no flavor. There was no smell. I use it for gummies.

👤The lid was missing pieces. The box was broken before it was shipped because the missing pieces weren't in it.

👤I have not tried it myself but it seems to work well on my pets.

👤My doctor recommended coconut oil when she saw my dry skin. I've been using this all summer. It does its job. If it's not 75 degrees, it goes solid. I put it in the jar and warm it up. I have found some clothing items that absorb the oil. There is a It's not a problem if you are careful about the timing of applying and dressing. It's best to give it a few minutes to absorb before getting dressed. I will order again.

8. Amazon Brand Organic Refined Coconut

Amazon Brand Organic Refined Coconut

This product was previously a Solimo product. The product is the same size and quality as it was when it was part of Happy Belly. Their coconut oil is made from fresh coconuts that have been grown in the coconut regions of the Philippines. Each jar is certified organic, Non-GMO Project verified, and paleo-friendly coconut oil that is expeller-pressed and solvent free. Their coconut oil has a neutral taste and aroma and is ideal for cooking or baking. The oil will solidify under cooler temperatures. Nutrition properties are the same at all temperatures. A dairy-free alternative for coffee, shakes, and smoothies. 0g trans fat has no artificial colors or flavors.

Brand: Happy Belly

👤I opened my product with a finger and found a small hair in it. I am not sure if this product was damaged out but sold. I am disgusted as an Amazon worker. This is unsanitary and unsafe.

👤I didn't know coconut oil could be used to grow mold. Maybe it was the type of coconut oil I have used before. Here it is not good.

👤I use coconut oil for my hair. Since I started using it, my hair has grown a lot.

👤The price and size were the only things I liked about this. I bought it as a moisturizers and am using it as a body oil. It smells like coconut, but it is more expensive. I love it. This brand does not smell like coconut. It's very greasy, and there's no scent to it. I would never guess it was coconut oil. I was disappointed that I didn't try to ship it back.

👤This is definitely a value for money. I use this for my hair and piercings so they don't dry out after cleaning them. It was not damaged or opened. This is a lot for the price. I'm very happy with the purchase. I'll be back to purchase again whenever I run out. 10/10! There is a There is an edit. July of 2021, still going!

👤I use coconut oil for my hair. It came completely melted, which was a shame. I left it in my bathroom for two days and it hardened up. After just one use, this oil makes my hair shine and makes my hair and scalp feel better. I don't think I'll be eating it.

👤Nope, not today! Ewe Amazon. It's the first coconut oil I've ever tried and I was so excited to open it. It has an odd smell and is overly gooey. I was looking for something that smelled like coconut. Let your customers know that this does not have a coconut smell. It's not worth returning the money I paid so you guys get a huge profit. It was a profit. It was kind of misleading. Do you think so? Will have to find another use for this.

👤This is a great value, I only use it on my body. Pop on in the shower while it's still wet and then use the towel to dry your skin.

9. Verdana Coconut MCT Oil Fractionated

Verdana Coconut MCT Oil Fractionated

There is 100% coconut effluent. Their oil is made from coconut and goes by the name Fractionated coconut oil. Verdana coconut is a pure coconut oil that has no palm oil involved. Verdana allows you to buy in bulk to fulfill all your needs. The bulk size of their oil is worth more than one gallon. Get all the benefits of coconut oil without the freezing issue at room temperatures, and their oil has a longer shelf life. Food grade containers Verdana's containers are just as impressive as their products. Their containers are food grade and come with a seal. You no longer have to worry about inadequate containers with Verdana oil products. Large concentrations of Medium-Chain Triglycerides can be obtained with the use of MCT oil. Their oils are odorless and pure and have a long shelf life. It is compatible with most cosmetic ingredients and has a light, non-greasy feel. Unlike virgin coconut oil, the liquid can stay in the room. It's perfect for manufactured goods. The perfect product for your needs is their MCT Oil.

Brand: Verdana

👤My husband and I use this affordable oil for reversing/preventing Alzheimer's. Dr. Mary Newport is with Dr. Dominic D'Agostino.

👤I use the cheapest b est oil and it has been great to use.

👤This is high quality oil. It is cheaper to buy it in bulk. The quality of the oil is the same as it is in smaller containers.

👤It is not clear. The oil is drying out.

👤A big fan of this deal. I could find most economic MCT. I was a little nervous from the 1 star review, but had no fear. I've tried other more expensive brands of oils and I'm happy with the quality of it. I will buy again. The pump I got is too short.

👤If you want to have a great brain, you need to use a product that is good for the brain, and that's MCT oil, it's delicious and great for the brain.

👤I love the stuff. No smell or taste!

10. Garden Life Organic Virgin Coconut

Garden Life Organic Virgin Coconut

Coconut oil is raw. Their coconut oils are free from all of the harmful chemicals. USDA certified organic coconut oil is vegan, kosher, and free of dairy. Extra virgin coconut oil is an excellent source of healthy fat burning medium chain fatty acids for weight loss and management. This virgin coconut cooking oil is one of the healthiest oils in the world and delicious for cooking, baking and smoothies. Skin and hair care. Coconut oil can be used for a variety of purposes.

Brand: Garden Of Life

👤I was told to give my dog a quarter of a day for healthy skin. I ordered the brand "Garden of Life..." because my usual brand was on back order. My stomach turned when this happened. I was going to put this back in my pantry, but I noticed a dark spot in the bottom of the jar. I lifted the spot out of the spoon. It is a large bug. There is a The lid was closed when I took my dogs out. I have been feeding this to my dog for a while. My dog did not like this brand as she did our regular brand. It smelled different. I thought it was a different brand. She loves coconut oil and I should have known something was wrong. I'm not sure where the quality control is for this product. I would never buy this product again. I have never experienced anything like this before. My dog's skin got worse as she was sluggish. I will put photos and the lot number with this review. I still can't believe it! I threw up. There is a Look at the pictures and check the lot number against the one in the picture. There is a This matter needs to be addressed immediately.

👤The product is very low-quality. There was partially filled coconut oil. There were circles with dark spots. It's not sure if it's mold. I'm not going to eat it. I've never seen a problem like this before with coconut oils I've purchased from Amazon and other stores. I don't think this product is good.

👤This was not good. I threw it in the trash because I took one look at it. This isn't coconut oil. There wasn't a safety seal. I was disappointed but also upset. It takes a long time to process a return. This review will be left instead. Don't buy it.

👤I have used coconut oil for a long time. I was going to try this brand as it was on sale. Yesterday it arrived. I was surprised to see black spots in it. I came here to read reviews to find out if anyone else had the same experience, and I was shocked to see that many people had the same experience and that the black spots were mold! If you have a brand of coconut oil that you like and trust, I would suggest that you stay with it. Don't buy this brand of coconut oil if you're trying it for the first time. I don't think this is a good idea.

👤A friend called me today asking for a recommendation for coconut oil and I immediately recommended it. I drink a small amount of coffee every day and use it as a full body moisturizer, as well as a hair treatment, makeup removal, and a sugar scrub for my lips. I keep an extra bottle in my night stand and in the kitchen because it's the perfect size to fit in the bathroom showers. I tried a different brand in a glass container before this. It was a big mistake. I was out of a full bottle and the cost after the bottle broke. It took up a lot of space in the kitchen pantry. It's great for your digestion, so I drink it a day in my coffee. It's the perfect size for everyone, with a great price. If you think about the cost of products such as makeup removal and moisturizers, you just can't go wrong with this product. It takes me 1 minute to mix it with other essential oil products. This is a win win and the one product that I immediately can recommend without any hesitation, because we use all the chemicles daily. Try it! It's a money saver. If you have an organic essential oil that you love as a scent, I also add it to your daily full body moisturizer, it's specifically meant for aging skin. I love this product.

11. Snappy Popcorn Gallon White Coconut

Snappy Popcorn Gallon White Coconut

The secret to making popcorn at home is a delicious flavor. Pure coconut oil is better than butter because it is non-hydrogenated and free of trans fats. Liquid form/clear in warm temperatures, solid/white in cold temperatures. This versatile product is a pantry staple because it can be used to cook more of your favorite foods. A gallon of popcorn coconut oil.

Brand: Snappy Popcorn

👤The At-the-Movies brand is made by the same manufacturer. This oil is a solvent extract from coconut oil. I got the manufacturer's specification sheet from the distributor. No, it doesn't say which solvent is used. My research shows that the two most popular solvents in the coconut processing industry are Benzene and Hexane. Both are toxic in large quantities. I'm not overly concerned because the remaining amounts are measured in parts per million. It does not have that coconut smell. Would I buy this again? The price is right and studies show that coconut oil has many health benefits. I took back my answer after 3 gallons of use. I found the cooking sticks in the pan. I would always grab a different oil when frying eggs. I thought it was related to too much heat or too little heat. I tried another coconut oil that was labeled "USDA Organic" and refined with no chemicals. It's a good thing! No more sticking.

👤The same coconut oils have the same nutrition value. This is not the oil for you if you like coconut. This is the perfect coconut oil if you are looking for a nice scent. If you have no coconut taste, this is the oil alternative for you. Coconut oil is great for massage therapists who like to use it on their clients' skin. I will be using it for making soap and lotion. The container is much easier to open than the standard gallon tub.

👤The prices of Nutivia have gone up recently. This is the best price I've seen for coconut oil. I use coconut oil for cooking. I've used it for baking and it seems to work well. There is no smell or taste of coconut oil. The coconut oil seems to have a lower melting point than the Nutivia brand. The brand seems to be liquid at room temp. I wouldn't use it for cheese making as it may be too soft for a cheese to hold its shape.

👤I use this oil in my soap making because it is nice and white and a great price.

👤I am glad I found this oil. I use coconut oil as a deep conditioner for my hair, as well as a moisturizer for my body, and so on. It works well for some things, but it can get expensive. The coconut oil saved me. You get an entire gallon of oil for a great price, a fraction of the price as other brands of oil that come in this size. This says it's popcorn oil, but it's just coconut oil. It doesn't matter. I made a sugar scrub for the women who came to our Christmas party. I knew I would need a lot of oil. I didn't want to pay a lot. I bought this gallon for that purpose. Many women have asked me what I put in the sugar scrub that made their hands soft and smooth, and it worked perfectly. Coconut oil was a big part of that. I told them that. Coconut oil is hard, like shortening, in its solid state, but when you warm it in your hands or over heat it will turn into liquid. It does the same thing. It doesn't get hard when this is mixed with sugar. Even after making all of those scrubs, this will last me for a long time. A little goes a long way. Don't be afraid of the popcorn oil label because it's only coconut oil, not popcorn oil. It's cheaper this way. It's still great quality. I will be purchasing this in order to save money. I love it! There is a If you haven't tried coconut oil for something other than cooking, you should. My skin is very soft and makes a great deep conditioner. I get a lot of praise for my hair and skin, which is long and curly-wavy. Since my daughter was born, I have been using it on her. It can be used for a variety of things. There are over 100 uses for this stuff, so you should read about them. It's great! I have other people hooked on it. P.S. Coconut oil can be used on your face.


What is the best product for cooking coconut oil liquid?

Cooking coconut oil liquid products from Viva Naturals. In this article about cooking coconut oil liquid you can see why people choose the product. La Tourangelle and Carrington Farms are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking coconut oil liquid.

What are the best brands for cooking coconut oil liquid?

Viva Naturals, La Tourangelle and Carrington Farms are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking coconut oil liquid. Find the detail in this article. Island Fresh, Golden Barrel and Happy Belly are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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