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1. Pieces Reusable Drawstring Straining Cheesecloth

Pieces Reusable Drawstring Straining Cheesecloth

You have the correct bag to use if you take one from the bundle, it's just 888-353-1299 is a 888-353-1299 is a 888-353-1299 These soup bags are made of unbleached cheesecloth, which is safe and non-toxic, and can be applied for a long time. The drawcord is designed for the seal of each bag, which is convenient for you to adjust the seal size and take it, and you can put different labels on the drawcord to help you distinguish different ingredients. The exterior of the soup bag is made of small and rich mesh design, which will not let the ingredients leak when it is cooked for a long time, but it can send out the scent of the ingredients and spices, a good helpers for soup making. The soup bags are easy to clean and are suitable for tea, coffee, spices, bone and etc. The quantity and size of the bags are enough to meet your daily needs.

Brand: Boao

👤There were spots on the bags. There is a I will not be using them. Total garbage! There is a A waste of time and money.

👤The tea bags are gorgeous. These bags are the perfect size for bulkier items that I use and I blend my own herbal and Medicial teas. These bags are a great size for fresh plant materials, and I work with dried herbs and plant material. It's easy to fill because the openings fit over the base of the wide mouth funnel. I reuse them many times now. I've only used three from the pkg and have noticed no residual flavors left in the fabric after rinsing thoroughly, so they will last a long time. I don't think it would affect the flavor of the blends if I separated them in different bags. I made blends and gave the bags as a gift. The bags are a good value and great quality. Will buy again when necessary.

👤The bags did not close correctly. I received a bad batches. There is a The seller sent a replacement order after I contacted them. The new bags have nice drawstrings. The bags are large and have many uses. I ordered them to make some. The bags with the functional drawstrings are great for herbs, tea, storage, and small gift bags. The product is nice. Excellent customer service.

👤Looks good. The reason for a 3 star review is that they are not as advertised. The actual measurement is close to 5 inches. That is my only gripe. Everything else is fine.

👤My wife finally used one of these socks in her underwear. It worked as expected. I would be tempted to throw the sock away if there were more messier things in it. It was a good purchase.

👤Scum comes up when you cook meat. When the meat is boiling, put a couple of bags in the pot. The scum is out when you take out the bag.

👤The product performs as expected, but it may not be as durable as expected. Considering the materials, the cost is high. It will be more cost effective to make it yourself.

👤It's good for making homemade cold and hot packs. Corn feed is the best way to retain heat, I have done some research and found it to be the best. The smell is not off putting. Also makes a good cold pack. Oatmeal is a good warm pack, but don't heat it.

👤I sacchetti hanno un laccio troppo corto in modo. La misura, ma questo e colpa mia, non abbastanza per quello.

2. SCENG Unbleached Cheesecloth Cooking Nut G90 2 Yards

SCENG Unbleached Cheesecloth Cooking Nut G90 2 Yards

It's easy to clean, reuse and bio-degradable, which is more convenient than butter or nylon. There are bonus recipes for Greek yogurt, herb pouch, and mulled wine bags in the gift box. If you want to achieve your plastic-free, zero waste goals, you should use a tight weave for canning cloth, jelly making, spice bags, and even fine polishing wood and glass. The 100% grade 90 cheesecloth is much higher quality than the lower grades and can be washed and reused, unlike other brands and substitute which only for one-time use. It's possible to cut your own. You can simply cut the 2 yards long and 1 yard wide cheesecloth according to how much you need to use, and the earth will thank you for all your love. Only pure cotton is used in their cheesecloth. You can use the cloth with complete confidence because you won't get recycled fibers or other impurities. Many house uses. There are a lot of different applications for the cheesecloth. Spice bags, canning, kombucha, cheese, yogurt and wine making, keeping chicken or fish intact when cooking, squeezing citrus juice without seeds, fine surface polishing, cleaning, dusting, Halloween decoration, ghostmaking. SATISFACTION - They know you will love their product. They have a 100% manufacturer's money-back on their product. Get your money back if you are unhappy with your purchase. There is nothing to lose if you click "add to cart".

Brand: S.ceng

👤I juice frequently and use these to squeeze out any extra I can get from the pulp. I place these in the bowl to separate the juice from the foam, but there are some small bits of debis on the foam that compromise the batches. I wanted to like this, but it's not good.

👤This is made from cotton. I use it for straining oils that are infused with herbs. Excellent product. Hang to dry and use again. It seems like it's expensive for 2 yards. I thought it was organic cotton, but the package didn't say that. I am completely satisfied with this purchase.

👤The cloth is not like other cheese cloth. It's easy to hand wash and it's more durable. There is a This is exactly what I was looking for. There is a It really holds up when I use it for straining infused oils, honey, butter and other things. There is no worry about stray threads in my infusions.

👤I use these for making tofu. I can squeeze well to get all of the soy milk out of my beans. I don't know a good way to get the dried beans out of them without using soap, and they're hard to clean after using them.

👤This is great for my drink. I make my own tea at home. I use 1/2 gallon mason jars. A pack of jars is less expensive than a gallon jar. I put the fabric over the jar and put the ring on it. The fabric is light enough for the air to pass through, but small and strong enough for fruit flies. I will use this cloth for cheese making. I am very pleased with this product.

👤The cheesecloth was delivered as described in the listing. It worked well for straining homemade yogurt and washing it.

👤I love your product! I cook a lot and not everyone likes it. I make bundles and wrap them in linen towels because I can't find a cheesecloth in my area. I get my jobs done with no worries because your cheesecloth is of the highest quality and inexpensive. You ship fast! Thank you! I will be ordering more.

👤I used the cloth to make cheese. The quality is good. I have washed it in the washing machine a few times and it's holding up.

3. Excellent Deals Cheese Cloth Grade

Excellent Deals Cheese Cloth Grade

Good quality and fast delivery will make you happy. 100% money back guarantee! Premium quality food grade CHEESE CLOTH made from 100% natural unbleached combed cotton, which makes it safe to use for cheese making,Filtering, food preparation, straining & many other home/ kitchen use. The cheesecloth is 4 yards long and 1 yard wide. It is possible to cut it according to your requirement. Reusable Cheese cloths can be used in a lot of different applications. It can be used to make cheese, yogurt, wine, and also to strain poultry and keep chicken or fish intact when roasting. Cheesecloth can be washed and reuse many times. Before you use it for food preparation, please wash it with warm water and put it in a bowl.

Brand: Excellent Deals

👤I did not know that they made this. The weave is tight enough to make a shirt, but still opaque enough to do the job it is intended for. I am going to hem some of it. It may be odd to have an emotional connection to something like this, but I love it!

👤It's much easier to strain Ghee than a coffee filter. If you cut a piece big enough to fold over, you can use it to filter out the dairy chunks.

👤The price for the amount of cheesecloth was exceptional. There is a I will order this deal again if I run out.

👤They are made from high quality materials. I wish they were a bit cheaper as I have to use a lot of them to cover my flowers before they sell out. The fabric keeps the wood flowers from getting dirty.

👤I had to sift through a lot of "made in china" cheesecloths before I found this one. The image I attached was inside the product. It is made in Pakistan.

👤Good quality cheese cloth was what I was looking for.

👤I used this as a runner for my fall table decor and now it is used as a cross under runner for my xmas table decor. It looked great on my table.

4. Toncoo 5 5 Inch Strainer Compatible Filtering

Toncoo 5 5 Inch Strainer Compatible Filtering

100 pack is the best value. At a good price. The filter strainer made of PP frame and nylon passed FDA certification. sieve filter is sturdy and non-toxic. The 200 fine mesh is ideal for filters of iced coffee, juice, oils, wine, soy milk, milk and fryer oil. The design is compatible with 5-inch kitchen funnels. It is easy to clean with a smooth nylon surface. The oil filter is made of oil. They strive to offer filters that are of the highest quality and are sold at a fair price.

Brand: Toncoo

👤It works well for coffee grounds. Nothing happens. Highly recommended. It was well made.

👤Frying oil should only be used once. To use it again, you should filter it.

👤I needed this strainer for straining coffee.

👤It doesn't get the job done if you plan on straining fresh juice. The mesh holes are too small to filter correctly. Trying to force it to strain with a spoon makes a mess. There are stains where mesh and plastic meet.

👤Yes! Finally found a sieve that does what it says on the tin. I use this to separate the juice from the pulp after I juice lemons. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤I have 2 Brown Swiss milk cows and have found that they are much better than disposable screens, and I use a metal funnel that fits my wide mouth canning jars. They work well and last a long time. I use one for my water kefir. The second ferment has fruit purée and this screen is too fine for it, although I still use it with a spoon. I am not worried about the fruit staining the filter.

👤I bought these to have on hand as extras.

5. Sufaniq Cheesecloth Grade Unbleached Cheesemaking

Sufaniq Cheesecloth Grade Unbleached Cheesemaking

SNLCO, Utah, USA, created the design and quality-LEDCONTROL. US experts designed cooling racks to meet your cooking and baking needs. It's safe to use for food with no sharp edges. The cooling rack for cooking and baking is made from 304-grade STAINLESS steel, dishwasher-safe, rust-proof, with a tight grid design and tall feet that allow your food to cool quicker. Your family and friends will enjoy your restaurant-quality meals. Food grade Their cheese cloth strainer is made of 100% cotton fabric that is unbleached, dye-free and odorless so it does not impart any color or odor to food. Premium quality cheese clothes are densely woven with fine mesh. It works well to strain milk, yogurt, broth, fruit, and vegetable juice. Are you troubled by the small particles that glide in while straining? No more being outside. Their stretchable is 44 x 36 weave count, tightly woven unbleached cheesecloth for straining. You can use the butter muslin cloth for straining oil and yogurt, it's perfect for cheese making, tofu, other poultry, canning the lids and baking. You can use the cheesecloth for cooking. It is possible to use a grade-90 cheese cloth that can resist wear and tear, heavier and more durable with a higher thread count. This one-time trial will help you out a lot.

Brand: Sufaniq

👤The cheese cloth is the best I have used so far. I've been looking for a dense cheesecloth that has more thread count and is made of soft cotton or muslin. I make a lot of traditional sweets. There is a The regular cheese cloths are more difficult to clean and use because they have more wide holes. There is a The cloth is very fine. The second picture shows the difference between my first cheese cloth and the new sufaniq side by side. The liquid was drained out and left in the cloth. I am very happy with this product. The price is better than before.

👤Just what I needed. I use the cheesecloth for straining bones, spices, and other unwanted items from my Bone Broth, and it's an excellent product. It is easy to clean, I have washed it by hand and hung it to dry. I am very satisfied with this product and will buy it again.

👤Wow, very impressive for a low price. It's perfect, I was afraid it would be a cheaper quality, but it was. It's better than other more expensive options. I hope to use it a lot.

👤I saw a great review on this item and decided to give it a try, even though I was thinking about getting a fancy juicer this year. I was not sure if it was possible to remove the fruit pulp with goiyto. It's awesome! In my picture, you are not waisting any juice, you can squeeze most of it, and the dry pulp on the cheese cloth is what you will get. The only downside is that you have to use your bare hands to squeeze the juice. It's so easy to use, it's quick to clean and dry. I'm very happy that I got this item.

👤This product works well. I made a lot of cheese. The cheese tasted great and the cloth helped. I will buy it again. I like the free stuff.

👤I am happy with the product. It works and washes well. I've used the same piece several times to make yogurt and ricotta, and I have to wash my hands between uses.

👤I am trying to be healthier and have been eating mashed cauliflower. The frozen variety is delicious. It has enough salt to make cauliflower. You have to get all the water out to make my own. I have tried paper towels. The most expensive ones don't get the job done. I have used dish towels but they weren't really working and I was too strong for their mighty fibers. Then I thought about it. What a great use for something designed for cheese. It worked well to get the water out of the cauliflower. I was squeezing and twisting with all my might. The cloth was able to hold up the water. This is not the intended purpose, but anyone else looking to make mashed cauliflower will find this easy to do. There is a I haven't seen how it holds up to machine washing, I used it and washed it out in the sink. I don't want to wash anything. I plan to wash it with my dish towels.

6. Yarnx Reusable Cheesecloth Yard Unbleached

Yarnx Reusable Cheesecloth Yard Unbleached

It's great for furniture refinishing, waxing, polishing, shrubbery protection and crafts. It is Washable and Reusable. Their natural cheesecloth is made with grade 90 cotton, which keeps it intact for an extended period. Extra thick and tight weave muslin cloth is used to strain the water so you can enjoy your food without leaving any food particles behind. The cheese cloth strainer has a fine mesh fabric material that doesn't allow food particles to get stuck in the webbing easily, which means you won't be reminded of the last food item you made with it. Before straining the cloth for the first time, please give it a warm wash and let it dry, as washing machines can tear it apart. A variety of food items can be made with their grade-90 reusable cheesecloth, such as homemade cheese, almond milk, Greek yogurt, lemon tea, and many more.

Brand: Yarnx

👤It was easy to fold around the shapes I was using when I used this for a craft project. It is off-white in color, rather than stark white, and I will be painting some of the covered shapes with acrylic paint. Happy with the product.

👤There is no mention on the packaging of the product being organic. Very worrying. It probably isn't. There is a false advertisement.

👤This may have been a user error. There were no instructions for cleaning. I looked it up online. It said to rinse and remove food. It tore apart when I did it.

👤It was used in a Pho that had to cook for a while.

👤This item has many uses. I use it to wrap fruit cakes. It is also a good value item.

👤I love this cloth. I use it to make oat milk. It was washed out and hung to dry. It was perfect for what I wanted.

👤I washed and re-used the piece I cut to fit the sieves. It works perfectly.

👤I use this to squeeze water out of potatoes. Works as expected.

7. Cheesecloth Things Thoughts Friendly Reusable

Cheesecloth Things Thoughts Friendly Reusable

It is easy to clean and it is lint free. 100% natural, super-durable cotton. The cotton mesh strainer bag is food grade, unlike other cotton and hemp bags. This strainer bag can be used again and again. The crafter double-stITCHED is easy to clean. Their bag is easier to clean and less messy than classic cheesecloth. The bottom of it is doubIe-stitched. 100% money back. Their company is confident in their product. If you don't like your nut milk bag, they'll give you a full refund. Extra large 12x12 lNCH rain bag will not let rain through. Use this easy-pour pouch to make delicious homemade vegan milks such as almond milk, cashews, coconut milk, and more, as well as juices such as tea, cold-brew coffee, cheese, ghee, yogurt, and more! It will not allow any type of coffee grounds through. Home and professional chefs were approved. Their free vegan nut milks, cold-brew coffees, cheeses, and more recipes are sent to you via email, so you can make them at home or in the kitchen. This nut milk bag filter is a great gift for someone who is "green".

Brand: Things & Thoughts

👤I've made nut milks with regular kitchen towels and nylon bags. Some work is harder to get out of the kitchen towel than others. I decided to order an actual cotton nut bag to see how it would work. If the bag fails or my opinion changes, I'll update this review over time, but I've only used it once. This is a must have. It's easy to clean, it has a nicer feeling than the nylon bag, and I think my milk was better than previous batches. This is a good purchase.

👤I have been using this product for a month and it has been great. I used to put the juice in my nutribullet and then in a strainer. It took a long time. My juicing time has been cut in half by this nut milk bag. The juice comes out of the bag perfectly. It is easy to clean up. I just dump the juice out and rinse it out in the sink because I am able to get all the juice out. I expected the bag to be stained green from celery. I would recommend this again.

👤I was a little hesitant at first. It seemed to hold everything when I strained it. I used to use cheese cloth to get the milk to come through. The milk came out when the bag was applied a little bit of pressure. Almond meal was not found in the milk. I have never been able to get away without almond meal. The bag was easy to clean. I took out the almond meal and emptied the sink. There is a The company that makes the bags: Things & Thoughts had a great customer service. They told me that they wanted to make sure their customers were happy with the product. They have a camper that is happy. I was happy to support them because they are a small business. I will be buying more of these bags in the future. Things and thoughts, thanks!

👤If you're going to sell a brown cotton bag, you need to make sure it's of the highest quality. The first time it was used, the stitching was loose and the milk was shooting out the sides all over the kitchen. There is an update. The above defect is true, but they contacted me very quickly to replace the nut bag. This is the best customer service I have ever experienced. So wonderful! Since their customer service is so great, there's no risk in buying this product. There is an update 2. I decided that I do love using this bag after using the replacement bag. It's very easy to clean.

👤The product worked as described. Unlike some of the other reviews, the seams were well sewn and do not anticipate a problem with it. It's reasonable to clean and a fine mesh to remove the juice particles. There is a I give it a 4 star rating because I think it's a little pricey for what you are getting. It could be larger so that you could fit it over a small strainer to use as a frame when pouring liquids.

8. Reusable Drawstring Straining Brewing Equipped

Reusable Drawstring Straining Brewing Equipped

Their goal is to offer high quality products and great customer satisfaction as a family owned small business. They recommend hand wash with warm water and mild soap. Before use, please wash and rinse. If you have any issues with their product, please contact them and they will issue a full refund. It's easy, without any particles or debris, because small meshes can easily remove grains and partially mashed brews, making the remaining brews and cleaning up. Premium function is suitable for making nut milk, green juice, soup, jelly and other beverages. It's also great for cold brew. This strainer can meet all needs. The brew bag can do everything from cooking jams to cold brew to cider and fruit wine making. You can brew even the largest of recipes without spilling any grain if you have a large capacity. Use your existing kettle setup to brew all-grain. The large size of the brew bag makes it easy to make beer, jams, cold brew, cider, and fruit wine. It is easy to fill and has easy to pull straps that make it easy to clean. If you experience any issues with your brew bags, please contact the manufacturer for a full refund or replacement.

Brand: Nglhm

👤Este lo compre. le He para ser queso fresco y me encanta.

👤I use these to brew large batches of tea. Compost tea bags are much more expensive than they are.

👤Machine wash after hand wash.

9. Lautechco® Breathable Steamer Dumplings Non Stick

Lautechco%C2%AE Breathable Steamer Dumplings Non Stick

Their customers are their top priority in their small family-owned business. If you're not happy with their food grade, contact them and they'll make things right. Brand new and high quality. The mesh is for the release cloth. Make sure the mesh surface is dry. It is used in food cooking processing industries and is ideal for auxiliary supplies. SIze: 32 x 32 cm and 12.6''x12

Brand: Lautechco

👤I bought this as a disposable cloth for my bamboo steamer and it works well. It's great for steaming rice because my dumplings no longer stick. I use this when I need to squeeze out liquid from cauliflower and zucchini. It's convenient to have 4 pieces. When I use 2 at a time for the bamboo steamer, I'll throw them in the laundry for washing, and I still have 2 more that I can use.

👤It's easy to get mold after a deep clean and dry. Very small.

👤This product is cheap. I washed it because of the smell that came with it and the thread at the side that was supposed to seal it came off. Don't waste your money.

👤I wish it was pre-cut. That is a personal preference.

👤This is an average product. The sheets are not very thick. It's a bit pricey.

👤I have been using them for a while. They work as they are supposed to.

10. 12Pack Reusable Sportsvoutdoors Coffee 9 08 3in

12Pack Reusable Sportsvoutdoors Coffee 9 08 3in

If your package doesn't arrive as shown, it's not an authentic Regency Wraps product and they can't make it. If you don't receive a genuine Regency Wraps Product, please let them know. Each cold brew coffee bag is made of cotton, never been dyed or bleached. There is no chemical residual. Safety and environment production can be used as soup bags. The cheese cloth is the easiest way to make soup. You can put soup meat or vegetables in it. The soup gravy broth stew bags can be washed and used for many tasks in the kitchen, just need to clean it with a mild detergent and warm water. The tea bags are made with small and rich mesh, which will not let the ingredients leak when it is cooked for a long time. The water can send out the scent of the ingredients and spices. Reusable bags are great for straining loose leaf tea, cold brew coffee, straining stocks, making almond milk, making soft cheeses or yogurt, and also can be used as nut bags. It comes with 12 pieces of cheese cloths for straining, enough quantity support to use for a long time. The seize of each is about 9.1in. Enjoy your cooking and get the best quality at a decent price.

Brand: Sportsvoutdoors

👤This bag is used to squeeze cauliflower rice. They could have chopped frozen spinach. There are a lot of uses. It is easy to clean. The seam needed to be mended after a couple uses.

👤The bags work well to limit the number of bone fragments that I want to use in soups for flavor, but do not want to have to remove while dining.

👤It's convenient to boil down chicken bones. They can be used multiple times. I haven't tried putting them in the washer but they seem sturdy enough to clean on delicate or hand wash at the very least.

👤I used these to make maple syrup and they worked well for my application. They were the right size for me to place inside a wide-mouth mason jar and then secure in place with a rubber band. The bags did a good job of keeping small particles out of the syrup, so I needed a new bag after I got a cup of syrup. The order came with 12 bags, so it was fine with me. I washed the bags and then dried them.

👤It was perfect for my needs. I use them to hold my tea bags and tea infusers while I brew a gallon of tea. I rinse them out with some bleach water. I made a mistake with them and forgot them in the bleach water overnight, the bleach will eat through the material. One order will last a long time with proper care. 3 gallons of tea can be made with the same bag.

👤Well made soup bag. The bag has herbs in it. The fabric holds up to reuse. I tied a bow after wrapping the purse string around the bag. It was easy to untie the bag and get rid of the contants.

👤The straining of the soup is easy with these bags because I make a lot of soup in 16 quart pots. The bags keep everything together.

👤I saw a strand of hair before I opened the bag. There are bad quality bags and loose threads. It is safe to use for cooking. I saw a lot of small strands of cloth on the bag that could be used to cook my food. Some people who reviewed these bags at 4-5 stars didn't care if they got into their body. Contacted seller. They said to return it without any of the usual apologies. I guess they're meant to do this kind of business on hit or miss with customers; some that would just look pass the loose threads, tiny black dots, and tiny strands of cloth that could go into the food as the bag is cooked/boiled within them.

11. Organic Cheesecloth Unbleached Threads Inch

Organic Cheesecloth Unbleached Threads Inch

You will get 50pcs bags bulk with natural color, which can be used in various occasions, such as: gift bags, jewellery pouch, and coffee tea brew herb bag. Their extra- fine 59"x36" reusable cheesecloths are able to effectively filter out impurities and capture the particles when used as strainers. Their cheese cloth is good for many things, including making butter, straining yogurt or milk, and pressing tofu. It can be used to cook, brew coffee, or dry aging meat. The muslin cloth can be used for arts and crafts projects. Their roll can be used to make home decor, curtains, and gift bags. Their double lined cheesecloth is made in Turkey using only certified unbleached organic cotton fabric. It doesn't contain dyes or chemicals that can mix with food or drinks. Their customers are their top priority in their small family-owned business. If you're not happy with their food grade, contact them and they'll make things right.

Brand: Valarco

👤I'm very happy with the purchase. This is a really good quality, easy to use, and doesn't shred apart. I bought this set of cheesecloth to use in making cheese at home, and I'm going to order another set to use as a strainer for beer. They are likely to last a long time because they wash up nicely. Being one of the few organic options out there, I would definitely buy this again.

👤You have to cut up a lot of cheese cloth. The quality seemed to be fine. I decided to use it to make almond milk. I was sorry. What a mess. It's not designed for making nut milks. I will always buy a nut milk bag. This cheese cloth is a good choice for straining stocks. I probably won't buy it again because it's hard to cut it up. When I cut it up, there is always an awkward piece.

👤Generous size allowed trimming for multiple uses: covered several sizes of pans in bread proof, strained fruits for canning, protected serving bowls at bbq. The purchase was great, the price was great, and the storage box was convenient.

👤I wanted to make homage almond milk. I am happy with the material. It is easy to use and clean.

👤A generous ant can be used for many purposes. I love the quality of this cloth. Another big plus is that it's in cardboard, not plastic.

👤I used this to make my own oat milk.

👤It worked great with fresh lavender.

👤I will buy it again. The store I bought was better than average.


What is the best product for cooking cloth strainer?

Cooking cloth strainer products from Boao. In this article about cooking cloth strainer you can see why people choose the product. S.ceng and Excellent Deals are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking cloth strainer.

What are the best brands for cooking cloth strainer?

Boao, S.ceng and Excellent Deals are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking cloth strainer. Find the detail in this article. Toncoo, Sufaniq and Yarnx are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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