Best Cooking Cloth for Spices

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1. Olicity Cheesecloth Unbleached Straining Reusable

Olicity Cheesecloth Unbleached Straining Reusable

The professional tea maker is the House Again Advantage. There are multiple high-quality products for you to choose from. Customer service is always friendly and worry-free. Hemmed grade 90 cheese cloth is made from natural and unbleached pure cotton and is more durable and convenient than traditional cheesecloth. The edges of the pre-cut cheesecloth can avoid the problem of small threads ending up in food because they are hemmed. It is easy to get. If your food needs to get multiple layers of filtration, you don't have to cut the cheesecloth into many pieces, just overlap multiple pieces of their brand's hemmed cheesecloth to make it done. It would be easier to clean this design. The most suitable size to meet your daily cooking needs is 20x20 Inch, it is very convenient to use and no need to cut. It can be used to cover grow sprout. Their hemmed cheesecloth is the highest grade and best quality in the world, so it is easy to wash and reuse. It has 44x36 threads/inch and is lint free and easy to wash. It comes in a vacuum sealed package to keep it fresh. Please add-to-cart now. Try it.

Brand: Olicity

👤Absolutely delighted with this 20 x 20 in food grade 100% pure cotton cheesecloth for straining in the kitchen. When you first unwrap them, they look like a very large thin napkin. They have a slightly tan color because they are not bleached, which is why they are not white. The instructions don't tell you how to take care of them or clean them, but they do say that there might be a few pieces of black speckles in them. I didn't have a problem with mine. They were kept clean and fresh by coming in a vacuum sealed plastic mayerial. I used mine to make butter that was infused with herbs. If you're using any plant-based material, it's going to change the color of the product after you use it for the first time. It doesn't really matter what color my cheesecloth is when I'm done with it as I'm probably going to use it for the same thing later on. I will just run through the washing machine with some of my other clothes to get it clean and ready for another use. I'm so happy to have these in addition to my kitchen cooking utensils.

👤The cloths are well made and hemmed. I make butter and marmalades with the help of a piece of cloth. To clean, I must rinse them thoroughly and remove all food clumps. I put them in boiling water until the water cools. I add baking soda and cover the water with boiling water. When cool, I rinse and hang to dry. It's more economical to use food-grade cheesecloth. It was not fraying so fat.

👤Home made yogurt, cheese, almond milk, and everything else that you can make at home is something that I love. I received another piece of cloth as a gift and it wasn't perfect, but I wasn't happy about it. This one is perfect. I am very happy with the result of making almond milk with the cloth. I have a jar full of almond flour that I extract from the milk. There is a When hygiene is not something that you can simply ignore, the cloths come in a vacuumed bag, which is essential. Well thought packaging. Thank you!

👤I didn't know anything about cheese clothes before buying this product. It has been great to make almond milk. I like this product.

👤The cheese cloth is a good buy. It is very sturdy and can be used again. I have to squeeze water out of my cauliflower to make pizza. This product is something I would recommend.

👤The product makes a lot of claims and I felt checked out. There is a This is in a sealed package. I love that for sanitary conditions. The size is 20 x 20 and hemmed. It was measured out of the package. I wanted to let it flatten first. The pictures of my oven show one layer and two. This is the transparency when it's held up to light. There is a The cloth has some black dots, but it is lint free. I panicked and wanted to let others know that the cloth is unbleached.

2. Cheesecloth Strainer Reusable Drawstring Kitchen

Cheesecloth Strainer Reusable Drawstring Kitchen

Their set of tea ball strainers are built to last. They provide you with 50 pieces of cheesecloth bags for straining, sufficient quantity support you to use for a long time, also convenient for you to use and replace in daily life, and color: beige. The tea strainer bags are made of natural which is durable, non-toxic and safe to use and easy to clean, this kind of material is tearing-resistant and fast drying, can provide you with better using experience. Before using, please clean it. Their bags are made with fine mesh, which allows liquids to pass through but leaves no debris, and each bag has a drawstring on top, which is easy to use. The mesh filter bags are useful for people who love drinking tea in daily life, they can help you enjoy your tea better, and they also fit for coffee, herbs, spice, herbal powder, dry flowers, brew and more. The coffee tea brew herb bag is easy to carry. It's large enough to hold tea or herbs. The bags are lightweight and portable, which make them very convenient to use, and should be stored in a clean and dry environment.

Brand: Boao

👤They are a bit bigger than palm-sized. It was definitely cheap made. I have no sewing ability, so I tossed the ones that weren't sewn correctly. The seams are not threaded straight. After only 2 uses, this pouch has begun to unthread on the side. The cinch is hard to open and close when it gets wet, so be careful not to pull it too hard or tear the seam. There is a It's a good price for what you get. I've given away 30 of these sacks because there's too much to know. I'm worried that because of their poor quality, I might go through them quickly. If you plan to use something like this often, I would recommend spending more money on higher quality bags. For one-time use, such as for gifts or crafts, or if you're using it to hold dry products, I think they would be fine.

👤It was purchased in June 2021. The 50-pack of cheesecloth bags is a great deal. It's much cheaper to buy at the supermarket than it is at Williams Sonoma. It's not perfect but it's a cooking bag and not an evening dress. The manufacturer was cut some slack. It is cheap but also functional.

👤Son increbles estoy tan enamorada de mis bolsitas para té, me encantan. Y listo no se sale, hice muchas bolsitas de té, fueron un perfecto regalo.

👤I wanted to attach the bath salts to the jars. I made a bath tea mixture. The bags were the perfect piece of equipment that helped others not get blocked drains and still received the benefits of the bath tea mixture. It is hard to reopen after these are closed, so it takes a little more work. These are easy to clean.

👤These bags are used for tea leaves. I still want to clean them before using them. I put a few bags in a small bowl and poured boiling hot water over them. After the water is cold, I rinse the bags and hang them dry. The material of these bags is very strong. I reuse these bags. I rinse the bag under tap water, then hang the bag dry for the next day use.

👤The cotton bags are 2 1/3 x 3 1/2 and can be used for many things. I put the whole lot into the washing machine and was stuck with 50 little bags that needed new strings since they all broke during the washing cycle. You are good to go if you secure the ends of the strings with a knot before the wash.

👤I love these! The previous reviews were spot on. They seem well made. I haven't used yet, but don't expect any problems. It will be nice to not have to pick out Rosemary needles. This has made me think about taking my dishes to another level.

👤I tied the ends together to keep the string from escaping. Do not allow the top of the bag to be submerged after placing loose tea in bag. You can stretch the bag over the wires that are on the top rack of the dishwasher for cleaning. The bag needs to be stretched tight. I rinse the bag after it gets washed to make sure there are no chemicals in it.

3. Cheesecloth Straining Reusable Unbleached Colander

Cheesecloth Straining Reusable Unbleached Colander

Beer bags are great for tea, coffee, foot bath package, lemon citrus, hot tea, fruit water, home brew, hop bag or spice sack, soups and boil, nut milk tea juice, soup package and more. These nut milk bags are great for making soup and other beverages. It's great to close Spice to Sauces. These cheesecloth bags are perfect for storing and packing spices, beans, nuts, crafts,jewelry, herbs and dried flowers. It's also perfect for making sachets. It is easy to close and open with the draw string. 6 pieces to meet your daily needs. These cloth bags are eco-friendly. It's safe and healthy. These cheese cloth bags are made from 100% organic cotton. Food grade is perfectly safe.

Brand: Yihihi

👤I use these to make juice. I used one last night and it was perfect. There was no problem with liquid passing through. I cleaned them in my sink. I was a little worried that the seam would give out, but it seems to have held up well. I was happy with my purchase. Would recommend.

👤Me facilita para colar la leche de almendra Muy.

👤These bags are sturdy, we like them, compared to the other nut milk bags I bought.

👤These bags work well. I use them to get the water out of cauliflower.

4. Chielor Bags 3 94 Eco Friendly Drawstring Jewellery

Chielor Bags 3 94 Eco Friendly Drawstring Jewellery

The cheesecloth can be used to make cheese and yogurt, as well as to make wine, squeeze juice without seeds, and wrap spices. This cloth can be used to make some handmade works, such as Halloween ghost dolls. Their bags are made of high quality natural cotton, which is Eco-friendly. It is possible to use a disposable bag to reduce the use of plastic bags. The material of the cotton bag is thin in order to maintain its practicality, please check the picture for details before buying. Their bags can be used to hold crafts, candies, coffee beans, tea leaves, and small gifts, as well as to filter cheese, wine, and milk. The bags keep your items clean and tidy, they are essential to well-ordered living. You can make your own patterns. The cotton bag isn't thick like the material in the house. Put something inside to prevent bleeding if you stamp them with ink ordye. The cotton fabric bags are designed with a draw string to allow you to easily seal or open the bag. There is enough space for storing small items. Good for both the home and kitchen. This bag is a great gift for people who love to live healthy. The cotton bags are perfect for making homemade nut/almond/soy be milk,yogurt,cheese makers,vegetable or fruit juices. You will get 50pcs bags bulk with natural color, which can be used in various occasions, such as: gift bags, jewellery pouch, and coffee tea brew herb bag.

Brand: Chielor

👤Does the job. What will I do with 50? Really? > They are not disposable. Turn them inside out to dump the old stuff. They don't need to be turned back inside for the next batches of spices. > I've only used 3 bags of fresh pickles after nearly a year of making them. I've used each bag a number of times. The seam on one bag had to be thrown away. > If you reuse the bags, they need to be sterile. I also reuse my solution, which is never more than 2 weeks old. I use a boiling method to sterilize the used pickling solution and spice bags while I cut up fresh vegetables for the next batches. I think you could run the bags through the dishwasher to sterilize them. > What do I eat? Most of the onions are sliced. Pickling takes the bite out of a salad. Why do you put sweet onions in a jar? Mild sweet onions are great in salads. Sweet onions are not always mild, which is something for people with diabetes to keep in mind. The same grocery store onions which are mild in the Summer can have a bite in the fall. For a few years, my doctor sent me to a doctor because of my stomach pains. I had a lot of expensive tests and procedures. I no longer have stomach pains after I pickle my salad onions.

👤The bags were simple and as expected. They arrived as if they were ironing. The pictures show after washing and hanging to dry.

👤Good quality, less odorless and useful are what these are. The packaging was good. The delivery was on time. The product is described. A few individuals can be washed by hand but due to the size of the washer it is difficult to wash in bulk.

👤If you want to make your own tea or need to put spices in, this is a good bag. My mom uses this bag for almond tea, which she make her own, crush all the almond, and then add it to a pot of boiling water, and it works great, it doesn't rip.

👤The size and description of the bags were nice. They have a clean country look. There is a I thought they had ribbon ties. The strings are small and this will make it difficult for me to tie them. The process is taking longer because I am cutting off some strings. I am growing my own lavendar. I may buy them again if they work well.

👤I put organic lavender in about 30 of them. I had to cut the threads. I was able to complete my project, but I was a little disappointed.

👤I made a tea blend for an event and gave it away. The bags were easy to fill and people were happy that they were reuseable.

5. Cheesecloth Certified Reusable Strainer Unbleached

Cheesecloth Certified Reusable Strainer Unbleached

A nut milk bag is a multi-functional kitchen tool that can be used for many things, including a cold brew coffee filter, homemade juicer, yogurt maker, and much, much more. It has more surface area for Faster Squeezing. Cut this large piece to smaller sizes and reuse for many tasks in the kitchen. Buy with confidence from makers. Money back guarantee. Food safe organically grown and veal. This natural food grade fabric is free from bleach, child labor, and chemical sizing so you can strain your food with confidence. For filters for coffee, almond nut milk, and tea, use the correct weave. Fine weave, slow draining for straining Greek yogurts and clarified butter, pressing tofu and making, Feta, Labneh, and vegan cheeses. It's easy to clean, reuse and bio-degradable, which is more convenient than butter or nylon. There are bonus recipes for Greek yogurt, herb pouch, and mulled wine bags in the gift box. If you want to achieve your plastic-free, zero waste goals, you should use a tight weave for canning cloth, jelly making, spice bags, and even fine polishing wood and glass.

Brand: Country Trading Co.

👤The fabric is sturdy and great quality. If you are going to use it for something hot, I would recommend soaking it in boiling water and sprinkling some baking soda for a few minutes. The water became yellow when it reacted to baking soda. Food safe glue or something like that. I don't want that in my food. The water will come out clean if you rinse it a few times. It will shrink a bit and have a tighter weave. It is not safe to wash it with dish soap. After every use, I would boil it with water, baking soda and drops of vinegar.

👤A good quality organic cheesecloth with proper GOTS labeling is a decent price. I will be back when I need more. There is a Don't buy any cloth that doesn't have a GOTS label with certifying entity and certification number. It is probably not GOTS certified without that information. The cheesecloth is GOTS certified.

👤I am happy that this company is providing this product, and I am also happy that I got this. The thickness is nice for most applications. It's easier to clean after using it to make chicken soup than it was before. Being so thick it is easy to rinse/scrub stuff off, as there is only one layer to deal with. It works well in a single layer of yogurt for making labneh, a type of yogurt that is similar to a cream cheese. It adds bulk to the fabric. It is easy to wring, but not super flexible, like regular cheesecloth. Even though my hands have pain, I manage it. When it gets wet, it is much less stiff and bulky than when it arrives in the package. There is a I am not happy about the fact that this took more time to clean than my other unbleached organic cotton cheesecloths. All of them get initial washing and boiling until the water runs clear, but most release a small amount of yellow into the water from the cotton, and then the rinse water comes clean fairly quickly. The water was very dirty and cloudy, and took me more than one day of boiling it in new fresh batches of water, wringing it, and then rinsing it. And Again. It took a long time before I got the rinse water that looked clear. After I had boiled the cloth and then washed it several times, the pictures are here. I finally got it to come mostly clear. I hope the company looks into this, as it sounds like other customers have had similar issues with it releasing lots of gunk into the water initially, and it also sounds like this is not what they expect for their product, by what they have responded to in people's questions. I don't want someone to use this straight out of the package for preparing food, because it's supposed to be ready for use, and ends up with gunk in their food. The quality of the cheesecloth is not something I have found elsewhere. This seems to be produced in a responsible manner. I think the GOTS certification is great, and that they seem to be doing their best to offer an ethically produced product. They seem to be a small business that puts a lot of effort into their products and customer service. There is a Make sure you wash it well first. There is a My order was in August of 2021.

6. Kingleder Reusable Drawstring Straining Cheesecloth

Kingleder Reusable Drawstring Straining Cheesecloth

It is a heavy duty tool with tough built and greater flexibility to deliver superior performance every single time. The material is unbleached cotton and the size is about 4x6 inch. The bag has herbs in it. Draw string is easy to use. It's perfect for cooking tea, coffee or spices. There are 12 Reusable Soup bags in the package.

Brand: Kingleder

👤I cook and bake almost every day and I can't believe I've never bought these before. I use them to make soups and jams. They are good for cold brew coffee and tea. They are strong and don't drop fibers in what you make. It came with many. They are a bit of a pain to clean. Just make sure to clean them right side up, and then turn them inside to clean again. I put them up to dry so they don't mold. I would purchase them again.

👤I bought these to use in my kitchen so I wouldn't have to strain out pieces. They're small, but can hold a lot. I pull the drawstring shut and toss my aromatics into the pot. It is easy to clean up. When I'm done cooking, I just dump the contents in the bag and run the dishwasher with the rest of my dishes. There is a The one thing I didn't like about these was the drawstring. It's difficult to untie the bags when it's a small string. I had a few strings break on me and the bag was useless. It doesn't cost a lot to replace these bags.

👤I use these for my cold brew. They are dumped and then used a few more times before going into a bag and through the washing machine. They hold up well.

👤I use these to make bath sachets for my bubble baths and they work great. They are easy to clean. It is also good for loose leaf tea. Excited to try some recipes. It's much easier to use than it is.

👤I use this cloth pouch to hold herbs when cooking soups and stew. You can wash and reuse them.

👤My husband asked if I could make spearmint tea at home after he found a local eatery that had it. I knew I would need a giant tea bag for him to drink. I use 1/3 cup of spearmint and 1/3 cup of black tea for my recipe. A cup of dried herbs fills the bag. The draw is drawn but stays drawn. The tea steeps well in the fridge because of the meshy material. Fine, dust-like particles can be allowed through. The bag is full and needs to be turned inside out to empty, so I gave it 4 stars. The tea leaves are stuck to the inside of the bag and have to be washed off. The bags dry quickly. I don't see the need to wash them since they will only be used for tea.

👤Oh no! The first time I used it, the bag leaked and there were little sticks of herbs scattered throughout my soup. The bag should be tied around the cloth to prevent this from happening to you. There is a Subsequent uses are okay. It's better than tying the spices in homemade creations.

👤The bottom ripped on the 3rd use. The pack of 12 will see how the other 11 perform.

7. Pieces Steamer Breathable Steaming Dumplings

Pieces Steamer Breathable Steaming Dumplings

The 90-Day Worry Free Money Back Guarantee is a warranty. If you are not happy with their products, they will give you a full refund or replacement. The square shaped pad is 12 inches in diameter. The package includes steamer mats. Made of high quality cotton, it's safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly and non-stick. The temperature is safe below 150 C. Before using it, please clean it in warm water. It's a good fit for air fryers, cooking, steaming baskets, vegetables, snacks, rice, and buns. Also could be used to grow plants.

Brand: Eorta

👤It works. They are very small.

👤Overall, they do a good job, even though they are a bit cheaply made.

👤I thought it would be bigger. My fault is not looking at the measurement. There were no problems with it.

👤In February, it was ordered and arrived in August.

👤It was good, but little too sm.

8. Cheesecloth Unbleached Reusable Straining Cooking

Cheesecloth Unbleached Reusable Straining Cooking

The table cover clips can hold the table cloth firmly and is a good helpers for indoor and outdoor activities. Unlike traditional cheesecloth, the hemmed edge of it is sewn by their professional craftsmen, so you don't need to worry about small threads ending up in food. The seams are very durable and will not burst, making them a pure and clean food grade. The highest grade and the best quality in cheesecloth is GRADE 90. It can work efficiently due to tight-weave mesh. There is 100% unread. Their cotton is 100% natural and never been dyed or bleached. It's safe to use and it won't cause any harm to the food. Only pure cotton is used in their cheesecloth. You can use the cloth with complete confidence because you will never get recycled fibers or other impurities. It could be used for making cheese. It is used as butter, almond milk, or nut milk. When you use a cold brew coffee or homemade beer wort, more impurities will be removed.

Brand: Fancymay

👤These are sturdy and good for their purpose. I recommend them. There is a The package insert suggests that they might smell bad when they come out of the package. They should be boiled before use. The water is a shade of brown in the photos I've included. I'm not sure whether it's a dye or a starch. After boiling 15 minutes, rinsing thoroughly, and then hanging to dry, the smell was mild enough for me to use the cheesecloths for food prep.

👤I am very disappointed in these. I wanted to strain yogurt for a recipe but didn't dare. They smell like chemicals. There is a I put them in my washing machine for a double rinse. They will be toast if they are ruined or smell bad. There is an update. They did not smell after washing the cloth and hanging it to dry. The seller promised to fix the issue as I believe it was the plastic shrink wrap they were packaged in. The cloths held up well in the washer.

👤This is a high quality cloth. I like to make my own yogurt that is more of the consistency of labneh, which involves straining it for up to a day in the refrigerator. I ordered these to wrap around the yogurt because it was the best way to do it. These cloths are soft and easy to wash and reuse. I put it in the washing machine and it will wash itself out.

👤The cheesecloth is described as ultra fine, but it is actually so thick that it is not actually cheesecloth. I bought a different product that is really good and I will keep these for other uses. What other uses do you use? They are good quality natural handkerchieves, and they are also good for straining anything that normally requires 2 or 3 layers of cheesecloth. Happy accidents.

👤I needed to strain my tonic syrup. I used to use the low-quality supermarket stuff, so I decided to use Amazon for better alternatives. I chose this one after looking at the selections. There is a It's made of good material and has a tight weave. It worked well for my straining needs. I didn't think to wash it for future reuse because I was so used to throwing it away. The included bags will be useful in the future.

👤The cheese cloth is unbleached and re-usable. I found the perfect product for making my own juices. Cucumber, berry, strawberry, cantaloupe, and blue berry are included.

👤My recipe calls for straining the vegetable. I've tried cheese cloths before. As soon as you start squeezing the water out, every one falls apart. There is a Tonight was my first time using it and I am so impressed. These are sturdy and well made. The cloth did not fall apart, so I got the most water off of it. Great job. The good work needs to be kept up.

👤I have ordered this product before. The first was in a sealed bag. It turned out great. This one was put in a clear bag. I need this for my cake making and I hope it's ok.

9. Lautechco® Breathable Steamer Dumplings Non Stick

Lautechco%C2%AE Breathable Steamer Dumplings Non Stick

Their customers are their top priority in their small family-owned business. If you're not happy with their food grade, contact them and they'll make things right. Brand new and high quality. The mesh is for the release cloth. Make sure the mesh surface is dry. It is used in food cooking processing industries and is ideal for auxiliary supplies. SIze: 32 x 32 cm and 12.6''x12

Brand: Lautechco

👤I bought this as a disposable cloth for my bamboo steamer and it works well. It's great for steaming rice because my dumplings no longer stick. I use this when I need to squeeze out liquid from cauliflower and zucchini. It's convenient to have 4 pieces. When I use 2 at a time for the bamboo steamer, I'll throw them in the laundry for washing, and I still have 2 more that I can use.

👤It's easy to get mold after a deep clean and dry. Very small.

👤This product is cheap. I washed it because of the smell that came with it and the thread at the side that was supposed to seal it came off. Don't waste your money.

👤I wish it was pre-cut. That is a personal preference.

👤This is an average product. The sheets are not very thick. It's a bit pricey.

👤I have been using them for a while. They work as they are supposed to.

10. Silicone Steamer Liners Steamed Dumplings

Silicone Steamer Liners Steamed Dumplings

There is a performance guarantee. The bakers couche will allow you to bake beautiful breads. Simply return it for a full refund if you feel it fell short of your expectations. Even after 5000 uses, the non-stick is still usable. It is easy to clean after use. Paper liners are wasting money. Safety- Made from food grade Silicone. The range of temperature tolerance is from -40C to 220C. It's perfect for traditional Chinese and Asian steam food. It is widely used in food cooking processing industries and is an ideal auxiliary supplies for steam cabinet and steaming tub. Good quality and fast delivery will make you happy. 100% money back guarantee!

Brand: Gucuji

👤They work great and were only used once so far. I only used the Silicone thing and the Silicone thing plus the paper under the buns on the steamer. The buns will be a little bit stickies on the bottom if you don't use the paper, but it isn't noticeable. I am happy for saving the earth. When steaming for me, there was no more parchment paper.

👤These are the best liners for bamboo steamers. I use a bamboo steamer to steam xiao long bao and the liner helps avoid popping of the delicate skins. I have used every other liner that claims to be non-stick and always popped a few. It was worth the investment.

👤Silicone steamer liners are better than paper liners. I like to make Chinese steamed dumplings. I don't like the fact that paper liners can stick to the dumplings, so I have to peel bits of paper off the occasional one. Silicone liners did not stick. I was surprised that when I took out one of the dumplings, it slid sideways without sticking at all. I pushed the rest of the dumplings and they all slid around on the liner. There is a The liner was easy to clean and is ready to use again.

👤I could have made them myself with the liners from Dollar Tree. I made liners that fit the entire area of my dehydrator. They do what they're supposed to, but could've been bigger.

👤There is a word of caution. Measure your steamer. The steamer is actually 9 inches in diameter. You can either cut it to size or cram it in and get a non-stick side.

👤I use these mats a lot. We eat shrimp at home because of Covid. A lot of paper is a waste of money. The steam can travel through the 3 stacked bamboo steamer racks without a problem. I steam veggies and fish on the mats, they clean up easily with no residual odor.

👤The mats are nice. I don't mind that they're a bit large for my bamboo steamer, as it protects the sides of the bamboo as well as the bottom. The mats do a great job of keeping food out of the wood, but there are some times when dough can get through the holes. The mats were easy to clean and the mess on the wood was not much. The mats do what they are supposed to. I don't have to buy wax or paper frequently.

👤Due to the 19 virus, I have set up an outdoor kitchen and purchased many bamboo steamers. This is the best bamboo steamer I have ever purchased. I am very pleased with the product.

👤It is much easier to clean than steamer liners. It's perfect in my basket and prevents anything from sticking.

👤The bamboo steamer is easy to use and clean.

👤It's essential to use a bamboo steamer.

👤It does its job. It's easy to clean and store. It leaves little marks on the side of your good that touches it, which is the only downside for some people. This is not a big deal.

11. Premium Professional Bakers Couche France

Premium Professional Bakers Couche France

Cold water under 30 degree, hand wash; do not tumble dry, do not iron, naturally dry. The authenticity of the line is 100%. The 35x26 inch French import, extra large couche fabric is made from 100% natural flax linen and is premium professional quality. The professional heavy duty. The couche fabric is made of professional grade fiber. This fabric was imported directly from a specialized manufacturer in France, so there are no food safety concerns. Saint Germain hand tailored the imported flax linen to specifications while paying great attention to attain durable seams for lasting usage. There is a performance guarantee. The bakers couche will allow you to bake beautiful breads. Simply return it for a full refund if you feel it fell short of your expectations.

Brand: Saint Germain Bakery

👤The couche is great. The bag was made of plastic. I shook it out and used it the same day. The reason this review is getting 2 stars is that it did not come with a storage bag. I am not the first person to complain about this and I am sure I won't be the last. I don't like false advertising and the photos show a black cloth storage bag. I didn't get one. My advice to the seller is either to stop claiming that you will include a storage bag in the cost or to remove the photo that depicts one.

👤I can't give this one star because it's not zero. I've used the couche many times and my baguettes have stuck to it. I've made the couche with all purpose and rice flours. I've allowed for a longer bench rest and let the dough dry a little before placing the shaped loaves on the couche. I had success with the same dough in bannetons and had a smooth transition from the basket to the oven. I've given this couche too many chances. The material is porous. I had success every time I swapped to a heavier canvas.

👤I wasn't sure if the space in my kitchen was justified by the occasional attempts at French breads. I got it. I'm happy I did. I made some baguettes a week prior to getting this and then a week after it arrived, but I'm still not a good baker. The ones before were not bad, but a little flattened. The ones with the same recipe were better formed and had a better crust. They say that the fiber helps to keep the dough moist. As I moved the proven baguettes to the baking pan, they formed a slightly better crust. If you want to raise your bread game, you need to get this.

👤It was easy to clean up and less traveling flour was 800-361-3020 Follow directions to make simple bread on this linen. All recipes that include fat should be avoided. Both butter and oil. I soaked it in flour and made a mess with it. This was too much. I had caked flour and orange spots the next morning. I had to spray out the mold with flour. Next time I will mist with water and sprinkle with flour. There is a This is not a soft dough type, it is a bread proof cloth.

👤I needed a simple couche to make the bread. It does that. Been using it nonstop for the last two weeks. After using the flour, I hang it on the oven handrail to dry it out while the bread is being baked. I keep it in a cabinet above the oven to keep it clean. There is a Simple. Works. It's groovy.


What is the best product for cooking cloth for spices?

Cooking cloth for spices products from Olicity. In this article about cooking cloth for spices you can see why people choose the product. Boao and Yihihi are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking cloth for spices.

What are the best brands for cooking cloth for spices?

Olicity, Boao and Yihihi are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking cloth for spices. Find the detail in this article. Chielor, Country Trading Co. and Kingleder are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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