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1. Crazy Korean Cooking Sizzling Bibimbap

Crazy Korean Cooking Sizzling Bibimbap

There is a shabby kitchen. For over 50 years, Now Designs kitchen textiles have been consistently recognized for their superior colors, trends, designs and quality. Free of lead, arsenic, and Cd. Premium stoneware is made from fine clay and fired twice with a natural glaze. Can be used for cooking on the stove. It's dishwasher safe. Bowls made with natural stone are more sanitary and long- lasting. It's perfect for making sizzling bibimbaps and serving hot soups. Product descriptions can be found below. A black plastic coaster is included.

Brand: Crazy Korean Cooking

👤This clay pot is perfect for making soups. It's easy to use because it can go directly on the stove burner. I threw away the platter because it was plastic and would melt if I put the hot pot on top of it. I don't understand why they include a plastic platter. If you use it, it will likely ruin your pot. I would have given this pot 5 stars if the platter was made from the same material as the pot.

👤This is a great pot to use for a variety of dishes. There is misinformation on how to properly use and care for these. This pot is made of clay. You can't treat it like a pan. Cook using a low to medium heat. It is advisable to avoid harsh temperature changes. Once the pot is hot, start with a low flame and increase it. Do not use abrasive sponges when cleaning. Use a soft sponge or wash cloth. Do not use detergent as this will wear out the glaze. The pots were usually cleaned with rice water or flour. Baking soda will work as well. Be gentle! If it burns, soak it overnight in baking soda and vinegar, then scrub it away with a sponge. This will last a lifetime if you care for it properly. Also, no dishwasher! Happy cooking!

👤This is a legitimate product. If you don't know how to use the pot, follow the instructions. The medium size is perfect for two portions. I own the large and will get the small when it arrives. I will recommend it to anyone considering buying it.

👤I loved this for the first couple of months. 100% in love. I don't know how or why this pitting happened. I can't return it at this point. I have followed the instructions in the box for cooking and care. I don't know how to fix it. It is like the glaze came up in spots and it is raw stone. Very sad.

👤I got this dolsot for my boyfriend three years ago. He loves Asian cooking, from Ramen and kimchee to fresh lychee juice and homemade potstickers. In Chicago, there is a lot of amazing Korean restaurants, so we hadn't tried bibimbap before. I finally took the plunge after he admired the stoneware at our local Korean market. This was the last frontier for us. This isn't as large as I expected it to be. I don't think it's small, but I would think that a bowl labeled as large would be just a little bit bigger. I realized that the stoneware at our Korean market was much cheaper, so check your local place first. This was the best option on Amazon. There is a The dish is dark chocolate and coffee colored. When we opened it, we were impressed. The box it comes in is very cute and has fun writing on it. It's well-packed to prevent any damage during shipping. He went to open the bibimbap recipe he had been meaning to make for a long time and it was by Crazy Korean Cooking. He bought a weird vegetable that tasted like sad fish, but everything came out delicious. The bowl is not to blame. It's a good thing. It seems like the bowl doesn't fit the plate it came with, that's my main complaint. It is very loud and never sits flat. It's not a big deal, but I'm still disappointed. I was happy with my purchase and the excitement on his face was priceless.

2. Korean Premium Ceramic Cooking Bibimbap

Korean Premium Ceramic Cooking Bibimbap

The bowls nest together to create an uncluttered and organized effect in your cabinets. Bowl sizes fit on your refrigerator shelf, cabinets and pantry. The 19 piece baking set is packaged in a beautiful box that is perfect for a wedding or housewarming gift. Premium ceramics made from fine clay are glazed twice with a natural glaze. The stone bowl is great for making soup. It's ideal for personal casseroles. The dishwasher is dishwasher safe. The long- lasting material prevents cracking and rippling. The crock bowls are easy to clean. Bowls made with natural stone are more sanitary and long- lasting. It's perfect for making sizzling bibimbaps and serving hot soups. Give a dishcloth and a piece of silica gel pad as a gift. The hot pot can be placed on the gel pad to prevent damage to furniture. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can contact customer service for a replacement or refund.

Brand: Angoo

👤The pot stays hot for what it is worth. The mess came after I used it, but I cooked a pretty good Bibimbap with it. The stone pot melted the whole silicon pad, and my dinner table as well. It was very shocking. Don't put the pad underneath, just a heads up. Try cloth.

👤The best rice is made by this thing. Don't rush it, be cool, and you will be treated to an absolute delight. The first two times I used it, I made a mess. I was not happy. I thought about the fact that this sort of thing has been used for hundreds of years by people who are more advanced. What was the difference? There is virtue. The third and subsequent times. The heat on my glass top was set to 4. White delicious fluffiness, no more splatter, no more mess. If you can't, stick to metal pots and pans.

👤It was great, I only had to send it once. I made Kimchi Jjigae. I was happy to purchase this. I have used it many times and can say I love it. It's easy to clean. Highly recommended!

👤I made my first pot of rice and it was delicious. I do not recommend cooking more than 1 cup of rice. I don't recommend using the blue plastic trivet as the hot pot will melt it, rather use it as the lid holder. It is perfect for two serving of soups. You should not cook in high flame, medium-low or low only because the instruction did not come with the pot.

👤This little piece of cookware has become a favorite of mine. It is easy to clean and small. It holds a good amount of food. It has been great for the occasions when I make congee for my daughter and for making stew or leftovers. It works great in the oven as well. I recommend thick potholders and a heat proof placemat to put on before you pull it out of the oven or stovetop.

👤I really like this pot. It's a good thing. I cook oatmeal in this and it turns out better than when I use my other cookware. It can be used to store food in a fridge or cook in a microwave. It was worth the money.

👤It's easy to make a hazard in my kitchen. It was sturdy and good size. It's a great pot, but it's not as good as ceramic.

👤Outstanding! When serving, it stays hot on the stove. The table was protected from the hot bowl with a Silicone mat and the square dish towel was perfect for protecting my hands from the hot bowl. The ceramic bowl is easier to carry. Going to buy another one.

👤The package was broken when I opened it. Take care of the refund.

👤Nothing special. The crock pot is just your basic one. I feel like kicking myself for believing that it would be the same as it is in Korea. Oh well.

3. Morocan Enameled Cooking Ceramic Cone Shaped

Morocan Enameled Cooking Ceramic Cone Shaped

Roast onions or store garlic between uses. There is an oven and a microwave safe. Instructions and a recipe are included. One Pot Wonder is a song. The tagine is famous for cooking the most tender, aromatic and delicious stew. This dish has a conical closed lid which allows steam to circulate with very little water. The steam keeps the ingredients soft. Unlike clay versions, the Enameled Cast Iron can be used in the oven, gas stove, or on top of a stove. It is easy to clean, lead-free and requires no seasoning. The cast iron keeps food warm for longer and the cooking pot doubles as a serving dish. The easy-grip knob makes it easy to peek at what's inside. The tagine has been carefully packaged to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. Instructions for seasoning, cleaning and recipe are included.

Brand: Kook

👤This tagine was great! It comes with instructions for cleaning and seasoning, which is important for a cast iron. It's a great color to wear at the dinner table. I like to cook deboned chicken thighs on the stove top, then transfer it to the oven to cook. It is delicious every time.

👤I bought it for my husband. It was very easy to use. We had some splatter out so we had to scoop more liquid out. The meat in the Beef Tajine dish turned out to be incredibly tender. Don't use the cast iron immediately after you get it, you'll need at least 3 hours to season it, so keep that in mind.

👤This is very heavy, but cooks very well. It comes with an instruction guide if you prepare it well. After we finished baking and oil was poured, ours came out with a nice glass look. It was easy to clean when we used it. Its downfall is heavy. I don't recommend for those with the glass electric top stove.

👤The miracle cookware that you didn't know you needed is the tagine. It has exceeded my expectations, and I'm happy that I took a chance on it because it is so easy to use and clean. It is larger than the fancy-brand versions that go for 4 times the price. There is a Although tempted, I had resisted buying a clay tagine in the past because it seemed a little too niche, but the cast-iron bottom of this version is an absolute game-changer! The instructions make it clear that it's ready to go after a single wash, even though it is cast-iron, so there is no continuous maintenance required. There is a The fact that I can put this tagine on my stove is more awesome than words can describe, and cooks who appreciate ease and practicality will love it. It's great to have the option to use it in the oven for slow-roasting, but it's even better to cook up meals quickly without having to leave the oven to check on progress. There's no limit to what can be added to the meat that cooks quickly but stays very moist and delicious. There is a The size is bigger than expected. You can cook a whole roast or chicken with additional ingredients for a whole family without being too cramped. The lip around the bottom makes it easy to pick up and move around, and the well-designed features ensure that it doesn't leak steam/water during cooking. It's heavy, quality-made, and my new favorite kitchen accessory. I love it! Fervently recommend it for making tagines or any meal.

👤My son in law is from Mauritania, so I bought this tagine to make North African dishes. Huge success! There are oven-baked meats and veges so far. There is a I tested the tagine against a casserole dish. Each chicken was baked for the same amount of time. More melt in the mouth is what tagine chicken is superior to. It's worth the money and the storage problem is somewhat awkward. casseroles are more succulent and truer to tagine recipes. It looks exotic when I pull it out of the oven.

4. Reston Lloyd Eurita Cooking Terracotta

Reston Lloyd Eurita Cooking Terracotta

Purchase is risk-free. If the products you received are broken or not good for other reasons, please contact them immediately. They will give you a replacement. Their encouragement is to chase high-quality products. There are seven different models to choose from. Hand wash.

Brand: Reston Lloyd

👤The product is wonderful. Looking forward to more purchases from this company. It really shows that you took pride in your product. Thank you K.

5. Crystalia Handmade Terracotta Earthenware Handcrafted

Crystalia Handmade Terracotta Earthenware Handcrafted

The 90-Day Worry Free Money Back Guarantee is a warranty. If you are not happy with their products, they will give you a full refund or replacement. Crystalia Casserole Cooking Pan is handcrafted from 100% organic in Europe. It is 100% Eco-friendly and makes an excellent addition to any kitchen. There is a natural and odorless terra cotta cooking pan. The large cooking pottery tray is made of high-quality clay that is strong and durable. It has a traditional round shape. The heat distribution was good. It is a nice gift for every occasion and perfect for serving at the table. A very high quality Clay Pond. You can enjoy the fresh taste of food and desserts from your big kitchen clay bowl. Pizza, chicken, soups, pasta, stew, lasagna, pot roast, beef, sauces are all used in Indian, Mexican, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese dishes. OVEN SAFE & easy to clean. The Turkish Style Clay Bowl is dishwasher and oven safe. It's suitable for all types of ovens, microwaves, and gas stoves. You should wash in the dishwasher. It is easy to clean. Purchase is risk-free. If the products you received are broken or not good for other reasons, please contact them immediately. They will give you a replacement. Their encouragement is to chase high-quality products.

Brand: Crystalia

👤The first day it broke.

👤The container cracked while being used to cook oatmeal. I am sad. I think I wasted my money on this pot.

👤The pot was a waste of money. The return window is also closed so I couldn't return.

6. Korean Premium Ceramic Cooking Bibimbap

Korean Premium Ceramic Cooking Bibimbap

Ready for gift giving, packaged in an elegant box. Premium ceramics made from fine clay are glazed twice with a natural glaze. The stone bowl is great for making soup. It's ideal for personal casseroles. The dishwasher is dishwasher safe. The long- lasting material prevents cracking and rippling. The crock bowls are easy to clean. Bowls made with natural stone are more sanitary and long- lasting. It's perfect for making sizzling bibimbaps and serving hot soups. Give a dishcloth as a gift and it's 8 x 3.5 inches. The premium ceramic stone bowl is perfect for gift giving for any occasion, especially house warming gift!

Brand: Angoo

👤The pot is good and works well for soups, but the bottom is not flat and makes toasting small amounts of ingredients hard as the oil settles at the sides of the pot. This will work well for soups, stew, rice and other things. It is hard to lift the lid up when it is hot, as the grip on top is not high enough to comfortably hold, and one must be very careful as it slips when held with a mitten. Will not buy this pot again.

👤It looks like the pots are broken. I love the 7 in pot. I ordered the 9 inch one because I needed a slightly bigger one. The first pot was undamaged but the lid was destroyed. I requested a replacement from Amazon. The shipping box was undamaged but the lid was destroyed. The shipping boxes at the warehouse do not look like they have been damaged, so my guess is that a lot of these were damaged. The 7 inch version is wonderful and the 9 inch version is the same, but I can't use them because they are broken, so I'm probably going to give this a few months before ordering again.

👤It is right in Amazon, I have looked around Korean grocery stores and Super Markets for it. Love it.

👤I wish I had known about them. They are perfet for me. It's easy to clean and store. It is easy to cook grains in them. It has a good volume and looks small.

👤The bowls work well at the right temperatures. The two stars are because we used the stone bowls as directed and placed them on the mats that came with them for "heat insulation" and the bowl melted the silicone all the way down to our butcher block counter. The bowl had to be removed. If you value your countertops, do not use them at high temperatures.

👤My wife is from Korea. She has always wanted a big bowl for cooking. This size is perfect for easy preparation and eating.

👤It is difficult to find a wide bowl with a lid. We were happy to find this one. It is possible to set yogurt which looks very attractive. I have not used it on the stove, but it does go in the dishwasher. I used the 8inch one every week.

👤I used my pot to make stew and it was great. I used it to make white rice and it burned my rice and the pot inside. I use it the same way I use my other pots to make rice. I put it at a low flame after having it at a medium/low for a while. The handle is hard to hold onto, so you have to use a kitchen towel to remove the lid. The pot will try to make rice again.

👤I enjoy cooking my food.

7. Neoflam Non Stick Casserole Resistant Refrigerator

Neoflam Non Stick Casserole Resistant Refrigerator

Direct heating. The Korean ramen pot can be directly heated by an electric ceramic furnace. This ceramic cookware is made from the earth's finest, non-reactive and non-toxic premium material. The modern colors are made up of 100% natural ingredients. The Red Dot Awardee has an award winning design. The use of colors that are rarely found in other heat-resistant cookware and a nature stone design with a rock knob make this cookware aesthetically pleasing. The steam vent is provided for each lid. The zero-crack glaze keeps the cookware clean. This clay pot can be used on a variety of heat sources. It is also usable on the freeze, as it is designed to endure dramatic and temperature changes. It's good for cooking and serving food at the table. The stockpot can cook evenly and retain heat. The ceramic has a high-thermal shock resistance.

Brand: Neoflam

👤I loved this pot so much that I used it almost everyday until I turned it over and it exploded. The only injury was a small cut to my arm. Some of the pots have air bubbles in them and it seems like there is a quality control issue. It is disappointing. If you have a pot that is not faulty it will last a long time.

👤I have ordered 4 of these Neoflam pots. They are awesome! Everything about them is wonderful. They can be used for both cooking and serving. They are easy to clean and scratch resistant. They are a little lighter in weight than cast iron. The pots cook all foods evenly and hold heat well. I have used these pots in the oven and on my stove top. Each pot makes enough food to last me for a few days. I've prepared everything from soup to homemade cornbread. These pots are my favorite type of cookware. You won't go wrong ordering them.

👤The perfect size for one person is the 1QT sized kiesel. If you eat a lot, you can make a large portion of soup. I use it on the stove top and in the microwave and have not had any issues. The ceramic pot is more resistant to fire than a cast iron pan or a steel pan. When not in use, the design is displayed on my shelf.

👤I am a huge fan of Neoflam designs and this pot was disappointing. It only works on electric or gas stove tops, so for me, it would only work in the oven, and I can get a bean pot for a lot less. There is a I didn't like the design. The rock top made the lid difficult to open. The short side handles of the pot made it difficult to handle. I liked the color, but I could see myself dropping this in no time. I returned it.

👤I was looking for pots that were more versatile and easier to use than the regular ddukbaegis at the Korean store. I'm not a fan of my kitchen items, but I can't think of a con to them. If you wanted a really large soup pot, you would have issues, or if you had to use all steel utensils all the time. There is a The set did even better than my boxes. It is very easy to clean, it is light and easy to handle when empty, and it has a secure grip. They fit normal sizes of insulators for ddukbaegis.

👤I wanted to make fondue for the first time, so I bought a medium and small size of the "Mystic Valley" style pots. The sizes were perfect and both worked well for this purpose. I haven't tried them in the oven yet, but so far I'm loving them, they look great, and I think it's worth the money. They stack up nicely. It would be a great gift for anyone who likes good cookware.

8. Swadeshi Blessings HandMade Exclusive Unglazed

Swadeshi Blessings HandMade Exclusive Unglazed

The package is ready for gift giving. Clay Pots are rubbed with a special quality stone which gives them a mirror finish. The products are fired with wood and hay where the firing-temperatures are around 1200C. The pot is black in color and has extra strength. Zero use of chemicals and colors that impart uniform reddish or black color to the finished product is 100% organic and natural. This wrongful act is condemned by Swadeshi blessings. Clay is porous so heat and water can circulate through the pot, making it perfect for slow cooking. The vitamins and minerals in the food are retained by this. Clay Kadai add essential vitamins and minerals to food. Clay interacts with the acidity in the food to make it alkaline. Reducing the common stomach problems, that even youngsters in the grab of due to excessive consumption of Fast Foods. Clay has all the vitamins, even B12. When you first use Clay Kadai, immerse it in water for 24 hours. Then wash it with Ash. This will remove the firing ash from the product. Allow it to be dry in the sun for a few hours before using it. The product is robust and durable. It's compatible with gas stove, microwave oven, and traditional bhuhas. It's perfect to be used as a tableware and serve-ware. It's compatible with gas stove, microwave oven, and traditional bhuhas.

Brand: Swadeshi Blessings

👤Update! I was so enthusiastic about it after 7 months that it feels like a waste of money. I don't know if I want another clay pot or not. I see cracks on the side and bottom after 3 months. I was so careful with heat and everything else that I felt bad. I'm trying different ways to seal it. I hope it stays that way.

👤Very disappointed! The pot cracked after a few months of use. This was not a cheap pot. I was very excited about it. I was very careful since I received a pot. I followed all the steps that should be done to prevent cracking. It was very bad quality.

👤It's a bit on the expensive side, but it's a pleasure to use. There are some pin holes in the pot. I wouldn't call it organic as it is a bit over-optimistic to expect the river clay to be pollutant free, but it is definitely natural. I've fired my own clay pots in the past. After following all the instructions, boiled some water in the dot. There is a The knob on the lid is too small for such a heavy lid and it's hot when it's hot. This is a good investment. After using for a while, I'm looking forward to enjoying the beautiful patina on the pot.

👤Excellent quality, neat and clean. It is a bit expensive but I am satisfied with it.

👤It has a sturdy product and a heavy bottom.

👤The product is very expensive and cheap. It cracked from the base, sides and lid in 3 weeks. I've been using clay pota for a long time and it's good. The claypot has broken despite being done everything recommended. It was disappointing and sad.

👤The base detached while cooking. This was the first time we used it. Don't know if there was a crack when transportation was heated.

9. Stoneware Ramekin Set Wooden Shelf

Stoneware Ramekin Set Wooden Shelf

The premium ceramic stone bowl is perfect for gift giving for any occasion, especially house warming gift! It was made in Kirov, Russia. Clay Cookware is healthy, non-toxic and green for you and your family. Natural Clay is the material. Each Stoneware Pot has a dimensions of 3.75 x 8.25''. Each Ramekins has a capacity of 16.9 liters. oz. (0.05)

Brand: Vyatka Ceramics

👤Unfortunately, 2 out of 6 arrived broken, but I love these pots. One had a large crack going all the way down the pot, the other was completely in pieces. The pots were very large. Each one should have been wrapped individually and not in a box with a thin piece of cardboard. The pots were not separated from the lids. The ones that did not die are nice. The fork is a bonus. The pots can be used to cook casserole-like dishes. The way to serve soups is unique. The pots are small enough to be used as individual containers for dinner. Everyone in my family enjoyed getting their own pot of food. There are a few recipes on the piece of paper that comes with the pots, but they are all in Russian. Since these are being distributed in the US, a translation should have been included.

👤I ordered four. The original delivery time was 2 weeks, but they were delivered in 4 days. I expected them to look like clay pots. I'm not sure why the description says it's 0.7 l. It's enough to feed one person. Not removing one star.

👤I thought I was going to get good quality and packaging these vessels are both cracked one broken one cracked now I am supposed to take time out of my day to bring this back toUPS for this garbage

👤Very nice dishes. They arrived intact. The bambo grabber tool is useless, that's the only issue I have with them. It's too small for the bigger two and too big for the smallest one.

👤I got these pots for my solar tube oven. They fit perfectly. I can cook several dishes in one tube with these pots. It was well packaged. I am thankful for the company that made it.

👤I used the item the same day and it was packed well.

👤Awesome! Very delicious. It is authentic cooking!

👤I don't have a big design purpose, but I like the product. Overall I am happy.

10. Japanese Donabe Ceramic Casserole Earthenware

Japanese Donabe Ceramic Casserole Earthenware

Surprise someone with a unique kitchen gift. Measures approximately 10 and 6 inches. The pot has a capacity of 72 ounces. It's perfect for serving 3-4 people. One of the oldest methods of cooking is Japanese clay pot cooking, which is simple and versatile. A thick and double lidded opening and lid made of high quality earthen clay. The artisan in Japan created the item. It's great for preparing traditional Japanese meals. It's perfect for gift giving, especially a house warming gift. The term "one pot harmony" is used to describe Donabe eating, which encourages families to sit around the table and pick items from the pot.

Brand: Hinomaru Collection

👤I lived in Japan with my wife for a long time, so we are familiar with ceramic donabe pots, which we used often during the winter. I had to return the one I bought because it was so disappointing. The first time we used it, a small crack appeared on the inside. This was not shipping damage, but an existing defect that discolored when food was cooked in it, or a poorly made ceramic which cracked when heated. I didn't trust that this crack wouldn't get bigger and cause a disaster like a hot soup spill on my family, so I had to return it. If that crack hadn't happened, this donabe would have been even more disappointing. The bottom half of the glazing is extremely porus. A permanent dark mark can be left by a drop of liquid that drips down the side. We were using a standard butane powered table top burner and it happened. There is a The inside has poor insulation. Vegetables were stuck to the bottom. There were discolored spots in the glazing. There is a I have doubts since it doesn't live up to the general standard of "made in Japan".

👤The beauty caught my eye. The price caught my eye and the quality is topnotch. I bought it for my son and his fiancée. I plan on getting one for my daughter for Christmas, as I know the two of us will use it frequently, and I will use for most meals.

👤It was made in Japan. Excellent quality.

👤The design is packed perfectly. The instructions are in Japanese so you can just use the translate function on the internet. I love it!

👤My wife loves this pot for soup and stew.

👤It is a Japanese product.

👤The Kaki Cod recipe was the first use. The use was great. An excellent purchase.

👤It is a good bowl, but overpriced and too small for its intended purpose.

11. Instant Pot Multi Use Programmable Pressure

Instant Pot Multi Use Programmable Pressure

7-in-1 function. Pressure cook, slow cook, rice cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, sauté pan, and food warmer. Pressure cooking ribs, soups, beans, rice, poultry, yogurt, desserts and more can be done with a Quick One-TOUCH COOKING. Pressure cook delicious one-pot meals up to 70% faster than traditional cooking methods or slow cook your favorite traditional recipes, just like grandma used to make. The dishwasher-safe lid, inner pot, and accessories are easy to clean up. There are over 10 safety features, plus overheat protection and safe-locking lid. It's great for growing families. It's perfect for growing families, meal prepping, and cooking for singles. It is possible to cookTILEINNER COOKING. The tri-ply bottom is food grade and perfect for cooking. You can find new favorites and cook delicious meals with their free Instant Pot app.

Brand: Instant Pot

👤I bragged to everyone about my instant pot. It was easy to make my dogs food. I put the food and the water in the pressure cook and it was done when the alarm went off. Getting used to the pressurization wasn't hard. It was easy to use. Until last week. My pot didn't turn on. I tried other outlets and electronics and it wasn't the outlet. The pot was moved to a different outlet. The pot was what it was. The instructions in the manual were based on what was wrong. The circuit board blew when I didn't turn on, so I called support. This company doesn't want to be bothered talking to their customers so they tell you to go online and put in a ticket when you call. I do this. No response a day later. I asked for help again. I email them the same information. Didn't hear from them until Friday. I needed my pot fixed on Tuesday. On Thursday I called Amazon and was able to get a refund for the product and I shipped it back to them. The pot was within warranty after less than a year of purchase. Amazon tried to get in touch with the company, but they couldn't. This brand is dangerous. If your pressure cooker breaks, you won't be getting help for days, so I would look for another one. There is a Amazon blocked my attempt to post a review. People should know what kind of company it is.

👤I know this is a good product, but I am not sure what happened here. I tried to cook food, but 15 minutes later the machine is smoking. The smoke of burnt plastic filled my kitchen and house. There were sparks coming off the machine when it was turned on. I quickly unplugged the machine and looked at the counter. I wonder what would have happened if it caught fire or exploded in my face. It seemed like it was going to make a sound. It was not easy to clean the counter or my hands after the plastic melted. The machine's bottom and remaining wires are red. I had to shower again before I went to work. I had to deal with a lot and I was late. I was forced to eat out with my wife because I just wasted food. I am writing this and the machine goes into smokes. What should I do? This thing is unplugged. This is a symbol.

👤I use this for everything. How did I not have this before? I use an induction burner for cooking in my van, but since I got this little gem, I haven't used it in a long time. There is a It's the perfect size for one or two people, and it's easy to use. I saute the onions, carrots, and meat, then add everything else, seal it, and set it for 7 minutes on high pressure. I cook a delicious meal every time I let it release. This gives me enough for a couple of drinks. The other day, I quick soaked beans by covering them with water and hitting pressure for 5 minutes. Let it sit for a couple of hours and let it release naturally. I make dinner after I cook my lunch, and make sure the keep warm function is on. When I'm done driving, I'm able to have a hot, healthy, delicious meal in my sink. I have baked banana bread in it. I don't have an oven. It turned out great! I used the To-Go Ware lunch container and the lid to bake it on the rack. There is a It is very easy to cook on my solar system. I can cook the leftovers in 4 minutes, and it only draws 67a. It takes a long time to cook and is heavier than a VitaClay, which I absolutely loved for making beans. The Instant Pot Mini has more battery drain, more storage space, and more weight than the Instant Pot.


What is the best product for cooking clay pot indian?

Cooking clay pot indian products from Crazy Korean Cooking. In this article about cooking clay pot indian you can see why people choose the product. Angoo and Kook are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking clay pot indian.

What are the best brands for cooking clay pot indian?

Crazy Korean Cooking, Angoo and Kook are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking clay pot indian. Find the detail in this article. Reston Lloyd, Crystalia and Neoflam are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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