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1. Granite Ware Bean Pot 4 Quart

Granite Ware Bean Pot 4 Quart

Ailwyn cookware are manufactured under strict quality standards to provide their customer the best quality products. Within 24 hours, their professional service team will answer your questions. Feel free to shop with them. This is a notice. The pot handle is not apart from the pot so it could be hot while cooking. The pot holder is the best way to pick it up. The porcelain surface is non-stick. No harmful chemicals. It's easy to handle and clean. Evenly distributes heat. It's not suitable for a glass stovetop.

Brand: Granite Ware

👤I was hesitant to order this small bean pot as my sourdough bread recipes are usually perfect in a cast iron dutch oven. I don't want to take the heavy cast iron with me when I take my proofed dough to my son's and daughter-in-law's house. I wanted to make smaller loaves by splitting my recipe. Each loaf of dough is 450 grams. I baked them for 40 minutes. I had them covered for 15 minutes and then uncovered for the last 25. I used a 7 inch banneton. I wouldn't go higher than 500 grams for smaller loaves. You don't need to preheat the pot with this type of cookware.

👤I gambled and it paid off. I wanted to fit this into a pair of Pyrex bowls. The handles have to go. The All Season Solar Cooker will form a large cook vessel out of this pot. The Pyrex bowls keep the heat out. My purpose is to be able to cook a roast in this thing for a long time. Let the meat go after you seal it up. A 6hr cook will yield a great dish.

👤I bought this pot for my camp kitchen in May. I used it at home for a few weeks before pulling my camping gear out. I love this cupcake. It is wonderful in a home kitchen, over a camp fire, and using a Coleman stove. It doesn't affect the second burner on the Coleman. Walking away from the stove isn't an option because the pot doesn't have a thick bottom. Heavy bottomed pots are better for cooking rice as it will stick. The pot is sturdy and light. I will buy another one before next summer.

👤The bean pot is great. It's used in solar cooking. Will chip if not careful. If food sticks, you need to wash and dry immediately. Would purchase again.

👤You can make vegetable soups at home or on a camping trip. We used this pot to cook our food on our camping trip. We use it for everyday cooking. We either throw away our other pans or put them in the cabinet. People don't want to buy pans like that.

👤I was shocked by the prices of pots that were made to work on the range we purchased. I started looking for alternatives that were less expensive. We have a large pot. I needed something smaller that had a lid. This was perfect for the bill. It cleans up perfectly every time we cook it, from macaroni and cheese to yogurt. No problems with dents or scratches on the receipt. Would definitely recommend.

👤We wanted this pot to be filled with water and then sit on top of our stove to increase the humidity in the room. The stove has a lip, so we needed a small base to hold the pot in place. I don't consider that in my review because it was well-packed and the seller can't control how it is handled once it leaves their hands. I would have returned it for another one, but it didn't fit on the stove. It was cute, but not what we needed.

2. Village Decor Indian Earthen Cooking

Village Decor Indian Earthen Cooking

The glass lid and anti-slip handles make it easy to see how your dish progresses on the gas stove. The anti-scald, non-slip cooking pot makes it easier to cook in the kitchen, especially if you want to try out new recipes. A pot holder and oven mitt are included. Get it. Love it. The capacity is 2.1 quarts and 2000 quarts. Earthen Clay is brown. It's a non-stick feature. Can cook with little to no oil. Most of the steam/moisture and oils in the food remain in the pot so there is no need for additional oil orliquids. By the time your pot is fully seasoned, it is non-stick. It is safe to cook on a gas stove or on a wood fire. Care instructions. It is recommended to wash your hands. They are easy to clean because they are non-stick. It is best to avoid soaps that are harmful. Put the pot in the washing machine and scrub and rinse it off. Put it away to dry after wiping it with a cotton towel. All natural clay, non-toxic, Lead Free, Arsenic free, Cadmium free, Un glazed, and no artificial colors are used in the lab, which does not harm your health or environment.

Brand: Village Decor

👤It's a good product to make yogurt. You have to immerse the pot and lid in cold water for 4 hours. It's a good idea to gently wash it. Bring Whole Milk to a boil and let it cool down. Start with two Tablespoons of yogurt. Allow it to stay for 10 hours. The Yogurt threw it out. Washed again. The heating pad was wrapped after the transfer of milk. The yogurt set in 8 hours after the heating pad was set. Before using yogurt, put the pot in the fridge for 4 hours. Lots of work.

👤It's been 3 months. The pot began to wear off. The exterior is made of bubbles. Poor quality. Amazon does not allow 0 stars.

👤The item lost its color coating when it was left outside. The surface is being cleaned.

👤Just got it. I am preparing the pot. I like clay pots. I used it today. The food is really good. It's not a stick.

👤I bought this for cooking authentic Indian food and it does a good job, but the issue is bad on the vessels and difficult to clean.

👤I like the shape and size. It arrived in a very strong package. I have used it about 10 times and it has worked well. I will not be using this to fry anything in oil.

👤After caring and washing, the smell is still there. The bottom of the pot is black.

👤Order came quickly, nothing was broken. I ordered two of them and love them.

3. Hitit Terra Turkish Cooking Pottery

Hitit Terra Turkish Cooking Pottery

The dishwasher is safe. The oven is safe. This isn't stove safe.

Brand: Hitit Terra

👤It's great for baking rice pudding. It's perfect for a single serving of dessert.

👤2 of the 6 were broken. The serving bowls are what I wanted. Wait for replacements if you repack and return. Very unfortunate. I should have listened to the other reviews. A poor vendor.

👤The seller is incredibly helpful and I hope they can sell more products like this one. I am ready to buy more from them.

👤One of them was broken. The other 5 are in good shape. They are light and perfect for baking. I need a replacement for the broken one.

👤We sent an email to the seller if they could replace the broken bowl. There is a An attractive set is depicted online.

👤It's perfect for side dishes, soups and dips.

👤I received a nice clay bowl, but it was broken.

👤I'm very pleased with my product and customer service. The seller immediately apologized and sent two new ones after I contacted them. I was very pleased with my experience.

👤The product and the service were great. Thank you!

👤One has arrived broken. Can this be replaced or a part returned?

4. Stirring Cooking Japanese ADLORYEA Friendly

Stirring Cooking Japanese ADLORYEA Friendly

The long chopsticks can be used for many things, including pasta, noodles, beef, barbecue, frying, hot pot, and so on. ECO-FRIENDLY NATURAL MATERIAL is made by a woman. The wooden soup spoon is finished with a type of natural plant oil glaze that does not come off. No smell! No toxic chemicals! Beautiful design and unique grain patterns. These handmade table spoons are unique because of the wood grain and grow conditions. There is a 9 inch length with 15g for each dinner spoon. It was very smooth, lightweight and sturdy. Will last a long time. A multi- function. The size of the Tablespoon is the perfect size for eating, stirring hot soups, coffee, and other dishes. Eating cereals, rice, and Korean or Japanese food. These wooden kitchen eating utensils will not scratch your pots and pans. 6 pieces of wooden table spoons are a set. Giftbox packaging is perfect for household gifts. As soon as you buy this spoon, you'll get Friendly Customer Service.

Brand: Adloryea

👤I ordered them for myself but my children love them because they don't get hot when eating hot. We can't put them in the dishwasher. It seemed to be of good quality. The edges of the spoon are beginning to get worn and rough after only a couple of months. I almost sliced my lip open. We really liked these and were sad about this.

👤The wooden spoons are great for soup or rice. The item is perfect for Korean or Japanese meals.

👤I am kind of embarrassed to admit this. I bought some beause. Chef John from used something similar. The spoon is ridiculously small. I thought they were cute. I bought a set. I will not buy the matching forks. These are sturdy and I love them. They are easy to clean, but be careful not to leave them in the water. Some of the finish came off when I left one in the water. It's still very usable, but not as pretty.

👤When I opened the package, I was surprised at how small it was. The spoons are about a foot long and have a lovely finish. It is the same. I would use them in the kitchen, but I am using mine to make a decoration. The bowl of the spoon is very small. I wouldn't use it for heavy kitchen work. It's large for that, but it would be good for serving or even eating, because it's very delicate and fine. I am happy with them. This product is recommended by me.

👤They are cute and smooth. I use these spoons when I eat yogurt.

👤We saw people use wooden spoons while watching "mukbangs". I love the size of them. It makes eating more enjoyable. I would recommend more purchases to friends.

👤We were given these spoons for free, so I need to say that. My wife and I contributed our thoughts to the review. The video is promotional. There is a The grip is easy. There is a It's probably not good for stove top cooking to toss a salad. There is a There is no artificial smell or coloring. Ryan said the handle is longer than needed and that he would like it a little bigger. Not recommended for the dishwasher.

👤The quality of these spoons is very sturdy. I use them to cook in my pans and pots. I thought they would be long, but they work well. They have been washed several times. It has one spoon and one spoon in it.

👤I really like it and it is a great item.

👤It took a month and a half for the product to arrive, it looks nothing like the spoons in the photo. The smell of the varnish is overpowering and the shape of the spoons is much wider. There is a Customer service told me to take it easy when I tried to explain what was wrong with their product. Unprofessional.

👤I was very excited when I received it. These were a little disappointing because I love wooden spoons. They were more orangey red than the posting was, and that was entirely different. They were individually packaged in a small box and it was nice, but they smelt melted plastic on the spoon once opened. Good lathers with soapy water are needed to decrease the scent. The product is okay, but sad about the colour and scent.

5. Japanese Style Donabe Rice Cooker

Japanese Style Donabe Rice Cooker

The used and care is made in Korea. This cookware is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. For any quality issues, please contact them at any time. Do not use abrasive cleaners, preheat empty cookware, or use the microwave for best results. It makes authentic, fluffy rice. Traditional Japanese stew is cooked. It's perfect for personal use or serves 1-2 people. 4 cups cooked and 1.5 cups uncooked.

Brand: Milo

👤I love this pot. It's right for 3-4 people. I put it on my electric stove eye and put the covers on it. When the steam comes out, I turn it on medium and let it sit for another 10 minutes. When sushi rice is used, this makes sticky rice. You have to wash sushi rice. I will use it for cooking meat, but I haven't used it yet. There is a You can find how to use clay cooking ware in a video. There are tons of videos on using clay ware. This pot can be used without any kind of preparation like soaking or treating the bottom. My donabe got me looking into clay ware and I've bought several other pieces at Amazon and elsewhere...big, little, medium...for cooking in all sorts of ways. I bought 2 Spanish cazuelas as roasting pans that can be used at high heat on the stove top. So you can cook the meat in the oven. If you want to cover the oven with a pot lid, the cazuelas are probably the sizes you have. Who knew there was so much flexibility in clay ware? It has been used in many cultures around the world. I missed it for a long time. I've been using a clay roaster for 30 years in my kitchen and it's become a decorative item.

👤I absolutely adore my Donabe. I thought it would be great for making personal portions of rice. I began to realize how versatile this pot is once I got it. I have made rice, soups, lentils, steamed vegetables and broths so far. It is ceramic and produces an even heat, and I am very impressed by its stove top to oven capabilities. I am very happy with this purchase. I tell my friends and family all the time. They want one too.

👤I have cooked rice many times in the oven or in a standard pot with a lid on the stove. I didn't get it perfect. There were a few times when it was pretty good, but only a few times. I received this donabe and watched a few videos, and I was off to the races. I have cooked a lot of different types of rice in this thing. This thing makes perfect rice every time. When it's done, you just leave it on the stove. It keeps rice warm. The thermal properties of the rice keep it warm. There is a It has a nice classic look to it. It looks great sitting on the counter while it's not being used. This is a perfect product for anyone who wants to make great rice and eat healthier. Not very expensive compared to other places, looks great and works great. You can't ask for more.

👤My wife and I have been making rice in a cooker for years. We knew it was time to retire it because it was getting beat up. I had never heard of them before I stumbled upon this earthenware donabe. I decided to give this one a try. The rice was a little stickier than we wanted. The water/rice ratio was adjusted. It was better, but still sticky. Premium long-grain white rice was used for both tries. We used parboiled rice for the third time and it came out perfect. I put a cup of parboiled rice in a mesh strainer. Under running water, rinse well to remove excess starch. Place rice in donabe and add water. approx. Add 1/2 tbl spoon olive oil. Stir and cover with both lids. Steady steam is coming out of the hole in the lid. Leave the heat on for 3 more minutes once the steam starts. Remove from heat and rest for 20 minutes. Rice with a fork. It was perfect. We love how easy it is to use, and how nice it looks in the kitchen. We have eliminated non-stick coating and aluminum from the process. It's very easy to clean the donabe because there is no rice there. Make sure you dry it completely after each use. Highly recommended!

6. Village Decor Handmade Earthen Water

Village Decor Handmade Earthen Water

The power rating is between 120 and 600 Watts. SPECIFICATIONS: Earthen Brown is the color. Benefits: It is good for health to get cool water naturally. Water cools all the time. Water stored in a clay pot is gentle on your throat. The alkaline nature of the earth helps balance the pH scale by using clay. It is good to fill the Terracotta pot with water overnight so it is ready to use the next day. If you want to scrub the pot, wash it with a mild detergent. It is recommended to wash your hands. Before each use, let it dry naturally. It can't be used for cooking on a flame. Natural clay, Lead Free, Arsenic free, Cadmium free, Un glazed, and no artificial colors are used, does not harm your health or environment.

Brand: Village Decor

👤The smell of gasoline was strong. It didn't go with many changes of water. After an hour, I could smell it in the water. There is a smell in the emptied pot. The mud tumbler has the same problem. I am going to wash it once or twice a day for up to a week. Hopefully it becomes usable. Disappointed.

👤I like it. I received it broken. There is a small crack in Pot. I bought it even though it was over priced and now I am disappointed because it is damaged. I don't know if it's Amazon or the seller. I paid for it. I want my money back. I am not happy. I know that Amazon will take care of me. I have faith in them. I posted the pics and short video to back up my complaint.

👤The delivery was delayed a day. The package we received today had a broken glass inside and a gasoline smell coming from it. I have to use soap to clean it. The pot has no damage and it's nice, but not sure how to remove the smell.

👤I think the white stuff on the outside is mold.

👤The pot has two holes in it, so water is leaking slowly from the bottom of the pot and the bottom side. There are more droplets forming.

👤On Sunday and Wednesday at home! Thank you for the quick delivery and thank you India for keeping old inventions alive.

👤It looks like it is the same as in the picture. No damage was delivered. Happy with the clay pot.

👤This was a gift. It is very refreshing to drink from. I had to soak it for 24 hours before use. The white mould stuff is normal, you just scrub it with salt and it will go away. It was easy to install and the packaging made it feel like a game of pass the parcel.

👤There is no pre drilled hole for the tap so it cannot be fitted. It can't be used for its purpose.

👤The water tastes bad on the first few days. We have to store and dispose of this water for a few days.

👤It was well packed and there was no damage to the pot or accessories. It is worth the cost and value for money now that it has been used. The quality of the tap is very good. Pot and fom Tap are not leaking. The cool and healthy water should be enjoyed before use.

7. Neoflam Retro Ceramic Nonstick Stockpot

Neoflam Retro Ceramic Nonstick Stockpot

Only for direct fire or microwave. The Retro stockpot is coated with Ecolon and is used to create durable and scratch resistant cookware. It is made from earth's natural minerals. The cast aluminum technology has durability and high heat containment. Their stockpot is scratch resistant, heats evenly and has high heat conductivity, it's only 1/3 the weight of cast iron. It is a great casserole for fast cooking. The winner of the design award is combining classic and modern. The Retro stockpot is a unique juxtaposition of soft curves and sturdy materials that will help bring back the best of the past and improve the atmosphere in your kitchen. The lid has an integrated steam vent hidden under the knob to prevent overflow. Perfect gift for the holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, wedding, graduation, and other special occasions. Excellent for boiling water, for cooking and heating food such as soup, sauce, rice, grains, pasta, vegetables, stew, and more.

Brand: Neoflam

👤The Neoflam Pink Retro Stockpot has been with me for a year. The coating has been coming off. I only use soft silicone tools when cooking and never turn the heat up. I only use my hands and soap to clean it. I sent a photo of the chips coming off to Neoflam support, and they said it was normal for the coating to chip off like that with normal cooking. The coating on the Neoflam Eela pans is very different and better than what I have before. There were no chips and they were very non-greasy. The company doesn't support the customer when the coating fails, so stay away from the Neoflam Retro products.

👤I have only used it once so far, but I will update it as time goes. This product deserves a design award for its appearance. The look and feel of it is pretty study. The knob on the top of the lid is shaped just to the shape of your hand, which makes it easy to see how your food is cooking. We will see how it goes after a month. I use an electric stove. The bottom coating did chip a bit after one use. I hope that it doesn't chip further as that would take away from the beauty of the product and also make me worry about the inner coating as both are coated with the same layers. This is disappointing for a product that claims to be scratch resistant. There is a The handles get hot as other reviewers have said. If you need to move the pot, make sure to keep those Silicone grips nearby. There is a I like the look of this pot, but I'm crossing my fingers that it will perform as well as it looks. I didn't realize I had already written a review about the glass lid shattering in storage. It was placed in the bottom of my drawer away from a heat source and covering the stockpot. I heard glass shatter in the living room and thought it was my oven when I went to check it out. I shrugged it off because everything looked fine. I wanted to make some chicken noodle soup but couldn't find my stockpot. The glass had shattered into pieces when I opened the cabinet. I don't know how I didn't use it. It was in storage for a while. Maybe the air pressure is inside the pot? The knob should have a vent to let steam out. Who knows? I have yet to clean up all the broken pieces because they are not very safe.

👤I have owned my stockpot for 4 years and it only has small nicks on it. It looks brand new. I made omelets with no oil or butter. They slide out easily. You don't have to scrub. I leave it on my counter. The rubber slip-on covers on the handles are very loose and I would never try to pick the pot up with them. You have to be careful not to get burned by the steam that comes out of the knob on the over. It is easy to clean. Absolutely nothing sticks to it. I have had casserole dishes for 4 years. You can go from the microwave to the table. Also non-stick. I wish the products weren't so expensive. A few months ago, the pan was $38. Sad. I would love to buy more.

8. Jovely Ddukbaegi Diameter Sizzling Bibimbap

Jovely Ddukbaegi Diameter Sizzling Bibimbap

It's perfect for gift giving, especially a house warming gift. The term "one pot harmony" is used to describe Donabe eating, which encourages families to sit around the table and pick items from the pot. It is possible to set a specific size for your meal. The big ceramic bowl is 2.95'' in diameter. It has a capacity of about 33.5 Ounce. It is large enough to hold adult meal serving plates. It is safe and can be used for a long time without being rusted and peeling off the coating. It can be used to cook in the microwave. It might not work on the stove. Strong against high temperature and heat. It doesn't boil as fast as other clay cooking pots but it does have good thermal conductivity so you can eat the food warmly. Clay which is base on stones has high thermal conductivity. PREMIUM TRAY and a special bowl are included. It protects your hand from being burned by hot stone cookware. Made in Korea. Korean pottery cooker companies make all the products.

Brand: Jovely

👤This was advertised as having a ceramic tray. The tray I received is plastic. That was a deciding factor in the purchase of this item from this seller. I don't want to put a hot pot on a tray. The tongs that arrived with the pot were cheap.

👤After having a pot of sundubu-jjigae at a local restaurant, I wanted to get one of these. The pot arrived in great condition and worked perfectly. The pot's clamps worked well, but they would advise immense caution if you lifted it from the stove. What is keeping this from 5 stars? The construction of the clamps tells you that they won't last long. If you are looking to start your Korean cooking adventure with a solid purchase, this is a good place to start.

👤The first order of this item was shattered. We were able to send the broken box back thanks to Amazon. The pot that was sent was in perfect condition. The item makes wonderful Korean stew.

👤I love it! You can cook from the bowl with the pot holder. The food doesn't stick to the bowl and it's easy to clean.

👤This is a great casserole dish. If you warm it up in the oven, put it in the oven, and then heat it up completely, you will have a hot meal that doesn't get cold halfway through your meal.

👤Loving this dolsot! It's the perfect size for one person to cook. It keeps warmth for a long time, which is great for people like me. It's easy to clean up since you cook and serve in one bowl. The tray and tongs are easy to use. It arrived quickly and was well-packaged. All of them were very happy with this purchase.

👤The Korean Tofu pot is a perfect size and made at a reasonable price. You should recommend it.

👤The product is great. The under plate is supposed to be ceramic. Please send it to me.

9. International 7621 Traditional 4 5 Quart Ceramic

International 7621 Traditional 4 5 Quart Ceramic

It is possible to steam meat and vegetables. The bean pot has a lid and is 4.5 quarts. A lead-free and cadmium-free glaze is used in a high fired natural ceramic. The 7.75" tall with lid is wide and has a 4.25" diameter opening. The dishwasher is dishwasher-safe. Also, note: Not for use on the stove.

Brand: R&m International

👤2 lbs of navy beans or pea beans can be baked. It is possible to be washed in the dishwasher. This pot is only to be used in the oven and not on the range top, so please be aware of that. The manufacturer recommends not putting the pot in the oven if the oven is not preheating. I don't know what's going on with the comments about the lid handle being hard to hold. Maybe the handle is a new design? I was hesitant to purchase this item and the first thing I did after opening the box was grab two different thickness pot holders and try to open the lid. I had no problem with my 70 year old hands. There is a The thickness of the ceramic is not as thick as that of the Fox Run 0350COM bean pot, which I own, so I did not give this item a 5 star rating. I will keep them both if I need the greater capacity. 1lb dried navy or 1/2lb salt pork is what Boston baked beans contain. 1/2lb bacon; cut into cubes 1 medium onion; diced brown sugar; packed. 1/2 cup full molasses, 1tbsp Worcestershire sauce, 1tsp dry mustard, 1tsp black pepper, and 1tsp salt are added for the last 30 minutes of baking. If you want to add baking soda to beans, you have to add it to a small glass of hot water. After soaking the beans, be sure to drain and rinse them. Place the beans in a saucepan and keep it boiling. Remove from heat and let stand for an hour. Remove any foam that may come to the top. If necessary, add water to cover beans and add 4 cloves of garlic to the water. For 20 - 50 minutes or until no longer hard, cook uncovered. The beans should be drained and the liquid reserved. There is a Add all of the onion, beans, and salt pork/ bacon to the baking pot and place at the bottom. Pour over the beans with 1 cup of reserved liquid. Add enough liquid to cover the beans. 4 to 6 hours is the time it will take to bake at 250 degrees. After 2 hours, check the beans. If beans are too wet, add boiling water to the pot. If the beans seem wet, remove the lid and bake them for 1.5 hours. For the last 30 minutes of baking, add 1tsp of salt.

👤I heard a loud pop and put it down, but it exploded when I took the lid off. I was excited to use it, but disappointed.

👤What a great volcano. I got this to jump on the legendary Persian food called Dizi or abgoosht, and it delivered. There is a The food I made took 8 hours to bake. There are no issues in terms of built quality. I did things before first use. There is no scientific stuff here. I wanted to test the tempreture tolerance of the lil volcano before I threw my love of Dizi in the oven. After washing it, I put it in the oven at 500 degrees and left it there for an hour. Let it cool and then wash it with soup. There is a The picture is after all the things we went trough after I made my targeted dish. It's an absolute legend!

10. Reston Lloyd Eurita Cooking Terracotta

Reston Lloyd Eurita Cooking Terracotta

Purchase is risk-free. If the products you received are broken or not good for other reasons, please contact them immediately. They will give you a replacement. Their encouragement is to chase high-quality products. There are seven different models to choose from. Hand wash.

Brand: Reston Lloyd

👤The product is wonderful. Looking forward to more purchases from this company. It really shows that you took pride in your product. Thank you K.

11. Reston Lloyd Eurita Terracotta Quart

Reston Lloyd Eurita Terracotta Quart

Superb tableware can also be used for serving and storage. It's compatible with gas stove, microwave oven, and traditional bhuhas. There is a free palm leaf stand. It was made from all Natural Clay. There are no Lead, Cadmium, or fillers in the clay roasters. The European/USA was tested for safety. Before use, the lid is soaked. The water in the cooking process creates steam. The lid isn't tightly fitted because it is crafted to allow steam to escape. The bottom section is glazed with glass to make it easy to clean. The microwave and oven can be safe up to 500 degrees F. A wide variety of foods can be used; bread, loaves, small dishes of chicken, pork or any desire dish. There are seven different models to choose from. Hand wash.

Brand: Reston Lloyd

👤I am very happy with my purchase. I have a bigger one for meat, but this one was for sourdough. It was wonderful!

👤This is a dish I love. I wanted to make sourdough loaves. It didn't fail! The bread was perfect. There is a I was worried because I forgot to line the dish with flour, but after it was cooked the bread popped out without any issues. There is a The bread was baked evenly. I need to do 2 loaves at a time.

👤I bought this for artisan bread and it was great. The bread was soft and substantive on the inside. This clay pottery makes it so easy to bake. As the oven preheats, remember to heat it slowly. It is sensitive to temperature changes. It is easy to clean.

👤The temp and time can affect the quality of the loaf of bread. Can over bake quickly.

👤This is the right size bread. The cover has enough space for the oven spring.

👤My wife and I love bread.

👤After 45 minutes of rise, the dough is ready to bake in a cold oven with a strip of paper inside the pan bottom. The bakers ends should be sprayed to prevent sticking. The bread is lifted out of the pan with the help of the parchment. I forgot to put the lid on the bread because I was distracted. I didn't cut the dough deep enough and the bread split. I rubbed the whole loaf of bread with unsalted butter after it was baked. The dough went from dry to hard. This baker will handle a bread flour recipe of about 400 gram but not 500 gram. The dough rose a little into the lid and stuck in a few places. Be careful handling clay bakers. I did a small drop when I was hot out of the oven, but it was not serious. If the hot baker is placed on a cold granite countertop, be aware of thermal shock. You should have a wire rack nearby.

👤The loaf of bread was cooked perfectly after being made. This product is recommended by me.


What is the best product for cooking clay pot cute?

Cooking clay pot cute products from Granite Ware. In this article about cooking clay pot cute you can see why people choose the product. Village Decor and Hitit Terra are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking clay pot cute.

What are the best brands for cooking clay pot cute?

Granite Ware, Village Decor and Hitit Terra are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking clay pot cute. Find the detail in this article. Adloryea, Milo and Neoflam are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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