Best Cooking Chopsticks Wooden

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1. Hiware 10 Pairs Fiberglass Chopsticks Dishwasher

Hiware 10 Pairs Fiberglass Chopsticks Dishwasher

30 count, Unbleached high quality non-stick baking paper. Their chopsticks are made of high-quality heat-resistant fiberglass, which avoids the metallic taste of metal chopsticks, the burr of wooden chopsticks, and the unhealthy quality of plastic chopsticks, at the same time, it's totallyBPA-Free with no coating and painting. The non-slip design makes it easier to hold, even for first-time users, and the frosted texture prevents food from falling off between your chopsticks. The top of the chopsticks is carved with a cherry blossom pattern, which is a typical Japanese style with strong Asian customs. You can feel Japanese customs when you eat delicious food. Their chopsticks are a must-have item for eating typical Asian food, such as sushi ramen hot pot, kung pao chicken and dumplings, or even some middle eastern food. You can experience different Asian customs while enjoying the food. You can use it to make daily food like spaghetti. The high temperature resistance chopsticks can be placed in the dishwasher and can be washed easily. It will be very clean and there will be no dirt or oil stains left even if it is washed by hand.

Brand: Hiware

👤They're chop sticks, not sure how to review them. They are able to pick up rice, noodles, and even French fries. It was a nice buy. They are dishwasher safe. It was a good purchase.

👤I use chopsticks daily because I am an Asian. I don't like to use chopsticks. This set is a good choice with its perfect weight, length, and texture. They are easier to clean than wood chopsticks.

👤This is a good set of chopsticks. The fiberglass is easier to use than the wood ones. They don't feel that heavy in their hand. The noodles are really great with the texture of the tips. The top is pretty. I haven't had them for a while, but they seem to be scratch resistant. They clean with soap and water. They're dishwasher-friendly. I was looking for a set that was re-useable, and was originally considering a set made of steel. I decided to go with this set because of the reviews that said the material on some of them wasn't real, or they were too heavy, or they got too hot if left in a bowl. I was very happy I did.

👤This is the second set. Our daughter and son in law were the first set. They love them just as much as we do. They are well made and have a nice feel to them. I found them easy to use and teach my children to use them. If you wanted to gift them, they were in a nice box. I will keep these in mind for future gifts if I recommend them. Our youngest daughter uses these in her lunch bag for school. We still use them several times a week and they are still new. We don't know how they do in the dishwasher so we hand wash them. Still in love with them!

👤I like them, they look good, and they are a really nice price. I don't want or feel like I should return the stars because I'm being sticky, picky and choppy. One of them has a little chip at the point where you grab your food, not enough to make that pair un-usable, I only saw it because it was the first one I pulled out of the package to enjoy my purchase. Most would not have ever felt it when cleaning. I still like them. They don't work with the universal holder aids, which are little plastic things you put on the ends to help you hold it. If you know how to hold them, the more I use chop sticks the better I get at it, but it would have been nice. I don't want to return them over it, but it's sad to me. There are three reasons. They are a little slippery. If your hands are wet or supper is smooth, you may have a harder time holding them. My wife has smooth hands, but she has more practice than me. I am not returning them, I like them, and I hope you still try them, they are really good, I am just overly picky.

2. BYBYCD Cooking Utensils Kitchen Chopsticks

BYBYCD Cooking Utensils Kitchen Chopsticks

It was made in Niigata, Japan. A set of 5 wood utensils. Made of high quality natural wood. Sturdy and convenient for use, a long comfortable handling. It's easy to wash and dry. Never in a dishwasher.

Brand: Bybycd

👤The product is ok. The quality is good, but the size presented is not. The paddle is not as wide as it appears in the advertisement and the spoon is not for cooking. The headline is "Take a Second Look" because the sizes are listed, but the picture is not quite right.

👤I used a set of tweezers to pull the splinter, and then I used 800 grit sand paper to clean up the stix.

👤These are pretty utensils. They aren't very durable for cooking. The chop sticks and tongs broke after less than a year.

👤The utensils are great to use with my Wok. Does what they are supposed to do not ruin the finish?

👤There was no kitchen spatula and one of the kitchen chopsticks was broken. The soup spoon bowl is small. It seems likeDurability is so-so. I'm not impressed. I will head to Chinatown to pick up some better tools.

👤The box had broken chopsticks. Other items are in good condition. There is a There were no extra pieces of the broken chopsticks in the box. Returned.

👤My son just discovered the wok and loves it.

👤These are strong and large. Extra long chopsticks for cooking. The paddle is made of rice. The spoon could be used for spices.

3. Luxxii Natural Chinese Chopsticks Reusable

Luxxii Natural Chinese Chopsticks Reusable

The lightweight design of the wooden set is very suitable for travel, outdoor activities, camping, picnic and so, and it can be used for daily meals as well as for Korean and Japanese cuisine. The brand is called Luxxii and it has a size of 9.5 inch. The Chinese Bamboo Chopsticks Set is Reusable. Chopsticks made of bamboo are easy to clean and great for daily meal use. Chinese chopsticks are a pair of equal length sticks, which are believed to have originated in ancient China, and are the traditional eating utensils. The bamboo chopsticks are suitable for home use.

Brand: Luxxii

👤Good for the price, but not great. I thought they would be easy to hold. I am not a beginner with chopsticks. I like using them on spaghetti and other food people use forks for. This set is okay. I am not enthusiastic about it.

👤I use chopsticks for legs on the tiny mid-century tables, and they are perfect. I couldn't ask for better. The quality and color are excellent.

4. Donxote Cooking Chopsticks Kitchen Chopstick

Donxote Cooking Chopsticks Kitchen Chopstick

It's great for anyone who's just starting to use chopsticks. PROTECTION The chopsticks are used in some cooking links. When they cook the food or steam it, chopsticks are so short that the hands might be scalded. You need a longer pair of chopsticks. Donxote extended chopsticks are for you. It can fry, deep-fry, pick-up and boil at ease. You will never be worried about burned hands with the Donxote extended. The length is 42 cm and the weight is 95g. Every detail of the natural timber was carefully polished. The chopsticks are burr-free and gentle to hold. They are easy to clean and are coated with natural plant paint. The health of the body is ensured by the use of chopsticks. Wooden chopsticks should not be in the sun. They should not be washed at high temperature or soaked in water for a long time. They should be dried with a cloth. Their full money back! Donxote has a 100% guarantee on their products.

Brand: Donxote

👤Chopsticks are hands-down the best cooking tool. You will need metal ones to handle raw meat if you want to cook with chopsticks.

👤I bought these for a Harry Party party. Compared to regular eating chopsticks that look too short for teens or adults, these are nice and long. Children of all ages! They are nice quality and I set a few aside for cooking.

👤My wife does a lot of Asian coking and it was hard to use the shorter metal chopstick as your hands get oil splashed on them and the metal can get very hot. The wooden ones don't get hot and the 16 inch length keeps her hands out of the way.

👤These were perfect for making homemade Harry Potter wands. They were stained in a dark wood finish, which wasn't ideal for painting, but we made it work. I only use these for craft purposes.

👤I've been wanting to cook with chopsticks. I'm happy I got these.

👤I love it! Excellent quality and packaging.

👤It's perfect for making wands for my kids. There is a Harry Potter party. Good quality.

👤Excellent for the price, fast shipping, and items arrived as described. Excellent quality, would buy again. I used them as gifts.

👤They work as they should. Excellent value for the pack.

👤The length is great to keep your hands out of the heat. It's great for stirring soups, noodles, and stir fry's meats and veggies.

👤You wonder how you've managed without it all this time after you have it. Great value!

5. Chopsticks Stainless Multicolor Lightweight Dishwasher

Chopsticks Stainless Multicolor Lightweight Dishwasher

The chopstick is 300mm in length. There are two sets of 2. The 5 pairs of chopsticks are made of 18/8 steel. They are rugged, hollow, and have a non-slip texture that makes it easier to pick up food. The mirror shiny surface of the chopsticks is 18/8. They will not hide the dirt. The wooden/bamboo chopsticks have loose construction which makes them easy to mold. Thousands of tiny holes gain food and liquid during use. It is difficult to get rid of them during the normal cleaning process. The metal chopsticks are free from that problem. The metal chopsticks are made of metal. The chopsticks are lightweight for beginners and easy to grip, and you will not feel tired after holding for long periods of continuous use. The chopsticks have a permanent laser-engraved pattern. After long time use, there is no fading. There are different patterns of chopsticks. Every family member has his own chopsticks. No worries about mixing use. It's sanitary and healthy. The engraved metal chopsticks are easier to use than the smooth ones. The metal chopsticks have an etching on them. You can give your family and friends the best gift with perfect gift packaging.

Brand: Timwarm

👤I recommend buying high-quality chopsticks because they are easy to clean.

👤It feels really sturdy in your hands. They don't feel like they're going to break anytime soon. The subtle designs on the ends are gorgeous. When I first got them, I spent a lot of time looking at them.

👤I tried to eat sushi with them, but it slipped off.

👤My wife was very happy with her present.

👤My son likes them. Since they are metal, chop sticks are much easier to clean and won't hold germs like wooden ones, he always uses them when eating noodles.

6. Stirring Cooking Japanese ADLORYEA Friendly

Stirring Cooking Japanese ADLORYEA Friendly

The long chopsticks can be used for many things, including pasta, noodles, beef, barbecue, frying, hot pot, and so on. ECO-FRIENDLY NATURAL MATERIAL is made by a woman. The wooden soup spoon is finished with a type of natural plant oil glaze that does not come off. No smell! No toxic chemicals! Beautiful design and unique grain patterns. These handmade table spoons are unique because of the wood grain and grow conditions. There is a 9 inch length with 15g for each dinner spoon. It was very smooth, lightweight and sturdy. Will last a long time. A multi- function. The size of the Tablespoon is the perfect size for eating, stirring hot soups, coffee, and other dishes. Eating cereals, rice, and Korean or Japanese food. These wooden kitchen eating utensils will not scratch your pots and pans. 6 pieces of wooden table spoons are a set. Giftbox packaging is perfect for household gifts. As soon as you buy this spoon, you'll get Friendly Customer Service.

Brand: Adloryea

👤I ordered them for myself but my children love them because they don't get hot when eating hot. We can't put them in the dishwasher. It seemed to be of good quality. The edges of the spoon are beginning to get worn and rough after only a couple of months. I almost sliced my lip open. We really liked these and were sad about this.

👤The wooden spoons are great for soup or rice. The item is perfect for Korean or Japanese meals.

👤I am kind of embarrassed to admit this. I bought some beause. Chef John from used something similar. The spoon is ridiculously small. I thought they were cute. I bought a set. I will not buy the matching forks. These are sturdy and I love them. They are easy to clean, but be careful not to leave them in the water. Some of the finish came off when I left one in the water. It's still very usable, but not as pretty.

👤When I opened the package, I was surprised at how small it was. The spoons are about a foot long and have a lovely finish. It is the same. I would use them in the kitchen, but I am using mine to make a decoration. The bowl of the spoon is very small. I wouldn't use it for heavy kitchen work. It's large for that, but it would be good for serving or even eating, because it's very delicate and fine. I am happy with them. This product is recommended by me.

👤They are cute and smooth. I use these spoons when I eat yogurt.

👤We saw people use wooden spoons while watching "mukbangs". I love the size of them. It makes eating more enjoyable. I would recommend more purchases to friends.

👤We were given these spoons for free, so I need to say that. My wife and I contributed our thoughts to the review. The video is promotional. There is a The grip is easy. There is a It's probably not good for stove top cooking to toss a salad. There is a There is no artificial smell or coloring. Ryan said the handle is longer than needed and that he would like it a little bigger. Not recommended for the dishwasher.

👤The quality of these spoons is very sturdy. I use them to cook in my pans and pots. I thought they would be long, but they work well. They have been washed several times. It has one spoon and one spoon in it.

👤I really like it and it is a great item.

👤It took a month and a half for the product to arrive, it looks nothing like the spoons in the photo. The smell of the varnish is overpowering and the shape of the spoons is much wider. There is a Customer service told me to take it easy when I tried to explain what was wrong with their product. Unprofessional.

👤I was very excited when I received it. These were a little disappointing because I love wooden spoons. They were more orangey red than the posting was, and that was entirely different. They were individually packaged in a small box and it was nice, but they smelt melted plastic on the spoon once opened. Good lathers with soapy water are needed to decrease the scent. The product is okay, but sad about the colour and scent.

7. 10 Pairs Reusable Chopsticks Japanese Dishwasher

10 Pairs Reusable Chopsticks Japanese Dishwasher

There are no commentaries. Four times of burnishing creates a smooth surface. Sturdy design and durable quality allow you to use this Chinese wood chopsticks for a long time. The elegant bamboo chopsticks set with case comes with 10 pairs of chopsticks and a canvas roll bag for easily storing in your lunch bag. Natural Bamboo Japanese Chopsticks are made from high quality natural Wenge bamboo. It is easy to maintain and wash. It's perfect for Asian food lovers. The exquisite pattern design on top adds elegance and class to the table setting. The circular grooves on the bottom of the chopstick make it easy to pick up small bits of food. Say no to disposable chopsticks. Udon, sushi, fried rice, dumplings and other Asian food are perfect for your home, office, restaurant or hotel. Environmental gifts for friends who love Asian foods such as Japanese food, Korean food, Chinese food, Vietnamese food, etc. Their chopsticks set can help you learn the culture.

Brand: Busnos

👤These chopsticks are very nice. The single gold flower on each one was very simple to look at. There is a mild variation in the color. It appears that they try to have matching pairs of colors so that the color variations are not each individual one but a set of two. Everyone in my family seems to like using these. The little baggie it comes with for storage is cute, but not as big as I thought it would be, but it still holds all of the chopsticks. Would purchase again.

👤This item had an additional chopstick over the 10 chopsticks. Wares have a decent weight and are easy to clean. The finish on them does not affect food. We like the pouch that rolls them up for storage.

👤The carved design is great. The length is long enough to eat. There is a sheen on the chopsticks which makes me feel like there is a stain on it. I would like it to be plain bamboo. I could clean up food stains. A stain glaze is not a stain.

👤I would give these chopsticks a rating of over 100 stars. I love everything about them. I eat with them every day. It's easy to clean, and it's pretty sturdy.

👤Very nice design. They are easy to use and my children can use them as well.

👤It feels odd to pick up food with thicker chopsticks. It's nice that it has a cloth case.

👤The use is nice and I like how they feel. Cleaning them is easy.

8. Suncha Bamboo Noodle Chopsticks Kitchen

Suncha Bamboo Noodle Chopsticks Kitchen

40 pairs 25 cm / 9.8 inches are light and easy to use. 100% high quality chicken wing wooden chop sticks, non-toxic, non-allergic, odorless, pure natural, original ecology, no paint, no wax, hand-polished. Made of natural bamboo, it's safe and secure. No concern to be scalded by hot water or boiled oil. It's perfect to stir coffee, cook scrambled eggs, pick up raw meat from the package, stir noodles or dumplings, etc. The bamboo cooking chopsticks are of the finest quality. These bamboo chopsticks are dishwasher safe, resistant to cooking oils and heat, and will become a part of your daily eating habits. The chopsticks are safe and non-toxic. Light and portable. It's a good choice for picnics. Four pairs are included in a package.

Brand: Suncha

👤The chopsticks are long enough for cooking. I use them to cook, stir fry, and grill. It's long enough for me to keep my hand at a good distance, but it's short so I can use it easily. It doesn't scratch my cookware, which is great, because I just don't need it. I would recommend others to buy from me again.

👤The extra length of these makes them outstanding for cooking. They're easy to control. I have other people that are too heavy and long.

👤I've been looking for chopsticks for a long time and finally found them. They used them to stir fry some noodles. I'm glad I got them.

👤I like the longer 12-inch chopsticks. I use longer chopsticks because of my large hands. My needs are served by these chopsticks.

👤The chopsticks are simply and classy.

👤I bought 8 pairs of chopsticks to try out, but they are not straight and are worse than disposable chopsticks, so I was very disappointed.

👤Love the length. I use them while cooking.

9. HuaLan Japanese Chopstick Reusable Chopsticks

HuaLan Japanese Chopstick Reusable Chopsticks

6 pieces of wooden table spoons are a set. Giftbox packaging is perfect for household gifts. As soon as you buy this spoon, you'll get Friendly Customer Service. Natural jujube wood is high-quality and healthy. 9 inches long, 0.35 ounce (10g) per pair, 5 pairs per box, gift set. There are various types of character characteristics. You will not feel tired after a long time with this lightweight and easy to hold design. Their products are made of natural wood. It's safe for kids and adults. The treatment is called partial treatment. The spiral design on the upper part makes it easier to hold them. Applications are available. Good gift choice, suitable for home, hotel, restaurant, travel, also can be used as a hairpin. It's ideal for any Asian-style dinner party.

Brand: Hualan

👤Over the years, I've become a harsh critic of chopsticks. These are some of my favorites, I've seen everything from hair crafted natural wood chopsticks to metal ones. I gave them to my mother because she adores them and she is a harsh critic of mine. The quality is off the charts. They are functional, but look amazing. The material feels expensive and the design is made so that they look unique and hand crafted to an extent. I have a family of 6 and buying one box only gives you 5, I wish there was an option to pay per pair rather than for a box, but that's more of a personal issue.

👤These were bought as a Christmas gift. The picture on Amazon does not do justice to the chopsticks. They are gorgeous. There is no other word to describe chopsticks. They are well weighted, feel comfortable in hand, and come in packaging that is classy and looks upper-end. There is a I know that they will be a hit on Christmas morning. There will be no pile of fast food chopsticks in my drawer after December. There is a I don't think you will be disapointed if you purchase these if you are questioning.

👤The chopsticks I have used at home have always had a heavier hand-feel than these, so it's a little off-putting. They feel like plastic. The tips are slippery because of the lacquer on them. The weight and slipperiness make it difficult to use a chopstick. I believe I will invest in something heavier next time.

👤The price is amazing with these. I would pay this price for a few pairs. The design is interesting and seems to make them easier to hold, they look beautiful, and they've been thrown in the dishwasher at least 5 times now and there's no sign of it having a negative effect on them. My partner doesn't know how much I spent on them, she's happy with them. They seem like an expensive present because of their packaging and quality. 10/10 would buy again.

👤These were bought for the design, but ended up being excellent chopsticks. They're lightweight and easy to handle for my wife's hands and I'm the westerner who gets tired after using chopsticks too long.

👤These are the chopsticks I used for my home. I think I made the right decision. I don't like metal Korean chopsticks because they're too heavy for my taste and the flat sides don't feel natural to me. The long square cut chopsticks are hard to use. I've never wished they were longer, but they are just long enough. The texture is nice to hold. I think they look elegant and easy to clean.

👤These are very nice, I just got them. I hope they hold up, but they are very high quality. There is a The size is perfect, the shape of them makes it easy to hold, and there are ridges so it's a good grip. For both adults and children. There is a We picked our own color wood so everyone has their own pair, which is why we picked the set with 5 types of wood. Very happy! There is a I have had these for 2.5 years and they have held up well. Still look new. We clean them immediately after use. They've been rolled off tables multiple times but are still undamaged. We use them a lot. Love, love, love!

10. Chopsticks Stainless Multipack Dishwasher Chopstick

Chopsticks Stainless Multipack Dishwasher Chopstick

A package and gift idea: 5 pairs of metal chopsticks. The best gift choice for Christmas, birthday, anniversaries, housewarming, carnivals, kids birthday parties, and many other occasions is the reuse chopsticks. Safe Material Their chopsticks are made of food grade 304 steel. The 304 steel is used in many things. The low quality steel chopsticks won't get rusty like the metal ones. Their metal chopsticks use more material than ourstainless chopsticks, which makes them more sturdy. The best choice for chopsticks. The Laser Engraving Pattern is unique. The chopsticks have a permanent laser-engraved pattern. After long time use, there is no fading. There are different patterns of chopsticks. Every family member has his own chopsticks. No worries about mixing use. It's sanitary and healthy. The engraved metal chopsticks are easier to use than the smooth ones. The metal chopsticks have an etching on them. The design is non-slip. The metal chopsticks have a square body. The reinforced laser etching on the chopsticks tip makes them easier to use. The metal chopsticks with the square body are more comfortable to hold on to. The round metal chopsticks and spiral chopsticks roll on the hand when put on the table, unlike the square metal chopsticks. Healthy and sanitary. The chopsticks have a shiny surface. They will not hide the dirt. The wooden/bamboo chopsticks have loose construction which makes them easy to mold. Thousands of tiny holes gain food and liquid during use. It is difficult to get rid of them during the normal cleaning process. The metal chopsticks are free from that problem. The metal chopsticks are made of metal. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The metal chopsticks are dishwasher safe. It's easy to clean and no maintenance is required. Reusable chopsticks can be used without worry of damage. The chopsticks are made of metal and stand all the time. The wooden chopsticks are fragile, but the stainless steel chopsticks are almost impervious.

Brand: Greatamzor

👤I love these! A family of 5 loves these. There is a The engraved metal chopsticks are a perfect weight to feel comfortable in the hand of a family member with a medical condition. They fit easily from a small teenager to a large adult. There is a The rounded tops of the squares bodies made it easy to pick up food. 3 of our 5. All 5 individuals were able to eat with these utensils, one person swapped out their fork for a second serving so it still counts. There is a There are two photos with different lighting. There isn't anything on the metal. You will only see silver and engraved silver tones when handling them. There is a There were no water spots when the microfiber cloth dried. The box they were shipped in is a midnight blue with sparkle interwoven to it. These are more friendly to the environment than disposable sticks and we don't have to worry if they are growing mold or unsanitary. These protect you from getting sick from dirty dishes and bamboo sticks. I will be purchasing additional sets as gifts for family and friends in the future, and I expect these to last for many years. Enjoy!

👤This review is written by a first generation Asian-American and is easy to wash. The Filipino-American spouse gives a thumbs up. Well done and recommend.

👤These are hard as steel rods. I like to clean them off. The are easy to service. I love how thick they are. I feel like they are perfect in my hands. I like to use them until I'm satisfied. After a good cleaning, I put them away. After being put away wet, they are good and ready to use again very soon after they dry.

👤25 July 2021. My wife ordered these for their ability to be cleaned and not be damaged like the wooden chopsticks we've always used. There is a The box looked cool when I pulled out the chopsticks. I asked if I should save the box. There is a I can see that the product title says a gift set. It's appropriate. These chopsticks are not cylindrical. They are actually square. These are okay, but I prefer round. The metal has texture that is debossed into it which makes it better at controlling slippery foods. I'm giving the rating five stars. There is a I gave five stars to the review template that asked for a review of ease of cleaning. I gave four stars because I like round sticks and the edges of the square bother me. It's too soon to tell if it's durable. There is a I will amend this review if I change my opinion about these sticks.

👤My daughter saved up money to buy these. I'm very impressed with them. They seem to hold up well and are pretty. They are easy to clean as we accidentally washed them in the dishwasher and they were fine. My daughter is very happy with the purchase and has enjoyed practicing more and more with them and since they are easy to use she has gotten better fast. There is a I don't like using chopsticks and they are a little slippery to hold, but that could just be me, since I'm not very good with them. There is a Overall very happy with the purchase and would purchase again.

11. Chopstick Cooking Chopsticks Chinese Natural

Chopstick Cooking Chopsticks Chinese Natural

42 x 0.9 cm/16.54 x 0.35inch is the size. There are 10 pairs of long wooden cooking chopsticks in one package. 30 cm/12 inches in length is enough for your daily cooking and take replacement. Their hot pot chopsticks are made from natural quality wood, which is non-toxic, corrosion resistant, hard and durable to use, so you can use for eating hot pot and other food. Natural wooden Chinese chopsticks are safe for their health and look nice, they are polished nicely and won't hurt their finger. Wooden chopsticks can be used again and again. They are not easy to break and change, but they will stay the original color and shape even after repeated use. Their extra long chopsticks can be used on many different occasions, such as festival party, restaurant, hot pot shop, good for outdoor activities, and so on.

Brand: Patelai

👤I used hot glue and paint to make a wood like effect from these. Great for that purpose! They are longer than any other chopstick I have used, so they would be great for grilled foods. The quality is good for a low price.

👤When I washed these chopsticks with soap and water, I could see the brown color that came off of them, but I didn't know what it was. I don't like using chopsticks on food. They look and feel nice. There is a I scrubbed the pictures with soap and water.

👤We bought these for hotpot and they work perfectly. It's easier to grab food from the hotpot with the extra long length.


What is the best product for cooking chopsticks wooden?

Cooking chopsticks wooden products from Hiware. In this article about cooking chopsticks wooden you can see why people choose the product. Bybycd and Luxxii are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking chopsticks wooden.

What are the best brands for cooking chopsticks wooden?

Hiware, Bybycd and Luxxii are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking chopsticks wooden. Find the detail in this article. Donxote, Timwarm and Adloryea are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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