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1. Chopsticks Stainless Reusable Dishwasher Japanese

Chopsticks Stainless Reusable Dishwasher Japanese

Their full money back! Donxote has a 100% guarantee on their products. The design is non-slip. The metal chopsticks have reinforced laser etching on them. The metal chopsticks with laser engraved surface can grab food more easily than the traditional smooth metal chopsticks and the simple round circle metal chopsticks. The chopsticks are square. The square body is more comfortable to hold. The round chopsticks make rolling on the table embarrassing. Healthy and sanitary. The mirror shinny surface on the 304 steel chopsticks is 304. They will not hide the dirt. The wooden/bamboo chopsticks have loose construction which makes them easy to mold. There are thousands of tiny holes that gain food and liquid. It is difficult to get rid of them at the normal cleaning process. The metal chopsticks are free from trouble. The metal chopsticks are better for you. Sturdy and durable. Their chopsticks are made of 304 steel. The chopsticks are made of 304 steel. They won't get rusty like the low quality metal chopsticks, or get moldy like the bamboo chopsticks, or get melted in the hot pot like the fiberglass chopsticks. One can use for a lifetime if they like. The cost of changing the chopsticks frequently is reduced by using the high quality chopsticks. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The metal chopsticks are dishwasher safe. It's easy to clean and no maintenance is required. The metal chopsticks have permanent laser engraving on them. After long time use, there is no fading. There is no worry of damage when using the chopsticks. The chopsticks are made of metal and stand all the time. The best gift choice. The metal chopsticks have a word pattern on them. The Chinese word for happiness is "fu". The pretty gift box package and elegant pattern on the metal chopsticks make a good presentation. Good cooperation and best friendship can be achieved with chopsticks. They are a nice gift for friends, lovers, families and cooperators. The friendship will last longer with the reuse of chopsticks.

Brand: Greatamzor

👤The experience of using chopsticks with my Asian meal is fun and challenging. I use them at home. They're easy to clean as they're the same material as most American flatware, and you can wash them under hot water with soap and they're ready for the next use. They're made of a shiny, lightly etched pattern and they aid in food and hand grip. It took me a few times to get used to the different grips on these. They are not a problem beyond that. There are two pairs provided in a bag that you can keep in your pocket or drawer. Pull these out at the table if you want to make a statement on your next Asian dining out experience.

👤Well made. It is easy to hold. It is a bit thick for my preferences. The grip at the end is not as strong as I would have liked. It's basically a non polished ring around the lower portion of the design. I have no problems eating with them, but the texture on the tips would have been better if they had a little more substance to them. Since my wife broke my favorite pair of chopsticks, I never put them in the dishwasher. These will work in the dishwasher as any other utensils. I'm satisfied with my purchase and will use them for a long time.

👤They have a nice weight on them. The etching on the end doesn't help with grip, in my opinion, and looks pretty if anything. They say "sus 304" on them, which is fine, but it isn't aesthetically pleasing. They are easy to clean, come with a nice bag for travel, and are very pretty. There is a I am happy for the price.

👤The travel pouch is packaged in a nice box and it's a decent one. They have some fingerprints but they just wipe clean. They're longer than buffet chopsticks and they don't roll off the table. It does feel a little bit better with the engravings on the end. It doesn't feel like it was cheap. I gave one of the pairs to my best friend and she loves them.

👤The chopsticks are very comfortable and not too heavy, I like how they feel in my hands. I was confused about the check patterns on the chopsticks, but I think it is related. We can have a better grip. I like how long these chopsticks are.

👤They are lovely from presentation to eating. It's easy to clean and stuff my face with. I almost threw away the cute little bag with the tree on it, but I spotted it and saved it. The box is of high quality. Get these.

👤My wife likes these and they look nice. I still prefer bamboo. Both of them are happy to have theirs. I don't like using a fork anymore after using chop sticks, but these seem easier now.

👤I used to eat with chopsticks, but these square ones took a few minutes to get used to. They look nice. I think they don't absorb oils like wood or plastic chopsticks. Can.

2. Flagest Stainless Chopsticks Reusable Dishwasher

Flagest Stainless Chopsticks Reusable Dishwasher

The Japanese style chop sticks are carved with a cherry blossom pattern and are multi-purpose. When you have different meals, this style reminds you of Japanese customs. You can use these chopsticks to eat Asian and Middle Eastern food. Premium quality. The healthiest metal chopsticks are made of food grade 304stainless steel. The upper class of 304stainless steel material that they use will not get rusty or stained, unlike other company's 304 or low quality steel chopsticks. The metal chopsticks weigh about 33g, which is more than the 20g/30g chopsticks. It is light weight, sturdy and handy to use, even though it was made from high class material. The pattern is elegant. Their chopsticks have a unique laser engraving geometric pattern which will not be out of date. The disposable chopsticks are disposable, but the reuse chopsticks are disposable. There are 5 different nice patterns for each pair of Korean chopsticks. The anti-slip etching on the chopsticks ends gives better grip. These chopsticks are not like round or spiral chopsticks, they are more comfortable to hold and will not roll on the table. It could be given in different occasions or festivals with a beautiful gift box. Healthy and sanitary. Thousands of tiny holes gain food or liquid during use of wooden or bamboo chopsticks, making them easy to get moldy. It will be hard to clean bamboo chopsticks. There is a hidden danger to their health. The metal chopsticks solve the problem, they don't have any space for thebacteria, which protects the family member's health. Choose from chop sticks or premium life style. Life Time warranty and dishwasher safe. Their metal chopsticks are dishwasher safe and easy to clean, like other metal flatware. These chopsticks are suitable for eating or cooking as they stand all the temperature torment. They are suitable for daily use by families or restaurants. Purchase their chopsticks and you will get a life time quality warranty.

Brand: Flagest

👤The patterns are cool. At the tip of the chopsticks where you grab the food, the grip is just a decorative element. I have dropped a lot of food with this way, more often than I have with bamboo/wooden chopsticks. I still like them because they are dishwasher safe and easy to hand wash. I like the weight of them because they give me a sense of control that is important due to the poor grip on the tips where I pick up my food.

👤When the light hits it right, the etching looks very light and the mirrored part looks dark. Very nice. If you're worried about grip, I would choose the non finished disposable bamboo pairs or the rough textured fiberglass set. These have the same level of comfort for me as the wooden chopsticks I use.

👤The detail on the site was what I thought it would be. You can't see the design. It is not noticeable. If you're looking for that dark, almost 3D look, look elsewhere, because what I received looks nothing like the one advertised.

👤I love the designs on them. They are comfortable to use and wash well. I was getting tired of my wooden chopsticks getting stained and raggedy, and they were a pain to clean. They can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher.

👤After living in Singapore, I decided to use metal chopsticks because they were cleaner. Thepics... These are standard metal chopsticks. These work well if you are into that.

👤They are sturdy and made from good materials. The dot pattern on the business end is mostly asthetic. I'd never heard of it until I read the reviews. These chopsticks are made of metal and have served me well. They look nice.

👤Good design, good weight.

👤I love that they're dishwasher safe. Each pair has a unique design etched on the handle, so each family member can choose a different set. The box is good for storing things.

3. Plum Garden Chopstick Childrens Chopsticks

Plum Garden Chopstick Childrens Chopsticks

Their full money back! Donxote has a 100% guarantee on their products. The kids chopsticks were easy to use. You can wash the stick or remove the animal topper. It is suitable for children aged three to eight years old. The training chopsticks are an excellent gift for anyone who wants to learn how to use chopsticks. There are four different colors of the finger chopsticks. The animal chopsticks are not permanent.

Brand: Plum Garden

👤If you lie about this, what else are you lying about? If you're looking for non-plastic chopsticks for your kids, don't buy this product.

👤My four-year-old couldn't use them. The grips on the fingers were slipping off. She used them without the training grips, which was kind of the whole point of purchasing them. They're cute, but not practical.

👤My daughter wanted her own set of chopsticks. This set is perfect for her. She loves using them because they are easy to use and clean. They arrived in the mail as advertised. I would buy from this company again.

👤The finger slots are removed. It's nice that you can rearrange them, but for my daughter, who wants to do things herself but doesn't yet know how to use chopsticks, it means she spends a lot of time trying to get them in the right position. The rubber on the sliding part is so wide that she has to reach her fingers to get them into the holes. You need to wash 6 pieces, including three finger holes, two sticks, and the topper. A set that is one single piece is what I recommend.

👤The kids found them easy to use.

👤My 3yr old is an expert at using chopsticks and this is great for him to learn. She was frustrated learning how to use them, but once she did, the "lightbulb clicked", and she started showing off her older cousins and grandparents she was a master at them already. The characters are fun, easy to clean, and fun to use. As you learn to use the chopsticks, they make it easier on the hand. You can take the finger holders off at a time. There is a If you get rough with them, the finger holders and top portion will pop off and slide down. I can't fault them for the design because they are designed to move. Every time at the start of a meal, you need to be patient. The quality is the same as buying a pack of plastic chopsticks. If you use Chopsticks in your home on a regular basis, you know what brands I'm referring to. The Chopsticks are thinner than standard Chinese/Malaysian/Taiwan style Chopsticks. I might add Photos for comparison. I assume that every family that uses chopsticks never puts them in the dishwasher as the heat would warp them. The chopsticks are easy to clean. Chopsticks are small but not adult size so your child will need to upgrade to regular sized silverware once they move up. The easier it is to grip your food the better, as these are kids learning, and the tips are indented. Before you try eating with them, make a game to learn. We used the colored plastic bears, dried pasta and other items to practice putting them in cups before eating fruit and other dinner foods. It will help with coordination.

👤I had been waiting for this. I was very happy when it arrived. I kept 2 and sent the other 2 to my grandsons. You can arrange the finger holes to fit your child's size, if you choose to. The problem is here. When you try to pick up food, the chopsticks cross each other. My son noticed the problem and I tried to fix it, but I was shocked to see he was right. Unless you remove them from the animal holding them, they are not usable.

4. Tanaka Hashi Cooking Chopsticks Japanese

Tanaka Hashi Cooking Chopsticks Japanese

Their extra long chopsticks can be used on many different occasions, such as festival party, restaurant, hot pot shop, good for outdoor activities, and so on. Classical cooking chupsticks. The Saibashi chop sticks are used for cooking in Japan and are a staple in Japanese cooking tools. Classical cooking chupsticks. The Saibashi chop sticks are used for cooking in Japan and are a staple in Japanese cooking tools. Classical cooking chupsticks. The Saibashi chop sticks are used for cooking in Japan and are a staple in Japanese cooking tools. The long claps are called long claps. The 13 inch chopsticks are great for Japanese cooking and can also be used as bamboo tongs. Anti-sLIP tip. The anti slip tip on the wooden chopsticks is important to have a good grip. Japanese cuisine includes kawaiii cooking chopsticks. The chopsticks have a traditional Japanese design. Made in Japan. The chopsticks are made in Japan by a company established in 1948.

Brand: Tanaka Hashi

👤I started using chop sticks to eat. I bought a pair after seeing chefs using them to cook. I am surprised at how much I use them. They are easy to clean. They are a win.

👤The tip broke after being washed by hand. Had to throw them away. They were only $6. They were $6 that I lost.

👤These are cooking chopsticks. There are nice things.

👤They would be easier to clean without the grooves at the bottom. They work well.

👤There is a plastic coating on the chopsticks. It hits hot oil, and there are concerns about that.

5. Donxote Noodles Kitchen Cooking Chopsticks

Donxote Noodles Kitchen Cooking Chopsticks

It's dishwasher safe. You can use chopsticks for years if you avoid being kept in the microwave oven, disinfection cabinets, high temperature, or exposure under sunlight. PROTECTION The chopsticks are used in some cooking links. When they cook the food or steam it, chopsticks are so short that the hands might be scalded. You need a longer pair of chopsticks. Donxote extended chopsticks are for you. It can fry, deep-fry, pick-up and boil at ease. You will never be worried about burned hands with the Donxote extended. The length is 42 cm and the weight is 95g. Every detail of the natural timber was carefully polished. The chopsticks are burr-free and gentle to hold. They are easy to clean and are coated with natural plant paint. The health of the body is ensured by the use of chopsticks. Wooden chopsticks should not be in the sun. They should not be washed at high temperature or soaked in water for a long time. They should be dried with a cloth. Their full money back! Donxote has a 100% guarantee on their products.

Brand: Donxote

👤After I washed them, a red varnish-like color started coming off of them, staining my sponge and ending up in the sink. It didn't smell like something that should go on food. Don't know what these are made of. It's probably not safe to eat. The wood was rough and splintery after washing, so it was probably not sanded or made of high quality wood. Do not recommend for anyone.

👤I use normal chopsticks. The deluxe edition requires a little practice to be able to grab stuff. I was trying to make General Tso's chicken, and while I was frying, I wished I had something better to turn my nuggets into. I got my human-sized chopsticks because I remembered that they are also used in cooking. I went to Amazon to see if they had cooking chopsticks, because I thought they were perfect for frying. $7 for 2 sets? Good enough for me. I've used them a few times and they are perfect for cooking with boiling water in a pot, or stirring, flipping, or frying stuff. The length keeps you from getting attacked. They look like the product photo. I am happy that I have these because I am still improving my grip. There is a If I want to grab a piece of food from my wife's plate, it's great.

👤I loved them so much. They are easy to hold. I was worried they would be too thin to hold my fingers.

👤These are wooden chopsticks. They are long. This is a positive thing. When oil is popping at your hand as you try to turn over food in a pan, you will quickly realize that the length that counts.

👤When I cook spaghetti or vermicelli, my regular chopsticks are too short to use without burning myself, so I bought these chopsticks to help. They're durable, and help me not suffer at the stove when I'm cooking noodles. I found a use for these for cleaning tall bottles. I can't use my bottle brush for a thorough scrub in my bottles because it's too flimsy, but I can use a damp towel and a long spoon to scrub my bottles, since I can't pick up the tea smell. I don't have to worry about snapping it. Useful!

👤I was a little awkward at first because they are so long. I don't drop stuff anymore after a lot of practice. Not ever. My lack of skill is not the fault of the tool, as my parents were always quick to remind me. Thanks mom and dad. I was quite pleased with these once I got past that awkward stage. They allow me to grab things from the steamer. I can pick up the lid, get the stuff out, put more in, and put the lid back on all without using my hands. It saves a lot of burns.

👤My daughter loves them. They are a good length to stir on the stove top. They will not be worried about being short and burning themselves. The sticks are thick and not flimsy. You can easily pick up a lot of noodles if you don't mind breaking the sticks. The sticks are in your hands. I am very happy with the purchase and would recommend them to anyone.

6. Chopsticks Reusable Stainless Dishwasher Lightweight

Chopsticks Reusable Stainless Dishwasher Lightweight

Eco-friendly A pair of metal chopsticks can be used for a long time. One pair of chopsticks can be used for three months. One pair of disposable chopsticks can be used. Imagine a person using chopsticks twice a day, one pair of metal chopsticks, 40 pairs of wooden chopsticks, or 7300 pairs of disposable chopsticks. Every year, the tons of chopsticks turn to rubbish, and the Eco-friendly chopsticks are really Eco-friendly. The chopsticks are made from 304 steel. Sturdy and durable chopsticks are made of premium material. The metal chopsticks have a laser pattern. The silver body has a gray laser pattern. After long time use, there is no fading. Non-SLIP. The laser etching on the chopsticks tip makes it easier to grab food. The square design is comfortable to hold and less rolling. It's easy to clean and clean. The chopsticks are dishwasher safe and easy to clean by hands. It's ideal for disposable chopsticks. A pretty gift package with metal chopsticks is part of the PERFECT GIFT SET5. It is a perfect gift for Christmas, anniversaries, birthday party, or any other occasion.

Brand: Tinmarda

👤I wish I knew that it only came with three pairs. I paid for five pairs.

👤The grip is not even grip. I was expecting more of a toothy feeling when I saw it, but it is just a painted design that doesn't help hold the food. 2 The square build is only for the top so it still slips and turns in your hand. This one is more of my fault. I assumed it would be strong.

👤I didn't expect them to be so light because they are metal. I have had metal in the past that was heavier. The weight of sealed bamboo or wood chopsticks is close to that of these. The etching for the non-slip is not real. It's there but barely. Its mostly decorative. If you run your fingers along the metal, you can feel it being a bit rough. If you have bamboo or wooden chopsticks that have good cuts, these will be easier, but if you have plain metal chopsticks, they will be harder. I don't want my friends to use them if they don't know how to use them, so I won't return them. Will update if dishwasher causes issues.

👤We chose these chopsticks because they are beautiful and they are very durable. I had looked at a lot of other chopsticks, but it seemed like they were just as proud to display "SUS 304" or "Stainless Steel" along with their designs, and in large letters on all four sides. There is a I didn't like that at all. If it was printed in small letters and only on one side, it would not be a problem, but some of them used as much room as they could to display the nice designs they used to have! The chopsticks are made of steel, but they don't have a printed design on them, so there's nothing to detract from the beautiful designs that are laser-etched onto them. They are high-quality, and even after a bit of repeated use and washing in the dishwasher, still look as shiny and beautiful as the day they came out of the box. Thank you so much!

👤We have been buying the cheap wooden ones for a while and finally realized that they make a better version of themselves. We have had them for several months and they look great. They come in a plastic-y zip-loc type storage pouch that will last a while, but not forever. I would prefer round ones over square ones for more comfort, but my husband prefers these so that's what we got. These will not roll away.

👤These chopsticks are not made of metal. They are hollow. The description said metal, so I should have expected that. When I read "metal chopstick", I thought they were solid, sturdy metal. They work and they are pretty, but they are not heavy duty. I'm not sure if I would cook with them. I wanted to cook noodles and rice in the pot. I don't think they will work for that.

7. Chopsticks Stainless Multipack Dishwasher Chopstick

Chopsticks Stainless Multipack Dishwasher Chopstick

A package and gift idea: 5 pairs of metal chopsticks. The best gift choice for Christmas, birthday, anniversaries, housewarming, carnivals, kids birthday parties, and many other occasions is the reuse chopsticks. Safe Material Their chopsticks are made of food grade 304 steel. The 304 steel is used in many things. The low quality steel chopsticks won't get rusty like the metal ones. Their metal chopsticks use more material than ourstainless chopsticks, which makes them more sturdy. The best choice for chopsticks. The Laser Engraving Pattern is unique. The chopsticks have a permanent laser-engraved pattern. After long time use, there is no fading. There are different patterns of chopsticks. Every family member has his own chopsticks. No worries about mixing use. It's sanitary and healthy. The engraved metal chopsticks are easier to use than the smooth ones. The metal chopsticks have an etching on them. The design is non-slip. The metal chopsticks have a square body. The reinforced laser etching on the chopsticks tip makes them easier to use. The metal chopsticks with the square body are more comfortable to hold on to. The round metal chopsticks and spiral chopsticks roll on the hand when put on the table, unlike the square metal chopsticks. Healthy and sanitary. The chopsticks have a shiny surface. They will not hide the dirt. The wooden/bamboo chopsticks have loose construction which makes them easy to mold. Thousands of tiny holes gain food and liquid during use. It is difficult to get rid of them during the normal cleaning process. The metal chopsticks are free from that problem. The metal chopsticks are made of metal. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The metal chopsticks are dishwasher safe. It's easy to clean and no maintenance is required. Reusable chopsticks can be used without worry of damage. The chopsticks are made of metal and stand all the time. The wooden chopsticks are fragile, but the stainless steel chopsticks are almost impervious.

Brand: Greatamzor

👤I love these! A family of 5 loves these. There is a The engraved metal chopsticks are a perfect weight to feel comfortable in the hand of a family member with a medical condition. They fit easily from a small teenager to a large adult. There is a The rounded tops of the squares bodies made it easy to pick up food. 3 of our 5. All 5 individuals were able to eat with these utensils, one person swapped out their fork for a second serving so it still counts. There is a There are two photos with different lighting. There isn't anything on the metal. You will only see silver and engraved silver tones when handling them. There is a There were no water spots when the microfiber cloth dried. The box they were shipped in is a midnight blue with sparkle interwoven to it. These are more friendly to the environment than disposable sticks and we don't have to worry if they are growing mold or unsanitary. These protect you from getting sick from dirty dishes and bamboo sticks. I will be purchasing additional sets as gifts for family and friends in the future, and I expect these to last for many years. Enjoy!

👤This review is written by a first generation Asian-American and is easy to wash. The Filipino-American spouse gives a thumbs up. Well done and recommend.

👤These are hard as steel rods. I like to clean them off. The are easy to service. I love how thick they are. I feel like they are perfect in my hands. I like to use them until I'm satisfied. After a good cleaning, I put them away. After being put away wet, they are good and ready to use again very soon after they dry.

👤25 July 2021. My wife ordered these for their ability to be cleaned and not be damaged like the wooden chopsticks we've always used. There is a The box looked cool when I pulled out the chopsticks. I asked if I should save the box. There is a I can see that the product title says a gift set. It's appropriate. These chopsticks are not cylindrical. They are actually square. These are okay, but I prefer round. The metal has texture that is debossed into it which makes it better at controlling slippery foods. I'm giving the rating five stars. There is a I gave five stars to the review template that asked for a review of ease of cleaning. I gave four stars because I like round sticks and the edges of the square bother me. It's too soon to tell if it's durable. There is a I will amend this review if I change my opinion about these sticks.

👤My daughter saved up money to buy these. I'm very impressed with them. They seem to hold up well and are pretty. They are easy to clean as we accidentally washed them in the dishwasher and they were fine. My daughter is very happy with the purchase and has enjoyed practicing more and more with them and since they are easy to use she has gotten better fast. There is a I don't like using chopsticks and they are a little slippery to hold, but that could just be me, since I'm not very good with them. There is a Overall very happy with the purchase and would purchase again.

8. Fiber Chopsticks Reusable Dishwasher 10 Pairs

Fiber Chopsticks Reusable Dishwasher 10 Pairs

Enjoy the food. The design of the nice chopsticks is made of hollow insulation. This is perfect for any Asian-style dinner, parties, bar, kitchen dinners, sushi nights and any Asian special. It's sleek, lightweight and durable. Their chopsticks are made from sustainable materials. They are dishwasher safe and won't break or crack. The experience of using wooden chopsticks or metal chopsticks should be more enjoyable and cleaner. The sticks are easy to hold with a firm grip and adorned with culturally significant Sakura, cherry blossoms. A timeless investment in beauty and function. Their reuse items make a greater positive impact on the environment than single use products. Re-use and stop exploiting their world. Promoting cultural awareness and chopstickiquette while gaining healthy habits is fun, healthy and educational. Chopsticks help with digestion by encouraging slower, more intentional eating. Have fun eating and cooking with chopsticks. They are dedicated to creating elevated, high-functioning kitchen tools that balance practicality and elegance, while standing the test of time. Don't hesitate to reach out if you aren't completely satisfied with your life.

Brand: Tribal Cooking

👤The find is worth twice what I paid.

👤First time using fiberglass chopsticks. Today, I washed and used a pair. They are easy to use. There was no slippage. Expe!rience is enjoyable.

👤It seems excessive to have so many chopsticks for our family of four, but they are a great value. I like that they are dishwasher safe and have no issues with grip. They are also used when cooking certain dishes. I'm happy I found them.

👤It is easy to use. It's easy to clean. I like this buy.

👤Excellent quality chop sticks. I used to use the basic wooden ones from restaurants when I was a person that eats asian food. I said it was time to buy some where I don't have to throw away the items. These look classy, feel great and clean, but I have a problem with them because there are a lot of them. I probably won't use them all in my life time due to their amazing quality and durability.

👤I like the design they have. You can feel that they are not made of plastic. I don't cook but I use them to eat. If you cook with them, they will probably melt. You get 10 pairs for little money. If they are taken care of, they will last a long time.

👤When I bought these, they were under 3 dollars. They are easy to clean. I caught them at that price and I am very satisfied with the product. I think I will have them for a long time.

9. Antner Chopsticks Reusable Japanese Dishwasher

Antner Chopsticks Reusable Japanese Dishwasher

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them. There is a 60-days refund or replacement from DEVICO. Made of superior bamboo, healthy bamboo chopsticks. The non-slip design fits most people and beginners can also use them. A smooth surface, comfortable hand feeling, and a classic Japanese minimalist style print at the end are some of the positives. Everyone will be happy to receive unique design and colors in a gift box. It's dishwasher safe. You can use chopsticks for years if you avoid being kept in the microwave oven, disinfection cabinets, high temperature, or exposure under sunlight.

Brand: Antner

👤These are gorgeous. I almost gagged when I opened the box. They smell a wood finishing product. I've never had to let them outgas before. I'm thinking about returning them. I don't feel safe letting my family eat with these. The stars I've given are for the beauty of the product. A shame.

👤Good chopsticks if you don't put them in the dishwasher. Not dishwasher safe!

👤The chopsticks are pretty. The treated wood makes it easy to wash. This doesn't compromise grip too much. They are ribbed to make up for it. They are great quality, but only if they are symmetrical. I expect them to last a long time, but when they need to be replaced I will happily return to this vendor again.

👤I like ramen, but it was hard to eat it with a big hot metal fork. I bought myself fancy chopsticks to maximize my ramen noodle experience. During the Pandemic, these helped recreate the not-at- home restaurant feel when we would make our own Asian-inspired foods. We find ourselves reaching for these more than we thought, and they are easy to clean. They are packaged in a nice box. These are an inexpensive splurge.

👤The inlay has survived several trips through the dishwasher without damage.

👤The chopsticks smell like shoe polish. When you open the package, there is a strong smell of varnish. There is nothing to indicate that the coating on these is food safe. I have never had a wooden chopsticks that smelled like these. Considering these are utensils is really unattractive.

👤The chopsticks were connected with paper that was glue. The glue can't be removed with alcohol or anything else, so we end up with a coating that renders them useless. I plan to return them, but it has slowed me down because I keep thinking I can remove the sticky goop from the surface of them. It gets worse when I try to remove them. I have given up.

👤These chopsticks are nice for everyday use. I like the patterns that are on here, but I don't like the way they were printed. The wood where the patterns are is flat and it almost looks like they carved out a flat piece just for the print, making the chopstick inconsistent in feel from top to bottom. The rest of the chopstick is not straight.

👤I was looking for wooden chopsticks that were dishwasher safe, but most of them were handwash only. The item stated in both the name and description that it was a dishwasher safe. I thought it was great. It was almost too good to be true. The pattern has started to peel off after three washes in the dishwasher, so I should have gone with my gut. There is a thin layer of plastic covering the whole chopstick which has started to peel off. If the item is not dishwasher safe, then don't advertise it as such.

👤My daughter loved the chopsticks we purchased for her during the Japanese part of our curriculum. She's tried plastic and metal before but found them easier to use and still use when not eating east Asian food. They are lightweight and great to carry in our bags if we eat out.

10. LAIB Japanese Chopsticks Reusable Luxurious

LAIB Japanese Chopsticks Reusable Luxurious

It's eco-friendly and 100% money back because it's nice dishware for your daily use to have dinner, resuable,dishwasher safe and very environment-friendly for eating Asian food instead of using disposable chopsticks. These chop sticks are extremely lightweight and easy to use because they are packed in a luxurious black gift box and each pair weighs 14 grams. It is beautiful, durable and reuseable. The chopsticks are safe and healthy for adults and kids, and they have a beautiful blossom flowers design. It is recommended to wash your hands with a soft sponge. The wooden chopsticks were processed multiple times with a fine lustrous finish to ensure Non-Sticky touch. The major thing that they focused on was to give ultimate pleasure while you enjoy food. It's a must have on your dining table. Either use it for yourself or gift the package with handmade black gift box to your friends and family. Their priority is your satisfaction. They manufacture these products with excellence, but if you are not happy with the product, you can get your money back.

Brand: Laib

👤It was what I wanted. It looks upscale. I could serve them to guests.

👤These are just the right size. I love using them.

👤The chopsticks are nice and well made, but they don't look like the ones in the picture. I chose these because of the two tone appearance, but mine are black. I decided to keep them, but just keep this in mind.

👤I got these and drank them. The design is cute and easy to use.

👤These are easy to eat and hold. It's a must have item.

11. Reusable Chopsticks Dishwasher Non Slip Japanese

Reusable Chopsticks Dishwasher Non Slip Japanese

This product comes with a 1-month full refund trial period and life-time customer service. The 10-pair chopsticks set is made of high-quality fiberglass with no lacquer, paint or wax which is a healthy kind of material that is food-safe to eat. It is a trendy lifestyle to say no to disposable dishware and to use disposable utensils. It is an economical way to have chopsticks for a time-to-time Asian recipe that does not get damaged, broken or odor on. The anti-sLIP design is a new one. There is a special texture on the tip of the front point that is designed to prevent slippery situations. The anti-slippery patterned surface, the angular figure, proper weight and length are some of the details that are friendly to someone still learning. It is safe for hotpot, ramen, noodles, fried dumplings and other hot food if you use fiberglass because it will not heat up like metal. It is easy to clean. Functional uses are listed. The chopsticks are 9.6 inches in length and are used for most food like Chinese food, Asian-style dinner, sushi night, Shabu-shabu, Korean Crunchy Chicken, Japanese cuisine, Vietnamese food, General Tso's Chicken, vegan salad, noodle soup, pho, Korean barbecue, It is also a good choice for a birthday gift and a housewarming gift.

Brand: Hiware

👤These are not chopsticks from Japan. A good pair of Japanese chopsticks is required to pick up a single grain of rice. Good luck with these rods. Immediately filed a return. The website description needs to be changed. These chopsticks are made in China and they are Chinese-style. Don't make the same mistake that I did.

👤The chopsticks are easy to wash and have a grip on the ends to help prevent food from falling. I use these to cook my food and push my food around in my cast iron and they can hold up to the hot temperatures, and the colors are great.

👤They are machine-washable. If one of them slides through the mesh of your dishwasher and hits the door as you pull it out, the chopstick will snap and throw a bright orange dart in your direction. They were moved from the caddy to my top drawer for fragile items and knives and have not had any problems since.

👤Very nice design. It worked great. You can eat the slipperiest food and it won't fall off the chopsticks. Definitely recommend. The packaging and design of them makes them easy to fit in your hand with a nice weight.

👤The colors look a little lighter in person than they do in the images, but they're still great. They don't feel cheap or flimsy, which is a good thing. It's a great price for the number of them and they're cute.

👤My 9 year old bought these for me. She uses her chopsticks well. She said these are better than the wooden ones. She likes to eat with these chopsticks. They have a heavy duty feel to them. I took a set to use in my sewing room. They turn projects right side out. Great product. Excellent quality. The price is great.

👤These are dishwasher safe and I love it. I use them to stir in hot pots and pans and they hold up. The colors are fun too. I am happy with this purchase. Will never buy wooden chopsticks again.

👤Order them if you don't know how to use them. They are perfect to learn with. The colors are striking.


What is the best product for cooking chopsticks reusable?

Cooking chopsticks reusable products from Greatamzor. In this article about cooking chopsticks reusable you can see why people choose the product. Flagest and Plum Garden are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking chopsticks reusable.

What are the best brands for cooking chopsticks reusable?

Greatamzor, Flagest and Plum Garden are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking chopsticks reusable. Find the detail in this article. Tanaka Hashi, Donxote and Tinmarda are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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