Best Cooking Chopsticks Long Japanese Made In Japan

Japanese 28 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Mintrico Reusable Chopsticks Japanese Dishwasher

Mintrico Reusable Chopsticks Japanese Dishwasher

High- performance material will easily resist the high temperatures of the dishwasher and the ingredients found in dishwasher detergents. It's safe and healthy. The chopsticks are not water resistant. Balanced dimensions are not too heavy or light. Not long or short. The combination of weight and length makes it easy to use. There is a tip for the first tip. The thin tip provides needed precision when picking small pieces. The length is 8 78 inches.

Brand: Mintrico

👤The Chopsticks are straight and strong and come to the same point as my bamboo japanese chopsticks. I like the fact that they are dishwasher safe and they don't get hot like my Korean chopstick, which gets hot from eating hot foods. The fine point makes it easy to pick up the smallest pieces of food. I'm very happy with this purchase, and would recommend these to anyone who wants to have a set of dishwasher safe chopsticks, or just want a nice set of chopsticks.

👤Exactly what I wanted. The design is beautiful and the weight is nice. It was classy too! One chopstick broke after one clean in the dishwasher. Five days ago, we got these chopsticks.

👤I will never have to ask for another pair of chopsticks again. The ridges at the top are functional. It feels easy to maneuver the sticks. Sometimes, with certain disposable sets, you might have to apply too much pressure for control. This is smooth and glides. I'm feeling that way. I wonder how long it will last in the dishwasher. This doesn't seem painted on. I will pay more attention to that. I think this is a great idea. I will buy more and 888-269-5556.

👤The quality was great for the price. I now have Japanese style chopsticks. There are different styles. The Japanese style has a much better point than the American style. I would buy from this seller again.

👤The best chopsticks ever! I bought a lot of chopsticks in different styles and materials from Taiwan, Japan, and Hong Kong, but not this style. I use it as a cooking utensil. Black is a cool color. Highly recommended.

👤The pointy and textured chopsticks are much easier to use in the US. I love them! I broke one because I was lazy and trying to cut fudge with it. They hold up well if you use them correctly and don't like a gorilla.

👤There needs to be a balance between the length, the heaviness of the top and the narrowness at the end of the chopsticks. It is too heavy at the top and thin at the bottom. It is so thin that I have broken a few. It doesn't feel well proportioned.

👤Two of the tips broke at different times. My husband was eating and one snapped in his mouth. I'm not sure what caused it. I liked them but they don't seem to last very long.

2. Silicone Chopsticks Stainless Reinforced Eco Friendly

Silicone Chopsticks Stainless Reinforced Eco Friendly

The package includes 4 pair of chopsticks. safe. Their 100% Silicone is a great use for coated and non-stick cookware that won't leave a mark or scratch on your pan while cooking. They are odorless and noncorrosive, making them very safe to cook around high temperatures. They are safe for daily use and can be used again and again. FIRM GRIP The non-slip design makes it easier to grab food. It will make it easy for you to pick up slippery foods since you have the additional grip. The added design of the chopsticks and the silicone on the steel will make it more sturdy. It's easy to clean. The chopsticks are dishwasher safe and can survive temperatures from -40F to . The color won't fade after washing, it won't change after heating, and it won't have a stain. Functional is what it is. It's suitable for home when cooking or serving food. They are perfect for any Asian-style dinner. They are lightweight and are perfect for cooking. Adding salt, sugar, soy sauce, and more will be easier with the extra spoon on the top. The chopsticks are made in Korea with outstanding and exceptional quality control and are safe for your home and family.

Brand: Invisioncorp

👤I cook a lot with chopsticks. I mostly use wood chopsticks because they are easier to scratch. I have been using my frying pan for a year. I can see a lot of scratches on my chopsticks. I bought a pair for myself because I saw my mom using them. There is a It's one of the best cooking tools I've ever purchased. There is a I like these chopsticks because they don't scratch my pans and they don't roll around when I put them down because there's a rubber thingy that holds both chopsticks. The spoon could be used to scoop salt. I put my salt in a jar. Don't worry about the chopsticks being too soft because they are made of Silicone. I think they have a steel rod in them so they won't bend or jiggle.

👤This is very good. I have used it to fry fish patties and rice and it doesn't melt at all. Pans won't scratch like wooden/ss chopsticks. Truly made in Korea. It looks cute. Good grip on food. The end spoons can be used to taste soup. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤Can't criticize the construction. They feel good. The silicone's soft and easy to use on pans. There are a few things that make the product lose points. I tried to make scallion pancakes with these. It's difficult to get under what you want to flip with these chopsticks. These aren't as long as I would have liked. I needed to choke up on the chopsticks to get enough control because of the head construction. We have an assortment of sizes for the wooden pairs in our drawers. If they had more than four inches, I would pay more. There is a Not the end-all be-all. In panfrying and shallow frying there are shortcomings. I think these would work well for deep frying and other forms of cooking that don't require a pan.

👤These are perfect for moving things around in a pan. The spoon end can be used as a spatula to remove bits from a bowl or pan. If your hands are large and you need more room to move, the cheater band is easy to use. I'm lazy and they hold up well in the dishwasher.

👤Light weight and easy to grip. There is a Long chopsticks are good for cooking. Salt, sugar, soy sauce can be added. The spoon is on the top. It was easy to use. I use it for serving.

👤They were ordered for my new cast iron ceramic wok from Williams Sonoma that has a very strict care guide. They'reimpregnated with Silicone/stainless steel according to the packaging. I left a photo of the translation. Not too big for cooking. There are two disposable Amazon sets, a metal Korean set, and a set that I bought in Japan.

👤I wanted these for turning small pieces of tofu when I cook them in oil. I had used cheap wooden chopsticks before and wanted something that wouldn't scratch my pan and would be dishwasher and hot oil safe. Because they're so large, they're difficult to use. I am not an expert at chopsticks, so hopefully I can practice a little more.

3. Inches Cooking Chopsticks Bamboo Japanese

Inches Cooking Chopsticks Bamboo Japanese

These wood lightweight chopsticks can be a nice gift choice for your parents, sisters, colleagues, friends and relatives on Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, family gathering party and more to let them enjoy the flavor of Asian food. If you like hot pot, you don't need to stand to eat, it can also be used like ordinary or public chopsticks. The chopsticks are made of bamboo wood and have a smooth surface. The long wood chopsticks have an anti slip tip so you have a good grip on your food. It's great for stir frying, deep frying and cooking noodles. It is more convenient to serve it as chopsticks at dinner. chopsticks to avoid burning your hands with hot oil or steam when cooking

Brand: Rockhouse

👤My wife is happy that she got it. It is used well for cooking. It makes two of us if it makes her happy.

4. Reuseable Japanese Chopsticks Non Slip Dishwasher

Reuseable Japanese Chopsticks Non Slip Dishwasher

Chopsticks are carved with text. The word means happiness and good luck in China and Japan. You will not feel tired after holding the chopsticks for long periods of continuous use. The pack of wooden chopsticks is easy to handle and lightweight. The tips are non-slip, so beginners can use them with ease. The chopsticks can be washed and reused, making them eco-friendly. They are made of wood and can be washed in the dishwasher. The chopsticks are indispensable for Japanese food such as sushi, ramen, and Japanese soba. They can also be used to eat ethnic food such as dim sum, hot pot, Korean food, and Thai food. The chopsticks are made in Fukui Prefecture, Japan, and have been for over 70 years. The chopsticks are made of wood. There are three main categories of Wajima Chopsticks: Wajimanuri chopsticks, Wajima Urushi chopsticks, and Wajima Chopsticks. The term "Wajima Chopsticks" refers to chopsticks that are made of wood and coated with a layer of synthetic paint other than natural urushi, either as a base coat or a top coat.

Brand: Otsumami Tokyo

👤It's easy to clean, but not easy to hold.

👤I don't recommend them because they are very hard to handle for a novice.

👤The chopsticks are too small for my liking.

5. Donxote Cooking Chopsticks Kitchen Chopstick

Donxote Cooking Chopsticks Kitchen Chopstick

It's great for anyone who's just starting to use chopsticks. PROTECTION The chopsticks are used in some cooking links. When they cook the food or steam it, chopsticks are so short that the hands might be scalded. You need a longer pair of chopsticks. Donxote extended chopsticks are for you. It can fry, deep-fry, pick-up and boil at ease. You will never be worried about burned hands with the Donxote extended. The length is 42 cm and the weight is 95g. Every detail of the natural timber was carefully polished. The chopsticks are burr-free and gentle to hold. They are easy to clean and are coated with natural plant paint. The health of the body is ensured by the use of chopsticks. Wooden chopsticks should not be in the sun. They should not be washed at high temperature or soaked in water for a long time. They should be dried with a cloth. Their full money back! Donxote has a 100% guarantee on their products.

Brand: Donxote

👤Chopsticks are hands-down the best cooking tool. You will need metal ones to handle raw meat if you want to cook with chopsticks.

👤I bought these for a Harry Party party. Compared to regular eating chopsticks that look too short for teens or adults, these are nice and long. Children of all ages! They are nice quality and I set a few aside for cooking.

👤My wife does a lot of Asian coking and it was hard to use the shorter metal chopstick as your hands get oil splashed on them and the metal can get very hot. The wooden ones don't get hot and the 16 inch length keeps her hands out of the way.

👤These were perfect for making homemade Harry Potter wands. They were stained in a dark wood finish, which wasn't ideal for painting, but we made it work. I only use these for craft purposes.

👤I've been wanting to cook with chopsticks. I'm happy I got these.

👤I love it! Excellent quality and packaging.

👤It's perfect for making wands for my kids. There is a Harry Potter party. Good quality.

👤Excellent for the price, fast shipping, and items arrived as described. Excellent quality, would buy again. I used them as gifts.

👤They work as they should. Excellent value for the pack.

👤The length is great to keep your hands out of the heat. It's great for stirring soups, noodles, and stir fry's meats and veggies.

👤You wonder how you've managed without it all this time after you have it. Great value!

6. WPAN 10012 4 Pair Cooking Chopsticks 13 Inch

WPAN 10012 4 Pair Cooking Chopsticks 13 Inch

The shopping warranty is safe. Their reputation is high for quality products and worry-free after-sales service. If you are unhappy with the chopsticks, what are the reasons? You can still contact them to get a replacement. Even if the return button is not open. These Chopsticks Set are Cool. It's perfect for eating fried rice. They were tied together at the top to keep a chopstick out of the kitchen. It's an essential accessory for enjoying Asian-inspired dishes. It's great for anyone who's just starting to use chopsticks.

Brand: Imusa

👤These are wonderful to cook with. These are good enough for the stick free pans and won't damage them, so no more using stir sticks to cook. There are too many spoons in the cooking space. They are strong. Come with a few pairs. They are strung together so they don't get lost. I use on a daily basis. The metal whipping tool is better for whipping eggs. Couldn't be happier.

👤I was not impressed. The sticks moved quickly. It was very difficult to hold and use them in a certain direction. I was not happy after using and cleaning them.

👤If you plan to pickup food with them, you might have a problem as they are warped. The other brands I got worked great.

👤They are not much to say that a few were crooked. In cooking situations, I prefer the grooves on the tip of the chopsticks. It works as a simple bamboo chopstick. If you're really looking for long lasting cooking utensils, look elsewhere.

👤These are cool. Straight chopsticks are good for cooking. My daughter is getting a Christmas gift. I will update my review if they go bad.

👤I used to use regular chopsticks for cooking, but my hands would feel like they were burning because they were short. I dropped one from my hand. I was pleasantly surprised when they had a string connecting the pair and the length didn't make me feel like they were on fire.

👤I like cooking with chopsticks. These are good ones for a good price. There is a It's easier to keep track of them if they're attached by string. It is important to me that there is minimal packaging.

👤The set was brand new in a sealed package, but the chopsticks were warped making them useless. The ties are too short, making them more difficult to use.

👤These work well for someone like me who is accident prone. I'm able to stay back a bit more when cooking now that I'm not at risk. There is a They are not exactly lined up symmetrically. One sticks out to the side, making it hard to grasp things. It's not enough to get me to stop using them.

👤I bought this for my military man, who often cooks food. She doesn't get hurt by the oil if the chopstick is too short. There is a Great use and product!

👤El producto is exact. Sirve perfecto para cocinar, un extra largo de una salpicadura. Lleg a perfecto. Recomiendo.

👤relacin costo, excelente, los uso mucho, a veces hasta para comer.

👤I changed my life when I used cooking chopsticks. I used to use standard chopsticks for cooking, but they are small, and I burn myself when cooking with hot oil or water. I like to cook with chopsticks because they keep my hands out of harms way. They should be recommended to friends or family.

7. Cooking Chopsticks Wooden Noodles Kitchen

Cooking Chopsticks Wooden Noodles Kitchen

Quality guaranteed and Eco-friendly are what Environmental Protection and Durable Material has to offer. Make sure the chopsticks are safe and healthy by using food grade ingredients. There was no smell. There are no toxins like BPA, PVC or phthalates. The note was warm. Do not wash the chopsticks. The long handle design can keep you hands and arms out of harm's way when deep frying something. They should be dried with a dry cloth after cleaning. Wooden chopsticks should not be in the sun. They should not be soaked in water for a long time. It's great for fry food, beef, hot pot, noodles or spaghetti. Useful kitchen tool. service Their full money back guarantee! They stand behind their products so that you can make a perfect purchase.

Brand: Htbmall

👤I bought the Cooking Chopsticks, Wooden Noodles Kitchen Chopsticks for Hot Pot, Frying, Cooking, Noodle, Extra Long Set of 5 Pairs 15. It was long. I think I got a good deal because these are now sold as a set of 3 pairs instead of 5 pairs. There is a These are nice looking. There is a They are 15 inches long and are great for cooking in larger pots and pans. I have to get used to them being bigger than I am. It does take some getting used to, but they have to be thicker at the holding end to get that longer length. I am very happy with my new cooking utensils.

👤The 3-pack was purchased by me. There were two sticks with defects. One had a staple mark and holes, the other was splintered so that it wouldn't get stuck if you ran your dishcloth or sponge across it. It was only $7 so it was not worth returning. The others are happy. It is a good length for frying.

👤I got this because they're cooking. I stopped using my own pair of chopsticks to cook. There is a They're hard to hold and don't like to grab things. They don't feel useful. You would need a large pot to use them. If you're using a pot that large, you might as well be using actual kitchen utensils like ladles or wooden spoons. I'm sure there are many ways in which this could be useful in a kitchen, but I don't cook that way.

👤Chop sticks are long. These chopsticks work well in non stick pans.

👤I really liked these. I used them in the dishwasher, so don't do that. They warp. Highly recommend.

👤The chopsticks are simple and sturdy. It is easy to work with and clean the wood. I bought these for my sister, she really likes this type of thing, and I have found these to be pretty fun for me as well.

👤One of the sets is darker than the rest. I use chopsticks for cooking, but they feel thicker. They are 15 inches long. It's a challenge to cook thick meat. I love using it to make scrambled eggs or deep fried shrimp. You can't beat the price and quantity, so practice will make me get used to it.

👤I love these sticks. I use them a lot and they are great.

8. Chopsticks Stainless Non Slip Threaded Reusable

Chopsticks Stainless Non Slip Threaded Reusable

Their priority is your satisfaction. They manufacture these products with excellence, but if you are not happy with the product, you can get your money back. The package includes 4 pairs of long cooking chopsticks, which can be used with 2 types of wooden chopsticks. The extra long chopsticks are not heavy to use and carry, sturdy and durable for long-time use, and the grooves at the front of the chopsticks make it easier to pick up food. The wooden chopsticks are made of quality natural material with rounded tail, which are safe to use, and the Chinese natural wooden chopsticks have a smooth handle, which is suitable for novices. You can use the kitchen chop sticks to cook or taste Chinese, Thai and Korean cuisine, and their cooking chopsticks are good choices for you to learn how to use them. These non-slip chopsticks are well polished and can be nice gifts for friends or family on birthdays, Thanksgiving, Chinese New Year or other occasions.

Brand: Patelai

👤Wasn't made of steel. The wood needs care. It is ok. I might make them shorter for everyday use.

👤There is a big crack in one of the wooden chopsticks. Returned the product.

👤These feel like great quality. The metal ones were heavier than the wooden ones. I am not a chopstick pro. I prefer to use them when I fry shrimp. You might not notice if you are good. The metal ones are a little more difficult to use if you are not proficient in chopstick usage. These are a great product, so that is just an fysi and not a bad thing.

9. Business Chopsticks Dishwasher Temperature Chopsticks

Business Chopsticks Dishwasher Temperature Chopsticks

The ECO Dishwasher is high temperature and depot support.

Brand: Hasekin

👤I bought it because it was made in Japan. For the price, I wish there was better design. I bought it in brown because I wanted to mimic wooden chopticks. I am not sure if it came in black at that time. I wouldn't buy again.

👤These chopsticks are the best in the world. Some of the chopsticks I have purchased are made by Steele's steel and not easy to hold, some of them are made by wood and not shining after being washed, and some of them are made by bamboo. We use a dish washer everyday, but they are still new to us.

👤I've owned them for a while. They are strong. I use them for cooking as well. I put them in the dishwasher. Absolutely worth it.

👤I like these. They are a tad light at first, but they feel nice in your hand. I've traveled with them and they will definitely take a beating. They have a rough part towards the end to keep the noodles from getting away from you.

👤My aunt liked it. The product is too expensive.

👤It's easy to use and wash. I love them. I expected it to be a little longer.

👤The chopsticks are easy to use. It is easy to clean and does not leave stains behind. The length is perfect for all uses.

10. Kotobuki 315 218 Golden Dragon Chopstick

Kotobuki 315 218 Golden Dragon Chopstick

The size is 23.5 cm. It is recommended that you wash your hand.

Brand: Kotobuki

👤When I was around my asian friends who had their own chopsticks, I felt emasculated. I decided to buy these. The disposable chopsticks that you would otherwise use are not as good. It's easy to clean.

👤These were a great gift. The person who received it loved them.

👤A quick review to give it 5 stars. The design of the chopsticks made me happy. I'm happy with my purchase.

👤Seem to be of very good quality. They are easy to clean up.

👤They are very good. They fit my hand perfectly and are very comfortable to hold. Because of ribbed/textured tips, I can grab and hold anything, and I can pick up individual grains of rice.

👤I have my first pair of chopsticks.

👤They came out of the dishwasher looking perfect. They have grooves in the wood which makes picking up easier.

👤These are great sticks. They have a gripping texture at the bottom of them. They hold sushi in perfect condition. They look cool as well.

11. Chopsticks Reusable Stainless Dishwasher Lightweight

Chopsticks Reusable Stainless Dishwasher Lightweight

Eco-friendly A pair of metal chopsticks can be used for a long time. One pair of chopsticks can be used for three months. One pair of disposable chopsticks can be used. Imagine a person using chopsticks twice a day, one pair of metal chopsticks, 40 pairs of wooden chopsticks, or 7300 pairs of disposable chopsticks. Every year, the tons of chopsticks turn to rubbish, and the Eco-friendly chopsticks are really Eco-friendly. The chopsticks are made from 304 steel. Sturdy and durable chopsticks are made of premium material. The metal chopsticks have a laser pattern. The silver body has a gray laser pattern. After long time use, there is no fading. Non-SLIP. The laser etching on the chopsticks tip makes it easier to grab food. The square design is comfortable to hold and less rolling. It's easy to clean and clean. The chopsticks are dishwasher safe and easy to clean by hands. It's ideal for disposable chopsticks. A pretty gift package with metal chopsticks is part of the PERFECT GIFT SET5. It is a perfect gift for Christmas, anniversaries, birthday party, or any other occasion.

Brand: Tinmarda

👤I wish I knew that it only came with three pairs. I paid for five pairs.

👤The grip is not even grip. I was expecting more of a toothy feeling when I saw it, but it is just a painted design that doesn't help hold the food. 2 The square build is only for the top so it still slips and turns in your hand. This one is more of my fault. I assumed it would be strong.

👤I didn't expect them to be so light because they are metal. I have had metal in the past that was heavier. The weight of sealed bamboo or wood chopsticks is close to that of these. The etching for the non-slip is not real. It's there but barely. Its mostly decorative. If you run your fingers along the metal, you can feel it being a bit rough. If you have bamboo or wooden chopsticks that have good cuts, these will be easier, but if you have plain metal chopsticks, they will be harder. I don't want my friends to use them if they don't know how to use them, so I won't return them. Will update if dishwasher causes issues.

👤We chose these chopsticks because they are beautiful and they are very durable. I had looked at a lot of other chopsticks, but it seemed like they were just as proud to display "SUS 304" or "Stainless Steel" along with their designs, and in large letters on all four sides. There is a I didn't like that at all. If it was printed in small letters and only on one side, it would not be a problem, but some of them used as much room as they could to display the nice designs they used to have! The chopsticks are made of steel, but they don't have a printed design on them, so there's nothing to detract from the beautiful designs that are laser-etched onto them. They are high-quality, and even after a bit of repeated use and washing in the dishwasher, still look as shiny and beautiful as the day they came out of the box. Thank you so much!

👤We have been buying the cheap wooden ones for a while and finally realized that they make a better version of themselves. We have had them for several months and they look great. They come in a plastic-y zip-loc type storage pouch that will last a while, but not forever. I would prefer round ones over square ones for more comfort, but my husband prefers these so that's what we got. These will not roll away.

👤These chopsticks are not made of metal. They are hollow. The description said metal, so I should have expected that. When I read "metal chopstick", I thought they were solid, sturdy metal. They work and they are pretty, but they are not heavy duty. I'm not sure if I would cook with them. I wanted to cook noodles and rice in the pot. I don't think they will work for that.


What is the best product for cooking chopsticks long japanese made in japan?

Cooking chopsticks long japanese made in japan products from Mintrico. In this article about cooking chopsticks long japanese made in japan you can see why people choose the product. Invisioncorp and Rockhouse are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking chopsticks long japanese made in japan.

What are the best brands for cooking chopsticks long japanese made in japan?

Mintrico, Invisioncorp and Rockhouse are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking chopsticks long japanese made in japan. Find the detail in this article. Otsumami Tokyo, Donxote and Imusa are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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