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1. Hiware 10 Pairs Fiberglass Chopsticks Dishwasher

Hiware 10 Pairs Fiberglass Chopsticks Dishwasher

30 count, Unbleached high quality non-stick baking paper. Their chopsticks are made of high-quality heat-resistant fiberglass, which avoids the metallic taste of metal chopsticks, the burr of wooden chopsticks, and the unhealthy quality of plastic chopsticks, at the same time, it's totallyBPA-Free with no coating and painting. The non-slip design makes it easier to hold, even for first-time users, and the frosted texture prevents food from falling off between your chopsticks. The top of the chopsticks is carved with a cherry blossom pattern, which is a typical Japanese style with strong Asian customs. You can feel Japanese customs when you eat delicious food. Their chopsticks are a must-have item for eating typical Asian food, such as sushi ramen hot pot, kung pao chicken and dumplings, or even some middle eastern food. You can experience different Asian customs while enjoying the food. You can use it to make daily food like spaghetti. The high temperature resistance chopsticks can be placed in the dishwasher and can be washed easily. It will be very clean and there will be no dirt or oil stains left even if it is washed by hand.

Brand: Hiware

👤They're chop sticks, not sure how to review them. They are able to pick up rice, noodles, and even French fries. It was a nice buy. They are dishwasher safe. It was a good purchase.

👤I use chopsticks daily because I am an Asian. I don't like to use chopsticks. This set is a good choice with its perfect weight, length, and texture. They are easier to clean than wood chopsticks.

👤This is a good set of chopsticks. The fiberglass is easier to use than the wood ones. They don't feel that heavy in their hand. The noodles are really great with the texture of the tips. The top is pretty. I haven't had them for a while, but they seem to be scratch resistant. They clean with soap and water. They're dishwasher-friendly. I was looking for a set that was re-useable, and was originally considering a set made of steel. I decided to go with this set because of the reviews that said the material on some of them wasn't real, or they were too heavy, or they got too hot if left in a bowl. I was very happy I did.

👤This is the second set. Our daughter and son in law were the first set. They love them just as much as we do. They are well made and have a nice feel to them. I found them easy to use and teach my children to use them. If you wanted to gift them, they were in a nice box. I will keep these in mind for future gifts if I recommend them. Our youngest daughter uses these in her lunch bag for school. We still use them several times a week and they are still new. We don't know how they do in the dishwasher so we hand wash them. Still in love with them!

👤I like them, they look good, and they are a really nice price. I don't want or feel like I should return the stars because I'm being sticky, picky and choppy. One of them has a little chip at the point where you grab your food, not enough to make that pair un-usable, I only saw it because it was the first one I pulled out of the package to enjoy my purchase. Most would not have ever felt it when cleaning. I still like them. They don't work with the universal holder aids, which are little plastic things you put on the ends to help you hold it. If you know how to hold them, the more I use chop sticks the better I get at it, but it would have been nice. I don't want to return them over it, but it's sad to me. There are three reasons. They are a little slippery. If your hands are wet or supper is smooth, you may have a harder time holding them. My wife has smooth hands, but she has more practice than me. I am not returning them, I like them, and I hope you still try them, they are really good, I am just overly picky.

2. Fiber Chopsticks Reusable Dishwasher 10 Pairs

Fiber Chopsticks Reusable Dishwasher 10 Pairs

Enjoy the food. The design of the nice chopsticks is made of hollow insulation. This is perfect for any Asian-style dinner, parties, bar, kitchen dinners, sushi nights and any Asian special. It's sleek, lightweight and durable. Their chopsticks are made from sustainable materials. They are dishwasher safe and won't break or crack. The experience of using wooden chopsticks or metal chopsticks should be more enjoyable and cleaner. The sticks are easy to hold with a firm grip and adorned with culturally significant Sakura, cherry blossoms. A timeless investment in beauty and function. Their reuse items make a greater positive impact on the environment than single use products. Re-use and stop exploiting their world. Promoting cultural awareness and chopstickiquette while gaining healthy habits is fun, healthy and educational. Chopsticks help with digestion by encouraging slower, more intentional eating. Have fun eating and cooking with chopsticks. They are dedicated to creating elevated, high-functioning kitchen tools that balance practicality and elegance, while standing the test of time. Don't hesitate to reach out if you aren't completely satisfied with your life.

Brand: Tribal Cooking

👤The find is worth twice what I paid.

👤First time using fiberglass chopsticks. Today, I washed and used a pair. They are easy to use. There was no slippage. Expe!rience is enjoyable.

👤It seems excessive to have so many chopsticks for our family of four, but they are a great value. I like that they are dishwasher safe and have no issues with grip. They are also used when cooking certain dishes. I'm happy I found them.

👤It is easy to use. It's easy to clean. I like this buy.

👤Excellent quality chop sticks. I used to use the basic wooden ones from restaurants when I was a person that eats asian food. I said it was time to buy some where I don't have to throw away the items. These look classy, feel great and clean, but I have a problem with them because there are a lot of them. I probably won't use them all in my life time due to their amazing quality and durability.

👤I like the design they have. You can feel that they are not made of plastic. I don't cook but I use them to eat. If you cook with them, they will probably melt. You get 10 pairs for little money. If they are taken care of, they will last a long time.

👤When I bought these, they were under 3 dollars. They are easy to clean. I caught them at that price and I am very satisfied with the product. I think I will have them for a long time.

3. Chopsticks Stainless Non Slip Threaded Reusable

Chopsticks Stainless Non Slip Threaded Reusable

Their priority is your satisfaction. They manufacture these products with excellence, but if you are not happy with the product, you can get your money back. The package includes 4 pairs of long cooking chopsticks, which can be used with 2 types of wooden chopsticks. The extra long chopsticks are not heavy to use and carry, sturdy and durable for long-time use, and the grooves at the front of the chopsticks make it easier to pick up food. The wooden chopsticks are made of quality natural material with rounded tail, which are safe to use, and the Chinese natural wooden chopsticks have a smooth handle, which is suitable for novices. You can use the kitchen chop sticks to cook or taste Chinese, Thai and Korean cuisine, and their cooking chopsticks are good choices for you to learn how to use them. These non-slip chopsticks are well polished and can be nice gifts for friends or family on birthdays, Thanksgiving, Chinese New Year or other occasions.

Brand: Patelai

👤Wasn't made of steel. The wood needs care. It is ok. I might make them shorter for everyday use.

👤There is a big crack in one of the wooden chopsticks. Returned the product.

👤These feel like great quality. The metal ones were heavier than the wooden ones. I am not a chopstick pro. I prefer to use them when I fry shrimp. You might not notice if you are good. The metal ones are a little more difficult to use if you are not proficient in chopstick usage. These are a great product, so that is just an fysi and not a bad thing.

4. EORTA Chopsticks Stainless Anti Slip Dishwasher

EORTA Chopsticks Stainless Anti Slip Dishwasher

Life Time warranty and dishwasher safe. Their metal chopsticks are dishwasher safe and easy to clean, like other metal flatware. These chopsticks are suitable for eating or cooking as they stand all the temperature torment. They are suitable for daily use by families or restaurants. Purchase their chopsticks and you will get a life time quality warranty. The length is 38.8 cm/15.2 inch. 3 pairs of cooking chopsticks are included in the package. Long design for kitchen use to avoid injury to hands. It is made of high quality 304 STAINLESS STEEL. A smooth surface, mirror polished, non-slip designed heat insulation. It's dishwasher safe. It's great for cooking, eating, and frying.

Brand: Eorta

👤Good chopsticks are not good for cooking. When you cook over a hot pan the steam comes up and makes your hands sweaty, because these are metal, they make it hard to grip when trying to use them. Dry hands work well, but sweaty and hard to use.

👤It's a little easier to cook with thinner and longer ones. They don't get gunked up with food like my old wood ones, but they can get a bit oily and make it difficult to grasp things. They should not be rested inside a hot pan. They are perfect for my use.

👤It is good quality, but one has a small hole on the body.

👤These are great! It is very easy to hold, very well balanced, and very easy to clean. It's worth it! I will not regret this purchase.

👤It is hard to grab the top end. A little bigger will help.

👤If you're used to regular-sized chopsticks, it might take a little getting used to, but honestly, why wasn't I using these when I fried things before?

👤It is easy to clean, but too long to use for anything. Not a good idea.

👤We should have them at the beginning of the grilling season.

👤The chopsticks are dipped in metal. Don't think they'll last long.

5. Antner Hardwood Chopsticks Hand Carved Chopstick

Antner Hardwood Chopsticks Hand Carved Chopstick

The SATISFACTION GUARANTEED is that they stand behind the high quality of their products. They will replace or refunds any issues with their products. Made of superior wooden, healthy, no painting, and no wax. These chopsticks are dishwasher safe and can be used for years. The non-slip design makes them good for most people, and beginners can use them very well. The Japanese minimalist style, smooth surface, comfortable hand feeling, and non-slip frosted texture prevent food from falling. Everyone will be happy to receive unique design and colors in a gift box.

Brand: Antner

👤I'm not one of those people who only buy stuff made in the US. I thought I was buying an authentic Japanese item because of the design and lettering on the box. I didn't see anything about it being made in China. I went ahead and ordered. The box had "Made in China" stickers on it.

👤The product looked great at the beginning, but it didn't last. The seam at the middle failed and they lost paints, showed scratches and showed some scratches. Within weeks, all these defects appeared. Not recommended.

👤A good pair of chopsticks is important to me because I love sushi. The chopsticks are easy to store. I use chopsticks for the salad a lot. I love sushi and have a good pair of chopsticks that can be used again and again, it slows me down a bit, which is perfect for reading and maintaining my wa. The chopsticks are easy to store. I like to use chopsticks to eat salad. It makes me eat and maintain my weight a bit slower.

👤The colors come off after the first and second wash. They're fading if you used them.

👤I like the shape of these but they are very light and cheap to make. Some of them have snapped in half. The texture is helpful at the tips, but I don't understand why it goes all the way up the chopstick. It feels like it's been there a long time. I think these are overpriced for what you are getting and I have found better sets for $5.

👤I like the textured part at the top of these chopsticks. I have not used chopsticks with non-wood finish before, but they were too slippery for me to use. I use disposable ones from stores but maybe I need more practice with real ones. My husband said that his hands were fine. The finish came off after we put them through the dishwasher, so maybe they will work better for me. I thought these were supposed to be dishwasher-safe, but you have to keep looking.

👤Very cheap. The middle of the chopsticks has a bad silver line and the top part of the chopsticks is sticky. There is a The colors have faded after only 3 months of use. Maybe brown paint? We feel unsafe with these chopsticks.

👤I like the look and feel of these. We use chopsticks a lot. The only problem is that they are too smooth and slippery, which makes it hard to get the food without it sliding off. They are very cool.

6. Colletrum Fiberglass Chopsticks Dishwasher Chopsticks Highly Chopsticks

Colletrum Fiberglass Chopsticks Dishwasher Chopsticks Highly Chopsticks

The Japanese chopsticks are made from top quality fiberglass that has a compression strength 17 times greater than wood. The material is 80% lighter than steel, which makes it easy to grip. fiberglass chopsticks are the best for use. Are you a beginner at using Chop sticks? Buy fiberglass chopsticks. The premium chopsticks are non-slip and have a non-cylindrical shape. They are in a good shape to prevent rolling and slipping. The textured tips give you an easy grip on food. The chopsticks are easy to clean because they have no complex patterns. You can wash the chop sticks with your hands. The chop sticks are dishwasher safe. No need to buy chop sticks again and again. You can reuse the fiberglass chopsticks after they are cleaned. The Japanese chopsticks are heat resistant and can stand up to 180 degrees. These chopsticks are made of plastic and do not have the fear of melting, bending, or cracking. You can put the chopsticks in the dishwasher. Chop sticks can help you cook without being damaged. The Japanese style chop sticks are carved with a cherry blossom pattern and are multi-purpose. When you have different meals, this style reminds you of Japanese customs. You can use these chopsticks to eat Asian and Middle Eastern food.

Brand: Colletrum

👤Excellent product! I highly recommend it. Excellent quality too.

👤It's easy to hold, clean and pretty.

👤It's easy to clean up. They have a textured tip that makes it easier to grasp food.

👤It was easy to use. It is easy to wash.

👤The size and type of these chopsticks are what I was looking for. I bought the variety pack and it looks great. Very happy.

👤They were returned after receipt. The ends looked flimsy.

👤Nice chopsticks. Why only one holder?

7. Stainless Chopsticks Dishwasher Chopstick Anti Slip

Stainless Chopsticks Dishwasher Chopstick Anti Slip

You can give your family and friends the best gift with perfect gift packaging. The pattern is elegant. The metal chopsticks are made of SUS 304 and have a flower vine pattern on the titanium plated black surface. Premium flatware is made of titanium. It is permanent. After a long time of use, there is no peeling or discoloration. The chopsticks are made of titanium and are not easy to scratch. The chopsticks are made of steel. The non-slip design has been upgraded. Laser engraving is done on the tip of the chopsticks. The line engraving on the chopsticks tip can help grab and keep the food. It makes it easy to use the chopsticks. The metal chopsticks are not very slippery due to their smooth surface. The design resolves the issue. Dishwasher safe and healthy. The chopsticks are dishwasher safe. It does not matter if the issue is cooking or washing, the temperature is unchanging. The bamboo chopsticks and wood chopsticks are hard to clean and get moldy easily, so they need to be replaced every three months. The metal chopsticks are easy to clean. It saves money to replace the chopsticks. The gift choice is. There is a flower vine pattern on the black background at the end of the metal chopsticks. The gift box package makes the chopsticks a good presentation. Good cooperation and best friendship can be achieved with chopsticks. They are a nice gift for friends, lovers, families, and cooperators on special days. The love you give will last longer if you use the chopsticks longer. Eco-friendly A pair of metal chopsticks can be used for a long time. One pair of chopsticks can be used for three months. One pair of disposable chopsticks can be used. Imagine a person using chopsticks twice a day, one pair of metal chopsticks, 40 pairs of wooden chopsticks, or 7300 pairs of disposable chopsticks. Every year, the tons of chopsticks turn to rubbish, and the Eco-friendly chopsticks are really Eco-friendly.

Brand: Greatamzor

👤What is not to like about these chopsticks? You will feel like a royalty after you use these chopsticks. The wooden chopsticks will not do anymore. Those are the ones you get with your sushi? Throw them away! Those are for people with Parkinson's disease. Let them make you want to use your new titanium chopsticks, which are only available in the upper tiers of society. Wait, you have to spend $20.00 on Amazon? You and one other lucky individual can become lords together. The chopsticks will make you question your entire being. Why do I use forks? There is a What amazing things can I eat with these? I can't eat everything with these. There is a You can! You can do as you please, for you are the Lord of your own castle. Wait! There is more to come. Billy Maye, Mr. Clean, and Consuella from the family would cry tears of joy if they knew how easy it was to clean these titanium sticks of glory. You don't need a Lemon pledge to clean them. They will look new if you put them in the dishwasher. There is a These can be yours for one easy payment. There is a These chopsticks do not come with a piece of land or a castle, so they do not grant you lordship. Lordship is embraced as a mental feeling when using chopsticks. These chopsticks are not associated with any monarchy.

👤SUS 304 is a permanent part of the chopstick. I can't give them as a gift.

👤I'm handicapped and on bed rest most of the time so sometimes have a hard time with my hands, but these are perfect for me. When my husband brings me a snack or something that he mostly eats with his hands, I prefer to use chopsticks because they are easier to clean than my hands. I wanted to replace my wooden chopsticks that were getting a little ragged. I found them. They are heavy and square, which makes it easier to use with my arthritis assistance tool. I like that they are pretty. They have a texture on the tips so food doesn't slip. They are dishwasher safe on the top rack. All and all really good chopsticks, they are a cross between Japanese and Korean chopsticks, almost like the best of both worlds as far as I'm concerned.

👤I ordered these for my niece because she loves eating with chopsticks. There is a She called to thank me but my sister in law said there were no chopsticks. I was going to surprise her with this present, but I am very disappointed.

👤The metal is so slick it cannot hold ramen. The chopsticks are problematic. These seem to almost repel them.

👤Since I was a child, I have always used wooden and plastic chopsticks. I have tried metal chopsticks, but they felt sloppy and filmsy. I decided to switch to metal chopsticks because of the risks of using wooden chopsticks and the fact that there are cancer-causing molds on the chopsticks' surface. I chose this type of chopsticks because they were advertised as being durable. I can't say how durable it is, but I think it should be. I was surprised that it felt a bit lighter than wooden chopsticks. I use it daily. The fancy design is a plus. I don't like that this product is a bit overpriced for me. It comes with nice packaging, but it's hard to justify spending that much for two pairs of chopsticks when we can get 10 pairs of wooden ones for a few bucks. I am very happy with this product.

8. Chopsticks Reusable Dishwasher Stainless Chopstick

Chopsticks Reusable Dishwasher Stainless Chopstick

It's great for cooking, eating, and frying. There are multi-color laser engraved patterns. The metal chopsticks use permanent laser engraved patterns, which are more beautiful than the monochrome patterns. The color won't fade after a while. There are different styles of chopsticks. Each family member can have their own chopsticks. It is more sanitary. Metal chopsticks are made of high quality 18/8 steel and will not harborbacteria or rust as easily as wooden chopsticks. There are five styles of chopsticks with a gift case. Their chopsticks have a non-slip end and a square shape. The laser etching on the tips of the metal chopsticks makes them easier to use. The metal chopsticks are more comfortable to hold. Square shaped chopsticks do not roll in your hand when placed on a table like round metal chopsticks and spiral shaped chopsticks. Support environmental protection. Protect forests by reducing the use of wood. When you think about the tons of chopsticks that end up in the garbage every year, you can see that they are really green. A pair of chopsticks can last a long time. These are great for improving dexterity and hand-eye coordination, and are suitable for Asian food, whether you're eating noodles, rice, sushi, bento, Korean barbecue, or hosting an Asian-style dinner party. It's suitable for Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese food. It's suitable for parties, hotels, restaurants and families.

Brand: Cathylife

👤These chopsticks are really nice. It was hard to use because the chopsticks can be slippery if you have oil on your hands, or if you're not fully dried before using them. If you leave your food on the chopsticks for a while, it can be hard to wash it off, which is a con. It would be great if they had something on the chopsticks to prevent that. If you wash the chopsticks right after a meal or get a napkin to wipe off the food from the chopsticks, that can be avoided.

👤Images are crisp and the colors are gorgeous. They take a bit more effort to handle because they are a little longer. The ends don't have the extra grip that is advertised. Would still recommend.

👤The set of chopsticks is beautiful, but it will last forever. The new version doesn't have a laser. It looks nicer but I'm not sure if it's metal as advertised.

👤I like these chop sticks. I take them with me when I go out for Chinese food, it's a whole lot better than using wooden ones. Bring them back home with you, they belong to you.

👤I am gusto en general. No me gusto, no me gusto, no me gusto, no me gusto, no me gusto, no me gusto, no me gusto, no me gusto, no me gusto, no me gusto, no me gusto, no me gusto, no me gusto, no me gusto, no me I am difcil de manipularlos, tengo unos de madera, and son fcil de manipular.

👤I bought these for my daughter, she already has a set that she loves and wanted another.

👤It's difficult to adjust to the slippery chopsticks I bought for my 15 year old sun who loves eating with them.

👤The chopsticks look nice, but can barely be used because there is no grip at the bottom. Buy a cheaper set or stay away from them.

9. Saibashi Cooking Chopsticks Bamboo Cookware

Saibashi Cooking Chopsticks Bamboo Cookware

This long chopsticks can be used for many things. It is a good assistant for family kitchen cooking and can be used in homes, restaurants, hotels, school canteens and hot pot restaurants.

Brand: Zakkaya Japan

10. Fiberglass Chopsticks Lightweight Beginners Dishwasher

Fiberglass Chopsticks Lightweight Beginners Dishwasher

Light Weight and anti-slip tips design is ideal for any Asian food such as sushi, noodle, Pho, rice, Korean BBQ etc. The cooking chopsticks are made of food-safe high-quality heat-resistant glass fiber material, and they are healthy for everyday use. More durable than wood and bamboo are the reusable fiberglass alloy chopsticks. You can use them for years and they will still look new. These chopsticks are widely used for Asian dishes, such as eating sushi, rice, noodles at home, in restaurants, cafes, and other places. The flowers wish to bring pleasure and happiness. The pattern of the chopsticks makes them easier to distinguish. It is easy to clean high temperature resistant chopsticks because they can be placed in the dishwasher and sterilized. The cleaning problems are solved by it. It will be very easy to clean.

Brand: Gadiedie

👤I have other bamboo chopsticks that I like to use. These are fiberglass. The mold K'NEX is not file down to be smooth. I feel like you could cut them. I feel like they are not the easiest to use because they are made out of material. I wouldn't buy again if I didn't get the job done.

👤My wife received them as a gift. She was happy. Excellent quality and easy to use. I only rated 4 stars because we didn't get 10 pairs. 19 chopsticks came, not 20. To see what they will do.

👤It fell apart very quickly. It is dangerous to use if you are careless. Don't spend your money on it. You should buy a good quality for lunch.

👤Don't eat hot food made of this material because it will taste bad.

👤These are easy to hold and use. These are used to eating popped corn, keep fingers clean. I haven't used them with Noodles, Sushi or Rice. A good set of chopsticks should last a long time. No complaints!

👤These chopsticks are very good. My daughter likes these!

👤These were in perfect condition when they arrived. They look great and are sturdy.

👤The plastic is sturdy. Nice chopsticks for a student. The packages were easy to clean and received in a short time. The top parts of them have nice details.

11. SVIN Pairs Fiberglass Chopsticks Dishwasher

SVIN Pairs Fiberglass Chopsticks Dishwasher

The ECO Dishwasher is high temperature and depot support. Svin chopsticks are made of high-quality heat-resistant fiberglass, unlike other chopsticks, glass fiber avoids the burns mouth and metallic taste of metal chopsticks, the burr of wooden chopsticks, and the harmful substances in plastic chopsticks. The fiberglass Chopsticks are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. It's easy to clean it by putting it in the dishwasher after every meal because there's no dirt or oil stains left. The non-slip design of the chopsticks prevents them from rolling on the table or slipping away from the hand. The frosted texture prevents food from falling. avoiding embarrassments at dinner It is easy to use for beginners or children. Svin chopsticks are the best for eating Asian food, such as sushi, rice, noodles, kung pao chicken, dumplings, hot pot, Korean BBQ. You can experience different Asian customs. Your friends will envy you if you are the best user of chopsticks. Chopsticks are carved with text. The word means happiness and good luck in China and Japan. You will not feel tired after holding the chopsticks for long periods of continuous use.

Brand: Sevkopt

👤It was elegantly made. Nice addition to our table.

👤Very well done. The texture is smooth and the detail is nice.

👤I love using them on everything.

👤Very cute. My dish set is similar. It is easy to hold and use. Would recommend.

👤I bought them because they can be used in the dishwasher. The golden color on the top of the chopsticks became silver after I used the dishwasher. I don't know if the chopsticks can use in the dishwasher. I will change other good quality chopsticks next time. For the health of my family.

👤When you have longer nails, the chopsticks are hard to hold. I will have to keep using disposable wooden chopsticks.

👤The gold color came off after one wash. Very disappointing.


What is the best product for cooking chopsticks japanese?

Cooking chopsticks japanese products from Hiware. In this article about cooking chopsticks japanese you can see why people choose the product. Tribal Cooking and Patelai are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking chopsticks japanese.

What are the best brands for cooking chopsticks japanese?

Hiware, Tribal Cooking and Patelai are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking chopsticks japanese. Find the detail in this article. Eorta, Antner and Colletrum are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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