Best Cooking Cart Storage

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1. Casual Home Kitchen American Hardwood

Casual Home Kitchen American Hardwood

Solid wood top for increased durability and longevity contrasts with the clean white finish. The drawer pulls have a handle to keep your kitchen essentials out of sight. There are two spacious lower shelves that can hold your kitchen essentials. A towel rack is a good place to hang your towels. The dimensions are 36.5 inches high x 20 inches deep and 40 inches wide.

Brand: Casual Home

👤I purchased this item after spending weeks looking for a work table to use as an island in my kitchen. The table is reasonably priced, but everything else was expensive. It arrived very quickly and was packaged well. The back panel of the drawer was a little tricky because the holes were drilled in the wrong place, but the assembly was quick and easy. You will need a small screwdriver. The L-wrench is in the package. The chrome hardware that comes with the table was replaced with burnished bronze hardware. I used knobs instead of a towel bar to hang pot holders. I am very pleased with this item and have already received a lot of positive feedback. It's not too heavy for me to carry. It works well in my kitchen because it is a bit taller than my countertops. One of the photos is before a hardware store.

👤It's a good place to live. I bought 2 of these and put them side by side, so I have a nice 40x40 kitchen island for under $300.

👤Poor fit and finish. The frame of the table is made of wood. The frame cracked when the screws never fully "bite" while assembled. The leg height is not uniform. There is a The drawer is stuck after you insert it, all you can do is pull the table by its handle. For more information, see the video.

👤I don't have time or patience to pack it back up for a return, and this is a complete waste of money. I can't get the drawer to fit. The directions don't have enough photos to show me if I made a mistake, and the holes don't line up. I am very disappointed. The product is cheap and poorly designed. There is no doubt in my mind that the reviews are fake. There is no way that a product of this flimsy quality can get such positive reviews. I would like to see Amazon take action against fake reviews.

👤This table is very sturdy and high quality and can be used as an island and storage module. Assembly was very easy. The drawer is a decent size, but doesn't feel like it could hold more than 5 lbs. It glides nicely and stays on the track. There are two Shelves for storage. They can fit a cookie sheet on its side. Overall, very satisfied with this. I paid 150 for this item, which was a very good value for this type of item, since I had been shopping for an island for over a year. It took nearly two months to arrive due to back order. It was worth the wait. Look at photos of the drawer.

👤I love this cart. I bought it for my brother. We were able to fit his appliances on the counter. The drawer is large and tall. It was easy to assemble. One tip when installing a counter top is to not tighten the screws all the way.

👤I should have looked at the dimensions more closely. This isn't a kitchen island, it's a full on workbench. It reached the upper part of my rib cage at 5'4". It towered over my regular countertops and my pub table, and I felt like I was 12 years old. The bar height table is made of wood. It's too big. There is a It's also an odd weight situation. The bottom part is cheap. The pre-drilled holes are barely big enough for the huge screws that come with it. The top is so heavy that it's like a block of cement. The top is a piece of solid wood and the bottom is garbage. Like one or the other. Don't think about it when you put the top on the bottom. I don't know how many people have done it. You can barely get a tool in underneath the base to get at the screws to screw them in to the underside of the top. It's another thing to have an ice bath ready for you when you're done, because of the pre-drilled holes and tight spaces. I don't have an electric screwdriver so it was useless for getting into some areas.

2. Alvorog Rolling Multifunction Assembly Bathroom

Alvorog Rolling Multifunction Assembly Bathroom

The rolling cart is made of high quality steel frame and ABS trays, which have the feature of anti-corrosion, waterproof, scratch-resistant. It is sturdy enough to hold up 66 lbs. Storage cupboard is a great solution for a small kitchen because it provides large storage space while saving you floor space. The rolling cart has hanging cups, hooks, and dividers. lets you get rid of stuff It's easy to keep the storage cart rolling around anywhere you need or place it in a permanent place because of the 4 wheels and handle design. The utility cart is easy to use and can be used as an art cart, bathroom cart, bar cart, craft cart, baby room cart, organization rack, serving cart, storage shelves, tools cart, etc. The cart with wheels is stylish and cute to decorate your indoor or outdoor space. Storage space can be found in various styles of interior design.

Brand: Alvorog

👤I had a hip replacement and was looking for a way to stop using a walker. I am using a cane but still need a way to move things around the house, like laundry, meals and other items, from one place to another. The cart is perfect for all of the above. The wheels make it easy to move and the handle gives me control over the cart. I found place mats that were the same size as the trays to keep items from sliding around. It is very easy to assemble a woman of 71. Thanks.

👤I ordered this cart in white and it was in person. It was easy to assemble. The trays are plastic and the bars are metal. I can either remove the handle from the cart or use it without it. I can use it with the wheels for maneuver around or I can remove them for a stationary cart and it will sit on the bottom bars. My cart came with three small caddies that hang outside of the tray, and 5 inserts that create a grid inside the tray. I think this cart is a little overpriced, but it seems to be pretty good quality and will hold up well. Ikea has the same cart, but it's $10 cheaper, and they were out of stock, so you can buy it here. Ikea also has a cart that is similar, but slightly larger, all metal, and $12 cheaper, but they were out of stock.

👤I only gave it four stars because it only had a flat head. It only took me half an hour to assemble it, I am a 72 year old woman with poor eyesight. They didn't tell you where to put the lock wheels. They are on the back of my walker. I put them on the back. I put some small appliances on it. The pots are musty and there isn't much room to put the lids on the side. It is a small cart. That is what I wanted. Before you buy, read the dimensions. It rolls quickly. I decided to change it to five stars because it was a small issue and I wanted to give them four stars.

👤I am very excited about this cart. We needed it for bathroom storage, so I opened it and put it up. It is perfect! The cart was easy to assemble. Came with good instructions. I was surprised that the wheels could lock in place. If it came with 2 more pegs for the top, you wouldn't have to use the handle. I have no complaints.

👤I found a replacement for my handheld cleaning caddy that was large and cumbersome to carry. This has made my job a lot simpler. I love this cart. My husband put it together. Since the baskets have decorative openings on the floor of each tray, I had him cut a piece of my vinyl shelf liner just in case. The cart is very sturdy and has two locking wheels. They made the space between the shelves large enough for tall cans. The baskets are plastic and the frame is steel. The plastic used is very strong and doesn't bend. The weight capacity per shelf is high. The only thing I would like to see is a shelf insert in case you have to use liquids on the shelves or not use cutouts on the bottom of the shelves. The cart handle is just below my waist so you don't have to bend over to roll around.

3. Cuisinart CFGS 222 Along Grill Stand

Cuisinart CFGS 222 Along Grill Stand

6 W x 20 D x 36 were folded. 25” H, Unfolded: 25. 25” H FOLDS quickly: The carrying handle is easy to use for transport. There are two side tables. Two side tables are upside down. There are cup holders and tool hooks on the side tables. It's perfect for entertaining. Storage shelter: The storage shelf is a great place to keep your cooler out of the way. It can hold up to 35 lbs. No tools are required for set up. Unfolds in a matter of seconds.

Brand: Cuisinart

👤I need a stand for my portable grill. Nexgrill does not list it as an accessory, after looking for dozens. This is the newer version that I found. I can carry it out if I am heading out without worrying that I won't find a bench to put it on. There is a The gas cannot be kept at the bottom as the bottom shelf is for lighter weights. I want to see if I can distribute the weight of the cylinder without bending it. There is a If you are scrubbing gunk aggressively, watch out for the grill to slide out because the surface of the platform is slick. I put felt pads on the grill to improve traction. It is a fine stand and works well.

👤The stand is also reviewed on this page, but I received the grill TABLE instead. It took me less than 5 minutes to set up the table after it was fully assembled. I have the upper body strength of a Frog, but I was able to move it from the front of my house to the back yard. It would be very portable for people with normal strength. It holds my grill well. The center and side tables are locked up. I like the cup holders. I'm wondering if the cup holders are good for holding sauces. I will cook it for dinner tonight, and I'm looking forward to it.

👤It's easy to assemble, set up and fit a gas tank. There is a lot of room for accesories and food.

👤This is not a good thing. The lower rail is riveted. I folded the unit back and a riveted piece fell off. If you prefer a better built grilling table, shop elsewhere, I will try and bolt the part back on. The unit is a POS.

👤I bought this for my Weber q200 and it seems to be impervious. The grill is on top of the stand, and it's in a milk crate. The Grill stand 4 is the size of the q200 Weber.

👤I bought the CGG-306 gas grill to use with the table. There is a Also, note: There is a grill stand with wheels that sells for almost $300, but it is 40 lbs. There is a The grill stand is very portable and light weight. It has a carrying handle and no wheels. The top and side trays are made of plastic. I think they should be made of fiberglass. I lined the tray with foil to be safe, even though I haven't experienced any soft spots. It's important to caution. I would strongly advise owners to use zip ties to secure the grill legs. The grill can easily fall off of the stand, which is very portable. There was less than an inch between the grill feet and the edge of the table. There is a I recommend the table. Attach it with zip ties and foil to make it a little safer.

👤The cart was easy to assemble. It's sturdy and supports my grill, though I did wire the legs of my grill to the legs of the stand to avoid the risk of my grill sliding off the table top. I don't know how well it will hold up, but I like that it folds down and is light enough to put away in the off-season. You have to use care in raising and lowering the fold-able side tables or they will bend the support arms. They should have been made of metal. I'm happy with my purchase.

4. Seville Classics Industrial All Purpose Utility

Seville Classics Industrial All Purpose Utility

The dimensions are 34" W x 18" D x 33.5" H. There are three shelves, a steel handle push-bar and four wheels. The food equipment is certified by the NSF to the Standard 2. 500 lbs. is the weight capacity for even distribution. Heavy duty wheels with brakes. Steel with UltraZinc coating.

Brand: Seville Classics

👤This review needs some visibility. There is a The cart appears to be high quality. The dimensions and associated links are not correct. 1) The dimensions shown in the liner link are correct. The cart's length is advertised but not true. You're led to believe that this is the size of the shelf. It's not. To self, pay closer attention. There are two more The counter height is advertised as 33.5" high. It's not. The height is only 32% to the top of the post. There is a The top shelf surface is only 29.75". I was expecting a height of 33.5". There are 3 more I was looking for a cart that would fit in 38" space. Not so fast. The overall length is 34", but the shell is only 28.75". I can't find liners that would fit. The cart is high quality. Nice liners. There is a They don't go together and trimming the liners is nearly impossible with household tools. Very disappointed. You'll be happy if you understand the dimensions and it works for you. Don't be fooled by the size. There is a Don't let the $150 assembly price tag scare you. The assembly took less than 15 minutes. And did not require any tools. There is a Hope you find this helpful.

👤I usually don't write reviews but after my experience with this product I feel it is a public service to warn other potential buyers. I have never had a problem with the products from Seville. This is the fourth time I've tried one of their products. The shelves on this cart are not secure and will cause it to wobble. I called the company. A customer service rep says they know about the problem. We need to get you another set of slip sleeves as yours are too thick. You can email us your address. Problem solved, right? Nope. A company rep asks for a picture of the cart. It looked like a strange request. I sent the picture. The company rep told me to keep hitting the shelves with the mallet to make them more secure. I can assure you that Stephania and Seville know how to put this 4th product together. I tried to use a mallet. I can bang the cart with a rubber mallet without success because of the obvious defects. I guess buyer beware and so long Seville.

👤I use this cart with my kitchen aid mixer. When I wanted to use the mixer, I wanted to put the mixer on the cart. I wanted a cart that was strong enough for me to mix the heaviest dough without being hit by the mixer. The cart is perfect for what I wanted. They mean it when they say it is heavy duty. You can do it in about 10 minutes if you want to. If you are looking for a heavy duty cart, I would recommend you to me.

👤I have to keep my power tools in my office closet because I live in a small house and my garage isn't humidity controlled. I put my saw on top, the tools in the middle, and the cases on the bottom. The cart is easy to push and handle. It was very sturdy and easy to assemble. I'm going to buy another one for my tools. It makes wheeling out my power tools easier. I'm running out of excuses.

5. Winsome Wood Drop Leaf Kitchen Cart

Winsome Wood Drop Leaf Kitchen Cart

Small kitchens that need more workspace can use a rolling drop-leaf cart. The beech body has brushed nickel hardware. 2 leaves, utensil drawer, open shelf, and 2-door storage cabinet are included. Measures 25-1/4-inch wide by 20-inch deep by 33-inch high; expands to 45-inch wide with drop leaves.

Brand: Winsome

👤I'm glad I didn't listen to the negative reviews. The company's customer service is pretty good, despite my main worry. I knew it would be taken care of. I didn't want to go through the return process. That didn't matter because it arrived intact. I can't even tell you how excited I was that this piece ended up working out. I don't have counterspace in my apartment's kitchen and the dining room table wouldn't fit so there is nowhere to cut things and cook on. I tried a set of bamboo-looking wood kitchen carts that were similar to this but they were so flimsy that I couldn't use them. If I tried cutting on them, they would shake. I was worried about buying anything else online. I couldn't find anything in the stores near me. Walmart stopped selling the microwave cart because it was too expensive and the basic department stores didn't have anything. The kitchen cart surprised me. It arrived a little late due to weather delays, but it was still not bad because of the 2 day shipping. It was difficult to get up to my second story apartment, but it was doable with 2 people. It's not that bad if you don't pay all that money for the setup. You have to be able to read and pay attention to the directions if you want to tackle the task. The instructions start with a listing of all the parts and it looks a little overwhelming. Don't get discouraged! You can do it! You start with it upside down and build it up from there. Attach the drawer. It doesn't take two people to figure it out, but it's helpful to have one person hold it while the other screws it in. The wood is thick and sturdy and it's tall enough to fit a stool under each side. The drawer is large and there is room for baking pans underneath. I am very happy that this item is well priced.

👤This was a quality product. 5 stars. There were no broken pieces. The packaging problems described in earlier reviews must have been solved. I have some important assembly hints that are essential for hastle free work. The picture instructions are clear. If you want to avoid scratching your top, be sure to use a soft towel or rug. There is a The screws are Allen style. The Allen key wrench is cheap, but not good if you take a very important first step. There is a Also, note: The "counter sink holes" are deep and the screw heads are not hardened steel. If you strip a screw head while assembling, you will have a big problem. I had the best luck using a tightly fitting Torx driver, even though I discovered the Allen driver wallered too easily. To avoid a half tightened stripped screw head stuck in a counter sunk hole during assembly, take a screw and run it into each "virgin" hole in each wood piece before assembly. This step will ensure that the holes are threaded, cleared, and will allow a screw to be accepted without having to remove a head from a counter sunk hole. Two people make this fun because one person can't assemble it. Before following assembly instructions, thread and test all the holes. You will love it. There is a One reviewer said to not use a drill driver. That is not a good idea. This is wood and it isn't very easy to forgive. Everything is held tight. When you're done, use a wooden spoon to tap on the little hole plugs so you don't scar them or place them too deep. You won't be able to get them out if they go in too deep. There is a The caster wheels were difficult to put in. If they don't go right in, don't force them into the plastic sleave inserts. It should not be a struggle. Do not ruin the plastic insert if you have to work with them. It can come out of the wood leg.

6. Homestyles Kitchen Rolling Stainless Storage

Homestyles Kitchen Rolling Stainless Storage

The wood is black with a 0.8mm thick steel top. There are two shelves in each cabinet door. Also has brushed nickel hardware. Do not use power tools that are higher than 8 volts to assemble. The dimensions are 53.5W x 18D x 36H Inches.

Brand: Home Styles

👤We love it! I will use it as a coffee bar because it fits the space we need. We didn't add the two items on the sides of the cart because we knew we wouldn't use them and it would take up more space.

👤I am very satisfied with this purchase. This is the best buy I've had since using Amazon. I did a lot of research on multiple islands. It took my boyfriend less than an hour to put it together. He's very handy. I love it! It was spacious! The stuff in the oven was great storage for my extras. I don't have to unpack the oven anymore. The drawers are heavy and slide easily, the wood feels rich and right. The top is made of steel. Highly recommend.

👤I love this cart. I searched high and low for a kitchen cart/island on all of the stores, but I couldn't find it. I was concerned that this was not eligible for returns because of the finished back and easy mobility. I wanted to give the product the benefit of the doubt, so I added it, and my mom and sister got it for me. It seemed a little confusing at times, but it worked out. If I remember correctly, it took about 2 hours to replace it, and I will replace it with the same exact cart. I think the price is great.

👤Don't buy it! It seems to be pretty sturdy, and the assembly was ok. A small scratch could have been covered with a furniture marker. I have not bothered. I've been trying to eliminate the smell of the finish since April 12th. For the first couple of weeks, I'm talking headaches and windows being open all night. There is a I kept my Ninja slow cooker inside for 2 days and it smelled great. I washed it and soaked it. I won't keep anything else inside the cart that I will cook food in. The unfortunate thing is that I have used the STAINLESS STEEL top for heat producing small kitchen appliances and it works perfectly. Baking soda and coffee grounds have been used by me. I washed it inside and out. There is nothing that can make that smell better. I missed my window to return it when I realized the smell was not coming out. It's assembled and all the boxes are thrown away. Do not buy this item.

👤Our new kitchen is nicely complemented by this. The off-gassing is the worst I've ever had with furniture. We've added coffee beans to different areas with a lot of relief after several wipe-offs of the strong smell. It looks really nice, and we needed more storage and counter space. If we had more money and time, we probably would've gone to see this in person. Assembly was fun and everything fit.

👤It was a wedding gift that I had wanted for a long time. The box is heavy when I get it. When I took all the parts out and checked to make sure I had all the parts, I noticed a lot of damage, but I ordered the white one because it made it even more noticeable. I tried to contact the company for parts to be replaced, but they put me on hold and hung up, and I finally gave up and told them to put the damn thing together. When I was told to send it back to Amazon, I was not able to lift any of the parts out of the box, so I was not able to put it back in the box. I started putting it together. I looked at the pieces and not the letters and put it together after I noticed several parts were not labeled right. 3 hours later its together. I own a coffee bar. I wish I'd listened to the negative reviews. If the wood hadn't been damaged, I could have gotten someone to replace it. The only positive is that the top was really nice. I had to help put it on.

7. Storage Bathroom Organizers Shelving Organizer

Storage Bathroom Organizers Shelving Organizer

The Rolling storage utility cart is designed for space saving and easy transport. The black storage trolley is easy to use, stylish, and beautiful, perfect for your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, laundry room, office, or in-between your washer and dryer. The bathroom storage cart is easy to install. Extra storage can be found in this partical small cart. The mobile shelving unit organizers are made of plastic and steel and are lightweight and flexible. Four easy-glide durable wheels with a rotation of up to 350 degrees. Don't worry, the rolling storage cart is more stable because of the 2 brakes. It is perfect to use tight spaces in your home for storage and organization because of the compact design of the storage cart. Drainage Design The black color and holes basket design give it a contemporary look. The plastic surface is strong enough to resist chipping or scratching. The baskets are easy to clean. Customer service is what it is. Don't hesitate to contact them if you have a problem with their cart. They can replace or refund products.

Brand: Aojia

👤I was looking for a small cart that could fit in my half bath. The cart fits right beside the sink and also beside the toilet. See the pictures. You can fit a lot of things on the cart. I needed it for a variety of supplies, including paper towels, tissue boxes, toilet paper, disinfectant wipes, baby wipes, air freshener, and a box of disposable gloves. It's convenient to have everything within reach. I put a jumbo roll of paper towels down on the side of the picture to give you an idea of how large the area is. I put regular size rolls of toilet paper along with a jumbo roll to see how many could fit. There are canisters of wipes and boxes of tissues stacked on top of each other so you can see how much space is in between the tiers. The space in between is not large enough for a roll of paper towels to stand upright. The wipes fit perfectly on any tier. I am really happy with this purchase. The assembly was easy. I definitely recommend.

👤I'm happy I bought this cart. I had to create a work space for my boys but our desk didn't have any storage. We needed a cart that could fit under the desk. The desk is 29" high. Composition notebooks can fit on the high shelves. It fits all the school supplies my boys need. Two of the wheels are locked and it comes with 4 hooks. Everything was nicely packaged and there were no missing or broken pieces. I put this cart together in 10 minutes. My husband just rolled the cart over to hold his drink as I was writing this review. I guess I'll buy another cart.

👤It's perfect for our powder room. Sturdy, modern and expensive. It holds everything we need in there and is perfect next to our toilet. Will probably get a second one for our other room. There is a We assembled without the wheels.

👤I bought these shelves because they are tall enough to sit between my bed and nightstand. I put my stuff on the tiered shelves. I like how I can roll it out. It is narrow, so it neatly fits between my bed and nightstand. I wanted this small size for this reason. I was worried that it would be weak because it was economically priced. It is very sturdy and easy to roll on. The little hooks on the side of the cart are a bonus. Those are very convenient. I am leaving this review on my own.

👤I don't have a lot of space so I needed extra storage. I searched hard for something that could hold the most important items and not break easily. There were 2 hooks on the side that were difficult to put together. I had to make small changes to fit. I wanted the hooks in case, but I didn't want to use them. I had to sit in the bathtub to take the photo because my space is so small and I still have a lot of room to walk. I was happy that this shelf had wheels and that it made cleaning it up easier. I stored a lot of items on the bottom shelf.

8. NUUK Double Shelf Worktable Stainless Commercial

NUUK Double Shelf Worktable Stainless Commercial

The cart has a steel bottom shelf and a bottle opener. Sturdy structure. A black steel pipe structure is used to support the surface of the commercial kitchen food prep table. The middle part of the commercial kitchen food prep table has hooks that are convenient for hanging items. The design of the three sidebars makes it easier to hang things and increases the function of the cart. The grid shelf at the bottom provides more storage space. Two-inch wheels help you move easily on the outdoor worktable base. The overall size of the shelf is 35.9 x 20x 31.5 in. The wheel and handle are designed to be easy to use and to allow you to stop anywhere. The design of the pusher saves your strength and allows you to spend less time on transportation. The design of the mesh surface makes it easy to clean, and the anti-rust spray paint makes it convenient to wash the body. The cart can be used outdoors and indoors. It can be used for party fashion snacks or for sauces indoors. It can be used for a picnic in the yard or for pizza and sandwiches by the pool. They have installation instructions for you. You don't need to tighten the screws.

Brand: Nuuk

👤This should do what we intended now that it is together. It was a different story. There is a Attempt 1 followed enclosed directions to install wheels. It is very difficult to get the other pieces oriented. The screw holes wouldn't align when the top was placed. Hopeless. There is a The instructions were thrown and the whole thing was taken apart. The legs were attached to the top first. The holes were aligned in this order. Then added everything else in about 5 minutes. If I can figure this out, someone should be able to do it.

👤These things are junk. The metal is very thin, the top is not steel, and the cart is very wobbly and unstable once put together. I bought the worst purchases of my life. Don't let your hard earned money go to waste. Keep looking...

👤I need this for my small deck area. It is very exciting to cook on a grill. There is a I hate to see foam, it's difficult to clean, and can't be recycled, but this table parts are protected very well. There is a There is a small story in Assemble. I like this purchase a lot. There is a Amazon delivery service is very fast.

👤It's easy to put together until you get to the part where the bolts are not in the correct place. If they just gave us separate bolts and washers instead of welding the nuts in, this would have been simpler to solve. It might not look as good, but it is simpler. The cart isn't as stable for storing heavy things because I can't remove the nut on the other side. The cart is pretty leveled despite one of the wheels being wobbly. I should return it. I am keeping it to serve as a food cart. I advise against buying until they have better quality control.

👤This cart was bought for camping. The Coleman gas stove is on the top and on the bottom shelf. I use it as a gardening cart when we are at home. The cart is stable and easy to move around in. It's easy to put together, except for the screw holes alignment issue.

👤There is a brown mount on the wall. Poor welds. The top mounting holes did not align. You will have enough parts if you order two. Return to the beginning. You need to get legs in the correct places. Remove the screws until they are fully assembled. You will need a thin 14mm wrench to tighten them. Not included. The side of my grinder wheel was used to make the wrench thin.

👤The table is poorly made, it is painted thin, the top is scratched and it is bent in one of the corners. I couldn't attach all the screws to the top because it's all out of square, and the top barely fit. The table is not worth the price.

👤The directions were not good. It took us a while to get everything right.

9. Winsome Wood 89933 Kitchen Natural

Winsome Wood 89933 Kitchen Natural

We will provide you a replacement or refunds without asking, if you are dissatisfied with the product. Solid wood Convenient utility cart adds working and storage space to your kitchen. Beachwood in natural finish.

Brand: Winsome

👤My spouse gave me this gift for my birthday. My teenager and I were trying to use the same counter area in the kitchen to make dinner, because there was no work island between it and the dining room. I wanted an island, but I didn't want to change my kitchen, so I just redid my floors. The extra amount we'd have to pay was not right for me since I would have liked some storage below with doors to hide stuff and keep it dust-free. I read the reviews and it sounded like this would work. It's kind of deceptive to make it look like one when it isn't, because the fifth star would be here if there were a wood top to chop on. I have a clear glass cutting board that is just the right size to put on top, and I am not using it. The spouse put it together in an hour. If you pull without thinking, the drawer will keep coming until it is out, because there is no stopping it. There is a It isn't a watermelon kind of surface, so you wouldn't want to chop anything seriously heavy, or where you'd have to bear down, on the pull-out board. There is a The towel rack is stable and generous. Wheels are easy to turn and will go around a tight corner. I decided to put a crock pot on one of the shelves because they are strong enough to hold more, but I realized that they are not strong enough to hold more. The knife block is a good size for 2 small-to-medium knives and one large knife. It was completely irresistible with the free shipping and Prime speed. Very pleased!

👤I've noticed that a lot of people are wondering if the dishwasher would fit in one of the lower shelves. I've found that it does. with some work. I bought this cart for my dishwasher, knowing that it wouldn't fit on the lower shelf without some modifications, and that it was larger than most others on the market. The dishwasher is about two and a half feet wide and seventeen and a half feet high. The space between the shelves is shorter than the dishwasher's height, and the width between the legs is too narrow to fit the dishwasher. I decided to buy it because I wanted to fit the dishwasher with my power drill. I'm happy I did. There is a I put together the utility cart to fit the dishwasher. If you know how to make the cart fit the dishwasher or another large appliance, you can make it yourself, but you will need a power drill and lots of drill bits. I hope this is helpful. I used a hacksaw to saw off the handle of the towel bar that was attached to the cart, since I didn't have much use for it and it took up a lot of space. This step doesn't affect how the dishwasher or other large appliance would fit. There is a I aligned the pair of legs on the short side of the table, so that the knife holder was on the edge of the table. I used a drill bit that was close to the diameter of the predrilled holes to drill two new holes into the cross bar and then use the predrilled holes in the leg to attach the first pair of legs. I attached the legs to the side where the knife holder is installed without drilling any new holes. I was able to fit the dishwasher between the legs thanks to the new configuration. I had to be careful not to place the legs too wide under the table so that I could attach the shelves, which are slightly narrower than the table and have less room to work with. There is a I put the bottom shelf in. I used pre-drilled holes in the legs and the shelf to attach the short side of the shelf. To attach the other end of the shelf, I drilled a hole in the middle of the pre-drilled holes. I attached the side of the shelf with a single screw after aligning the hole in the leg with the middle hole. One screw seems to be enough to hold my dishwasher. There is a The second shelf is next. I had to drill new holes in the legs and the shelves to install the upper shelf because there isn't enough height between the shelves. I decided to keep the second shelf as it adds some stability to the cart and gives me a place to keep the dishwasher hoses and cord out of sight. I drilled a hole in the center of the two legs to the side of the knife holder. I was able to countersink the holes by drilling about halfway with a larger bit first, followed by the smaller bit that matched the screw size in the center of the first hole. I was able to use the wooden plugs to cover the new holes when I was done. I attached the screws through the new holes after drilling a screw sized hole between the two predrilled holes in the shelves. I drilled a new hole in each leg of the knife holder so that the outer hole in the shelf was lined up. The holes will not be in the center of the leg, but they need to line up with the shelves. I used one screw to attach the legs to the upper shelf since it will not hold much weight. There is a The dishwasher is sliding into place. I put the dishwasher in place with the help of my boyfriend. It was a tight fit, but I was able to slide it in without damaging the appliance or the side of the dishwasher. The door of the dishwasher hangs over the shelves so that it is easy to open. I think it fits. There is a The extra work is worth it because I need the counter space this cart provides and I don't want the dishwasher on top of the cart. The cart is still very sturdy even after being modified. I am confident that it will hold the dishwasher securely for a long time. It looks great, and everything still looks good. It's referred to as TL;DR. This cart does fit the SPT dishwasher on its shelves, but with some work, careful measuring, and a power drill with assorted drill bits. It is worth the extra work to make this cart fit a dishwasher or other large appliance. If you are willing and able to do a little extra work, you can make the utility cart your own.

10. READER Rolling Kitchen Microwave Station

READER Rolling Kitchen Microwave Station

Three tier shelter: The bar cart has 3 shelves of easy and simple storage. This kitchen cart on wheels is great for storing food, wine, and supplies on the go. ROLLING AND LOCKING DESIGN: 4 omnidirectional smooth gliding wheels provide easy maneuverability for your salon cart, able to easily go from kitchen to living room, to backyard patio in a breeze. The built-in wheel locks give you peace of mind when you're about to start the party. It is easy to assemble the kitchen island cart. The utility cart is easy to assemble and stress-free. The design is luxurious. A rustic look for an affordable price. The bar cart with wheels is made with high-quality materials and metals that give a wooden look of sophistication. The modern aristocracy: mod. Pick the right rolling cart is not something to worry about. The mobile storage solution blends right into any room with ease and is designed to look perfect for its use. Light weight build. It is 15 lbs. The frame makes it easy to turn the bar cart. The space saver is located in the middle of the room. Don't worry about tripping over random items in your home again. The rolling cart is able to hold an infinite amount of household items in a small space.

Brand: Mind Reader

👤I bought this for my machine. It fits perfectly on the left side, right side, and front and back. My teenager said it was easy to assemble. It rolls on our hard floors. It seems to hold everything I have on it. I don't think it will hold anything heavier than the machine, which is okay for what I need it for. I didn't see any damage to the metal parts.

👤Don't waste your money. Worst purchase ever. The metal frame was so weak that it was bent and crunched all over when it was assembled. The packing materials made a mess in the living room. If half of the screws weren't missing or broken off in the bottom of the box, it would be easier to assembly. My 5 year old could bench press it. It is smaller than it says, as far as the shelf height. I wanted to put everything on it, but it's too tall by a quarter to half an inch. Garbage. The cost of return shipping and the hassle of taking it apart make it the worst part. If I could, I would give it a zero star review.

👤This was awesome because it shipped faster than a lot of my prime stuff here. The size is smaller than the picture shows. I went by the dimensions and not the picture. That's okay. I needed something small for my office. I found that everything was $150 and up. The directions were not that bad. I was very close to the picture. They could have told me to make sure the "A" pieces were oriented the same, I had caster at the bottom on one side and at the top on the other. It rolls nicely too.

👤I don't think this cart is worth $50. It would be a good deal if it was half the price. It looks nice and rustic in the pictures, but up close it is really disappointing. There is a The frame is very thin and flimsy. It can be bent almost as easily as an aluminum can. The pieces in my photo fell out of the packaging when I opened them. They're supposed to be spot-welded together. There is a The panels look like they are made of wood, but they are actually made of fake material and have a sticker on the surface to make them look real. Not like the thick laminate surfaces they put over the furniture to make it scratch resistant. You can tell it's thin. There is a I would have boxed it up and returned it, but I was building it for a family member who really needed a new cart like this in a pinch and asked if there was any way I could fix it and build it anyway. I used metal glue and c-clamps to put the broken parts back together. It will be suitable for the light duty need. There is a There are some strange manufacturing problems. Not all the screw holes were lined up correctly. Not all of the screw holes were drilled to the same diameter. This thing was a mess. It was easy to assemble, but the instructions were not very helpful. Very small and lacking in detail. It was easier to look at the parts and figure out how to build it. There is a I think I would pass on this one.

11. Hodedah Kitchen Island Spice Drawer

Hodedah Kitchen Island Spice Drawer

There is a lot of space to store pots and pans. There is a drawer for storing utensils. It's easy to display your small appliances. Wheels that allow movement around your kitchen as well as locking casters for fixed positioning. Spice rack and towel holder are convenient. The overall dimensions are 35.5-44.9 x 35.2 in. It is sturdy and durable because it is made from high quality compressed wood.

Brand: Hodedah

👤2.1 stars for quality. 0.1 stars for easy assembly. This thing is adequate for my needs. Assembly is a nightmare. One reviewer pointed out that you could just buy the raw materials and design it yourself. There is a You will need three screwdrivers, not one. There is a 16 holes are not pre-drilled at all, so you will need a drill. There is a * Many holes that are pre-drilled are incorrect. You should be prepared to do a lot of hammering and cursing to get the components together. There is a The wood is loose and falls out of the pre-drilled holes onto the floor during assembly. The instruction manual is only for amusement. Instructions are often wrong. Language is an approximation of English. Don't try to read it. You have to figure out how to put this thing together if you compare components to the pictures. Eventually. It would take about four times the amount of time to assemble a similar unit from Ikea.

👤The product was exactly what we were looking for. We had a small area in our pantry that we wanted to use for tea and coffee. We had wheels so we could roll it out of the dining room. Assembly took a bit of time but was not difficult. Looks good. We left the towel bar off one end so it would fit where we needed it and that did not affect stability or assembly. Four stars is just because the wood is not great and there are a couple of flaws, but I don't expect high quality when you are doing things on the cheap.

👤I have a lot of tools, so I used the first picture to assemble this. The box arrived in picture 2. The contents were in good shape despite some thin padding. The poor alignment of the doors is shown in picture 3. This is expected with plastic pins as hinges. I will put some real hinges on later. Instructions don't tell you when to install the doors. Do it before you install the bottom. Before you install the side pieces, you need to install the top Cross-brace. It was difficult to do it after. Another issue is missing a piece of wood. It's not a big deal, but it's annoying. After removing the drawer, I measured it, drilled holes and installed it. The pre-drilled holes were off the ground. There were no mounting holes for the bottom caster. I used a 1/32 drill and set the driver to 5 ounces of Torque. A few screws werespun in the weak MDF by that low force. The solution is to remove the screw and insert the wooden toothpick. The screws need to be reinstalled. The last two pictures show it is usable and not bad. Even though it was a pain to assemble, it functions and is okay for the price. Would I buy it again? No. It's okay for the price, but I would go for higher quality next time. It's okay for the price. I will use it as long as it looks decent.


What is the best product for cooking cart storage?

Cooking cart storage products from Casual Home. In this article about cooking cart storage you can see why people choose the product. Alvorog and Cuisinart are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking cart storage.

What are the best brands for cooking cart storage?

Casual Home, Alvorog and Cuisinart are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking cart storage. Find the detail in this article. Seville Classics, Winsome and Home Styles are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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