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1. ELitao Cookie Play Food Kitchen

ELitao Cookie Play Food Kitchen

There are kitchen teepees for kids. Children can play in the kitchen with the arts and crafts kit. One of the most fun toddler toys is kitchen play. There are 16 pieces of pretend play food that are perfect for kids to play with. The quality and safe materials are made of high quality plastic, Toxin-free paint, and small pieces that are suitable for a 3-year old child and over. Play Food for Kids and Best Gift is a gift that will help your child socialize and let them learn to make and share food. Children's enlightenment, Role-playing and creativity help raise children's awareness of colors and food shapes, and stimulates children's imagination. It should be used with adult supervision between 2 and 3 years old.

Brand: Elitao

👤The donuts barely cover my thumb, even though the pieces look large in photo. A 50 cent piece is not larger than that.

👤My two-year-old loves playing with food and tea. We already had the cups and saucers and a cute little dessert stand and this is what we needed to have first class teatime.

👤I bought the ice cream set and a taco set for $3 more than this for my neighbors birthday. They would each have something cute to use in their kitchen. I was shocked by the difference in quality. The set looked like it would be good at the Dollar Tree. There was no chance that I was giving one gift to both twins. I went back to the internet and found the ice cream set so they would have something worth $20 each. I spent. This is nowhere near $18 quality, so save your money.

👤The quality is great. They are soft and not hard plastic. It was a real life feeling.

👤My toddler loves it! This is a good choice for toddlers with an interest in baking. The pieces are large and light, and good quality. My toddler is learning to pick things up. I am glad I bought this.

👤This little set was great. My daughter is obsessed with cupcakes. This was perfect. You should beware of the size before you buy. It has small pieces.

👤It's good enough for us with a toddler who likes to stuck stuffs to our oven toaster and pretend he's the muffin man, now he has something to put in there. I would like to see a neutral or blue color alternative for the pinks.

👤I bought it for my granddaughter because it was the right size for her hands and the colors were appealing.

2. IQ Toys Complete Supermarket Shopping

IQ Toys Complete Supermarket Shopping

The age recommendation is 3 years and up. The Pretend Play Set includes a shopping basket with realistic play foods and two ovens. There are 9 cooking utensils, including a whisk, Ladle, Spatula, Slotted spoon, Spaghetti server, 2 spoons, Wooden Spatula and Wooden spoon, and a Colander. There are 24 realistic and familiar food items in the shopping basket. They have everything they need from a supermarket shopping spree to cooking and preparing realistic food. packages in a beautifull color box come with a LIFETIME warranty.

Brand: Iq Toys

👤The kitchen set works well. The food is plastic so expect wear and tear. The metal basket handles have little balls at the ends to keep the handles on the basket. The balls have fallen off the basket and caused a concern. The utensil holder and handles have been removed to prevent more accidents.

👤The pots are cute. My daughter loves them. I can't speak on sturdiness but they seem sturdy. Everything comes with it. There wasn't a lot of photos in the review, so I added more pictures. I added more. Some of the foods in the package can be cut open.

👤We bought this for our grandson for Christmas. The items included in this set astounded us. All of them are very sturdy, even with the pans. This is a great set for any toddler up to explore the world of cooking bacon and eggs for grandma and grandpa, muffins for mom and dad, and just to spend some quality time with family. After the toddler makes an item, spit it out and tell them it needs more salt, sugar, or flour. They will have a taste test after they correct their recipe. This can go on for a long time so be prepared.

👤These are adorable. They arrived with dents and damage. I was so disappointed that I didn't notice until I was packing it for my cousin. You can't separate the pots because the set is damaged and bent. The quality of the steel is good, but it's too hard to bend back in place, so we can't fix the dents. So disappointed.

👤I love the pan set. I wanted to get my one and a half year old son a realistic looking set so that he wouldn't get confused with my pots, pans, and utensils. This is what I was looking for. The pots, pans, and utensils look the same as mine. I am so impressed by the wooden spoons and metal pots. My son plays with these all the time.

👤The order had a couple drawbacks. The pineapple that's included was green, not sure if that was the way it was supposed to come or if it was discolored in the manufacturing process. There were scratches on some toys which made me doubt if everything was new. They are bound to be destroyed over the many times it will be played with so it doesn't bother me much. There is a great price and a lot of items.

👤The pieces were very high quality. The price is a great value. My granddaughter loves them. She can cook with her parents. She will be able to enjoy them for a long time. It is well made and can be enjoyed.

👤This dish set is advanced and adorable, but I don't have a lot of pieces in my pantry. My toddler loves the basket. It would have been worth it if I had only gotten the basket. The food isn't the best quality, but the pots and pans are high quality, as well as the utensils. My toddler likes the entire set.

3. Click Play Pretend Shopping Vegetable

Click Play Pretend Shopping Vegetable

For more than 30 years, the creators of imagination- and creativity-sparking products have been called the gold standard in early childhood play. The grocery shopping play set includes a shopping basket with 32 pieces of food. Cans, boxes, cauliflower, cheese, carnot, banana, corn, chicken, onion, and lots more are included in the set. The materials are the highest quality. It was tested to be safe for kids. It helps develop child's mind, creativity and thinking ability and train their hand-eye-coordination and hand flexibility by their own operation. Fine motor skills are great for OT. The basket is 9 inches tall. Children under 3 are at risk of a dangerous hazard. This toy is not suitable for young children. It contains marbles, small ball, or small parts.

Brand: Click N' Play

👤I like the fact that this set comes with a basket for all of the toys. It's very useful for storage. The plastic food is made of sturdy plastic, so it doesn't get smashed. Vegetables and fruits are in this set. It might be good for vegan families. There is a The boxes are paper and won't last long. The fruits and veggies are just one color and don't look realistic. I bought another set that has painted details on the food and the boxes are made of plastic. Ice cream, pretzels, spaghetti, and other things that kids are familiar with are included in the set. The other set does not have a basket. I bought a cheap one at the Dollar Store, and the food fits in it.

👤There is a tag on the item that says "set includes: cans, boxes, cauliflower, carrot, banana, corn, chicken, pear, french fries, egg, orange, lemon, watermelon, pepper, pizza, pie, strawberry, grapes, pineapple, and lots more!" I bought this set because of what was pictured, but it doesn't have what it says in it. I did not receive cauliflower, french fries, watermelon, pizza, pie, or pineapple, which were some of the things I needed to show vocabulary. Several strawberries and some unidentifiable items were sent to me. Milk tea? I was expecting items that were familiar. Very disappointed.

👤The product was not as pictured, so it was 4 stars instead of 5. Chicken, red and green peppers, pizza, french fries, and all the canned and boxed foods are not included in the basket. Black pepper sauce, powder milk, and other items were changed on the cans. The basket is the same color as pictured. There is a The packaging was covered in a clear plastic wrap to keep the items clean, and a plastic lid zips to the basket to keep it safe for a gift. There is a My son is young. He loved the gift. He had me sit with him and identify each item. He cried when I wouldn't allow him to bring the whole basket with us. They are hollow plastic with a single hole for breathing, which is helpful when your little decides he wants to eat it. Once the boxes and fruit start dying on us, I would buy again. All toys must be made with metal.

👤The money was wasted. I wish I had read some of the reviews before buying. The basket is not the same as pictured. There were duplicate items in the basket. Some of the fruits are not the right color. Some of them don't look like anything at all. Don't spend your money on a product that isn't worth it.

👤Not as pictured. The pizza and fries are not in the picture. Pizza was included so I got it. The items can be used for a 2 year old. The price is right for the items. As people look at the items and want to buy based on that, update the advertisement pictures.

4. Boley Mart Groceries Play Food

Boley Mart Groceries Play Food

The child safety and quality assured is made of child-friendly material and has a smooth edge. If you're not completely satisfied with their items, they'll give you a 12-month warranty and friendly customer service. The Boley Mart Groceries Play Food Set gives your child 23 realistic play food toys and a bright red shopping handle basket to carry their groceries with ease. Fruits, vegetables, drinks, and packaged goods are included. Learn how to kill. Everyone has to eat, so let's have some fun at the store. Your child will learn how to read product labels as they practice running their grocery store. Boley Mart Groceries Play Food Set is a good choice for kitchen toys. SAFE AND CHILD FRIENDLY. Child safety is a priority at Boley. Their entire production process is monitored by the mostReputable organizations of child safety standards. There is an exciting and diverse array of children's educational toys in their Boley store on Amazon. Boley is where the action is.

Brand: Boley

👤My daughter and niece liked this set. Its realistic. My husband thought the taco seasoning packet was real. Great buy for the kids.

👤The price for grocery accessories is very good. More items, better quality, cheaper than similar accessory by Doug andMelissa. The basket was for my granddaughter. She and her older sister love playing.

👤These food items are made out of cardboard and will be thrown away. My 20 month old loves the cart and plastic items, but he ripped and crushed the paper ones within a day. I would invest in fake foods that are plastic.

👤I love the idea of teaching my son how to play pretend. Excellent quality.

👤This product was cheap to make. My kids ripped some products on accident. The products are very small and don't appear in the photo. The basket was the best piece about it. Would not buy again.

👤My niece liked it. She got a toy store for Christmas. I wanted to increase her inventory. I liked it as much as she did. The boxed items are a little worse for wear after a month of use, however, I would still recommend and purchase this again.

👤Is it okay for children to learn how to shop and share? The groceries will last a long time.

5. Funlittletoys Kitchen Accessories Shopping Birthday

Funlittletoys Kitchen Accessories Shopping Birthday

Children under 3 are at risk of a dangerous hazard. This toy is not suitable for young children. It contains marbles, small ball, or small parts. 30 Pieces of Fun includes 30 pieces of pretend play food for toddlers. The set comes with hooks that hold the toys together. Recommended for ages 3 and up. A toy grocery basket with a rich variety of fresh-picked play fruits and vegetables, 2 cutting boards, 2 cutting knives, and 4 serving plates. The grocery basket has a hollow design to hold fruits and vegetables. The grocery basket is 11 feet by 7.5 feet. Vegetables and fruit toys include cauliflower, pumpkin, mushroom, tomato, carrot, corn, pineapple, apple, and more. Premium quality is made from high-quality plastic. The ideal gift is a perfect cutting toy set.

Brand: Fun Little Toys

👤My 3 year old loves this. She wants to chop vegetables at least once a day. She likes to make a salad from all her vegetables. She will be playing with it for a long time. There is a The knives and cutting boards are small. The knives are not strong. I can feel them moving around when they are being used. There is a As cute as the banana is... It is difficult for little hands to put back together. The tape is coming off. We had it for two days. There is a I will call it a win if that breaks.

👤Was the same as pictured. An extra santa toy was included, but I am not sure if it was supposed to be in there. I didn't see anything off about it. Everything seems safe for children. I baby sit for 3 and 5 year olds and they love it. It's very easy for them to chop. The inside of the watermelon was broken when it arrived, so I took off one star. I put it back together but it doesn't seem to be holding. The kids still play with it.

👤The box was messed up when it arrived. The basket was broken under the handle. I don't have time to send it back and wait for them to get it back in stock before I need it, my daughter will love it. It says 53 piece. I only got 38 pieces, that's what it says on the packing inside the basket. There is a Santa toy in it, which is fine. I wish it wasn't broken, but I just wish it was what they said.

👤The older kids got a hamburger set with a similar toy, so I got them for the 2 year old. The knives are perfect for little hands and all three kids want to play with them. My child is obsessed with an old school wind-up toy. Great value and entertainment.

👤Our grand loves to play with these. They are durable and will hold up to toddler play. We looked at the odd fruits in the mix and now have added to her vocabulary. Comes packaged in a cute basket for pretend grocery shopping.

👤My granddaughter is happy with her food basket. It was a rating of fir 3+. She was able to cut the fruits and veg. In half. One of her favorite toys is still there.

👤The price is a great deal. My daughter loves it and we can teach her safe kitchen cutting with the toys. Some of the food is hard to cut. It was enjoyable for the child. My children have been playing with it. The price and product were great. One of the handles on the basket was unnapped. I was able to fix it. Smaller kids don't like to eat fruit and vegetables that are too large. Highly recommended.

👤My daughter's 2nd birthday is going to be accompanied by her kitchen set, so I purchased some fruits and veggies for her. She is playing with them. I found them in her shopping cart, with her baby dolls, in the kitchen set as she pretended to prepare a meal. She can play with this set and create her own experiences.

6. Wooden Kitchen Pretend Cutting Dishes

Wooden Kitchen Pretend Cutting Dishes

The cartoon fish shape is a good gift for children. There is a fruit and veg grocery store that has a storage box with various fruit and veg toys. The hollow design of the basket allows it to hold many toys, so you should not worry about messing them. The box's dimensions are 11* 9.2* 2.5 inches. The delicious foods include: apple, pumpkin, carrot, watermelon, onion, lemon, tangerine, strawberry, pineapple, pear and banana. Premium design and quality. The pretend play toy is made of real wood and colored with premium pigment so it won't break easily. The toys have a nylon buckle on them. The sound of the crack will make the kids feel realistic. Pretend play foods are good for developing hand-eye-coordination and hand flexibility in children. This is a great toy for young children. The perfect gift is a wooden cutting toy set. The kitchen pretend play set is a great birthday or holiday gift.

Brand: Fun Little Toys

👤My daughter-in-law got this for her, and she wrote a review about it. The wooden food is packaged in a way that it is well packaged as it is wrapped in tissue paper and neatly placed in the wooden crate. The cutting boards and knives are made from good wood and are safe for kids. The food is painted bright colors and has rich detail. The fruits and veggies are fun to play with, and the velcro on each of them works well when pulled apart and reassembled. The set is a fun way for kids to cut up fruits and veggies while they play with their imaginations. Children will love this set and make a wonderful gift. Five stars.

👤I like the crate that comes with the cutting boards and the knives are painted well and have a nice weight on top of it.

👤My daughter loves cooking in the kitchen and can cut food. I knew she was going to be happy when I saw this. She loved everything but the knives. The knives were too thick to cut into the fruit and vegetables. She had a thinner knife. She has been playing with them. Everything is of high quality.

👤This product is really good. The good! Excellent quality, great value and price! package with love and care I have two children, a 20 month old and a 4 year old. I love when a toy can be used to distract both of my kids at the same time. They played with this for an hour. Excellent toy quality. And so much. It's fun for my girls. Absolutely nothing! Over all! I highly recommend this product and will buy it again whenever I need a similar product. The product and brand are trustworthy.

👤The set of fruits is a great value. It comes with a variety of fruits and vegetables. My daughter can mimic me when I prepare for meals, because I keep a set of board and knife in my kitchen. The fruits are connected by a piece of fabric. She is 13 months old, and she tends to put things in her mouth. Some magnetic ones are better than some velcro ones. The wooden quality and shapes are good.

👤Honest review here. The wooden play set is great. A great gift. There is a There are pros and cons. There is a storage box with toys, cutting boards, and food. There is a The box's dimensions are 11* 9.2* 2.5 inches. Kids have fun. Love that wood. Highly recommended!

👤My grandson loves wooden fruits and vegetables. The set is even better. You can cut the food with the play knives and two cutting boards that come with the fruits and veggies. The food is put together.

👤Good quality and price.

7. Victostar Magnetic Wooden Cutting Vegetables

Victostar Magnetic Wooden Cutting Vegetables

Measures 25-1/4-inch wide by 20-inch deep by 33-inch high; expands to 45-inch wide with drop leaves. Natural wood with no smell, vibrant colors, and non-toxic water painting, all wooden pieces are safe for kids. The wooden pretend veggies playset with basket- fun toys for toddlers is the best gift for toddlers. The Early Education Toy can be used as an educational toy. Children can know all kinds of vegetables and tools with the magnetic slice design. They will provide you a replacement or refunds without asking, if you are dissatisfied with the product.

Brand: Victostar

👤This is the worst toy for kids. We opened this and found it missing the main parts, but my little one took the eggplant apart and the small magnet fell out. This is very dangerous. He could have swallowed the tiny magnet if I hadn't been playing with my son. I don't recommend this set because it is poorly made.

👤I sent this as a gift to my grandson. He loves playing with the food toy. The pieces are large and they stick together. These veggies and fruits are much smaller, held together by magnets and the toy pieces once cut are dancing the line of being dangerous. The toy looks larger than it is in the photos. There is a The box once told us that this is not a toddler and is appropriate for a six year old. I would not assume that the person who posted the ad on the website or the manufacturer mislabeled it. A story about a child who swallowed small magnets ran in the national news this week. Magnets can cause serious damage to a child's body. They need to be removed quickly. There is a The toy set is colorful and delightful. It should be a great toy for older children. It's not an approximation for toddlers. There is a My daughter is going to exchange it.

👤These are cute. They are good quality, the magnet is strong enough to hold them together, but not so strong that it's hard to cut them apart. The basket is perfect, our handle has a small pea size rust spot, but nothing I'm worried about. The knife is sturdy and the detail on the food is cute. When you first open it, there is a slight chemical smell, but I left it open and out for the night and they were fine the next day. We bought metal pots and pans to go with it and they fit together perfectly.

👤It was difficult to find vegan food that was cute for my daughter. These exceed all of my expectations. The ones with meat were cuter. They are fun bright colors. I like watching her chop up her vegetables. Will save them to a list when I buy again.

👤Amazon recommends 12 months, product description says 3 years, and actual box says 6 years. The smaller pieces are loose and ready to fall out. Magnets don't hold pieces together. The basket is cute and aesthetically pleasing. Will keep until the child is old enough. Disappointed. Would not recommend the whole thing.

👤My 3 year old loves pretending to chop food. I like that this set uses magnets instead of velco, which attracts hairs and dirt, and that it is wooden. The food is held together by tiny magnets. Only one per side. They fall apart easily. If it's not lined up perfectly, it will fall apart. There are some rough edges on the basket that haven't been sanded. A good set, but would like to see stronger magnets.

8. JaxoJoy 122 Piece Pretend Beautiful Assortment

JaxoJoy 122 Piece Pretend Beautiful Assortment

A gift for the chef. WANNABE. The baketivity kids baking set is the ideal gift for junior chefs. It will put a big smile on their faces. There are 122 pieces. This play set provides all of the basic food groups for little ones to prepare and serve, from fruits and vegetables, to fish, eggs, milk, juice, drinks, sandwiches, pizza, burgers, french fries, and bakery items. Your children will feel like they have their own store at home with 122 pieces. The construction isdurable. Unlike similar products by competitors, each piece is carefully crafted using a non-toxic plastic. The material is easy to clean and not have to worry about the toys breaking. Role-playing is fun. Children love to imitate their parents. They can serve you breakfast, lunch or dinner with this set. Let their imaginations run wild with the wide variety of foods to choose from. Food that is realistic. Playtime is much more fun with realistic designs. With bottles and cans, as well as condiments and spices, let your son or daughter whip you up something special as they get creative in the kitchen or set up a picnic for the whole family to enjoy, just like home! Great accessory. This set makes a great addition to play shopping carts and kitchens, enhancing creative time with endless hours of fun. As they learn what each item is, boys and girls will love doing everything they watch you do.

Brand: Jaxojoy

👤Do you want to go crazy? Do you want to eat fake food? Do you want to find fake food all over your house? This is for you. They will make you pretend to eat food while you are starving. Are you hungry? There is a plastic on this. We don't have time to eat in this house. It will give your child several hours of play time, and you will be the one to make any and all creations. It is delicious.

👤My daughter is 2 years old and loves playing with pretend food. There are a lot of different foods, including pizza, shrimp, hot peppers, tomatoes, and wine. The wording on some of the labels was pretty funny, as you can see in my picture of the dishwasher liquid with good taste. The quality control is lacking, we only got about 1/3 of a pizza and the bottom hamburger bun didn't make it into our set. It is a kids play food set. They will adjust. Everything was covered in a light powder when we opened the package. My kids and I sneezed a few times. I washed the rest of the items with hot soapy water after wiping everything down with a sanitizing wipe. It could have been dust, but you have to be careful. This was a good purchase for the price and variety, but I would suggest cleaning it before giving it to your kids.

👤Many of the items are thin. Not good. The bottom bun was not included in the burger. There are items that are very low quality. It's weird for play food to include alcoholic beverages.

👤It's hard to tell the size of the play food. We tried to identify what piece of pastic junk looked like. It was thrown in the trash. Don't buy. The stuff doesn't match up. There is a presumed hamburger but not much else. One of us thought the bun was a pancake. There is no bun to go with fake burger, lettuce and cheese. There are many examples. There is no need to reiterate. There is a Please let me know if anyone knows a better place to play food.

👤You can't expect too much for the price. We were excited to get this for our daughter. Most of the pieces are dangerous. It was easy for little hands to just peel off the thin piece of tape that held the labels on the items. We threw our set in the trash and will be looking for better things for our child.

👤I wonder if companies make wine bottles for toddlers in a food play set. Was everything else trademarked? Our set came with both sides of the bun. Cheap and more fun is what the parents should be looking for. I read the reviews and decided to trash the alcohol products, but they should replace with something else.

👤We tried to find a pack of food that was small and had lots of options. We wanted to avoid that, and this pack was the best one we could find. The french fries are the only piece of cardboard that came with the rest of the food. My two year old has been playing with some fruits and veggies and has been able to get the plastic to go back with him. This is perfect for any kids' kitchen.

9. LeapFrog Smart Sizzlin BBQ Grill

LeapFrog Smart Sizzlin BBQ Grill

The ideal gift is a perfect cutting toy set. Nine food pieces are placed on a skewer and an interactive grill recognizes their names and colors. The skewer should count from 1 to 10. Turn the dial to set the grill temperature and hear sizzling sounds as the grill heats up. Pretend-play fun includes numbers, colors, counting, and learning about foods. There are nine food pieces and seven play accessories in the store. It is for ages 2 years. Requires 2 batteries. Product dimensions are 9.9" X 20.8" X 17.1".

Brand: Leapfrog

👤My 20 month old loves it! The features are great and it is educational. My kids like playing with it as well. I was worried about paying $30 for a toy that might not be great, but I think it is not that bad. I think that's correct.

👤When I received the toy, it was the only downside. I thought it would be bigger. This looks like a grill for an infant. I have a tall 2 year old who sits on the ground to play with it. I like the fact that it has sound and all the pieces that it has. My daughter loves to cook and this comes with many features.

👤I thought the toy would be short based on the stock photos and other reviews. My 21 month old is in the 5th percentile so it's the perfect height for him to stand and grill. He loves opening and closing the grill. He likes that the toy is on wheels so he can push it around.

👤Great toy! My 1 year old loves it. The button is broken and I am only leaving 4 stars. When you push it, the voice repeats over and over. My 1 year old was very gentle with this toy. My son absolutely loves it, so I would still recommend it.

👤This grill is adorable. No screws to mess with, it's so easy to snap together in less than 5 minutes. There are many cute foods and tools included. My 8 month old grandson who's not standing yet but also big enough for my 2 12 year old grandson to play with and doesn't think it's a "little baby toy" as he calls it, is perfect height for him. They like how it tells them what is being grilled up. It's so cute!

👤My daughter's 2nd birthday is when I got this. She and her little sister like it. The pieces are very durable and aren't too small. My boys have stood on a few times and turned upside down, and they are built to handle it.

👤My granddaughter got the leap frog ice cream shop last year and played with it a lot so I gave her the sizzling grill this year. She loves playing with food. I'm sure she'll get many hours of fun out of it because it stimulates her imagination.

👤My kids love this age of 9 months, 2 years and 4.5 years old. They are having a blast using the kebab part. My kids love the storage under and keep putting their items in and out. It's easy to put together and let them play. The price is great. It is educational. It's great for toddlers. We love it.

👤Unless a different button is pushed or the grill is turned off, the grill noise will continue after about a month. My 1 year old loves opening the lid and throwing the plates around.

👤It's easy to put together as all the pieces snap together. The toy has batteries so it can be played with. Excellent learning toy for kids and I highly recommend it as a gift.

10. Melissa Doug Wooden Kitchens Reversible

Melissa Doug Wooden Kitchens Reversible

The play structure is 2 in 1. There are over 40 play food pieces in the food cart. "Hot Dogs" or "Ice Cream" is what the awning should say. There is a sturdy construction. The food cart is made from high-quality materials. The wooden construction is easy to build and lasts a long time. There are multiple convenience features. The ice cream and hot dog cart has drawers, a bell, sliding see-through doors, and a double-sided menu. A great gift for kids ages 3 to 7 is the Wooden Snacks and Sweets Food Cart. The dessert play food set adds to the pretend play experience. For more than 30 years, the creators of imagination- and creativity-sparking products have been called the gold standard in early childhood play.

Brand: Melissa & Doug

👤The cart is cute. It's a great deal because it comes with so much food. It's cute but not as good as I wanted it to be. I've always thought that the products of Doug andMelissa must be superior because of their higher price point, but based on this item, that's not the case. The cart is a bit flimsy. KidKraft items are sturdy and I have purchased several of them. The cart feels like it will break easily. The construction was very easy until I got to three separate steps where the holes were too far down. The night before xmas, you have to create a knew screw hole in the particle board. I would have put this together in 30 or 25 minutes if it weren't for those holes. It was very easy until then. If your kid really wants a food cart, buy it because it comes with a lot of extra food. KidKraft's items should be checked first if your child is rambunctious or rough with toys. They will last three times longer.

👤I bought this cart after my daughter played with it at a toy store and kept bringing it up for months. I bit the bullet when Christmas came around. I was concerned that my daughter would not be interested in this item since it is a lot more expensive. She and her brother still play with this four months later. It is well made and thought out, just like all the other items. It doesn't have any annoying sounds, and only has a small bell to ring. It includes hotdogs and buns, popsicles, soda cans, frozen ice, ice cream sandwiches, and pretzels. Everything is in the drawers. My daughter is spending time organizing the drawers and preparing orders. The sign on the front of the cart can be changed to either "hot dog cart" or "ice cream cart", although we usually mix up the two. If you have a toy cash register, you can pretend to pay for things. My younger son's Fisher Price Food Truck is where we usually play with this, and both kids share their food items and get to taste their creations. We have toy plates in our kitchen. The stuffed animals and dolls get some food. Even though it takes up some space in the play room, I would buy it again because it has been a good toy for both kids.

👤The ice cream/hot dog stand is very popular with my 3 year old twins. Everyone knows the thought and quality that goes into all of the products of the couple. It is definitely worth every penny, considering all the food pieces you get. The popsicle and ice cream sandwiches had little sticks that came out when you put them upside down so you could mix and match flavors. There is a The sliding door on the stand is a mock of a real food stand. It rolls. The detail that goes into these toys is impressive. There is a This is a family favorite. My 10 year old and 5 year old boys have been playing together a lot. My husband and I have been forced to eat many different hotdog and ice cream cookie creations. From across the house, we were summoned from the jingle of the bell announcing the food stand was open. This was a great purchase.

11. FUNERICA Cuttable Veggies Shopping Utensils

FUNERICA Cuttable Veggies Shopping Utensils

Give this play toy food set as a gift and it will be a great addition to any toy kitchen. It makes a great incentive for holidays, birthdays or any other occasion. The play set helps kids fine tune their motor skills by using pretend food items and appliances. Fun, vibrant colors were designed for kids. The pretend play kitchen food is full of colorful fruits and vegetables. Fruit can be chopped into half pieces. Kids and toddlers enjoy the smooth surface, curves, different shapes and texture. The Kids Play Food Set is 100% child-friendly, non-toxic plastic material, free of sharp edges, and tested to meet US safety standards for toys. You will get a complete mini set of Pretend Kitchen accessories with the purchase of the 20 Cutting Pieces Fruits and Vegetables. A grocery shopping basket, a small cooking top, a mini pot, a cutting board, plates, cups, and utensils are included. Pretend food sets for toddlers are fun to learn about. This allows your kids to learn more about color and shape recognition. It is possible to make a free, non-toxic plastic toy that is safe and lasts a long time. Carefully handcrafted toy set to ensure they are durable and strong enough for kids to chop for long lasting play time and no small parts can be swallowed by toddlers. Play Fruits & Veggies are made from a material that makes a sound when cut, keeping the kids more engaged in pretend play. The Pretend Food Playset is the perfect gift for girls and boys. Its sturdy construction is tested to last. Their toys are safe. It is one of the most interesting gifts for any occasion, birthdays, holidays, Hanukah, Christmas, and it is realistic. Children love pretending and playing with your baby or toddler.

Brand: Funerica

👤My 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 year old grandies are going with their new play kitchen and I bought this set for them. The shopping basket is cute, it holds all the fruits and veggies, and it also doubles as a hat. The included chopping knife is a must have for both girls, and they love using it to prepare their meals. This set was worth every penny.

👤I was looking for a shopping basket for my son as we like to play store. I found a basket set with food that kids can cut through. My son who is a bit on the older side really liked it. The basket is great for storing fruit, cups, dishes, pot and mini stove top. All you get for around $20 is great quality and value. This Christmas, I'm going to be the go to gift for the little girls in the family.

👤My boys love this set. There is enough to keep them occupied. One can use a cutting board and knife, the other can use a spatula or scoop. It doesn't take up a lot of space when not in use because it's just enough to keep them occupied and out of fights. The product was perfect. The sellar was helpful with a small issue. Good customer service is important to them.

👤If you want a decent toy hat, this is the product for you. There is a basket, fruit, utensils, pot and more. They work as expected and are good for the price. There is a sticker on the side of the basket that you cannot get off. It covers the holes in the basket, so everything inside sticks to it. Terrible. It looks awful and filthy.

👤I am very pleased with this product and my daughter just loves it, the quality is really good and the Velcro is super resistant, my daughter plays for hours with it, and it is better made than the wooden one that gets loose very fast.

👤Funerica Cutting Fruits and Veggies was purchased for our granddaughter who is 28 months old. She has been playing with fruits and vegetables and cutting them in half. Every time she leaves, we make a pretend vegetable soup on the small two burner stovetop. I don't know how long she will be interested in this toy, but she's obsessed with it. The strength of the Velcro that holds the fruits and veggies together makes cutting the veggies a challenge, which is nice. This is a great toy to play with.

👤The customer service has been great and my kids loved the product. I told the lady that I didn't know what happened to the knife because she didn't know what happened to it, but she apologized and said they would fix it. It's a good thing.

👤My 2 1/2 year old loves to cook in his kitchen and this was a gift for him. He was in love with the toy when I gave it to him. He loved that he was able to cut it himself. We had fun making fruit and vegetable combinations. His mom was happy that he brought a basket to clean up. I am glad I tried it out, and I would recommend this toy to anyone. I'm looking forward to seeing more toys from your company. Thank you so much!


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