Best Cooking Cart 48 X 36 with Wheels

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1. ICOVER Griddle Cover 600D Blackstone Outdoor

ICOVER Griddle Cover 600D Blackstone Outdoor

Their customers love to use the Wellmax push cart for a variety of different needs. This dolly can do it all, whether you are moving household items, wood plank or luggage. The foldable structure is perfect for easy storage in your garage, basement, office, storage closet or warehouse. This griddle cover is for a 36 inch outdoor cooking gas grill by the name of Blackstone 1819 G. Does not fit in a Griddle. The tough fabric provides a powerful guard against any weather. It gives your grill all year round protection. Water pooling and pockets that collect debris are prevented by the additional pole that prop up the cover in the middle. You can place your grills beside the pool or yard with their grill cover. Rip resistant and UV protection. High density double line stitching makes the 36inch Grill cover more durable. All corners are double reinforced and won't tear easily. The cover is constructed with UV resistant fabric and outer vinyl coating, which makes it easy to absorb sunlight and keep it clean. The cover of the BBQ grill has additional straps on both sides to help tighten it. Buckled straps are added at the bottom for double security. Your grill can be safe, clean and dry even in the strongest of winds. Fit all year round. Double padded handles are easy to clean. Simply hosing with water and the dirt will come off easily.

Brand: I Cover

👤I bought the cover to use the Campchef griddle. The side trays in the up position were not compatible with the Campchef cover. The cover is perfect for the side trays. You don't have to remove the propane tank and the drip tray when you store your griddle. The center post is important to prevent water from pooling on the griddle. The cover was very good.

👤I keep my griddle inside my shop so I bought this to keep the dust off it. The included plastic piece keeps it up over the griddle. I can't speak about waterproofness. I can keep the grill covered. I don't like the bottom touching the ground to make a snake home. The material seems to be the same as the one on my grill. There is a The corners are reinforced. I like it.

👤Excellent value. Under $27 bucks! The cover is thick. The reviews say it's great in the rain and I haven't had any yet. I have a table for my griddle. You have to drop down the Surround Table to fit the cover over it because it's made to swing down. It can take 2 minutes. To descend the table. I have a hard metal griddle cover and this cover fits over that as well. It is an excellent price and comes in two days with free shipping. This cover is very good. It is waterproof as well.

👤I received a few days ago and have not seen any rain. My first impressions are good. I bought this to cover my grill. The grill is fully covered with shelf's up, tank on, and paper towel holder on. The prop in the center is designed to prevent puddles of water from forming. It seems that it is thick enough to last. The cost of camp chefs cover is not water proof, and does not allow shelves to be up when covered, compared to the cost of this.

👤It's perfect over our 36" Blackstone with both shelves on the sides. It's heavy duty and appears to be constructed. The center of the griddle isdomed with plastic to keep the cover off. If you have the 36" Blackstone, you should definitely recommend it.

👤I bought this cover at the same time I bought this worthless thing. There is a This is a heavy duty canvas. This cover will last me a long time. It was only $3 more than the worthless junk on my regular grill that I'll have to replace within a year.

👤The cover fits the camp chef. The corners are double folded. I would recommend this to friends and family.

👤The cover is very high quality. To cover the side tables and grill, stand above the ground. It has straps on its legs to make sure it stays put in windy conditions. It comes with a stand that can fit under the tent's cover for no standing water.

👤It was a very poor fit for a 36" Blackstone Griddle. This barely fits it. The tenting feature makes it worse. This is a mini skirt version. It was a terrible fit and cheap material.

2. Seville Classics Industrial All Purpose Utility

Seville Classics Industrial All Purpose Utility

The dimensions are 34" W x 18" D x 33.5" H. There are three shelves, a steel handle push-bar and four wheels. The food equipment is certified by the NSF to the Standard 2. 500 lbs. is the weight capacity for even distribution. Heavy duty wheels with brakes. Steel with UltraZinc coating.

Brand: Seville Classics

👤This review needs some visibility. There is a The cart appears to be high quality. The dimensions and associated links are not correct. 1) The dimensions shown in the liner link are correct. The cart's length is advertised but not true. You're led to believe that this is the size of the shelf. It's not. To self, pay closer attention. There are two more The counter height is advertised as 33.5" high. It's not. The height is only 32% to the top of the post. There is a The top shelf surface is only 29.75". I was expecting a height of 33.5". There are 3 more I was looking for a cart that would fit in 38" space. Not so fast. The overall length is 34", but the shell is only 28.75". I can't find liners that would fit. The cart is high quality. Nice liners. There is a They don't go together and trimming the liners is nearly impossible with household tools. Very disappointed. You'll be happy if you understand the dimensions and it works for you. Don't be fooled by the size. There is a Don't let the $150 assembly price tag scare you. The assembly took less than 15 minutes. And did not require any tools. There is a Hope you find this helpful.

👤I usually don't write reviews but after my experience with this product I feel it is a public service to warn other potential buyers. I have never had a problem with the products from Seville. This is the fourth time I've tried one of their products. The shelves on this cart are not secure and will cause it to wobble. I called the company. A customer service rep says they know about the problem. We need to get you another set of slip sleeves as yours are too thick. You can email us your address. Problem solved, right? Nope. A company rep asks for a picture of the cart. It looked like a strange request. I sent the picture. The company rep told me to keep hitting the shelves with the mallet to make them more secure. I can assure you that Stephania and Seville know how to put this 4th product together. I tried to use a mallet. I can bang the cart with a rubber mallet without success because of the obvious defects. I guess buyer beware and so long Seville.

👤I use this cart with my kitchen aid mixer. When I wanted to use the mixer, I wanted to put the mixer on the cart. I wanted a cart that was strong enough for me to mix the heaviest dough without being hit by the mixer. The cart is perfect for what I wanted. They mean it when they say it is heavy duty. You can do it in about 10 minutes if you want to. If you are looking for a heavy duty cart, I would recommend you to me.

👤I have to keep my power tools in my office closet because I live in a small house and my garage isn't humidity controlled. I put my saw on top, the tools in the middle, and the cases on the bottom. The cart is easy to push and handle. It was very sturdy and easy to assemble. I'm going to buy another one for my tools. It makes wheeling out my power tools easier. I'm running out of excuses.

3. WEN 73004 Capacity Service X Large

WEN 73004 Capacity Service X Large

It is made with chrome plated steel. One WEN Extra Large Utility Cart is included in your purchase. Kitchen Cart exterior dimensions are 25.5" W x 46" L x 33.5" H, with shelf dimensions of 24 W x 36" L x 4 D. The weight capacity is 250 lbs. Simple maintenance can be done with an easy-to- clean surface. 5-inch non-marring casters are easy to use. A cup-holder and a variety of smaller compartments are included in the push handle. A cup-holder and a variety of smaller compartments are included in the push handle.

Brand: Wen

👤I had to modify the caster mounting to get it to work properly. There were two issues, one stemming from the M8 carriage bolts and the other from the split lock washers. 1. The engineering of split lock washers is terrible. They are worse at preventing bolts/nuts from coming loose than using no washers. If you're going to use this as a mobile cart and not a stationary set of shelves, you should swap the split lock washers and regular hex nuts that come with the kit for Nylock nuts. The carriage bolts have a thread size. You can ignore the split lock washers and just try to over-tighten the plain nuts to prevent them from coming loose, but you'll probably round out the square base of the carriage bolt in the plastic shelf before you get tight enough. 2. One of the swivel caster on mine was not able to do a full rotation without hitting at least one of the nuts, no matter how it was adjusted. The plain nuts that come with this cart are 9/16" OD, while the standard M8 nuts are a smaller 13mm. I had to grind down the part of the stamped steel plate that was hitting the nuts to make it spin freely, even though I was able to adjust it so that only one nut barely hit the swiveling caster. If the product came with nuts out of the box, I would give it five stars.

👤This item is a knock off of popular carts that are popular within the construction industry. I took a shot because the item is half the price of a well known cart. The handle is not molded into the top shelf, but you have to attach it to the top shelf during assembly, which is not shown in product info. I wouldn't bring this cart to a job because it wouldn't last very long. I won't buy another one of these carts. I left the cart in the garage because my girlfriend loaded it with all of her gardening supplies and she just loves it.

👤Put it together and hated it. The screws used to hold the top tray are held on by 4 screws. There are no locks on the wheels. It was never mentioned that any of the wheels lock. If you don't lock the wheels, you will be chasing tools all over your workspace. There is a The tray slots are too small for my hands. It is difficult to grab a tool that is on the bottom of the trays. You should not buy this cart.

👤The quality of the cart is decent. Only two of the wheels spin completely, while the other two remain stationary. I didn't get enough bolts to secure one of the wheels. I tested the weight limit with a delivery that was 437 lbs and the legs held up but the metal attaching the wheels to the cart was bent and now the wheel keeps bending. I hope someone will read my comment and reach out to fix my problem because there is no way to contact the seller. I wouldn't leave 4 stars until I get some help.

4. Amazon Basics Adjustable Shelving Organizer

Amazon Basics Adjustable Shelving Organizer

The storage unit is great for kitchen, office, garage. Each shelf holds up to 300 pounds with leveling feet, 132 pounds with wheels when not in motion, or 88 pounds with wheels in motion. The max load weight is 1500 pounds with leveling feet, 661 pounds with wheels when not in motion, or 441 pounds with wheels in motion. It's ideal for storing and accessing tools, appliances, workshop materials, cleaning supplies, and more. The wire shelf height can be adjusted in 1-inch increments. The dimensions are 30 x 14 x 64.75 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I use a wire shelving unit on my porch to keep trays out of the sun. It works well. I use a mesh nylon to line the shelves at home improvement stores. In the green house, I have about 9 of these shelves that are used exclusively outdoors. They are easy to assemble and hold up well. There is a If this review helped you, please click "yes" below since reviews take time and thought to write in a meaningful way and to photograph the product's usage. Thank you so much!

👤I was paranoid because I was seeing reviews and complaints about how flimsy this is, how it arrives damaged, and how the parts don't connect or close completely. The shelf sleeves that hold each shelf don't close completely. I looked at the internet. I thought about the design. Why do you want them to close? You don't! When the shelf is forced lower by the weight of what you stack and by the taper of each sleeve, the engineering behind it is to create a tight compression. If you had something big enough to close completely around each leg, you wouldn't have this tightness and you would have long-term problems with the shelf collapsing. This product is very durable because of the manufacturing error. There is a Don't believe the complaints. This shelf is for sale today. See my picture as proof. It is likely over 50 lbs with car tools and parts alone.

👤I ordered the shelving units because I don't have a proper pantry in my kitchen. There is a lot of space on these shelves and they are far better than I expected. If you use the wheels, they roll very well under load, as the Casters they provide are in line with the strength of the rest of the unit. I am not sure how they can make a unit with these features for 50 bucks. There is a The wires are a bit far apart for small items, which is my only criticism of these shelves. I would recommend getting liners for them if you plan to use them. The shelving units are delivered with the posts in two pieces. These posts are long and difficult to deal with. The instructions state that they should be assembled a different way. If you assemble them alone, it will be difficult to assemble the shelves with the posts together or the wheels on first. Do not put the wheels on the posts first. There is a If you have a table to work at, open the box completely and leave it on the table as protection. Put the plastic wedges on the lower posts where you want the lower shelf and make sure the ridges on the wedges are the same on all legs. If you want to pass the posts up through the shelf without having to hold them, place the bottom shelf on the table with one side hanging over the edge. The shelf should be flipped around to install the two legs. Next, put the shelf on the table and then put the next set of wedges on the posts. Lower the next shelf over the posts. The unit will be much easier to assemble if there are two locked shelves. If you are going to put the wheels on the unit, lay it down on its back and remove the leveling feet and install the casters, keeping in mind the set of caster with the cardboard on them have the wheels that lock. Attach the top portion of the posts and the final 3 shelves to the unit on the ground. It takes less than 15 minutes to assemble a unit in this way.

5. DuraSteel Worktable Stainless Height Commercial

DuraSteel Worktable Stainless Height Commercial

No tools are required to assemble. There is attention. The measurement tools may have an error of less than 1 cm. Before purchasing, please confirm the size and reserve enough space. The table with 18 gauge #430 is a premium design and has anti-corrosion abilities. The weight capacity for the top is 500 lbs. The DuraSteel table has a superior weight capacity. It can fit your application if you want to grill in outdoor or indoors. You can decide your own storage capacity with theadjustable shelf. The caster is not covered in the certification of the model. Get a great value table. The prep table is easy to clean. Easy to assemble, no additional accessories needed. The DuraSteel work table cart could be moved freely. It is safe and stable because of the upgraded top brake. If you put more than 150 lbs on the surface, it will be hard to roll smoothly.

Brand: Durasteel

👤I bought a high quality table for my kitchen. It arrived in good condition. I put it together without a problem. I'm very happy.

👤The table was purchased to improve the space on our counter tops. Fruit and vegetable juice is included in our daughter's medical treatment plan. We added a lot of prep tools to our kitchen and wanted to eliminate some of the mess. The table is large enough to hold everything in one place. It can be rolled over to the island to make juices. The table was 3 inches taller after the wheels were put in. The table should be the same height as the counter and island. The table's dimensions did not allow for wheels or extra inches. Fortunately my husband is a welder and he was able to fix the problem by cutting three inches off each leg. The table is the height we wanted. We didn't want to return this item since the table was heavy and the return shipping would have been expensive. The installation directions didn't explain how to install the wheels and the measurement directions were misleading. The table is serving its purpose and it looks nice. If you order it, make sure you account for the extra inches of the wheels, not everyone is lucky enough to have a husband that can weld.

👤I have a portable pizza oven that I use on my lanai. I noticed how thin the steel was when I was unpacking the top shelf. I don't think this will be a problem for my oven. The scratches on the steel were easy to notice. I don't care about a few scratches on an outdoor table, so this isn't a big deal for me. There is a I started assembling. The legs have to be slid into the bottom shelf. There are no markings for guidance so you need a guide or ruler to get each leg in the same amount. The leg is locked in place with two set screws on each sleeve. The legs are put into the top shelf. The biggest problem was here. The leg holders on the top shelf were about an inch further apart than the ones on the lower shelf. I'm not sure if the leg holder supports are made of glue or something else, but I could be wrong. A little more careful measuring at the factory would be nice. The legs can fit into the top shelf sleeves if the lower shelf sleeves have enough play. It required two people and a lot of pressure. After fastening the screws to the top shelf, it's time to install the casters. I called the manufacturer to find out how to remove the leg ends. They were quick to answer the phone. They said to use a flat bladed screwdriver to pry the plastic leg ends from the legs. The plastic leg inserts are easy to remove with a plumbing wrench. The casters are easy to install and lock in place. There is a The actual height of the cart is not 34". I have another cart that is 34" and this was annoying to me. There is a The quality of the cart is reasonable for the price.

6. Blackstone Outdoor Grill Griddle Station

Blackstone Outdoor Grill Griddle Station

The grease management on this unit has been updated by the Blackstone. The newly improved rear grease Management is now in all units. You can get a rear grease or a front grease drain. If you want to keep your BBQ, replace it with a Blackstone griddle and never look back. The grill is easy to assemble and use, so you will be cooking in no time. The grill has an easy start, battery powered push button, and is free of the hassle of charcoal, matches, and kerosene. The griddle is ready to go with the push of a button. Spending more time outdoors will relieve the headaches from cooking outdoors. This griddle is perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Teppanyaki style foods include grilled cheese, potatoes, and eggs. There are two side shelves for food storage. Four controllable heat zones. 15, 000 were independently controlled. 60, 000 BTUs are controlled low to high for versatile cooking options. The tank storage is tucked under the left side shelf. The grill is built to last with a powder coated black steel frame and thick cold rolled steel burner. It's easy to clean after a meal.

Brand: Blackstone

👤If you want to see your boyfriend have an erection and grill at the same time, buy him this. We're at a teppan grill and he pushes it around outside. I look out of the window and admire my tough guy, who delicately flips my gardenburger on the monstrous grill. Trust me, size matters. Get the big one. The canvas cover was bought to hide it from the elements. I know that if my boyfriend ever cheated on me that I would vandalize it, because he loves it so much. He bought a Star Trek light up phone in 1984.

👤There is an update. My warped griddletop was replaced by Blackstone after months of emails. Two weeks after my review was posted to Amazon, the replacement confirmation email came. I don't know if the poor review was intrumental in the replacement. It's a time-Consuming process to season the new griddle. -- This might be my first review on Amazon. I spent a lot of time researching the flat top griddle. I was looking for something that was portable and large. I chose the Blackstone griddle for it's size and foldable legs. I spent 20 lbs of propane seasoning the griddle. It was fun to use. I have enjoyed cooking many dishes on it. I have used it to cook breakfast. The grease trap located at the center rear is not a great location. The standard trough is what I would have preferred. After about 5 months of using the taco'd. The teppanyaki griddle made a loud pop while it was being cooked. None of the welds seem to have broken. It is not an effective griddle anymore. I have found their customer service is either incompetent or ignores warranty claims. I have been told that I need to contact a different employee at a different company, but not provided a way to do so, even though I have tried to work out a warranty replacement. I am writing this review as a last ditch attempt to get someone at the company to help me fix my warped griddle.

👤I have been using the 36” Blackstone griddle for over a year and I wanted to give you a review. This griddle is an outstanding value, especially for its price point. You will spend more money if you find a better griddle. Simple assembly is required. The box contained my griddle. The box lid needs to be cut off. The components are well packed. I used a 10mm wrench, an adjusted wrench, and a screwdriver. Assembly took 15 minutes once I had it unpack. We would have been done in 10 minutes or less if I had someone helping. You can watch a 3 min assembly video on the site of the company or on the internet. I weighed the top at 55.5 lbs. If you are not comfortable lifting this heavy item, get someone to help you. If you discover a problem with your griddle, email or call. The customer service phone and email were in the manual. I found their customer service to be very helpful when I had a small issue. When I phoned, I was talking to a real human being who spoke American as a primary language, and the responses to email were prompt. Customer service is open M-F 9a-5p Mountain Standard Time. There is a The protective oil on the griddle top protects it from rust. The instructions state that the first step after assembly is to wash the oil off. I used soap in the water. I used hot water to get the soap off. After drying the surface, I put it on the grill and cooked it off. There is a The top is carbon steel and if not seasoned it will rust. Many users of the griddle immediately start cooking when they slap on some oil or bacon. The seasoning builds up over time to help protect the surface from rusting and food sticking. I wanted to do a more methodical seasoning. If you follow the same steps as you would with cast iron cookware, you will get a long lasting seasoning for the griddle. There is a video called "Blackstone Griddle Top Recovery". The video was made to show people how to restore a rusted griddle top, but at 2min39 seconds into the video they cover the topic of seasoning. There is a I read about seasoning cast iron cookware with flax oil and the video agreed with it. You need to make sure you get the organic, cold pressed, unrefined, refrigerated flax oil. You don't want any other ingredients in the oil. Shake it well before using, and check the date on it. You don't need a large bottle of oil. I used a little more than 3oz of the oil after coating my griddle. The successive layers used less oil. There is a The seasoning coat/layer was composed of 1. I applied a paper towel to the cooking surface and wiped on a thin layer of oil. 2. I used a paper towel to wipe off the excess oil. 3. To burn the oil in, turn on all the burners for 30 minutes or so. The griddle should be cool after the burners are turned off. At least 4-5 coats are recommended by the company. 6 coats is recommended for the cast iron cookware seasoning. A shiny black cooking surface will be left by optimal seasoning. I was near the optimal shiny black surface after 6 coats of flax oil. Check the level. Check the level before you start cooking. You can use a construction level or marble. You want to make sure that the liquid will not go to the drain. The patio slopes away from the house, so I had to use a scrap of plywood to set the left wheels of the griddle. The person is cooking. I add a dash of oil to many of the things I cook, even with a great seasoned cooking surface. There is a I find the griddle easy to clean. It typically takes me a few minutes. I found a helpful video on the internet. You can find an easy way to clean the Blackstone Griddle. The guy in the video uses spray oil, while I use liquid oil. There is a The same issue that other reviews have mentioned would be my only complaint about the griddle. The grease drain problem hasn't been solved by Blackstone. The grease will miss the cup and go down the leg. Use a piece of wire or a paperclip. If you stick it in the hole, the grease will run down the wire and cause fluids to flow under the grease gutter. You can wrap a piece of foil around the end of the drain.

7. Origami Foldable Kitchen Island Black

Origami Foldable Kitchen Island Black

The porcelain coated cast-iron grate is made to last. The Island Cart folds in under 10 seconds. The Island Cart is made of metal. For indoors and outdoors, indoors and outdoors, indoors and outdoors. It holds up to 300 pounds and weighs under 39 pounds. 6 W x 20 D x 36 were folded. 25” H, Unfolded: 25. 25” H 6 W x 20 D x 36 were folded. 25” H, Unfolded: 25. 25” H

Brand: Origami

👤Do not order someone to assemble it if you do not. It's a small pop up. The wheels are the only thing you'll make. I love the Butcher block. It's light weight but tough enough to hold a big microwave and if that Butcher block weren't hollow, it would be much more expensive than this. It has the appearance of an expense.

👤My wife and I live in an RV. We were looking for something to use as a food prep area because of the limited counter space. This fit the need perfectly. The height is comfortable to work on and the work top is adequate. The shelves can be used to store food processor and blenders. The way it folds up makes it convenient for storage. It is very sturdy and well built. I would recommend it to anyone with a small kitchen. It's great for apartments and RV's.

👤It all looks good but it has a lead exposure warning message attached to the photo. I need a storage unit for my kitchen, but as a mom of a toddler, I worry about this. If this is safe to use, please clarify. I might have to return it.

👤The cart was packed and arrived quickly. I was prepared for the worst after reading many previous reviews about the top part splitting. I noticed that the wood was going to split when I took out the cart. I could see where the glue was falling out of the seam and where the pieces of wood were being glue together. It's only a matter of time before it splits. It's a simple fix that will take less time and effort than re packing and shipping it back to Amazon and waiting for another cart that will most likely have the same issue. The principle of being able to have a perfect product right out of the box has to be weighed. It's cheap. You get what you pay for. It's easy to fix it and cheaper than shipping it back. You can find a lot of videos on how to glue wood together using a couple of clamps and some glue on the internet. If you want a rolling kitchen cart that's top quality and doesn't have a top that splits after a month or two, you'll need to spend a few hundred dollars. Or just re-glue it. I'm pretty happy with the price. The cart is sturdy and has some good weight to it. I will be using it for a lot of different things. I'll be putting a skirt around the towel bar and removing it, which is an easy thing to do. It's perfect for this situation since it folds up and has a great carrying case. There is a I will update my review once the top is repaired. I'll try to post photos with instructions so you can fix them too.

👤I like how easy it is for the products to go together. I can put them together by myself in less than 5 minutes. Just buy good vodka, maybe a screwdriver or two. I own a cart, 2 bookcases, and a computer desk, and all of them are worth the price. If you don't need them, you can easily store them.

8. Oceanstar 3 Tier Shelving All Purpose Utility

Oceanstar 3 Tier Shelving All Purpose Utility

150 lbs. Load capacity per shelf is 22.5 in L x 9.1 in W x 32 in H. Easy mobility with 4 caster wheels. 3 shelves with raised borders to prevent objects from rolling off. Storage needs can be accommodated with heightadjustable shelves. It is made with chrome plated steel.

Brand: Oceanstar

👤I was thinking about getting another one to add an extra shelf to this one and make the rest into a 2 shelf cart for son's knick knacks. Not anymore! There is a It was undamaged. The box is in perfect shape. I had to rip and tear the box apart to get into it, which made me think that I can't send it back if I'm not happy with it. No one could get into it before I did. Not a bad thing! There is a The directions were clear. However... There is a When I opened the box, the shelves had plastic pieces on them. They are not on the list. I found no use for them except for the spacers. I read the directions before putting things together. Which made the black spacers confusing. There is only one item on the contents list. They are screwed into the poles. They don't look like the same item. There is no middle lip or separation of threading on it. It is a continuous screw piece. I had to be careful when I screwed one pole into the other because both would have the same amount of part "B" in each pole. IMAGE 2 and IMAGE 2a I agree with the plastic pieces that other people have talked about where they don't meet together. This is part C. I was wondering if this cart would be strong enough to handle my printer sitting on it. My printer is 27 pounds and full of paper. Question answered: no. They will fall down with the weight. There is a The bottom part of the "C" part needs to be thicker so that when the shelf slides onto it, all of it is locked into place. There is a side note. It has a note and the pictures show it. The shelves should be facing down. Wrong! You want the lip to face up so the wires don't fall on top. You will understand if you look at my finished pictures. There is a I want my money back and I want a shelf that can hold a 25 pound printer. I keep it because I live in a rural area and mailing stuff out of here is difficult. There is a I mentioned that it is not level. I tried to loosen the wheel a bit, but it was too loose and the wheel was shaking. There is a It feels cheap and a waste of money. It looks nice if you don't touch it. After I put it together, the images are shown. There is a My 18 year old took it because I am not going to use it. There is a I put the wheels off it and put his knick knacks on it until we can find a better solution for him and I. I told him not to put his TV, DVD player, or X-box on the shelf unless he wants to replace them.

👤I have put together 14 units. I have big ones, medium ones, and units with bins. I use them in my house and garage. They are easy to assemble. The oldest is 3 years old. I am an old lady with minimal skills. I was able to assemble the largest unit by myself. People are having difficulty securing the shelves. The shelf may look like it is placed on the poles differently than it should. Don't just look at the poles, count the rings on them. This unit was easy to put together. Getting the box open was the biggest challenge. The cart was packed securely. There is a There were no damaged, broken or missing parts in the shelving units. I don't see much difference between the companies that my units have come from. I would recommend this unit.

9. Wellmax Platform Foldable Storage Capacity

Wellmax Platform Foldable Storage Capacity

Click the "visit the grillman store" link to find the perfect grill cover for you. The link is below the product title. When you purchase a Grillman Grill cover, be sure to check out the promotions. Are you tired of carts that take up a lot of space? They designed a platform push cart that can be tucked away for easy storage, but ready and available for when you need it. Simply fold the padded handle down to make it easy to put your cart on the platform. The four wheel platform push cart is easy to maneuver. The four heavy duty wheels offer reliable transportation for your items and materials. The two back wheels are engineered with a 180 degree turn for easy transit. MAXIMUM SUPPORT They want you to be able to handle your items with confidence. That is the reason they have designed a push cart that can hold up to 330 lbs. The custom support guard makes sure items don't slip backwards and arrive safely. Quality made products are at the core of Wellmax's mission. They build for long-term use. The cart is all about function, from the sturdy padded handle to the non-slip platform. The platform dolly is made from the highest quality materials and will be a staple item for years to come. Their customers love to use the Wellmax push cart for a variety of different needs. This dolly can do it all, whether you are moving household items, wood plank or luggage. The foldable structure is perfect for easy storage in your garage, basement, office, storage closet or warehouse. Their customers love to use the Wellmax push cart for a variety of different needs. This dolly can do it all, whether you are moving household items, wood plank or luggage. The foldable structure is perfect for easy storage in your garage, basement, office, storage closet or warehouse.

Brand: Wellmax

👤We were using to haul 35 gallans trash cans to our dumpster, but it failed because we never put anything heavier than 200 lbs in. Plastic trash cans are tougher than this junk.

👤I decided to write a review for this cart because I have purchased hundreds of items on Amazon. I decided to purchase this platform cart after viewing some similar ones. I was impressed by the color. The carts look the same. I used to take boxes from my car to my garage and backyard. There is a The package came with instructions and a bonus wrench that made the installation much easier than I thought. The caster wheels in the back make it easy to maneuver tight spaces. I put the wheels at the same end as the handle bar to use it as a push cart, but I think you can pull it as well if you load heavier stuff. If you have to move loads frequently like I do, you can fold the handle down and put it back in the trunk. When I go to stores, it is usually a big load because I am a father of two. The cart is helpful. The cart is portable and compact, despite its high weight capacity. I put one in my trunk and thought about getting another to leave in the garage. There is a I don't recommend putting the weight close to the max capacity, even though I purchased the 660lb model. When it's too heavy, it's easier to steer. There is a I am happy with the purchase. I told my neighbor about it and he asked where he could get it. If you use your hands to tighten the screws, it will fall apart.

👤I like this thing. I bought it for two reasons. I am moving to a new apartment and need help moving heavy boxes to the trailer. This cart is foldable and will be perfect for stacking water bottles and groceries to take from my car to my apartment. It takes me about 10 minutes to put the wheels on. The cart's platform did not budge when I sat on it. I was pushed around on it. I am looking forward to all the use I will get out of this cart.

👤I received this last Sunday. There was a lack of details for assembly. I am a senior citizen and a woman, but not all that handy with tools. The directions left me confused. The directions only had a drawing of the screw, washer and locking washer. I found videos on the internet that explained how to assemble the wheels correctly. I am very happy with its performance now that I have it. I have been able to move heavier stuff myself because of my current move. I've taken many trips to the dumpster and the car to donate to Goodwill. I have used it to move items I sell. My next event is to bring in groceries and other items I have been shopping for. It needs improvement on the instruction sheet, but I would recommend it to my friends.

10. Casual Home Kitchen American Hardwood

Casual Home Kitchen American Hardwood

Solid wood top for increased durability and longevity contrasts with the clean white finish. The drawer pulls have a handle to keep your kitchen essentials out of sight. There are two spacious lower shelves that can hold your kitchen essentials. A towel rack is a good place to hang your towels. The dimensions are 36.5 inches high x 20 inches deep and 40 inches wide.

Brand: Casual Home

👤I purchased this item after spending weeks looking for a work table to use as an island in my kitchen. The table is reasonably priced, but everything else was expensive. It arrived very quickly and was packaged well. The back panel of the drawer was a little tricky because the holes were drilled in the wrong place, but the assembly was quick and easy. You will need a small screwdriver. The L-wrench is in the package. The chrome hardware that comes with the table was replaced with burnished bronze hardware. I used knobs instead of a towel bar to hang pot holders. I am very pleased with this item and have already received a lot of positive feedback. It's not too heavy for me to carry. It works well in my kitchen because it is a bit taller than my countertops. One of the photos is before a hardware store.

👤It's a good place to live. I bought 2 of these and put them side by side, so I have a nice 40x40 kitchen island for under $300.

👤Poor fit and finish. The frame of the table is made of wood. The frame cracked when the screws never fully "bite" while assembled. The leg height is not uniform. There is a The drawer is stuck after you insert it, all you can do is pull the table by its handle. For more information, see the video.

👤I don't have time or patience to pack it back up for a return, and this is a complete waste of money. I can't get the drawer to fit. The directions don't have enough photos to show me if I made a mistake, and the holes don't line up. I am very disappointed. The product is cheap and poorly designed. There is no doubt in my mind that the reviews are fake. There is no way that a product of this flimsy quality can get such positive reviews. I would like to see Amazon take action against fake reviews.

👤This table is very sturdy and high quality and can be used as an island and storage module. Assembly was very easy. The drawer is a decent size, but doesn't feel like it could hold more than 5 lbs. It glides nicely and stays on the track. There are two Shelves for storage. They can fit a cookie sheet on its side. Overall, very satisfied with this. I paid 150 for this item, which was a very good value for this type of item, since I had been shopping for an island for over a year. It took nearly two months to arrive due to back order. It was worth the wait. Look at photos of the drawer.

👤I love this cart. I bought it for my brother. We were able to fit his appliances on the counter. The drawer is large and tall. It was easy to assemble. One tip when installing a counter top is to not tighten the screws all the way.

👤I should have looked at the dimensions more closely. This isn't a kitchen island, it's a full on workbench. It reached the upper part of my rib cage at 5'4". It towered over my regular countertops and my pub table, and I felt like I was 12 years old. The bar height table is made of wood. It's too big. There is a It's also an odd weight situation. The bottom part is cheap. The pre-drilled holes are barely big enough for the huge screws that come with it. The top is so heavy that it's like a block of cement. The top is a piece of solid wood and the bottom is garbage. Like one or the other. Don't think about it when you put the top on the bottom. I don't know how many people have done it. You can barely get a tool in underneath the base to get at the screws to screw them in to the underside of the top. It's another thing to have an ice bath ready for you when you're done, because of the pre-drilled holes and tight spaces. I don't have an electric screwdriver so it was useless for getting into some areas.

11. Hodedah Kitchen Island Spice Drawer

Hodedah Kitchen Island Spice Drawer

There is a lot of space to store pots and pans. There is a drawer for storing utensils. It's easy to display your small appliances. Wheels that allow movement around your kitchen as well as locking casters for fixed positioning. Spice rack and towel holder are convenient. The overall dimensions are 35.5-44.9 x 35.2 in. It is sturdy and durable because it is made from high quality compressed wood.

Brand: Hodedah

👤2.1 stars for quality. 0.1 stars for easy assembly. This thing is adequate for my needs. Assembly is a nightmare. One reviewer pointed out that you could just buy the raw materials and design it yourself. There is a You will need three screwdrivers, not one. There is a 16 holes are not pre-drilled at all, so you will need a drill. There is a * Many holes that are pre-drilled are incorrect. You should be prepared to do a lot of hammering and cursing to get the components together. There is a The wood is loose and falls out of the pre-drilled holes onto the floor during assembly. The instruction manual is only for amusement. Instructions are often wrong. Language is an approximation of English. Don't try to read it. You have to figure out how to put this thing together if you compare components to the pictures. Eventually. It would take about four times the amount of time to assemble a similar unit from Ikea.

👤The product was exactly what we were looking for. We had a small area in our pantry that we wanted to use for tea and coffee. We had wheels so we could roll it out of the dining room. Assembly took a bit of time but was not difficult. Looks good. We left the towel bar off one end so it would fit where we needed it and that did not affect stability or assembly. Four stars is just because the wood is not great and there are a couple of flaws, but I don't expect high quality when you are doing things on the cheap.

👤I have a lot of tools, so I used the first picture to assemble this. The box arrived in picture 2. The contents were in good shape despite some thin padding. The poor alignment of the doors is shown in picture 3. This is expected with plastic pins as hinges. I will put some real hinges on later. Instructions don't tell you when to install the doors. Do it before you install the bottom. Before you install the side pieces, you need to install the top Cross-brace. It was difficult to do it after. Another issue is missing a piece of wood. It's not a big deal, but it's annoying. After removing the drawer, I measured it, drilled holes and installed it. The pre-drilled holes were off the ground. There were no mounting holes for the bottom caster. I used a 1/32 drill and set the driver to 5 ounces of Torque. A few screws werespun in the weak MDF by that low force. The solution is to remove the screw and insert the wooden toothpick. The screws need to be reinstalled. The last two pictures show it is usable and not bad. Even though it was a pain to assemble, it functions and is okay for the price. Would I buy it again? No. It's okay for the price, but I would go for higher quality next time. It's okay for the price. I will use it as long as it looks decent.


What is the best product for cooking cart 48 x 36 with wheels?

Cooking cart 48 x 36 with wheels products from I Cover. In this article about cooking cart 48 x 36 with wheels you can see why people choose the product. Seville Classics and Wen are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking cart 48 x 36 with wheels.

What are the best brands for cooking cart 48 x 36 with wheels?

I Cover, Seville Classics and Wen are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking cart 48 x 36 with wheels. Find the detail in this article. Amazon Basics, Durasteel and Blackstone are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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