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1. Stansport Enamel Camping Tableware 24 Piece

Stansport Enamel Camping Tableware 24 Piece

essential gear for car camping, RV trailers, motor homes, cabins and more The set has a blue finish. The settings for four are light and compact. Blue glazed enamel is double coated. It's ideal for family camping, recreational vehicles or home use. The set contains four plates, four bowls, four mugs, and four flatware sets.

Brand: Stansport

👤We bought this item for our family. The label listed lead as one of the harmful chemicals in the product. I can't believe they allow lead and harmful chemicals in something that is going to touch your food and mouth. It is outrageous.

👤We had these for 5 weeks before we got them. That was our next camping trip. There is a When we got to the campground, my wife told me that 2 of the plates were damaged. I would show you how to put more than one picture on. She read that the product can expose you to chemicals. There is a I contact the seller on Monday and I am so sorry. Your 30 days have expired. I got them on June 7. There is a I went to Amazon and they denied my claim. I will tell em how to appeal their decision, but I can't find it on my phone. I don't have 1 on the PC. There is a I wouldn't recommend these plates to anyone.

👤Be careful, buyer. There is a The product contains lead and chemicals that can cause reproductive harm. When you receive it, it states on the box. The company said it should be fine since it is not going into the body. We were going to eat off of it. Be careful of your return wind. You cannot return after 30 days. I was too late to contact the company, and Amazon told me to savesay was too late to contact the company, and Amazon told me savesay was too late to savesay The company told me it was too late. Don't buy.

👤This contains lead and other chemicals. There is a warning on the box, but no where on the ordering page. People should not use things they eat with at your own risk.

👤I've never camped. I got a couple sets to replace the plastic I used with my kids. The plastic was free from harmful substances. I felt weird putting it in the dishwasher. I don't have to worry about plastic anymore. I don't have to worry about the kids dropping the nice china because I put it in the dishwasher. The bowls are large enough to hold cereals, snacks, and other items. The plates are great for spaghetti. The cups tend to get hot with hot cocoa. You can use them for hot liquids. I didn't buy the silverware because it was cheap and flimsy. We don't use the silverware. I only use it if I send a hot thermos lunch to school, I don't have to worry about lost silverware. I used them at the kids table last thanksgiving and loved the rustic look of them.

👤I have previously purchased it because I am willing to spend more for quality that will last. The four piece set was not enough for us since we often have people camping with us. I bought this set to see how it matches up, but I can't tell the difference in quality. The plates are not as flat as the GSI set. The bowls and cups are not as big. The form factor of the bowls is better for me. The GSI set has more horizontal sidewalls. There is a The silverware isn't the greatest, but it does seem completely worthless. They will probably be brought camping until they stop being functional. The price of the GSI set is 1/3 and it is a great deal.

2. Odoland Camping Cookware Hanging Cutlery

Odoland Camping Cookware Hanging Cutlery

We provide high-quality products and good after-sales service. If you have a question, please contact them. They will solve your problems in 24 hours. They will send you a new product if you receive a damaged product. What are you waiting for? Click "Buy Now" to get the perfect camping cookware. The camping cookware kit is perfect for 6 people. It includes a large pot, a kettle, a non-stick pan, 6 dishes, and 6 cups. There are 4 cleaning clothes and a large bag. The large pot can be hung over the fire or put on open fire. The pot pan and kettle can be used with firewood. Each piece has a non-stick Teflon coating, which makes it incredibly durable. It is a must have survival gear that can last a long time. The foldable handles on the pot or stove are easy to carry. All the objects in the cooking set can be stored in a mesh bag for easy carry. Enjoy cooking. The cookware kit is designed for anyone who loves camping outdoors. It is portable and convenient for camping, hiking, backpacking, picnic and other outdoor activities.

Brand: Odoland

👤There are two pots, one sauce pan, a kettle, 6 cups, 6 saucer sized plates, 6 full sets of silverware. There is a There are pros. I thought the kettle was small and we'd have to refill it at least twice to serve everyone. Not so... I put it in my measuring cups and it held 6 cups of water. The cups have a small head room. I use the same size pot for my family of 6 every day. There is a The plates are small, but you can always use them. The plates and cups are easy to clean.

👤The set is 39 pieces. I don't like folding forks or spoons. The cups have rings on them. It's better to take pots and pans and paper plates from home. The plates are small. Only a 4 piece set is required. If I don't clean them. I have more. Being lightweight seems sturdy. They are firm even after trying to bend. This should last a while. The utensils are small compared to the ones you use at home. They work well. I don't think car camping is good for backpacking. The carrying case is very sturdy. If used on a campfire, rub a bar of soap on the bottom and one inch high on the side for easy clean up. On a camp stove, forget the soap.

👤I would like to give this product four stars. I had to do more research before buying this item. The medals are not in danger. People need to check the medals. Some camping items are not food grade and contain lead. The product is safe and doesn't contain lead. It's not good for viewing wild life while hiking. The cups are in a size of 4 to 6 ounces. Very small. The cups are hard to get out of the kettle. The plates are small. I like the 39 pieces for the price. I have five children. I would buy this again for camping in a camper or car. The space saver item is nice. I hope this helps.

👤This set is very small. It has everything we need for a camping trip. I wish the company had six different colors so that each family member could keep their cups and utensils separate. Their picture clearly shows what you get in the set. We are very happy with our purchase and would buy the same set again.

👤I got this for my family of 5 and the kitchen since it would replace a teapot of the same size. The big pot has a small size. I gave it a 4 star because it fit on its side so not ideal. I can work with that. I should have found it before I built the kitchen. If it holds up, this will be a game-changer in that we have not had a large pot to cook with unless we bring our home kitchen pot. It looks like a good quality camp pot.

👤I was very pleased with the quality of these. They are easy to clean and important for camping. It was shocking how it all came together into a small package. The carrying case was great, and I really am glad I got it.

3. MalloMe Marshmallow Roasting Smores Sticks

MalloMe Marshmallow Roasting Smores Sticks

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE and EBOOK. It included. If you're not satisfied within 30 days, you can return for a replacement. Thank you for the bonus. Cubey wants you and your family to be prepared and includes a survival guide with every order. BUILT TO LAST! The highest quality power welded forks use non-toxic 18/8 304stainless steel to ensure easy cleaning and safe roasting. The wooden handles are smooth and no more hot. After you combine your roasted marshmallows with chocolate and crackers, let your mouth water. The telescopic arm on each fork has two perfectly-spaced prongs that prevent marshmallows, hot dogs, and veggies from easily spinning on the fork when cooking. Keep your children safe by placing a safe 32 inches away from any fire. No more fighting! The multi-colored handle tips make identification easy. Cleaning is as easy as keeping the fork tips in some warm water for 15 minutes and then gently removing any leftover with soap and a sponge. Convenient for long camping trips or storing at home, thetracting fork and canvas pouch are heat-resistant. Best marshmallows roasting sticks is a perfect gift for family and friends who are looking for a high quality, great value product to enjoy at the cookout with the people they love.

Brand: Mallome

👤You will roll your eyes, because you would cut down a tree and make your own sticks. Whatever you do, go hunt sticks. I don't like to anger the trees. I got these. There is a They rock! They come in a bag. It doesn't change their performance. It keeps them all nicely in the storage space under the seats in our pop up camper. If you've ever stored anything under those, you know they are thrown from here to Hades. This is a good thing. There is a They're color coding. As soon as I opened the bag, I yelled, "Dibs on Pink!" My husband looked at me a little differently. This is going to be great if you have kids. There was no fighting over who had the hotdog on which stick. It's much easier. There is a The construction is about to begin. They're strong. They can back in easily. The tines don't fold back up into the handle as a friend thought. I'm happy. I don't think they would be very strong if they did that. These are strong. They will hold more than a few marshmallows. I think they'll hold brats. That's the sausage things, not your children. There is a My favorite part was found after the clean up. They're made of metal that cleans up quickly. After marshmallows! Have you ever cleaned up melted marshmallows? It's like glue. Just a sponge and some dishwashing liquid. Clean! I put them back in their bag because I didn't want the part to remain wet when packing. Do it! That easy!

👤We've tried about 6 different brands and tools to roast marshmallows, ranging from those cheap $1 skewers you'd find a dollar store up to "nicer" brands and they've all either rusted, broken or have some weird coating. These have been exactly what I expected. No rust, sturdy, and dependable. When I had a question to resolve, the company has a great customer support team. I would recommend buying again.

👤This product is not strong when extended. If you're just using it for marshmallows, you'll be fine, but if you want to roast anything with some weight to it, you'll be dealing with an arched rod. The lack of points was my biggest complaint. The end is not rounded. If you're only going to use it for marshmallows, it's fine. This isn't worth the price. I can't believe we didn't check it before we left. Half of the larger order of camping equipment needed to be returned. This kind of problematic product has become more frequent after a few bad items. Amazon's vetting of products had gone downhill.

👤We bought some MalloMe sticks a year ago and absolutely loved them. The quality went down when I opened them. They used to be sturdy and the handle was beautiful. They feel like the metal will break fast now that it's thin. Companies should keep good quality products instead of going to mass production.

👤These work well, but have some issues. There is a It's hard to puncture a hot dog or sausage because of the blunt tips. We have to push so hard to get through the sausage skin that I'm concerned about permanently damaging the stick. A small point would have been helpful. There is a The bag had a broken zip after less than 10 uses. It's a bag that can't close.

4. POTAXLSL Utensils Cookware Stainless Waterproof

POTAXLSL Utensils Cookware Stainless Waterproof

This all in one, rugged camping kit has all the perks of expensive cooking sets. It cleans easily and nicely with your cookware utensils and d├ęcor. It's a great gift set for people who love the outdoors. The 15-piece cooking utensil is easy to carry and suitable for many occasions. There are many activities that can be used. The camping kitchen accessories are made of materials that are durable and meet food health standards. The packaging of the camping cooking utensils is made of waterproof fabric and feels more comfortable than non-waterproof materials. There is a convenience of cleaning. All products can be washed in the dishwasher, as well as gloves and towels. If the customer wants to bring a clean cookware suit home, the towel in the set can clean the used camping utensil set. The portable utensil organizers fit all the essential utensils for the comfiest outdoors dining experience: spatula, serving spoon, serving fork, chef knife with sheath, multifunctional bottle opener, barbecue, salad food tongs, and multifunctional scissors. The bag has more space so you can personalize your kit. A great choice for gifts. The cookware set is a great choice for birthday gifts, holiday gifts, and adult gifts.

Brand: Potaxlsl

👤You get what you pay for. You could probably make more useful utensils for less. The kitchen shears, cutting board, and tongs are good, but the rest is cheap. The roasting forks are not used in actual camping.

👤I bought this set for my son in law. He was happy to have all his grilling needs in a case.

👤You get what you pay for. It's cheap.

👤The utensils are household sized and not camping sized.

👤The kit contains all the items needed for a camping kitchen, but I would prefer that the spatula and spoon were teflon safe.

👤The set of cooking tools is easy to carry and it is good to have. When we took out the new scissor and knife, we noticed the rust already.

👤Trust me to buy it. My family likes this because it's easy to use.

👤I used this last weekend for a camping trip and I didn't know how useful it would be. I didn't know I was going to use everything in it, but the quality of the products and the holder is great. My parents love camping so I will be buying another one for them.

5. Cookware Backpacking Outdoors Equipment Lightweight

Cookware Backpacking Outdoors Equipment Lightweight

BUILT TO LAST! The perfect size for a youth scout or adult hiker, the highest quality non-toxic anodized aluminum camping cookset conducts heat quickly and is built to last. The all-in-one cookbook mega bundle is available. The 10 piece camping cookware mess kit includes anodized aluminum nonstick pot, pot cover, nonstick pan, 2 bowls, folding spork, wooden spoon spatula, cleaning sponge, and nylon travel bag draw string pouch. It is easy to clean and store. The mess kit collapses into a small bundle for easy storage. Keep it clean. There is a free wilderness. The lightweight, compact, and mobile design of the Camp Kitchen Set makes it easy to pack everything to cook and serve outdoors. For anyone looking for a high quality, great value product for the camping world or bug out bag to enjoy at the cookout with the people you love, the #1 outdoor cooking backpack and camping backpack and hiking picnic set is the perfect gift.

Brand: Mallome

👤I am a retired US Army NCO who lives in New Mexico and loves hiking and camping. I'm always on the lookout for a lightweight kit. I don't submit reviews until I use the item. My experience with this kit was very good. There is a The kit comes with a fry pan and a sauce pan. There is a carved bamboo stir spoon, a couple of plastic little bowls, a folding ladle, a sauce pan cover, and a nifty little metal spork. It has a nice cloth sack with a plastic closure to hold the little kit in my ruck sack, and it also has a lot of other things. I stuffed it with an extra pair of socks and a couple of bandana handkerchiefs so it wouldn't rattle and washed it all up. I usually bring a couple of hard boiled eggs, some hard tack, some precooked brown rice with peas and carrots, and an apple or two, along with some dark roasted coffee beans. After a few hours, I set up camp. The little kit did everything it was supposed to do when my camp stove heated up. The coffee was great. There is a The kit is light and strong, well made, and I expect it to provide me with hot meals out on the backside of the high dessert for years to come. I bought this thing and hoped for the best. There is a The stars will be visible if you come to New Mexico. If you drink some coffee, you will feel like you can touch the face of God. Bring along the little MalloMe Kit Mess for your next trip to New Mexico. The journey and purchase of this little kit will always be with you. Signed by Frank.

👤I used this for a hike. I used it twice a day. I got rid of everything else to save weight. I used it with the Coleman Peak 1 Butane stove. There is a The lid was snug. I never had a burning of my hands with the handles. I heated the water for coffee and ramen. The pot was large enough for one person to cook in. People are right to be concerned about the plastic handles. I cooked over the fire a few times. The handles need to be kept away from flames and larger fires that may wrap over the lid. I took precautions and my pot held up. I was very happy with it. The weight is comparable to titanium pots at a much lower price.

👤The pots are small and the bowls are similar to condiments, but I doubt you could make an average sized man's supper in one of them. For reference, see the pics.

👤We used these sets for real work and bought two for backpacking with my son. A+! Thank you for selling this set for a reasonable price. I have posted pictures of fist and second backpacking trips using this set. Cut the spatula handle off so it will fit into the set without calling on God or cursing. Cut a typical kitchen scrubber sponge in half and put it in the set. The supplied scrubbers started falling apart. This set is awesome, with just a couple minor changes.

6. PAK Camping Cookware Utensils Accessories

PAK Camping Cookware Utensils Accessories

If you are not satisfied with the comfort, the size, the weight or for any reason at all, then just let them know. They will give you a full refund. All-in-one - camping utensils. The camping tool set is for portable kitchens. It's perfect for camping with your cooking equipment. The camping kitchen is a must have for your travel cooking set. The perfect travel cooking set has 24 pills. Comes with camping utensils, camping cutting board, spatula, and camp eating utensils. Convenient carry case included! All items made from high quality STAINLESS STEEL can be handwashed or dishwasher safe. The rest easy travel cooking set is made for the outdoors. Enjoy the years of use. What you get are two steak knives. Also a bottle opener, scissors, folding knife, fixed blade knife, slotted turner, ladel, meat fork, tongs, knife sharpener, four barbecue forks, salt/pepper shakers, cutting board and travel bag! If there are defects in the first year of your purchase, pak will give you a replacement or refund. Purchase with confidence. It is based in Sisters, Oregon.

Brand: Pak

👤This thing has everything you need. I bought it for camping, and have brought it with me to use for things I don't have in the home. Everything was sturdy and sharp.

👤A quality camping set! The travel case is small and light. I can not wait to use it. It's the perfect gift for those who love the outdoors.

👤This set is perfect for camping and has everything you need in one small pack.

👤I was excited to take this on our camping trips and everyone mentioned how good it is, sadly that is not my opinion. The pieces feel like they could snap with my bare hands. I was disappointed that this is only a service for 2. I assumed they start at 4 sets for flatware. I can not recommend this kit at the price, I would rather pay more and get better quality, these feel like dollar store pieces, I think I could replace them with better items and just use the case, but a front runner one is much better for the price.

👤This camp cookware set is beyond my expectations. It has everything you need in one bag. These are items you could use in a real kitchen and are full size. The kit is lightweight because it is packed in a compact way. I can't wait to use the utensil set on the road. I will be using this in my van kitchen, and I can already tell I made the right choice. These are high quality utensils. Definitely recommend.

👤The complete set is well constructed and easy to clean. The bad thing is -None. The PAK cookware set is a great set and I have used it twice at cookouts. It comes with everything you need to use it. The included case makes it easy to fit the set inside. The cookware set is easy to clean. The PAK camping cookware set is complete and durable.

👤This is a really nice set to have for camping or even just to keep it in the car for impromptu picnic/barbeque, it has a lot of useful stuff in here that makes you feel prepared for cooking/having a meal on-the-go that can all fit nicely in Is everything high-end? No. They are useful and acceptable. I like it.

7. Stanley Adventure Camp Stainless Steel

Stanley Adventure Camp Stainless Steel

The Easy Slide Latches lock into place. There areDEAL outdoor accessories. The Stanley cook kit is a great gift for anyone who likes to cook outside. The locking handle folds over the lid to save space, and it is designed to provide maximum comfort and stability while it's on the stove. The kettle and coffee maker is made with 18/8stainless steel and features two insulated portable 10oz/ 295mL cups to enjoy hot and cold beverages. The stovetop mess kit with cups loaded weighs 13 9oz and empty it is only 7oz which makes it travel and backpack friendly.

Brand: Stanley

👤The Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set is a staple in the camping/backpacking world and is overlooked by the ultra lighters out there. There is a I believe that you have two safe choices of metal in camping cookware: titanium orstainless steel. There is a chance that there is a link between Alzheimer's and the use of anodized aluminum. It is inexpensive but heavy. Titanium is light and expensive. There is a The Stanley is great for me, as I don't mind the weight. I put my stove, fuel, cleaning towel, and eating utensil in the plastic cups that come with it, instead of tossing them in the trash. I use a GSI cup with the Stanley. The lid for the Stanley is perfect for the GSI Cup. There is a The attention to detail on the Stanley is amazing, considering pots that are more expensive don't usually have the perks that the Stanley does. The plastic flip-up finger handle stays up perfectly on its own. The lid has drain holes. There are not marked on the inside of the measurement. The marks are stamped so you can still see them from the inside. No big deal. There is a When the handle is locked into its folded position, it acts as a firm/reliable closing. The Stanley is a great product at a great price. I would recommend it to anyone.

👤The little cook pot is a happy find for me. I like that it's not aluminum. The graduations stamped on the side are very useful. I don't keep the two plastic cups in the pot as they take up a lot of room that I choose to use for other things. When the handle is closed, it provides a positive holding mechanism for the lid. The pot is folded into a cup. I put the paper coffee filters between the pot and cup to cut down on rattling. The paper filters can be used as a pre-filter for a water purification kit.

👤You need a way to boil water and cook food if you like hiking and backpacking. The Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set is for camping. This is one of the best cook sets out there. It is made of 18/8 steel which won't rust on you and is easy to clean with a scrub pad or sand from a creek or lake shore. There are holes in the lid that allow you to easily drain water if you need to. All for about $13,000. The value is great.

👤I use a fuel canister with this for my cook system. The stove is inside the mugs. I backpack in the Midwest and the West, and haven't found anything I don't like. Stores are easy to clean. I've cooked next to people with systems that cost 10x as much and we'll eat at the same time, and will share the trail again in the morning, and this is definitely not worth 10x less than what they paid! I don't remember weight off hand, but it's an extremely good value for a recreational outdoorsman. It's a good, low-risk kit. I've used it for car camping for oatmeal and coffee. The picture is from open fire cooking. The picture is from a 5-star destination. Take care!

8. Camping Utensils Accessories Cookware Portable

Camping Utensils Accessories Cookware Portable

It's 14 x 11 x 2.5 high. Spatula flips pancakes, hamburgers, eggs, and scissors with shears designed as bottle opener, while cooking with the Redneck Convent Camping Utensil Set. It's portable and travel-friendly size is perfect for family outings to the beach, park or having a picnic while hiking and camping, and it can be carried by hand with the built-in handle. The safe items are the ladle, spatula, knife blade, scissors blades, corkscrew bottle opener, and Rice paddle and cutting board. The green carrying case with outside handle and inside mesh pockets and utensil holders protects utensils from scratches and the elements if used. The package includes cooking utensils, a cutting board, scissors, and a green carrying case.

Brand: Redneck Convent

👤I used scissors for the first time. The metal piece broke. I thought it had a can opener. This was useless because we don't really drink wine camping. It's an opinion, but should be a can opener instead of a wine cork. The knife is very sharp.

👤Great set! A nice little set has some helpful tools and some low quality products, but it's mostly a plastic spatula and bottle opener. A great carrying case! Color on point!

👤The kit is light and packs a lot into the pouch. There are clips on the back of the backpack. The value is great. I would recommend anyone who loves camping or hiking.

👤I like the product. I bought a Jeep so that I could have it when I need it. When on the road and camping. I have added more than one time. It was enough room for extra items.

👤The camp cookware set and carry bag are cheap and convenient. You can't beat it for the price, even if it isn't the top quality.

👤This is wonderful. It's small and does the job. I wouldn't leave home without it. Such a life saver.

👤We've used it a few times and it's great. It's what we need when camping. We can add some of our favorite utensils, such as knives and wooden spoons, to the carrying bag and still have room left. I love having everything in one bag.

👤My female friend saw mine and wanted two, one for her and one for a family member.

👤El paquete es mas grande, pero es para campamentos.

👤The small size can be packed easily. It's on our boat for beach picnics.

👤Good quality for what you pay. Everything seems to work well so far.

9. Odoland Collapsible Container Non Stick Lightweight

Odoland Collapsible Container Non Stick Lightweight

Everything is packed into a nylon mesh bag and all pieces nest great. The package size is 7.5x 7.5x5 inches, and the total weight is just 3.3 lbs. This camping mess kit can be used for both backpacking and traditional camping cooking. The camping cookware mess kit comes with 1 L pot, 1 M pot, 1 fry pan, 1 1.1L kettle, 1 2.6 gal collapsible container, and 4 18 cm cups. The camp cookware set is great for group cooking. It's perfect for 4 and more people and comes with a collapsible bucket and a fry pan. They will be great for meal prep as well. It's made to be used by more people. The camping pots, fry pan and kettle are made from non-toxic and lightweight aluminum. It is coated with a non-stick for easier use. Each piece has handles that are foldable so you don't burn your hand. You also receive 4 sets of dinner cutleries and a cleaning cloth. The dinner cutleries are made from 304 steel which is completely safe to use. The foldable spoons can be packed into cloth bags for easy storage. The cleaning cloth is safe to use on the coated surface and allows you fast and easy clean-up after you're done. All of the camping supplies are packed into a nylon mesh bag, and they nest great. The package size is 8.7x8.7x6 inches and the total weight is just 5.1 lbs. This camping cooking set is great for both traditional camping and RV road trips.

Brand: Odoland

👤This is the first set I took this weekend. There are flaws in the designs. 1. Curries and soups can be made with pots. It's not good to cook rice. Half of my rice was raw and the other half was cooked. This could be the user error on my part. 2. Everything was sticking to the pan, even though it said it was non-stick. I fried some food. The items stick to the pan. 3. This is the only water kettle that is good with no flaws. 4. There are plates. They are great, but a bit small. 5. They fold in the wrong way. When trying to eat, it will fold back. 6. The water bag broke on the second day. The water was coming from the spout. 7. This is a plus for me. It worked well in carrying dirty dishes. I'm not sure if I should return the set.

👤I expected an affordable lightweight camping set to be small and not perfect, but it is, and it is, well worth the price. I will give a full initial review before I update it, but 3 things were not pictured. The travel bag seems very flimsy and is not the half-mesh style that was pictured, so my only significant and unexpected complaint is that. The bag pictured was half-mesh to allow for air to flow through if not 100% dry when packed, which was a significant part of why I chose this set, but being flimsy and fully enclosed was a disappointment as soon as I opened the box. The bag leaves a little extra room if you want to add something to it, such as the collapsible bucker which fits in nicely, but the collapsible water jug wouldn't fit. There is a The cookware. Overall feels ok, but not very sturdy, so take care. Pots and Pan seem sufficient for 2 people, but they might be a bit small to cook for 4. The folding handles don't lock into position, and it's easy to have shift/sway with them. Since they're two arms, they could have clipped together for better security. The handle/grip to both pot lids was a little loose and had to be tightened, only a concern if that recurs and or worsens over time, don't want them to fall/break off, especially while in use! I had been hoping they were and it seems silly not to be. There is a The kettle handle is small for an adult and the lid is ventilating, but it is not fully insulated. There is a Plates and bowls are not enough to be useful as either or they end up being an ineffective compromise. There isn't enough space on a plate to make it an effective plate where you can use a knife and fork. It's not deep enough to hold a lot of liquid and it looks like dipping into it will cause it to spill. They can be used as a bowl for some things, but not soup, stew, or cereals with milk. It's fine for a burger, pre-cut meat chunks, or a hotdog, but not enough space for a knife and fork, just not enough space to cut. I ordered a set of 4 flat 8-inch kids plates that fit between the pan and the pots, and they were perfect. Silicone cup protectors had some issues. They don't cover enough to be effective, unless you hold the cup with only three fingers, and I don't expect to be drinking hot things out of them all that often. They are pictured in four different colors, which makes it easier to not mix up which cup belongs to whom. It's silly that the protectors weren't designed to allow you to store them in the topmost cup, and it's a bit of a pain to take them off. TheFolding Cutlery is decent. They have a lock to prevent them from folding. The spoon won't hold much and will work best with things that are dense, but the knife has a decent cutting edge to it for something like this. The size is not ideal, but it is good for a travel set that can be used by both adults and children. The set comes with a small bag that they use to store the cookware and make sure it doesn't get damaged when packed up. I can fit three sets inside the kettle before I put the cups in. You may want to bring plastic utensils or cooking utensils to avoid scratching the non-stick coating on the cookware. The collapsible bucket came in a small bag which I was worried would be hard to fit back into, but it works well. It's not big, but it's enough for several purposes, such as washing hands, washing dishes, gathering/carrying water, and using as a small open cooler full of ice. If you want to unfold the water jug, you need to remove the spigot before it's sealed and sealed again. I expected it to be more flimsy than it is. I think it will be ok for a while, but things like this won't last forever. I would assume when full you should leave it spigot up and turn it over to use it, and or store it on the ground or secured between other things, since some reviews said it was leaking from the spigot and was unsteady so it might roll/fall.

10. Stansport 15997 Cast Iron Tripod

Stansport 15997 Cast Iron Tripod

It's great for induction cooktops. Sturdy three leg design. The chain and hook are nickel plated. Heavy duty steel construction. Holds Dutch ovens, coffee pots, tea pots, etc. Hangs lanterns, water jugs, and clothing. A lead free, heavy duty steel construction with a nickel plated chain for easy cooking height adjustment. It's perfect for hanging tea pots. Over a fire.

Brand: Stansport

👤I thought it would be a simple tool to have when cooking over fire. When I got it, it wouldn't stand up. 2 more people checked it out. Its not nice. A cast iron pot over a fire. I thought no. They tried to return it. The company wouldn't work with me. I would have to pay a fee. To return it. The company does bad business.

👤I am very pleased with my purchase. It is well built and should last a long time. I've used it with Lodge 4 quart, Coleman 7.5 quart, and Lodge 10 quart dutch ovens. I put a Grillmark cooking grate on four chains to cook hotdogs and hamburgers. I will post a photo. It was too short for a 25" cooking grate without a hole for the fire or using coals to cook over. It works well for cooking in fire pits where the flames are lower than a campfire. I paid more for a Lodge 5TP2 Tall Boy tripod than I did for it. It makes me taller to adjust how much heat gets to the food while it is still centered over the fire. In order to cook some soup and have a decent size campfire, I need to offset the tripod to the side of the fire. I am happy with my purchase, however, I always go for the taller tripod first if I am cooking over the fire, and if I am going for a campfire. I hope this helps.

👤I hung a cooking grate and lodge. The top was cool. It looked like new after the first use. The next camping trip will have a smaller charcoal grate. Before using the charcoal grate, you must clean and season it. I had some pre-cooked pizza at about 6K ft altitude and put some grill mats. Everything was delicious. Before adding the chains, make sure to position it correctly. There is a tip. I put the cast iron on the fire to warm it up.

👤The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars was because you can't use it on a flat hard surface without something to keep the legs from sliding. They don't connect at the top in a way that allows you to lock them in place. You have to be able to push the bottom of the legs into the dirt. I wasn't expecting that. If you're using this on the ground, you'll be fine, not on a wood or concrete floor. There is a The tripod is great once you figure out how to keep the legs in place. There is a It is 37" high with the legs spread 39" apart, which is the minimum I felt I could spread them and still have a sturdy tripod. If you need a shorter tripod, you can spread them further apart or put them closer together. The way I put the hook up was to hang it off the ground and then attach the chain to the pot at any height you need. There is a If you don't double it up, you'll only have the pot and the tripod, but you have everything else. The quality is very good.

11. GSI Outdoors Enamelware Percolator Coffee

GSI Outdoors Enamelware Percolator Coffee

The ideal space for a camp stove is the counter top with a weight limit of 48 lbs. Coffee, stay conditioned? Always! The Enamelware Percolator makes it easy for you to get your coffee at any campsite, cabin, RV, or farmhouse kitchen. STURDY STRUCTURE: Every piece has been kiln-hardened twice at 1000 degrees F to stand up to scratches and chipping. The Percolator maximizes heat distribution for even cooking. Percolators measure a cup of coffee. A cup is used in cooking. The unbreakable cap on your coffee brew is a sight to see. Coffee is more than just a drink. LIFETIME PROMISE: GSI Outdoors spent over 30 years building quality, performance products and stands behind them. The GSI Outdoors warranty covers all products for the original owner.

Brand: Gsi Outdoors

👤Crap quality! The viewing bubble doesn't stay on. Excellent quality. We were disappointed by the product, but we wanted to like it. The GSI camp coffee percolator is garbage. The plastic viewer doesn't fit or stay on because the hole is too big. The flimsy aluminum link that holds the lid to the handle does not sit flush on the handle because the handle was made crooked so that the lid would open at a 25 degree angle when closed. When the viewer is opened, hot coffee for the lid spills on you hand. I have only used it to brew 5 test pots, and the inside is already chipping off from the outside. My ageny is pulling support for all GSI products.

👤I knew that ordering this was a calculated risk since so many of these tend to arrive damaged. This was the only coffee pot I could find that was less than 8 cups, which was what I wanted since I usually camp alone. No chips, dents, or substandard workmanship was found in mine. The build-quality of the pot I received was so good that it could pass for one made in the day. If you like this style of pot, and it has to be an 8-cupper, I think it's worth the risk. If there is something wrong with it, you can always send it back.

👤I brew my coffee before Friday night and leave it on a low fire until Saturday morning, because I am a crazy, fanatic, ultra orthodox Jew. I never had enough coffee to share with my grown children and my first coffee pot was half the size. If I'm expecting a company, I just fill up my old coffee pot.

👤I used this on a camping trip. The handle is wrapped around the top with thin metal that can be easily removed and re-attached. I'll use a nail and hammer to fix the holes in the pour spout. It boiled water quickly and survived several boilings directly on the coals, and cleaned up easily with steel wool and dish soap. I didn't use the peculator.

👤You get what you pay for with a good coffee maker. I paid a little over $20. The percolator mechanism had a bent base when it arrived. I didn't have time to complain or send it back because I needed it for my camping trip. I bent it back into place. The inner percolator assembly is cheap. I don't think it's plastic, but it's a very soft, easily broken material. The soft lid to the coffee basket makes it hard to seal the basket itself when the water gets hot, so when the water gets boiling, it pushes coffee grounds out of the basket and into the water. The clip that holds the lid to the handle broke after two uses. It did exactly as it was supposed to. It produced a good cup of coffee. "8 cups" is 8 ounces. At my camping trip, we used 4 cups for the size cups. I brought an airpot that I used to make batches of coffee and put it in the airport/thermos to keep it warm. There is a It's a decent product for around $20 It should last you a long time if you handle the inner components well. It makes good coffee, but it also has the tendency to include grounds.


What is the best product for cooking camping accessories?

Cooking camping accessories products from Stansport. In this article about cooking camping accessories you can see why people choose the product. Odoland and Mallome are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking camping accessories.

What are the best brands for cooking camping accessories?

Stansport, Odoland and Mallome are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking camping accessories. Find the detail in this article. Potaxlsl, Mallome and Pak are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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