Best Cooking Burner Propane

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1. GasOne B 5300 50480 High Pressure Outdoor

GasOne B 5300 50480 High Pressure Outdoor

The B-5250 is designed with built-in wind blockers that help keep the burner's flame power efficient, stable, and well functioning even in windy conditions. Gas One cover protects against rain, snow, and other elements outdoors. Through the regulators control knob you can control your high output flame to direct the gas flow from your propane tank. It's easy to use right out the box, it has a high-pressure regulator and hose for your propane tank Connection. The steel braid is heat resistant and ensures safe flow of pressure and gas. Gas one's single burner has a sturdy body and is portable, which is why it is a low height strong frame. The B-5300 is a heavy-duty burner that is easy to store and handle.

Brand: Gasone

👤I bought this burner to make paella outdoors. It was easy to assemble and start, but you must use a match or lighter. There is a The burner seems to be cast less precisely, while the construction is solid. It seems to function well, so time will tell. You can manipulate the heat very well with the venturi adjustment and heat control knob. I used it on a nice day and it blew the flame out, but it might have to do with the flame control I'm still learning. The purchase was well received and all would recommend it.

👤This is a decent product, but not perfect. The things I like. Well built. I was not worried that my pot would tip over or slide off. It feels strong. 2. It was easy to use. A simple setup. The n00b was cooking in 10 minutes. There is a Dislikes: 1. The burner head is at the bottom of the cylinder. I'm not sure of the physics of this, but I got the impression that I needed to crank the power higher than I expected in order to achieve the same temperature in the pot. There is no flame coming out of the sides of the pot. There is a This was a good buy and I will probably hang onto it. I would have looked for a unit with a burner head that was closer to the pot.

👤The stove is very large and sturdy. I was worried that it could be knocked over when we were deep frying because it was too tall from the table. There is a The table top was warm but not hot after I tested it. I wanted to lower the stove so I put some wood in it. The underside of the screw was not hot even with wood touching it. The stove was lowered by 2 1/2 inches and I made a way to attach it to the table so it wouldn't tip over. I put a piece of aluminum between the table and stove for insurance. It works well and now is secured to the table. There is a It's a good buy for us, better than a camp stove. There is a The cover is worth it.

👤So happy with this! It worked out great. I have a big heavy Dutch oven that held a 26lb turkey and this single burner didn't budge, so it's not like this is a big deal. I had my daughter stand on the oven before I put it on there. I decided to stand on it when she was fine. Don't listen to those who say it won't hold heavy objects. This thing worked perfectly. I bought the cover as well. The cooking device is worth the money. I will use it to can/water bath our summer goods.

👤Love it. I put some veggies in my wok to see if I can cook them. It's really amazing. It should be turned down. It was bought for emergency purposes. Unless you wait, you can't boil water on a BBQ. The price for the flame is reasonable. Good wind resistance too.

2. Coleman Stove Ppn BRN Triton

Coleman Stove Ppn BRN Triton

The portable cook stove kit has a propane gas burner and footed base. It's perfect for small groups of campers, daytrip fishers who like frying up some of their catch on the shore, or even as part of an emergency kit. Up to 22,000 total BTUs of cooking power. There are 5 adjusted burners. For precise temperature control. There are wind- blocking panels. adjust pan sizes and shield burners from wind. The pressure regulation is. Even in extreme conditions, pressure-control technology can be used. It is easy to clean the grate and aluminum cooktop.

Brand: Coleman

👤It works. I find the "perfectflow" valves to work well. We never had a problem getting a low, high, or in-between flame. The wind deflectors that fold from the back are awkward. If there's not a lot of space around, you have to open the lid very far back to get them open. I find mounting the tank on the side puts it in the way, and unlike others, there is not a flexible hose attachment available. There is a hole in the stove that can be used to insert the regulator, but there is no way to hold it in place. A handle would be nice. The thin stamped metal parts are cheap and flimsy. The Coleman stove we used in the Boy Scouts was better than this one. I guess it goes. It works, for as flimsy as it is. Do I give it 5 stars? Read on. There is a We used it for about a month or two after purchase. I screw the regulator on and hear a snap inside. The stove is useless because I can't screw the regulator on. I was angry because I thought it was past the warranty and would have to buy a new one. I called Coleman. They had me send in some pictures. Within two days, a new one was shipped out. Tracking number and everything. How can I be upset because they made things right?

👤I paid more for this model because I thought it would be an upgrade from my old stove. The burner on the left side was bent sideways when I opened the package, and it got hung up on the silver tray when I closed it. It's not cool! I can only assume that the stove came from the factory because the box wasn't smashed and the stove was packaged in styrofoam. I didn't have time to return this stove and I have tools, so I ended up removing both burners, removing the snap rings that hold the tray on and using pliers to bend and manipulate the metal into the correct position. I am giving this one star because I shouldn't have to do metal surgery on a new stove.

👤The Coleman stove worked well for me. It was cooked like a charm. It seems like it is economical on fuel as well. I used up one propane 1 lbs and cooked on it 5 times for about half an hour each time. There is a canister. When I tried the burner fix again, I had better control over the burners because I did the burner fix. I can get a really low flame for simmering now. I was surprised at the grease on the valve stem, it was a brand new stove. I put on a light coat of silicone spray after wiping it all off. I now have complete control over the burners. Many people have said in their reviews that the burners were either on or off with very low flame. If you're having trouble getting a low flame, try this fix. It works!

3. Propane Pressure Adjustable Regulator Removable

Propane Pressure Adjustable Regulator Removable

The package includes a single burner camp stove and 9 screws. It's ideal for garden, patio, camping, picnic, travelling and outdoor general use. Gas One has a double burner that provides extreme heat for various cooking scenarios. This burner is great for those looking for a little more range in their heat. The B-4545 shows the needed combination of power and control. The Double Burner has a rugged body and is easy to carry. The B-4545 comes with a steel braided regulator that allows for a secure source of gas flow. There is intermittent heat density per burp. The portable burner has two heat dials that can be used to control each flame. You can adjust the burner flame to meet your needs. The Double Burner Regulator ensures a safe cooking experience by monitoring the propane gas flow and preventing further leak when internal or external issues are detected.

Brand: Gas One

👤A small hole caused the line to catch on fire. The second burner line was faulty and caught on fire.

👤It's great for cooking and canning outdoors.

👤I just unpack my item and it looks like it was a returned item that was repacked and sent to me. It looks like it was used before.

👤We only used it three times, but one of the burners stopped working and there was a fire behind the knob. I was thinking that I was getting a product that was safe and easy to use. The connections were well connected, but this product disappointed me. My advice is to find something better. They have a fake six months warranty that will never Refunds or send you a replacement. I gave up when I tried. I will buy something better.

👤The burner was easy to set up and use. The legs are locked in by screws. I had to use a second clamp because I had to tighten one of the legs because the screw was tight to turn. It took me about 10 minutes to set up. There is a The legs are somewhat sturdy, but they could be a little thicker, or come down at a slight angle so that they would sit better, but they still got the job done. I had to add an extra piece of wood under one leg because the ground was not level. There is a The burners work well, and I have been cooking with them for about 3 days. If you want to make some quick stir fry dishes, they can be adjusted to very strong output. A great set of burners for the price. There is only one missing thing, a cover for the burners.

👤I have a double burner for seafood and fish fries. It was very easy to put it together, just attach the legs and tighten the screws. It takes time to get used to the burner elements because I am used to cooking with electricity, but once the gas is turned on, they heat up quickly. It's hard to see the flame, so be careful with it. It's a great addition to family gatherings.

👤I was happy to purchase the product.

👤Solide et facilement montable. The brleurs torchent. Je dommage, soient trs difficiles bouger. Comme qui avait collé. Ma marmite is sur la grille. A 15.5 pouces de profond. Je vais mettre autre grille par dessus. A cause de la peinture was sent. viter de l'utiliser prs d'une porte patio ou fentre.

👤The paint job is great. The control knob looks like it came from shipping. I hope I can return it because I don't like it, just because the control knob is bent down.

👤Les mécrous de montage endommagés. Le tuyau is flexible. It's not a problem.

👤It is very easy to assemble. There are no tools required. 10 minutes total. It works well on the first use.

4. GasOne B 5250 Heavy Duty Adjustable Regulator

GasOne B 5250 Heavy Duty Adjustable Regulator

The camp stove is portable and foldable, they provide a case so that it is easy to carry out and great for travel and camping. The B-5250 is a portable burner that is portable and power efficient, and is ideal for backyard projects, tailgates, or family cookouts. The B-5250's propane regulator is compatible with 5-100 lbs propane tanks and has a braided steel connection. The high-pressure heavy duty burner was made with three things in mind: a stable and extremely sturdy frame, a powerful heat source, and an easily accessible, easily portable low profile design. Unlike most competitors, the heavy duty burner comes with high-temperature resistant paint that eliminates the smell of paint burning fumes and the common problem of peeling frames. The B-5250 is designed with built-in wind blockers that help keep the burner's flame power efficient, stable, and well functioning even in windy conditions.

Brand: Gasone

👤This burner is very good. I wanted to replace the burner I had been using with this one. The loud burner does not equal faster boil, because this heats my kettle just as fast. It is significantly quieter. It is very easy to setup and operate. You can use this if you have used a propane burner before. The instructions are easy to understand if you are new to burner. I brew beer in a 15 gallon kettle. It is rock solid. Zero swaying or rocking. The heat output is similar to other burners I have used. The heat distribution is better than the jet-style burners, so I think this heats up better. I was considering purchasing a burner with a higher output but I decided against it. I can not recommend this burner enough.

👤I've been waiting to research and make a good decision with so many options to choose from. I decided on this one due to the reviews and the fact that I need to make boiled peanuts and have a crab boil. There is a The attached pic shows that one of the legs is damaged at the end, but everything seems to be in the box. The whole unit is about an eighth of an inch. The plastic plug needs to be replaced after I try to bend the leg back into place. When I use the unit for the first time, I will update my review.

👤I used the burner to heat the sap and convert it to syrup. It takes hours of heat to evaporate the water. The burner works well. The burner needs to be set up after assembly. It works perfectly once you have the air/gas mixture set.

👤I like this thing. The heat output is great. The cover I bought was for it. The gas one cover is great. This was a good buy. It is a brick S**t house. I read a complaint about the smell. I did not have that experience. I would recommend this burner to my friends.

👤I made a table to make it safer and easier to use. The wind has a big effect on the burner. I've had a few cases where the burner was the cause of the fire. It's dangerous. The fame is very orange and indicates an inefficient burn. This is not adjusted with the metal sliders, but it does allow more air in. You should watch for flame outs. I've noticed that the pan rock a bit when the 4 pot holder legs aren't level with each other. I've been using it as a deep fryer. I can get it up to my liking. It's not enough to be perfect at the job. I start at 400 degree oil, drop in some fries, and then go down to 300 or so until the fries are gone. The trick is to start at a higher temp. It does get the job done, but it isn't great. It is very cheap. If you keep an eye on it, you will have a good chance of cooking dinner or something without burning yourself or starting a grease fire.

5. Windscreen Pressure Adjustable Regulator Removable

Windscreen Pressure Adjustable Regulator Removable

Steel braided hose is included to use with the propane tank. Gas One has a double burner that provides extreme heat for various cooking scenarios. This burner is great for those looking for a little more range in their heat. The B-5000WS shows the needed combination of power and control. The Double Burner has a rugged body and is easy to carry. The B-5000WS has an adjusted high pressure 0-5 PSI steel braided regulator that allows for a secure source of gas flow. The heat density is consequential. The portable burner has two heat dials that can be used to control each flame. You can adjust the burner flame to meet your needs. The Double Burner Regulator ensures a safe cooking experience by monitoring the propane gas flow and preventing further leak when internal or external issues are detected.

Brand: Gasone

👤Quality control is bad. I'm surprised there isn't a review that talks about these issues. I noticed a chip on the front edge when I opened it. After taking it out of the box, he noticed a lot of chips. I put it back in the box. A replacement arrived today. This one might be worse. One of the areas is already rusting. I am working with Amazon. I hope I get to try this out and comment on it's performance, but I'm worried that it's going to rust on me quickly in south Florida. If I want to keep one of these, I'll need to spend more on a cover and a good coating of spray paint. It's terrible to have to do all this on a new product.

👤There is no reason to dislike this stove. We needed a stove that could handle large pressure canning equipment. The stove clicked all the boxes.

👤I like it. It's well built. I connected my propane tank and fired it up. Nice flames! The cast iron burners seem to last a long time. The only thing you should be aware of is that the legs are a tad short. A short person would be fine. I'm a few inches shy of 6ft. It is a tad low. Not a dealbreaker. I've read that leg extenders work well for them. Get the carry bag for it. It does not come with a bag.

👤Will not leave. The temperature controls are terrible. It's a waste of money. You are screwed if there is a breeze.

👤The burner has a great heat output. It sounds like a flamethrower on medium heat. The fire is very reliable even on very windy days when it is set on the lowest heat setting. The ease of cleaning was something I disliked. It gets greasy fast if not cleaned after each use.

👤I would like to get the item back.

👤The build quality is better than my "Loco Turkey Fryer" that was junk after a year.

👤This gas is only used for barbeques, because it is not stable and has no cover.

👤excelente equipo tienen un equipo.

6. Camp Chef EX60LW Explorer Outdoor

Camp Chef EX60LW Explorer Outdoor

A limited warranty for one year. The hose and regulator are included. The legs and wind screen are made of steel. It is compatible with most 14 in. Camp Chef accessories. There are two 30,000 BTUs/Hr. The burners are cast-aluminum. Appliance-style temperature controls. The propane tank is not included.

Brand: Camp Chef

👤This grill was bought to use in camping. I decided to use it in my home grilling system. I bought a pizza oven and made a BBQ island to fit it. Buying more accessories over the next year works well.

👤The best cooking appliance I have ever purchased. I live on a farm and can't find an indoor propane range, so I bought a camp chef with a professional griddle. It puts out a lot of heat. I was able to get the griddle to over 500 degrees in 10 minutes. The only problem is that it is short. I made my own leg extensions, using 1/3 inch PVC and caps, because I didn't want to buy expensive ones. The cost of the material was $1.29 for 10 feet, 4 caps were 30 cents each and glue was $2. I left 7 inches out of the end of the eat piece for a total height of 36 inches. I used 1/2 inch sheet meal screws because there were already 2 holes in each leg. The leg extensions make it sturdy.

👤I received this item and have not used it yet. I'll update later if it's less than 5 stars. 1. This thing is large. I thought it was smaller. It's the same size as a standard house stove. You should know what you're getting. 2. The burners are large. It's listed at 30k BTU because it means business. 3. If I can figure out how to get the pics off my phone, I'll show you. You will need a large table. Think of a picnic table as large. The camp tables are not adequate. There's not much need since the legs are sturdy. It will sit on a table. 4. I also bought a griddle for it. It's a perfect fit for this unit. I want to buy a second one so I can use both sides when cooking. It's probably too much. I like having more than I need. 5. I like the modular approach to this unit. The base unit alone is a bargain compared to the smaller table-top units that are more expensive for camping. The quality is there, and the K.I.S.S. principle is alive and well in the design. 6. The kind of camping you do has an impact. I plan on camping in a car/tent for most of the time. I intend to cook a lot while out there. The brand and this unit should be called Camp Chef. 7. I like designs where form follows function and then becomes art. That's how I see it. There are 8. The box for the Camp Chef was damaged when I got this unit. It was clear that it had been retaped. I was worried that I was getting someone else's return. I was happy to find that the unit had been opened to make sure it hadn't been damaged. There are 9. I didn't get the carry bag that was available. I will correct that mistake next week. This is something you will want to protect for a long time. I don't think it will last decades with just a little care. 10. The unit has no electric start. This isn't the unit for you if you have that. One less thing to eventually break or go wrong is what the K.I.S.S principle is about. I would prefer a lighter. You can have several just in case. 11. You only need the propane tank if you have the propane hose attached. There are 12. The legs and the car came with a bag to hold them, which was a nice surprise. It will help them not getting lost. I looked over all the table-top units by various manufacturers in order to buy one of them. All of them seemed to have some sort of problem. Either quality/longevity, or windscreen problems, or connector problems, or burner issues, or too hot with no adequate low setting. Something. I knew when I found this that it wasn't going to be less than I needed, and that I could grow with my expertise if I wanted to. I know it was the right decision after seeing it in person.

7. GasOne 50250 2109 Cast Iron Regulator

GasOne 50250 2109 Cast Iron Regulator

The size is 6 inches in diameter and 12.5 inches in length. Cast Iron high pressure burner head and Pressure Regulator are included. You can use their gas one burner head with high pressure or low pressure regulators. The brass fitting orifice Block has an air Shutter and spring. Cast Iron will not melt easily compared to aluminum construction. To only be used with propane. Pre-installed for customer's conveniences are the Image 3 accessories.

Brand: Gasone

👤I bought this to modify the Pizzacraft Pronto pizza oven so that I could cook Neapolitan style pizzas at the correct temperature. It is working well with some effort. The quality of the regulator is good, but they have a rubber washer on the end of the hose that connects to the burner. The washer should be a metal to metal connection. This connection was designed to work that way. If the washer cracks or breaks down, you will have a leak and that is a fire danger.

👤This is an upgrade for making beer outdoors. The burner was secured by a single screw on the bottom of my frame. This burner has threaded holes in each of the legs, and the screw is a metric one, an M6-1.0, and I got the 12mm length. The reviews said that the proper screw came with it, but mine didn't.

👤I wanted to convert my smoker to gas and use a wood pan for wood and wood chips. The sheet metal screws that I screwed in block up some holes. I used a cast iron pie pan for my wood box to keep it from being made out of metal. There is a lot of smoking wood in the pan. If I want, I can use the wood smoker. The grill cover should be put on after each use. Stored the gas bottle and burner in a trash can to be out of sight.

👤It works well. I used it to convert my pellet fired pizza oven to gas. There is a The only issues with this setup are that the regulator is very sensitive, there is only a small range between flame off and too much flame, but that's not the product's fault, just my particular application. There is a rubber o-ring in the flare fitting of the regulator hose. I don't know if an o-ring seal is needed for a flare fitting. It was leaking propane after the seal was installed. The seal was removed and it works now.

👤I was given a wobbly fryer stand. There were a few screws that were loose. Nothing that a few quick MIG welds could not fix. There wasn't a burner in it. I gave this one a try. I have bought a few fryers and they seem to work better. It gives a bright blue flame. I couldn't get rid of the yellow flame tip that the bought ones used. They left soot on the pot. I haven't cooked on it, but it seems to be what I've been looking for.

👤My ten year old outdoor burner had rusted inside so bad I had to use a yellow suity flame to fix it, this burner and regulator combo was the perfect cure, just one screw held it on so easy to install. I wire brushed the rust and gave the stand a fresh coat of paint, and now the whole thing works like new money!

👤I bought this because I could never get a decent blue flame after adjusting the oxygen vent on my old burner. This burner is new. I was able to maintain a blue hot flame and any setting from low to high as long as I adjusted the oxygen vent slightly. Great purchase.

8. Outdoor Propane Adjustable 0 20PSI Regulator

Outdoor Propane Adjustable 0 20PSI Regulator

The propane tank is not included. The portable cast iron one burner camp stove is sturdy and good for projects. The heat output is high with the power with Control. Heavy Duty is perfect for camping, fishing, outdoor cooking, and emergency preparation. It is advisable to use tools in order to tighten the o-ring on the safety- heat adjustable regulator, as it is possible to tighten by hand. Steel braided hose is included to use with the propane tank.

Brand: Gasone

👤Where do I start? Poor design and packaging. It stinks to high heaven when it is on. Not usable, no heat control. I researched gas outdoor burners before buying this to do home brew. The first and second one I ordered were returned due to a defect. I thought the third one worked. I kept it. There is a problem with the wind/heat shield around the burner. Regulator is garbage. It is either full bore or off. Forget about temp control. I tried to use this product to the point of insanity. I returned it outside my window. And so angry. I gave it away. I bought a Hellfire. There was no comparison between the two. You can spend the extra 50.00 on a Blichmann. You will say thank you later. I know I would have liked to have.

👤It works great with my Winco wok. There is a There is plenty of heat when you need it. There is a I use it with the lodge skillet.

👤The burner I received was not worth anything. I didn't have a chance to inspect it until today because it arrived the day before Thanksgiving. The fuel mixture adjustment plate on the gas intake was not used. The fuel mixture would not ignite because it was too lean. I had to use aluminum tape to restrict the air intake to get through Thanksgiving and the turkey frying process. The burner performed well and the improvisation worked well. The assembly is very sturdy, and the burner and intake are made of solid aluminum, so it gets a few stars for being durable. It only gets one star because of the lousy quality at the factory and the time I'll have to spend to get it back to Amazon.

👤I was excited to use it after purchasing it. The burner was rocking back and forth after I got it out of the box. It's very dangerous for this to not be sturdy, especially when you have a big pot of oil on it. One leg was bent in. There was no damage to the box. Amazon replaced it quickly. There is a The second one was level. The casting job on the burner was poor. They want top dollar for this 5 dollar casting job. 20% of the burner holes were not working. Some were not present. Some were damaged. I returned both of them. If the burner was 50 dollars, it would be acceptable. This is not acceptable when the burner is 100.

👤I had a turkey fryer. I had to replace it with a new one. I got a model from Lowe's in time for Thanksgiving. It took over an hour to cook because it barely got up to temperature, and because of the restrictions and safety measures on it. It went to the store. I was on the hunt for the perfect fryer to cook Christmas dinner in. This led me to this fryer and it did not fail! The burner size is massive and it looks intimidating. It took 15 minutes for my oil to reach 400 degrees. I put the turkey in the hot oil and then lowered the flame to 300 degrees. The blue flame with yellow tips was possible because of the air adjustment. The temp went back up to 350-degrees to continue cooking the bird and required minimal adjustments to maintain it for the duration of the cook. It may be a little too much if you are on the fence for this as a turkey fryer. I would rather have to adjust the temp down rather than have to chase the temp up in order to not ruin family dinners. Don't hesitate, buy this item!

9. ROVSUN Outdoor Pressure Backyard Regulator

ROVSUN Outdoor Pressure Backyard Regulator

The Triple burner will need to be lit manually. You can cook a lot of food in the same amount of time with the 150,000 BTU output. Both burner have knobs to control heat. It's ideal to make family meals like fried fish/chicken. It is possible to adjust the heat. CSA listed regulators can be used to adjust the flame. The front knob has a temperature control function. The propane tank was the only thing left. It was very gratifying to know that Clancy was around. The legs can be taken off in a few minutes. It's perfect for camping, tailgating, or just boiling corn or crabs. Well constructed. The cast iron burner can handle heavy jobs. A pot of boiling water for clams or crawdads is a superb supplement to the barbecue. It is easy to set up. You can assemble the legs out of the box. It is suitable for an adult height.

Brand: Rovsun

👤I bought the 2 burner so that I can do my canning on the deck and not have to cook in the summer. I'm very impressed so far. The burner adjustments are awesome and the air adjustment on it is great. Black soot on the bottom of my pans is something I don't believe this. Excited to use it! Will be canning next week and will post another review.

👤The first time I used this stove, the plastic control knobs melted from the heat. The only way to adjust the burner is to use a pair of pliers since the brass control is too hot to be adjusted by hand. The air flow adjustment can't be reached from the front of the stove, so it has to be hot to control it by hand. The fictional stove is not designed to adjust the burners or air flow.

👤It is very easy to adjust heat.

👤We ordered this earlier than we needed it so we were sure to get it in time. We didn't try it until we needed it and the regulator didn't work. We had to pay another $25.00 for a new regulator because we had to go buy a new one from Amazon. Too late to return so we will just use it and never buy again.

👤There is an update on 8/24/2019. I complained to the seller. They responded very quickly. They offered to give me a full refund of my purchase price if I would buy a compatible regulator. This stinks, make no mistake about it. I used a 10-regulator to brew my beer and it took me 10 minutes to get my 10-gallon starting volume to a rolling boil. It has a 20-psi regulator. I chose this stove because it was the only one that could fit my 15-gallon kettle. If you own a 15-gallon Megapot, you know that it doesn't fit on most stoves. If you want a stove that puts out a lot of heat, is well-constructed, and accommodates large kettles, this is the one you want. There is a The knobs are made of cheap plastic and I rated this 4 stars instead of 5. I was unable to turn off the gas using the knob because the heat had weakened the plastic so much that it couldn't grab the stem of the valve. It spun like it wasn't attached. I had to use a crescent wrench to turn the knob. The stem has a notch in it, so a standard screwdriver would have worked. This is not a big deal to me. I don't mind that the stove is idiosyncrasy and I care about the beer. Good-quality metal or plastic knobs are not cheap on Amazon. You will pay at least $20 for a set. The original review was original. The stove is very well-made and is beautiful. The package didn't include the high-pressure regulator. Local hardware retailers only carry 10-psi regulators. If the seller makes it right, I will update my review. I am able to use it.

10. Concord Brewing Equipment Supply Brewing

Concord Brewing Equipment Supply Brewing

The burner is made from heavy duty cast iron and will last a lifetime. The size is 16.5"x16.5". The burner can burn up to 200,000 BTU. CSA Certified 20 PSI regulator, hose, and connection included. The stand has legs that can be removed for easy storage. Capable of supporting up to 400 LB or 200 LB pot filled with liquid.

Brand: Concord Cookware

👤The burner is strong. The legs are securely attached. The propane hose can be connected to a tank in a few easy steps. There is a The flame put out by this burner is amazing. The 200k BTU's are shooting fire. The burner frame can handle a lot of weight and works well for both flat bottoms and Wok round bottoms, but I purchased a cast iron wok ring that fits the burner perfectly and makes wok cooking a breeze. See the pictures. We bought it for Wok use and large stockpot cooking for shrimp and crab. It's also great for cooking with cast iron. Can't find anything wrong with the burner, but wish it stood a little higher. All the emitters work without any issues. I might build a stand to raise it to waist height. It's important to first run without cooking for 15-20 minutes in order to burn off the paint that won't handle the heat. It's perfect after that. Five stars and an honest recommendation! A+.

👤I have been looking at this product for a few years. I gave up on finding the kind of power and quality that I was looking for, and just borrowed one. We hosted another lobster bake this year, and I decided to look for a burner again. I did some research, read reviews, looked at the construction, narrowed down my choices, and chose this model. I'm very happy with the result. It is much more powerful than the one I have borrowed in the past. Two of my guests asked where I buy it. I sent them the link. This burner is fantastic and I am picky about quality.

👤The stove I bought recently was put together last night. It is easy to put it together. The legs and the fuel line are attached. The bronze nut is where the hose connects to the oxygen plate. Make sure you use a wrench to hold the bronze nut while you tighten the gas line. The red knob controls the flame's height and strength. I use this to do some serious Chinese cooking and it really blasts the heat in the wok for that purpose. The pressure knob has a great degree of flame height and temperature control. There is a The unit is built to last. I am very impressed with the quality of the stove and the amount of heat it can put out. A must have for serious Chinese cooking.

👤I needed the heat that this dragon produces, so I bought this burner. The grease splatter indoors is a pain to clean, and my regular kitchen gas range is not enough. The burner arrived on time, but it took almost a week to arrive because it was shipped by ground from California and I am on the east coast. The product is so strong that it is a stout 37 pound package. The instructions are easy to follow. You want the bolts to be tight because you don't want the legs to come off while you are cooking. It would be a nightmare. The first use should be without food, but with a pan to spread the heat to the surrounding unit, because you are going to burn off the paint and it will off gas odor and a bit of soot. Think of it as preparing the unit for use during a trial run. You are ready to eat once that is over. The burner lights easily and politely, with no big poof to scare you or burn you, although I still like to use a 7 inch Bic lighter instead of a match just for safety. I am in my first week of use and it is everything I hoped for. Will it rust outside in the elements? The cover will cause rust if I get it. Please share if anyone has an answer.

11. GasOne B 5350 Propane Regulator Pressure

GasOne B 5350 Propane Regulator Pressure

One cast iron high pressure burner head, one flare M x 1/8", one 4ft high pressure propane hose, and a brass fitting are included in the package. The highest BTU in the market. The B-5350 is the highest flame output single propane burner available in the market; a fully controllable flame, an extremely durable body, and a portable design makes the heavy duty burner the go to appliance for any outdoor cooking occasion from tailgates to backyard. The B-5350's propane regulator is the reliable connection you need to ensure a leak-free, fully controlled burner experience. The high-pressure heavy duty burner was made with three things in mind: a stable and extremely sturdy frame, a powerful heat source, and an easily accessible, easily portable low profile design. The heavy duty burner comes with a high-temperature resistant paint that eliminates the problem of peeling frames and the smell of paint burning fumes that so many burners face when first used. The B-5350 is the go-to burner for any outdoor cooking situation because it has built-in wind blockers that help keep the burner's flame power efficient, stable, and well functioning.

Brand: Gasone

👤I bought this burner because I was angry. I'm trying to heat a pool but the last burner can't keep the coil hot enough. This made me angry, and I wanted the largest propane burner on Amazon that I could find. When I wrestled the behemouth out of the box, I noticed that the surface area of the burner was much larger than the one I was replacing. I dared to light it. I apologize if you noticed the temperature went up by 5 degrees, it was me testing this device. This thing can cause global warming. I dared to crank the propane regulator to 20psi before the heat and wall of fire was too much to bear. I shut it down. I'm not sure if I'm capable of handling all 30psi. I think it will suck down propane like an alcoholic drinks beer during happy hour. I'm very pleased so far. Will keep you updated with any issues.

👤I bought this because of the heating power and it boiled peanut oil to 350 degrees in 7 minutes flat. The frame it is built in has several draws, but the regulator is east to control the temperature. I liked the new one so much that I opened the box and sprayed it with a can of Stove paint, after I called Amazon and said I was dissatisfied, I bought a new one. It was reinstalled into my outdoor kitchen. They welded the top burner brackets but screwed the bottom of the brackets, making it almost impossible to get to the little screws in the assembly, as you spend a little more time building a better product.

👤I bought this because I have been to many seafood boil where there is a jet burner and it is so loud that you cannot hold a conversation if you are standing nearby. The most sturdy construction, four legs, and the highest PSI regulator hose were all found online. I didn't have to worry about tipping over because of the wind guard. It can be used as both a gas cooker and a fire pit. I've only used it twice so far and both times I had the oxygen saturation on the highest setting to create a yellow flame. I placed a grill on top of my charcoal grill and was able to cook boudin and chocolate on top of the crackers while roasting marshmallows. I haven't used it yet, but the next plan is to put out a lot of heat and spread it out over a wide area, not a single point like a jet burner. I love it! It is large and does not break down, so you will need a place to store it.

👤The frame fit the box well. The burner unit that was supposed to be attached to the frame and account for half of the unit's weight became detached during shipping. The burner was bouncing along inside the box and two of the mounting brackets were bent. The mounting screws were not damaged or stripped. I was able to re- assemble with the help of the brackets. Gas One might want to consider styrofoam for the burner unit in the future. The cooker needs to get to the final destination in one piece.


What is the best product for cooking burner propane?

Cooking burner propane products from Gasone. In this article about cooking burner propane you can see why people choose the product. Coleman and Gas One are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking burner propane.

What are the best brands for cooking burner propane?

Gasone, Coleman and Gas One are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking burner propane. Find the detail in this article. Gasone, Gasone and Camp Chef are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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