Best Cooking Burner Gas

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1. 90057 Propane Perfect Camping Emergency

90057 Propane Perfect Camping Emergency

Pairs are perfect with their very own high-quality nonstick cook tops and their own high-quality Reversible Grills. The Grill Boss camp stove was designed to be used with both propane and butane cylinders. The stove has an accessory that will allow use with propane. The Grill Boss butane and propane camping cooker is easy to start, just make sure you follow all of the instructions. The Grill Boss dual fuel camp stove is a perfect accessory for camping. It has a hard shell plastic case. To ignite the stove, simply attach the fuel, and then twist the ignition knob anti-clockwise past the first point of resistance until you hear a click. If there is no click, twist further. The Grill Boss dual camp stove has safety features. If irregular gas flow is detected, it has a built-in gas shutoff.

Brand: Chef Master

👤I needed a burner to cook on while the kitchen is being renovated. This thing is what I need. There is a spelling changed

👤I used it with propane and it seemed better than most. There is a I use it with cheap butane. I only use it for a short time here and there, so it can last a little longer in this stove. There is a The heat output and temperature control are excellent. This is to be expected, it's gas, not electric. There is a The butane can get too hot. I have not had that issue. I only use 8 pans on this stove. There is a The burner ring is made of brass and not aluminum. There is a The stove melting the aluminum pan holders was the biggest issue I saw in any review. I have not had an issue with this. If you buy this, make sure you don't use too much cookware and don't use fuel after use.

👤I think you should have as much commonsense as I do, because this could be dangerous.

👤The plastic carrying case was broken. I decided to send it back, but it's not usable.

👤My cases were broken when they arrived. It's not a big deal to fix it with duct tape. I had to cord the propane cord. It didn't have a propane cord.

👤I have never seen a product like this before, the whole thing is bad, the case is broken, and it came without the hose.

👤It's a great stove, but mine wouldn't light. The cylinder was working well. I tried to light it manually. It happened to other buyers, so Amazon is replacing it. But. I am praying the replacemt is good because I like the design.

👤Do not order this. The frame of the burner was bent so much that the door to the propane can wouldn't close, like many other units. The unit is not functional for safety reasons. The item is not eligible for refunds or returns. Don't waste your money. If I could, I would have a zero star rating.

2. XtremepowerUS Portable Propane Double Camping

XtremepowerUS Portable Propane Double Camping

A portable double stove is great for use outdoors and in other places. The cook-top is ideal for small apartments or dorm rooms. The gas stove is powered by 12,000 and 15,000 BTUs. The camping burner has a control knob that can be used to set the temperature for cooking. The Piezo Ignition function will sidestep the need for conventional matches or lighters when starting your burner. Push and turn the knob to turn the flame. The burner has four rubber legs that are non-slip and make sure your cooking stays in place. The overall dimensions are: 28"(W) x 15"(L). x 3-1/2"

Brand: Xtremepowerus

👤I sent a photo of the damaged one and it was replaced. It is very light weight and the burners are great. The old design of the propane tank's regulator is the reason why people don't understand it, it's the only way to get the gas to flow. The controls work counter clockwise rather than clockwise odd, which is quirky. The sticker on the face is cheap. I removed the knobs and found that the shiny STAINLESS beneath was better without it.

👤This stove is very cheap. It is not the highest quality, it is very light weight and was designed with the idea of creating a product at a very low price point. You will need a lot of skill and ingenuity to make this into a stove. Throw the cheap hose and regulators in the garbage and buy a nice set for a gas grill. If you have a good hose and regulator, you will be able to see the burner's venturi. To get the most out of this stove, you have to tune your venturi tubes and adjust the opening on the venturi. If you want to get all the BTU's this thing has to offer, you will need to tune it. I am very happy with this stove, it was purchased to be used in my shed for canning during the summer. It's very light and cheap, but it's serving that purpose very well and I won't move more. I don't worry about the lightweight construction. A new hose and regulator is installed after the venturi is fixed. The best bang for the buck I have found is in gas stove. I have two pressure canners that I use to make canning a quick process and it's easy to cook with since they are gas regulating.

👤It is a steal to have a beautiful 2 burner outdoor unit at the rate of $45. It works well here as shown. Each burner has an electric starter and no need for lighters or matches. It is easy to clean with splash pans. I put on the leftover hose and regulator. The original works well. Very happy with the purchase.

👤The stove comes with a factory-made hose that is attached to the stove. The burner elements are not locked in. You have to remove the stove or twist the wire tie around the elements to keep them in place when you transport it. It seems odd that this stove doesn't have a lock or a storage area to store it during travel, since it's a portable stove.

👤The tank in the US is incompatible with the regulators valve tip. The US has a round tip. The safety feature of the tank cannot be compressed. Gas won't come out. It is made of inferior materials. I bought a compatible hose and regulator because I don't like the hassle of returning. It works. I will not buy it again. The seller should not sell it.

👤I made an informed purchase after reading most of the reviews because the price seemed too good to be true. It worked better than I expected when I used it on a camping trip. You can get a good hose at any big box hardware store. I ran mine off my RV's onboard tank, and it worked great. I would buy it again.

3. GS 3800DF Burner Spiral Portable Carrying

GS 3800DF Burner Spiral Portable Carrying

It is easy to use, just attach the legs and hook the hose up to a propane tank, and you are ready to go! Only for outdoor use. The most powerful portable stove on the market can boil water twice as fast. Compared to standard portable stove. The inner and outer flame are dual. In a spiral shape, the heat output is up to 11,000 BTU/Hr. CSA (US & Canadian Standards Association) is the highest safety standard. Reliable for camping, outdoor cooking, home emergency kit, etc. Butane Canister is prevented from getting cold and freezing by a thermal plate. The knob is heat resistant. Lighters are not required for automatic starter with safety shut-off system. Reliable for camping, outdoor cooking, home emergency kit, etc. The carrying case and user manual are included.

Brand: Gasone

👤My case was in good shape when I arrived. The case was opened to find a stove. Went to buy a butane canister. The fit was perfect. The burner was lit and the water was boiled. It only took a few minutes. It's much better than my electric stove. The sides get hot, but I didn't notice it from the bottom. The flame was high so I would expect this. I could lower the flame to make it easier to cook. This is perfect for the price. If you're at a campsite, buy their windscreen. I'll be using this indoors during power failures.

👤The kitchen smoke alarm went off when a cast iron skillet was used to sear the meat after it had been cooked. The GAS One 3900DF 11,000 BTU dual spiral flame burner, placed on the workbench in our garage, can heat up the cast iron skillet very quickly without causing smoke in the kitchen. Remove the unit from its carrying case, snap in the butane cannister, and the dual flames will shoot up instantly. Within a minute or two, you're done, and it seems like 30 seconds. I would give the 3900DF ten stars. It's a good thing. You are shortchanging yourself if you haven't tried the Sous Vide method. Amazon sells Anova systems.

👤The stove was shipped in a giant card board box with almost no padding. The case was cracked but not broken. The left burner cover is jammed against the fuel cover, so it won't close perfectly. The stove is very usable, so I will not return. There is a It works well in the kitchen. If you want the flame to go low, don't turn the knob close to Off, but just remember that it goes to a boil at half mark. The half way is not very high. Less than half way to OFF is off. It's not possible to see the flame during the day, so be careful not to turn on too high or too low, and make sure the flame doesn't go out due to wind. To know that the flame is on, I have to look at the bottom edge of my pot. Breakfast and dinner can be made at a camp site with hot water and coffee. Light and portable. I used the stove case as a wind shield because the built-in wind shield didn't work. It's not ideal but better than anything else. I have some butane left in the 4th can. I buy butane from Asian grocery stores for $5.

👤Didn't come in a box. I thought it came with a can of butane gas. Haven't used yet.

👤We loved the stove when it was new. The water is super hot. It was easy to use. Maybe it's only designed for occasional use. We used it to boil water for a couple of weeks. It seems to be dirty now. There is no pressurize blue flame. It makes pots greasy and black. It doesn't cook as hot anymore. There is no way to clean the burner so that the flame can get air. Not sure what to do.

4. Outdoor Propane Adjustable 0 20PSI Regulator

Outdoor Propane Adjustable 0 20PSI Regulator

The propane tank is not included. The portable cast iron one burner camp stove is sturdy and good for projects. The heat output is high with the power with Control. Heavy Duty is perfect for camping, fishing, outdoor cooking, and emergency preparation. It is advisable to use tools in order to tighten the o-ring on the safety- heat adjustable regulator, as it is possible to tighten by hand. Steel braided hose is included to use with the propane tank.

Brand: Gasone

👤Where do I start? Poor design and packaging. It stinks to high heaven when it is on. Not usable, no heat control. I researched gas outdoor burners before buying this to do home brew. The first and second one I ordered were returned due to a defect. I thought the third one worked. I kept it. There is a problem with the wind/heat shield around the burner. Regulator is garbage. It is either full bore or off. Forget about temp control. I tried to use this product to the point of insanity. I returned it outside my window. And so angry. I gave it away. I bought a Hellfire. There was no comparison between the two. You can spend the extra 50.00 on a Blichmann. You will say thank you later. I know I would have liked to have.

👤It works great with my Winco wok. There is a There is plenty of heat when you need it. There is a I use it with the lodge skillet.

👤The burner I received was not worth anything. I didn't have a chance to inspect it until today because it arrived the day before Thanksgiving. The fuel mixture adjustment plate on the gas intake was not used. The fuel mixture would not ignite because it was too lean. I had to use aluminum tape to restrict the air intake to get through Thanksgiving and the turkey frying process. The burner performed well and the improvisation worked well. The assembly is very sturdy, and the burner and intake are made of solid aluminum, so it gets a few stars for being durable. It only gets one star because of the lousy quality at the factory and the time I'll have to spend to get it back to Amazon.

👤I was excited to use it after purchasing it. The burner was rocking back and forth after I got it out of the box. It's very dangerous for this to not be sturdy, especially when you have a big pot of oil on it. One leg was bent in. There was no damage to the box. Amazon replaced it quickly. There is a The second one was level. The casting job on the burner was poor. They want top dollar for this 5 dollar casting job. 20% of the burner holes were not working. Some were not present. Some were damaged. I returned both of them. If the burner was 50 dollars, it would be acceptable. This is not acceptable when the burner is 100.

👤I had a turkey fryer. I had to replace it with a new one. I got a model from Lowe's in time for Thanksgiving. It took over an hour to cook because it barely got up to temperature, and because of the restrictions and safety measures on it. It went to the store. I was on the hunt for the perfect fryer to cook Christmas dinner in. This led me to this fryer and it did not fail! The burner size is massive and it looks intimidating. It took 15 minutes for my oil to reach 400 degrees. I put the turkey in the hot oil and then lowered the flame to 300 degrees. The blue flame with yellow tips was possible because of the air adjustment. The temp went back up to 350-degrees to continue cooking the bird and required minimal adjustments to maintain it for the duration of the cook. It may be a little too much if you are on the fence for this as a turkey fryer. I would rather have to adjust the temp down rather than have to chase the temp up in order to not ruin family dinners. Don't hesitate, buy this item!

5. CONCORD Triple Outdoor Regulator Brewing

CONCORD Triple Outdoor Regulator Brewing

The B-5350 is the go-to burner for any outdoor cooking situation because it has built-in wind blockers that help keep the burner's flame power efficient, stable, and well functioning. The burner is made from heavy duty cast iron and will last a lifetime. Three individual burner stoves on stand with separate heat control burning up to 55,000 BTU. The included items are a high pressure regulator and hose. The stand has legs that can be removed for easy storage. Capable of holding three large stockpots. The Triple burner will need to be lit manually.

Brand: Concord

👤I love it! This is the perfect stove for cooking outdoors. There is a The amount of propane can be adjusted from the knobs. It could be a torch. The flame should be kept to a minimum. There is a After adjusting it, the blue flame was perfect. I can cook in Hawaii. Brown and crisp on the outside, but not soggy. There is a There is plenty of room for your pots and pans. It's not good for stove top cappuccino makers. It will fall. I used an older regular stove to make my solution. You know? They are on a stove. I have been using it for a couple of months. I live next to the ocean. There are no regrets. There is a It's also good under windy conditions. Absolutely recommend! There is a It wasn't made for taller guys. I had a bad back and was bending over. Blocks under its legs solved the problem. Do not expect a perfect finish. I don't have scratches, but maybe a little more sanding before finishing painting would have made it more smooth. Buy it. There is a You will not regret it.

👤I bought it as used. I saved abunch'a greenies. I'm happy. I haven't used it yet. Time will tell if the control knobs will turn 2 or 3 full rotation from "off" until they stop at the full-flame indication. April 6, 2019. I'm replacing the standard regulators and hose with a 30 psi one. The pressure to all three burners is insufficient for my needs. After the burners are lit, it's easy to make air adjustments. The works as advertised and without a flaw. The "Bayou Classic" cast iron griddle is perfect for large meals and completely covers the 3 burner surfaces. The stove legs are very stable and secure. I recommend a 40# propane tank if you want to 800-273-3217 40# of propane is probably too much, but it beats running out of propane.

👤I guess Chinese welds. There were some broken welds. Give me a reason to use my welder. The learning curve is to get all burners working. The burner knobs have an effect on heat. A high flame on all burners is caused by the gas tank wide open. Only one burner will operate if you low the regulator. I was able to adjust the flame on all three burners once I found the sweet spot on the regulator. A small price to pay for a 3 burner. It appears to be heavy for the money. The wind screen will be added in the near future.

👤I tried the new stove with a propone tank. The propane flow on the stove was not stopped after the burner's valves were turned off. I had to turn off the propane tank's main valve to make sure there was no propane flow after I turned off the burners.

6. Concord Single Burner Brewing Equipment

Concord Single Burner Brewing Equipment

There is a brass orifice connector with a Flare M. The burner is made from heavy duty cast iron and will last a lifetime. The size is 16.05 x 12. The burner can burn up to 200,000 BTU. CSA Certified 20 PSI regulator, hose, and connection included. The stand has legs that can be removed for easy storage. Capable of supporting up to 400 LB or 200 LB pot filled with liquid.

Brand: Concord

👤Wow! It was better than expected and much better than my old pot boiler. It is much more stable and has an incredible amount of heat. I'm considering buying a second one because it's a steal at the price. It lost a star because of the fact that the bolt holes for one of the legs were not aligned properly and that the leg to sit square was not made cheap. There is a Good value, good flame control, good strength, can handle a big pot. There is a The paint burn-off is nauseatingly bad, the bolt holes for legs were not aligned, and the quality of the regulators was questionable. There is a There is a note about paint burn-off. We burned off the paint and made oils. The burn-off was limited to the top grate above the flame. When we sat a full pot on the burner, the flame spread and the heat built-up across the entire unit caused all of the paint to burn off. If you want to use the paint for real, you should do a pre-burn with a pot of water for 20 minutes to let it burn off.

👤The burner does heat well. Most of the paint and labels are burned off. The amount of propane it goes thought is the main issue. I believe that half of the burner is lost to the environment. I have a banjo burner that can boil liquid and use a fraction of the propane. It doesn't get to boiling point as quickly but the difference is not significant. The main purpose of this burner is to boil the sap into syrup. A 15 gallon batches can take 12 hours. I have a problem with this burner because it uses so much gas, my propane tank will freeze after 3 hours. When that happens, the amount of propane flow goes down to the point that the water no longer comes up. I have to change the propane tank every 3 hours. I brew beer, but I don't use this burner for that purpose since my beer setup is all electric. I wouldn't recommend it for a hot liquor tank for a boil kettle after using it to boil sap.

👤I bought this because I wanted to cook outside and not have to cook in the house. I was worried if I could turn it low enough to cook. If you want to turn it up, get ready to rumble. It's a good thing. I use it for large batches of frying. I wanted to make a big amount of taco meat. I don't have a picture of my big canning pot on it, but it has happened. I bought a large mesh splatter guard so I could cook without worrying about bird poop in the tomato sauce.

👤This thing is very large. The assembly was easy. There is a clean flame with lots of clear and blue. This is the way to boil water if you need it. The first wort boil took only minutes to come to boil, and I had to turn the boil down to low to continue. This may be too much. Not! It's nits to pick. It could be better. A plug of plastic cover/Styrofoam/cardboard jammed into the gas inlet fitting when shipping shifted. I should not have had to dig it out. There is a Do a burn off before use. The thing burns off decals, paint, and anything else near the burner. There is a A burner is pushing out a lot of power. I am very happy with my purchase.

7. Portable Butane Stove Carrying Listed

Portable Butane Stove Carrying Listed

There is a 3-year limited warranty. CSA certified for safety; fuel sold separately. 10, 000 BTUs per hour is delivered by the butane stove. Measures approximately 13-4/5 by 12 inches. The Piezo ignition has a safety lock and pressure sensor. The controls are user-friendly.

Brand: Gasone

👤I have all electric in my home and purchased this unit to use in it. I used to cook on a gas top stove. The manual stated several times that the unit was not for indoor use, when I received it. There is a I read some of the reviews before I bought the unit, one of which said yes when asked if it could be used indoors. If the box and manual say it's not for indoor use, I look at it that way. There is a I rated this unit 5 stars because it is well constructed and I am sure would work as advertised, but I did not want to take the chance because I was not sure about the indoors aspect.

👤I use automatic igniter in the kitchen. My new kitchen doesn't have gas. If you cook with electric, you know you can't. No way! For the first time in my life, I decided to try one of these burners out as an alternative for certain dishes that you just have to have control over temperature for. I love it. I had a plan to purchase two, but the first one didn't go as planned. I bought a big table to keep them both on. I have a stove top area. Work around the solution. You can swap out the green propane tanks with the alternative hose for the green ones if you want to use the fuel type. I'm assuming that you would want to do that because they burn much longer than the cans that fit inside. I'll consider doing that in the future if it becomes an issue, but so far I've gotten a couple hours and 7 to 10 meal sessions out of each little can. It only took me a second to swap out when I ran out of pasta the other day, no big deal at all. The gas refill cans are on a recurring order. Highly recommend this! They come with a case to hold them if they are put away.

👤I love this stove. It has a plastic carrying case that is perfect for it. You just need to buy small butane gas cans. I used theColeman's brand and it worked. It was very easy to put together. It is very easy to take apart and put away. When you turn the nob all the way to the left, you will hear a click and the fire will start up pretty wide, so make sure there is nothing easy to catch fire next to it. I think it's a great idea. I wish it came with a grill rack that was different. You could grill hot dogs or hamburgers at the beach. But still a great stove!

👤We waited for the kitchen island to be built that would accept a drop-in cook top before I bought this. I tried an electric and a double burner electric. Not enough power from them. I tried this one. Perfect! We've used it many times a day. Yes, inside. This is a big deal. I had no issues with starter or burner connection. I buy butane bottles at the best price on Amazon, which is about $2/wk. In butane. Would I buy again? Absolutely! I am still waiting for that island. The double burner is something I'm considering. I have double wall ovens.

8. Coleman Portable Butane Stove Carrying

Coleman Portable Butane Stove Carrying

There is a limited warranty for three years. The cooking power is 7,650 total BTUs. It can fit a 10-inch pan. It lasts up to 1.25 hours on high. The butane gas cylinder is sold separately. The burner has a precise temperature control and the base is stable. The aluminum burner is rust-proof and the grate is easy to clean. A limited warranty for one year.

Brand: Coleman

👤The video review is in action. I like to cook outside in the fall. I try to cook bacon on the back deck. I don't have to clean up the grease in the kitchen. I don't have a grill with a side burner. I've used a propane stove for 15 years. I was researching for a one that I could use at home, at the park, or while camping. I stumbled on a stove. I've seen the price vary from $16 to 35. This stove runs on butane instead of propane. The canisters are small and should last at least an hour. The stove is easy to use and hook up the fuel. I've used a lot of different stove designs over the years and most of them use a threaded design. This can be a problem for older children, older adults and people with dexterity issues who are trying to teach them how to use one. You don't have to thread or twist the canister with this stove. Drop it in the slot and push the lever that locks it into place to pressurize the system. The igniter sparks into the gas when the knob clicks past max. It's easy. You're cooking! There is a There are other things I like about this stove. Check out my video review to see how easy it is to operate. It's a great addition to your gear, whether you use it for camping, boating, back yard BBQ, or as an emergency cooking source when your power goes out.

👤Ignore those who say it's cheap. It's not a cast iron stove. If you beat on it or drop it, it will dent. It is supposed to be light weight. You're going to pay more if you want something heavy duty. This stove is very safe and easy to use. Unless you're out in the wind, the temperature can be controlled. This isn't rocket science when using this stove, flame on, flame off, and adjust to whatever temperature is desired based on the type of pan or food being prepared. Investing in a set of Pans made specifically for outdoor camping stoves will decrease your cooking time and use less gas. Coleman 8.8 oz Butane Fuel works well.

👤The water should be boiled in 5 minutes on high using only a small amount of fuel.

👤A name branded butane stove costs a good price. It works well. There is a When you are done using the stove, you should remove the canister. It allowed a leak in mine.

👤The burner head melted just like a couple other reviewers had mentioned. It doesn't appear to have affected the flame pattern, but without Coleman or others saying "that's normal - I've used this for months and several cans afterwards without issue", I unfortunately have to return this... I like the small size and carrying case. I contacted Coleman but he didn't reply yet. It seems to work well, though it was disappointing for a first-time user to use a standard home gas stove. It took 10 minutes to boil a liter of water at the highest temperature. I think the wind caused the melting on a cool windy evening while camping.

9. Chef Master 90235 Butane Countertop Range

Chef Master 90235 Butane Countertop Range

Reliable for camping, outdoor cooking, home emergency kit, etc. The carrying case and user manual are included. Piezo Electric ignition is a company. The Chef Master 12,000 BTU portable stove has an electric ignition. It's easy to adjust the heat output on the stove. As the burner ignites, there is no need for a lighter. The Butane burner is designed to output up to 12,000 BTU. The heat can be controlled by a dial. The butane stove is powerful enough to cook anything you need on a camping or backpacking trip. There are camping and backpack essentials. The Chef Master 12,000 BTU Portable Butane Camping Stove is a must have for any camping trip. This butane stove is extra portable because it has a hard-shell carrying case. The stove is small enough to fit in a backpack or a camping bag. The Butane Stove is packed with safety features. It has an In-line Regulator with Pressure-Sensing Shut-Off. The flow will be stopped if the pressure gets too high. The Butane burner has a wind-guard. The Butane Stove comes with a hard-shell carrying case to make it even more portable. You can take this stove with you on camping trips.

Brand: Chef Master

👤It was purchased for use during the storm. Amazon doesn't carry the Chef Master butane, only Gas One, which is not compatible, so this stove couldn't be used. The cost of shipping fuel is much higher than the cost of the stove. I already have their butane canisters so I ordered a Gas One model. I can't use the Chef Master because the window for return expired. I want to be able to brew my Earl Grey tea as we are expecting another storm.

👤When I received this stove, I didn't receive the order of butane that went with it, so I wasn't able to test it. I found a can of butane and tested it. The stove wouldn't light after I followed the instructions. I tried many times but it didn't light up. I am out that money and disappointed because I am past my window to return this stove. Please test this stove immediately if you purchase it. The butane canister should be on hand.

👤As a semi-pro chef, I know that cooking with natural gas is the way to go. I have missed some dishes because I live in a place that only has electricity. You get instant heat from using gas. There is a Likes: The unit cooks fast and though one might think butane would be used up quickly, it really is not if one observes their flame with care. Any more fuel used is superfluous since a flame of what I would consider high is achieved. Blackening of meats requires a hot skillet. This unit gives time. There is a I was able to gauge my butane use, as I only use electric occasionally for special dinners, and only use one can of butane. The butane canisters can be purchased at a relatively low price. Dislikes: There is a hairtrigger in the flame adjustment. It is difficult to get a low flame. The adjustment is not as artistic as a gas stove. There is a A great investment. I love being able to cook with that heat.

👤The box was crushed at the bottom not packed at all and one single tape along the box top--opened up item, butane cannister, no ignition clicks at all, and the smell of burning rubber. There is a crap item. Don't worry, the US made woo hoo. I have an iwantani for many years. Not one. Any day, Japanese made a USA product. The item is crap.

👤The unit is very lightweight and can quickly heat up tea/ coffee water and soup. Exceeded expectations.

👤I like this small stove. It doesn't take up much space. The electronic starter didn't work so I was disappointed that you used butane instead of propane. I slide it with a torch. Didn't have time to send it back.

👤We can still cook our meals when the electrical companies shut off the electrical at our house.

👤There is a lot of power. I had to change it to 1/2. This was a cast iron skillet. I am glad I bought it. Time will tell if it holds up.

10. Hike Crew Double Burner Propane Powered Temperature

Hike Crew Double Burner Propane Powered Temperature

Gas one's single burner has a sturdy body and is portable, which is why it is a low height strong frame. The B-5300 is a heavy-duty burner that is easy to store and handle. The ultimate outdoor cooking experience includes a powerful dual-Burner Travel Stovetop that provides amazing Portability and cooking flexibility for camping, tailgates, backyard barbecues, parties, Catering, Trucking and RV travel. Reliable dual-burner cast iron cookware. Attach a standard 20 pound propane tank to a double burner range and you'll get high heat output up to 150,000 BTUs. There is a sturdy frame with replaceable legs. The Iron Frame won't warp, Rust, Corrode or Crack due to heat, water or wear, and the legs are lightweight yet Sturdy. Control of wind panels and soot. Enjoy heat control and cooking. Even when the weather isn't great, the Temperature Control Knobs allow for seamless heat regulation from low to high as the Extra Large Grates Accommodate your favorite pots, pans and cookware. Pairs are perfect with their very own high-quality nonstick cook tops and their own high-quality Reversible Grills.

Brand: Hike Crew

👤We bought this for a group camp trip and it turned out to be a huge mistake. We bought the same brand of stove and griddle because we thought they would fit the stove the way we thought they would, but they didn't, and that's why we bought the same brand in the first place. No connecting points, no production method to "marry" your Grill to your Stove. The grill was 1/2 higher on one side than the other. The last point I will make is that the Griddle is painted steel. The hot dogs we cooked were disgusting. The stove is now on. The level of poor craftsman is very low. Both burners were welded askew which was not a big deal. The knobs fall off at will was ridiculous. There isn't a clasp that holds them on. The brass control valve it fits on has a large hole in it. The distance of the coil on the burner is larger than a regular stove. The pan needs to be at least 12 inches in diameter to keep it from tipping. I've been an Amazon shopper for 20 years. I have only left two reviews of my purchases, and have generally been satisfied with them. I had to write a third because this purchase was so disappointing.

👤Simple in design and execution. The heat output was very high.

👤It is light and portable, so it is a little wobbly. The burners are very hot. The breeze will blow them out if you turn them down.

👤It was used for about 2 months and started leaking gas. Not suggesting it. Thank you for taking care of the return.

👤Chinese food needs high heat. That is what the camp stove does.

👤Sturdy and easy to use.

👤It's perfect for a second kitchen to do my canning. Good quality. I would have liked to have ordered a three burner now. It's true!

👤I wanted one that would cook and get hotter. It does.

11. Concord Brewing Equipment Supply Brewing

Concord Brewing Equipment Supply Brewing

The burner is made from heavy duty cast iron and will last a lifetime. The size is 16.5"x16.5". The burner can burn up to 200,000 BTU. CSA Certified 20 PSI regulator, hose, and connection included. The stand has legs that can be removed for easy storage. Capable of supporting up to 400 LB or 200 LB pot filled with liquid.

Brand: Concord Cookware

👤The burner is strong. The legs are securely attached. The propane hose can be connected to a tank in a few easy steps. There is a The flame put out by this burner is amazing. The 200k BTU's are shooting fire. The burner frame can handle a lot of weight and works well for both flat bottoms and Wok round bottoms, but I purchased a cast iron wok ring that fits the burner perfectly and makes wok cooking a breeze. See the pictures. We bought it for Wok use and large stockpot cooking for shrimp and crab. It's also great for cooking with cast iron. Can't find anything wrong with the burner, but wish it stood a little higher. All the emitters work without any issues. I might build a stand to raise it to waist height. It's important to first run without cooking for 15-20 minutes in order to burn off the paint that won't handle the heat. It's perfect after that. Five stars and an honest recommendation! A+.

👤I have been looking at this product for a few years. I gave up on finding the kind of power and quality that I was looking for, and just borrowed one. We hosted another lobster bake this year, and I decided to look for a burner again. I did some research, read reviews, looked at the construction, narrowed down my choices, and chose this model. I'm very happy with the result. It is much more powerful than the one I have borrowed in the past. Two of my guests asked where I buy it. I sent them the link. This burner is fantastic and I am picky about quality.

👤The stove I bought recently was put together last night. It is easy to put it together. The legs and the fuel line are attached. The bronze nut is where the hose connects to the oxygen plate. Make sure you use a wrench to hold the bronze nut while you tighten the gas line. The red knob controls the flame's height and strength. I use this to do some serious Chinese cooking and it really blasts the heat in the wok for that purpose. The pressure knob has a great degree of flame height and temperature control. There is a The unit is built to last. I am very impressed with the quality of the stove and the amount of heat it can put out. A must have for serious Chinese cooking.

👤I needed the heat that this dragon produces, so I bought this burner. The grease splatter indoors is a pain to clean, and my regular kitchen gas range is not enough. The burner arrived on time, but it took almost a week to arrive because it was shipped by ground from California and I am on the east coast. The product is so strong that it is a stout 37 pound package. The instructions are easy to follow. You want the bolts to be tight because you don't want the legs to come off while you are cooking. It would be a nightmare. The first use should be without food, but with a pan to spread the heat to the surrounding unit, because you are going to burn off the paint and it will off gas odor and a bit of soot. Think of it as preparing the unit for use during a trial run. You are ready to eat once that is over. The burner lights easily and politely, with no big poof to scare you or burn you, although I still like to use a 7 inch Bic lighter instead of a match just for safety. I am in my first week of use and it is everything I hoped for. Will it rust outside in the elements? The cover will cause rust if I get it. Please share if anyone has an answer.


What is the best product for cooking burner gas?

Cooking burner gas products from Chef Master. In this article about cooking burner gas you can see why people choose the product. Xtremepowerus and Gasone are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking burner gas.

What are the best brands for cooking burner gas?

Chef Master, Xtremepowerus and Gasone are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking burner gas. Find the detail in this article. Gasone, Concord and Gasone are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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