Best Cooking Burner Gas for Indoor

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1. TECHEF AG28BK Portable Butane Burner

TECHEF AG28BK Portable Butane Burner

The burner and base can be separated from the propane bottle for compact packing when you're ready to leave camp. The design has a high power of 2,800 kcal/hr. There is an auto Piezo-Electric Ignition. The Magnetic Locking System is easy to install. The heat panel system has a consistent output. If the pressure in the canister rises to unsafe levels, the automatic safety stop shuts off the flow of butane. A butane gas canister is not included. It is made in Korea and has outstanding performance and exceptional quality.

Brand: Techef

👤This little gem was the end of a venture for increased efficiency. Allow me to explain. I used to cook on a 5 burner propane range because we had a larger family. The oven was large, slow to preheat, and the burner warped easily. I replaced the thermostat and another costly part in my oven, and the burner rings several times, to the tune of several hundred dollars. I was not sure if I wanted another range. The Breville Air countertop oven was discovered at this time. I loved it so much that I bought it again. There is a My search turned to burners/cooktops after the oven problem was solved. I only needed a single burner as I use my pressure cooker daily. I researched and bought a burner. I was very happy with it and used it for a while. I needed a back up burner that didn't rely on electricity. I discovered butane burners after watching a video on alternative stoves. In Korea, Japan, and other places, butane is a favorite of preppers. Excellent! I bought this burner after more research on Amazon. I was immediately struck by the lightweight design after unboxing it. I put a canister of butane in and fired it. I was enamored immediately. The blue flame makes things come to a boil very quickly. The sound this thing makes when it lights up is wonderful. I just love it! It's use of fuel is very efficient. It's lightweight. It is easy to move for cleaning, and the top pops off for a quick wash in the sink. The butane canisters are easy to put in and stay in place. To start, you just turn the knob to the far left. There was no extra switch to push. It looks great on the counter. There is a This unit was supposed to be a back up burner in the event of a power outage, but it has ended up being my primary cooking burner. I have everything I need to make delicious and healthy meals, between the Breville oven, my microwave, pressure cooker, and this wonderful little burner. I got rid of my bulky fuel gobbling and hard to clean propane stove because of this. I have a new stand with shelving for the Breville and accessories, and a basket that holds my extra cans of butane for my cooker. This isn't ideal for larger families, but it works perfectly for me and my husband now. I will buy another burner if I need a second one. I love it so much that I wouldn't mind having another one to look at.

👤I bought this burner because my Iwatani died after a year. Iwatani's stove is very similar to this one. This stove has rubber legs. The problem with the Iwatani stove was solved by this stove. There is a Automatic safety shut off feature is the dealmaker for me. Since I am going to use it for my RV, it's worth the extra money to buy this stove instead of the cheaper ones. This one had the most power and it generated high heat so I can cook quickly. I was able to brew coffee in about 20 seconds. It is a very nice stove and also very high-quality. Very happy!

2. Coleman Bottle Propane Stove Green

Coleman Bottle Propane Stove Green

Steel braided hose is included to use with the propane tank. Up to 10,000 total BTUs is the cooking power. The pressure regulation is. Even in extreme conditions, pressure control is important. More efficient cooking with less fuel is the perfectHEAT design. AJUSTABLE BURNER: 1 It fits an 8 inch pan. The wind blows. The shield burner can be used for maximum heat. The burner and base are separate from the propane bottle. Run time: On one 16.4 ounce propane cylinder, there is up to 2.5 hours on high. There is a limited warranty for three years.

Brand: Coleman

👤When I'm camping, I use this to boil water. I refill my tanks. I bought one about 15 years ago, but it got swept away in a Gully Flood. This was bought to replace it. Looks the same. Good idea, but has the same poor quality construction that I find in most things from Coleman. The attitude of "let's make it as cheap as possible", found in most "made in China" equipment they produce, leaves me unimpressed. The plastic insides of the valve mechanism feel loose and do not give me a feeling of confidence when I turn it off. When not in use, the tank and stove must be separated. Why not use a quality valve? I would have paid more for a better product. I have simple propane soldering torches that screw to the top of the tanks, which is 10 times the quality of the same money. Coleman wants you to break the valve and throw the unit away. Many people here accept poorly engineered products and give 5 stars to everything they buy. Not a happy camper. I will not buy another. There is an update... The product that I found was a much better quality product. I bought it.

👤works well for money. I found a good carrying case for it. The plastic container is 9x8x68. You can get it from anywhere from $4 to $5. It fits the stove and base.

👤It worked well for the first year. You can see the burn marks on the plastic and the gas leaking from the knob in the picture. It's a shame.

👤A small. It's lightweight. It's very easy to attach the propane tank. The Burns were evenly burned. In windy situations, does well. It's perfect for camping.

👤I wouldn't want anything else other than this one, even though it may be a little bigger than other portable ultra light camping stoves. I read that the overall area to place a pot/pan on is small and can be flimsy, so I purchased this guy. It held all of my camping pots/pans perfectly, and since you slide the bottle of gas into the round base, you can adjust it if you are on a slope. This will be a staple for future camping trips.

👤This is a very well made item. It is convenient to use. The cylinder can be plumped into the base with the help of the top. The short, fat cylinders are used instead of the long, long cylinders you usually see plumbing use. I had one of these things, but I can't find it anywhere, so I ordered another one. The part of Florida I live in, the Panhandle, did not get hit by the storm. There is a My old stove helped my father and I through Hurrican Ivan in 2004. We didn't have power or water for a week and half of the trees were knocked down. Our roof lost every other row of shingles, the storm windows blew out with loud bangs, and the siding of our house blew three blocks down the street, which my neighbor, John, returned to me as a joke. We 800-273-3217 I also have a Coleman propane stove. I can't find that either. I used this stove a couple of times before deciding the single burner was enough for coffee, tea, or dinner. We ate Hormel with no beans and Bush's chili beans thrown in. You don't have to use soapy water on the joints to check for gas leaks with this stove. There is one connection. If it does hiss when you screw it on it means the valve is open. There is a To light it, just open the valve and light it with a match or butane lighter. You use the valve to turn it on or off. There is a If you're not familiar with propane torches, the gas coming out makes the connection icy cold to the point that frost forms. No kidding. The same principle that makes your refrigerator work will cause frost to form. I told you to torch mind you. I didn't allow the burner to run full blast. The cooking grid is very sturdy and might eventually be hurt by the flame. If I ever find the old burner, I will compare it to the new one. There is a There is a word about liquid fuel stoves. The Coleman dual fuel stove will burn over four times what is in a cylinder per gallon, according to a add for a dual fuel stove. The cylinders only hold 16 ounces of liquid and the gallon has 128 ounces. There is a The liquid fuel gasoline stove blowing up and sending people to heaven was a joke the person used to make. Methane, ethane, propane, and butane are the straight line gases. You get gasolines, mineral spirits, fuel oils, and tars after this. Natural gas and ethane are not liquids at safe pressure. At 15 atmospheres of pressure, propane is a liquid. The stuff in your bottles is liquid. Butane is liquid at the pressures you find in bottles. propane is more expensive than butane, butane is ideal for plastic lighters. Natural gas is cheap, but an actual cylinder of gas would give you less cooking time. They use gas in city vehicles, but they don't have a great range per charge. There is a If you like to camp or live in hurricanes, this and other Coleman products are very nice. I give it five stars.

3. DuraSteel Burner Chinese Copper Propane

DuraSteel Burner Chinese Copper Propane

Before use, read all instructions. This propane gas jet burner for Chinese ranges uses heavy-duty construction to provide you with high heat output. It is ideal for a wide variety of cooking styles and dishes. This jet burner is made using extra strong and durable cast iron and comes with 32 nozzles that are just as durable to provide you with reliable and long- lasting use. It can be used at home and in the outdoors. This cast iron 32 Tip Jet Burner is a simple, fast and efficient solution that can be used indoors and outdoors. The Chinese wok range burner is designed to run on propane gas. It is easy to move around for your next party or outdoor get-together because it is 3Kg. Start with the lowest input and adjust higher if you want the regulator to work properly. Don't start high on your regulator. Their wok burners are made with customer safety and convenience in mind. They use the strongest and reliable materials to ensure lasting use. Let them know if you receive a broken jet burner. Their wok burners are made with customer safety and convenience in mind. They use the strongest and reliable materials to ensure lasting use. Let them know if you receive a broken jet burner.

Brand: Durasteel

👤The burner was bought to make a grill. It turned out better than I anticipated. I bought the 23 jet unit for the physical diameter that it would cover because I only use a quarter of the capacity. The first picture is a proof-of-concept and the burner is sitting on the floor. I found a donor grill and swapped out the factory burner. The control valve of the donor grill had to be removed. There is a The grill needs time to heat up. The grill grate is up to temperature in a few seconds because of the heat. It can provide a heavy sear in as little as 15 seconds per side, which is perfect for sous vide cooking. I usually use a modified grilling, where I want the sear to last about 1 to 1 1/2 minutes per side. I have that flexibility with this setup. I take full responsibility for my mistake. I used an old gas regulator for my first test, and ended up ruining most of the jets. They were easy to clean by removing all of them and blowing the casting out with compressed air.

👤You don't need the Bayou Classic 5235 Orifice Connector Brass to start. Don't fall for buying things you don't need. Save money. I picked up a brass compression reducer at the hardware store, which was all I needed for my set up. They looked at me when I asked what the heck that was. They were excited to help me find the parts I needed, even though it was mostly for beer. Just 2 parts are needed to connect this to the hose. After I got home with my parts, I put up my burner. I got some pipe dope to make sure the joints had a good seal. This thing is awesome. I don't think I'll have any problems cooking with this set up. I should have done this sooner. I spent more for a fryer that doesn't have the same amount of heat as this one. I will be working with a friend to make a grate. I tried to fry some fries with a small grate I used off of a grill, but the beast turned it red hot and I had to stop. I will be using angle iron to make a heave duty grate.

👤It takes less than 5 minutes for my 7+ gallons wort to boil in a 15 gallon beer keg. It will boil over quickly if you don't watch. A small flame keeps the boil going. I had an issue with getting it mounted. I attached it to a stand I had acquired using some pipe clamps, but will probably replace them with U bolts. Highly recommended.

👤It's perfect for converting my turkey fryer to natural gas.

👤Changed over from 40 lbs of gas to a 250 lbs tank and didn't realize the output would be regulated down to. It is possible to have a substance called psi. The old burners put out very little heat. I bought the burners to boil large cats of water for canning. The mission was accomplished. The water in a 22 quart pot was boiled in 8 minutes and the water in two pots was boiled in 18 minutes. That is faster than my previous 10 psi burners. I reduced the size of the hose and the fitting. It runs a little hotter when running a single burner. You could shave a few more minutes off of a dual burner setup if you ran 1/2 hose and fittings.

4. Camp Chef EX60LW Explorer Outdoor

Camp Chef EX60LW Explorer Outdoor

A limited warranty for one year. The hose and regulator are included. The legs and wind screen are made of steel. It is compatible with most 14 in. Camp Chef accessories. There are two 30,000 BTUs/Hr. The burners are cast-aluminum. Appliance-style temperature controls. The propane tank is not included.

Brand: Camp Chef

👤This grill was bought to use in camping. I decided to use it in my home grilling system. I bought a pizza oven and made a BBQ island to fit it. Buying more accessories over the next year works well.

👤The best cooking appliance I have ever purchased. I live on a farm and can't find an indoor propane range, so I bought a camp chef with a professional griddle. It puts out a lot of heat. I was able to get the griddle to over 500 degrees in 10 minutes. The only problem is that it is short. I made my own leg extensions, using 1/3 inch PVC and caps, because I didn't want to buy expensive ones. The cost of the material was $1.29 for 10 feet, 4 caps were 30 cents each and glue was $2. I left 7 inches out of the end of the eat piece for a total height of 36 inches. I used 1/2 inch sheet meal screws because there were already 2 holes in each leg. The leg extensions make it sturdy.

👤I received this item and have not used it yet. I'll update later if it's less than 5 stars. 1. This thing is large. I thought it was smaller. It's the same size as a standard house stove. You should know what you're getting. 2. The burners are large. It's listed at 30k BTU because it means business. 3. If I can figure out how to get the pics off my phone, I'll show you. You will need a large table. Think of a picnic table as large. The camp tables are not adequate. There's not much need since the legs are sturdy. It will sit on a table. 4. I also bought a griddle for it. It's a perfect fit for this unit. I want to buy a second one so I can use both sides when cooking. It's probably too much. I like having more than I need. 5. I like the modular approach to this unit. The base unit alone is a bargain compared to the smaller table-top units that are more expensive for camping. The quality is there, and the K.I.S.S. principle is alive and well in the design. 6. The kind of camping you do has an impact. I plan on camping in a car/tent for most of the time. I intend to cook a lot while out there. The brand and this unit should be called Camp Chef. 7. I like designs where form follows function and then becomes art. That's how I see it. There are 8. The box for the Camp Chef was damaged when I got this unit. It was clear that it had been retaped. I was worried that I was getting someone else's return. I was happy to find that the unit had been opened to make sure it hadn't been damaged. There are 9. I didn't get the carry bag that was available. I will correct that mistake next week. This is something you will want to protect for a long time. I don't think it will last decades with just a little care. 10. The unit has no electric start. This isn't the unit for you if you have that. One less thing to eventually break or go wrong is what the K.I.S.S principle is about. I would prefer a lighter. You can have several just in case. 11. You only need the propane tank if you have the propane hose attached. There are 12. The legs and the car came with a bag to hold them, which was a nice surprise. It will help them not getting lost. I looked over all the table-top units by various manufacturers in order to buy one of them. All of them seemed to have some sort of problem. Either quality/longevity, or windscreen problems, or connector problems, or burner issues, or too hot with no adequate low setting. Something. I knew when I found this that it wasn't going to be less than I needed, and that I could grow with my expertise if I wanted to. I know it was the right decision after seeing it in person.

5. Propane Pressure Adjustable Regulator Removable

Propane Pressure Adjustable Regulator Removable

The package includes a single burner camp stove and 9 screws. It's ideal for garden, patio, camping, picnic, travelling and outdoor general use. Gas One has a double burner that provides extreme heat for various cooking scenarios. This burner is great for those looking for a little more range in their heat. The B-4545 shows the needed combination of power and control. The Double Burner has a rugged body and is easy to carry. The B-4545 comes with a steel braided regulator that allows for a secure source of gas flow. There is intermittent heat density per burp. The portable burner has two heat dials that can be used to control each flame. You can adjust the burner flame to meet your needs. The Double Burner Regulator ensures a safe cooking experience by monitoring the propane gas flow and preventing further leak when internal or external issues are detected.

Brand: Gas One

👤A small hole caused the line to catch on fire. The second burner line was faulty and caught on fire.

👤It's great for cooking and canning outdoors.

👤I just unpack my item and it looks like it was a returned item that was repacked and sent to me. It looks like it was used before.

👤We only used it three times, but one of the burners stopped working and there was a fire behind the knob. I was thinking that I was getting a product that was safe and easy to use. The connections were well connected, but this product disappointed me. My advice is to find something better. They have a fake six months warranty that will never Refunds or send you a replacement. I gave up when I tried. I will buy something better.

👤The burner was easy to set up and use. The legs are locked in by screws. I had to use a second clamp because I had to tighten one of the legs because the screw was tight to turn. It took me about 10 minutes to set up. There is a The legs are somewhat sturdy, but they could be a little thicker, or come down at a slight angle so that they would sit better, but they still got the job done. I had to add an extra piece of wood under one leg because the ground was not level. There is a The burners work well, and I have been cooking with them for about 3 days. If you want to make some quick stir fry dishes, they can be adjusted to very strong output. A great set of burners for the price. There is only one missing thing, a cover for the burners.

👤I have a double burner for seafood and fish fries. It was very easy to put it together, just attach the legs and tighten the screws. It takes time to get used to the burner elements because I am used to cooking with electricity, but once the gas is turned on, they heat up quickly. It's hard to see the flame, so be careful with it. It's a great addition to family gatherings.

👤I was happy to purchase the product.

👤Solide et facilement montable. The brleurs torchent. Je dommage, soient trs difficiles bouger. Comme qui avait collé. Ma marmite is sur la grille. A 15.5 pouces de profond. Je vais mettre autre grille par dessus. A cause de la peinture was sent. viter de l'utiliser prs d'une porte patio ou fentre.

👤The paint job is great. The control knob looks like it came from shipping. I hope I can return it because I don't like it, just because the control knob is bent down.

👤Les mécrous de montage endommagés. Le tuyau is flexible. It's not a problem.

👤It is very easy to assemble. There are no tools required. 10 minutes total. It works well on the first use.

6. 90057 Propane Perfect Camping Emergency

90057 Propane Perfect Camping Emergency

Pairs are perfect with their very own high-quality nonstick cook tops and their own high-quality Reversible Grills. The Grill Boss camp stove was designed to be used with both propane and butane cylinders. The stove has an accessory that will allow use with propane. The Grill Boss butane and propane camping cooker is easy to start, just make sure you follow all of the instructions. The Grill Boss dual fuel camp stove is a perfect accessory for camping. It has a hard shell plastic case. To ignite the stove, simply attach the fuel, and then twist the ignition knob anti-clockwise past the first point of resistance until you hear a click. If there is no click, twist further. The Grill Boss dual camp stove has safety features. If irregular gas flow is detected, it has a built-in gas shutoff.

Brand: Chef Master

👤I needed a burner to cook on while the kitchen is being renovated. This thing is what I need. There is a spelling changed

👤I used it with propane and it seemed better than most. There is a I use it with cheap butane. I only use it for a short time here and there, so it can last a little longer in this stove. There is a The heat output and temperature control are excellent. This is to be expected, it's gas, not electric. There is a The butane can get too hot. I have not had that issue. I only use 8 pans on this stove. There is a The burner ring is made of brass and not aluminum. There is a The stove melting the aluminum pan holders was the biggest issue I saw in any review. I have not had an issue with this. If you buy this, make sure you don't use too much cookware and don't use fuel after use.

👤I think you should have as much commonsense as I do, because this could be dangerous.

👤The plastic carrying case was broken. I decided to send it back, but it's not usable.

👤My cases were broken when they arrived. It's not a big deal to fix it with duct tape. I had to cord the propane cord. It didn't have a propane cord.

👤I have never seen a product like this before, the whole thing is bad, the case is broken, and it came without the hose.

👤It's a great stove, but mine wouldn't light. The cylinder was working well. I tried to light it manually. It happened to other buyers, so Amazon is replacing it. But. I am praying the replacemt is good because I like the design.

👤Do not order this. The frame of the burner was bent so much that the door to the propane can wouldn't close, like many other units. The unit is not functional for safety reasons. The item is not eligible for refunds or returns. Don't waste your money. If I could, I would have a zero star rating.

7. XtremepowerUS Portable Propane Double Camping

XtremepowerUS Portable Propane Double Camping

A portable double stove is great for use outdoors and in other places. The cook-top is ideal for small apartments or dorm rooms. The gas stove is powered by 12,000 and 15,000 BTUs. The camping burner has a control knob that can be used to set the temperature for cooking. The Piezo Ignition function will sidestep the need for conventional matches or lighters when starting your burner. Push and turn the knob to turn the flame. The burner has four rubber legs that are non-slip and make sure your cooking stays in place. The overall dimensions are: 28"(W) x 15"(L). x 3-1/2"

Brand: Xtremepowerus

👤I sent a photo of the damaged one and it was replaced. It is very light weight and the burners are great. The old design of the propane tank's regulator is the reason why people don't understand it, it's the only way to get the gas to flow. The controls work counter clockwise rather than clockwise odd, which is quirky. The sticker on the face is cheap. I removed the knobs and found that the shiny STAINLESS beneath was better without it.

👤This stove is very cheap. It is not the highest quality, it is very light weight and was designed with the idea of creating a product at a very low price point. You will need a lot of skill and ingenuity to make this into a stove. Throw the cheap hose and regulators in the garbage and buy a nice set for a gas grill. If you have a good hose and regulator, you will be able to see the burner's venturi. To get the most out of this stove, you have to tune your venturi tubes and adjust the opening on the venturi. If you want to get all the BTU's this thing has to offer, you will need to tune it. I am very happy with this stove, it was purchased to be used in my shed for canning during the summer. It's very light and cheap, but it's serving that purpose very well and I won't move more. I don't worry about the lightweight construction. A new hose and regulator is installed after the venturi is fixed. The best bang for the buck I have found is in gas stove. I have two pressure canners that I use to make canning a quick process and it's easy to cook with since they are gas regulating.

👤It is a steal to have a beautiful 2 burner outdoor unit at the rate of $45. It works well here as shown. Each burner has an electric starter and no need for lighters or matches. It is easy to clean with splash pans. I put on the leftover hose and regulator. The original works well. Very happy with the purchase.

👤The stove comes with a factory-made hose that is attached to the stove. The burner elements are not locked in. You have to remove the stove or twist the wire tie around the elements to keep them in place when you transport it. It seems odd that this stove doesn't have a lock or a storage area to store it during travel, since it's a portable stove.

👤The tank in the US is incompatible with the regulators valve tip. The US has a round tip. The safety feature of the tank cannot be compressed. Gas won't come out. It is made of inferior materials. I bought a compatible hose and regulator because I don't like the hassle of returning. It works. I will not buy it again. The seller should not sell it.

👤I made an informed purchase after reading most of the reviews because the price seemed too good to be true. It worked better than I expected when I used it on a camping trip. You can get a good hose at any big box hardware store. I ran mine off my RV's onboard tank, and it worked great. I would buy it again.

8. Basecamp Single Burner Angle Camping

Basecamp Single Burner Angle Camping

It's recommended for hunting blinds, deer stands, camping, RV, fishing, hunt camps, tailgating, patio, beer brewing, canning, clam bakes and boiling. Only outdoor use is allowed. This stove is more rugged than other cast iron stoves. The cook top raises the cooking vessel away from the flame. You can keep a level cooking surface on varied terrain with the help of the legs. Not included are the hose and regulators.

Brand: Basecamp

👤The fogon is bastante pequeo. Parece resistente, pero por ser tan pequeo la llama. de la olla, por tanto, una olla Grande no sirve porque Podria thatmar los guisos y sancochos. Aparece con el tubo de conexion, por otro lado. No lo trae, se debe comprar por separado. tubo de conexion terminas gastando 130 dolares.

👤Solid big boy camp stove. The screws were stripped when I got a warehouse return. People try to tighten the leg bolts with a screwdriver instead of using an end wrench, according to some reviews. The bolt is kept from turning by the screwdriver side. The stove worked great at the camp and I was able to get them tight with stripped screws. I have seen water boil faster but this worked great and is very sturdy for cast iron skillets. The angle iron is too far apart to work with small pots. Not the best in direct wind, but better than a Coleman or similar two burner briefcase burner. I bought a great oropane hose from Harbor freight for 12 dollars and it was a great compliment to the stove as it had a regulated attatched. If that makes sense, then something about this stove screams mad max moonshiner. There is a I had to fix the valve after I knocked off the star because it was bent and crooked from the re-pack job. I was lucky that there was enough brass on the truth knob to flatten it out and still have threads because it doesn't stick out as far as I would have liked. These were more Amazon issues than anything else.

👤The quality is good, but there is no hose. Camp Chef has a much better quality item with 45000 more btu's and a better construction for 70 dollars. The Camp Chef double burner is 15 years old and still works great. What was I thinking? I have to pay 11 dollars to send it back to Amozon. I suppose you can live and learn. The camp goods are for sale. Happy campin.

👤I've been using this for 2 years to can tomatoes outside. It's small, but sturdy, and it holds up 24 quart full pots like a larger burner. Here's the problem. There must be something on the black coating that causes it to give off to the pots. It's difficult to remove, and has discolored the pots. That's annoying. I use it. I need another burner, but I think I'm going to try a different one. It takes a bit of scrubbing to get the black off the pots.

👤I was going to return it but forgot, it does work and you need other parts to make it work, it does seam to work. They lie about it because they know it will melt if you use it more than a few times. I was testing it. And it worked. Maybe it will be okay. I need to boil 5 gallons for over an hour so I will update this after I cook with it, the only reason I left bad feed back is they lied about what it was made out of.

9. GS 1000 Portable Automatic Ignition Carrying

GS 1000 Portable Automatic Ignition Carrying

There is a limited warranty for three years. Most fuel efficient butane. A portable stove on the market is capable of boiling water quickly. Compared to Compeititors portable stove, it can be used with 8oz Butane Canister only. CSA (US & Canadian Standards Association) is the highest safety standard. Reliable for camping, outdoor cooking, home emergency kit, etc. If the stove defects 0.7 kilogram force from canister, it will automatically expel butane canister from the stove. Lighters are not required for automatic starter with safety shut-off system. Reliable for camping, outdoor cooking, home emergency kit, etc. The carrying case and user manual are included. Quiet operation provides clean efficient burn along with silent operation.

Brand: Gasone

👤I like that this product is light, small, and hides the butane canister, making it feel more like a burner than a camping stove. There is a We used this in the wind and rain and the flames stayed on. If the pot was not covered, water boiled in a good amount of time. There is a The guy got so hot it melted itself. The metal plate is where the burners are held. I feel like the metal where the fire comes out should be able to resist the heat that the product produces, but what do I know? There is a It was cheap and you get what you pay for.

👤The burner is weak and doesn't use much fuel. You will be waiting a long time for the water to boil. The stove has no heat shield under it, so you need to put a heat resistant mat underneath it. There is a If you use it for a long time, it will melt.

👤I didn't have a chance to try it out until October. The canister that held the shells didn't seem to fit in the right way. The section where the canister was being held combusted started to shoot out flames when I tried to use it. I turned it off and it started to shoot fire. It took a while to put it out. I tried to use a different canister. Get a better qulity stove if you spend the extra cash.

👤I received a stove today. I've wanted to get one of these burners for a while. It was packaged well and had a nice carrying case. It was very easy to set up as I just pushed and clicked. It takes coleman 8.8 ounce canisters. There is a You're good to go once you hit the fuel lock. You have a flame if you turn the knob to ignition. I find water boiling quickly. I suggest putting something heat proof under it. So far, so good. I'll try to do more and update this review.

👤The stove was bent along the edge beside the can, so I was initially disappointed. I couldn't close the lid on the butane can. The plastic carrying case is cracked. That's a bad thing. I needed to use it immediately because of the power outage. I duct-taped the cracked case after bending the metal back enough to close the lid. By the time my power came back, I decided I wouldn't bother returning it. I have the option to return the stars, but they are not very durable and are super thin. This is not a heavy duty item. Being lightweight makes it easy to carry and travel with. I got the 4-pack of butane cans from the Gas One brand. I only plan to use this during power failures as I live in the woods and lose power several times a year. I poured 2 mugs of water into a metal coffee pot and it came to a full boil in just under 4 1/2 minutes. The butane cans are very easy to put in the stove, you just stick the can in with the arrow facing up, and it snaps into place. The flame is strong and the ignition option worked quickly. I decided on this brand because it was cheaper than an 8,000 BTU brand. I don't think I'm missing a thing, this throws a lot of heat to boil water and cook. There is a Hotels often use these for table-side cooking. It's best to use it in aventilated space so carbon monoxide won't be an issue. The bottom of the unit is wide open and it gets hot from use.

10. Mr Bar B Q Master Portable Butane

Mr Bar B Q Master Portable Butane

There are 2 adjusted burning devices. For precise temperature control. Piezo Electric ignition is a company. The Chef Master 15000 BTU portable camping stove has a Piezo electric ignition. It's easy to adjust the heat output on the stove. As the burner ignites, there is no need for a lighter. The 90019 Butane burner is designed to output up to 15,000 BTU. The heat can be controlled by a dial. The butane stove is powerful enough to cook anything you need on a camping or backpacking trip. There are camping and backpack essentials. The Chef Master 15,000 BTU portable butane camping stove is a must have for any camping trip. This butane stove is extra portable because it has a hard-shell carrying case. The stove is small enough to fit in a backpack or a camping bag. The Butane Stove is packed with safety features. It has an In-line Regulator with Pressure-Sensing Shut-Off. The flow will be stopped if the pressure gets too high. The Butane burner has a wind-guard. The Butane Stove comes with a hard-shell carrying case to make it even more portable. You can take this stove with you on camping trips.

Brand: Chef Master

👤We thought the igniter didn't work, probably because of the reviews. We didn't know what a Piezo igniter was or how to operate it, so we had an issue. The way the Piezo igniter works is that you have to turn the burner knob all the way until it starts. To start a flame, turn the burner knob all the way until you hear a loud click of the igniter. Let the fire go.

👤The igniter works, but not well. I use it for my Korean bbq adventures. Gets plenty hot to get a nice seat and color the meat without boiling it. This thing is very strong and cooks very well. My can of butane has been used four times so far. A good carrying case keeps it safe when not in use. There is a The igniter didn't work. I use a candle lighter that doesn't catch my hand on fire. No spark, no click. It would be a five star product if it wasn't for that. Not having the starter makes it a three star product.

👤Great all around burner. You can use this inside the kitchen, but I have an extra burner there. My stove only has two burners on the glass top range, and with a larger gumbo pot on one, it takes a very long time to heat up. The pot of water can be boiled 4X faster than the glass range. The flame can be left unattended at a family dinner for an hour or two while it warms up. The first canister of fuel gave me 3 cooking sessions. The heat was high for about 4 hours. If you need something super hot, the canister won't put out enough flame once it gets below 20% fuel. Once it gets that low, it will keep cooking for an extra 30 min. The downdraft system in my kitchen does affect the flame, but it is not enough to be a concern. The pot can be moved a few inches either way.

👤If you are going to be travelling, I would not recommend this stove since you may have the same problem I had with the gas lighter in the box. I am an electrical engineer so my comment would be not worth the money. These types of items need to work under all conditions and this is not the one you buy. There are other brands that can help you. Give one star.

👤While waiting for their back ordered item, I came across this and decided to give it a try. The little guy has a serious flame. My wok is 14 in and it is heating up in seconds. I stopped using my electric stove because it works better with this. If you want to buy butane at an Asian market, it will cost you $4 for 4 canisters. This is a must have if you cook stir fry frequently. I returned the Electric wok to William Sonoma and saved $90.

👤Around 1 1/2 times, I put out more heat than any butane stove. If you are camping, the grate helps keep the heat on. I've had a few butane stove, from no name ones from Asian stores to branch one from Costco. I am happy that I found this. I wish the top was made of steel, like the one I got from the store.

11. CONCORD Triple Outdoor Regulator Brewing

CONCORD Triple Outdoor Regulator Brewing

The B-5350 is the go-to burner for any outdoor cooking situation because it has built-in wind blockers that help keep the burner's flame power efficient, stable, and well functioning. The burner is made from heavy duty cast iron and will last a lifetime. Three individual burner stoves on stand with separate heat control burning up to 55,000 BTU. The included items are a high pressure regulator and hose. The stand has legs that can be removed for easy storage. Capable of holding three large stockpots. The Triple burner will need to be lit manually.

Brand: Concord

👤I love it! This is the perfect stove for cooking outdoors. There is a The amount of propane can be adjusted from the knobs. It could be a torch. The flame should be kept to a minimum. There is a After adjusting it, the blue flame was perfect. I can cook in Hawaii. Brown and crisp on the outside, but not soggy. There is a There is plenty of room for your pots and pans. It's not good for stove top cappuccino makers. It will fall. I used an older regular stove to make my solution. You know? They are on a stove. I have been using it for a couple of months. I live next to the ocean. There are no regrets. There is a It's also good under windy conditions. Absolutely recommend! There is a It wasn't made for taller guys. I had a bad back and was bending over. Blocks under its legs solved the problem. Do not expect a perfect finish. I don't have scratches, but maybe a little more sanding before finishing painting would have made it more smooth. Buy it. There is a You will not regret it.

👤I bought it as used. I saved abunch'a greenies. I'm happy. I haven't used it yet. Time will tell if the control knobs will turn 2 or 3 full rotation from "off" until they stop at the full-flame indication. April 6, 2019. I'm replacing the standard regulators and hose with a 30 psi one. The pressure to all three burners is insufficient for my needs. After the burners are lit, it's easy to make air adjustments. The works as advertised and without a flaw. The "Bayou Classic" cast iron griddle is perfect for large meals and completely covers the 3 burner surfaces. The stove legs are very stable and secure. I recommend a 40# propane tank if you want to 800-273-3217 40# of propane is probably too much, but it beats running out of propane.

👤I guess Chinese welds. There were some broken welds. Give me a reason to use my welder. The learning curve is to get all burners working. The burner knobs have an effect on heat. A high flame on all burners is caused by the gas tank wide open. Only one burner will operate if you low the regulator. I was able to adjust the flame on all three burners once I found the sweet spot on the regulator. A small price to pay for a 3 burner. It appears to be heavy for the money. The wind screen will be added in the near future.

👤I tried the new stove with a propone tank. The propane flow on the stove was not stopped after the burner's valves were turned off. I had to turn off the propane tank's main valve to make sure there was no propane flow after I turned off the burners.


What is the best product for cooking burner gas for indoor?

Cooking burner gas for indoor products from Techef. In this article about cooking burner gas for indoor you can see why people choose the product. Coleman and Durasteel are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking burner gas for indoor.

What are the best brands for cooking burner gas for indoor?

Techef, Coleman and Durasteel are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking burner gas for indoor. Find the detail in this article. Camp Chef, Gas One and Chef Master are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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