Best Cooking Bowls Small

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1. Edge Plastic Non Skid Nesting Handles

Edge Plastic Non Skid Nesting Handles

100% risk free purchase. Their No.1 goal is to prove the best service. If you're not happy with their product, please contact them. The mixing bowl set has a rubber layer with spouts and handles. There are 3 sizes, 2 liter, 1.5 liter, and 1 liter. Bowls are nested for easy storage and space saving. The material is food safe and has a good reputation. There are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safes. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Customer satisfaction is their number one goal. Please do not hesitate to contact them if you have any questions or comments so that they can make sure your edge order experience is as good as their products.

Brand: Edge

👤This set is my go to for mixing bowls. I use at least one every day. They're easier to use than my glass and metal mixing bowls. There are 4 different sizes in the set, so there's a size for almost any recipe. The design saves me a lot of cabinet space. My cabinets are already overflowing because I have so many gadgets in my kitchen. They're very sturdy and made with high quality polypropylene that feels very durable. They're microwave safe, so you can mix warm food in them, but they're not meant to go into a hot oven. They work well in the freezer. The non-slip base helps keep the bowl from sliding around while you use it, and it also helps you get a better grip on the handle. The pouring spouts and handles are convenient. They are very easy to clean by hand or putting them in the dishwasher. If you put them in the dishwasher, you should take the rubber base off. It will prolong the life of it. I'm very happy with this set of bowls. I would highly recommend them.

👤It's perfect for hands with arthritis. I needed to get something a lot lighter than my mixing bowls as my fingers don't close as much and my wrists have become weaker. The different sizes are ideal for what I need them for and they fit the bill because they have no trouble with them in the microwave or dishwasher.

👤These bowls are amazing. The smallest one is perfect for scrambling eggs, the next one is perfect for pancake mix, and the other two are perfect for cake or brownie mix. The smallest one I have used is perfect. They are very sturdy and lightweight because they have rubber rings on the bottom. They clean off well. One morning, I left pancake mix in the house and it was all dried up and put in a bowl. It is hard to get off the mixing bowl, but with these it is easy. I think they're a good choice.

👤This is the third or fourth time using one of the bowls in the microwave. It was great before. There is a It caught fire again. It rests on a circular line on the bottom. There is a After less than 30 seconds, there was nothing on the bowl that would burn in the microwave. There is a The outside and bottom were clean before. There is a I bought it when I moved a few months ago. There is a I'd recommend not leaving it unattended in the microwave, it might be just this one that's faulty.

👤I ordered them while visiting my son. They liked them so much that I left them for the family. They have handles and spouts. It was easy for my grandson to help in the kitchen because he had four different sizes to choose from. If the bowl size was shown on the bowls, it would help. The brand name is shown. Measurement would be helpful. They will do it just to have some bowl mix things. I don't know if they are microwaveable. I would be cautious if you wanted them to last. I used the larger bowl to mix cake batter and it did well, so they seem sturdy enough. My son has two boys and his wife so that will be the real test for him, they will be more wear and tear. I will see what they are in when I return. I might order a set for myself. I want to see if there is a similar measurement on the bowls.

2. Stainless AIKKIL Nesting Storage Prepping

Stainless AIKKIL Nesting Storage Prepping

The value 19 PIECE set is great. The set includes 6 mixing bowls, 8, 5, 4, 2.6, 1.5, 0.6 quart, and 6 measuring spoons, and comes with a spatula, flexible spatula, egg whisk, and 6 measuring spoons. High quality steel. The bowls are made of heavy gauge steel and have a mirror-finish interior and a fingerprint-proof exterior. The appeal of the kitchen is increasing. The design of the bowls is Deeper than the Standard bowls, they have large capacity storage to make it easier to prepare food. A wide flat rim allows for smooth pouring and a solid grip, a flat bottom provides stability and reliability for tossing salads and whipping creams. It is easy to clean. The multi-size bowls set allows you to complete the work from preparing, mixing, and storing without any scruples. The small metal bowls are great for whisking and beating smaller quantities, while the large metal bowls are ideal for mixing large batters, tossing salads, and storing. Kitchen bowls are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The bowls nest together to create an uncluttered and organized effect in your cabinets. Bowl sizes fit on your refrigerator shelf, cabinets and pantry. The 19 piece baking set is packaged in a beautiful box that is perfect for a wedding or housewarming gift.

Brand: Aikkil

👤I needed a few more medium sized bowls so I bought this set with the 13 quart bowl included. I love this set so much. They will take a besting before they bend out of shape. I am able to hand roll pie dough inside the bowl without the risk of dents or dimples because I work with large batches of cookie dough and pie dough. They're easy to clean. I like the thin lip around the rim, it gives a good edge if you're whisking or using a hand-held mixer. The outside lip is rolled in a way that traps water when you are washing dishes, so there is no drips from under the rim. They're pretty. Excellent value for the money, well made durable product.

👤Some people think these are light weight and that they should be heavier. They are light weight and easy to use and set down and up again. There is a I use these bowls a lot for baking. It is easy to store and clean. There is a The little gadgets they come with are perfect for little hands and I use them all the time but my 5 year old daughter loves them. Great bowls. Great gadgets! Great price! How much did I spend on the dog water bowl? There is a The biggest bowl here could be used for that purpose. All in a great deal.

👤Silicone utensils were a major bonus that I ended up using more than I expected, since I bought the mixing bowls for my husband's future baking endeavors. There is a The husband is working on a channel for people who want to lose weight with food and exercise. Baking tools and gadgets were not available in my kitchen. He didn't know, but I did. This was a perfect starter set. He is trying to get other items.

👤The price of bowls is a steal. The bowls are in good condition and easy to clean. I am not sure if they are coated with something else or if it is just a paint job, but they seem to scratch very easily. It is weird. The added utensils are not worth as much as they should be. The measuring cups are light and bend easily, they are like children's toys. The measurements seem off by some. I had to check the size of the cups because they seem larger than the ones I already had at home. I poured it into the cups and they were off. I'm not sure what happened there. The other items are good. The rubber brush and tiny tongs are good. If you need heavier duty bowls, do some research. If you do. Light cooker like myself might be fine for price.

👤The bowls are of good quality. Not much else to say about that. There is a The extra tools that come with the bowls were a bonus. One can never have too many things.

👤I wanted a big bowl to mix salad and the biggest one in this set is huge. If you don't have enough storage, this may be too big for you. The metal is thinner on the other side. The bowls are brushed on the outside and mirror finish on the inside. There are no signs of measuring. The bonus utensils are great, they don't feel cheap and look like a valuable set. What you are getting is worth the money.

3. Mixing Bowls Stainless Polished Kitchen

Mixing Bowls Stainless Polished Kitchen

To help preserve your products, please refer to the Libbey website for care and handling instructions. The Sagler mixing bowls have all the sizes you need for cooking, baking, and more. It is easy to wash and clean anti rust materiel. The rounded lip makes it easier to mix ingredients or pour out content. Dishwasher safe and freezer safe are required by the USA.

Brand: Sagler

👤The bowl was rubbed with a paper towel. The metal has a finish that is in the food. This is after I washed them and it still has the bowl smell. I didn't notice this until wiping it down and now I have been consuming toxins from these bowls.

👤A piece of metal came off the lip of a mixing bowl and lodged in my finger as I was making cupcakes.

👤We just moved into our new home and I was excited to use these bowls. Well... I used it once and it started staining my arms. I noticed black stains on my food when I was mixing it in the bowl. This should not happen.

👤If you find that your bowls have a metallic color, it's not unusual in the bowl. You can wash them with soap in hot water and scrub them with lemon juice and salt. I would repeat it to make sure it's off. There is a I've bought two sets of these bowls because I like them so much. The quality is great and the price was good. I thought they would be a bit deeper in shape, but they are not as shallow as you would think, and they are good for breads and such.

👤I was concerned after reading the reviews about the film that was present on the paper towels and fingers of many individuals. It's common with the steel, if you search the issue online. There are ways to get rid of it. I learned how to remove the black smudge from my bowls with a quick internet search. And it's gone. I'm giving them a 5 star review because they are exactly what I expected. A good price and a good size.

👤This is going to be a very unusual review. I play percussion in a concert band that is playing a piece called "Foundry" by John Mackey. The part I was assigned called for four metal bowls, and this set is perfect for them. I was able to mix and match the bowls to find the pitches that I liked the best. I beat these with a mallet that is very hard and will not break, so they will not be damaged, and I might be able to reuse them after we finish playing this piece. There is a This bowl set is a good value for the money spent, if any percussionists end up playing this part for this piece.

👤The mixing bowls were great in the first month, but in the second month one of the bowls separated at the lid. The smallest one's steel is chipping off the rim. They are easy to clean. The seller was very friendly and wanted to make my bowls right. Would work with it again.

👤The bowls are great for mixing. I love the sizes for this price. I'm happy I bought it. Black marks on bowls were washed off. I wish they were packaged in a big box. Sturdy bowls would have been damaged if they pushed the box.

4. WERTIOO Ramekins Kitchen Dessert Dishes

WERTIOO Ramekins Kitchen Dessert Dishes

Storage convenience is promoted by the 3.5 inches glass prep bowls being stacked. Minimum storage space in your utensil drawers is used by these glass ramekins. The dimensions of the ramekins are only 3.82". The Glass Tiny Bowls Set are great for measuring ingredients while cooking or baking, but can also serve as individual candy/nut dishes to put out for your guests, or to serve dessert at an event. Each Tiny Bowl is neatly stacked into the next one. Non-toxic healthy glass is the high quality glass. Sturdy and durable; dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning. 100% quality guarantee The glass bowl will be the best choice, more confident and safe. The products and customer service they provide are of the highest quality. If you don't like the glass bowl, you can get a full refund in 30 days.

Brand: Wertioo

👤I wanted to add a 5 inch bowl because I liked my 4 inch bowls so much. Not really neat and stackable. They are always falling. These do the job, but they don't do it as well as my bowls. Will probably go back to that brand to see if they make bigger ones.

👤I don't know how chip got into my food source and I don't know how it got out of the box. I put them in the recycling because they were not worth returning. Use these for the pre-cook measurement.

👤We used this for so many things that we were always out of the size bowl. I still have 11 and one was broken on arrival. I will have an even number.

👤These little bowls are adorable. It was great to serve fruit salad and portion bowls while baking. I love them.

👤The bowls are as advertised. I assumed this would be the most common size for mise en place. I bought a larger set so that I would have at least one smaller and larger size.

👤I should have thought twice before buying 12 pieces.

5. Oggi Melamine 6 Piece Assorted Colors

Oggi Melamine 6 Piece Assorted Colors

Each bowl fits into your palm for convenient usage, and also stacks into the next one neatly, enabling uncluttered and orderly storage. The set includes 6 different sizes. It's great for preparing and baking. It is made of durable melamine. The dishwasher is not microwave safe. They are more tough than ceramic.

Brand: Oggi

👤I use pinch bowls to measure ingredients. This is the largest size I use for this. I like the shape and colors. I don't like the small base on these things. The base is not as large as the top. It makes it easy to tip over. They are heavy when filled. The single image of the bowl is wrong and makes it appear a lot broader and squat than it really is.

👤These are the things I need to feed my cats. The sides are high enough that the cats are not pushing the food out. A serving of cat canned food is just the right size. I have had them for a while. They still look brand new.

👤I have a second set of these bowls. I use them for more than just food. They are useful for putting small items in while working on a sewing project and for holding screws when you're putting together or taking apart furniture or other items. When I received my latest order, it smelled like perfume. I washed the bowls and they still smelled good. I ran them through the dishwasher to get the smell out. This is not the first time I've gotten an order from Amazon that smelled strongly of perfume. It gives me headaches. Why does this happen?

👤These are not intended to be cat food dishes. They are perfect for that. They are small and strong. I give my cats food. I like to wash their bowls after use. Food doesn't get stuck in corners and round bowls are easier to eat out of. I have been washing these for years. The old ones are just as bright as the new ones. You can't tell them apart. I bought a second set. I would have more for convenience. I don't use them for this, but they are a great size for dipping sauce, soy sauce, or any other sauce. You could use them to measure the baking soda, salt, and powder before making a cake.

👤The bowls were scattered on my box because their package broke. They're small but they're nice looking and can hold small ingredients. These little bowls have an egg or a lemon in them to give you a reference. Take about 60-70 grams of sugar.

👤I got these to replace our metal bowls that sit in a stand for our cats and I could change them out every day. They are too small for metal stands. That is okay. They are sturdy and great for condiments. Which is what we are using them for now. I want to know if you make bigger sizes. How big are they and if they are available for purchase? They came in a cute plastic container and the amount paid was reasonable. I would like to see more Kelly Green in products. I would buy more for gifts. They arrived at the manor. I love them a lot. I would recommend this person. Thank you very much.

👤We needed some small bowls to serve our sauces. The new Fiesta dishes are perfect. We were looking for a small one. My son just got his wife Fiesta for Christmas and I ordered more for him. Very strong.

6. Crazy Korean Cooking Sizzling Bibimbap

Crazy Korean Cooking Sizzling Bibimbap

There is a shabby kitchen. For over 50 years, Now Designs kitchen textiles have been consistently recognized for their superior colors, trends, designs and quality. Free of lead, arsenic, and Cd. Premium stoneware is made from fine clay and fired twice with a natural glaze. Can be used for cooking on the stove. It's dishwasher safe. Bowls made with natural stone are more sanitary and long- lasting. It's perfect for making sizzling bibimbaps and serving hot soups. Product descriptions can be found below. A black plastic coaster is included.

Brand: Crazy Korean Cooking

👤This clay pot is perfect for making soups. It's easy to use because it can go directly on the stove burner. I threw away the platter because it was plastic and would melt if I put the hot pot on top of it. I don't understand why they include a plastic platter. If you use it, it will likely ruin your pot. I would have given this pot 5 stars if the platter was made from the same material as the pot.

👤This is a great pot to use for a variety of dishes. There is misinformation on how to properly use and care for these. This pot is made of clay. You can't treat it like a pan. Cook using a low to medium heat. It is advisable to avoid harsh temperature changes. Once the pot is hot, start with a low flame and increase it. Do not use abrasive sponges when cleaning. Use a soft sponge or wash cloth. Do not use detergent as this will wear out the glaze. The pots were usually cleaned with rice water or flour. Baking soda will work as well. Be gentle! If it burns, soak it overnight in baking soda and vinegar, then scrub it away with a sponge. This will last a lifetime if you care for it properly. Also, no dishwasher! Happy cooking!

👤This is a legitimate product. If you don't know how to use the pot, follow the instructions. The medium size is perfect for two portions. I own the large and will get the small when it arrives. I will recommend it to anyone considering buying it.

👤I loved this for the first couple of months. 100% in love. I don't know how or why this pitting happened. I can't return it at this point. I have followed the instructions in the box for cooking and care. I don't know how to fix it. It is like the glaze came up in spots and it is raw stone. Very sad.

👤I got this dolsot for my boyfriend three years ago. He loves Asian cooking, from Ramen and kimchee to fresh lychee juice and homemade potstickers. In Chicago, there is a lot of amazing Korean restaurants, so we hadn't tried bibimbap before. I finally took the plunge after he admired the stoneware at our local Korean market. This was the last frontier for us. This isn't as large as I expected it to be. I don't think it's small, but I would think that a bowl labeled as large would be just a little bit bigger. I realized that the stoneware at our Korean market was much cheaper, so check your local place first. This was the best option on Amazon. There is a The dish is dark chocolate and coffee colored. When we opened it, we were impressed. The box it comes in is very cute and has fun writing on it. It's well-packed to prevent any damage during shipping. He went to open the bibimbap recipe he had been meaning to make for a long time and it was by Crazy Korean Cooking. He bought a weird vegetable that tasted like sad fish, but everything came out delicious. The bowl is not to blame. It's a good thing. It seems like the bowl doesn't fit the plate it came with, that's my main complaint. It is very loud and never sits flat. It's not a big deal, but I'm still disappointed. I was happy with my purchase and the excitement on his face was priceless.

7. Ramekins WERTIOO Mini Glass Kitchen Dessert

Ramekins WERTIOO Mini Glass Kitchen Dessert

Always wash before use as orders are shipped directly from the manufacturer's warehouse. The dimensions of the ramekins are 4 inches. The Glass Bowl Set is great for measuring ingredients while cooking or baking, but can also serve as individual candy/nut dishes to put out for your guests, or to serve dessert at an event. Each bowl in the set is neatly stacked into the next one. Non-toxic healthy glass is the high quality glass. Sturdy and durable; dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning. 100% quality guarantee The glass bowl will be the best choice, more confident and safe. The products and customer service they provide are of the highest quality. If you don't like the glass bowl, you can get a full refund in 30 days.

Brand: Wertioo

👤It works well with a visual on all ingredients.

👤They are the perfect size. Not big, but not small. I bought these for my meal prep. I like to use different vegetables and seasonings. These little things come in handy when I prepare my meals. Some things need to be separated during the cooking process. I dropped one on the tile floor and it didn't break. I don't think these are 100% glass. The bowls must have something added to keep them strong. These bowls are reliable. I definitely recommend them.

👤These small glass bowls are very large. I noticed that one bowl had a crack after using them for a few days. Throw that away. It's glass. There were glass chips in another bowl. It would have been frightening if I didn't notice those tiny chips. I have had glass bowls like this for a long time. They don't chip. I feel like I have to be very careful with these. I don't know what kind of glass this is, but it's bad. It was not for Covid. I would like to limit my trips to stores.

👤The bowls were large. I bought them for my mother because she claimed to have similar ones. As I unpacking it, half of them were broken. Completely unacceptable. I spoke to an Amazon rep who wanted us to send the entire package back for a refund, instead of just the broken ones. My mom didn't want to bother me, so I acquiesced. My mom liked the ones that were not broken.

👤These do their job, but don't stack like Pyrex dishes. They tend to tip if they are stacked high.

👤It's perfect for measuring ingredients before cooking. You don't have to scramble to find the measuring cup in the middle of a battle. You will have measured it and set it aside. 14 is probably excessive because they don't stack perfectly. The price is correct. It is good to have backups. I don't know how durable they are because I haven't dropped one yet. The size is right, without being too big or small.

👤I used to buy them at the dollar store. I am prone to dropping things. I looked online because I couldn't find them in the dollar store. I needed a larger quantity but it was not enough. The price was reasonable. They are the perfect size for many things. Love them.

👤The only problem I have with these is that they are not all the same weight, so if you are trying to weight different things in different bowls, you have to tare it with each bowl to make sure it is accurate.

8. Luminarc Glass Inch Stackable Round

Luminarc Glass Inch Stackable Round

If the products you received are broken or damaged, please contact them immediately. They will give you a replacement. The bowl is round in shape. The bowls are compatible with other bowls. It's great for serving condiments and dips.

Brand: Luminarc

👤There are smooth but semi-opaque shadows appearing at random, as though the result of faulty acid wash, as these are not 3", but 3.5". They are bowls and will hold stuff.

👤I bought this because the description said they were made in the USA, they arrived today, and the packaging around the bowls said "Made in France". These are not real.

👤I was afraid of these. I used to have larger bowls from a bed and bathroom store, but after seeing them first-hand, they are spot on. It's perfect for dip condiments, bacon bits on the side and butter. Also, Tempered glass. There is a It was better to have packaging than not. The 6 X 6 box was wrapped in bubble wrap and thick paper padding so that it wouldn't fall off the space station. Extra points are given for the care in transport packaging. Life is good.

👤Only one bowl survived. There is a There was no protection between the bowls. There is a All 6 were wrapped in bubble wrap.

👤I don't know what happened to the reviewers who got fakes, but mine are fine. One got slammed down in a steel sink just today and survived without a scratch, but the "ARC" was on the bottom as it should be. There were no complaints here. They're doing what I bought them to do. There is a The seller's name was "Mainstream Source".

👤The fact that the glass is thick enough that I don't have to worry about them being fragile is what I like the most about them. All the time, use them for different reasons. I use them for measuring ingredients to put into things I cook and it makes it so much easier to dump it in without having to measure and get bottles out. I give my dog a small amount of coffee every morning, and he absolutely loves it.

👤The bowls are perfect because I cook with my son a lot, and I want one of us to get stuff ready before the cook needs it. I gave some away to some very appreciative friends because I didn't need all 12. I gave them 5 stars for being sturdy but they are made of glass. I haven't broken one. There is a Here are the other bowls.

👤These bowls are wonderful. I have a large collection of them in various sizes that I've accumulated over the years, but I had very few this size so was happy to find these. I was going to deduct a star because of the sticky label on the bottom of the bowls but the glue comes off easily with water, so no big deal.

9. Small Terracotta Ceramic Dipping Wabhas

Small Terracotta Ceramic Dipping Wabhas

They stack well with their rings. The bowls are high-quality. Wabhas sauce cups ensure your safety and peace of mind, their prep bowls microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher are dishwasher safe. The terracotta sauce dish pinch bowls are perfect for individual dippings. Spices, nuts, herbs, and more can be found in small prep bowls. You can use the dipping bowls to serve finger foods. The ceramic salt bowl is easy to clean and safer than plastic ones. The smooth glazed interiors of the sauce bowls are easy to clean. The serving bowls set includes 8 terracotta charcuterie bowls in Retro Style that will complement any decor. The diameter of the bowls is 3.5 inches, the height is 1.1 inches, and the capacity is 3.5 ounces. The ceramic sauce bowl is easy to stack and can be stored in a small space. The mini bowls are easy to hold. Each ceramic clay bowl has a glazed interior and an unglazed exterior to highlight the natural colors and texture of the clay, small prep bowls bring a casual and chic style to your table.

Brand: Wabhas

👤The reason for which I bought them was fulfilled by these, which are as small as described in reviews. I put small portions of food out for my cats. My elderly cat likes yogurt and bone broth. The bowls look nice on my tile floor.

👤These bowls are bright and fun and are great for your dip or sauce. They are thinner than I thought, but they seem nice.

👤The bowls are perfect for small dips. I would use bigger bows for salsa, but smaller bows for dips. They are easy to store and clean.

👤These bowls are cheerful. I have been using them daily since my surgery. They hold the amount of food that I can eat in a day. I use them for food preparation. They will be used as dipping/sauce bowls. They have held up well to daily use, the dishwasher, and being knocked around in the sink.

👤I wanted them to be small. The colors are nice. I think they will last.

👤I put these bowls in the dishwasher and they broke or cracked.

👤It was much smaller than expected. Donate to charity.

👤The bowls are small.

10. Sistema Microwave Collection Breakfast Bowl

Sistema Microwave Collection Breakfast Bowl

100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Customer satisfaction is their number one goal. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions or comments so that they can make sure that your Cook with Color experience adds just the right color and taste. The breakfast bowl is designed to cook oatmeal in the microwave. The plastic bowl is used for serving and microwave cookware. The steam release vent on the lid allows for splatter-free heating. 100% virgin plastic.

Brand: Sistema

👤This is the third time I've tried to find a microwaveable bowl for oatmeal. The rubber seals on the other two were broken over time and they were glass oven mitts. The Sistema is very cool to the touch and can be microwaved. The seal is staying put, but I am not sure if that is because it is better made or not. I recall reading some reviews about oatmeal boiling over. It works for me if I microwave my oatmeal for three minutes. I heat for two minutes. Wait a couple of minutes and microwave for another minute. If you heat water in a pot for too long over a burner on your stove, it will boil over, so it makes no sense to complain. Why wouldn't you return the pot? If there is enough liquid, enough heat, and enough time, things will boil over. Don't see that as the product's fault; get upset at physics. If you aren't eating Bob's Red Mill Thick Rolled Oats, you are missing out. This is not an endorsement, this is a fan talking.

👤The bowl is useful for cooking an egg. I put butter inside and add an egg. The egg is the perfect size for an english muffin because of the shape of the bowl. The bowl is good with oatmeal, but you have to keep an eye on it. You would think the special lid with a small vent in the middle would stop oatmeal from escaping, but you would be wrong. The oatmeal can still boil up and get to the vent, and then it will spit all over the inside of your microwave. When oatmeal gets close to the vent, you have to pause it. There is a The bowl and lid are easy to clean. Nothing sticks to it. You can either throw it in the dishwasher or hand wash it.

👤I ended up throwing this piece of junk away because I was so frustrated with using this bowl. Sistema products will never be bought again. 40 grams of regular oats are used to overflow. The product page has a description. "Simply heat the contents in the microwave and then eat from the bowl." The microwave bowl has a steam release vent for boiling-free heating and easy-lift tabs. " Nope. 40 grams of oats overflow every time. Not free or simple. There is a There is a second update. Look at the picture. If you put room temperature water and oats over 40 grams, it will still overflow. I put 60 grams of oats on top of my total calories as I increase them. A glass bowl is better than this piece of junk. There is an update. I put 40 grams of oats in the water cooler. I had to remove the steam vent to clean the oatmeal that overflowed after 30 seconds of cooking. I wrote a review after cleaning up oatmeal. I have used regular room temperature water to cook my oats and they don't overflow in my microwave. The bowl is very comfortable to clean, as the oats do not stick to the bowl after drying. I knocked a star off. The instructions don't say to use room temperature water. Some people only have access to a water cooler at work, and most people won't be putting in cold water there. They will put the hot water side in the microwave and cook it more quickly. If you do this, you will have to wash oatmeal off the sides of the bowl. Make sure to use cold water. Pull on the vent lid a bit and it will come off. It seems that the tab could break if you pull it off too much. I am satisfied with the product, but it seems a bit expensive for what you get, so I knocked another star off for the value. It would be worth the money if it was leak proof. I purchased this thinking it would prevent overflow of oatmeal since you designed it to cook oatmeal as described on the bowl. Nope. The oatmeal overflowed through the steam vent. The instructions state to open the steam vent. No better than your average bowl. I imagined a lot smaller. $7.29 is a waste.

11. Norpro Silicone Mini Pinch Bowls

Norpro Silicone Mini Pinch Bowls

Product descriptions can be found below. A black plastic coaster is included. Silicone construction. There are red, green, blue, and yellow colors.

Brand: Norpro

👤I wish I had read the description. These are not made from 100% Silicone. They don't pass the pinch test because there is plastic mixed in. The heating element is no longer intact after one fell down from the upper rack of my dishwasher. I am not sure if a pinch Bowl made of 100% silicone would also break if it touched the heating element. I was hoping for a combination of Silicone and plastic. I wouldn't buy this again.

👤Pinch bowls are an essential part of my mise en place because I do a lot of cooking. I used to use a set of small bowls but, when I saw the Silicone bowls, I thought they would be more versatile since you can squeeze them to control the flow of their contents into whatever dish you're adding spices, herbs, or stuff like garlic to. They're easy to wash and can handle the dishwasher's heat. I don't waste anything because I can turn them inside out to get thick syrupy sauces or spreads. They're a lot easier to hold with wet or oil covered hands than my old melamine bowls, so less chance of them slipping through my fingers and spilling the contents. They are a perfect size for holding condiments.

👤I use these bowls for my small dogs. I wanted something small and light that would give them a drink of water or some food. These are what I was looking for. They're perfect for water on hot days because I keep them in my purse. I like that they are made of silicone. The plastic traps the germs. Glass is too heavy for travel and my dogs use glass bowls at home. These are the right size for us.

👤The lip thing on the top rack of the dishwasher makes it easy to clean. Brightly colored don't break when dropped, so you can't get it out of this and into the mixer bowl. Liquids like extract do not run right out of these as they do from glass or plastic, so a drop or two remain in there. There is a Not very stable on their bases. They may tip if you gently bumped them. I have hard tile and am trying to find things that don't break. These won't break, but they don't work well for a variety of ingredients, so I'm still looking.

👤I use the flat, bordered bottom surface as a raised, contained, horizontal "Palette" to hold glue for my papercraft projects, because the tinier tabs are too small to handle glue being squirted. If I accidentally pour too much glue, there are small holes in the border that will hold it in and the whole shaft won't roll off and get into trouble. Silicone is non-stick and can be wiped off with a dry paper towel or finger, similar to when you were a kid and you covered your hands in Elmer's. I can always put one bowl aside if I need more tabs before other pieces dry, and I can also grab another bowl if I need it. They're useful as stands for drying projects or spherical ones. I don't like the colors, but they're worth it for the price and usefulness.


What is the best product for cooking bowls small?

Cooking bowls small products from Edge. In this article about cooking bowls small you can see why people choose the product. Aikkil and Sagler are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking bowls small.

What are the best brands for cooking bowls small?

Edge, Aikkil and Sagler are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking bowls small. Find the detail in this article. Wertioo, Oggi and Crazy Korean Cooking are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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