Best Cooking Bowls for Kitchen Prep Porcelain

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1. Cook Color Mixing Bowls Nesting

Cook Color Mixing Bowls Nesting

100% virgin plastic. The mixing bowl set is easy to clean and has non slip bowls. The mixing bowls are safe for food and drink, and are free of the harmful substance, B.A. The set includes 1 liter bowl in white, 1.5 liter bowl in light blue, 2 liter bowl inteal and 3 liter bowl in blue. A functional set that saves you space is set nest. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Customer satisfaction is their number one goal. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions or comments so that they can make sure that your Cook with Color experience adds just the right color and taste.

Brand: Cook With Color

👤The colors are nice, but I thought the sizes were going to be bigger. I put a picture of a Starbucks drink inside the largest bowl to compare. The largest bowl isn't that big. They are still useful for mixing and holding small items.

👤This set was disappointing. The first time I made cookies with one, my beaters went through the bottom of the bowl. As the bowl goes from the rim to the bottom, the thickness of the bowl decreases, as does the integrity of the bottom of the bowl. I gave them a 2 star rating because they are cute. Light mixing jobs are the only ones they are for.

👤I was disappointed by the flimsy nature of the bowls. The bowls were packaged in a box but there was no packaging or wrap for them.

👤Within a minute of use, the bowl cracked.

👤I had a set of plastic mixing bowls that shattered in my tile floor. I liked the curved bottom for whisking eggs and the pour spout for pouring cleanly, so I bought them 3x's. The same features make these a more durable material. These are dishwasher safe, and I use them a lot for mixing salads together, prep work for meals, and most of all using my eggbeater/mixer with less splattering out. I use them in the fridge for fresh eggs. There is a This is great because it is easy to wash in the dishwasher.

👤The rubber ring on the bottom is not worth much. The bowl is small and slides over the counter. Non slip material is needed on the entire bottom of the design. The colors are pretty.

👤The bottom of the largest bowl cracked during normal use. They're not strong, and as another reviewer pointed out, are smaller than I expected.

👤These bowls are wonderful. The sizes and shape are perfect for different things in the kitchen. There is a My 92-year-old mother likes to use one of the smaller bowls for popcorn or potato chips. She can stick her thumb through the handle of the bowl and not lose her grip since she walks with a cane. I used to collect ingredients in the kitchen. They're great.

👤I bought these as a treat and they looked great. I have used whiskers in two of them and they look really nice and the sizes are perfect. The pourer spout is very useful when making pancakes or yorkshire puds. The smaller one is great for whisking up a few eggs, and the larger one is great for mixing a large cake mix in. I would have loved to receive these as a gift. Bowls don't make me smile.

👤I would recommend the item but not the price, it has been cheaper in TKMaxx.

👤The photos in the ad are larger than these. There's no way they'll be big enough to make soap. The package was torn and looked like it had been sitting on a shelf for a long time. The plastic rings fell off the bowls. The bottom is not worth the cost. They'll be back.

2. Greenbrier Mini Bowls Inches Diameter

Greenbrier Mini Bowls Inches Diameter

There are dishwasher, refrigerator, and microwave safes. Products keep the original look for a long time. A set of 4 bowls. 3.5in X 1.5in Prep Pinch Bowl. It's perfect for baking and cooking.

Brand: Greenbrier

👤The bowls are sold at the dollar stores. I went to my local dollar store and bought the exact bowls, the same four pack to a set, the exact same label on the bottom. I paid $1 for each set of four.

👤Pyrex is a heavy duty glass. One of the bowls was broken when it was received, most likely before it was shipped. I put them away because I'm extra careful with them. They are a good value for the price and help when lining up ingredients in the kitchen.

👤Will not order this item again, original order arrived in 4 pieces, replacement order arrived today with 3 of 8 bowls in pieces. I would not recommend this product.

👤The bowls are nice. One of them did arrive broken. I reached out to the seller directly if there was a problem. I asked them to fix the broken bowl. I did not receive a reply.

👤These little bowls are great. I've seen them used on cooking shows. I can make cooking and baking more enjoyable by getting everything ready. I don't have containers of ingredients at the store.

👤I measure out all the ingredients before I start making a recipe. It's so easy!

👤These little bowls are adorable. It's great for prep work in the kitchen.

3. Sweese Porcelain Large Salad Pasta

Sweese Porcelain Large Salad Pasta

Pro-GRADE PORCELAIN is safe for cookware, ovens, and freezers. The bowls are made of porcelain, a type of ceramic that is lead-free and chip resistant. You get what you pay for with the creation of Sweese. Good size for people. 45 ounces of food can be held in each bowl. It's ideal for salads, pasta, popcorn and chilling. Good shape for people and animals. The bowls are wide and shallow, so the food doesn't get stuck, and easy to spoon out. The shallow shape makes it easy to hold the bowl. The shape is easy for your pets to get their faces into, as they are shallow. These serving bowls are easy to clean and don't take up a lot of space in your cupboard. They are easy to clean, you can wash them with soap or water. Pro-GRADE PORCELAIN is safe for cookware, ovens, and freezers. The bowls are made of porcelain, a type of ceramic that is lead-free and chip resistant.

Brand: Sweese

👤This is my second Sweese purchase and it has turned out to be a disappointment. I ordered the 1310 porcelain salad/pasta bowls in various colors. One of the bowls was scratched and the paint was thin. They did not respond to my two emails, which was a lie. I decided to order the porcelain large salad pasta bowls after returning them because I had no choice. For reference, see my pictures. There is a bubble at the inside bottom base of all four bowls. I circled the bubbles in red because they were hard to photograph. Grains or flecks on the bowls were glazed over. You can feel them with your finger. I circled one example in green. The bowls were black. These were not washed off because they were under the glaze. Only 2 of the 4 bowls had specks. I circled it in blue on one picture but did not circle the black specks on the other picture because they are very visible in the picture. There is a The set by Mikasa is my recommendation. Mikasa and Bed, Bath and beyond sells the Mikasa Delray bone China bowls for $40.00. Mikasa has a 25% off coupon and free shipping over $50. There is a The Sweese bowls are a nice size and seem sturdy, however the overall aesthetic is lacking.

👤It's dumb to think that the lack of a proper bowl would affect how much salad I eat. Our bowls wouldn't hold enough for a meal and spilled all over if I tried to mix in dressing. Our serving bowls were large enough for a main-course salad, but not elegant. The spilling marathon that was eating salad from plates was the first thing that came to my mind. These bowls are perfect, they hold a lot, allow room to mix, and could be used for soup with a nice topping. They're our go-to dish for most meals.

👤Many other reviews have extolled the virtues of these dishes, and they are solid, quality, items that hold up well in the dishwasher and meekrowahvay, while looking quite nice. This is the perfect dish for putting together your entree-sized, perhaps over stuffed salads. I used to like hitting the salad place when I worked in a city, even if it was just a salad with some fried chicken or steak on top. I've taken to trying to recreate those big lunch meals with salad and less red meat, because I'm trying to eat a bit healthier now that I work from home. This has required loading up on larger items. It was hard to fit all these items in, toss them smoothly or evenly distribute the dressing, without it flooding to the bottom, because any type of deeper bowl made it hard. Plates led to an overflow, with items going over either during prep or consumption. This perfectly sized dish is wide enough to fit a big salad with all the trimmings, and evenly distribute such items, while giving you room to mix them around a bit, as needed to set up that delicious first bite. It's not so deep, so any dressing you use won't get the lower level soggy and sopping. These are the total winners if anyone is making more salads at home. There is a bonus: I used to eat soup in smaller bowls in my own home, just like I did when I was a child. I recently tried this out for soup and it solved the problem of being too hot to eat, now it's cold. It's easier to enjoy your meal in a wider bowl. I'm over it! I started using them for my chili even though it feels odd.

4. FineDine Stainless Stability Stackable Convenient

FineDine Stainless Stability Stackable Convenient

A set of 5 bowls with plastic lids are ideal for storing food, baking and cooking. The sizes of the bowls are 75, 1, 1.5, 3, and 5 quarts. A sturdy grip is ensured with a wide, flat rim. Their bowls are deeper than standard sets and allow for more serving and less mess. The small metal bowls are great for whisking and beating smaller quantities, while the large metal bowls are great for mixing large batters, tossing salads, and storing. The lids are made of a flexible plastic that won't harm you. The serving bowl lid has a flush fit and has a top for stacking bowls. Remove and replace the lids with handles. The mixing bowl set is made of heavy-gauge STAINLESS steel and is rust and dent resistant. The silver bowls have a shiny interior, a wide, flat rim for smooth pouring, and a flat base for stability. Their dishwasher safe kitchen bowls are easy to clean by hand. The metal bowls are perfect for gifts on Christmas, holidays, and other special occasions.

Brand: Finedine

👤This product is not real. The bowls are not advertised on Amazon or printed on the package. The largest bowl is labeled 5 quarts and holds 3 1/2 quarts. The next small size is marked 3 quarts and it holds 1 and 1/2 quarts. I bought this set of bowls because they were large. None of them have what they are said to have. One of them has a small dent. A big disappointment. They shouldn't be allowed to sell this product on Amazon.

👤Not happy with the product. There is a It says that it is a steel. When I receive it, I can tell it is not cheap because the bowls are rusted and the STAINLESS STEEL is not rust proof. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone.

👤If you're looking for a metal mixing bowl, I would recommend the ones from the cuisinart company, they are cheaper and more flimsy than the ones from these bowls. The only advantage this set has is the two extra smaller bowls, but it's not really worth paying more and getting lower quality bowls in exchange for the two extra small ones.

👤I discovered a hole in the largest bowl when I used it for the first time. The matching lid was discarded. The fridge lid is too small to properly seal, after I used another bowl to make and store a dip. I was willing to overlook a defect in one bowl, but this is too much. Good luck to anyone who buys these.

👤The material is very thin and similar to the stove burner covers. Returned it for a full refund.

👤If you are a cook, these bowls are not very good. One of them has small black spots after a few uses. This is not a mixing bowl set.

👤I really like this set. I have to give this 3 stars because one of the bowls has some type of scratches all over the rim of it, and the box was damaged and even looked opened, first inclination. There are 2 small dents on the bottom. One of the smaller bowls has black marks on the back of it. I like how the tops fit, although they are cheap and look like they will crack if pulled off too harshly. I will keep this set until I can afford nicer things. There is a I will post pictures.

👤A nice set with a variety of sizes is a good price. I was looking for a few bowls that I could use to cook at home. When I bought these, I didn't read the description. I added the Amazon's Choice label to my cart because it was less expensive than most other sets. When I opened the box, I was surprised to see the different sized bowls and lids. The seals on the lids are strong. This set is a good one.

👤The bowls were in plastic sleeves and the packaging looked good. There is a I didn't expect to find food and a greasy spoon in one of the bowls. They need to close these packages. There is a It's obvious that they have been opened and returned.

5. Delling Ultra Strong Ceramic Dipping Dishes

Delling Ultra Strong Ceramic Dipping Dishes

There is a shabby kitchen. For over 50 years, Now Designs kitchen textiles have been consistently recognized for their superior colors, trends, designs and quality. The chip and dip serving set can be used for more than 10 years, and can be made more durable through three strict crash tests, so it will not easily cause defects. The natural white color makes the ramekins outstanding. Each dipping sauce bowl has passed the US kitchen safety with non-toxic certification, making it easy to clean. These cups are easy to clean and do not have the smell of food. The sauce dish must be subjected to high temperature testing to make sure it can survive in the oven and microwave. The dipping sauce dish has a safe temperature and resistance. The 3 X 3 inch sauce bowls can be used as a small bowl or as a large bowl and can easily be placed on your chicken plates. It was perfect with other parties serveware. The stable with the round bottom bowl makes it difficult to turn over the sauce. It's very practical, firm dipping bowls with robust square base are of kids food. A gift for the chef to organize. Delling 6-Pack Strong 3 Oz Ceramic Bowls is what you get.

Brand: Delling

👤The cook prep bowls are the right size. I've used them a dozen times without any issues. They are easy to clean, but I believe they are safe to use in the dishwasher. Just wash it off and then slap some soap on it with a sponge. The customer service is great and the price is affordable. To skip the story, scroll to the end of the story. I received these bowls on time and they were packaged in a way that would protect them during shipping. There was a chip in one of the bowls. I reached out to support by email and they responded within 24 hours. They made it right by knowing my number. The brief story is over. The great product and prompt service give this product 5 stars. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤We already have some of these in our home. No one puts sauce on their plates anymore. They all want one of these. The wide opening and slant of the bowl wall are what I think. The creamy white color is not as white as the porcelain can be. They can stack and tuck into a corner.

👤I received a set of dipping bowls in white, according to the shipping label. Not really. I got a set of mixed colors that included shades of blue and green. The all-white set is not as pretty as these. I'm happy to keep them. The bowls are well made, hold more than you think, and can be used frequently. Highly recommended.

👤These small display dishes are perfect for a tray of food. There is a It's great for dipping personal oil with Italian bread.

👤They fit in the center of the main plate and are just the right size for egg roll dipping sauce.

👤I was upset that they were late. I had a party in my place where I initially had both of them. They were supposed to arrive on time, but they ended up arriving a week later. The price is great, the bowls are cute and perfect size, and they came out wrapped and super protected, it was worth it when I opened them. They are dishwasher safe and can be used in the oven. What else do you need? Excellent recommendation.

👤The dip bowls seem to be very durable and are just the right size. The only reason for losing one star is that they are irregular in shape, so they don't stack as neatly and securely as the photo shows.

👤These were what I was looking for. My sister and I go out for sushi once a month to catch up with each other. Our favorite sushi restaurant has no in-restaurant dining because of the Pandemic. There was no way to prepare the dish to hold the soy sauce when we ordered pick-up. I searched for the issue on Amazon. We can have an authentic sushi experience in her back yard after I found these. I have chopsticks from my time in Japan. These are the perfect size and easy to clean up after.

6. DOWAN Porcelain Serving Airtight Mixing

DOWAN Porcelain Serving Airtight Mixing

CONVENIENT The silicone bottom is non-slip, which means no noise or shaking when you mix. They look nice. The handles on the mixing bowls make it easier to hold them. The set is free of harmful substances. A versatile bowl set. The ceramic bowl can be used as a serving bowl for salad, pasta, soup, and small mixing bowls. For soup, ice cream, and dessert, you need 22 Oz. Food can be kept fresh by the lid. The food storage bowls are easy to prepare and serve. The ceramic bowls can hold leftovers or meal prep. The bowls with lids keep food fresh and warm. The salad bowls are made of ceramic and are microwave and dishwasher safe. They can be used for microwave, dishwasher, oven and freezer. The ceramic serving bowls can stack together to save space. These dishes are scratch resistant because of smooth porcelain. The date dial on top of the lids can be used to mark the storage time. You can easily store your leftover with cover. Instead of cleaning another container, move directly from table to fridge.

Brand: Dowan

👤These are great for serving but they are not mixing bowls. It's too small for mixing bowls.

👤I needed a new mixing bowl so I ordered these bowls. There is a There are pros. Bowls are smooth. Great for serving food. You can put a lid on them when they're finished. The seal is good, but I don't want to risk a mess. The bowls are not really mixing bowls. The biggest bowl isn't big enough to mix things. I made a mess when I tried to bake pizza, brownies, and cookies because the biggest bowl was too small. I'm just a single person and I cook for one. The lid will come off when you put them in the freezer. There is a They still work well as serving bowls. I was disappointed that I wasn't big enough for decent mixing.

👤I found these mixing bowls on Amazon. These are amazing. I can mix and store items and they come with lids. I love them. I am a little health conscious and I prefer steel over plastic because they don't work in microwaves. The bowls seem to be the answer to both. Since receiving them, I have been using them for a lot of different things, like mixing flour for tortillas, storing cupcakes, and even heating up stuff.

👤Absolutely love the product! They are not too heavy, but just right. The color is nice without flaws. I love that they are bowls. I love the matching lids. The date dial is w/ the seal. I will be purchasing more Dowan products.

👤The bowls are very convenient. These are used for my side dishes when I serve dinner to my family. We just have to put it in the fridge and slip it on the lid. When I am ready to warm it up, I just need to pop it in the microwave, there is an opening on the top that you can open to let the steam out, which prevents the lid from popping off the bowl. I'm not sure why the lid opening has a dial on it. It looks cool. The smallest bowl is great for my toddler. When he doesn't finish his food, I can put it on the lid and keep it for him to eat later. I think this is great for busy mothers.

👤The bowls can go from table to fridge because of the lids. The seals are tightly sealed.

👤The picture shows my two sets together. These bowls are great for mixing, transporting, storing, serving and more. I searched far and wide for bowls that could nest. I was willing to pay more for something better, but I found these and they are perfect. They look great as serve ware and it is easy to take the lid off. 10 stars for a presentation. I bought two sets and they are perfect for space saving.

👤I had made chicken wings and put it in the bowl, but I heard a pop and thought it was something else, as I was getting another piece of chicken. I was confused. How does a bowl break? It was not even moved?

7. Stackable Serving Cooking Mixing 3 5 Inch

Stackable Serving Cooking Mixing 3 5 Inch

It's perfect for baking and cooking. Pick your size and quantity from 3.5-Inch in set of 4, 12 or 48, 4-Inch in set of 3, and 6-Inch in set of 4. These bowls are so easy to use that you can make a special meal with them. Clear glass bowls are the perfect size to measure out ingredients before they are ready. They stack well with their rings.

Brand: Unknown

👤These were destroyed when they arrived. I was in the hospital when time ran out.

👤Read carefully. These are very small. It might be good for measuring.

👤There were 2 broken on arrival. The quality of the glass may be the reason why so many reviews mention it being broken during shipping.

👤Not in the sizes mentioned in the description. It was only 3 inches.

👤Even though the packaging was intact, at least one is broken. I would give five stars if it wasn't for the break.

👤It was very nice sauce or dipping bowls. I put decals on my table.

👤The bowls are large. It's perfect for prep and good value. When I received this product, one bowl was already broken.

👤These are very cute. They are used for dipping sauces. They are a nice addition to the dinner plate.

8. Sweese 123 001 Porcelain Mini Bowls

Sweese 123 001 Porcelain Mini Bowls

Food can be fresh longer with the help of plastic lid. The bowl is 3.8 x 3.8 x 1.7 inches and holds 4 ounces. It's perfect for small snacks, condiments, individual dippings, and mayonnaise. The right size makes them easy to hold. The Sweese curve collection bowls have a stylish shape with clean and curved lines, which adds a modern touch to your table. You won't get out of the round bowls until you discover the curve collection. It matches your other Sweese set. The Sweese bowls are easy to clean and take up little space in the kitchen cupboard. You can wash them with soap and hot water, as they clean up perfectly in the dishwasher. Pro-GRADE PORCELAIN is safe for cookware, ovens, and freezers. The bowls are made of porcelain, a type of ceramic that is lead-free and chip resistant. You get what you pay for with the creation of Sweese.

Brand: Sweese

👤They are much smaller than they appear. The pictures of the larger bowl sizes are misleading. These are not adult size bowls.

👤These bowls are perfect for ice cream or other deserts. I was going to replace my old glass bowls, but decided it was time for a new one, and the curves of these oval bowls and easy-to- clean porcelain surface make me a very happy customer. There is a I know my husband and I will enjoy our ice cream, because we have it almost every night after supper. I think they will age well, but I will have to write an update on their durability. I'm very happy with this purchase, they're lovely. Adding a photo doesn't change how much ice cream is in the bowl, it's just that I found my camera and changed the battery. Which is close to a cup. The bowls look like they will hold more than they do. The bowls are 10 ounces. Really like them!

👤These are very nice. A fancy bowl with sauce or spices. It says that the microwave is safe. The company said they would easily replace your order if it came broken. The packing was very good. These dishes are delicious.

👤The first set I got was very good. I bought another set and they had marks on them. It seems like they were stock pieces. They came off after being washed. Before throwing the packaging away, make sure to check the bowls. The bowls didn't stack together evenly because they were different shapes. Some were a little bigger than others. When stacked together, they wobble. When I got them, I took them out of their packaging and put them in the dishwasher. I was putting everything away when I realized they were like that. I never had a problem with the packaging in the past, so I threw it away. These bowls are great for everyday use.

👤I didn't take the exact amount of the bowl I wanted to replace. These are small. For a scoop of ice cream or dessert bowls. I don't know what else they would be used for. Unless you are a small child, they are not big enough to hold soup or rice. There is a I can't complain about the quality or anything else, they're too small for me.

👤I was comparing the bowls on the left to the ones on the right, which were wedding souvenirs, in the picture. The bowls are dishwasher safe and do the job. I use them for snacks when cooking. It would be nice if they had a fitted cover. It's still a good value for money.

👤This is a new review. The package had a small chip on one of the bowls. The manufacturer immediately reached out to me and sent me a replacement piece for the one that had been damaged. Customer care is great, I would say. I really appreciate it. We've been enjoying my bowls since they were all perfect. My kids love cereals and oatmeal and use these bowls all the time. The shape is unique and classy. It makes ordinary meals look special. They're the right size. Excellent customer service, great product. I would recommend buying again in the future to my family and friends.

9. Vikko Serving Stackable Microwave Dishwasher

Vikko Serving Stackable Microwave Dishwasher

JoyJolt Nesting Mixing Bowls are gift boxed like all JoyJolt Glassware and come with a 12-month warranty. They only have one rule - Live JoyFul and Cook for Joy! These bowls can be used many different ways. They are just the size for a single serving of dipping sauces, and are great for small candy. It's a handy addition to your kitchen. The set of little prep bowls is great for making risotto. They are the perfect size for measuring out ingredients and will make you look and feel like a professional chef. STACKABLE: These bowls can be used to maximize your storage space. You can stack them up for convenient storage because they are designed to rest neatly inside each other. The vertical space in your cabinets can be utilized. There are a set of wet bowls. You don't have to worry about running out. Enough for company and for those nights when you don't want to run the dishwasher. Each dish is about 2” in diameter and 1” tall. The dishwasher is safe. Do you dislike washing dirty dishes? Don't. The pinch bowls for cooking are dishwasher safe, so you can load them in the washer and let the machine clean them for you. It's a very simple clean up.

Brand: Vikko

👤I love these little glass dishes because they are so useful when assembling ingredients for cooking new and old recipes. Military organization and planning is required to bring food to the table. The tiny bowls will help you with that. I haven't used them yet for dipping sauces or serving dressings. I'm sure they are more than enough. I have devoted a few of them to holding my late-night and early-morning medicine doses. They could hold a pair of earrings and other small jewelry while showering or doing other things. There are endless uses.

👤I buy mine for my pizza and sauce at home. If you cook by the gram and don't use measuring spoons, it's perfect for when you have a lot of spices and want to measure them out on the scale.

👤I was very happy to be able to get this small bowl. It was found in a set of bowls. They are great for small portions of rich desserts, for dipping bowls, and for small portions of nuts.

👤I needed the right size for baking, and they were sturdy and the right size.

👤It's a good idea to get all your kitchen prep measured.

👤I like to cook with my spices in these small bowls.

10. Libbey Small Glass Bowls Ounce

Libbey Small Glass Bowls Ounce

100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Customer satisfaction is their number one goal. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions or comments so that they can make sure that your Cook with Color experience adds just the right color and taste. The bowl set keeps leftovers fresh and delicious. It's ideal for weekly meal prepping. The bowls are 3.45-inch in diameter and have plastic lids. To help preserve your products, please refer to the Libbey website for care and handling instructions.

Brand: Libbey

👤I make my own yogurts with these small bowls. After a while, the bowls became harder to put on. I use hot water to wash them, and it seems like the lids are getting smaller. I tried to find replacements for the bowls. I found these silicone stretch lids for mason jars after searching again. I bought a set of ten to try it out. They worked well, but you need to make sure the bowls are dry. If you need to replace the lids, try these. Some pictures to see how they look.

👤I don't like doing dishes. I try to use less when cooking so I don't have to clean it. The idea of using a few small bowls for food prep was not something I wanted to do. There are carrots, onions, and other vegetables here. It was inconvenient, but I only had the one cutting board to clean. There is a I intended to use the bowls as snacks and less plastic bags. I wanted them with lids. They work well for that. I'll use them for things like fruit, nuts, and veggies. There is a I started using them as part of food prep and discovered that it's less work to use more bowls. I don't have to juggle things on a single cutting board as I chop up veggies. Things are overheating on the stove so no more digging into that container. I can line up a few ingredients in a row. It's worth it if you want to carry small snacks in, or meal prep in, or both. Not at the same time.

👤Our dog eats fresh dog food that needs to be refrigerated and manually measured per meal. Our dog needs 12 ounces of food per day. These are perfect for this purpose. These little containers add convenience to everyday life and we don't mind measuring each meal. The containers will be great for portioning yogurt. It is easy to clean. The small glass bowl has a plastic lid. It can be washed in the dishwasher. If your dishwasher is too hot, hand washing the lid is probably the best way to do it. There is a leak proof. See the picture. The container lid tilted to the side and the water did not leak. I don't know if these will be leak proof forever since there is no rubber seal under the lid and plastic is prone to warping over time. Great little containers. They are glass bowls and not plastic. This product is made by Libbey.

👤If it's possible to feel that sentiment for objects, I really like these. They are better than I expected. I like to use them for dinner prep. Hold garlic, lemon juice, or something similar. That kind of thing. You know you want a smaller cup. It's fine. I will. This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. The top 5. They have little ones! Icing on the cake! I think the review is sarcastic, but I'm not trying to be. You should buy this product. I will probably buy another for myself and another for the drawer for the next time I go because these are awesome.

11. Sweese 105 101 Porcelain 10 18 28 42 Various

Sweese 105 101 Porcelain 10 18 28 42 Various

3 Oz ceramic soy sauce bowls set 6 are beautiful. The bowls range in size to accommodate your needs, with graduating sizes of 10, 18, 28 and 42 Ounce. The 10oz size is ideal for preparing food. The 18oz size is perfect for oatmeal. The 28oz size is great for soups and salads. The 42oz is designed for salads, popcorn and chilling. They compliment each other and can be served together or individually. The Sweese curve collection bowls have a stylish shape with clean and curved lines, which adds a modern touch to your table. They are a great addition to your kitchen. The Sweese bowls are easy to clean and stack on each other. You can wash them with soap and hot water, as they clean up perfectly in the dishwasher. The bowls are made of porcelain that is safe forDishwasher, Microwave, and Freezer.

Brand: Sweese

👤I love my new bowls. I added the largest step to the set after buying the nested set of 4. The KitchenAid Aqua Sky line matches the color. The bowls are strong. The finish is smooth and they are easy to clean. Great purchase!

👤I use these bowls for prep. It's great that they're dishwasher and microwave safe. I use them for a lot of chocolate based foods that require melting the chocolate in the microwave, and every time I freak out and check the bottom to make sure I'm not lying to myself about them being microwavable. The irregular shape makes it easy to pick out the one you need.

👤I like the product. The customer service was so bad that I would never buy their products again even if they were the best products ever produced. I placed a large order and INRDeals It has been two months. I'm still trying to get my replacements because the customer service department won't listen to me that they didn't ship all the replacement parts. They keep giving me the same information for the partial placement I received. The customer service department needs to learn how to listen and solve problems that were beyond their comprehension.

👤I like the quality Sweese puts into their product. They send an insert to extend the warranty on their pieces. I use the cards for free or discounted products because they are amazing. They are functional and beautiful. I would buy any of their products. I use them daily. It makes me happy. We all could use more smiles right about now, because classy, elegant, clean-line dishes bring a smile to my face. You will not be disappointed if you buy Sweese.

👤I love the set of bowls, they come in four sizes that are perfect for a bigger bowl of salad, noodles, soups, rice, nuts, and sauces. The organically shaped edges are nice looking and spread out on my kitchen counter. Absolutely must have in the kitchen.

👤I chose this brand because of the non- toxic material. The product is beautiful. I ordered desert plates and bowls in red. I am loving them. I am eating on non-toxic material and it is Sturdy, beautiful in color and peace of mind.

👤The Sweese bowl set in white is pretty. The curve adds more elegance to it. They look good and are versatile. There are 4 bowls in different sizes in the bowl set. It's my to-go bowl set since I can use it to hold any kind of food. The bowls are easy to store and not take up a lot of space. It's dishwasher friendly and also microwave, oven, and dishwasher friendly. I've been using the bowls since I got them and they are amazing. I love it!


What is the best product for cooking bowls for kitchen prep porcelain?

Cooking bowls for kitchen prep porcelain products from Cook With Color. In this article about cooking bowls for kitchen prep porcelain you can see why people choose the product. Greenbrier and Sweese are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking bowls for kitchen prep porcelain.

What are the best brands for cooking bowls for kitchen prep porcelain?

Cook With Color, Greenbrier and Sweese are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking bowls for kitchen prep porcelain. Find the detail in this article. Finedine, Delling and Dowan are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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