Best Cooking Book Holder

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1. MDesign Decorative Cookbook Picture Countertops

MDesign Decorative Cookbook Picture Countertops

Made in America by Clear Solutions. There is no handlings free. The cookbook stand makes cooking and baking simple and easy, it keeps your recipe or cookbook in place, and the raised edge on the bottom shelf is a page holder to keep books open. It is possible to be portable and comparable. The compact design holds books of all sizes while taking up minimal room on kitchen counters; Perfect for watching videos, reading, browsing the web and reading, and the holder folds flat when not in use for compact storage in kitchen drawers; Light weight, yet durable, this stand is easy to transport Functions and quotient: This is a great display easel for displaying books, photos, paintings, diplomas, decorative plates, platter, fine china, awards and craft projects; perfect for displaying children's art projects too; Try this in the home office when you need to prop up textbooks and other materials for easy reading The quality construction is made of strong steel with a rust-resistant finish. It's measures 6.75" x 7.5" x 6.25".

Brand: Mdesign

👤This is to be used as a recipe stand. It only holds books that are the right size and thickness because of the size of the bottom bar. If the page is too far at the beginning or the end, the whole thing teeters. I returned it.

👤Doesn't work with books that are easy to open. This is not the cookbook holder that you want. It would work well for a book that opens flat. The stand is sturdy and can hold a cookbook. The reason I got a holder was to keep the pages open.

👤When the left and right side are not balanced, the front lip does not come up high enough to keep the pages flat. The majority of the weight was on the right side of the recipe I was trying to read. The left side was not held in place. Maybe it will work better with a hardcover book. I bought it thinking it was collapsible. I live in a condo with limited space so I can't keep it out on the counter and it takes up too much room in the cupboard.

👤I ignored reviews because I was not sure how to fix a cook book holder. When you try to put a book on it, it falls over. It was not a large cookbook. You cannot position the book right when you try it. It doesn't work if you have any paperback books. Will try to return.

👤The cookbook holder is a little large. Even though the Betty Crocker cookbook is large, my cookbook sat awkwardly in the holder. The holder is heavy so it won't fall over or collapse under the weight of the book.

👤This product has been useful for me, because I cook a lot. This product is simple, practical, and a good quality for the cheap price, and I didn't need anything fancy or special. I've found that some of these stands prevent you from turning the page, but this stand doesn't have that issue. It's easy to turn the page. The stand is also used in any kitchen. I brought it with me when I moved and it fit in the new kitchen perfectly.

👤The metal bar on the front is great for holding books open when they're in the middle, but if your recipe is in the beginning or end of the book, it won't hold it in place.

👤It was fine. It wasn't big enough to hold my cookbook and the return fee was almost as much as the product. Some Amazon purchases are not worth the money. This was one of them.

👤Ich ist das Buch faellt. Jetzt 5.

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2. Srenta Durable Acrylic Cookbook Transparent

Srenta Durable Acrylic Cookbook Transparent

The gift is unique. If you have a friend or family member who is Kitchen Master, their cookbook holder stands countertop can be a great gift. The cookbook holder stand is made for holding your recipe books while you cook. It's also used for holding tablets. Some people prefer to use books to follow cooking instructions on modern gadgets. Books are helping with a comfortable reading of recipes. You can wipe the splashes from the cook-book with this holder. It is light and strong. The book holder is made of clear and durable acrylic. The book holder measures 12. 25" x 23 cm x 8 cm. The Srenta cookbook stand for kitchen is made of clear and durable acrylic which makes the counter look clean and nice without taking up a lot of counter space. It is a lightweight cookbook stand that makes it easy for people to see their cook book. The book holder is used for holding a cook book. You can also hold your iPad with this holder. Everyone gets a clear view from it. The stand is lightweight and has a cook-book on it.

Brand: Srenta

👤The angle of the stand does not allow easy reading of the recipe, it is too close to the countertop and should be moved back more towards the wall. It could be leaned against the wall, but it would slip on the countertop, which is against the purpose of the cookbook stand. The construction seemed sturdy, but it was useless for my needs due to a major flaw. The opening to slide the cookbook in seems too tight to allow this to happen. I wouldn't recommend this cookbook stand for two reasons. It was sturdy and there were no scratches. The price was returned quickly and it was easy to return it.

👤It is difficult to get a thicker cookbook into the slot. I prefer to put the book upside-down and lie flat to get an angle.

👤I was very disappointed after purchasing this item. The stand has no angle and is hard to use. It is not useful as a cook book stand. If you just used it for decoration and not to read your cookbook while cooking, this would be of use. Unless you plan on laying your book down to read it is non functional.

👤The stand for the cookbook is good. It is lightweight and can hold up a large cookbook, but made out of clear acrylic with rounded corners. The book leans back only 10 to 12 degrees, which is my only concern. It's hard to read when it's on the countertop. My rating was 3 stars.

👤I wanted a book stand that I could hold. This worked well. The perfect angle for easy reading is what I like about this.

👤I suggest you put a heavy duty clear coat plastic over it so when the food gets away from you in one quick moment and little splatters go every which way, you can just wipe it away. We had to put up wooden boards and crates to store our appliances because my kitchen is so small. Despite the set-up, the kitchen still lacks counter space to talk of. My work area is a flat top stove. Is it cold? I'm afraid the bottom will warp and I'd have to throw it away.

👤I was looking for a stand that would keep a cookbook open and easy to read during meal preparation. I'd like to see the stand hold the book a bit more upright, but that's not a complaint. It is recommended.

👤The cookbook is close to the countertop when it is in the device. That means that you can't look at the recipe page in the cookbook. The angle needs to be changed from 80 degree to 45 degree. Disappointed.

3. Vintage Scrollwork Design Wrought Cookbook

Vintage Scrollwork Design Wrought Cookbook

This book reading stand is a great gift option for your family, friends, colleagues and kids, as it will bring convenience to your reading and work. Wishacc is always there for you. The kitchen cookbook and recipe stand have a black finish. Features a heart-shaped scrollwork design, 2 weighted chains to hold pages in place and a kickstand for strength. The stand has a deep tray and is 13 inches wide. Weighted chains keep books open. The dimensions are 15.75 H X 13 W X 2 D.

Brand: Mygift

👤This book stand is very nice. It was well made. I am in awe of it. It's not cheap about it. It has been great. I had just had enough of the plastic one that collapsed all the time and didn't hold the pages down and I had been dealing with it for years. I was hesitant to spend the money on this stand. I will never need to buy another one to hold my cookbook. I can show it off on my counter. It doesn't need the page weights because it holds the pages down without them. It is a nice detail for extra strength. I put them behind my book so that I don't have to look at the print on the pages. A score of a find.

👤The cookbook fit perfectly and you can still see the scroll on top. I was unsure if I would like the full support. Or not. It is very substantial. I love it! I like the black finish. I would recommend it to everyone.

👤The cookbook stand was pretty, but sadly beat up. I don't think the damage happened because it was packed in bubble wrap. There are scratches on the back of the scroll. The leg that holds the stand is not straight enough, so that it rests on one side of the support. There is a It holds my books well. The angle is a bit awkward. I feel like I have to bend down to read the text because it is so straight. I was looking down at the pages and I wanted it to tilt back a bit more. The weights are used to hold the book open.

👤The recipe stand is perfect. I use it to hold a single sheet of paper and a cookbook. I put sticky notes on the recipes I want to try in this photo. I can easily follow the recipe if the book is open. It's attractive and can be left on my kitchen counter. I can attach small copies of recipes with magnets on it.

👤It was bought for a gift. It looks good, but not very sturdy and takes up a large footprint of your countertop. I think a cookbook would help to steady it, but it doesn't have non-slip feet. If you don't worry about counter space, it will work. I will be returning for a smaller holder.

👤The cookbook fit perfectly and you can still see the scroll on top. I was unsure if I would like the full support. Or not. It is very substantial. I love it! I like the black finish. I would recommend it to everyone.

👤I like this rack. My husband cooks because I am disabled. I put the cookbook in front of the notebook after I plan the meals and tell him what page the recipe is on. This works out well. The rack is on my counter all the time. I put a scale below it so he wouldn't have to weigh it.

4. Vintage Cookbook Decorative Cookbooks Kitchen

Vintage Cookbook Decorative Cookbooks Kitchen

Legend Planner family recipe book is guaranteed to work, or they will give your money back no questions asked. If you have any quality issues or are not completely satisfied with your blank recipe book, they will exchange it for a new one. They'd love to hear from you via an Amazon message. The cookbook stands and holders add charm to your kitchen counter. You can cook and read at the same time. It's perfect to hold up a recipe book, magazine, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad Pro, and other items. The Vintage Cookbook Standholder with a non-slip mat is attractive and will prevent dinner table scratch. Using traditional cast iron techniques has a unique artistic style. A gift for the chef in your life. The kitchen cookbook stands are made of cast iron material and covered with a steel finish that protects the item from rust and wear. One step can be flushed with water or wiped with a dishcloth. It can also be recycled metal. You can use this stand to hold a cookbook or tablets while you are in the kitchen. The recipe will be easy to see while you are shopping. You can use this reading stand to study for classes, as a prayer bookstand, or just to do some hands-free reading. Fall in love with the cookbook stand. It's perfect for Christmas, thanksgiving, and gifts.

Brand: Jogreful

👤We are going to do a simplistic but modern red and black look for our kitchen. We use cast iron pans so I am working on getting gold looking red cast iron accessories. I have been learning a lot. I picked this item up because I have had a lot of cookbooks recently. It is very heavy and will never break. If you are rough with it, you could damage it. It has nothing to hold down the pages of a cookbook. In my photos, you can see that the cookbook is trying to close and there is no way to keep it safe. It would be nice to add that in the future. There is a The pros are 1. It is going to be durable. The red is very nice. The book shelf is deep so I don't think you have any cook books that can't hold it. If your cookbook is trying to self close, it is a good idea to get pages flat. The metal bars on the band stands would make this more efficient.

👤I was worried if it would stand out from my black iron trivets. If someone is looking to see the difference, they will see it. You would never know that this Coffee Gold color was not black, even if it was on the counter. It's nice and sturdy and keeps in place the paperback sourdough books that won't stay closed on their own, while not being used, but holds them open well while in use. The bar across the front is more useful than the one at the corners or ends.

👤This is a heavy metal piece. I can read the directions from a Cook Book on the counter top. That's what it said. I would expect them to eat through the black paint and Rust in a short time, because of the amount of water and food acids they will be exposed to. The company put a couple of thin wafers of rubber on the bottom to protect the counter top. Any one attempt to get Rust out of a Marble Top? I created an item in my shop to rest the book stand. I added a couple of features that work well. Should you have a Stone Counter Top?

👤The product photos have clean lines. It looks like melted metal, or someone was really messy with spray paint and created a pocked finish. Returning.

👤I never knew I needed it, but I am very happy with my purchase. The design is light and nice. My books fit in there. I chose this over the hanging page weights because I knew the chain on the weights would bother me while reading. I would buy this again.

👤The cookbook stand is strong enough for my heavy books. I'm glad I finally pulled the Trigger because I've been pondering this purchase for over a year. The coffee gold is a soft black. Highly recommended!

👤The perfect place to display the bible is in the church sanctuary. It's pretty enough for a formal setting, but Sturdy enough to endure the ages.

5. Adjustable Ergonomic Textbooks Lightweight Collapsible

Adjustable Ergonomic Textbooks Lightweight Collapsible

Fall in love with the cookbook stand. It's perfect for Christmas, thanksgiving, and gifts. The book stand with various angles and heights allows for proper posture. You can adjust the textbook stand height and angle by pressing the button on the lightweight metal frame. The reading stand is made of heavy duty aluminum. The cookbook stand has flexible paper clips to keep your book open. The soft rubber tips prevent damage to papers. You can use the paper clips with smaller books. The book stand has a sturdy front tray and frame, which is heavy duty to hold different size and style books. The desk book stand can hold up to 15 lbs. Enjoy reading or working on the bed. A book stand that is comfortable and easy to use increases concentration and improves learning efficiency. The portable easy storage design is lightweight. Their collapsible book reading stand is 15" x 10" x 1.5", lightweight aluminum and fold-able, and can fit in a drawer or be left out to display your favorite book. It is possible to take lightweight design everywhere for reading and working. A great gift for friends or family. Kids can take and operate with any issues. The book stand for bed is fully assembled. This space friendly book holder is a great gift idea for your family, friends, coworkers and loved ones, especially for those who love cooking, crafting, reading or video watching, it is a big surprise for them. The gifts for kids reading and studying will help them correct their posture.

Brand: Tcbwfy

👤I like the design of this because it can be adjusted to fit your needs. The legs and plate are adjusted. My problem is that it is too heavy. I held books for so long that my elbows hurt. There is a I like to relax on the couch at night, but it doesn't fit when I'm not long haired. If I sit as if I am in class, it works well, but most of my reading is done at night so I can relax. The couch isn't a hard surface so when I move the holder, the book slides out on the side and the whole holder falls over. The page holders blocking the words isn't a huge con, but it can be annoying being a fast reader. I am going to look for a better option for my needs because I have had so much trouble using this thing. I liked that it had its own legs, but I am going to look for other things. There is a It's difficult to set it up because everything is push button to move and then lock in place. If you want to leave it in a certain place, it is not portable. I have to adjust the book holder every time I move, so I just add more work than is necessary. If that is your purpose, the design will work. It is made of lightweight metal and plastic.

👤I'm in graduate school and I spend a lot of time reading. I need something to hold books open and upright so I can type on my computer. I had a book stand. It was too light for what I need. This is what I needed. The tilt and height are adjusted so I don't strain my neck. It wants to slide around like an ice skater on my desk. I put rubber feet on the legs of the desk because of the rubber bumper dots on it. Works well. The other suggestion is difficult. Some of my books don't want to be flattened out. The book still gets a significant arch despite the arms keeping the pages from flipping over. To pin the book to the tray, you should have something with more substance. It is functional without this, so I'm going to suggest something else. Excellent product at a good price point. Thanks.

👤Yes, that's right. This will help my neck, back, and body posture. Studying for hours can be hard when your body is in pain. I was happy to find this gem. It holds my textbook.

👤I was hunched over the book on the table while I was reading on the patio. There is a The page holder works for full-size books, but not for regular, small paperbacks, because it's not tall enough for hands-free reading. It's a good purchase, I like it.

👤I didn't like the product because it was flimsy and scratched my desk. The seller reached out to me to give me a refund and bring the concerns to the manufacturer to improve the product. I have never had customer service like that before.

6. BamBoo Book Stand HENGSHENG Cookbook

BamBoo Book Stand HENGSHENG Cookbook

Multi angle standing is suitable for any position. Made of high quality bamboo. Set the angle for keeping the correct posture so that the spine is healthy. A multi-functional bamboo bookstand is ideal for support different size and style books. You can carry this portable stand around when not in use. It's easy to fit in mid to large bags or backpacks. The dimensions are:28x20.5x1 cm and 11x8.1x0.39. Fit for home, school, office, library, dorm.

Brand: Wishacc

👤This will allow me to clear up my desk space and read my textbooks. I have programming textbooks that are thick. It has five different angles and stoppers at the bottom to keep your page nice and snug. The carving details in the bamboo are really striking. It is very portable because it folds up very thin. Definitely recommend this product. (:)

👤Works well! I bought it for my text books. I was worried that it wouldn't hold the weight, but it does! My book is about 3 inches thick.

👤How would you use this bookstand? This one is perfect for tablets that you just tap the screen, or for books that you need to leave open for a long time. This is not for books that need to be turned constantly. I bought this bookstand because I need to read the books in a short amount of time. The book's angle is perfect to save my posture, but it's not fun to turn the pages because it's a chore to tuck the pages under the page holder. The page holders have a lot of text. A second bookstand that I bought for half the price serves my purposes well. I am two weeks past my return window. I'm thinking about how I can reuse this.

👤I used this as a stand for my iPad Pro. If I'm sitting at a desk or on the sofa to work, the angle adjusts to a comfortable tilt. It doesn't have grips on the bottom to keep it from slipping, so I have to hold it. It is great to look at and see that it folds flat for storage. There is a The book arms on the bottom are not good. They are used for books, but they are very tight. I would have to loosen the screws to use them. They got in the way while I was drawing. Problem solved!

👤Our son is a serious home chef. The stand protects the information against spills and splatters by placing it at the correct angle for easy reading. This idea will be enjoyed by tech-savvy people. Highly recommended.

👤This product has received another 5 star review. The portions are smoothely etched. There were no bamboo bits sticking out. The rubber tips on the page holders keep the paper in place. I am happy to see that this product holds up a flimsy magazine. If used, it will get a lot.

👤I decided I wanted something that was more durable. It is important to flip the front lip. I have used it with the IPAD in both horizontal and vertical positions. The IPAD sticks above the top edge of the stand in the vertical position. This appears to be a sturdy stand. You can tilt the stand to get the angle you want. There is a This is placed on a flat surface, not on your lap. There is a The stand works as I wanted it to.

👤The book holder has rubber feet that keep it firmly in place. This is not true. I bought it because it came with nonslip rubber feet. I'm not happy. I'm tempted to return it and get another one that says it has rubber feet.

7. Norpro Acrylic CookBook Tablet Holder

Norpro Acrylic CookBook Tablet Holder

It can hold 600 pages of a book. The measures are 25" x 9" and 32" x 23" The counter space should be saved for cooking. This sleek design allows for more room on your counter, which will allow you to see your recipe without taking up a lot of counter space. It's easy to view your favorite books while you cook. Protects your iPad or tablets from spills, splatters and messy fingers. It is made of durable acrylic.

Brand: Norpro

👤It is perfect for my needs. I get the pages dirty every time I cook out a cookbook in my tiny kitchen. I used this for the first time last night and it was perfect. Reviewers said it was hard to see because it sits upright. I had no problems. It's comfortable to refer to it without moving it. I was surprised this stand worked so well. Great price as well. It's easy to clean and keep prestine. I love this thing! It was the best purchase.

👤I have 16 inches of counter space in my galley kitchen, plus some plywood on half of the stove. There is no room to spare. There is not enough room for a cookbook stand. There is a The book stand holds my largest cookbook, which is 3 inches by 3 inches, almost flush against the wall. The book is protected from splatters, and I can see it clearly. It's perfect for my kitchen, and will be used a lot.

👤This item works well for certain devices. The angle of the book makes it hard to see full size cookbooks. They should be back 30 to 45 degrees. This needs to be raised up so you can see it.

👤I've been trying to find a place to put my cookbook. The majority of the counter top real estate in my kitchen is filled with bowls and ingredients, so there isn't much room for anything else. There is a The Norpro Cookbook holder is what I needed in my life. It fits against my wall nicely because it's not big. The plastic stretches a bit, so it will hold most average sized cookbooks. It's translucent so I can see the entire book without looking in the other direction. The best part about it is that the pages are covered by the holder, so you can't mess with it. There is a There are prettier and more decorative cookbook holders, but if you are looking for something functional and convenient, this holder might be for you.

👤The tilted stand makes it difficult to read the pages without bending down. This one is not the same as the old one, but it is easier to read. The back side of the book is shaped in a way that it won't damage the spine like the old version. They fixed one thing but messed up the other. I'll keep it because I can use it upside down, but I'd send it back if I didn't.

👤This crystal clear cook book holder is gorgeous. It will hold everything from magazines to books. It is easy to wipe off if it gets messy. If I had to choose one negative, it would be that it was too small so it wouldn't cover the entire pages of larger cook books and magazines.

👤There is nothing not to like about these holders. We use them for more than just books. Do you want to read during your meal? You don't have to worry about holding the book with one hand while you eat because this is a perfect solution. My husband and I already own 2 of these, so we should probably have a few more to use as cookbook holders. We have a small kitchen. You don't have to worry about the cookbook falling over because the holder keeps it in place.

8. Reodoeer BamBoo Reading Document Bookrest

Reodoeer BamBoo Reading Document Bookrest

The dimensions are:28x20.5x1 cm and 11x8.1x0.39. Fit for home, school, office, library, dorm. It is made of high-quality bamboo. The angle is set so that the spine is healthy. It can be folded up for easy carrying when not in use. A multi-functional bamboo bookstand is ideal for support different size and style books. The size is 34 x 23.5 x 1 cm. Fit for home, school, office, library, dorm, etc. It can hold 600 pages of a book.

Brand: Readaeer

👤The stand has been great. My casebook is usually about 2,000 pages, and it fits comfortably in the stand. The pages aren't at risk of getting torn off every time because you can adjust the angle very easily. The little arms at the bottom are rotating so you can get them out of the way when you turn the page. The stand is lightweight and beautiful, and I have brought it with me to the library a few times. When you need to move it, it's just the board because the stand in the back folds up. It's about the length of a typical casebook when it opens, and folds up so you can easily carry it in your bag. It is highly recommended for any student. My back is very thankful that I bought this.

👤It's helpful when you have a lot of reading to do. It helps with posture. The quality is good and it feels sturdy.

👤This holds open a 2,000 page commentary and I do a lot of study with books and reference material. I was happy. It saves desk space as well as eyesight. The unit is very sturdy. The metal arms that hold the books have a good tension. I don't know who designed this piece, but the length of the arms is bent so that they don't put too much pressure on the screw that holds them in place. Someone was thinking when they put this together.

👤I ordered this not as a cook book stand, but as a stand to hold a book while I read so that I wouldn't have to use my hand to hold the book. It works well. I can keep it on my lap while sitting on the couch or reading in bed because it's small. It was nice for reading at the table. While eating. The bamboo is lovely.

👤It tilts at a lot of angles to hold paper. The clips, which can be left in position down or at an angle, are very tight and difficult to adjust to put on pages to hold open a book and can rip paper if you are not careful.

👤It looks like it will serve its purpose. Big Robbins Pathology for reference. Most of the time, the setting is around 80 to 85 degrees.

👤I was ready to pay for the quality of the wood stands that were made out of plastic, even though there were other stands that were made from plastic. This was a quality made, sturdy, new, well packaged package that was affordable. The stand can hold a large science book of about 5 lbs and can be adjusted to make it more comfortable to read. There is a I chose this over a cheap plastic one. Very happy with the purchase!

👤My book is very flat because of the strong spring pegs. I like that it sits at the desk and is not tippy or sliding. I am very happy with the product.

👤I haven't tried it with a heavy textbook yet, but it seems sturdy. It feels unfinished, that's the main flaw. The rough surface takes away from what would be an elegant book stand, maybe I just got one that wasn't sanded down that well. Some of the screws look a bit shoddy, but overall, it's not bad. It is too overpriced for something so simple and of poor quality to make me drop its rating the most.

9. Deluxe Large Cookbook Holder Acrylic

Deluxe Large Cookbook Holder Acrylic

The book stand for bed is fully assembled. This space friendly book holder is a great gift idea for your family, friends, coworkers and loved ones, especially for those who love cooking, crafting, reading or video watching, it is a big surprise for them. The gifts for kids reading and studying will help them correct their posture. Give your heavy cookbook collection a place to rest with this beautifully crafted, large-sized cookbook holder. The cherry wood base is strong enough to hold a book and comfortable to read from. The shield is in front of the cookbook. A black metal hinge allows the entire holder to fold flat for storage and also allows the shield to be pulled forward for easy page turning. The large size is perfect for larger books. The base is 15-3/4" L x12" W. The base is adjusted to any book and folds flat for storage. Made in America by Clear Solutions.

Brand: Clear Solutions

👤The item arrived quickly. I opened the bubble wrap and the screws came out. There was no bag or tape to keep the screws together. Minor details were present. The package had two hinges that were loose. Ok. The plexiglass was covered to protect it from scratches. The base that I looked at was very rough and had no finish. This is a kitchen item that will be exposed to steam. We smoothed the rough surface and removed splinters from the edges. A mixture of oil and wax is what we found in the wood finishing product. The product should work well in a kitchen environment. I did not expect to purchase a craft project when the product was advertised as an item and not as a kit. The quality of the plexiglass is very good. The wood has been sanded and treated. We will get many years of service from this stand.

👤I love it! I had been looking for a wood base that would match the wood in my kitchen cookbook holder. This one fits the bill. The construction is good, the materials are hardy, it's easy to use, and it's made in the US, which is nice. I would change one thing. I will make a cover for the part. It folds up nicely for easy storage, but I don't like to unwrap parts with a tea towel. I cover it because I don't want it to get scratched, but I would prefer if it could be simpler.

👤This is a functional book holder. There is a Size doesn't block the recipe. There is a It can be used to fit larger books or to change the angle of the book to avoid glare from the overhead lights. There are failures for storage. The shield is easy to clean and protects the book. I have had a strong odor for about a week and it is still there. It's not sure if it's the stain or the acrylic. The wood isn't like polished furniture. It is dry and rough and seems to have been made with a fence made of wood. It says to use mineral or cooking oil when dry, so I will try that. For this price, I would expect a polished/ sanded furniture grade product. There is a I will try to oil now. I will be returning if that's not the case.

👤This stand is made in the USA. It's the perfect solution to my kitchen cookbook problem. I do a lot of cooking and I have a lot of books and large binders of recipes from other people and the internet. My large binders are upright and open on this stand. I wish it had no slip grips on the bottom if I had a complaint. It has little feet. I am going to put a piece of no slip under it. There is a The customer service was great. I don't know if it was Amazon or the company, but my first holder arrived with a broken base and a missing shield. I went to Amazon to get a return label, printed it, and got my new holder before I could get to the store. I highly recommend this cookbook holder to anyone who is an avid cook, or anyone who just likes to putter in the kitchen now and then.

10. Cookbook Cutting Adjustable Anti Slip Kickstand

Cookbook Cutting Adjustable Anti Slip Kickstand

The ERGONOMIC EYE LEVEL SETUP is made of Lubricated STAINLESS STEEL. The PREMIUM QUALITY WOODEN COOKBOOK HOLDER is made from extremely strong and durable high-quality wood, which is sturdy enough so it will not bend or break under normal use, and will last for the years. If you like beautifully designed things, this recipe holder is going to impress you. It has a self-resting back that allows it to hold the added weight of your cookbook or tablets without any issues. Tired of cookbooks closing on you? Look for a more creative idea that will keep your hands free while you are cooking. Thanks to this recipe book stand, you can have peace of mind because you won't have to worry about your cookbook. Forget about your NECK PAIN. Imagine a device that will allow you to use your iPad without straining your back, shoulders, or neck? Their kitchen book stand will give you a pain-free reading experience so that you can finally enjoy while you prepare another delicious meal. It is compatible with most electronic devices. It can be used to hold magazines, books, and catalogs in place to display recipes. It can be used to prop up tablets and phones in your office.

Brand: Fanatu

👤Wow! The first impression is that it is very fast. I was looking forward to this cookbook stand for my kitchen and it was great. It was exactly what I was looking for when I opened the box. The design of the wood is perfect for a simple and rustic kitchen space. It blends in with my furniture and appliances. It matches my decor. There is a It's being hung on the wall, that's a big plus for me because I need the counter space for other things. It's light but sturdy. It holds my books. It's easy to store a phone, iPad, book, sheet of paper, whatever, for reference and can be folded or hung up. This has made it so much easier to read a recipe in my kitchen. Every time I cook for my family, I forget about my back, shoulder, and neck pain. I have been using this product for a week now and I am very pleased with the appearance and quality. I got my money's worth with it. On special occasions, I will order more gifts for my mom and sister. I'm sure they'll be happy with it. It should be recommended.

👤The display of wood cutting boards is well suited for the cute cookbook holder. The back lack is flimsy and poorly attached, so it falls back often.

👤Where to start? We opened the box and found the metal bar floating around in the box, which was a shock for a product at this price point. The bar was still wobbly after being put back in. It's not acceptable for a new product at its price point to have this. I understand that it could have been damaged in transit, but the fact that it arrived broken tells me that these stands are not built to last. The kickstand on the back is made of thin wood material, and it just kind of slapped back and forth when you picked it up. There is no chain or block on the back. We felt like the stand was leaning too far back when we tried to use it. All the time, it's nearly flat use. If you like the design and look of a cookbook stand, I wouldn't recommend it. Cheap, careless, and poorly made. Very disappointed.

👤Set the package up with a cookbook. One of the screws on the hinge fell over in a matter of seconds. Not strong at all. The product was very poor.

👤The holder is flimsy and doesn't fit my favorite cookbook, so you have to have it at a certain angle to hold it up or it will fall over. There is a It supports my other books, though, and I think it works well for the ipads it was designed for.

👤When purchasing this stand, I would tell you to note two things. If your cookbook is thick, it won't fit. The stand on the back is very far from the ground.

👤The stand is very flimsy. It requires that you lean it against something as the weight of a cookbook or iPad causes the piece in the back to slide out from underneath. Looks great.

11. Boston Warehouse 72728 Tablet Stand

Boston Warehouse 72728 Tablet Stand

Cookbook or Tablet elevated while cooking to avoid spills and messy ingredients. The easel back makes it easier to follow a recipe while cooking. It adds style to your counter top even when not in use because it is compatible with most electronic devices. It is made of wood with a smooth painted surface, do not submerge in water, wipe clean with a damp cloth. There are more creative ideas for your home and kitchen from Boston Warehouse.

Brand: Boston Warehouse

👤Love it. Is large enough to hold a device. I still have another inch to spare because the book in this picture has over 300 pages, but it fits. I like how you can store it.

👤The design is cute and the ledge is deep enough to hold a cookbook. I use it to hold pages from my book. It doesn't take up a lot of counter space and gets the job done. The construction is flimsy. The stand is not secured. It is a cheap picture frame. I keep it close to the wall so it won't fall. I don't think the stand will last long. It is about to break.

👤A friend of mine bought a cookbook stand and insisted it changed her life. I was looking for one that matched my kitchen and found this cute option. There is a A friend of mine bought a cookbook stand and insisted it changed her life. I was looking for one that matched my kitchen and found this cute option. What was I waiting for? I was able to set up my cookbook in a few easy steps. I found that the command hook on the fridge is out of my way.

👤It was bought for a wife at Christmas. She likes it. She puts her iPad on when she needs to read a recipe while cooking or put a recipe book on it for display. It looks good with nothing on it. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I thought it would be smaller. It holds every cook book I have put in it. The back stand is a little wobbly, so I took off one star. After a couple months of use, might need to tighten.

👤The company needs to improve on the stand. It doesn't lock and it doesn't hold. The board falls back flat when you push/move pages.

👤The front lip is missing.

👤It was ordered for our new kitchen counter. It is definitely giftable.

👤It holds a cookbook and IPad.

👤I am sirve de decoracin, pero no tengo de quitarlo. There is a El producto is importante amigos.

👤Me gust muchisimo y me sirve bastante.

👤I love it as an addition to my kitchen space.


What is the best product for cooking book holder?

Cooking book holder products from Mdesign. In this article about cooking book holder you can see why people choose the product. Srenta and Mygift are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking book holder.

What are the best brands for cooking book holder?

Mdesign, Srenta and Mygift are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking book holder. Find the detail in this article. Jogreful, Tcbwfy and Wishacc are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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