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1. LEXIVON Multi Function Self Igniting Adjustable LX 771

LEXIVON Multi Function Self Igniting Adjustable LX 771

A must-have for your masters is a beard. The LEXIVON 12-piece butane powered soldering set can be used in a wide range of different applications. The flame can be adjusted from 1/2 to 2 inches with the help of the base stand. The butane resale tank is made to last. Pre-tested for the ability to start a fire. The large tank capacity with standard butane gas allows for up to 2 hours of run time, fully refill in 15 seconds, so you can stay on the job. Their top priority is your safety. The new design was designed to meet the U.S.CPSC- Child resistance standard requirements. Butane is not included.

Brand: Lexivon

👤This is a good price for the dollar. It has a nice hard plastic carry case. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't an adjustment of the intake. The black plastic ring on the torch is not an air intake. When I bought the torch, I only had one picture to look at which showed the ring. It looked like my torch. I assumed it was. The other torches did not have it. This one does not. The flame lock is one of the issues. The flame needs to be locked on with both hands. It is not accessible by any fingers on the right hand since the thumb is what pushes the fire. They should have kept the tried and true methods of the lock function, such as a button next to the ignition. If you want the torch locked on, you need to slide the lock at the same time you ignite or flame won't stay on hands free. These are small issues. I have no desire to return the torch. It feels like a tool, not a piece of plastic, it has a nice 2000+ flame. It uses a metal tank for safety. I would recommend it to others. I use this one for the kitchen and it does a great job. Hope this helps someone who was on the fence. Remember, you pay for what you get.

👤I liked the overall kit idea. I've been looking for a small torch. Customer reviews for several brands and models were read by me. I'm a woodworker and a handyman. I searched for reviews based on my situation. I received the package a day earlier than I anticipated. I mistakenly ordered a can of butane fuel that was meant for lighters. The design and quality of the unit was good. It was easy to set up and work well from the beginning. I anealed copper wire for some projects. There is a When using solering tips, the torch wouldn't stay lit. I contacted Lexivon through their website customer service link. Their response was angry. Within one email, my problem was diagnosed. It turned out to be a user error. The torches need to be filter butane. The customer service rep was sending me messages throughout the weekend to make sure my problem was solved, that the torch was functioning properly, and that he would send me a new kit if needed. I found the torch to be an excellent addition to my workbench, and combined with the outstanding customer service, it's now one of my favorite hand tools.

👤I use this torch mostly for the small heat gun which is a big surprise to me. It works well for heating wax to a smooth finish. I have a hard time starting the torch. 50% of the time it will start. The lock sticks making it hard to light. I really like this little torch. If you are having the same issues with the mini heat gun feature, you can see the fixes below. Use high quality butane. My issue didn't fall here. The heat gun's how to engage feature is 100% of the time. Slowly push thetrigger until you hear the igniter click. This gives the chamber enough time to fill with gas. The torch itself can be said to be the same. It will light every time if you don't treat it with a gentle touch. The review turned out to be a mistake. I was fiddling with my thumb safety after the merchant rep reached out to me. I was trying to ignite the torch with one hand, but a small snap happened and the thumb switch is working perfectly. I think it's a bit of flashing on the plastic. It seems to be working in both right and left hands. I will change my review to 5 stars. A small torch.

2. Culinary Cooking Refillable Adjustable Desserts

Culinary Cooking Refillable Adjustable Desserts

Product comes with a 12 months warranty. If there is an issue with your purchase, please contact them for a replacement or refunds. It can be easy to operate and install. The butane torch is designed with one-handed operation and can be opened with a security lock. You can refill the blow torch with any butane if you have a long and short nozzle. It's easier for you and your family. Safer designs just for you! The clear fuel gauge on the butane torch lighters helps to see if the torch is full or running low. It has a safety lock to prevent accidental ignition and a wide set base to prevent falling over. The blow torch has cooling holes that can reduce the heat. Enjoy and stay safe! There is aAdjustable Flame available. The flame of the kitchen torch can be adjusted with a gas flow regulator dial and can reach up to 2500F in continuous flame mode. Piezo Ignition Technology allows for use at any angle, even upside down, and the ergonomics design provides a more comfortable way to apply force. Look! A cooking torch is versatile. The cooking torch can be used to make crme Brulee, toasting marshmallows, charring peppers, searing meat, bar cocktails, and BBQ grills. It's perfect for professional and creative family cooks. An ideal gift with a guarantee! It was worth it! ] If you discover the difference their cooking torch can make in the kitchen, party, and do it yourself, you will want to share it with all of your friends and family. There is no need for wrapping your kitchen torch when it arrives in a gift box. A torch with a 24 months warranty is sure to be appreciated. Their torches always ship without butane gas. If you want to avoid direct sunshine, place the product at a place over 50C/122F. If you want to avoid direct sunshine, place the product at a place over 50C/122F.

Brand: Panacelife

👤Gave it a try after filling it up to the full level. Everything is working well. The Harbor F. torch was difficult to use, with the safety switch you had to hold down while pressing the igniter button, thetrigger pull igniter is a real improvement over that. The flame adjustment is easy to use.

👤We all know these are the best. It can do that. So on and so on. I was impressed with how well this was made.

👤I use this for art. It doesn't work if it's overfilled. When you have to fill it upside down and check the fill level, it's hard to judge. This is a good product and I have solved the issue by checking the level frequently.

👤Product arrived on time. Is described. The torch is being used to solder horse shoe nail Christmas ornaments. The size and shape are perfect for my daughter. The flame and heat are good, but the ignition system is not. The igniter is not lighting the torch, we have used the torch for a couple hours, not even one full fill of butane. You have to click thetrigger multiple times to get the torch to light, but sometimes as many as 20 clicks on thetrigger will not light the torch. I can't recommend this product.

👤The fuel gauge window is easy to use and the price is good.

👤I took a few minutes to fill up, but once I figured out to hold the torch, fuel went right in. It worked out great. I needed something to replace my butane pencil.

👤The torch is very dangerous. The first leak came when the torch was being filled. There was a lot of butane pooling around the port after I filled it. Mind you. I was only filling it out for a short time. There is a I heard a hissing sound after I let go of the gun. The window to view the butane level was cracked and leaking after I took a look. I did not drop it or mishandle it. It must have cracked while I was using it. I would suggest you get a different torch. This thing is going straight to the garbage.

👤I have had a lot of torches and this one is better than the expensive one. I've used it for more than 3 weeks. I won't have to change my review if it doesn't have any problems.

👤The gauge for refilling butane found in the box is not compatible with the torch. I bought the suggested can of butane from Amazon and they are not compatible. I had to buy a can of Duco to refill it because the pins don't match, and now I have a can of butane I can't use. It is important for Amazon to be aware of the products they match with to be sure they are compatible. The torch is great. It's a good thing.

👤This is an update review after a week of use. The flame is not stable. There is a Sometimes it will turn to a flame thrower. I got this from Amazon and it cost less. Every time it works. The flame is not stable. I guess this is what you get. If there are any other issues with it, I will update.

3. BLUU Grill Cooking Propane Torch

BLUU Grill Cooking Propane Torch

One of the hottest sale models in Japan is made in Taiwan. The Bluu's high power propane torch gun is an ideal cooking tool for a man who likes grilling. Join your friends at the party with juicy steak. The kitchen tongs are perfect for professional cooking, grilling steak & bell peppers, caramelizing sugar atop creme brulee, melting cheese and toasting bread crumbs. It can be used for lighting fireplaces, grills and bonfires. Control with MAX 2400F is adjusted. The flame temperature of their torch can reach up to 2400 F, which is perfect for most applications. The bigger flame outlet can produce a powerful flame. The Handheld Propane Torch Head is a great way to cook quickly. Wide fuel adjustment and deficiency instruction. The torch lighter can be used with gas. It's suitable for most propane tanks. The instructions in the package can help beginners figure out how to use the torch. 90 day refund policy and 1 year warranty are provided by them. You can get your BLUU Grill Gun today. 90 day refund policy and 1 year warranty are provided by them. You can get your BLUU Grill Gun today.

Brand: Bluu

👤The torch was purchased to upgrade from a butane can to a version with a more powerful and longer lasting flame provided by the smaller green propane canisters. I was worried that it connected to the propane canister. My initial concern was that the configuration would get hot or that the torch would get hot, but rest assured that neither of these things happen. I always take precautions with any torch, but using this one is so much easier. The butane can version had to keep replenish or it would smell like after spray. I don't have a problem with this torch because it's hooked directly to the propane canister like the hoses used on my coleman dual burner camping stove. I only have to turn the knob to adjust the settings on this torch. Since the torch can start off with a strong flame when it first lights up, I should check the knob to make sure it's high or low.

👤Didn't work out of the box. After texting customer support, they got a reply the next day at 7am, but nothing after 8am. I was very excited about the torch. It looks nice, but it's just not up to par.

👤It works like it should and fires up. Excellent product!

👤The one I bought was terrible. I thought it was made in the US. I was wrong. They should have said that it was made in china. It was so shocking when I used it that it almost caused an accident. I would give it a zero.

👤The torch is made of Chinese waste. I have an old Bernzomatic that has been outside for a long time. The torch fired right up when it was put on the same bottle as the new torch. The quality of the torch is not good and they miss it at best. Don't look back, spend 1/3 of the cost on a Bernzomatic. Pass on this one. I'm returning it.

👤This torch is very powerful and good for grilling. It is easy to adjust for high and low. The setting is loud. Very powerful. Good purchase.

👤The ignition system simply doesn't work, despite the packaging and powerful flame. I wanted that feature. If you want to light your bic lighter, this is a great product. There is a The manufacturer contacted me. This one works well. It took 45 seconds to get my grill going after I used it today. Great product!

👤The item was used the same day after it was received. I cooked the beef roast for 28 hours. It gets the job done. There is a DOC.

4. Sondiko Lighter Refillable Adjustable Included

Sondiko Lighter Refillable Adjustable Included

The ZEBRE refillable torch flame can be adjusted according to your needs. An accurate flame intensity can be obtained with an adjusted regulator for a variety of uses. The flame temperature can reach 1300 C/2372 F. You can choose the flame according to your requirement. A wide set base helps to prevent it falling over, and a safety lock prevents accidental ignition. The long nozzle and burn-free finger guard keep your hand away from the flame. The body is made of aluminum alloy. It's easy to refill the kitchen torch with any brand of butane, just slide the security lock to open and light up. It is a portable torch that you can use for many outdoor activities. It's a great gift for caramelizing sugar atop creme brulee, cooking a baked ham, roasting bell peppers, melting cheese and toasting bread crumbs. Also useful for lighting your fireplace, candles or cigars, for hobby, arts and crafts projects, jewelry making, welding, for multiple camping applications, and much more. Adjustable Flame and Continuously Flame Mode allows for using at any angle even upside down with simple one hand operation, a temperature Regulator for complete control of flame and a flame temperature of up to 1300 C/2372 F. The safety lock will be turned to the right at the same time as the button is pressed to light fire. Baking cooking is easier. The product does not come with butane fuel, so it needs to buy butane gas with a filling capacity of at least 10g.

Brand: Sondiko

👤I dropped it and it only dribbled a small flame from that point on. The company reached out to me after seeing my review. I wrote a review and didn't contact them. This is the first time this has happened and it was a pleasant surprise. They offered to replace it for free. I wish all Amazon companies had good customer service.

👤I was worried as I have never used one of these before. It was easy to fill. It's perfect for popping bubbles on my pours.

👤It stopped working in less than a month. It worked well at first, but after I refilled it was unreliable. Sometimes it does the low flame that it's set at, but other times it does a high flame and stays on until I click several times and it either turns off or slowly reduces. It doesn't seem safe to keep using. A lot of the reviews seem to be for a different torch. The one I have is black, not white.

👤You can find a tip for the fuel on this torch. It comes with a few and so do the cans of butane but out of the 25 or so I have including the ones supplied with it, I can't get a good connection for the filler valve. I read the instructions carefully, watched some videos, and bought different fuel cans, but they all waste a lot of fuel trying to fill this thing. I have other torches that don't have this issue. I use a lot of different brands of fuel and they all work well on my torches. I can't get anything to fit securely over the valve on this one in ordwer to fill it without fuel escaping from the connection. Some are worse than others, but they all leak when filling this torch. It's hard to sense when it's full. It works very well once you get fuel into it. You can either lock it off or on for safety or continuous flame without holding thetrigger. A good flame pattern makes it very hot very quickly. It is possible to do light soldering but be careful around sensitive materials because it will instantly melt and burn delicate things and could easily catch nearby flammables ablaze. If it had a better fuel valve that worked with all standard fuel sources, it would get 5 stars.

👤I would return if I could, but now that I have filled it with butane, you can't ship it anymore. It is not possible to tell how much gas you have because there is no fill line. How can you avoid an over pressure explosion if you don't know how full it is? There are two more It is very difficult to sustain a blue flame. The flame is big and difficult to control. creme brlée is my specialty and I bought this for Thanksgiving. We were out of town and I couldn't bring my torch with me. I would have liked to have bought the welding torch at any Home Depot store. The second star is due to the fact that I brlée successfully.

5. Sondiko Refillable Adjustable One Handed Operation

Sondiko Refillable Adjustable One Handed Operation

Customer satisfaction is their top priority. If you don't like this torch, you should. They would listen to you and bring you the best experience. The flame lock button is in the reach of your thumb, so you can easily adjust and lock the flame with only one hand, making it easier to cook BBQ. The Sondiko cooking torch has a transparent fuel gauge on the bottom which will allow you to know the remaining gas at any time. The easy-to-read fuel gauge with MAX line functions as a reminder to avoid over filling. 10g large fuel gas capacity lasts 20-50 minutes each full refill with stable performance and easy handling. Do you not know what butane gas tank to buy? Is the butane canister at home compatible with their torch? Sondiko cooking torch is compatible with any brand of butane gas. Adding a red accessory to the box will shorten the nozzle for gas and butane tanks. This versatile cooking blow torch is not just a kitchen torch for baking, sous vide, searing meat and BBQ, it also works for soldering, crafting, jewelry and camping. Piezo Ignition Technology allows for using at any angle, even upside down, with one hand operation, a temperature Regulator for complete control of flame, and a flame temperature of up to 1341 C/ 2500 F. Press the button to light fire, turn the safety lock clockwise, and it will keep firing without you pressing. Baking cooking is easier. Piezo Ignition Technology allows for using at any angle, even upside down, with one hand operation, a temperature Regulator for complete control of flame, and a flame temperature of up to 1341 C/ 2500 F. Press the button to light fire, turn the safety lock clockwise, and it will keep firing without you pressing. Baking cooking is easier.

Brand: Sondiko

👤I use it to pop bubbles in the resin.

👤The fuel flow control is not easy to use. I can place it on low. It will either ignite with a long torch flame or not at all. It is very inconsistent in how it ignites the torch. The flow control was set to extreme. If you set the flow setting in the middle, the torch will ignite most of the time, and you can adjust the flame after it ignites. I use this torch to install heat shrink tubing in automotive wiring. I keep it with my portable soldering setup in a DeWalt 10 bin storage case. I love that the torch has a fluid-level sight gauge and a safety lock that works well when I store it away, but can be removed when I use it throughout the day to keep my sanity. I only use high quality 99% pure or 14x refined butane fuel from either Colibri or Vector brands to make sure that my torch will last a long time. If you use cheaper butane from a big box store or gas station, you will be able to get x3 butane. You will likely have to buy a new torch once it gets gummed up. Most of your struggles will be eliminated if you use high quality butane and include those plastic refill that this torch included. I don't think it's necessary to use a plastic refill with this torch, if you're using poor quality butane that doesn't have a longer refill nozzle. I use butane soldering irons which are basically a butane torch with a catalyst and soldering tips. I know how important high quality butane is. It doesn't mean anything if it's either 99% pure refined or more than x3. Stay away from the butane if it doesn't state these details. There is a The smallest torch flame is about 1 inch in length and 2.5 inches at max flow. I mostly use it at the lower flow settings for my work, but it's nice to see that the flame has more than enough upper range for other purposes. The torch is light and made mostly of plastic with an aluminum cylinder grip that protects the butane tank. If you want it to be reliable, I would not drop it on a concrete floor. I have a butane soldering iron/torch from Lexivon that has a butane tank made from aluminum with a rubber overgrip that feels more durable in my hand and has a more consistent ignition and butane flow control, but has a frustrating safety lock that gets annoying real quick. If you want to do heatshrink work, use the Sondiko torch only, and if you want to do soldering work, use the battery operated pine64 pinecil. My Lexivon butane soldering iron is reserved for a backup solution.

👤The flame is uncontrollable. I gave 2 starts because it does light and works on the lowest setting. The flame will flash and pop-pop if you try to increase it using the adjuster. A blue flame comes out of the orange tip. If you get a unit that is malfunctioning, make sure it is not a torch that is flame throwing.

6. NANW Refillable Culinary Adjustable Included

NANW Refillable Culinary Adjustable Included

100% risk-free. Funet is committed to provide the best quality kitchen products in the market and customer's satisfaction is their #1 priority. They are confident in their torch. Their blow torch is covered with no questions, no return, and no hassle for 90 days. The best gifts for men are Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. Order now and consider getting a torch for your family and friend. The butane torch is a perfect gift for any occasion, from a birthday to a New Year. Care for people you love. The switch can be operated by one hand. Please open the front switch. Press the button with your thumb. The flame should be adjusted as required. 4. It can be placed vertically or horizontally. A wide set base helps to prevent it from falling over. The long nozzle and burn-free finger guard keep your hand away from the flame. The Butane isn't included. The NANW torch flame can be adjusted according to your needs. An accurate flame intensity can be obtained with an adjusted regulator for a variety of uses. The flame temperature can reach 1300 C/2372 F. You can choose the flame according to your requirement. Gas is not included in the refillable blow torch, butane fuel can be used for up to 11g of gas. Before filling gas, please follow the instructions carefully. Allow it to rest for a few minutes before using again.

Brand: Nanw

👤The torch should be drained per instructions. I saw a number of reviews that said the torch stopped working after purchase. Please read on. When I received the torch, I filled it and gave it to my wife who used it on her dessert. I tried to refill it when I came back to the kitchen. Butane came out of the fill valve and said it was already full. There is a I picked up the instructions and read them. The drain tool is included in the instructions. A lot of gas came out when I did. 30 seconds to fully drain! It worked perfectly when I refilled it. There is a We only had this torch for 24 hours. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤I love creme brulee. I was excited to get this torch and try to make it at home, because I always look for it on the dessert menu. I've seen a few recipes that say to put it in the oven on broil at the end to melt the sugar on top, but almost all of the "professional" ones recommend using a torch to avoid mass burning of the sugar. The torch is the best way to cook sugar without burning it, as you can see from the before and after pics I took. There is a The torch was very easy to use. You're good to go if you fill it with butane. It was easy to use, had plenty of power, and I got the hang of giving each dish the proper amount of fire. The only way I could improve on this is to have an indicator or window to be able to see when the torch is full. There is a Let me know if anyone wants the site for the recipe I used for creme brulee.

👤This is an upgrade from my heat gun. I started making items that remove small air bubbles. The torch does what I wanted it to do, it does not add any small particles, it just removes the air bubbles quickly. I am very happy that this torch is light weight, I can't compare it to my heat gun, it's way lighter. I don't plan on cooking only for my crafts. I like it so far. There is a I picked up a bottle from a local gas station. It looks good and feels good. It's on point. It's nice to store this little guy, you just leave it standing, no hassle with cords, or having to make sure it's in a particle free location. It looks like a small peanut butter jar for comparison purposes. There is a lock button on the side, it's a nice feature to have that way you don't hold down the nozzle to have torch on. I think the knob on the back of the torch is just for aesthics, or I haven't figured it out yet. If you're crafting with it, get it. Don't hesitate.

👤I teach jewelry and work with torches. I was getting them from harbor freight, but they weren't holding up well. I went to the internet to see if I could find better ones. There is a The torch is great. I like the one handed operation and the color. I call it my torch. It doesn't come with fuel because of the hazardous shipping costs. It's better to find your own. I use this torch to do small metal smithing work, like balling up wire, fusion wire rings, and small rings. You could probably do more if you used two. As my other torches die out, I will happily buy more, as long as the price stays reasonable.

7. Flame King YSNAX1 085 Propane Torch

Flame King YSNAX1 085 Propane Torch

The service was great. If you hear the sound of outgassing after the welding torch is installed, please adjust the flame valve and ignite it. It will be a great partner at work. Feel free to contact them at any time. A propane torch has 27,000 BTUs. The Ultra swirl flame provides maximum heat output for large diameter soldering, Thawing, plumbing, melting and heat applications. The flame control valve is easy to use. Simple one-handed operation for instant on/off igniter. The Flame King 1lb refillable cylinder is not included. The Flame King 1lb refillable cylinder is not included.

Brand: Flame King

👤It works on the one pound bottles. It has a brass part. That is the one I like the most. The bottle is made of brass. It is easy to blow it's self out when used with a full bottle.

👤It was used to light campfires.

👤It works great for starting a wood stove. Just add something.

👤The output of heat and flame. The handle set up seems a bit cumbersome. Buts works the way it should.

👤A big flame is great for starting a wood stove.

👤After 5 weeks, the lighting stopped working. It was too late to return it.

8. Professiona Culinary Lighter Adjustable Cooking

Professiona Culinary Lighter Adjustable Cooking

We offer a 30 days money back guarantee. If your product arrived faulty or damaged, please contact their seller support and they will fix it. The cooking torch has been upgraded. They are a safety lock, wide base, finger guard, and visual fuel window. The kitchen torch lighters have a gas regulator that can be adjusted for easy flame adjustment. The flames provide more powerful heat. Food heating time can be shortened. When you add new gas to the blow torch lighters, you can see the gas volume filled, making the operation faster, simpler and safer. The torch lighter has a safety lock and finger guard. Accidental opening or closing of a safety lock can cause butane to leak. A finger guard protects your fingers from fire. The blow torch is ideal for many uses, such as cooking, baking, crafting, and lighting your fireplace. The kitchen blow torch does not contain butane gas. If you don't fill butane gas, it will not work. Children need adult guidance when using it. The kitchen blow torch does not contain butane gas. If you don't fill butane gas, it will not work. Children need adult guidance when using it.

Brand: Simeago

👤I wish I had a torch that I could keep in the kitchen to lightly toast frosting, marshmallows or other things. I was debating about using a MAPP gas torch in the kitchen, but I didn't feel comfortable with it. If you're planning to use it for something other than torch ports, the larger coverage area isn't always a good idea. I've used this torch a few times and it seems to work well. The smoke top for whiskey/bourbon had a small opening so the dual port output roasted more than the intended area. There is a One recent use was to toast marshmallows in hot cocoa for my kids. Other things. The torch is large and easy to view the fuel window, but some sellers have it as a premium feature. The knob has a safety switch that does work, but it feels like it will be the first component to break from use.

👤A small butane container would make this a good deal, it comes without first fill.

👤After a few months of constant use, the lock is showing signs of wear, but for the price, I'll just buy another one.

👤The torch is so large it is almost impossible to burp completely, and requires two hands.

👤It worked well. Has a torch.

👤The torch was better than I expected.

👤I use it for soldering.

👤Paying attention to filling the torch is what makes setting it up easy. I took the back cover off so I could see the container inside. There are elements inside that need time to absorb the butane. I fastened the cover back on after watching butane add to make sure not to go over the max level meter. I could tell when it was full by letting the torch sit upright for a few minutes. If you keep trying to add butane, it will start to leak out of your can, and when the butane valve is full, it will stop adding fuel. I used a brand called Ronson. It took less than 30 seconds for the torch to be filled. This was not a difficult task. This torch has more heat for food items than a normal single flame torch. There is a The torch was easy to use. When turning the knob a quarter turn to the left, it will take two hands. The starter button is not needed to turn the flame up high. The double flame uses up butane faster than the single flame. This is a great tool. If you want a large hot flame, then this item is for you. The back of the box has directions for this item. Excellent product!

👤Plastik ist bei der ersten Benutzung. Im Gehend ist das gesendet. Unverschmt ist qualtt. So viel Geld. Werde immer, das ist fr 15-20. There is a Flammenwerfer ist die Flamme.

9. Professional Kitchen Adjustable Soldering Included

Professional Kitchen Adjustable Soldering Included

If the lure of homemade desserts isn't enough, your purchase comes with a bonus free 23. A 90-day money back guarantee is included in the recipe eBook. Give their torch a try. If you don't like it, they will give you a full refund. No questions were asked. Butane gas is not included. The safety lock on the Brulee Torch prevents accidental ignition. The aluminum alloy material makes it more durable and sturdy and provides comfort to your hand. The butane torch lighter can be refilled after use, compatible with butane gas only. The mini butane torch is easy to hold. VERSATILE: You can easily control the flame temperature according to your needs, such as caramelizing food, soldering jewelry, cooking, BBQ, Baking, Brulee, and creme. The Continuously Flame Mode is light. If you press the button, it will light fire and rotation at the same time, so you don't need to press the button again. The Butane Torch from TBTEEK comes with a 1-year replacement warranty and friendly customer service. The Butane Torch from TBTEEK comes with a 1-year replacement warranty and friendly customer service.

Brand: Tbteek

👤This does not work for me. I don't know if it's filled with fuel or if I was supposed to buy separate fuel. It doesn't say anything. It is heavy and won't light when I raise the level of flame. When there was a flame, it was TINY! The flame was small and not enough to burn my hand. It should state that if it doesn't come with fuel. I will send it back. I am disappointed for sure. There is an update. This was my mistake. The torch does not come with butane. They immediately fixed the situation after I submitted the review and returned it. They sent me a replacement torch at no cost when the original torch didn't arrive. They sent me an email that was incredible. When you have butane, the torch works great. It's a nice torch to look at. The product and the customer service are very good.

👤This torch does not have fuel. When you read the instructions and find out you need to go to a store that sells butane fuel, you are very disappointed, but I understand that shipping safety and regulations are the reason. I drove to 3 different stores and finally got it at Walgreens. I would have liked to have seen a warning on the screen that said you need to purchase it. I could have ordered both items at the same time on Amazon.

👤This little torch has a lot of bang for the buck, it has two separate locks which are child safe, and it's perfect for a touch up for meals/desserts to add a nice touch of browning to your dishes.

👤I like the torch. It is easy to refill, it has a decent size flame, and it is lightweight. The torch only took about 2 months to ignite, but it stopped working when you pressed the button. I have to turn it on low, lock it up and light it with a BIC lighter. It's really annoying! A new torch has been ordered. There is a I don't recommend.

👤I received the kitchen torch on a Sunday. It has a screwdriver, a basting brush and explicit directions. The butane is not included in the item description. I used a longer nozzle for the lighter. The kitchen torch worked well. The brlée topping was very easy to make. The locking mechanism and flame adjustment worked well. The torch has a nice weighted feel to it and it doesn't feel cheap. I chose this product instead of some of the others.

👤This thing seems unsafe due to poor construction. After adding butane and firing it up, it did fire up, and it will stay fired up even after turning it off. The release of the Trigger doesn't seem to have any effect, it just keeps going until I kill it. There is a You just fill until you think it's good, because there's no window or other place to do that. The fill port doesn't fit snug for a tight connection, it's loose, and butane spills out a lot during fill-up. There is a Sometimes when it's lit, it flickers flame, alternating between a regular flame and a 'jet' flame, which is a bit scary because it appears the tip could be catching fire when it does this... The head gets very hot very quickly, can't imagine using it on anything, it's just so poorly built...

10. Lighter Culinary Refillable Adjustable Included

Lighter Culinary Refillable Adjustable Included

The Butane Torch from TBTEEK comes with a 1-year replacement warranty and friendly customer service. The security lock design prevents against accidental ignition and a wide base helps to prevent the torch from tipping, made with aluminum alloy. When the kitchen torch runs out, it can be refilled, and the flame intensity can be adjusted to 1300 c/ 2500 F to meet various needs. Light up with Piezo Ignition Technology, it's easy to operate, can be flame intensity controlled, and the flame goes off if you press the button. Continuous Fire Mode is when you press the button to light fire and then turn the button clockwise to extinguish the fire. When you're not using the Fire Ignition, turn it off. Don't let children near you. If you are dissatisfied, please contact them.

Brand: Gibot

👤The box wasn't sealed properly and things were all over the place when I opened them, but I didn't have any issues with this product. I used to make cells and remove air bubbles. It was great. It's easy to use. I don't think it's a good idea to refill your butane gas bottle when you buy it. I bought the butane before the torch arrived and had to buy a different one because the store wouldn't let me return the original one. I will include photos of people who are not buying.

👤It's great for people. The first delivery was a dud, it would gurgle butane fluid and not ignite. The replacement worked as advertised. It lasts several uses. I plan on getting a blazer torch in the future as it is the best for dabs because it has a bigger tank meaning a lot less refilling but if you are on a budget remember that this torch has the same advertised heat that the blazer advertises. When I went to buy my torch, I was in a tight spot. I got this torch instead of the one recommended by Amazon. This is a perfect solution for now. It's very comfortable in my hand. The job is done well with this product. The lock that keeps the flame on is the best feature. The lock on feature makes heating a nail very comfortable. This torch is an economical solution. If it is free of defects, open it and test it. Amazon replaced mines at no cost if it's not working. I love it for the low price of $11. Thank you seller for saving me money.

👤I have used this torch many times. This is not a first-impression review. Who likes those? I know I don't. I like to tell you when I've been using a product and how it's working out for me. I would like everyone to do that. I can't say anything about this because I haven't used it in the arena of cooking. I'm pretty sure it would be fine. It works well with paint. I know a person who paints and has a model of it. She told me that she likes this torch more than the one she has. I have used this torch many times.

👤After more than a year or two of constant usage, still going strong. It's a snap to refill. I use this thing for a lot of legal functions, from shrink wrapping wires to lighting our fire pit, which it's handy for! I expected this thing to die within a few months because of its appearance and packaging. It is still going strong. I feel like I have gotten more than I am worth. This is a must have for kitchen, workshop, and outdoor use.

👤I bought this to use on a glass rig and it works great. It is a torch, but it is nearly idiotproof. It hasn't failed me once since I've been using it for 10 months. There is a It is easy to use one-handed. I use Ronson butane fuel from walmart, filling and refilling is easy. I used it to get the top layer of a mac and cheese or lasagna.

11. Bernzomatic Pre Filled MAP Pro Torch Cylinder

Bernzomatic Pre Filled MAP Pro Torch Cylinder

The weed torch has a two-year quality warranty, which means if it has any quality problems, you can replace a new set. AUSAIL support team is always on line, if you have a product after-sales problem, you can contact them. It's ideal for medium to heavy soldering. The grip has an ergonomics for comfort. The cylinder is made of recycled material. The cylinder is made of recycled material.

Brand: Worthington Industries

👤Not recommended. Why? The quantity's value was terrible. Box Store Warehouses can be up to 50% cheaper.

👤What is the thickness? Is that really true? It is mapp fuel. How easy is it to use five stars, warmth five stars, thickness? I think 5 stars. I am confused. Do these have other uses other than torch fuel? It is possible that the questions are best left unanswered.

👤The fastest and easiest way to light a wood fire is with a plumbing torch. We use it for outdoor fires in our fire kettle, and to relight our wood stove on cold mornings. To use these canisters, you will need to purchase an auto lite nozzle. A canister can light 20 fires. It's important to have some kindling or cinders, but not a newspaper. Just point and shoot.

👤My husband was very happy that the canisters were full and that they arrived quickly.

👤This is a great company to buy from. They offer a coupon with your order. I was having trouble finding MAP gas in my area and this company and order saved me! Thank you!

👤I use this for soldering. It works well.

👤At least I don't have to go out at this time. This can be used for a home project.

👤It works as it should. Have multiple cans in the garage.


What is the best product for cooking blow torch propane?

Cooking blow torch propane products from Lexivon. In this article about cooking blow torch propane you can see why people choose the product. Panacelife and Bluu are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking blow torch propane.

What are the best brands for cooking blow torch propane?

Lexivon, Panacelife and Bluu are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking blow torch propane. Find the detail in this article. Sondiko, Nanw and Flame King are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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