Best Cooking Bags for Boiling

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1. 15Pack Reusable Cotton Drawstring Cheesecloth

15Pack Reusable Cotton Drawstring Cheesecloth

The mesh bag is light in weight and easy to store in your pocket, wallet or glove box. This mesh is 24 in in width and stretches up to 14 in. 100 PCS of draw string mesh. Food grade, natural and safe is what the material is made of. It's suitable for tea,mike,spice and herbalsoup. Simple desige, clean and health. The size is Approx.3"x4". The package includes 20 Reusable Soup bags.

Brand: Tto

👤I cook things that use whole spices that aren't intended to be eaten and many of them are too small to remove after cooking. I used to make a bouquet garni with gauze, but it wasn't tight enough to hold things in. It's a pain to wrap and tie cheese cloth. The bags make a nice alternative. Throw the spices in, tighten the strings, and tie it up. The "cons". The weave is too thick for the flavors to penetrate as I would like. Adding more spice does help, but I would prefer a thinner material. Cleaning seems a bit much. I toss them after use because they are too small. I am going to sacrifice socks to the washing machine monster. I fear that this small might cause more harm.

👤The bags that I received are dirty. I tried to wash them out by hand with detergent, but the debris was stuck in the fabric and I didn't want to be wasteful by sending them back. So gross. The garbage was thrown in.

👤It was easy to use. I used them for glhwein and have not tried to reuse them. I didn't want to mess with the wine. They held the spices well and infused the wine without adding any taste or plastic.

👤I used these to package up spices for friends. They were the right size to hold the spices.

👤Came on time and works as it should. Dispose after use is recommended.

👤They do not tie well. It serves the purpose.

2. GOOTRADES Reusable Kitchen Strainer Filter

GOOTRADES Reusable Kitchen Strainer Filter

Wide use. This tea strainer can be used to filter all kinds of tea, coffee, and spices. It's easy to clean up. It's durable, it's Washable, and it's Reusable. These bags are made of cotton, no toxic, safe to use, soft, durable, and breathable, you can use them for many times. The size is 20 cm x 10 cm. Large size can hold a lot of items. Drawstrings design makes it easy to seal and open, it's useful for both home and kitchen needs. It's great for packaging herbs, teas, bouquet garni, potpourri and herbal powder.

Brand: Gootrades

👤The job is easy to clean after use.

👤It worked well to make my soup stock.

👤Very sturdy, but maybe too thick? I feel like the bags aren't being used as much.

👤It makes cooking with herbs and spices easy.

👤It would be easier to wash the material if it were more like a net.

👤These work well. It is easy to clean up when I use them.

3. Fenshine 100Pcs Cold Coffee Filters

Fenshine 100Pcs Cold Coffee Filters

ARILL HEALTHIER: The Shop Square Grill Press keeps bacon from curling. You can use bacon to top a tortilla steamer or a fish grill. You will get 100 pieces of coffee filter bags, enough to meet your daily needs. The size of the bags is perfect for putting the cold brew bags into your bag and convenient for you to use. Their mesh brewing bags are made of non-woven fabric that is safe and non-toxic. The filter material is very strong and resistant to tearing. It's convenient for use and disposal. Since the bags are disposable, there is no need to wash them again and again. Coffee is easy to make at home. The disposable cold brew coffee bags will allow you to have the perfect glass of cold brew without having to buy it again. Their disposable mesh brewing bags are great for cold coffee making and can also be used as eye mask. Draw string design. The bag is sealed with the drawstring. Different labels can be put on the drawstring to help you distinguish different ingredients.

Brand: Fenshine

👤The cotton fabric used in these tea filters is strong and tightly woven. I make many herbal tea blends and need reliable empty teabags. This set of 400 bags is the best price on Amazon for the largest amount. The bags are packed in a larger plastic zip-locked bag. I'm happy with the quality. They smell like cotton, which is a good sign. They're able to hold up to boiling water and any other regular use. I usually pack between 1 and 2.5 grams of herbs in each bag. The teabags are able to hold a lot. I usually pack each teabag with 3 or more teaspoons, which fit comfortably. I put it in a large, closed glass bottle and let it ferment overnight. This is a great way to bring out the benefits of the herbs. I ordered this product for the third time in February because I bag many homemade herbal tea blends. I'm positive that this product has changed. The bag seems to be made of a more sturdy material, as the stitching is different. The teabag floats like crazy, moreso than any other teabag I've ever used. When I fill the teabag with herbs and then try to dunk it into a mug of hot water to assist the process, it won't go below the surface. It floats at the top. I'm not happy with the change, it affects my product's effectiveness. The teabag that's sinking on the left is their old design. The teabag is floating on the right. It bobs at the top.

👤The title is not indicative of bad quality. It is cheap because of the amount offered. I bought two because I thought it would go out of stock eventually. There is a Let me explain what these are and what I think of them. There is a The product comes in a plastic bag with all 400 teabags wrapped in a plastic bag inside, which is 888-282-0465. It's unfortunate that more plastic is being used to separate them, however I don't think there's a better alternative at this time to make it easier to sort out and store them. There is a These teabags are good for steeping tea. A certain brand of loose leaf yerba mate tends to have its dusty bits come through the teabag and into my mug, but it was a lot less than doing so with a mesh steeper. Not using another brand of tea poses no threat. It takes a little bit of effort to open up the teabag to put in your tea and then close it up to have it ready to brew. There is a The flavour is not completely impeded by the material used. There is a The title of the product is confusing to read, especially when I was just looking for cotton teabags, so I want to mention this before I finish this review. The search credentials were selling for $10 - $12 for 400 teabags and sounded like a bitchin' deal. I inspected the teabags after they arrived and found that the primary material used was some kind of polyester, while the actual cotton was shown on the draw string. The title on the product's page states that the tea bags are made of cotton. The tea bags have a draw string seal. If you're thinking this teabag is made of cotton, it's important to understand the part called Cotton Drawstring. There is a The way the material feels and even the smell of it give it away right off the bat. In my experience, the smell on plastic seems to be different than on cotton. Don't ask. There is a Cotton is a much more porous material than other synthetic materials so I wanted cotton for teabags. The logic says that using a highly insulated material such as the plastic used in their teabags would be much faster than using a highly insulated material such as the one used in brewing. It doesn't cost much to manufacture and ship it to the U.S. due to its abundance, and that might explain why it's relatively inexpensive. It taught me to read titles a little more carefully when I get into another rush to buy something. There is a I am not sure if I am disappointed. Not really. It has helped me brew tea. I will try a small sample of cotton teabags to see if they will make a difference once I run out of this stuff. There is a If you want to have a convenient method of making tea on the cheap, I highly recommend you get this stuff. No questions were asked.

4. Cuisinart SBC 1000FR Blend Certified Refurbished

Cuisinart SBC 1000FR Blend Certified Refurbished

A machine that makes soup, whips up smoothies, and does a lot more. Simply add pre-cut ingredients and the machine will blend and keep the soup warm. Push-button digital controls make it easy to set cooking time and temperature. Three temperature settings bring soup from a gentle boil to a boil. Four speeds, plus stir and pulse functions, blend ingredients to desired consistency.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤I was going to use my blender for lunch today. I have everything set up correctly and it won't turn on. I will be giving this back for a full refund.

👤I can blend roasted tomatoes, garlic and basil, cook on high for 20 minutes and pour into canning jars and seal. It saves a lot of clean up.

👤The item wouldn't blend. The mode was soup. The manufacturer was very disappointed.

👤I bought a refurbished blender to try to cut down on waste but it arrived with the glass broken into tiny pieces. When I opened it, there were shards of glass in the kitchen. I will buy items like this in person.

👤I had one before that stopped to work and I really wanted a new one as I drink soup every day, so I was thrilled to find this one again.

👤Returning! This item did not work. When the basic function was not tested, how is it sold as "renewed"? Amazon is still selling it despite other reviewers reporting the same thing. I won't trust "renewed" items again.

👤I was very glad I bought it. It works well and is great for the price.

👤I like the fact that I can put all the ingredients into the blender and make a smooth puree. It is possible to make something delicious in a short time. Looking forward to trying new things.

👤It was in perfect condition. Great product.

5. Pieces Reusable Drawstring Straining Cheesecloth

Pieces Reusable Drawstring Straining Cheesecloth

You have the correct bag to use if you take one from the bundle, it's just 888-353-1299 is a 888-353-1299 is a 888-353-1299 These soup bags are made of unbleached cheesecloth, which is safe and non-toxic, and can be applied for a long time. The drawcord is designed for the seal of each bag, which is convenient for you to adjust the seal size and take it, and you can put different labels on the drawcord to help you distinguish different ingredients. The exterior of the soup bag is made of small and rich mesh design, which will not let the ingredients leak when it is cooked for a long time, but it can send out the scent of the ingredients and spices, a good helpers for soup making. The soup bags are easy to clean and are suitable for tea, coffee, spices, bone and etc. The quantity and size of the bags are enough to meet your daily needs.

Brand: Boao

👤There were spots on the bags. There is a I will not be using them. Total garbage! There is a A waste of time and money.

👤The tea bags are gorgeous. These bags are the perfect size for bulkier items that I use and I blend my own herbal and Medicial teas. These bags are a great size for fresh plant materials, and I work with dried herbs and plant material. It's easy to fill because the openings fit over the base of the wide mouth funnel. I reuse them many times now. I've only used three from the pkg and have noticed no residual flavors left in the fabric after rinsing thoroughly, so they will last a long time. I don't think it would affect the flavor of the blends if I separated them in different bags. I made blends and gave the bags as a gift. The bags are a good value and great quality. Will buy again when necessary.

👤The bags did not close correctly. I received a bad batches. There is a The seller sent a replacement order after I contacted them. The new bags have nice drawstrings. The bags are large and have many uses. I ordered them to make some. The bags with the functional drawstrings are great for herbs, tea, storage, and small gift bags. The product is nice. Excellent customer service.

👤Looks good. The reason for a 3 star review is that they are not as advertised. The actual measurement is close to 5 inches. That is my only gripe. Everything else is fine.

👤My wife finally used one of these socks in her underwear. It worked as expected. I would be tempted to throw the sock away if there were more messier things in it. It was a good purchase.

👤Scum comes up when you cook meat. When the meat is boiling, put a couple of bags in the pot. The scum is out when you take out the bag.

👤The product performs as expected, but it may not be as durable as expected. Considering the materials, the cost is high. It will be more cost effective to make it yourself.

👤It's good for making homemade cold and hot packs. Corn feed is the best way to retain heat, I have done some research and found it to be the best. The smell is not off putting. Also makes a good cold pack. Oatmeal is a good warm pack, but don't heat it.

👤I sacchetti hanno un laccio troppo corto in modo. La misura, ma questo e colpa mia, non abbastanza per quello.

6. Pangda Cotton Muslin Drawstring Inches

Pangda Cotton Muslin Drawstring Inches

If you have any doubts, please contact them in time, they will give you the best service to solve your problems, your satisfaction is their greatest encouragement. Draw string bags are made of cotton, no toxic, safe to use, soft, durable and reuse, you can use them for many times. Muslin bags measurement is approx. Large size can hold many items and can meet your needs. Draw string closure is very useful, it allows you to seal and open easily, and is very convenient to use. Cotton muslin bags are good for packaging crafts, soaps, candles, wedding favors, and more. 30 pieces of muslin bags, blank bags can be drawn patterns on to make your own bags, fill with fragrant herbs, and use the cellulose fiber for sachets.

Brand: Pangda

👤I received this today. One of the bags had writing on it, like pencil marks, when I opened it. I was going to use these for an Easter craft, but I am going to have to redo them as the seams are crooked and the drawstring is just a piece of thread. I'll keep them because they were so cheap, but you have to pay for it.

👤They're 43 cents a piece, and I'm reading reviews complaining about the quality. You will not be disappointed if you set your expectations where they should be. I used them with my partner for a company contest. We put our logo on the outside and included smaller items inside. Some of our guests have used them for personal use, and I don't think they look or feel cheap. I'm impressed by the price of these things.

👤The product doesn't match the picture. These are very cheap. The floss looks similar to the drawstring.

👤The bags are mesh material. I am using mine to put scented oil infused plants in the house to keep it smelling fresh, because a friend of mine bedazzled hers with gems, and I am using mine to put scented oil infused plants in the house. The bags are small but they are a great way to store small items. The bag is light and can be smelled. My son uses one for his toy cars to travel with and I have one with hair clips in it.

👤I love these bags. It was perfect for my needs. I make my own bath salts. These are great for my bathtubs. I can wash and refill them. There is a The strings are thin and break apart easily. It's not a big deal for me and my uses. A good amount is held. I would buy them again.

👤The bags are adequate with a good handful of little threads, loose and attached, but they are easy to remove and not noticeable. My package was missing 5 bags. I ordered 30 bags and paid for 30.

👤The gift bags are perfect. Rather thin. They look like linen. I stamp these with my logo and they absorb the ink.

👤I was trying to find a way to package the items in a gift bag. The bags were perfect for putting the products in. 100% recommend.

7. Savour Sous Vide Gallon Cooking

Savour Sous Vide Gallon Cooking

Reusable cheese cloth is great for straining loose leaf tea, cold brew coffee, straining stocks, making soft cheeses or yogurt, and also can be used as a bag of herbs. The Savour Sous Vide cooking bags give you the confidence that lets your cooking style shine from first bite to last. Their patented technology is easy to use. There is no VACUUM SEALER required. Their bags can be used with any cooker, as well as any container. There are only 5 simple steps. Their cooking bags are FDA compliant and have a safe and lethal proof. No lips required. Their bags are puncture-resistant and will not leak even in the freezer. The Savour Sous Vide cooking bags are multi-functional. Their system creates the perfect sous vide partner for recipes with main course meats, side dish vegetables, desserts, and cocktail mixes. Their bags can be used for many things. Their cooking bags are dishwasher safe and are reusable. Their gallon pack has 16 gallon size sous vide cooking bags.

Brand: Savour Sous Vide

👤The water displacement method is difficult to use. My wife is excited about Sous Vide because of the convenience of these bags. I have used the Savour bags for several meals and have not had any issues. Place your food in a sealed container. Submerging the bag is easy with the straw on the port. When the air is out, replace the straw with the cap and start cooking. No fuss. I will buy again.

👤I am new to cooking and experimenting with different products. The Savour bags are easy to use and are reuseable. I had a problem with the little cap and ripped the bag when I pulled it off. I asked if there was a trick to it. A quick response was received from Susan, co-owner. She was very helpful. She sent me replacements for the bags I had ruined. Who does that? Savour does. The second attempt worked better, but I didn't seal the zip lock and the water flooded the bag. I cooked the roast under the broiler after removing it. Susan offered to call me and walk me through the seal, as well as providing several hints to get a better seal. I have never bought an item from a company that was willing to help. This shows the professionalism of Savour. I know the problems have been caused by my lack of skill, as I am not very good at learning new gadgets. Savour and their bags are excellent. If you have a problem, don't hesitate to contact these wonderful people as they are willing to help. I would prefer to give them 10 stars. I will only use their wonderful products now.

👤The material and seal robustness of the Savour Sous Vide bag appeared less substantial than readily available bags. Vent design seemed incompatible and inadequate. There is a The greatest regret is not the belief in the purported promotional claim/description as "Reusable,...Leak Proof, NO CLIPS NEEDED." The venison roast that these Savour Sous Vide bags were purchased to cook is a delicacy that is absent fat/marbling (inherently lean) and laden with connective tissue which offers unparalleled precision and an ability to impart fat and additional flavor. There is a The greatest regret is trusting the Savour Sous Vide bags to function as reported, the inability to replace the lost venison roast until the next hunting season, and not being able to assign the product zero stars. I'm going to buy a vacuum bag and a vacuum cleaner. A positive/secure locking seal and a undefeatable check valve should be incorporated into this product.

👤The bags worked great for me. I used a soy/citrusMarinated chicken thighs. I liked that I could seal the bags before dunking them, and that the vent system got the air out. I was worried about how it would work with the bag. It was very easy. The chicken was good.

👤I have tried many types of bags and these ones worked well for me. It's easy. It was great that there was no need for a vacuum Sealer. The sauce did not leak and was a plus. Highly recommended!

8. Regency Soup Socks Making Stock

Regency Soup Socks Making Stock

It comes with 12 pieces of cheese cloths for straining, enough quantity support to use for a long time. The seize of each is about 9.1in. Enjoy your cooking and get the best quality at a decent price. The mesh socks are great for making soup. Chicken, soup meat or vegetables should be put in the sock to keep them out of the stock. They keep meat and vegetables in for easy removal. The soup can be put into the bag with the desired contents. You don't need to strain the soup. If the product doesn't arrive in the packaging as shown, it's not an authentic Regency Wraps product and they can't make it. If you don't receive a genuine Regency Wraps Product, please let them know.

Brand: Regency Wraps

👤We use these for chicken soup a lot. The process is made simpler by them. Throw that sock away for the vegetables that will be thrown away. One sock for the chicken is used to separate the meat from the bones and other parts that are thrown out. The overall process has a " easy to clean" rating. We don't clean the socks ourselves. There is a It's expensive to buy socks in small batches.

👤I stumbled upon this item while looking for something. I was able to fit all of the chicken and vegetables in the bag while making chicken soup. The bag did not hold up. Three pounds of chicken, carrots, onions, and celery are held in the stretchy bags. I will not dread straining the soup again.

👤These were amazing. I didn't know why I waited so long to buy them. I would make a mess after straining meat and veg in my instant pot. I would end up burning myself. No more! I was happy to purchase these.

👤They were used for a boil. Fantastic. I was allowed to separate the lemons/oranges, corn, mushrooms, sausage and potatoes while still allowing their flavors to be in the pot. Pull each bag out and serve in individual serving bowls. Guests were able to choose what they wanted with their crawfish. The bags were strong and held up well. When done, tossed them out.

👤I couldn't figure out how they worked but it was supposed to be re-usable. The vegetables and chicken in the soup were so soft that it was hard to take out of the bag. I think it's environment friendly. I think I am good with that.

👤I am very interested in this sovereignty soup. I couldn't get my chicken in there. I placed all my animals in the care of the sanctuary. I was able to wash the SOCK GENTLY because of the Aupairs, Onion,GARLIC, and Hippo that I had. I don't know if that will happen if I put the chicken in there. It turned out to be a nice and clear day.

👤Making stock with these guys is great. I thought they'd be bigger because I thought you could fit a whole chicken into one of them. Not the case. There is a If there were more of them per package, the size would be fine. I used up my package of chicken stock. They get gunked up with the meat and veggie foam that you normally would scoop off the top of the soup. I would probably buy again, as they make things a lot easier, but will look for cheaper prices or larger packages. I think I'm cheap.

👤My mother-in-law gave me an old Betty Crocker cook book that has the best chicken soup recipe in it. I enjoy making it. The mess at the end is straining to get the chicken pieces, spices, and veggies out of the soup. I tried this product at a local grocery store to see how it would work. It is amazing. It's a net. You put all of the ingredients in a bag and tie it up. When the soup is done, you pop out the sack of chicken and veggies and there's only minimal junk at the bottom of the pan. The top of the soup is clear. It's easier to get the meat off the chicken if it's in a bag. There is a If you love making chicken soup, you'll love this product. I was delighted to find them at Amazon after my local grocery store stopped carrying them.

9. Reusable Drawstring Cotton Soup Bags

Reusable Drawstring Cotton Soup Bags

It's ideal for pan coverage while steaming. The cotton cheesecloth used in the cold brew coffee bag is not dyed or bleached and can be applied for a long time. The drawcord is designed for the seal of the cheesecloth bags, which is convenient for you to adjust the seal size and take it, and you can put different labels on the drawcord to help you distinguish different ingredients. Place soup in bags. The soup gravy broth stew bags can be washed and used for many tasks in the kitchen, just need to clean it with a mild detergent and warm water. Reusable tea bags are designed with small and rich fine mesh, which will not let the ingredients leak when it is cooked for a long time, but it can send out the scent of the ingredients and spices, a good helpers. Reusable cheese cloth is great for straining loose leaf tea, cold brew coffee, straining stocks, making soft cheeses or yogurt, and also can be used as a bag of herbs.

Brand: Rongrong

👤I use these to brew cold brew coffee. I use them for single use. I throw them away after I'm done. After filling it with coffee grounds, I put it in a container of water for twelve hours, then took the bag of grounds and threw it away. I have never had an issue with it leaking its contents, falling apart or breaking, or doing the things I wouldn't want it to do. It is a sturdy product. I don't reuse them because I'm lazy, they seem easy to clean. You can get many in a pack for a small amount of money. I have had times where the bag gets stuck trying to remove it, because I overfilled it and the content got swollen with water, and despite me tugging and pulling and yanking the bag never broke or ripped. I am very pleased with this product. I will be buying more.

👤I'll be using them to strain the oil from my deep fryer into a jar. The bags are cheap. I won't clean them.

👤Does it make sense to have all the vegetables not used in soup together, just to have the flavor of them?

👤I used the bag to strain tea and oil. I didn't have any floaters in my oil or tea. I reuse the same bag 3 times.

👤I used the bag to make cashews cream. The bag was strong. The milk had to be squeezed out. All small particles were held by it.

👤I enjoy tea, but not the mess. I store them in a canister after filling them with my tea.

👤I liked everything about it. I put fresh ginger and herbs in a bag and tied a knot to let them cook in my soup. The bag was thrown away.

👤It works well for making sun tea.

10. ECOOPTS Cooking Roasting Chicken Vegetable

ECOOPTS Cooking Roasting Chicken Vegetable

For use with 22 quart buckets. There are containers for food storage. Multi Occasion Oven bags are great for cooking, roasting, microwaving and re- heating. The oven roasting bags were made from food grade materials which are safe to use during cooking. Enjoy your food. 15 cooking bags provide enough space for you to show your cooking skills and cook all kinds of delicious ingredients as you wish. The best way to cook is with the cooking bags. Roasting bags make cooking time more efficient and keep meat more tender. Simply throw the bags away after use. If you have any doubts, please contact them in time, they will give you the best service to solve your problems, your satisfaction is their greatest encouragement.

Brand: Ecoopts

👤I have to use two bags.

👤The bags are smaller than they say. You can only put 2 pork chops or 4 chicken wings, they are not for large meals.

👤I will not buy these again. The bags and ties are not easy to handle. Very thin, flimsy and short!

👤It's very cost effective to buy them in a quantity. They were used for baking hotwings. All I have to do is take 10 or so chicken pieces and seasoning and bake them for an hour at 350.

👤The bag is good for the average Turkey. I brined my birds in them and tried to pick one up from the end but the bag ripped and the brine went all over the garage floor. The bag worked well in the oven, keeping the juices in and cooking time on target. They are a good value.

👤It was what I needed to cook. I got the most bags for the cheapest price, so I chose this product.

👤I can't say anything nice. I was desperate and I needed them. I will never buy them again. Can't wait to get rid of them. It was a very flimsy tear. The ties are hard to use.

👤Chicken was kept moist, not as much juice as was needed for gravey. Do not use more than 350F. The ties are hard for older hands to use. It gets a nice colour but does not stay crisp for long.

👤The bags are loud while handling, but they keep splitting open in different spots. We threw the rest in the trash.

👤THe principalmente para cocinar al vapor y funcionan perfecto, mucho ms fcil.

👤I always use the turkey size, but these bags work great for any cut of meat, they keep it juicy and gravy-proof, and you can use them for any size of meat.

👤Un produit abordable.

11. AIEVE Cheesecloth Reusable Unbleached Straining

AIEVE Cheesecloth Reusable Unbleached Straining

This kit contains 10 of quart size bags and 10 of gallon size bags. Every cheese cloth is made of cotton and is safe, sturdy and sanitary. Good material can be used for a long time from the source. Practical design There is a drawstring on every bag for cooking. The design of the bag is easy to seal and it is also convenient to adjust the opening. These cotton soup bags can be used for cooking straining herbs, but they can also be used as spice bags, nut milk bag, tea bag, boiling bags, sachet bags, cold brew pitcher and tea filter bags. These bags are easy to clean by hand or machine. It can be used again and again, no matter what it is used for. It will not affect its well performance after using so many times. You will get enough cheesecloth bags to meet your daily needs. The bag is 4''x6'' 10x15 cm and cute. It can be carried easily.

Brand: Aieve

👤I love these bags! It's hard to find a bag that can keep my ingredients in place and also allow the user to see the content of my tea. Though they aren't white, you can see from the image I shared that they allow some of the colors to come through, making their product attractive.

👤A relaxing bath with sea salts, lavender, rose petals is a necessity in today's fast paced world, but who wants to deal with the mess afterwards? The bags are easy to use and clean up. I will recommend and buy again.

👤I loved it! I bought this so I can make a vietnamese soup called pho. The seasoning stayed in the bag.

👤These are perfect for use in gallon jars. It's easy to fill. Tie closed and hang in the jug. Turn them inside to wash. It is easy to rinse and reuse. I accidentally left one in the fridge for a week and it was good as new, because we didn't drink the tea that week. lint balls were made when one put em through the dryer.

👤I use these to hold the spices for the refrigerated pickles. I put them in the brine. They are the perfect size, well made and have their own tie. It works well for making tea or pickles. I'm tossing them after making the brine.

👤Two weeks ago, I used my first one. It was nice to just remove the bag of herbs and not have to deal with bay leaves and thyme stems.

👤I steep fresh herbs in these bags. Works well.

👤I liked this product a lot. It is just a hand wash. It was easy to strain my ingredients.


What is the best product for cooking bags for boiling?

Cooking bags for boiling products from Tto. In this article about cooking bags for boiling you can see why people choose the product. Gootrades and Fenshine are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking bags for boiling.

What are the best brands for cooking bags for boiling?

Tto, Gootrades and Fenshine are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking bags for boiling. Find the detail in this article. Amazon Renewed, Boao and Pangda are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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