Best Cooking Aprons for Women Plus Size

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1. Zulay 2 Pack Funny Aprons Couples

Zulay 2 Pack Funny Aprons Couples

Cotton/Polyester blend. Universal Design is one size fits all and they have you covered from splatters and stains when cooking. The Zulay Kitchen Apron keeps your clothes clean. It is made from top quality fabric that is long lasting. The straps are long enough to cater for different sizes. The apron's dimensions are 32 x 25 inches. The design features an easy to use neck strap and large and deep pockets that are large and deep enough for storing tools such as markers, thermometers, or whatever you might need for your cooking task. The cloth is made of good quality cotton and has a protective material that prevents spills from entering your clothes. Their matching apron is designed with a fun print of "Don't be afraid to take whisks" and "life is what you bake it'', in addition to its comfortability, wearability, andFunctionality. It's perfect for a person who loves to cook and bake in the kitchen and spend quality time in the kitchen. If you're looking for something different and not traditional, this apron is a great gift for bakers. It is a great gift for birthdays, housewarming, office parties, Christmas, and more. Zulay guarantees no hassle with a lifetime guarantee. Have faith that this product will last. They will make it right if you contact them. This product will live up to your expectations if you order now. If it does not, they have your back. Chances are you will not need to reach out.

Brand: Zulay Kitchen

👤Light colored cloth will be made from the color from the apron. I washed them before use. It is not certain if it will transfer color to the colored clothes. That is the only complaint.

👤These aprons are gorgeous! My coworkers think they're cute as well. Most of the kids can't read yet, but they like pointing out the whisk and telling me that they have one at home. It's so precious. The pockets are a good size, the neck strap is easy to adjust, and they have held up well with minimal wrinkling through many washes so far. I didn't do laundry that night because I threw my bleach water washrag into my hamper. I usually don't have enough for a load, so I wait for a teacher to have some classroom laundry and throw it in with that. If I need a couple more aprons, I would definitely buy them again.

👤I like everything about these aprons. The one came out looking good after washing up. I wear aprons every day so I'll ask again in a few months. I think I will buy these for my girls.

👤I washed it with my washing machine and it was not as durable as I wanted it to be. I'm not sure if it's because of my machine or the detergent I use. I want to blame this product because I have no problem with my other clothing being washed. It's nice if you don't wash it.

👤It does its job. My son has trouble remembering to wear it. He used to wipe his hands on his pants.

👤Love the quotes. A friend was given a birthday gift. She needs some new aprons because she bakes a lot.

👤The aprons have clever sayings on the front and they fit well. They were purchased for granddaughters who are starting to cook. They both loved them!

👤This was a great purchase. My sister was given to me. She wears a cute design. It's a perfect gift for kitchen cooking to spare your good clothes from food and grease splatters and stains.

2. DII Adjusatble Gardening Crafting BBQ Damask

DII Adjusatble Gardening Crafting BBQ Damask

One size fits most, the apron is 29 x 37.5" and has a unique one-strap design that warps around the neck and waist. 100% cotton fabric is machine washed. In a gentle cycle, wash with cold water. Do not use a hot dryer to wash them. A great collection to decorate your kitchen is the elegant damask design, which adds a pop of color and style. Matching aprons and dishtowels are appropriate. A perfect gift is to give as a gift for Christmas, Mother's Day, Dinner Parties, Birthdays, Hostess gift, Housewarming and more. DII offers delightful Kitchen Linens including dishtowels, dish cloths, aprons, potholders and oven mitts, but for more options search: DII Aprons or click the DII link at the top of the page to explore their other collection.

Brand: Dii

👤How did this article become an Amazon's Choice? I wore out two aprons and the dog ate a third, so I bought this one. The description and picture look good. You can't see that the straps are held in place by 3 or 4 stitches. One of the straps on the apron has come off, I haven't worn it yet. I hung it up in the kitchen. This is ridiculous. I will remove the items from my list after this review because I hate sending things back, but I listed this apron in 2 other colors on my wish list. Don't do it. Don't do it. Don't do it.

👤I have never had the dye of fabric leak onto anything else in a load of laundry, but I have heard horror stories. I put the Color Catcher sheets in the dish towels when I washed them. Didn't matter. The towel in that load is now pink. I don't like pink. The dye from these towels bled onto everything else after three washes. I had to throw them away because I couldn't afford to buy new towels. I get angry when I pull a clean, pink towel out of a cupboard. I am adding a note to let you know that my review of Tango Red Dish Towels is showing up on a blue apron. What the hell, Amazon?

👤I ordered this based on the reviews I read. The apron looks so cute in the picture that I was excited to receive it. I received it in a timely manner and it crumbled when I opened it. The fabric is collapsing in my hands. It has a lot of holes and it smells terrible. I am disappointed but I don't know what happened. I have never seen a poorly made product come from Amazon.

👤I bought a different apron from this company and loved it. I thought it would be the same with a different fabric design. Not true. The style is completely different. There is a The price and quality of the material are pros. There are pros and cons. The apron is made for a tall person. I'm not small. I weigh 165 lbs. The apron is too wide for me. When I put my head through the loop, the top of the bib is below my breasts and the waist tie is below my butt cheeks. Sorry for the language. Trying to be helpful. There is a The length problem would be solved if the neck were tied rather than a loop. Someone tall may be able to use this apron. The ties would not be long enough to tie the neck if it were cut. I bought an apron in a different fabric, but it's no longer available, so I'll try to find it. There is a Unless you are 6 feet tall and wider, you are a bad company.

👤The towels look very nice. The ends shrunk when they came out of the dryer, preventing them from hanging in a normal way. There is a loop on the colored side in my picture. That is where it got bigger and bigger. The white side has a loop on it. The cotton feels more like cotton-nylon than the label says. It is a hard fabric. It is thinner than my other tea towels. I think I will change the towel I gave a 2 star to a 1 star because the wrinkling isn't as bad. If you want tea towels and want to use the dryer, buy them in person.

3. HANEE Cotton Aprons Cross Back Pockets

HANEE Cotton Aprons Cross Back Pockets

Quality Tailoring can help you find your style at work, in the kitchen, garden and more. The Hanee cross-back apron is made with clean lines and precise stitching. The front of the apron is 33 inches long and has deep, square pockets on each hip. You should keep your tools, utensils, and a notepad close by. Cross-back is where you slip the wide straps over your shoulders. This stylish design is easy to wear and protects your sides. The cotton is absorbent so you can stay dry while you work. It is easy to clean in the washing machine. The aprons are comfortable for both women and men. The fit is one-size-fits-most with a sleek slit that allows you to kneel down and walk freely.

Brand: Hanee

👤A 2X in clothes is normal. I wanted something that fit my plus size and large bust, and this cross back style apron was what I wanted. This is a winner. It's also very flattering. When I wear it, I feel very cute. I've had many aprons over the years, but none like this.

👤I was able to put this on without getting tangled up. I looked like a hot mess when I got it on. I had to pull it down over my hips after I grunted and moaned for the first time. It's great if you have it on correctly. A large amount of fabric leaves it hanging nicely. The two large patch pockets are easy to use. I'm thinking about buying a second one for those times when I have someone helping in the kitchen or watching someone else trying to get in and out of the apron.

👤I ordered this apron and absolutely love it. It has a simple design. It is easier to put on and take off than other aprons and it is more comfortable than other aprons. The pockets are a plus because I like to carry my phone with me while cooking. I use this apron for cooking and it looks like it would be a nice apron to use for gardening.

👤I have not been able to figure out where I packed my other apron since I moved, so I got this to use in the meantime. I decided on this one because I don't like how aprons sit on the back of my neck and the waist tie is not at the right level for my waist. It's light enough that I don't feel it, and it's a wonderful cotton, so this took all that out of the equation. It's not very hot. It protects you from splashes and splatters, but it's not waterproof for drenching.

👤It's a little heavier than other aprons with similar design, and cotton is included for a little weightier apron, and the plain linen ones allow water and other liquids to leak through too easily, which defeats the purpose of an apron.

👤I like this. I have a lot of cats. I slip this over my work outfit in the morning, feed the cats, clean the kitchen and then take the apron off, it's still perfect for work. The apron is comfortable and the length is good. I sent one to my cousin because I liked it so much. The front pockets are great for carrying your phone around while you clean or cuddle a cat. Love the color.

👤I kept this one because it was less bad than some of the others. The slit in front is comfortable, easy to put on and take off, and I like the length. I am aware of monitor differences, but the color is off, and this is the only item that I have ever critiqued. The peacock is blue-green, but it is more green than that. I initially submitted a return authorization based on color. I like the shape so much I'm keeping it even though I don't want it. I'm 5'10+" and 125 lbs.

4. Sweetheart Kitchen Cooking Pinafore Vintage

Sweetheart Kitchen Cooking Pinafore Vintage

A free size is adjusted. The neck strap has an adjustment. Long belts can be altered to fit most sizes. The waist strap is 40inch and the neck strap is 27inch. The cute apron can be tied back or front to fit your body perfectly, with long belts. It's also suitable as a work apron for restaurant, hotel, cafe, shop, and other places. The instructions are machine washable. In a gentle cycle, wash in cold water. Catering colleges, schools, restaurants, pubs, cafes, commercial kitchens, hotels, parties, Halloween, Christmas and more are all suitable for the cooking accessories. It's perfect for the home entertainer or adventurous gourmet and also suitable as a work apron. A good gift for your spouse.

Brand: Hyzrz

👤It has a pocket and is cute. I am short and have a larger chest, so I have a lot of issues with aprons. I don't think aprons end up on one side of my chest. It stays in place when I tie it. You can change the neck length. I can either tie the waist in the back or in the front. I included a photo of what happens when you eat cake and one of the ones that fit correctly. I would recommend someone with the same issues.

👤For my own kind of pervish retro and rockabilly interests, I purchased less. I couldn't be happier. It is a great apron. The waist strap can reach back to tie in the front, the neck strap is not always a choice, and it is made of good materials.

👤This product is in my cooking products. I wore it for baking to feel sexy and have worn it every time since. The fit is perfect and the pocket is useful for holding my rings. I got my friend a matching one. There is a If you are on the fence about this item, you will be glad you took the plunge. There is a I might not fit all body types without some adjusting, but it will look amazing regardless. If you are heavier, you can add your own material to the ties. Wrap the ties around and tie in the front if you are smaller.

👤I returned it. The color on the screen was not the same as the item that was received, according to the reviews. I didn't return it because of the color. I returned the item because it was not practical. It's much better as a costume.

👤I was hoping that it was a beautiful pink color, but it is definitely purple. The description calls the color "lilac," which is correct. There is a The apron is too high-maintenance to take care of. I can't say whether the color fades or not because I haven't washed or ironing it yet. If it does, I'll update this review. If it didn't have to hang to dry, I would have given it a star.

👤I'm larger than my waist and at 5'5". It ties in the back with enough length to spare, but not long enough to tie in the front. There is a lot of the breast area as well. I don't want to get it dirty. Good quality apron.

👤I love this apron. I bought it and a red one for easy Lucy and Ethel costumes. I can fit her with a skirt and an apron after the event. The straps are long enough to fit in any size. The apron is sewn tightly and is a great quality.

👤I bought this apron for my girlfriend, who is a sweets baker, and she absolutely loved it! The quality of the material may not be first class, but the apron is a good product for the money spent. I recommend it to people who want to make a cute gift.

5. ROTANET Kitchen Bib Apron Adjustable

ROTANET Kitchen Bib Apron Adjustable

Cotton is 65% and Polyester is 35%. The waterproof and sewer resistant is made from a new material. It could proof water, oil, milk, kitchen grease, and other liquid or dirt. It is adjusted. Large size 33.8" A unique design with a neck strap. The tie on both sides could fit you. You could put the towel on it. There is a large pocket in the middle of the apron that can be used to hold tools. Their bib aprons are built with long time everyday use in mind. There is a multi-PURPOSE. You could keep your body clean with this apron. You could use it in the kitchen to cook in situations that need water, oil, and stain resistant. The cotton is easy to wash. If there is dirt, it would not shrink. Please wash separately. It is a good idea to avoid iron or soak it in boiling water. Do not wash or dry.

Brand: Rotanet

👤I'm a fat guy that cooks most of our meals outdoors, and I was always getting stains on my shirts. This apron was bought based on reviews and price, and it doesn't disappoint. It keeps my shirts from getting stains.

👤It is easy to clean. If you are going to paint on it, make sure you have a barrier in place to keep the paint out. The porous nature of the material makes it easy to decorate it. I had to find out the hard way. My solution was to put a cardboard layer between the surface and the material. I used a thin layer of white paint below my liquid fabric paint. The design that was painted on it was covered by it.

👤There are 6'2" and 375 lbs. I was a professional cook for 20 years and this apron fits better than any other apron I have ever worn. Light and durable. It's not too hot or heavy. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I knocked off one star because it was advertised as "thicker material". " I suppose it's more thick than tissue paper. It was good enough for my project. I didn't have time to order another one and wait for it to arrive, so I used this one. It's fine for the price. I would have preferred that the quality was better and that the item description was accurate, as this was a gift.

👤Large enough for a man. Isn't it sexist to call it a waitress apron because there are men who cook and serve tables? It should last a long time. The black chef's hat is great with this.

👤The apron is nice. It's a disaster in the laundry. I put it in with the usual load of dark clothes. The apron was completely covered in lint. I'm not going to wash this by myself. I'll look for an apron that is easy to maintain when it goes to the Goodwill. This one isn't it.

👤I bought this for myself to wear. I looked at all the sizes and tie lengths. I'm round and portly. I needed long ties to keep my clothes safe. This size and fit is very generous. I am very happy. The fabric and stitching are high quality.

👤I made an apron for my dad. It was easy to iron on and I would highly recommend it.

6. Cotton Pockets Kitchen Cooking Flowers

Cotton Pockets Kitchen Cooking Flowers

The length of each strap is 35.5 The fabric for bib chef baking aprons is very soft and machine washed. The neck strap is adjusted. The design of the neck strap. It is easier to wear for people of different heights. It's ideal for home use, with 2 pockets in front of the apron. It's also suitable for the kitchen, garden, or craft table. It can keep your clothes clean. Excellent after-sales service. You can return it for free if you're not satisfied.

Brand: Apronner

👤The fit is good. The colors are striking. It is hard to find plus size aprons in local stores. I looked at the plus size ladies. The apron can be adjusted for smaller people. The straps are at my waist. Some people said it was too long. As a child, I folded at the waist.

👤The fabric is pretty. When I put the neck strap on, the ties are not where I would expect them to be, in my lower hip/upper thigh area. To make the ties land at my waist, I have to hike the fabric up. I don't like how it fits. Sending it back is not worth it. I will keep it for my dog. The thicker fabric will keep me dry when I bathe him. I am not happy with the fit. I wear a pair of shoes. I'm 5'4" tall.

👤I like to cook. The downside is that I am not good. I have ruined a lot of clothing. I remember my grandmother wearing an apron. I liked the idea. I love my aprons. These aprons were bought by me. I am. them! They are the right fit and length. I am happy. I only have one complaint. They are so cute. I don't want them to be dirty. . I would like them to be a little lighter material. They are made from thick cotton. I live in Hawaii. I wish they were a lighter material. These aprons are very good. I think they're a good choice. Get cooking!

👤I have avoided trying to find an apron that fit well because I am a plus size woman. I decided to take a shot at looking in Amazon. I love this apron, so I was happy to do it. I'm a stay-at- home mom of 4 and I'm always in the kitchen or taking care of littles. I end up with a soaked front from working at the sink or bathing a little one and/or stained clothes from working at the stove, so this has been a great experience with the product. I know it will last a long time because it fits so well and the material is thick. I will be buying another one.

👤I'm happy with the overall apron, but I think the top half is too long. I'm 5'5" and the ties fall down by my hips. I have to make the top edge of the front against my throat in order to get the straps at the right place. I don't understand why it's made this way. Someone who is taller than 6' might fit that. Someone with a sewing machine will make a simple tuck across the top for me. The straps are long for a plus size woman.

👤I've only tried the apron. That is the good news. The good news is that I was able to see that the apron was going to be hot in that brief amount of time.

👤This purchase was very happy with. The thicker side of the fabric is put together well. Some of the reviews say that the ties are lower on the hips than on the waist. If you have a short torso, you might need to make some adjustments. I was worried that the ties wouldn't be long enough but this apron fits me well and I am on the fluffier side.

7. Xornis Kitchen Pockets Adjustable Daughter

Xornis Kitchen Pockets Adjustable Daughter

aprons for men and women are original and have been designed to look their best when baking in the kitchen or as a Grill Master. An apron gift idea is terrific. High-quality printing. The queen of the kitchen. There are funny words on the apron. Print text and pattern are visible when printed with a professional screen print. Birthday gifts for friends, wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, Christmas gifts, and funny gifts for family members. The wear is comfortable. Pure cotton fabric does not irritate the skin. In the summer it will not feel too hot, and in the winter it will be warm. The design can be changed. The neck strap has a double buckle. It's suitable for anyone to wear. There are two pockets in front of the apron. Wide and long coverage. The bib apron keeps your clothes from being dirty and food stains. Multiple uses. This apron is very practical and good looking and can be worn no matter what you do in the house.

Brand: Xornis

👤It was a great fit. It seems like it is really durable. The ties are long enough to tie in the front.

👤The pocket design was well thought out and it fit us both.

👤It was described as advertised. It looks great and I bought it for a gift. I like that it has pockets and the straps are adjusted around the neck. I would highly recommend it.

👤It's beau, it's robust, it's OS, tel it!

8. Apron Adjustable Straps Pockets Canvas

Apron Adjustable Straps Pockets Canvas

TheApron is made from 100% soft cotton and has no smell or environment protection. The hardware buckle is very nice. Pocket corners are reinforced with metal. It looks very stylish. It is possible to modify and re-locate the sword. The design of the strap can prevent neck pain. You can adjust the length of the cotton strap and waistband to fit you, it's soft and comfortable to wear. The men's apron has a quick release hardware buckle. There are pockets in the front design. You can put your cell phone, pens, notebook, grill slips, meat thermometer, and others in this container. It's convenient to store gadgets. There are two loops on the chest design. The loops on your headphones prevent them from getting in the way of your work. It's high function, durable. The use of OCCASIONS. For commercial and professional use. Perfect for home, kitchen, restaurant, salon, coffee shop, flower shop, bar, bistro, farmhouse, garden, etc. Can use as cooking apron, serving apron, nursing apron, baking apron, brewer apron, paint apron, BBQ apron, gardening apron, works apron, woodworking apron, welding apron, etc. They offer 30 days free return and 24 hours customer support, please no hesitate to add to cart.

Brand: Mignongirl

👤A great gift for the artist on your list. The right amount of coverage and crossing back straps make it so comfortable that you won't even notice it! The extra pockets and holders make it easy to change tools. I'm probably going to order more for the rest of the kitchen.

👤The apron is only functional for decorative purposes. It's not thick enough to protect you in a real kitchen and it would be hard to keep clean. There is a The apron is not cotton canvas. It has a chemical smell when heated. The leather is not real, which can be seen from the heat marks on my skin. There is a It's not going to fix people who wear the wrong color. I can't tie my bow on the back. It's still beautiful and great for the price, I think. Our new company's logo is beautiful, as evidenced by it.

👤The apron is worth $8 and less than the $18 we paid for it. The faux-Leather is cheap and has not been fully cut. It is possible that the front straps will flip and you will see the silver backing on the rivets. The item says it is canvas, but it's actually cotton, which is more like a thin jacket material. I don't recommend this item. They will have to do it because we ordered in bulk and there was no time to reorder.

👤I would give this apron five stars. I can't. I purchase this to keep my clothes clean when I work in my paint studio. I had to remove the apron because I was sweating. The room was very cool and it was a cool day, but the apron doesn't breathe. There is a The apron is very durable and comfortable to wear as far as the straps go. I don't understand why air doesn't get through the fabric. Is it covered with something? Is it a good idea to wash it a few times? I don't know. I can't imagine being a chef in a hot kitchen and having to wear an apron. There is a I have an old canvas apron that is thinner than the black one that I bought from Harbor Freight. I can't find the apron. I bought this new one because of that.

👤I ordered this product so my neck wouldn't hurt from regular aprons and it looks nice at first. The first time I took it out the bag I noticed there were scratches on the apron. The strap is unraveling after one of the backings fell off on the first day of use. I can't do a return because I started work later than anticipated, but I'm going to throw this one out because I'm going to order a new one from a different company. One of the leather pieces is starting to wear a bit. Order better quality if you stay away from this product.

👤I like this apron. I figured out that you're supposed to cross the straps across the back, and it stays on my better side. After trying a few different methods, I figured out a 1-arm-at-a-time method that makes it easy to get out. It's missing any way to secure and drape a kitchen towel/rag within easy reach, which is the real complaint. I like to have a towel on my apron at all times to wipe my hands off, instead of having to wash my hands and run over to the sink. A towel tucked into the front pockets will not stay there for long. I thread one corner of the towel through the leather straps that are supposed to hold the tool. It's not an ideal solution because they are not designed for a rag. This would be an excellent apron if the seller redesigns it to have a better way to secure a towel.

9. Cotton Pinafore Baking Cooking Gardening

Cotton Pinafore Baking Cooking Gardening

70% cotton and 30% linen blended apron. It's soft and skin-friendly. It's lightweight but durable. The cotton apron has better absorption of sweat and water. Cross Back Style is a personalized design. The back pieces are not sewed together making it easy to put on and take off. Each side has a big pocket that can be used for temporary storage of your items. A large bib apron that covers to knee provides great protection from kitchen grease, spills and food stains. The pinafore fits nicely. Bib aprons are made to make sure that your clothes are not dirty. Thisfundamental essential can be used in many places and can help you work, cook, serve, wash or do other things.

Brand: Vlzufe

👤I love this apron. I have worn it 3 times and received multiple praise. I ordered big and it is definitely loose, but it is perfect. The fabric is light with a soft hand, the pockets are sturdy, and positioned perfectly to tuck hands in. It costs less than similar quality fabric here and looks simple to make. I will order more.

👤I've wanted this apron for a long time and finally bought it. I love it! It fits.

👤The first order was small and the second order was large. I didn't know how they would fit. It was my fault. I love them.

👤This apron is the most uncomfortable I have ever worn. The cotton linen fabric feels and looks like a crepe made of some sort of polyester blend. It feels like a corn husk. There is a The cut is the next problem. The neckline of the apron is very high and it rubs at the soft skin of my throat, like a seatbelt, in the most awkward way possible. I tried to make a fake fichu that would block the rough fabric from bothering my neck, but it was too tight and weird. There is a I have no complaints about the length and the pockets being exactly the same as pictured, and the color that I chose ended up being the dark navy I had hoped for. There is a I can't wear this apron. I will have to spend a lot of money on a real linen pinafore style apron from The Vermont Apron Company.

👤It is easy on and off.

👤I initially thought the fabric was thin, but after wearing it many times, I realized it was a good weight for an apron. I ordered a second one so that I could have one in the wash and one to wear. I like to wear knit dresses in the summer, and this apron makes a perfect pinafore-like overdress for taking walks or gardening.

👤This apron is helpful. I probably should have ordered a smaller size. It is a pain to put on and I would have given it 5 stars. I am confused as to how to put it on. It looks straight forward, but it is hard for me to get there. I shouldn't blame the apron. I'm probably just an "all thumbs" kind of girl.

10. Kitchen Cooking Adjustable Pockets Stripes

Kitchen Cooking Adjustable Pockets Stripes

Poplin is a material that is durable and has enhanced protection. The aprons for women and men are made of more than 60% cotton and less than 40% polyester, which is soft to touch and more shiny than pure cotton, lightweight and comfortable for you to wear. You and your family are safe with the bbq apron. TheApron has 2 pockets. Their kitchen apron with pockets has two pockets in the middle of it, and a large divided pocket that can hold everything from recipe cards to phones. The chef apron with a neck strap can be altered to fit most sizes so it's easier to wear. Their cooking aprons are suitable for both men and women, they are cute and can be used for all kinds of activities. Their high quality grill aprons are Machine-washable, fade-proof, resists wrinkling, and tumble dry with low heat and shrinkage.

Brand: Nlus

👤It is a baby apron. It's funny. It is cute if it is a joke. The pics make it look bigger. This is typical bologna. No adult would want to wear this as their cooking apron. If you wanted to dress up as a cute cook. It was hilarious.

👤aprons are comfortable and durable. The apron ties are short, but oddly short.

👤They look nice, but they don't do a good job of keeping you out of their sight. Liquid goes through. After frying bacon, I found grease spots all over my shirt, but they were not visible on the apron. There is a If you are doing baking with mostly dry ingredients, look elsewhere.

👤The material of the apron is very good and easy to clean. It will be better to cook with the apron on, so as not to get the clothes dirty, since I bought it for my mother.

👤The front pouch is useful around the kitchen.

👤The aprons I ordered came the next day. I think the quality is good. It fits well on me, I am Petite. The top has straps on it. The string in the back isn't long enough. It may be a tight fit for you who like to tie your aprons in the front. I haven't washed the aprons yet, but they seem pretty durable.

👤I searched online for aprons that were durable. The online stores for fancy cooking seemed a little too cheap. I was concerned about the quality. I was surprised. These are gorgeous. They are polyster and cotton, but they feel like cotton. The size is small for a larger adult, but perfect for kids or teenagers. Very sharp! The neck strap is flexible. Very happy! I would give them away for gifts next year. I paid for it.

👤The quality is pretty good for the price. I got these for Father's day. I can cook with my husband without it being "Mr and mrs" themed. I don't like the fake leather logo, it seems inconsistent and could either be a pinafore or the other logo, which I ended up with. I'm going to seam ripper it off. The straps and ties are too short, they are meant for slim people. We are in the range of 220 to 160lb. I hope my husband is able to tie it.

👤aprons are not made for a man. I bought these for my chef husband, and they are a little small. It's better suited for a smaller person.

👤The apron has a strap. The material is strong. The width is generous and it has a full bib. Looks great. The design and quality are very good.

👤Ajuste una calidad, pero no tienes, pero no tienes, pero no tienes, pero no tienes, pero no tienes, pero no tienes.

👤Es un producto.

11. Love Potato Vintage Gingham Kitchen

Love Potato Vintage Gingham Kitchen

The aprons are made of 100% cotton. The large size has a 36-inch length by 34 inch width and has a neck strap that can be tied in front or back. It's a fashion design that brings the charm to your home and kitchen. A perfect gift for Christmas, holidays, Mother's Day, Dinner Parties, Birthdays, Hostess gift, Housewarming and more.

Brand: Love Potato

👤I bought two aprons. I haven't used it yet, but it's for cooking when I'm at home. I bought the second one for myself when I was at work. I do all of the cooking in a group home. I use the apron for both when I cook and when I eat because I get stains on my shirts from both when I cook and when I eat. I don't have to ruin my clothes anymore.

👤The item is cute, but only for all body types. Super thin material doesn't protect you from hot splatters. If you cook anything more complicated than a frozen pizza, it's not a good material to use. It is cute.

👤When baking with my mom, I've been looking for a vintage inspired apron. This one fits the bill. My colors are black/white and super cute. It's comfortable, has a handy pocket, and long straps that allow me to tie in front. I pulled the neck ties over to one side and tied them in a bow just at the shoulder to make it look vintage. I love this apron.

👤I always spill food on my shirt when I eat, no matter how careful I am. I wear this apron every time I cook and eat and it saves a lot of clothes. I like the pockets and the extra long ties. There are a few Ragu stains that I can't seem to get out, but other than that, no problems at all.

👤I have a short and obese body. The pockets are useful.

👤I wasn't expecting much, but this apron is roomy for plus-sized people, even if it's not cheap. The ties are long enough that I can tie them all the way around. Definitely worth it!

👤I like the shape and material. It's easy to move in because it's lightweight.


What is the best product for cooking aprons for women plus size?

Cooking aprons for women plus size products from Zulay Kitchen. In this article about cooking aprons for women plus size you can see why people choose the product. Dii and Hanee are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking aprons for women plus size.

What are the best brands for cooking aprons for women plus size?

Zulay Kitchen, Dii and Hanee are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking aprons for women plus size. Find the detail in this article. Hyzrz, Rotanet and Apronner are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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