Best Cooking Aprons for Men Xxl

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1. Sivvan Unisex Cobbler Apron Adjustable

Sivvan Unisex Cobbler Apron Adjustable

Cotton is 65% and Polyester is 35%. The CB Length is 27.5". There are two deep front pockets. There is self trim binding along the edges. A professional. This apron is perfect for all purposes. Sturdy Material is ideal for any environment.

Brand: Sivvan

👤The vest/apron works for what I ordered it for. I usually wear a ladies size 2X to 3X in tops and this vest is intended to fit sizes up to a 1X comfortably. I tied the ties on one side as close to the ends as I could and left them tied all the time. I untie the other side ties and put it on to paint. I thought I'd mention this fact in case it helps someone decide to order the same product. I was looking for a material that was tight and that was what I found.

👤The regular was a perfect fit for me, I'm a Petite size 4/6 and it's long enough to cover my hips. I am on the small side, but the cut is just right for me. I'm not a granny, but it looks cute. The mandarin orange color is bright and cheerful and I love the two large front pockets. It's easy to tie and move around in. Very comfortable. I need a coverup to protect my clothes from the elements while I care for my mother-in-law who has Alzheimer's. My aprons were better suited for the kitchen. The perfect solution is the cobbler style apron. It gives me back and forth coverage. The fabric wipes off easily. It's light to medium weight and works well for my tasks. The seams have been hemmed, reinforced and finished. It did not smell. I will buy it again because it is well made. There is no indication of fabric type, blend, content, origin or care. It seems like a cotton/poly blend. I will wash it in cold water and hang it dry to make sure it lasts. After a few months of laundry, I will try to update my review to let you know how it is. I wouldn't rate this for heavy use or industrial use.

👤I've been looking for this apron for a long time. I ordered three different colors because I love it so much. Why am I a big fan? It's lightweight. The last thing I need in the kitchen is something that's too hot. Second, the pockets are deep enough to hold everything I need, including the jars of spices, which means less trips back to the kitchen when I'm grilling outside. I can put it on and take it off in a matter of minutes, because I just leave the side strings tied and put it on. The vest hangs just fine without being cinched up because of the counterbalance of the back half. I find it more comfortable to not have a strap around my neck. Not every chef's apron is tailored to my size, because I'm a big guy. This is an ideal match, but more svelte people could adjust the side ties to find their perfect fit. Can't recommend this enough. Great price too!

👤Me gusto mucho ped el XL porque.

👤I use this for cooking to keep grease out of my clothes and for giving my husband a haircut. It's easy to take off. I only need to tie the other side when putting it on because I keep one side tied. It's great for use when I'm outside. The deep pockets are great for holding a lot of stuff. The fabric is thick and makes me feel hot. That's just me. It's a good thing.

2. MENT Trends Professional Adjustable Headphones

MENT Trends Professional Adjustable Headphones

Do you like to listen to music? This kitchen apron has a unique headphones loop. Combine your love for cooking and music with your love for books. The professional grade quality is good. No more neck pain with their straps. There are solid brass rivets and grommets. The pockets are double stitched for high practicality. It will make you feel like a pro. Two large pockets in the front bottom with hand pockets just above. There is a towel loop on the hip. The chest pocket is big enough to hold a cell phone. The perfect apron for men and women. Extra long straps along with a quick release buckle are included. The apron is 34" tall and 27" wide, covering the size adjustments of up to Men's XXL. Will fit up to a 50" waist, the recommended height is 5'2" or taller. It was built to resist the toughest kitchens. It is made from 10 oz cotton and is soft and flexible. It is an ideal kitchen apron. Gardeners, grill, barbecue, kitchen, cook, chef, wide use

Brand: Arawak Brave

👤I love this apron. I teach art. I was looking for an apron that would stay on and have plenty of pockets. The apron is worth every penny, I especially like the cross-back harness and the buckle, it's not like I have to tie it and untie it all day long. I will never dip my phone cord into paint or clay again. I have bigger boobs and this stays in place and doesn't move from one side of my chest to the other, which is important to the comfort of the apron. I wouldn't change anything about it. It arrived on time and exactly as it was described. Keep up the good work. Will recommend you to others if you shop with ya'll again.

👤I've been looking for a cooking apron that covers both my breasts at the same time and isn't a stupid useless vintage-style frilly thing that you can't cook in, let alone do the dishes in. I thought it might be a good bet because of the photos and the high marks on the apron. The bib portion is too narrow, like all the other aprons I've tried. If the apron is centered on my chest, one half of each boob remains uncovered towards the outside. I sent it back. If you're wondering, I wear clothes under the apron.

👤I am very happy with the apron, it does what I expected. It is substantially made, more so with the shoulder straps and pads. It doesn't pull on my neck all day. I can put my hand tools in the pockets without being uncomfortable. It is heavy enough to carry things in the pockets without fear. It's stiff enough that it doesn't get caught on every little hitch. We will see how it holds up after the first few times it is laundered, but I think it will be fine for a long time because of the quality of the garment and the workmanship in the construction. My co-workers and my boss have made positive comments about it. I expect it to be well received by my shop mates. I expect to purchase more by the end of the year. There is a I will always try to support a small family-owned business, that is what helped create this country in the first place. I will do my part to make sure that the good work is not overlooked. There is a A technician works in a tool repair shop.

👤I love this apron. I wanted an apron that I could wear in the shop that wouldn't need to be constantly adjusted because one of the ladies has popped out, and this one works amazing. I can adjust where the top falls on me with the straps. It is very comfortable but the top pocket is too small and every time I bend over it falls out.

👤For years, I've been trying to find a great apron for a large man. I've purchased the Denim and the Black so far, but there were more colors, like an olive green or tan. I love the click belt, it's easy to use, nice materials, and it's rugged for heavy kitchen work. I have an apron that I like the most, so don't waste your time or money on the chef uniform sites, I have been a chef for over 40 years.

3. Professional Pockets Cooking Kitchen Gardening

Professional Pockets Cooking Kitchen Gardening

The cotton blend fabric is durable and comfortable, and is water resistant, so it can be used to protect your clothes from oil spills, stains, and dirt. The neck strap has a long back. Aprons are 36” long and 28” wide. Wide with a neck strap that can be adjusted up to the size of the body. The Back Ties are 38 inches long and can fit on a body of 72 inches. Well designed pockets. The apron has two large front pockets and each pocket is 7 inches long. The Pockets give you the perfect place to hold tools, meat thermometer, Gadgets, Paint Brushes, Grill Slips, Note Pad, Phone, and other items. The apron can be used as a waitress apron, server apron, barber apron, painting apron, carpenter apron, kitchen apron, Waist apron, workshop, gardening, cooking apron, bartender apron, salon apron, BBQ apron, and so on. The Cute Apron is exceptionally durable and high standard because of the professionally hemed edges. Ruvanti Aprons with Pockets are Machine Washable multiple times in hot water with like colors. Don't bleach or dry low. It had a 100% money back guarantee.

Brand: Ruvanti

👤It's easy to wear. It keeps stains off my cloths. I am a big lady and I have lots of room for expansion.

👤The apron is perfect. I am 6'3” and 250 lbs. The material is strong and thick. It is too good, and the price must be a mistake.

👤The aprons are nice but the fabric is not what I needed. The middle of someone's chest is the only part of the apron that will protect them. This won't do you any good if you're looking for top coverage. It's long enough and the straps are too. The thinness of the fabric will not protect the clothing underneath from liquids. They will go through.

👤I wanted to have enough clean aprons at my work so that I could have a clean apron on for every client during the Pandemic. I bought two of the Ruvanti and two of the other brands and they were better than the other brands. I bought two more. There is a They fit perfectly and look like much more expensive aprons. I will definitely buy these aprons again.

👤The aprons were very thin and were advertised as professional. My son wears a 36 inch waist jeans, yet he could barely tie his long ties. Won't buy them again.

👤I was able to personalize this item with spray paint, heat transfer vinyl, and brush on fabric paint after I received it as a gift. The result was amazing. The product has survived several washes and still looks like it was applied. The apron material is sturdy and I have not had any problems with it fraying. Should I need to give someone an apron as a gift, I will only buy this brand.

👤It's not enjoyable to get art paint on my cloths. I needed something to protect my clothing. This item fits the bill, the fabric, the price, and so on. What more can one ask? The product and seller have met my expectations. Thank you. frank from Oregon

👤The pockets on this are so small that it's awkward for me, I'm 5 feet 10. I don't send it back because I don't have the time, but I need it for work. It is very strong. I think it will last a long time. There is a I will lower the pockets myself and replace them with bigger, more functional ones.

👤The material is thick. There is a The packet had visible dust on it as soon as I opened it. If you have pets, it's not for you as they attract dust and fur. There is a This is a good apron if you don't have pets.

👤The apron has long ties and can be tied at the back and front. The material is thicker than others I have ordered and it clings to the body better, making the overall appearance very flattering. Very happy.

👤It was perfect for my husband when he did all the chores.

👤One of the larger sizes is available. The apron could be bigger for large chefs who like to cook. I use this apron every day when I cook. Its quality material and sown stitches are strong. It is not stain resistant and a bit water resistant. A good quality apron. I would like to see other colors besides black and white. It is recommended.

4. Cooking Pockets Included Durable Professional

Cooking Pockets Included Durable Professional

Each black funny grilling apron has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You will get 2. The warranty is for a year. For Father's day, a gift for the first BBQ party of the summer, or just a novelty kitchen gift, click the 'add to cart' button. The grill-themed gift box is the perfect gift for any occasion. There is no need for a card or giftwrap. A funny gift idea that will please everyone, including mom, dad, husband, wife, co-worker and friend. A gift for both men and women. Grill aprons are great for Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day, anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's Day, graduations or just because. The fun design on this canvas apron will be the talk of the party. The custom-designed aprons for men and women are funny. They have a bottle opener attached to your Fingertips so you and your friends can stay hydrated. The included hand towel will keep your grill or kitchen area clean. There are two big waist pockets for BBQ tools, spices and sauces, and a chest one for your cell phone on this men's apron. You can use the grilling apron year round. One size fits all, with a black apron that has a neck strap. Their grill apron is the longest they have seen, and it is sized to fit S to XXL (27.5” W x 31.5” L) with extra-long ties. Can go from small to large apron. Machine washable. Their barbeque aprons are machine-washable and sturdy enough for heavy use. The apron is 100% cotton. Follow instructions on the label. FixGrub has confidence in every purchase.

Brand: Fixgrub

👤My man makes this apron look good, don't tell him I posted it on Amazon. I make him wear it when he isn't grilling.

👤My husband got this as a small surprise to go along with the lovely grill we bought for our wedding anniversary. He loves the beer bottle opener and it was the perfect addition. We use it while grilling.

👤I was willing to pay more for better quality. I won't buy from this seller again. It is wanting to get out of the box.

👤I got this apron for my husband who loves to cook and grill. It was something he needed and he was happy with it. The apron looks strong. It has a quality feel to it. The front pocket for a cellphone is very useful. It is easy to give a gift with the box it came with. I am happy with my purchase.

👤My boyfriend was very happy with this gift. He liked the apron. Thank you! It fits right.

👤I bought this for my boyfriend's birthday and he loved it, it's now an essential part of our grilling process. It is a great conversation starter when you have guests over. It has pockets for his phone or whatever else he may need at the time, and it has a beer opener.

👤I was excited to receive this item, but it did not come with a bottle opener. The high price was justified because it was supposed to come with a dish towel and a metal bottle opener, but the Apron is a flimsy synthetic material, the dish towel is a cheap microfiber towel, and the bottle opener is missing. Disappointing.

👤When we washed our apron, it collected all the lint.

5. Chef Apron Men Professional Cooking

Chef Apron Men Professional Cooking

A good men's apron needs to be able to handle the heat of the BBQ, the sharp edges of food prep knives, stains from greasy foods and much more. The chef duty apron for men was designed with BBQ in mind to give you a toUGH-WEARING yet very COMFY apron that combines UNCOMPROMISING QUALITY with METICULOUS CRAFTSMANSHIP. Think all BBQ aprons for men are the same? Think again. This 100% cotton mens kitchen apron has a distinctive masculine design with a series of straps and pockets. It will give you comfort and function. Texas Canvas Wares are the best for your apron needs. Do you need an apron that works for more than just BBQ condiments? They've got you covered. Their SOFT AND BREATHABLE APRON works great as a workshop apron when doing woodwork, painting surfaces or any messy projects, unlike other aprons that only work in the kitchen. One size fits all, so you don't have to worry about being squeezed into a small apron or being buried by an oversized one again. Their apron has a one-size-fits-all design with a quick release buckle and cross-back straps to make it an ultra-comfy experience. At Texas Canvas Wares, they are dedicated to giving you an apron you will love and use for years to come. They want you to buy with confidence, and that is why they offer a 30 day money back guarantee on every purchase.

Brand: Texas Canvas Wares

👤I do a lot of barbequing. I bought this apron because of a promotion I saw on social media. It looked good in the picture and it is made in Texas. It had been good. The first thing I noticed when I received it was that it was made of heavy canvass, so it was obvious that it would hold up. The thread looked thicker. This was not cheap like I usually find. I notice the unique strap. It seemed a little odd at first. I didn't have to try to tie it from behind or try to tie it in the front because it was crisscrossed in the back. I snapped the buckle after slipping it over my head. I'm a Texan who is 6'4" tall. It looks like there is a lot of adjustment for a comfortable fit if you're over 400 pounds. The shoulder straps will never flop over the side as my other ones have. It has a pocket high in the center and little loops for tongs. I can put my phone in it. This pocket is high enough that I can hit the speaker with the pocket and still talk. This feature and apron are both great. You will as well.

👤I love this apron. It was what I wanted. I wish the phone pocket was bigger.

👤This is a good quality apron. The fabric is durable. There is an extra sense of security because of the bolts at the end. Don't dig in the straps. They are also very easy to adjust to. I'm very happy with the apron.

👤The initial look was great, but it lost all its color when it was washed on its own. It was pretty disappointed.

👤The chef apron is comfortable for me. I work as a locksmith and wear it all the time. I cut on average a hundred keys a day. The apron keeps brass from getting on my shirt and pants. When I sit at my work bench, the apron catches small parts on my lap. The sleek design of the pockets and their blend in with my work attire adds a professional look to my outfit. Great apron!

👤I bought this apron for my husband. The quality and size of the apron are what we are pleased with. There are all the pockets and snap closure.

👤The pockets are deep and wide, perfect for seasoning and random shaped tools and items, I love the rings for a towel or tools. I sewed on some patches to make my apron look better. There is a The added loop for hanging is a nice touch.

👤The birthday of my granddaughter's boyfriend was celebrated with the product.

6. Aprons Premium Quality Kitchen Accessories

Aprons Premium Quality Kitchen Accessories

What do you need to impress your husband or father on his birthday? On a sunny Sunday, Dads love a well-made burger in the yard with their family and friends. The grill apron is a great gift for a dad. Nomsum Aprons are giftable kitchen accessories that are ready to use. Their aprons for men put a smile on the face of everyone who receives them. The perfect gift is no matter what happens. The design is fun. This funny apron will make your barbeque experience a hit and will definitely put a smile on everyone's face. This funny apron is great for grilling in style. One size fits all so you can order with confidence, either for yourself or as a thoughtful funny gift for dad, boyfriend or colleague, and you can be sure these bbq aprons for men will fit with a universal size andadjustable waist! These are gifts for cooks. Money-back guarantee. The cook's satisfaction is their top priority. You can have your money back if you don't like the apron. No questions asked!

Brand: Nomsum

👤I bought this for my husband. He likes to grill. This was the perfect gift for me. One of the ties was short and someone sewed another piece on to make it the same length. It looks like it is of good quality. Thankfully my husband doesn't mind as much as I do.

👤My husband will love this apron for Father's Day. I got a design that was cute and funny. I was a bit worried about the fit because my husband is on the larger side, but it works great for both length and waist. The apron has great lettering. Very high quality. The colors are striking. He is going to look great while he grills this summer.

👤My husband is a fan of this apron. It was big enough for him. He is a big man at 6'2" and 280 lbs. After several washing, it is holding up well.

👤The material is strong and classy. Gifted liked this comment.

👤This was bought for the school auction. The Man The Mth The Legend is spelled wrong.

👤I bought this for my son in law's birthday. He likes it.

👤This was a gift for my husband. There is a He loves it.

👤Poor quality fabric, poor printing, and clearly not quality checked before dispatch. One star has to give one star to give feedback.

👤They were very much liked by the people who bought them.

👤Quality was disappointing for the price. The transfer is shiny and tacky. The item was returned for a refund.

👤It is a great present for my brother.

👤I sono appassionata un p il tessuto... Altri tipi di tessuto. Un regalo ma cercher qualcosa altro.

7. Chermit Adjustable Pockets Kitchen Cooking

Chermit Adjustable Pockets Kitchen Cooking

The apron is made from 100% soft rugged canvas, no smell and eco-friendly. The metal rivet is used to reinforce the pocket corners. It is fashionable and durable. The cross back strap design can prevent neck pain while you wear an apron for a long time. The extra long straps can be quickly released to fit your figure, from women's M size to men's XXL sizes. This apron has 5 pockets, deep and wide, and 3 buckles in the front design. You can put your cell phone, recipe cards, pens, notebook, grill slips, and others in it. Heavy Duty Protection: This apron can wrap you around from chest to knee, not easy to penetrate, large bib apron provides comprehensive protection from kitchen grease, spills, food stains, machine oil and construction dust. It's easy to care for: hand wash or machine wash. You can contact them at any time if you have a question. They offer 30 days free return and 24 hours customer support.

Brand: Chermit

👤The apron is long for my frame. Gave it to a shorter cook.

👤I love this apron. It is durable. I can hang the towels from it. It is what I needed in the kitchen.

👤They looked like carhartt to my grandsons.

👤It's a great gift for the artist on your list. The crossing back straps make it so comfortable that you'll forget you're wearing it, and it has the right amount of coverage for all messy tasks. The extra pockets and holders make it easy to change tools. I'm going to order more for my family and friends.

👤I ordered this as a gift for my husband who loves wood working because I was impressed by the quality and design of the apron. I thought he'd like having something to protect his clothing and store his tools, since he frequently comes out of our garage covered in wood dust and debris. I was impressed by the quality and design of this item. I think he's going to love it. I think that this is god quality, as pictured, but may not be for super heavy usage. It's perfect for us, and I would highly recommend this for any hobby, even if it's in the kitchen or workshop.

8. Chef Works English Apron A100

Chef Works English Apron A100

Cotton is 65% and Polyester is 35%. Poly/cotton is yarn-dyed. The straps are adjusted by pulling ties. Try to tumble low. There are two colors: black chalk stripe and navy chalkstripe.


👤I love these pull through neck/apron ties and will not go back to any other style. It's so easy to adjust your chest and waist, and you can whip it off when you're done! Easy on. It was easy to off. It's even better than the style which leaves your shoulders and gives you less range of motion. The material is very nice. I added fabric spray to make it waterproof because I have always been messy. The apron makes me look sharp.

👤I weigh 185 pounds and am 6 foot tall. This apron covers me well. It protects me and my clothes from cooking. It ties in front. It is easy to remove. Love it.

👤The apron hangs just below my husband's knee. The ties are long enough to tie in front. The husband loves it. The fabric will resist staining. It's 65 percent polyester.

👤Good material and length. The job is not heavy but my aprons leave small bumps of material stuck to them. I have to pick them out of every wash.

👤I can't wear this apron because it's too large and long, and I didn't know it was for a tall and large man. I've never had this problem with any other apron in the past, including the one I ordered from Amazon the day after I received this one. Maybe I got a defect. I can't work in an apron that comes just above my ankle, I'm swimming in fabric. I might cut it by hand and use it for gardening.

👤I wear the Travail. It's so expensive. I have about 10 of them, so it's a little high for me to make that much money as a chef. I decided to give it a try. The ones that I wear are still well made. Heavy accidental spills will soak through quickly if the apron is not reinforced in the abdomen area. An apron that is more cost effective should perform well. Will buy a few more to see how they hold up.

👤These aprons are nice to wear. My husband is a chef in a seven star hotel and wears these everyday.

👤I wear jeans or pants. It was difficult to tie for someone with a bit of a gut. It was nice.

👤Llevaba querido, pero tiene unos delantales al estilo de UK. Muy buenos acabadas, y la correa is flexible. Es imposible, es perfecto.

👤El chef tiene tenido, pero creo un poco ms largas.

👤I need a new one. The neck loop fits nicely and I like it. The material is nice and heavy duty, and it looks like it was made well.

👤My father is 6'2” and has never had an apron that fit properly. He loves this apron and it fits him very well. He should keep his clothes clean while he works in the kitchen. The neck length is very flexible.

👤It is a bit long for me, but otherwise great. The straps are easy to change. The apron is high quality.

9. Life Flavor Adjustable Release Pockets

Life Flavor Adjustable Release Pockets

The work apron is made of 16 oz canvas and has rivet on the corners of the pockets. The bib apron is 34 inches tall and 27 inches wide. The towel loop works well to hang towels or rags, and the pockets are large enough to hold tools. You can use a hammer on the other side. No strangulation with the shoulder straps. Easy to put on and off. The straps are long enough for most people. Remove the buckle if you don't need it. apron for men, apron for woodworkers, apron for electricians, apron for bartender, apron for baristas, apron for master technicians, apron for chefs, apron for baristas, apron for bakers, apron for baristas, apron for chefs, apron for master technicians, apron for bakers, A unique gift for fathers.

Brand: Life Flavor

👤The quality of the material was good and it didn't take long to break in. The straps cut into the back of my neck after just a few minutes of wearing. I am returning this one and ordering an apron that has a different strap design that puts the pressure of the straps on your shoulders instead of your neck.

👤The shop apron is sturdy. It is necessary to wear a collared shirt because of the criss cross straps. I saved a lot of shirts from being glue and nicks.

👤My son-in-law is engaged in woodworking and I have two aprons for him. He asked for a backup because he loved the first apron so much. This was a no-brainer because his birthday and Christmas are both in December. The apron is great quality and easy to put on and take off with the right amount of pockets. I will continue to purchase this apron if Amazon continues to sell it.

👤The apron is really nice. I can't imagine spending more to get anything else. There are lots of pockets and tool loops. It should last a long time and keep most of the mess I make off me. Very pleased!

👤I work on dirt bikes. The apron is good for a tool belt and deep pockets are good for putting nuts bolts. I don't misplace any parts anymore. It keeps me clean when I work on my bikes.

👤The apron keeps wood dust off my clothes. When I take it off, the dust and small particles stay in the apron. I blow it off outside of my work shop to help reduce the time it takes to clean up. The fabric is tough enough to last a long time. It's easy to adjust the fit. It's too early to give a definitive wear damage.

👤When I ordered this, I was hoping it would fit a large guy. I could not have been better. The fabric is heavy and will hold up to the BBQ. The size is perfect. My son loves the apron and I am satisfied with it.

👤I wanted a decent BBQ apron so I picked one up. It exceeded my expectations. Within days of receiving the first, I ordered another to leave at a friend's house where I often cook.

10. Syntus Pack Adjustable Waterdrop Resistant

Syntus Pack Adjustable Waterdrop Resistant

Soft Touch is made from a uniform cloth that is free from harmful chemicals. One size fits most. A unique design with a neck strap. Long ties can be changed to fit most sizes. It is machine washable. Resists wrinkling. Dry cleaning and tumble drying are not allowed. Two large pockets in the middle of the apron are used for easy holding meat thermometer, grill slips, recipe cards, etc. Wide coverage. A large bib apron that covers from chest to knee provides great protection from kitchen grease, spills and food stains. apron should not be placed near heated cooking ware or flame.

Brand: Syntus

👤I bought the 2 pack of aprons almost a year ago. They have been worn almost daily. I didn't follow washing instructions. I can dry my hands on the bottom of the aprons because they have softened enough. I need to sew them back on after the pocket stitching came out. I'm ordering 2 more on May 10. The aprons ended up in the dirty clothes basket. I have to wear a dirty apron until I can get laundry done. I should have ordered 2 pairs. I will be in another month or two. I will be able to change daily. There is a These are exactly what they were promised. I'm 5'3" and about 220 lbs. They cover my knees and sides. I don't wipe my hands on my front while I bake. I can read the directions for the care of the fabric. Water runs off of them. Water resistance will not last long if proper washing and care directions are not followed. A good product and what I needed in a pinch for a good price. My 8 year old grandson decided he needed to wear 1 while helping me cook so I need to order more. The ties don't tie in front with me being as round as possible. I'll change that later. Update... I wear these aprons daily. They were washed not according to directions. I use warm water and a brand of laundry detergent. The aprons are now conforming to my curves. Even though the towel at my feet is very wet, my clothing does not get wet. I love these aprons.

👤I don't understand why there are negative reviews on aprons. I am a baker at the cafe and I dirty up my aprons a lot. I needed more aprons because I was tired of alternating between two and trying to keep up with washing them. I was expecting them to be stiff and hard after reading some of the negative reviews. They are light and durable. It's not soft, but it's not supposed to be a blanket. It is water resistant, but not waterproof, as it says in the description. I wash the stains and mess and they clean up. The only thing I would change about these is that the pockets are just one big pocket. I carry my phone around so that I can have music going and read recipes, and having the phone in the vertical pocket makes kneeling or bending over difficult. I can't complain. The best part is that they don't look dirty when they're dirty.

👤The reason I am giving a 3 star review is because I received a cotton apron and a polyester apron instead of the cotton aprons I purchased. They look and feel the same, even though they are made of different materials. I decided to keep the aprons because it was too much work to return them at the post office. I will review the differences of the materials after wearing them for a while.

11. Hudson Durable Goods Professional Adjustable

Hudson Durable Goods Professional Adjustable

Quality that the cheap work aprons can't match is built to last. It is made from heavy weight, yet soft cotton that is very absorbent. It is machine washed. There are gun-metal grommets. There are pockets with double stitching. The top and bottom hems are thick. Cook all day in style and comfort. Black is a good color for a chef look. There are large pockets in front that are 6 inches tall and 8 inches wide. The cell phone is on the chest. The "Kangaroo" style hand pocket has a pattern. There is a towel loop on the hip. The bib apron is 27 inches wide and 34 inches tall and is recommended for 5'2” or taller individuals. Extra long straps with quick release buckle accommodates a wide range of sizes. Broad use is for both professional and commercial use. Grill apron, barbecue apron, bbq apron, kitchen apron, cook apron, chef apron for men, professional apron, grilling apron, restaurant apron, bakers apron, barista apron, butcher apron, artist apron, man apron, men's apron, manly apron for the grill master, artist apron

Brand: Hudson Durable Goods

👤This is a manly apron. I wanted something for my husband to wear while he was grilling, because he ruins all of his t-shirts. I can't understand why he can't grill a single meal without spilling oil on himself, but it's what it is, and it ain't going to change! I was on the hunt to find something that he could wear and still feel like a dude, because of his "aprons are for girls" mentality. There is a This is it. I don't like the aprons that have the tie around the neck. It is not comfortable. The apron is very comfortable and clips in the back instead of ties. It escapes me that a guy who built our two car garage with his bare hands can't tie something behind his back. But he can't. This is very well made. I highly recommend this apron. If you are reading this, buy it now. You will not regret it.

👤The apaon were a big hit with my crew. The apron were so comfortable that you forget they are on. The design doesn't pull down on your neck 5 star to you. These will cost you a little more, but they are worth every dollar and have a nice touch.

👤I bought the heavy duty because the wax one was not available. I washed my apron because I was going to water proof it. I realized that they sent me the "waxed" apron, which I originally wanted, but couldn't because I was unavailable, and the apron can't be washed. My new apron is ruined by soap scum. I would love to give 5 stars but there was a miscommunication. They immediately sent me a brand new apron and let me keep the first one I washed. My chef boyfriend is using that one at work and he loves it. There is a They are stiff at first, but just keep wearing it and it will break in. 5 stars.

👤After a few washes it becomes soft. The material is thick and sturdy. A big guy is 6'2" It could be a little bigger. It's right at your sides and not much coverage, but it's 50" waist is what it says. The length is short. If I were a little shorter and skinnier, this would be perfect, it would fit how it should. Awesome. The added features made me buy this product. The leather X in the back of the straps is to make them better. This makes it feel weird. You get used to it. It must be in the right spot for you to remove it. The clips are used to hold it together. They don't stay in place if they get tight. Sometimes they come off the ends. I have to tie it up because they wont stay. These are the only flaws that made me buy this one over others. It was a failure. I don't think the product is worth the cost and it is overpriced.

👤I like cooking outside a lot. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen doing prep work and using the oven when necessary. I'm outside tending to one of the smokers, bending over a cast iron pot sitting upon an open flame or grilling on the BBQ, if I'm not indoors. There is a I needed an apron that could do it all without getting in the way. My apron needs to be close to my body and safe distance from an open flame, regardless of how I bend, kneel, or stand. In case of an emergency, my apron must be easily removed. I've been using this apron for a long time. It has plenty of pockets for whatever you need, and quick release buckles. A towel can be accommodated in a loop. Anything missing? I'd like to hang my gloves and Dew Rag from an open plastic ring that hangs from the waist strap or even better, from a reinforced patch sewn into the body fabric. You can add a ring to the apron. The apron is perfect for my needs. I bought another apron as a gift for my son because I was so impressed with this one. The apron is worth the asking price.


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What are the best brands for cooking aprons for men xxl?

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