Best Cooking Apron for Kids

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1. MHJY Dinosaur Adjustable Pockets Cooking

MHJY Dinosaur Adjustable Pockets Cooking

The machine wash has some colors. Do not wash or dry. Save you time and energy. The child dinosaur apron hat set is made of soft lightweight and wear resistant fabric. It's easy to clean, machine washable. The kids apron is functional. The apron is easy to wear and perfect for all kids. The 2 front pockets make it easy for kids to hold things. Design for Kids Boys. Cute child apron with dinosaur printings, especially suits for boys and girls who love dinosaur, high definition digital printing technology making the apron super vivid and cool. There are two sizes of child aprons available: Small- 25.5"X17.7" and Large- 29.5"X18.1". The elastic band in the back of the chef hat is comfortable to wear. The ideal kids gift. This apron is perfect for kids to study cooking, baking, painting, gardening, doing housework, birthday party chef, and an amazing kids chef costume. Birthday Christmas gifts for your boys.

Brand: Mhjy

👤Absolutely adorable. My three year old son likes helping around the kitchen and I ordered this for him. He feels like an official helpers when he wears his hat and apron. I like how light it is. It does the job, but it is not canvas material like mine. There is a The length is all the way to his ankle, like I said, it's used for my three year old.

👤My great grandson and I love baking. He is young. He couldn't wait to try it on, when I pulled out the apron and hat. No more wearing GG aprons.

👤This will not last long for a child. The material is very thin. My grandson liked it. I bought it for him because we bake a lot. Graphics are cool. He likes dinosaurs.

👤Excellent stitching is good work.

👤I bought this apron for my grandson because he loves dinosaurs. I hope he will enjoy cooking with it. Give it as a Christmas gift.

👤It's perfect for our grandson who loves baking with his granny. He uses it to paint on his easel. It's very thick.

👤My grandson would like to be a chef. This was a great present. He enjoys cooking in his chef hat and apron.

👤Nol un chef.

👤THe satisFAite de mon achat et notre peiti fils was trs content!

2. Caydo Childrens Classroom Community Painting

Caydo Childrens Classroom Community Painting

The 13 inch x 19 inch size has long open ties that are suitable for children aged 3 to 7 years. You can wash by hand with warm water under 40 degrees without the brush. It is not recommended to wash by machine. Each of the 12 bright colors has 2 pieces. Large quantity of wholesale. Red, rose-red, yellow, blue, green, sky blue, purple, gray, orange, light yellow, pink, light green are included. A child's clothing should not be painted or left with other unwanted items. It is suitable for painting teaching and cooking teaching and can also be applied for art courses, Halloween costumes, theatrical props, birthday parties and the lovely activities of the theme party decoration.

Brand: Caydo

👤It was what I wanted. I had a personalized HTV. My son's kindergarten class should have a gingerbread house decorating theme. The apron gets hot from the heat. I used a mini 1" craft iron and it turned out great.

👤I used a heat press to personalize the apron. No need to warm up. Make sure you put the teflon sheet in a place that will not melt.

👤Every family with small kids needs a package of these. We had 10 children over to paint pumpkins and decorate cookies. I found these to be incredibly cheap and available for delivery. They are perfect. The neck/waist have simple strings on them so they can be adjusted to fit on small kids. You can see the size of the two 3 year olds in my picture. They would be appropriate for older children. If you want to personalize aprons and use them, you might want to purchase canvas aprons. They don't need to be as thick as a fabric shopping bag, but they are not. One little girl had paint on her apron, but her clothes were clean. I don't think these will last forever and I don't think they will hold up in a washing machine, but if they get really messy, just throw them away. My kids have used them for a variety of activities around the house. I am very happy with this purchase and I am glad to have a set in our house. This is one of my favorite purchases.

👤These aprons are great. I bought these for my daughter's birthday party. We had a painting activity for all the kids. They were young enough to be 9. One of the ties broke as a little person tried to get it off. I think that's pretty good. They've held up well since I used them for other activities with my little one. I was thinking of making them their own. I was not sure if the material would hold up to the heat. Maybe so. I had enough for our group and I didn't want to take the chance. I think the safest bet is to use puffs of paint. This is a great buy if you need to provide aprons for a large group or just want to use inexpensive aprons for kids art projects.

👤The price is great and the quality is better than expected. The item was as advertised. The material is similar to a grocery bag. The item description said size was what I expected. I plan to use them for my daughter's cooking party. The age range for use is larger than the aprons that are one piece and you put over your head. This apron fit my age perfectly. Depending on their width, older kids could use these too. There is no problem with height. An apron has to be long to be effective. I was happy with my purchase.

👤These are great. They are used in our studio for kids to wear. The price and how hard kids are on things. If you watch and make sure the kids don't do this, they will last you and I have a problem with kids trying to take them off without untying them. I will need to order every six months. The kids love being able to pick their color.

3. Daonanba Adjustable Children Classroom Community

Daonanba Adjustable Children Classroom Community

The apron was made of 100% Polyester, thick material, not a disposable product, comfortable and durable, easy to decorate with markers, ironing or embroidered, good to prevent oil. Two large pockets for easy access. Children can use the 2 front pockets to store art supplies, cooking tools, or other small parts. One size fits all. The waist tie and neck starp of the Kids Apron can be adjusted to fit most ages and heights so that it can grow with your kids. It is suitable for children with a height of less than 1.2 meters. Daonnaba kids apron allows children to freely touch water and soil, touch nature with their hands, and experience the joy of creation. The kids apron can be decorated with fabric marker, paint, iron on or embroidered, and is perfect for kitchen study, painting class, Halloween costumes, art birthday party, or any other activity.

Brand: Daonanba

👤I ordered this apron for him. He has yet to use it, but the material is thick and suits him. He is 8 years old. The neck strap can be adjusted. He liked the fact that it has 2 front pockets.

👤This is a nice apron for children. I like that the neck strap can be adjusted and the ties are long enough to tie in front. The pockets have a nice touch.

👤The apron is a thinner material but it fits perfectly and has pockets in the front and neck strap.

👤This was the perfect costume for Halloween. It was a perfect size and cute.

👤This was great. I bought it so I could give it as a gift. The material is not stiff.

👤It was perfect for our career day.

👤The material feels good, it's not stiff like some aprons I've bought for kids, and the pockets are perfect for my son to put his paint brushes in.

👤My son loves this. We are doing our Art's & Crafts projects and he bought this for us. I was able to put his name on the material.

4. JaxoJoy Complete Kids Cooking Baking

JaxoJoy Complete Kids Cooking Baking

It is easy to clean. The apron is dirt-repellent due to a special treatment. Cleaning grease stains up to 40 C is not a problem. The chef dress up clothes for little girls include a girl apron, hat, oven mitt, glove, whisk, wooden spoon, rolling pin and 4 cookie cutter. There is a bonus kids cookbook. The chef apron is pink with white polka dots and frilly edges and comes with a strap to tie around the neck and to fit a toddler. The elastic band on the chef's hat perfectly fits a little girl's head. The utensils can be used to cook and bake. The hat and apron for kids are made to last with a sturdy material and reinforced edges, and can be thrown in the washing machine. The safety was tested in accordance with the standards. The Teachable Moment is a chance to make kids excited in the kitchen, teach them to simple cook and easy bake, and help out mom and dad, see their smile when taking their creations out of the oven wearing a chef hat and apron. Is it possible to deal with a lonely boy or girl? The answer to boring boys is house play kits, as long as it's kids entertainment and home education. The hours of imagination are educational toys that encourage creativity and role play and teach kids about food and cooking. When you give them this as a gift, watch their face light up.

Brand: Jaxojoy

👤The other reviewers of the child's chef set were helpful and the deciding factor for me. I will never meet Evelyn, the 5-year-old little girl I bought this adorable chef set for. I took her gift-wish from the Christmas wish-tree where I bank. I don't know about child size, I have no children and I don't live in a household with any. Evelyn wanted a set of pots and pans. Get it, check. I had fun on the toy side of Amazon. I also bought a dish set. I saw the chef's set and it was irresistible. There is a I would like to thank you again for making a 5-year-old's Christmas wish come true.

👤I bought this as a Christmas gift. I'm not sure... Santa left this as a Christmas gift for my daughter. Most of the contents are ok for a 1.5-2y/o child, but you should know if your toddler is the type to play dress up. My daughter is the one who likes to wear an apron and chef hat, while my son is the one who doesn't. I got this for my daughter because she loves food. Not "like" but "literally". I don't have the time to explain what she has done to get her hands on a single Goldfish, but I do know that if you were on fire and had a bag of marshmallows nearby, she would sit and roast you. If you know what I mean, you can tell from looking at her how much she loves to eat. If you don't know, her doctor has put her on a diet. I don't want my baby girl to have a bad relationship with food. I thought it would be a good idea to put her in the kitchen and do some work around here. There is a It's really amazing. I'm happy. There is a The intent is to get her interested in preparing food, showing her that not all food comes from brightly colored bags and boxes, and ultimately helping to teach her to make healthy food choices. The apron has enough string length to fit her waist with room to spare if needed. The baker's hat is likely to fit most kids, even being a bit on the big side. I say this because it fits both of my kids heads, although a more snug fit on my daughter. Both of my children get their heads from their Daddy. I'm sure you all think I'm exaggerating. They are both 99th percentiles for head circumference. My daughter's head circumference is usually taken first by the nurse, and then by the doctor, who thinks it's a mistake if they measure it again once or twice. It will fit your kids. The other items are toddler sized. They are perfect for preparing pretend food, which is what we have not attempted to do. These can easily be weaponized. Don't let the small size fool you. These are used in toddler wars. Parental discretion is not advised. I feel the need to warn people not to touch the floor with the super tiny cookie cutter. They disappear or blend-in, and you will step on it with a bear or socks. The type of pain that will stay with you forever; labor and childbirth? Is it possible to put something to the head? Is it related to kidneys stones? Are Legos on the floor? Not even close. Who wants a cookie that's small? What are you? There is a This comes with a little kids cookbook, which is one of the best things about it. There are some really cute ideas, like a kids "sushi" roll, and I think all but one of them does not require a stove or oven. I liked that part the most because it reminded me of a book I had when I was a kid. It taught me how to make everything from scrambled eggs to pancakes, biscuits, and muffins in the microwave. It always tasted a bit off or horrible compared to the same thing cooked in the stove/oven. I wish I still had that book. There is a You should buy this for your child. They might form a coup and overthrow you if you let them keep the baking utensils.

5. TeddSnow Toddler Cotton Adjustable Children

TeddSnow Toddler Cotton Adjustable Children

The cotton fabric is soft and cozy. Their apron is stylish and durable. Black stripes with white ground. The kids apron is applicable multiple times. Baking, playing kitchen cooking, candy-making, painting, and helping mama with the housework were some of the things that I did. Family time becomes sweeter and happier with Mom and Dad wearing aprons. Large pocket is great for holding things. The apron is 18.9” long and 17.3” wide, which can cover one kid's body from chest to knee, protecting clothes clean from stains, grease, and dirty marks. The fit is perfect with the neck strap and extra-long ties. Their apron is good for boys and girls from 2 to 6 years old. It is easy to care for. The apron's fabric is fast and Wrinkle-free. This apron is a great gift for Christmas, holidays, dinner parties, birthday parties, Thanksgiving days, family gifts. Every moment is precious with the help of their kitchen aprons.

Brand: Teddsnow

👤It was very well made. The cotton fabric is nice. The color doesn't fade after being washed. The neck and waist straps are good for adjusting. My 3 year-old loves it. The seller only sells aprons for children from 3-6 years old. My 10 year old girl is very interested in the pink version. A great buy. I love the brand motto.

👤The large adult-sized apron was purchased so that the grandfather and granddaughter could have matching aprons. He is a tall big guy and she is very small. The neck strap and long waist ties made the fit perfect for each of them. The fabric is light. I washed them first and then iron them. Very happy!

👤This apron is perfect for a small child. These would make a great gift, but are great for home. There is a My 2 year old daughter wears a size 5T. It is a little long for her size. I put it together to fit. There is a The long waist ties are one length.

👤My 4 year old grandson loves to do arts and crafts and help in the kitchen, so I bought this for him. I didn't want a girlie looking. The apron is strong. I bought an adult version of it for his Dad because I was so happy with it. Excellent quality, coverage, and even a pocket. They like to wear matchies.

👤I gave this as a gift to my grandson, who is 3 years old, and he looks very cute with it on, but I am not sure if it is waterproof or durable as I am not near him. It fits him perfectly. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤My daughter is 3 years old and she helps me cook and do art projects. She says she is a chef when she puts it on. A great gift. I like the strap that is good for now and when she gets taller. I am happy with my purchase.

👤There are matching family aprons. These were a hit.

👤The material is high quality. It's easy to adjust the straps for a toddler. Would purchase again.

6. Yaomiao Children Adjustable Cooking Painting

Yaomiao Children Adjustable Cooking Painting

Nice service. Pre-sale and after-sale service is nice. Their priority is 100% satisfaction. If you want to return the child apron for any reason, you will get a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. The package includes 4 pieces child aprons, enough to meet your kids' different needs, and a pocket apron that is convenient for kids to put toys, money, candies or paint brush in. The kid apron is made of a good fabric that is machine washed, non-fading and non-deformation, lightweight but durable, and protects kids from stains when they are cooking, playing game, painting, crafting, and getting more fun. The small size of child aprons is approx. Medium size is 17 x 21 inch. The apron has long waist ties and neck ties, one size fits most children, they could be relaxed when they are wearing it. The kids canvas apron is suitable for a wide range of occasions, from kitchen classroom to painting class and party. The kid chef apron is suitable for kids over the age of 12.

Brand: Yaomiao

👤I bought a charity gift basket and included one of the 4. After ironing on heat transfer vinyl, I applied the apron quickly and it looked great! I was surprised that the neck strap was adjusted to fit younger children better.

👤I used heat transfer vinyl to personalize them for my grandson. He loves them. They are holding up great, but it's been a long time since he was two.

👤The size is perfect for my kids. My 10 year old is a little tight. He wears a size 14/16. I was not surprised. The kids didn't complain about how they felt because the straps were a little crooked.

👤It's the perfect size for young cooks. The neck strap is not sewn right. The price is so good that it doesn't matter. My Gbabes loved the big pocket in front of them. Would buy again.

👤I got these for my grandsons. The fabric is strong and the colors are strong. The size will work for both my grandson and my soon to be granddaughter. I was looking for a great price. I like them.

👤I got these for my kindergarten class. One of the ties was free from the back within a week. The rest have held up and the kids love them.

👤My granddaughter and her cousin are receiving this gift. They liked it. When they were younger, mom and dad liked to bake. They were kept clean.

👤I think the stitching will need repair, but the kids love having them.

👤Aquistati per scuola per mia figlia di 9 anni dove a scuola. Essendo is 1.40 m and it is classici da asilo non entrano pi da anni. Sono una buona soluzione. I tessuto spesso e quindi protegge. I laccio passa intorno al collo. regolabile.

👤Bellissimi grembiulini, tessuto eccellente, colori brillanti e resistenti. A parte il prezzo conveniente, la cinghietta del collo. Consigliatissimo!

👤Unsere Tochter ist 11. Preis ist gute Qualitt fr. Ihren Zufrieden, danke.

👤Je trs satisfeite de cet. Achat. Is sont. Grand and petit. J'avais peur pour la qualité.

7. GIDABRAND White Aprons Kids Decorating

GIDABRAND White Aprons Kids Decorating

It's tacky and wasteful. Their aprons for kids are made using extra thick and soft Polycotton to make sure they stay safe no matter what. It blocks all kinds of spills and drips, unlike thin and flimsy plastic aprons for kids, so that your children can let their creativity flow without worrying about their clothes. Is it possible that it might not fit you as a growing artist or chef? Don't be! They designed this apron for kids between the ages of 5 and 12 to make sure it is a perfect fit for them. The perfect kids aprons for girls and boys are made with the same design. It's intrusive quotient: The kids white chef apron is lightweight and breathable, making it perfect for use in a school kitchen, classroom, community event, crafts and art painting activity. The thickness of the fabric provides optimal protection for your clothes. It is easy to clean. The white chef apron for kids is very easy to clean. It's easy to clean even if it has many stains on it. Throw it in the washing machine with cold water and it will look new. It gets softer with each wash to make it feel good to wear. 100% risk-free purchase. They make no exceptions when it comes to quality. They are confident that you and your kids will love this apron, it is perfect for boys and girls of all ages. Each purchase is backed by a 30 day customer satisfaction warranty so that you can order today knowing your purchase is risk-free.

Brand: Gidabrand

👤I bought this apron for my daughter's friend. I gave it five stars because it was as expected, but I am not sure of the value for the money. It was not very durable when I received it. I would think that aprons for cooking and baking should be safe.

👤I used this apron as my bridal shower guestbook, it worked out great, the size and material. This was the perfect guestbook for me. This apron fit me perfectly because I am 5 feet tall.

👤Grandson is young. He wanted to put it on quickly. It is easier to adjust for the neck than using ties. The back is tied up. It seemed like the fabric was fine. He wants to use it in cooking and science experiments.

👤My 11 year old is perfect and has plenty of room for growth, it is not soaked through by the paint he got on it. It's great for arts and crafts.

👤These aprons were a great take home gift for the guests at our Great British Baking themed birthday party for our 7 year old daughter. They were a great price, fit well for kids aged 6 to 8, and made perfect take home gifts for our daughter's guests. I would definitely recommend it.

👤A great art project for a young child. She wore two aprons, one decorated and one switched. Held the markers well, not much spread or bleed.

👤My daughter loves her apron. We plan to paint it. It will be used a lot by the other kids.

👤It's a great fit for my older grand kids.

8. Yarachel Kids Apron Chef Hat

Yarachel Kids Apron Chef Hat

What will you get? The package includes 4 sets of aprons and chef hats for kids, each set includes 1 piece apron and 1 piece chef hat, enough quantity to meet your kids' different needs, a good garment for your kids who want to help you cook. The material is high quality. The kids apron is made of cotton canvas and can effectively prevent dirt. The kids apron is designed with long waist ties and neck ties, one size fits most children, and the chef hat has an elastic band in the back to make it easier to hold onto small cooking and baking accessories. The chef set is perfect for both boys and girls. Fit Size The aprons are 25 inches long, the width is 18 inches and the straps are to the neck and waist. The cooking set will help to provide a fun experience for children from 7-13 years old. Kids cook set is suitable for painting and cooking. It can be used for art classes, drama props, birthday parties and theme party decorations, so that children can experience and discover the interest in cooking and making food. It's the best gift for children.

Brand: Yarachel

👤I bought these for my niece to bake cookies with. The material feels like nylon and is very thin. There are no tags for what the material is or if it is treated with flame retardants. When I checked on it a few hours later, I noticed that it had been removed, so I started a return. I'm not going to risk it. If you bent over a stove, the neck strap could catch on fire. These are small. The bottom hits my waist. I think I got the toddler size because other reviews said the same size was large. The hats were large and not really adjusted. The hat was too big for me because I have a larger head. You can't make it smaller if it's too big because there is only a small piece of elastic in the back. I don't know if all were large, I only tried one. I'm not sure if they're good for crafts or not.

👤My 4 and 2 year old grandsons love these as much as I do. They are light weight but not flimsy. Seams have no loose threads. The neck strap is easy to adjust. They are a little big on them, but they don't care and will be able to wear them for a while. The hats are cute. It's a little big for now, but cute. They were used for baking and let them take them home. I kept two for when they came. I would buy again because of the price.

👤I bought these for my 2 nieces and 1 nephew. I am going to iron on their names on the front of the embroidered letters that I purchased. I ordered iron on embroidered patches for each of their hobbies. I haven't washed them yet because they are a little thinner. They seem to have been made well. They came with a cute chef's hat. Not sure if the kids will wear that. We will visit them in July.

👤The 8 year olds birthday party was perfect for these. We got cake spatulas, wooden spoons and baking spatulas for the bags. The kids wore decorated cupcakes. The kids were in a variety of sizes. They were large. I think it could have been worn by a bigger person.

👤These are for costumes that are cheap. The colors are fun but not as bright as in the picture, and the corners aren't rounded as in the picture. The green is more green than the red. The aprons are better quality than the colors are. They can be used as aprons and look 100 times better.

👤Oh my goodness! I bought these for my kids to help me make Christmas cookies. These were a hit. My grandson loved them. There were ties on the back of the aprons. The hat was a little big but still worked. This product is very good and I would highly recommend it.

9. Urban Infant Children Crafting Gardening

Urban Infant Children Crafting Gardening

Cook, craft, garden, and keep your kids clean and happy while you whip up recipes in the kitchen. It's perfect for home crafts, art projects, gardening, and maybe some cleaning around the house. Double-LAYER CONSTRUCTION is made of cotton and is easy to wash and dry. There are colorful custom-designed prints for both girls and boys. Their aprons are available in two sizes and have an elastic neck strap and a quick tie in the back to fit kids of all ages, sizes and shapes. The functional pocket is located on the front center and can be used to hold items while baking, cooking, gardening, painting, or crafting projects.

Brand: Urban Infant

👤I bought the small for 3 years. It fit perfectly. I got the next size up so she could grow with it. We folded it over at the waist. It seems very easy to wash. She also plays in it.

👤My granddaughters love these and I got them for them. The younger one wanted to wear it all the time. Their mother likes them to keep their clothes clean.

👤I bought this for my child. I love it! The fit was great. I like the neck strap. I washed it once. It looked like I pulled it out of the package. The fabric is resistant to wrinkling, and the colors look great.

👤I bought it for my honest friend's toddler because he helps her bake. Both of them love it and so does he. She told me that he loves wearing it all the time, not just when he bakes.

👤A kitchen was given to the great-gran for her birthday. Yes, she needed an apron. The fabric is strong and well made. It was washed in water and dried in the dryer. When it came out of the dryer, it needed smoothing out.

👤When I took Sunni's shirt off, it was soaked with the Slime she was playing with. I brought the apron to keep her clothes clean, but that wasn't the case with this apron. It is pretty and we made it fit. We don't need the apron.

👤I washed and dried the cotton fabric first, and it came out without anywrinkles. The grands will use this apron for a long time.

👤It's very cute, vibrant colors, and washes well. It is a good length to keep legs and knees clean.

👤I bought the smaller size for my child. It's well suited with some room to grow. The fabric is very high quality. I bought the super hero one, which is nice, but I wish there were more designs to choose from.

👤I had to find an apron that would appeal to my grandson. This one has a cartoon version of Superman. He likes wearing it when he helps his parents make food.

👤These aprons are great for kids. I have already purchased 3 in total. One for each of my siblings. They love it and wear it all the time when they help with cooking, painting or planting. Love the patterns that can be used many different ways. I got them when they were small.

👤It saves my clothes.

👤The purchase was very good and well made.

10. Caydo Painting Classroom Community Activity

Caydo Painting Classroom Community Activity

The size of fabric aprons is 22 x 17 inch and is suitable for children aged 5 to 10 years old. The aprons are made of non-woven fabric. 15 colors can provide a different experience. The fabric aprons are applied in many places. 15 pieces fabric aprons are enough to meet your basic demands.

Brand: Caydo

👤Very good bundle. Is it possible to not iron on lettering or anything? Unless you use a protective cloth. The material is hot.

👤I wanted to give each child an apron with their name on it. I tried the lowest setting on my iron and it didn't work, but the letters wouldn't stick. I tried to get the letters to stick, but it melted the apron. I ordered fabric pens so that I can write on them.

👤We used them for our camp. They were the right size for our kids. The other reviews said that we used the same type of paint. I don't know how well they will wash, but I think they will survive if you hang them dry and use fabric paint or a hand wash.

👤Kids 5 to 9 years old were suited for the aprons. They were used for our niece's birthday party. Kids are doing canvas painting. Huge success.

👤This pack of aprons is perfect for an art party, classroom, or just to have a bunch for your children. They are bigger to fit younger kids. Very happy!

👤My daughter is having a birthday party. They wore sharpies while doing other crafts. It worked out perfectly. I liked the variety of colors.

👤We bought them for a party. The aprons were the perfect price for what I was looking for and came as described. I knew we would receive a random assortment of colors, but I was disappointed that we received a tan, white, cream, brown, and black apron. I wanted all bright colors. I believe they could be torn if played with too much. They were perfect for our needs.

👤I'm not going to give these as gifts, I'm going to try and return them.

👤Does what they are supposed to do. It is very good value for money.

11. SATINIOR Cooking Adjustable Children Painting

SATINIOR Cooking Adjustable Children Painting

The kid chef apron is suitable for kids over the age of 12. Enough quantity: you will receive 8 pieces of kid's aprons in the packaging, enough quantity to meet your kid's different needs, and the bib-shaped apron is designed to allow children to put toys, candy, brushes and other things into them. The small size of kid cooking aprons for you to choose from is approx. The medium size is approx. 17 x 21 inches. You can adjust the long belt and tie according to your child's needs, and these baking aprons are available in different colors. The chef apron is light and comfortable, durable, and not easy to break, and it keeps children from getting sick during cooking, game playing, painting, and handwork. The small size is recommended for children aged 2 - 6 and the medium size for children 7 - 13 because the aprons have solid color and are designed with simple and classic shape. Make sure the size is correct. You can choose to give these cute cooking apron as gifts for your kids on birthday, Christmas, New Year and so on, or you can use it in kitchen classrooms, drawing classes, parties, handmade craft classes or as decorations.

Brand: Satinior

👤I bought aprons for my daughter's guests at her birthday party. The material is almost like a plastic feel. Quality was mediocre at best because they feel cheap and have strings hanging from some of the edges. They were difficult to draw on with fabric markers and didn't fit in with the kids. I wouldn't buy these again because I was less than impressed.

👤The aprons smell terrible. It's similar to fish oil. It's awful. I have had ours in the washer for the third time because washes one and two didn't do the trick and the smell lingered. I hope the third time is the charm, but it makes me question the way they are made. Would not buy again.

👤I loved these for my daughter's birthday party and they fit well. Too large for my son. It worked great with the high heat of my EasyPress, and I used a printer to make them. I am not going to take off any stars for one of them because they were playing around in them and one of them had a tie come off the waist. They were perfect for baking. My daughters apron was messy with frosting and it was easy to clean up with warm water in the sink. I think hand washing is the best way to wash it. They crease but iron out very well.

👤The child is easy to adjust to. I embroidered them and they worked well.

👤I got these to use for a baking session. They worked well. The kids liked them. For the price and purpose of a one-time use, they did the job and were at a good price. I wouldn't give this to someone, but I would buy it again for a large gathering of kids.

👤I was supposed to get 8 aprons, but only received 7. My daughter is having a crafting birthday party. I am one short. It's so annoying. They are cheap and feel like plastic, but they would not last long since they are only for a single event.

👤The Aprons arrived in bad shape. There are holes in it and writing is loose. I can not allow anyone to use it. This order was very disappointing. A waste of time and money.

👤Several of them arrived with stains on them.


What is the best product for cooking apron for kids?

Cooking apron for kids products from Mhjy. In this article about cooking apron for kids you can see why people choose the product. Caydo and Daonanba are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking apron for kids.

What are the best brands for cooking apron for kids?

Mhjy, Caydo and Daonanba are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking apron for kids. Find the detail in this article. Jaxojoy, Teddsnow and Yaomiao are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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